The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 23, 1896 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1896
Page 10
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Jt f ° *f~ * J I '?' " if , """ "" ^ ipB^^HRBtt BB8 MOlNBfli ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, i uaunaaaam APPTF^ ILL 1 \^LJ\*J* Apples. Apples. Sweet Apples, Sour Apples, Big Apples, Little Apples, all kinds of apples—a whole barrel for only $1.50 Lay in your winter supply now. James Patterson. Cowles Block. PROFESSIONAL. •^-"W-»»»*'^.'-W«.*'-V"»rf^^V*'"«^X - ^N^"»-^''. CLARKE A COHKNOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. ; E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Cowles' new building. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNS YS- AT LAW, Office in Hoxie-FerKUson. bljck. B. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. 4. C. RAYMOND. T2RNEST C. RAYMOND RAVMOND & RAYMOND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. FREDERICK M. CURTISS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office-over Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. „. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Omce and residence in the Boston Block. (In the new block.) • H. C.. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office at residence, McGregor street. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. ti E. S.. GLASIER, D. D. S., SURGEON' DENTIST. Office over the State Bank, Algona, Iowa. DENTIST. A. L. HIST, D. D. S. Local anaesthetic foi deadening pain in gums when extracting teeth/ DR. PRESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat City, performed. Diseases .treated; Spectacles fitted, t3&"Wili be at Algona Monday, Sept. 28. In Tailor O, T. Dawson Is ready for business in the old Sill building. Special attention to dyeing, repairing, and cleaning. ' O, T. DAWSON. ' y,,, AMQP THE ADVpTISEBS, {(Tftlbralth is nia¥Pg » special' display of sljoes.this week, JSggs are. all right at the Button store in Iry)nf ton, a shilling g 4o«en, • Mrs.-Butter lias a big assortment pf all s/of (xjal at the pld Wilson stand. s \y«e has /been Voting at aod tells ahout It this W. 3, St-udiey has a new afsistant, Mr. A,, w, Boy, a registered pharmacist from e.flem.aod, for core crft Jmnfeer {? be- iSWlRg. J?be, Pau} yard is beaflcroartej-B rre ' ?r • toot £YJB, boxes p| the ame oigara with turn £a bjs * a new Jfiafl ef i uie4iBfl*9Ry «IUes M ' t ' ,"' ''* a' wW»8t{ 89 'te,M& T$j8!& •w»w. VBv;v»fW*aWW !B8A(™^ttSSH? 'I ?^ ttftSraf <JWBj sj|teft!H«mef§^ RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAUO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL, TRAINS -WEST. No. 1 departs at 8:55 am No. 9 departs at 4:01 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 93 departs at 12 :OS a m No.71 departs at 6:33pm No. 65 departs at 8:20pm TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at 10:37 am No. 4 departs at.. 6:33 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 70 departs at 8:20pm No. 94 departs at 2:05pm R. F. HEDBICK, Agent. CHICAGO 4 NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight 7:10 a m Pa«s 8:04 am Mixed l:12pm Mixed 8:00pm North- Mixed 7:10 a m Freight 11:25 a m Pass 2:49p m Mixed 10:47p m !\ H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. Mrs. W. J. Eager of Sexton has typhoid. C. B. Matson is up from Missouri for a couple of weeks. Mrs. Dunham of Burlington speaks next Sunday for the W. C. T. U. E. H. Clarke's little girl is over the fever and bis two other have it now. Mrs. J. J. Wilson is sitting up and rapidly recovering from her recent accident. The old settlers meet next week Thursday. Let everybody keep the date in mind. B. P. Smith's Gildersleeve won at Sioux City again. He has not lost a race this year. C. J. Richert and Anna Kienetz, J. E. Martin and Minnie Cowell are licensed to wed. An agent for a New York insurance company was out Monday and paid Mrs. Lund $5,000 life insurance. Chicken pie supper at the Congregational church Thursday. The coffee furnished by Langdon & Hudson. May Edmonds is added to the typhoid fever list, but has a light attack. Clara