The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 23, 1896 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1896
Page 3
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j : ?HP^^ ffil! OTMB MB M61NBS! Al^ONA,IOWA, WBPMBJPAY, If tvomen only heeded first symp- Ionia—netvotiaswSfes* backache, head* ache, lassitude, loss of appetite and tation* etc., and at ' onco removed' the cause With Lydia & IMnkham'a L Vegetable Com* pound, there 'would be much lea* Buffering, Butthey are careless, or their physician is to blame, and they drift into some distressing female disease, tthe Vegetable Compound at onco removes all irregularities of the monthly period! inflammation v ulceration and displacement of the womb, and all female troubles. All druggists have it. Write to Mrs. 1'inltham at Lynn, Mass., if you wish for advice, which she • will give -you free. "I should not be alive to-day, if it had not been for Lydiu E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound, I was suffering greatly from an attack of female weakness, and' nothing I. had tried could give me relief; when by tho advice of u friend I began the Compound. After using it two months I was a different girl, and now at the end of six I am entirely cured."—Mns. ANNIE KIBKLAND, Patchogue, L. L Ho Understood Her. Jugg—I have come to ask you, sir, to refuse to permit your daughter to marry ine. Alt.—To refuse you. Why you JugR—Yes, sir; if you will be BO kind, I know I can get her consent at ouce. Very low rates will be made by the Missouri, Kansas & Texas railway for excursions of September 15th and 29th, to the south for homeseekers and harvesters. For particulars apply to the nearest local agent or address James Barker, G. P. A., M., K. & T Ry., St. Louis. In summer the .consumption of bread falls twenty per cent below tho amount eaten in winter. Comfort to California. Yes, and economy, too, it you take the Burlington Route's personally conducted excursions which leave Omaha and Lincoln every Thursday morning. Tourist sleepers—clean, bright, comfortable— through to San Francisco and Los Angelos. Second class tickets accepted. Only £5 for a double berth, wide enough and big enough for two. Write for folder giving full information t or call at the depot and see the local ticket agent. J. PKANCIS, Gen. Pass. Agent, Burlington route, Omaha, Neb. ' In the United States about 18 per cent of the married women are widows. No cough t so bad -that , Dr, • Kay' s Lung Balm will not cure it. See ad. The Hindoos have no word.for friend but use the word brother instead. » What you need is something to cure you. Get Dr. Kay's Renovator. See ad. Charleston, S. C.. is Avorth $23,800,000 and owes $8,880,000. . The Vatican at Rome contains 11,000 rooms, all of-which are taken care of by men, not a housemaid being allowed in the entire establishment. AND -THERE, DAIRY AKD POtlLTRY, Th«ff afe 1ft found number* about 1,000 fltoteSftiOfial cyclists ifi tnie cdun- try. A. iiofl* in a little Ne* Jersey t«wn dropped dead When it heafd th« local band play. Vast quantities of American canned salmon are to be shipped to England thin y«af, It ia aaid''tifct';funy*iMhpW cent of the men employed ia the merchant marine service are unable to Swim. The ordinary speed of a houae-fly ia 25 feet a second; btit when chased It often attains a speed of 160 feet a second. Germany baa 20,?00 university stu» dents thia term, the law students outnumbering those studying in any other faculty, Two English bacteriologists conclude that an average of 1,500 microbes must be inhaled into the nose every hour, while in London the number must often reach 14,000. The organisms are caught by the nose and pass to the digestive organs, which in health destroy them. "SCRAPS." „ Chicago has 5,400 Johnsons In ite directory, and only 4,200 Smiths. Football has been played in England for more than five hundred years. The gospel is preached in thirty different languages in tho United States. "I suppose you have music at the hotel?" "No, but we have a band."— Harper's Ba*ar. Indian elephants cannot live in central Africa, the home of a larger and more hardy species. In ninety years the Spanish-speaking people of the world have increased from 2(5,190,000 to 42,800,000. The forest fires in Adams county, Washington, were so heavy that a woman in that section who went but to bring in the cows got lost in the smoke and wandered ten miles from her home. '' A Singular Form of Mouoiniinla. There is a class of people, rational enough in other respects, who are certainly monomaniacs in dosing themselves. They are • constantly.trying?experiments -upon 'their- stomachs, bowels, liver and kidneys with their trashy nostrums. When these organs are really out of order, if they would only use Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, they would, if not hopelessly insane, perceive its superiority. An Inquiry. Canvasser—We offer with our wheel, special inducements to beginners. Jones—Have you built a hospital for them? ' I know that my life was saved by Piso's Cure for Consumption.