The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 30, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1896
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865, AL00NA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1896, VOL. AUS TWO BAYS H» POLITICS. Iowa's 80ml4*fttemitel ftt Bttrtlfljfton Next Week Will Possess Many latetest* ighly base and saysJ The lady in the case has been a most esteemed tether 1« out rityj fend resigned he? place this fall to at tend the state tiof mal, We afe con* fldent that her c&tise is a just one, afcd like everybody else in this 6ity we hope she may win. The Haisey*fcvttifigh6m H*y CaM Attracts Considerable Attention- Northwest Notes. ©**- Cheap This Week, at M. Z. Grove & Son's, TBI^BFHONB 19. Our Shoe Dept. Is one of our special features. We have .the finest line now that we have ever carried from such shoe makers as MOORE & SHAFER, Brockport, N. Y. GREEN-WHEELER SHOE CO, Fort Dodge, Iowa. CUTLER, LYONS & FIELD, Greenfield, Mass., Manufacturers of ladies' fine shoes. Our men's shoes are from that well-known firm, KING BROS, Abington, Mass. Call and inspect our stock and see the newest novelties. G. L. Galbraith & Co. Two of the eight days of the celebration of Iowa's semicentennial of statehood at Burlington will be given over to the two leading political parties, and great interest is already being manifested in the manner of observance of the two days. It is certain that no other feature of the celebration week will surpass those on the program for these two days. Monday, Oct. 6, is to be known as republican day. Ex-President Harrison and Chauncey M. Depew will probably be the orators. Failing these there will be others of equal celebrity. Hope is not abandoned that McKlnley will be the drawing card. Thursday, Oct. 8, will be democratic day. It is an assured fact that Wm. Jennings Bryan, democratic candidate for the presidency, will deliver an address in the great coliseum. The indications are that railway facilities will be overtaxed on these two great political days to carry the crowds to Burlington. Tbe Hnlsey Case Attracts Attention. Emmetsburg Tribune: The decision of Judge Quarton in the Everingham- Halsey hay case has opened up^ several similar cases and thus an almost endless amoun,t of litigation has begun. The judge's decision gave Halsey damages, amounting to almost $9,000. On the strength of this, three other suits against Chicago commission men have been started, involving losses on over 3,000 car loads of hay. Should the supreme court sustain Judge Quarton in the case already tried there will, in all probability, be a big business in hay deals. Clarke & Cohenour will conduct these suits for Mr. Halsey. L. I,. Colby, Whiskey Peddler. L. L. Colby, tried once in Algona for peddling whiskey in Swea City, bas been back to his old haunts. The Armstrong Journal notes his presence: L. L. Colby, who is well known in Swea City, and hated more than the one who presides over the infernal regions, stirred up some excitement in that little village again one day last pfof. cUlchrlst on the Stump, Pocahofltas Record! Prof, J, C, Gilchrlst has consented ta address the people of Pooahontas on the issues of the day on Saturday Evening, Oct. 3, at the court house. This speetih will be very interesting for the reason that Prof. Gilohrist is a schoolmate of Wm. McKinley, and his speech will be more of a lecture on that great statesman. AMONG THE ADVEBTI8EBS. Falkenhalner for stoves." Algona Is the placo to buy clothing. Don't forget that. Langdon & Hudson make a specialty of fine table groceries. Kerosene and gasoline sell in Algona for 10 cents a gallon. An oil War Is on. Miss Daisy Reinhart Is Durdall's now cashier. Miss Tlss has returned to Cor- wlth. The Hotelllng sole at Whittemore comes next Saturday Instead of last. The rain CORN CRIBS CORN CRIBS CORN CRIBS Go to the John Paul Lumber yard for all kinds of material for cheap and durable corn cribs. Now is the time to buy. bllt*U liUUlw »Al.Ai*gv **£,»»» **• — — # --— week, but was given to understand that it would be better for bis