Ballon is quite sick with it. Mrs. J. B, Willey, who was taken with typhoid while at Minneapolis for the encampment, is still sick in that city. A, C. Rankin will be well worth hearing next Saturday. He is one of the great stump speakers of the country, aud has a national reputation, The Social Union club will open the fall campaign next week. Chas. E. Cohenour has a program ready. This popular club will be welcome this fall, A heavy frost came Friday and Saturday nights. The middle of September is rather early for frost, but no damage is done, Everything was out of the way. Algona's old time railway conductor, Caldwell, is advertising for the gold medal he was awarded by congress for bravery in the war. He lost it during the St. Paul encampment, Harvest borne entertainment and supper at the Methodist church Friday evening. Miss Bertha Haneook recites and Prof, Forde sings, Algona's new band will play. It will be a fine entertainment, The Westons played to good bouses last week. They bad a good band, and extra good orchestra, and tbejr opening play, Our Strategist, was a great bit, They were an improvement on tbe usual county fair repertoire troup. ' , The golden wedding of Mr, TSlbanon Clark was celebrated at. their son's borne last week, Many old friends were in, many fine presents marked tbe. occasion and many w}sbes for bappy returns of tbe day were extended, E, H. Clarke has a program of tbe Odd Fellows' state meeting, wbJob is to be held at Maspn, city Oct. go-33, He say? all who are eligible will attend from hereabouts. Rev, W. F. £ar« clay's, name is conspicuous, pn tbe program! Tbisoffleeis npw decorated with ft prize pumpkin vine, J$ }§ 17 feet Jong, gat, ana five inches wide, No one who has looked sA it seeme eyer to have §§en a brpad tot vine before and ifcis regarded M a .Jreafc of CJiirk Peck brought H in, t mite getting . wrt_« tbj ! fair pounds, &Jdjy, . M^Qoy caught the Hoes p hw She w&g th mf B. ajnjj the harse bahsoh had a felapso. She has been *ery dick again, but is gaining. The school board have not sofd their bonds. lit fact they are bot likely to now until limes change. They are building now on warrants, which are being carried by the local banks. The unwillingness of men with money to buy as good securities as Algona district school bonds la a good illustration of What lack of confidence means in business. The next meeting of the Womans' Library Aid society will be held, Friday afternoon, Sepk 15. The following program will begin promptly at 3 o*clock: Preparations fof, and Details of an Ocean Voyage, Mrs. M. A. VincentJ Liverpool, Mrs. Emily C. Dodge? A Short Description of Chester, reading by Mrs. S, D. Hamilton. All ladies interested are cordially invited to attend. Algona is to have a fine orchestra this Winter, to be known as the Algona Harp orchestra, it Is the Dubuque orchestra of last season, which will have headquarters here this winter, G. W. Cady taking a half interest. The manager will be here this week to make final arrangements. Algona is central to a very Bne section for a first- class orchestra, which Is what brings the musicians to us. A. W. Sterzbach will not travel this winter, as his work here will not permit. Corwith has as handsome a public school building and as handsome a bank as there are in northern Iowa. This is not an exaggeration. The Stilsons have put in a bank building that would be a credit to Des Molnea. Tbe town has waterworks and all the modern conveniences are In these buildings. Corwith has some handsome homes, a new fangled church covered entirely with zinc in imitation of stone, and is a wonderful town to have grown in twelve or fourteen years, Judge Quarton's Halsey hay case decision is creating a buzz in Chicago already. A commission man from the city called at this office Monday to get copies of tbe papers containing reports of the case and was afterwards seen in animated conversation with some of our hay shippers. He seemed to consider the matter quite important. There is no doubt that every Chicago house has been doing business as Everinghara has, and a big day of settling seems to be at hand. On Thursday