—John A. Miller, Au Sable, Michigon, April 21,1898. Messrs. Rhodes, Hammond, Phillips and Farrar, of Johannesburg fame, are said to be jointly worth $100,1)00,000. Iowa farms for sale on 'crop payments. 10 per cent cagh; balance %. crop .yearly un. til paid for. X MULHALL, Waukegan, III- The atmosphere, if compressed, would make a sea thirty-five feet deep around the globe. The worst cases of rheumatism can be cured by Kidnoykura. We guarantee it. Galveston, New York and Key West are Island cities. OUR RURAL tt«» Department Hint* *! to Poultry. t>ii«fftt« Hi the F«frtn— A th» Cat* of Ltt* fettfck No woman is educated wlio is not equal to the successful management of a family. —Bur nap. The Vanderbilts, Astors ana Mackays have all had divorces in their families. • The new Hussion consumption cure is by the inhalation of analine vapors. The Spartans did not inquire how ineny the eneiny^are,vbut where.they are, . Knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.—Johnson. The doing of an evil to avoid an evil can not be good. .... The secretary of the United States Brewer's Association says the capital invested in the brewery business in the United States is $165,7^8,903. Charlotte Bronte's husband, the Hev, Arthur Bell Nichols, is still alive, though it is more than forty' years since Charlotte died. ' Dental science was utterly lost to the world during the dark ages, or for about 1,000, years, and was only restored in .1700, Example is more forcible than precept. People look 1 'at my-six'days to see "what I mean on the seventh.—Rev. -R. Cecil, You may depend on it that he is a good man whose intimate friends are good.-^ Lavotor. GIVE GREATEST SATISFACTION, The acme of cycling comfort and delight is in store for the purchaser of a Columbia Bicycle* It has no equal* Its speed on track and road has been too TO ALL Standard of the World, The ir*ywf taw. A San Francisco correspondent of the Chicago flecotd wHtes to that journal as follows: "We were traveling in Sisklyotl county, that northern pftft of the state which geographically is a part of California, but commercially ifi a pan of Oregon. It is a wild and sparsely settled region, with only here and there a half-cultivated ranch and an occasional mining camp. *'lt was one of the latter we reached about nightfall. We were directed to the principal hotel in the place, a roughly boarded, two-story building, of which the most prominent feature of its internal arrangement was the barroom, which was also the office, and contained in one corner a .wooden sink provided with a paper bucket filled with water, two or three tin washbasins and a couple of community towels hung on rollers. '•'Supper was ready when we arrived and we were directed at once to a long room with a low ceiling— the dining- room— in which about twenty roughly dressed men, most of them in their shirt sleeves and apparently miners, lumbermen and teamsters, were seated at three or four long tables. The tables were covered with oil cloth. The tableware was very thick and heavy ironstone china, much cracked and chipped. The knives and forks were steel, with handles discolored and cracked from rough usage and hot dishwater. Near each end of the table was a set of casters, originally, doubtless, quite showy with silver plating, but at this period much the worse for the wear of the plating. "The dining-room girl who came to wait on us rattled off the bill of fare in exactly the same way that dining- room girls do in ten thousand other hotels all over this broad land. As she received our orders she slid the big butter dish from its place hear the middle of the table over toward us, saying: 'Here's your substitute butter,' at the same time taking from one of the casters, where they were kept, like the bills of fare in cheap restaurants, pieces of cardboard about the size and shape of the ordinary restaurant bill of fare. She laid one of these down on the table beside each of us and started for the kitchen. Wondering slightly at this, we each picked up the cardboard laid before us, and this is what we read: Mr. T. Oelfief, one of AmeHea's leid- ittg authorities, say a: "fr6f some years t have been using and recommending obftcco dust as an all-round insect tie- troyef. t usfe it in the greenhouse for ice (aphis), in the open ground tot the ucumb«r bettle, ,plBnt lice, find for worms of all kinds, and sometimes in he hen-house for lice, etc. It is Surely one of the swiftest of fill insecticides we can apply.