The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1954 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1954
Page 4
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?AGB FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWi THURSDAY, JULY 22,1954 rsx OOETRHB NEWS oo. H. W. HAINE*, PubliiUer A. HAINES. Assistant PuWisbtr A. A, FREDRICKSON. Editor PAUL D. HUMAN Advertising Manager Bole Katlonml Advertising Representatives: Wallace Wittacr Co, New York. Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. _ __ Entered a* second e!a« ntatttr at toe post- office at BlyihevSDe, Ari&nsas, under act of Confrere, October 9, 1S17. _ _ Member ol The Associated Press _ SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the dry o£ SlytheriH* or any •flobvrbas to-jra wliera carrier service is nais- tamed. 25c per week. BT g ! g.n j within a radius o* 50 sILes, J5.00 per year," 12.5G for six. rncntcs, 11-25 for rhree mortis; aceae. $12-50 pe? ye*r by jsafi outside 50 .payable to advance. Meditations we west out of the city prayer WM wont w be ipai* trnio ihe . — Act« 16:11. be Hk« a :er •without KS sas these day*, prefer brcsae, * ¥ * 'tea? 3f 3*i*re it a lot of food in you oaly .gsotc pszis, sa?s £ sirl tennis expert, keeps you XT more pleasant, though, to breathe to b* *ooufh hone to f« iwlife afl *e hone power we have. ':• '• * * * Gracdais. used to hidf. change in the coffeepot, Mom. iaoe* ooffe*-. Unity .1$ Desirable, But— Up until now, the chief significance of the Geneva conference has been it* demonstration of the lack of Allied unity on major Asiatic policies." Secretary of State Dulles' unexpected trip to Parig evidently is part of a last-minute effort to rebuild a common outlook on Asia. Dulles went to Paris in response to urgent calls from France and Britain The showdown with Indochina is approaching, and these nations understand all too well the value of having the Big Three stand together. For a time it seemed they- ware a bit careless in measuring the worth of such unity. They insisted upon delaying any consideration of a Southeast Asian alliance until after the Geneva conference, " though the deteriorating military position of the French in Indochina steadily weakened their bargaining power at the council table. Furthermore, both the British and French accepted the idea that a military truce in Indochina should be joined with a political settlement, though it has been apparent from the start that the only settlement the Communists would take would sooner or later work to the extreme disadvantage of the free countries. The United States has felt all along this was the wrong approach. We do not believe any good can come from a political settlement at this time. Moreover, on principle we could not possibly guarantee an agreement to to place more millions of people (the In- dochinese) under Communist slavery. Where Red domination already exists as in Eastern Europe and parts of Asia, we do not acknowledge it as permanent. Neither Britain nor France can in conscience ask this country to repudiate that principle. And they cannot expect ue to see any virture in a political settlement which can only benefit communism. If this unity is to be achived by the Western powers, those who summoned Dulles might begin by forgetting a political settlement now and working to arrive at a cease-fire in Indochina. the West is therefore in a strong political That's how it was done in Korea, and position on that peninsula. The French and the British might also agree to sit down immediately to initiate talks on a Southeast Asian alliance. The kind of strength an allianc* would carry weight with the Communists at the bargaining table. The Red* cannot be expected to b« impressed by the territorial withdrawal* of tht French in Indochina. Western unity is now, M Always, a desirable thing. But it «*nnot t* bought at the price of an agreement to hand over sii««>bl« fthwiki of ]*n4 to under tht pretenst that wt are thereby making the world safer for freedom. Freedom Calls In years gone by, Germany. France and other European ntions were regarded as the great educational mecca for the world. Now matters are reversed, and foreign students are streaming to America. Altogether some 107,000 students attending universities out-side their native countries. Of these, about one third— 35,000— are enrolled in 1500 U. S. schools. The survey which produced these figures did not probe the reasons for tke shift, but guesses are easily hazarded. European universities generally cannot command the resources of old, so their research facilities have suffered. Furthermore, war and its aftermath have cone serious damage