of this week the Rt. Reverend Dr. Walker, bishop of North Dakota, will visit St. Thomas Protest- ent Episcopal church for Bishop Perry, who Is ill. Divine service will be held at 7:30 p. m., when the bishop will add to the church a class by the sacramental rite of confirmation. All are specially invited to attend this interesting service. Divine service next Sunday as usual. Subject in the morning: "Christ, the Friend of Reason;" in the evening: "The Christian Religion and Reason." There was a buzz among the policy holders of the late defunct United States Accident Insurance company Monday. Each one got a little slip containing information that the courts of New York have decided that he is liable for $9 and some cents on account of tbe inability of the company to pay out. There are probably 30 in town and so far as > heard from they each chucked their notice into the waste basket and • decided to await developments. If an attempt is made to collect they will stand suit and make as much trouble as they can. Emmetsburg has built Rev. Bagnell the most expensive parsonage there is in the state. It has cost $4,500, is an elegant home in appearance, is finished in the most approved style, and has all the modern conveniences. It is one of Emmetsburg's finest residences. The 'Burg is also building a $12,000 Congregational church of stone and brick. Emmetsburg has the finest city hall in these parts, has put in broad 'concrete walks to the court house, is going to have electric lights in two months, and on the whole is up and coming. L. H. Mayne's horse and vehicle is. to be thanked for our present knowledge of the growth over on the Medium. Thursday afternoon a tramp called at the Hamilton home and finding someone in asked if someone by the name of Nelson lived there. It is thought he went south to Geo. C. Call's and there finding the house locked, everybody being at the fairgrounds, he broke a window on the south side, unhooked the lock, and entered. A watch belonging to Mrs, Call and considerable solid silver were taken, and Mr. Call lost an overcoat. Ex- g enslve jewelry escaped, showing that e did not stay long. No trace was found and no clue exists. About the same time F. W. Waterhouse's home was entered, but nothing was taken that is known, E. G, Bowyer has received a prospectus of the Vaughn' Gold Mining, Milling and Tunnel Co,, H. S. Vaughn, president, The capital stock is $1,250,000 in $1 shares, The prospectus states; "The company owns five full claims, three of which are grouped on Wolf mountain, north of -RhyoUte, and two are grouped on the jfiortb/sfrest slope of Grouse mountain, close, to .the to>p of. Victor, and «ll 4n tb,6 Qripple CreeH. fltetrM 1 . " In 8.p.e,ak' Ing of Mr. Vaughn ~the"cjroular iays, "Mr. H. S. Vaughn, president, is a prominent and well known attorney in Penver, having held offices pf trust, is president pf tbe Tempnj Mining wm- pany and one of Its largest etook* holders. This, company's stock under Mr, Vaughn's management advanced 1,§OQ per cept. in eight months in, J8P5, sure to attend the great sale of machinery at WbiM e nj°re. 1BW BTEPMSOff to the, high price pjf hard coal this winter, many whp have, heretofore used nothing else will feel SQmpeUejfl tQ ttse,SQftcoftna.n4aJlwb,Q are, thinking pf tyMng ghouJO examine J. W ' will da* MttHHfte at f :30 O'clock He shoots nitnseif at id o'clock. Lew Stephenson, who went to the Independence asylum two months ago of his own accord to secure treatment for his head trouble resulting from a sun stroke, was brought home yesterday morning by Jith Stacy, flhd a few hours later ended bis life* The doctors there said be was getting no better and said a rest at home might be beneficial. He got very tired com' Ing home, but Insisted on the night ride. They came in at ?i30 tthd went to his house, the Dr, Reed place, and had breakfast, On the way up he had Inquired about a revolver he bad given to Jim to keep. After breakfast Jim came to his own home, expecting Lew to go to bed, but be followed him up. Once ih the house he began looking about ndmirlng the rooms, etc., until suddenly he took the revolver from b bureau