body if he departed, and he acted on their advice, leaving before dark. An Eloper In Jail. Last spring THE UPPER DBS MOINES had a report of the elopment of one Lpmeland and a girl living over the Kossuth line in Winnebago, the couple going south through Algona. The The Elmore Eye says concerning tnem: A. J. Lomeland, the married man who eloped from here last fall with a young lady from Winnebago county, has been captured and is now, we understand, boarding at the Pairibault county jail. The young lady returned home some time ago. , He Beslded In Burt. Monitor: Our readers will remember that F. W. Sprague, now editor of the Ida County Pioneer, but at one time a resident of Burt several months, received a horse-whipping at the hands of an irritated Ida Grove banker because of having published a certain article about said banker, A suit will be the result. Mr. Sprague has secured the services of Clarke « Cohenour of Algona and has entered suit for a large sum, IIOA.U kjt*uuiu» ( y AUDI* spoiled It lust week. There Is a rumor that the hard coal conspiracy Is sick. The people are planning not to burn hard coal. UP at Buffalo Center the school board have ordered corn bought for fuel. They will beat the hard coal combine. H. L. Klmball keeps all kinds of coal at the depot and buys grain at the top price. He Is very popular with the farmers. Market prices are Improving. Flax Is worth 57 cents, wheat 48, barley 16, corn 18, oats 12. Hogs bring as high as $2.50. The Bancroft Register comes back on Mrs. Fontaine the clairvoyant for her notices last week. It don't take any stock in clairvoyance. The Algona Harp orchestra advertises this week for contracts. A. W. Sterzbaok is doing the booking. It will be the best musical organization in the state. One Wm. AMstin opened a novelty store in Algona and then closed It again. His name is still painted on the windows of the building. He is said to be at Whittemore. Jo. Misbaeh will be at Taylor's Saturday with a full line of furs. A big line of new fall cloaks is also to be opened. Taylor's cloak sales are a regular feature of the season. Anderson & Stebbins have dissolved partnership, Mr. Stebbins dropping out. They have been keeping a good store at the old John G. Smith stand. Mr. Stebbins has not decided what he will do. Read Durdall's ad. this week and then read Kraft's. Or read Kraft's and then read Durdall's. In any event read both, and don't fail to remember that Algona has two big fine stocks of clothing that will go for the price you name. What is Nicer than a nicely-furnished dining room? Every lady takes pride in seeing that it is furnished with Nice Things for the Table. We carry the finest in Groceries, Teas, and Coffees that are to be had. Langdon & Hudson. TBI/BFHONB NO. IS. Spend Money for that which is Naught? The Land Department of the Northern Pacific Railway company will sell you choice farming lands ' At $2.50 to $8.00 per Acre-An Average of $5.25, One-tenth cash; balance in TEN ANNUAL payments at SIX per cent, interest. RENTERS PAY EVERY YEAR from $2 to $3 per acre, an average of $2.50. COMPARE RESULTS OF TEN YEARS'PAYMENTS. On purchase, with interest— 160 ACRES. On rental— First year $ 204.96 SText nine years. 1,047.82 $1,252.78 BroKe Arch Johnson, living about two miles east of Ledyard, was driving down a hill with a load of hay Thursday afternoon. The wagon pole slipped through the ring on the neokyoke, letting the wagon run on to the horses. They became frightened and com' menced to run, and turning a little short, threw Mr. Johnson from the load, breaking one of his legs. The Leader reports Mr. Johnson getting well again, . , •West Bend Breacn of Promise. The Charles City Intelligencer refers to the Milner-Cuplin breach Of Obituary Frauleln Ottilie Nell, who came to W. H. Ingham's two weeks ago for a brief visit before returning to her school work in Chicago, died Saturday evening at 11 o'clock. She had been in Denver to visit her brother anc while there undoubtedly contracted the .fever. After a day at Omaha where she visited with Mrs. Chas. W Russell, she came to Algona, not