to celebrated faculty staffs. In contrast, American schools, though many are pressed financially as never before, are still flourishing. They are a great well-spring of freedom in a world where untrammeled thought and imagination have too little chance to go their independent way. We are happy to see that President Eisenhower is opposed to paying a pension to Alger Hiss, former state department official who was convicted of falsely denying he gave secret information to a. communist spy ring. This position was taken despite the earlier representation that the Eisenhower administration through the Civil Service Commission and the Budget Bureau had considered that the government i* obligated to go through with retirement pay to federal employes even when they are imprisoned for criminal acts. Hiss 'will be eligible under present law for a pension of $700 a year at the age of 62. Fortunately the law can be changed. Hagerty, White House Secretary said he was unable to determine how anyone .could read tht views set forth at the budget bureau and th« civil service commission and come to the conclusion that the administration U : opposed to legislation which would deny Hiss a pension, "When I brought these stories to the attention of the President," Hagerty said, "he remarked that the existing law seemed unbelievable to one (Eisenhower) whose whole adult life been spent under a system whert» retirement pension* wert paid only for honorable service and where conviction of a felony resulted in forfeiture of all pay and allowances, due or to become due." We had always considered a pension a recognition of an honorable discharge of public duties. If the law provides anything else, it ought to b* changed.—The Shelby (N. C.) Daily Star. Point of Agreement The impossible has happened. For the first time, and unbelieveably, we find ourselves siding with the Soviet representatives against our own representative in a debate before the United Nations. The incident involved is the debate between Russia's Semyon EL Tsarapkin and our Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. Lodge referred to Tsarapkin as the "gentleman from the Soviet Union." Tsarapkin objected, explaining: "I am not a gentle man. I am the representative from the Soviet Union." Lodge countered: "The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive." But Tsarapkin was adamant in his stand—and rightly so. Using Newman's classic definition of a gentleman as someone who never inflicts pain, it becomes obvious at once Lodge didn't have a leg to stand on in this argument.—New Orleans State.! In an effort to stimulate tourist trade, the Charleston Chamber of Commerce has printed and is beginning to distribute $10 million in "Confederate" currency. In $100 denominations, the money will go, Charleston hopes, to 100,000 potential tourists east of the Rockies. Regardless of whether it brings any tourists, that make-believe Confederate money may still be worth about as much as "Union" money.— Greenville (S.C.) Piedmont. SO THEY SAY If we fail in our trade policy, we may fail in all. Our domestic employment, our standard of living, our security and the solidarity of the free world— all are involved.—President Eisenhower. # * * I will not be a candidate (for the Senate) this year. That's definite and final.—Ray Jenkins, •pecial counsel In recent Army-McCarthy feud. # * # I am most anxious that the real mood of the people of Russia should be known and every opportunity be given for it* expression.—Winston Churchill. # ¥ * On the day that Communist China. IB voted Into membership In the United Nation* I shall resign my majority leadership in the Senate.—Senate ftepubUoa-n Leader Knowland. The Iceman Cometh Erskine Johnson IN Peter fdson's Washington Column — Women Boycott McCarthy's State; New West German Cabinet Post WASHINGTON—(NEA)—A number of Washington housewives, disgusted and angered by the tactics Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy used in the recent senatorial investigations of .the Private Schine case, have decided to get even by boycotting Wisconsin cheese. They say they will not knowingly either buy or eat Wisconsin dairy products till the farmers of that state take some action to curb their junior senator or get hirn out of Congress, When it was suggested to the ladies that a boycott was pretty rough business, they came right back with an answer. They learned the trick from him, and since he fought that way, they would too. They recalled that the senator once tried to get advertisers to boycott a magazine whose articles on his activities he did not like. He also threatened a radio commentator. If a boycott was