drawer. Jim and his wife tried their best to persuade hint to give it up and to take it away, but did hot dare go too far. Finally they persuaded him to go back home, hoping to meet J, D. Starks there and get assistance. Jim staid with him all the time and watched for help. Finally he told him to come in the house and go to bed and he consented. Jim turned to go in and Low at that moment evidently ran for the barn. Jim was not gone a minute before he noticed Lew was not following. He started for the barn and beard the report. The revolver, 38 caliber, had been put to the forehead and death was instantaneous. Mr. Stephenson was about 39 years old. He was Robt. Stevenson's oldest child. He lived in the county until he was of age and latterly was a farmer in Story county. He leaves a wife, « sister of Mrs. Frank Parish, and three small children. He has a $2.000 insurance policy In the Bankers' Life of Des Moines, but it has run but eight months, and in the case of suicide policies are not valid under two years. He was engaged with Mr, Stacy in the hardware business, when this attack came on. He had been troubled with hls'hend by spells before, but this summer was much worse than usual. It Is a sad case. FIFTY head of horses to be sold at the Hotelllng sale in Whittemore next Saturday, Sept. 26. Now is the season for floor oil cloth. When you are putting up your stoves remember that we carry oil cloths in all widths and grades. G. L. GALBRAITH & Co. FOR sale: Eighteen hoad of yearling steers. Inquire at the W. H. Ingham farm.—2713 DON'T forget the Hotelling horse sale Saturday, Sept. 26. THE LOOAL OAMPAIGN. Dolllver's Dates T?ixed. "Upon—The Deinocrutlc County Ticket—Other Campaign Newt*. The dates for the big Dolliver meetings are fully arranged. They are as follows: . Burt, Oct. 5, 7:30 p. m.; Germania, Oct. 6, 2 p. tn.; Ledyard, Oct. 6, 7:80 p. m; Swea City, Oct. 7, 2 p. m., Bancroft, Oct. 7, 7:30 p. m.; Whittemore, Oct. 8, 7:80 p. m.; Wesley, Oct. 9, 7:30 p. m. M. D. O'Connell will be with him at all these meetings' and the big tent will be raised. A grand closing rally will be held at Algona. Senator Chubb's Case. The Courier is out again with a display of mock heroics. As usual something happens to make its righteous indignation ridiculous. SenatorChubb, who is supporting Mr. Bryan and Mr. Romans, was not allowed to sit as a delegate in the republican county" con vention. The Couriej- says: "It was a singular proceeding. Mr. Chubb has ever been a loyal republican, and there was no necessity for the committee to go out of its way to hit at him. It was simply a specimen of intolerance, and one that would not have been shown but for the overweening confidence of the bosses to carry the county," It would be supposed from this that the democrats would not thus ostracize members of their party who were not supporting tbe Bryan and Romans platform. But the fact is the 16 to 1 men did not even let the Palmer democrats get inside the doors. The call for the convention, written by the Courier editor, excluded every democrat in the county except the 16 to 1 men from the convention, If it was wrong for the republicans to drop Senator Ch,ubb what was it for tbe democrats to shut out Theo. Chris- chilles, Philip Dorweiler, C. E. Helse and a thousand others? Have they not "ever been loyal" democrats? Democratic County Ticket. The 16 to 1 men met last Thursday at the court house in mass convention and named their county ticket. J. L. Bonar was nominated for county attorney by acclamation. Mr, Newell of Fen ton was named for supervisor against MiKe Weisbrod, and C, C, Chubb was named by acclamation against John G, Smith, C, H, Blossom was nominated over A. Yale of Whitte> more for recorder, and Mr, Yale was then named for auditor, H, V, Hanby of Wesley was nominated for clerk. These are a)li 89 far as TEE UPPER JJES MotNKS is acquainted with them, most excellent citizens of the county. It will be with sincere regret that their political obituaries with be written in JfQyember, The frosts of an adverse majority of shout 600 will nip their root at that time. the 8, If, B»8hor'S Argument, The first free silver speech pf campaign was. delivered at the bouse Monday- evening by s, H, pf Waterloo, A good audience was put and cheere-d him, ooeajj,Qn,a.Uy quite liberally. B> did n.Qt analyse the free silver prep98,a)9 feat 4e»lt altogether, I B gfJSSral aB8e.rtio B B, ajd. | fi appeals Ihe faroera to. rife up §gajpst Kossuth Gounty State Bank, fe£c.oo6. Deposits received,>- loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and" tlons made promptly, nun a general banking business transacted. PaSsncs ti<.t<rf.