feel ing well. For some days she though she bad only a slight indisposition, bu typhoid symptoms soon appeared am in spite of careful nursing and medica attendance she sank rapidly. He physical strength was slight at best and for a year she had been under doctor's charge. Not much is known of her early life Last summer she published a littl volume of sketches in German, many of them descriptive of her childhooc Her father belonged to a family of title and was himself a court official. He died in straightened circumstances, and the son came to America where he secured an appointment at Washington in the surveyor general's office. All the children died but Ottilie, when she also came to America and for some time was housekeeper for her brother. At his marriage she came to Burling* ton as a teacher of German, and soon after entered the home of Col. Pabst, the great Milwaukee brewer, and for nine years was governess in bis family, The Pabst families showed her great kindness, and she was a yearly visitor at their homes. After their children 400.00 First year. v $ . Next nine years 3,600.00 . *j* » |«* J t * * The renter has paid $2,747.22 more than the purchaser, and ZfcTo The purchaser gains $4,000.00 Actual money saved, $2747.22 1 160 acres, cost value, 840.00 [ Besides " all the Do. increased value, 840.00, }• comforts of a --- 1 home." Total money gain, $4,427.22 J " A WORD TO THE WISE IS SUFFICIENT." For particulars and publications, write to o. General Emigration Agent N. P. R. R., ST. PAUL, MINN. WM. H. PHIPPS, Land Commissioner. DINGLEY, COOK & CO., our sales solicitors, will furnish information, accompany prospective buyers wishing to examine Northern Pacific lands, and receive applications for their purchase. Apply to them, personally or by letter, at Algona, Iowa. Foundry and Machine Shop. Iron and brass casting and boiler work done on short notice, reshing outfits rl/alr"^ pTomptly. We are heve to stay. Mail ordera promptly attended. fe$te Houae. *•" . had grown up she went to Chicago to accept a position as instructor and it was there that Mrs. J, T. ChrisobiUeB was her pupil. L^tershewas in Miss Bice's school, where she became acquainted with Anna O. Ingbam. The funeral was held at the Ingfcam home Monday at 2 o'clock and the remains were buried in their lot in the NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business,Office over Algona Btate Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford. Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, ITLAUlfvpyut* *1 A»V| *w.*M**vi»^wf*w| Rootatord of RooWora, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Mte of New York. GEO, M. BAILEY. f\LEX. WHITE, .,. BRING ON YOUR ,.. ~~- -••*, Stove -wise people concede the supremacy of the « Jewels," These stoves and ranges' generate the most heat from the small' est amount of fuel—they last longest and qost least for repairs— they are §o attract* ively modeled as to be ornaments in the most Algona cemetery. The brother is under the doctor's charge in Denver, having secured a change to that city for his health, and has no permanent home and requested burial here. None of her friends excepting him had been notified of her illness, at her request. The announcement of her death brought many beautiful flowers and notes of regret. She was a woman of much culture and her little book is being introduced in the schools In Milwaukee as supplementary reading for German students. O. J. BEOWN, Will convey parties and baggage to of town for 85 cents, round trip, Yl to do you good. (JlYE US A — We we part ftere WE have in stock the' new form tel mortgage, made to conform to the law passed last winter, Call at UPPER PBS MOINBS orooe. at our expense. «{ ft /, PER DOZEN, 13o, Ji 111 W III J *, ,J t S - 1 ' j ; ., ^ * i ^ ^ V / ,, I <• T* 'S "? < ' • V? /' ' ' '1 f i , t 1,1- ' » .»>"'* tfVi I""' J'<",;">'.4;''V? V** " * ''suffiptWQU^ly fur- i withal »o wore Qtte Hundred Dollars—— M, P, IB oflweft to any pWBo» who CIQAH FOR 5 CENT& 9, y, Haggard & Peek, Abstracts, AND 113 '.v§S iXJis

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