*f Most or fuliy equal to buhach. If si!te'A of scattered otef ctiiv rant bushes the currant worms will curl up and die, and the bushes Will be free from the pest within an hour of less, and fall from them for gome time, If blown into the heart of cabbage plants t means the end of the green worm. Applied in the same way to the nests of the caterpillars (and the trees all around us at this time are full of them) especially in the morning of evening, wh^n the Worms arc all at hotie, it will clear them out for good in less than an hour, in short, I hardly knbw what worm or other soft-bodied insect the contact with tobacco dust would not speedily kill. 1 believe it will even put attend to the potato bug. It is dls^ nsteful lo many burd shell beetles also, as may be seen by the fact that With icavy applications we can drive away he cucumber beetle (and perhaps the squash bug).' The flea beetle, unfortunately, is not so easily conquered, even if it does not like tobacco smell, Surely, :ohacco dust must be considered a most excellent insecticide, nud as it is not eX' pensive (in some cases, perhaps, the sweepings of cigar factories, etc., will do and can be had for the hauling). I think every soil tiller should keep it on hand. J. have usually applied tobacco dust with the bare hands, scattering it rather freely over the bushes and plants, and around cucumbers, melon and squash vines, even an inch deep on the ground. The stuff is worth nearly tho full price asked for it ($3 per barrel, or so) as a fertilizer, and 1 have not felt tho necessity of using it in a particularly economical manner. For cabbage and caterpillar nests, however, hand bellows of some kind are almost necessary, as .we want to blow the dust well amongst the leaves and the webs. The ordinary cheap hand bellows, as offered for sale by seedsmen nnd hardware stores, will do .very, well for cab- The butter served here is but- terine. Percentage, of ingredients is as"follows: ' Creamery butter 25 Neutral 20 Butter oil 10 Oleo oil 35 Cream, milk and salt 10 Total .......1.100 "By the time we had finished reading this the girl returned with our supper. When she had arranged the various dishes in front of us we asked her what she had given us this chemical analysis of our butter product for. Without a word, but. with a gesture of impatience, she turned the cardboards over, and we read: " 'This notice is given in conformity with sections 3 and 7 of an act of the legislature- of California, approved March 9, 1895, entitled an "Act to prevent deception in the manufacture and sale of butter and of cheese, to secure its enforcement and to appropriate money therefor," "'Sec. 3, Each person who, by himself or another, lawfully manufactures any substance designed to be used as a substitute for butter or cheese, shalf prepare a statement, printed in plain Roman type of a size not smaller than pica, stating in the English language its name and the name and address of the manufacturer, the name of the place where manufactured or put up and also the names and actual percentages of the various ingredients used in ithe manufacture of-8Uch !% imJtaUon'But- ter or imitation ch,eese. " 'Sec, 7. No keeper or proprietor o any bakery, hotel, boarding-house; res taurant, saloon, lunch counter or other place of public entertainment, or any person having charge thereof or em ployed thereat, or any person furnish Ing board for other persons than mem bers of bis own family, or for any em ployes where such board is furnished as the compensation or as a part of th compensation' of any " such employe shall place before such patron or em ploye, for use as food, any substanci designed to be used'as a substitute fo: butter or cheese, unless the same be accompanied by a copy of the state ment section 3 of th}s »c by a verbal- notification .to said that BU>]i substance' js a r^ibatl tute lor butter or cheese.' "Tbe proprietor, having now com' piled with all tbe requirements of the law, hag only this wish to express: " 'M*y S°e4 digestion w»n o» appetite Ana health QO both-'" Agricultural Expprt«,-~The bigh- water WWK 9f tbe exportation of agri- cuHurftl products from the United states was reached in 1893, w&en reached the enprmoue value o $gg,£3J, |B 1895 they h,a ( ] fallen, ftg&Wtft?' T.h!« ' 8 ?B fiU «b tfl "" flM What Foreit Tree* to Plant. The question' arises, what shall we plant? There are so many general kinds of tree? and varieties of each that the matter is very much simplified when we know that the number of species a<Hpted to any soil and locality is comparatively few. Prof. Brewer of Yale college, In ' Walker's Statistical Atlas, says that in the United States we have only 300 indigenous species that in full growth reach thirty feet in height, and in the region including our own state we have but sixty to sixty-five species that reach fifty feet' in height".' " Different species are found on different geological strata, so that in connection with the question "what to plant?" we may profitably consult our geology.and original forest growth. Other species may do well, but we must prove them before trying them extensively. Our original forests have furnished excellent timber of white, burr, red and yellow oak, two or three species of ash, black walnut, chestnut, etc., etc., each of which, if planted well and cared for would, In a comparatively short time, furnish timber for many purposes. Then, we have several species of conl- ferae, as pines, spruces' and larches, each of which lias, been tried in other countries, and" soraeSvhat in this, an:! have'done-well.