~r" from the old countries sold at lowest rates. »as.ige nciteta to ulr Pit. It. ifrettAMj JYiviiieat; J. «. .fO&fo, Vice President; LfetviS H. sMlttt Cw«1il»* Dlfectofs^Wm. H. l.igh:iS», tfohn O. Smith, J.B.Jones, T. ChriSchllies LsttfuM f nlef P. WadsWofthi Bafnet Uerine. .«""»«. , First Kdtional Bank of Algona. c.vlMTAL........ ...#>0,OOC MBROSE \; CALI, , President I WM. K. .FERGUSON ..., , H, HUTCH1NS...... Vice President.| C. tt, SJHtTH..... bisectors—D. H. Hut-.-hiua, S. A. Ferguson, Philip ttorweller, F. fi. Vesper Atnh4-/» a I" Call, R> H. Spencer, \V,n.-I. Ferguson. v ' AmM °8e A. Money always on him M.I loafa at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class sonnet- Special attention given r , Collections, e " »i cisss security. Algona State Bank, j)irector»— A. D. Clarke, President, C. C. Chubb, Vice Prest,, Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, Geo. L. Qalbralth, Fred. M. Miller. Myron Schenck, Thos. F. Cooke. CASH CAPITAL. $50,000. General Banking. PRIVATE SAFEtr DEPOSIT VA.VLT8. on time deposits. GKEO. CL Six per cent Interest on Time Deposits for money left three months or more. Money always on hand to loan on first mortgages, second mortgages, and good collaterals. Notes bought. ALGONA, IOWA. The Alfjona Deposit & Loan Assn. wm GUARANTEE Call at offices for particulars. Ofilces over Algona State Bank PER GENT, interest mistake of the democratic committee they were announced to speaU at Bui-t Saturday, when their appointment was at Britt. _ A. C. Kniikin mid Copt. Veomnns. Algeria will have two political meetings Saturday. In the afternoon A. C. Rankin, the great Pittsburg orator, will speak for the republicans. In the evening Capt. J. A. O. Yeomans of Port Dodge will speak for the 16 to 1 party. Local Campaign Kot«*8. A prominent democrat from the Tenth district said the other day to the Daily Capital reporter that the nomination of J. B. Romans in the Tenth had been a great disappointment, because of the stinginess of Mr. Romans. .It was understood when he was nominated that he would put some money into the campaign and make things red hot. Now he is said to be kicking about $15 spent for literature. The democrats are getting tired of this. There will be special trains, on the Northwestern for the Dolliver meetings at both Burt and Bancroft. They will go up about 7 o'clock and come back after the speeches. S. D. Drake made a rattling speech at Germania Monday evening. Geo. W. Hanna was at Ledytird the same evening and had a big meeting 1 . Dolliver speaks at Whittemore Oct. 8, and at Wesley Oct. 9, instead of vice versa as announced, last week. Keep the dates in mind, i Wm. T. Chantland was nominated for county attorney at Fort Dodge by the republicans by acclamation. The county republican headquarters is located in the middle room over, the Kossuth county state bank. PEB80NAL MOVEMENTS. Miss Edna Waterhouse is down from Minneapolis visiting her many friends. Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Robinson came up from Des Moines last week for the fair and to visit their many Algoua friends. Alonzo D. Clarke went out into South Dakota last week to look at land. He says the 16 to 1 men are thick out there. .Frank Niooulin went out into North Dakota after visiting at the St. Paul encampment. He was as far north as Fargo. Miss Edna Lantry came last Wednesday from Minneapolis to visit her cousins. Her many friends hi Algona are pleased to welcome her, Mr. and Mrs. H, L, Carroll of Des Moines returned Thursday from a visit with Captain and Mrs. Foster. Mrs. Carroll is a sister of the latter, Claud Stull started Monday for