fair for him, why not for them? Washington officials are watching with interest the development of West Germany's newest cabinet department—its Ministry for Family Affairs. Created last October, it is headed by a Catholic CDU politician, Dr. Franz Joseph Wuermeling. While at first glance a Ministry of Family Affairs sounds like something to carry a welfare state to its ultimate development, the plan is to have it take on no responsibility which can be carried on by the family, the community or the church, It will interest itself in reducing the tax burden on families, pay subsidies to large families, grant marriage loans, develop family housing and foster the family as the most durable factor of German, anti-Communist society. Lobbying for and against the controversial Eisenhower - Benson farm program with its flexible price support levels reached a high point for Washington farm organization pressure tactics. Farm Bureau Federation threw a hotel dinner for antiparity congressmen in an effort to win them over. U. S/ Chamber of Commerce and the food processor lobbies issued statements and used all the force they could muster against the "parity package" deal which the House Agriculture committee had approved. In retaliation, National Farmers' Union tried to influence city congressmen, labor unions and consumers' groups in support of higher support levels. Assistant Secretary of Agriculture Ross Rizley used his privilege as a former Oklahoma congressman to go right onto the House floor for the administration program. airport to the White House with British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, Secretary of State Dulles managed to get a little important business done. That was the day the question of a vote on investigation of the Guatemalan situation was to come before the United Nations Security Council. There were six votes lined up to put the Guatemalan question on the UNSC agenda. Secretary Dulles explained the American position to Sir Winston on that 15-rninute auto ride. As a result, the British voted with the United States. France went along too. That cut the vote for giving the question to the Security Council down to four, and there were two abstentions. This decision probably had a major role in aiding the downfall j of the Communist regime in Guate! mala. It kept Soviet Russia out. I It increased the prestige of the Organization of American States ; and it saved an important chapter of the UN charter for possible future use in similar emergencies. HOLLYWOOD—(NBA) — Exclusively Yours: Maybe it was the scorciiirxg weather and maybe it wasn't, but John Wayne and Pilar Palette had an argument at the location site of RKO's "The Conquerors" that sent Pilar flying to the Wayne-less peace of Hollywood. Grace Kelly as Amelia Earhart, the famous flier who disappeared on a Pacific hop during a 1937 round-the-world flight? No one has asked her to star in the Earhart story, but she's hoping someone win. "I'd love to play Amelia," she told me. "She was my childhood heroine." Back from Cannes and scenes in "To Catch a Thief," Grace repeated her "No comment" on reports of serious romantics there with Oleg Cassini. Insiders say he'd like to tie the knot but that she considers him more of a perfect escort than a prospective hubby. Verbatim court testimony in the Susan Hayward-Jess Barker fireworks, printed in a fan magazine, left Jess squirming. He didn't expect the eyepopping revelations. Johnnie Ray's on crutches after completing his dance sequence in "There's No Business Like Show Business." Not from dancing—but from stepping barefooted on a toothpick, of all things. Ex-wife Marilyn Morrison palled it up with Johnnie in the gambling spa but 'tis no reconciliation —"We just had a lot of laughs." NOW THAT Frank Sinatra is fading from the scene like a thin sunset, the friendship of Lana Turner and Ava Gardner can be counted on to resume. Lana recently wrote Ava telling her that she'd read the script of "My Most Intimate Friend" and that she couldn't rest until Ava agreed to costar with her in. the MGM comedy. role. I was too old for tht part of a little girl. Then the atudio wanted me to do 'Red Garten.' The idea of me singing western songs wa.