-These could be tried on soils not too fertile, and will succeed, Larches especially will grow almost anywhere. One man in Nantuckel planted 10,000 in 1877. The locust has been tried and does well; but beet oi all, perhaps, Is the Catalpa speclosa, or hardy catalpa as it is known and distinguished from blgnouloides, which is much less hardy, and of which it Is a variety. In lower grounds elms, and even willows, might be planted witb l>roflt.--Prof. G. L. Ingersoll. Quality In Hor«e>. The European countries prefer to improve the quality more vigorously than to increase the number of their horses...England- has, only i,52»;000,. while we have in the United States 16,000,000 horses, a very small per cent of which, are suitable for city market and export/ Russia lias 30,000,000 horses of a still more inferior quality, unfit for any market and too email for farm work. Tlie Russian trotter has had the encouragement of the govern* ment. Now the peasants are urging the government to furnish them "with draft hordes suitable for their farm work, to Haul the "heavy farm machine?. Small horses in large numbers will impoverish any country and it Is well for America that the ranch horse ami the little trotter no longer pay 'for their feed, while tliere la such great demand for high-class draf.t and coach horses at high prices? because they are » scarce,-^!jve stock, ,Tour»al, The museum of fine arts, fcoston, will ultimately revive $80,000 from We estate of George W. jfoiea. The late Joseph W. J&tfpif faequ«ath< ed $6,600 to St. Thomas Pftitettant episcopal Church; New York, and $6,000 to Columbia college. A liberal minded gentleman of tifooklyn, N. Ir,, provides 1,000 bottles of sterilised milk daily for the sick children of tfa'e* poor of thareUy. A noble deed. Nearly one-quarter of a million dollars were raised and distributed for the relief of tornado sufferers in St. Louis fay the Merchants' exchange of that city. The late Nathan P. Graves, a wealthy banker of Syracuse, N. Y i( has left $500,000 to found a home for the aged in Syracuse, $10,000 for Hope college, Holland, Mich,, and $10,000 to found a lectureship on missions at Syracuse university, A lady hag generously offered a donation of $1,000 in aid of dormitories for the Bareilly Theological seminary, India, on condition that • some other friend or friends duplicate this sum, A circle drawn about the'seminary as a center, with a radius of 200 miles, will enclose nearly 46,000,000 of souls. The London TlmesTocords the recent death of Mr. John Cunnington, glass bottle manufacturer, Liverpool, who has bequeathed to the Wesleyan Missionary society, $5,000; to the Liverpool Wesleyan mission, $5,000; to the Wesleyan aged ministers' nnd widows' fund, $10,000; to the Trinity Hall School for Ministers' Daughters, $10,000. Sir Donald Smith, who has given $2,000,000 to build a woman's college in Montreal, is an interesting conversationalist. Dr. Buckley once dined in his company and says that "It was no uncommon thing for those near htm to sit at table till the waiters requested the,m to disperse that they might make ready for the next meal." The will of the late Oran W. Pester of Philadelphia provides for the following bequests to bo paid at the death of his wife: One thousand dollars to the Central Methodist Episcopal Church, Koxboro, and $500 to the Sunday school library; $1,000. to the , Wissahickon, Methodist Episcopal Church, and $200 to the church library; $500 to the old people's home on Lehigh avenue, and $500 to the Methodist Orphanage. gpaifl eolonfzed the telthd in In 1534 and ftgaifi la 1664 Mava was d&Btfl&yed of tnS Fr«fl6fc; " • Mfttanzas was Use tffttt dtty.ttf'tt' Into tbe hands &f the ifisiifgettts. • drWelty And injustice t» th6 MM has always beefl the creed 6! " lards. tbe present revoluiittft began 24, 1896, whettttfab republic was eiaiJned by Ma^ti, the revolution of 1868 lasted teff years before Spain succeeded in promising by promising reforms, the constitution of Cuba, Oft that of the United States, was adopt", ed Sept. 23, 1895. A triangular blue union, having aV single star and five stripes, three df'c red and two of white, IB the flag ttf republic. Very little reliable news of the _ ent insurrection can be obtained,' ow-' ing to the censorship of the press and, t the mendacity of the leaders on botb.r>; sides. • " The first serious revolution took place in 1848, under the leadership of*' Narciso Lopez, who repeated his at* tempt to free the island front Spanish, control in 1851. - -; CAUGHT WHILE FLOATING. ; Sir Christopher Wren built forty-two 4 ii churches in London. His greatest work ; is St. Paul's cathedral. ', *- Nlleg (Mich.) farmers recently tore Jf up tho roadbed of an obnoxious add!