Iowa City to enter the university. The reports from there are that the attendance is very much larger than last year at this time. Mr. and Mrs. J, H. Grover and children, and Mrs. W. B. Pratt of Portland are at Devil's Luke, Wis., attending a reunion of the old Iron Brigade and visiting friends. W, H. Ingham came Friday after two weeks spent among the lakes of northern Wisconsin. He caught a muskalonge weighing 22 pounds, and several smaller, This fish is a large sized pickerel and a lively game fish. Father Nichols started Monday evening for a three months' visit at his old home in Ireland, with a trip to Rome }n prospect. He left Ireland a lad of 16 years and has not been back. It is not' known who will take his place in Algona while he is gone, Dr. Keneflok will go to Iowa City next week to begin a course of study along special lines which will extend over three months. He says that in bacteriology he can have as good advantages with Dr. Biering at the university as. at any school in this country. After studying there he will go to New York City for a short time in the big hospitals. After this post graduate work he will return to Algoaa hotter flitted than ever to attend to his growing practice, James U Fy&nols, ajdeman.of Chicago, says; "I regard Pr. King's, New Discovery as an ideal discovery fpr coughs, colds, and lung complaints, haying used it in, my family for tbe last flve years to the exol«3 }on of physicians' prescriptions or other preparations." Rev. John Purges. JCeokufe, Iowa, writes: " I have been a minister pf the' Methodist Epiecopal phurch for fifty years 9? more, and have never fpun4 any- wng so beftelpifti, or that gave we swh speedy relief as Dr, King's New Discovery," ,,.. this Weal „,„ bpttles free ftt Sbee remedy drug store. IT MA? PO AS WOIf FOR TQUi Fre4 MUler of Iryiag, m., yrrltef Uw, « v bedi a severe kidney trpuUe for m W y ye^s vrtfe.aevergpttoi}nhisbaxsk, aafl»fep!$a,t btaWadderwaj aje^ted, He * ' • se^Uea WOaeyfiftres, bjjti wli result. About ft ye^r ago fee of Kleotric Bitters aud fpuad relief a' Jifte^mto «4Uir o$ A HEAD-END OOLLISION. The State Fair Smash-up Not In it With the Milwaukee Hand Cars West ol Town. '• Last Thursday morning three hand cars set out from the Milwaukee depot for the west carrying the track gang to work near Hobart. They were moving along about 10 rods apart and the one ahead was just entering the big cut on the Ingham farm, when a special freight sailed down at a 60 mile-an-hour rate. The men jumped and the engine took the hand cars one by one arid smashed them beyond possibility of recognition. J. A. Vipond saw the meeting and he says the dinner pails went up like Japanese bombs at a Fourth of July, and when they burst the flying'dough- nuts, bologna and biscuits looked like a first-class exhibition pf day fireworks. Some of the projectiles flew over into his dooryat'd, and his dog has lived fat ever since, devoting his whole time to hunting up the relics. How the mistake was made is not explained. The men did not know that the freight was on, and it was coming down grade at terrific speed. Had one of the hand cars ditched the engine there would have been a wreck notable in railway annals. Farmers' Exchange, Look at our Glassware and'Cen- ter Tables in our show window. ^ We are giving them away with | Baking Powder. The powder .is of good quality. Anderson 8: Stebbins. " J V South of court house, Sportsman's Game— Havana filler, Sumatra wrapper, is positively the * Best 5c Cigar in the Algona market today. Its large and increasing sales prove beyond question its superior quality. Manufactured by SGHU & WATERHOUSE, 0. J. BROWN, Will convey parties and baggage to any part of town (or So cents, round &Jp. We are here to do you good. GIVE US A CAta when in need of 'bus ov livery- keftve orders at Brunswick hotel or at niy bam on stat» street, Telephone No. 43. Telephone for rigs at our expense. " &TP artfe? hiring r(gs al O, /, Sraum'i (ivery barn vrtS Ttr~" """ •»—^--W* WHITHAM © will establish th e Hide and Fur Business W AJgPflftf WUl _aMW fe«y rubfeep and ;t »< -J

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