*: ridiculous. There wa* nothing else for me to do so we decided to tear up the contract. Sure, I'd like to do another movie. Hollywood once tailored storie* for Deanna Durbin. Mayb« they'll do the same for me." George Raft's * reported to havt dropped $1000 in one afternoon betting on the ponies . . - Hedy Lm- marr, who won't settle for anything less than another "Samson and Delilah," turned down the starring role in John Nasht's "Th« Sinner." EVA GABOR'S claim that «be'« never had a publicity man thumping drums for her is a Hollywood howl. Her last press agent Is howling the loudest. Natives in the vicinity of Mt. Rainier are still . gasping:. Thft Wayne-Fellows "Track of the Cat" troupe imported unbleached cornflakes and blew them over Hie .snow - covered countryside by means of huge electric fans when ! the melting stuff failed to ftH from the sky, Joan Fontaine may not like it, but sister Olivia de Havffiand i» blonde in "That Lady" and look* like a ringer for Joan. Shelley Winters wrote bom« about being asked to danoe to ft Paris night club by a handsoma young fellow. Suddenly she mad* ' a horrifying discovery—the "gent" was a woman to male attire. lh«l» ley fled- Change ot scenery note: Barbara Stanwyck goes red-head for "Cattle Queen of Montana." Sen, Lister Hill (D., Ala.) told I the story of his somewhat unusual given name in a speech the other day. His father was a country doctor. Dr. Hill apparently wanted his son to become a doctor, too, for he named him in honor of Joseph Lister, the great surgeon who first brought the discoveries of Pasteur into the operating room. Instead of that. Lister Kill became a lawyer. But as a member of Congress, he has worked harder than most doctors to promote health and hospital legislation. On his ride from the Washington Twenty-five per cent of Gen. Maxwell Taylor's Eighth Army in Korea is going to school on duty time. All this forced education is the result of a finding that over 10 per cent of the troops were technically illiterate. By intensive training, however, 55,000 troops have now been lifted above this level. An additional 5,600 have been carried through the equivalent of the eighth grade. The purpose of this latter higher education program is to make every noncommissioned officer a grammar school graduate, ; smarter and better leader. the Doctor Says— Written for N'EA Service By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. A warning to parents and teenage youngsters is contained in a letter recently received from Mrs. S. She asks whether anything can be done for her 5-year-old daughter who has dark-bluish coloration of the skin On her face. The parents thought it was her hear? but have been told by their doctor thai it has come from using nose drops containing silver nitrate. Deposits of silver stains in the skin do arise from using silver preparations over too long a period. The long-term use of such preparations is therefore to toe avoided. When the skin Is troubled with such metallic deposits of silver it clears up slowly, at best. Occasionally, it appears to do so without treatment, but the only method of which I am aware was described in the Jan. 5 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1929. Evidently good methods of treatment are hard to come by. much attention to the nervous hab- j its should eventually lead both youngsters to stop their undesirable habits. A reader wno signs herself E. B. O. asks the writer's opinion , about having- an Angora cat sleep ! in the room with her children. My j opinion is that this is not desirable, and the children and their pets should be separated at night. Mrs. G. says that her 5-moath- old grandson has broken out with a rash which some say is a teething- rash and some say is eczema. Most physicians do not accept .teething as a cause for breaking out of the skin, and it would seem more likely that eczema or some other condition is at fault. One can, not help but wonder why the grand- j mother is trying to solve this problem. ning the third defensive trick. The defense was now finished. Regardless of- what West did, declarer could gain the iead. draw all of the trumps, and would then have tricks to burn. If you have j kept your eye in the right direc- ition, you have surely spotted the crime and the criminal. Make this decision for yourself before you read on. No crime was committed in the play of the cards. West took the only three tricks that the defense could get, and South played the Overheard in a Westwood store when Zsa Zsa Gabor and Porfirio E.ubirosa walked in: "Look," said a salesgirl, "there's Zs* Z*a with Portfolio." Hymie Fink in the Fox studio cafe: "I've been seeing so many westerns on TV I have to sit facing- the door." Corinne Calvet and Jeffrey Stone are a romantic flash from Rome .. .Ken Carlton, who was Cleo Moore'* leading man in "Thy Neighbor's Wife," is working as a bartender by night to buy the family groceries. PARAMOUNT'S REFUSAL to "let me act my age in stories like Deanna Durbin once had" and not temperament or family interference is Anna Maria Alberghetti's explanation for leaving