-;''; tion to a railroad a distance of several 'miles. '• " ( The Parisian whistles at the theater • in order to show his disgust; the Lon- ', doner to show his delight and ap-'-, < proval. , ; u ; During the year ending June SOiV'T 1,361,356,483 pieces of ordinary mail -\- 4 matter passed through the Now York '\, postofflce. - ' ;'f In a four-horse rig Ed Bryant and.-''* hia family recently passed Carson, /' Nov., having traveled over 800 miles /,; in forty days. Their destination is ',' Bakersfleld, Cal,, 300 miles from Car- ,! son. < A Bucksport (Me.) fisherman pulled up ft monster sea crab' the'otJier'day^ ' and on one side of the creature was '' fastened a pair of emoked eye-glasses. ', How they came there is now the ques- •' tion. In tho Next World. Mr. Yeast—I remember, in the olden days, when we went to church the woman would be put in one place and the men in another. Mrs. Yeast—I guess the next world, will bo conducted on that plan, too. Thirst and Appetite. Possibly Uncle Sam and John Bull corn- bind could whip the world; but if they did EO the question would immediately arise whether they could whip each other. lieata a Good Wife. Maud—What is there that beats a good wife. Synicus—A bad husband, generally. Very Likely. She—You may say what you will, I think you will nnd that women are less wicked than men. I expect that heaven will be inhabited principally by women. He—Very likely; the men, of course, will be found in the smoking room below. O 10 Eioeptloii, "Everything is union and eight-hour in this town," said the resident Tabor man, "from the street railroads to the gas works." "I'll bet, though," said the visitor, "that the meters are working overtime same as usual.". .. •.' - . , And the resident had,to give in. "'•- .. .•:'•,-• • ; '—^ — JV" •-•'»''«>'.• • FITS utopped free and permanently eur«o. H», . «tsutter flrst ilay'cuse ot I)r. Kllne'sUrent Nenra Restorer. Kree »Hrial Ijoule anil treatl»e. fiend to pn.KuNi. 831 ArcUJBt.. PuU^elpnla, P» Mrs. Ernest Leverspn, who writes S 0 amusingly in Punch, is a very pretty woman,.quite young, and always beautifully dressed, . If the Baby IB Cutting: Teeth, Be sure and uuo that old and well-tried remedy, Wua WUJBLOW'P Booinma BTXvr for Gnlldrea Teetulng, One of those fellows who are always getting up statistics says if 32,000,000 women should clasp bands they could reach around the globe. . llttll'e Catarrh Core Is a constitutional cure. Price, 75c. It is lawful in China to kill a grave robber the instant he is caught in bis underhanded work. ^____ In the , private.. Bch,oo}s of China, the teacher gets about 1 cent a day for each pupil. Irrigating Fruit T»'ee«.— In a recent paper Professor B, W. HUg»r4, of O»H- fortf*. »aia lh»t wpoh water makes fruit too aciduouB a,n4 of poor quality, pays ; aji Mohfenge. Jf the,re is too little water tho fruit will be Ury ana The tbln| to t>» avowed; J» to n tog wuch. if tbe ground IB tbe season, tbe rpQtg n>n near te the surface, ft nd a drought IU» Mje trafc IrvlpHoja \» <jo, I'jit'b tiws Haw si IrsU, «w» «fe»wJ4 §*«<Jy tjfeft iiAW! el i«U< Blooming HealtK trt secured tQ eysry woman i by the use of i , Works Both Ways. ' . "Gracious, BiUy, I'm in a fix. ToaknoV < [ aold iny old wheel and got a '06 i" "Yes." "Well—my wife got onto it—and blamed > if she hasn't gone and sent off her sewing-' machine and piano—bound to have thin year's make."_ ',, Treated TLlko a Dog. Leavitt—There is a woman who treats her liusband like a dog. , Boh—Abuses him? > Leavitt—O, no. • Pets and fondles him. A football kicked in front of 12-year-old Florence L'Hbmmedieu's bicycle in Brooklyn threw her off and killed her. That Pleasing Paralyzing Pie!: How good it looks! good it is! And how it hurts, Why not look into the question of PHI after Pie? Eat your pie and take Ayer's Pills after, aud.pie will please and not paralyze. AVER'S Cathartic Pills CURE DYSPEPSIA. Featherbone Edge that you buy a,, , «,^ jf'.'. BIAS The f eatherbone flares and atiffens^tti^*; bias velveteen wears aspnly an S, }!,£ M, !» wear, Especially 8«Ued for ~ ! " '" if your ae*J0r WIU-.NWV*Vt^l o« \ve will, • rlat y.'-' book by Miss Emma M. HoQf&rTof tb* loyrnal, te)|a in plain words how U> ma home without previous ironing; m?i)«9 8, H. wpmen have t**n cwr^ by its ws«. SALESMEN^ -'^** a8 ^^^f^^ m

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