the studio that imported her from Italy. A TV and night club hit, the 18-year-old singer is talking now for the first time about her sudden exit from the lot. She told me: "I flopped in 'The Stars Are Singing' because I didn't feel the pie to defeat the contract of two clubs. Correct defense would have held West to three trump tricks and his two side aces. The penalty would have come to 800 points, far more than the value of the game to North and South. In a bridge sense, it's a crime to let an opponent get away cheaply with an overcall that should be taken to the cleaners. The biggest scores in bridge come from doubling the opponents at bad contracts, and a player who misses such op- jportunities to double is a bridge i criminal. 71 Yton Ago In Mr. and Mrs. I. T. Norrii and daughter, 'Reen, and Mrs. W. J. Pollard left today for the Oulf Coast, where they wiH spend their vacation, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Old left today for Elizabeth City, North Carolina, where they will visit relative! for two weeks. Ernest Kalsell and Joe Dildy left this morning :~r Chicago, where they will attend to business. JUST M some men are called colonel, even in retirement, tnd Alvin York remained Sergeant York, we're afraid Dave, no matter what rank he may attain in the Army or life, will always be Private Schine to us.—-Columbia («.C) State. ANYBODY who thinks the average boy should aim higher has never retrieved the morning paper from the roof. — Ellaville (Oa.) Sun. LITTLi L/Z— Too many people on they don't ever feel ot home whe* they're ot honne. «MK* World Rivers Answer to Previous Puzile Two mothers are faced with similar problems. One writes that her 15-year-old daughter pulls out her eyelashes and eyebrows with her fingernails. The other asks what can be used to stop her 13-year-old boy from sucking his thumb when he falls asleep at night. Both of these complaints fall in the class of nervous habits. There Is a good chance that both of these teen-aged youngsters are somewhat unhappy and suffering from some feeling of insecurity. Understanding and affection on the part of the parents, an attempt to surround' the youngster with **knne«t *nd the avoidance eC toa • JACOBY ON BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBY Written for JTEA Service Here's a Hand /or Bridge S/eut/ii A horrible bridge crime occurred in today's hand. If you are a good bridge detective you will spot the crime and expose the criminal. After the bidding shown in the diagram, West opened the king of clubs. Declarer Won immediately in the dummy with the ace of clubs and led the queen of diamonds to force out West's ace. West cashed the ace of spades, getting the discouraging deuce of spades from his partner. West i*4 tbe <|u«e* ef *lut», win- NORTH » 4KJ84 J VQJ5 j 4Q« H 4AJ85 I] WESf EAST J 4 A 3 4107452" V 76 V842 4 A 10 5 •9842 A KQ 108 63 47 SOUTH (0) V A K 10 9 3 • KJ72 442 East-West v\tL ' Sou* We« Kettfc BM! IV 24 2 N. T Pa** 3 • Pan 3 V Pas* 4 V Pas* Pas* Pa** Opening lead—4 K hand competently, making his contract. The crime took place in the bidding. West can hardly be blamed for overcalling with a bid of two clubs since his hand was exceptionally good. North could and should be blamed, however, for bidding two no-trump. He should have doubled two clubs for penalties. North could confidently expect to win three trump tricks *nd perhaps two or three tricks in the side suite. These tricks, combined with those that were promised by South'* op«ninft M4, wot»M to* tm- ACROSS 1 Russian river 4 Italian river 9 River in Texas 12 Drink made with malt 13 Storehouse 14 Stray 15 Meadow 16 Pardon 17 Priority (prefix) 18 Consumed 20 Notions 22 Cubic meters 24 Enamelf 25 Age 26 ur river in France 28 Indonesian of Mindanao 29 Lateral part 31 Part of "be" 32 Pronoun 33 Exchange premium 35 Australian river, -—went 37 Winglike part 38 Born 41 Natural endowment! 45 Fortification* 46 Aromatic herb 47 Item of property 48 Mire 49 Roaring 53 Pewter coin ' of Malayia 54 Lincoln's nickname 55 Drive off 56 Hen product 57 Legal point 58 Soothsayers 59 Cert«l fraio DOWN 1 River valleys 2 Oleic acid salt 3 Tidier 4 Coat with tin- lead alloy 5 Follower 6 Persian town 7 Roof finial 8 Network* (anat.) 9 Prostrate 10 Printing mistakes 11 Attire 19 Obliterations 21 Valuable jewels 23 Sorrowful 24 River in Italy 27 Distribute 30 Exists 31 Three-toed sloth 34 Elongated fish 35 Famous river of Europe 36 Ignores 37 Preposition 39 Church festival 40 Spirit 41 English river 42 Approache* 44 Noblemen 45 Flood of a river 50 Scottish sheepfold 51 Unclose (poet.) 52 Air (comb* form)

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