Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 10, 1977 · Page 11
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 10, 1977
Page 11
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4 SECOND SECTION Full Viet Strong If President-elect Jimmy Carter pardons the thousands of young Americans who fled to Canada or Europe to evade the draft, as he has promised, the men who left from this area won't get a warm welcome home from their neighbors, a sampling of local opinion on the controversial issue has indicated. Most persons questioned veterans and non-veterans alike were strongly .. opposed to pardoning the men who re-; fused to serve in the Vietnam war. ft "Few civilians can understand the ; hardship servicemen had to go through to survive the war," said Ray Bordogna of East liberty who served with the ' First Marine Division in Vietnam. "I have no compassion for those who , went to Sweden or Canada. I think it ' leaves a major wound to one's sense of honor,1' Bordogna said. Another former Marine, Robert "Slifer of Oakmont, said, "I'm sitting ;..here with other veterans who served .and thank God they can sit here while I know others who are missing in action ;pr dead I didn't run-and I won't run if it happens again. I don't think anybody ; who neglected his duty should be al-, lowed back into the country." Said Richard Rothengass of Bethel, : a veteran of the Korean War, "Amnesty pr a pardon? Forget it. They wanted to -stay in Canada and Sweden and didn't 'want to fight for their flag then the hell "with them." Rothengass said his son Privacy for CBers Comes In Single Sideband Radios "1 By DANIEL BEEGAN :; Associated Press staff writer There's a way to get away from all the chatter and keep in touch with a Citizens Band radio. It's known as single sideband. Sideband, which requires a specially equipped radio, uses only one side of a CB channel. Each radio frequency has an upper and lower sideband that suppresses the other side and the carrier. Because sideband concentrates all the transmitter power on a third of the channel, the effective power of the radio is 12 watts, rather than the 4-watt maximum limit in whole-channel operation. This means greater range. In many areas, sidebanders can easily talk to their friends 30 or more miles away. But a sidebander and a CBer in whole-channel operation will interfere Adult Centers Opening Jan. 17 Two additional evening adult education centers will open Jan. 17 at Greenfield Elementary School, Greenfield Avenue and Haworth Street, Greenfield, and Allegheny High School, 810 Arch St., Northside. The free classes, open to persons aged 18 and older, are designed to help develop reading, writing, speaking and arithmetic ability to an eighth-grade level. Other centers are located at Schen-ley High School, South High School and Connefley Skill Learning Center. Last Dab Student Anna Favda puis last touch on poster prepared also by Betsy Burnetii I and Tony Cholewinski which touts Du- t,,jT '. I 1 5. if' : MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 1977 Amnesty Gets Opposition Here served for three years in Vietnam and he couldn't see why other young men couldn't also. "They should pay something, even if it's only a token," said Anthony Kaufman of Knoxville, a World War II veteran. Scott Riley, 30, of Sewickley, served in Vietnam in 1969 and 1970. "I'm for the pardon but deserters should be judged case by case," he said. Vietnam veterans questioned at American Legion and other veterans organization posts appeared most vehemently against pardons while veterans of World War II were less strongly opposed. "I'm for a pardon; Vietnam wasn't even a war," said William E. Carney of Carrick, a World War II vet, while Walter E. Conrad Jr of South Hills, another, asserted, "I'm not drastically against a pardon." ' Women questioned were more sympathetic toward the promised pardon than men though a majority was opposed, " "It's not going to solve anything by not giving amnesty or pardons," said Kathleen Moore of Edgewood. "It is time we let the men come home and put the Vietnam War behind us. Otherwise we will always be reminded of the war." Deserters and draft evaders should be granted pardons, said Barbara with each other if both are on the same frequency. Because of that problem, CBers in most areas have an informal agreement that channel 16 sometimes channels 15, 17 or 18 are reserved for sidebanders. .. For most CBers, the major disadvantage of sideband is the cost. ' A radio equipped for sideband use costs about $100 or more than a fairly expensive radio not built for it. The reason is the additional electronic components in the sideband rig. But for many, especially the serious hobbyist, the extra cost is worth it Many CBers are considering sideband for the first time as they prepare to buy new radios to get the 17 channels added by the Federal Communications Commission to the existing 23-channel band. Now, 10 per cent or so of the millions of CBers operate on sideband. Radios equipped for sideband cannot be converted to receive it. Sideband operation is different from that of regular CBing. Sidebanders generally avoid the handles, or nicknames, used on regular channels, although most continue to use them when operating there. Instead, they use their first names and special identification numbers issued by sideband clubs. The colorful CB jargon is generally not -beard on sideband, nor are the "10 codes" adopted from police radio procedures. Instead, Q codes, based on those used in amateur and marine communications, are used. For example, in regular operation a CBer will ask for another's location by saying, "What's your 10-20" A sideband- -Post-GMette Photo by JAMES KLINGENSAMTM quesne University's upcoming "P S. '77" program ot non-credit mini-courses slated to begin this month. The courses, open to the public, include photography and macrame. Glover, Hill District. "I don't see why they had ,to fight someone else's war," she said. What bothered several persons was the problem of distinguishing between cowardice and conviction. They felt . much more favorably toward those who left out of conviction rather than fear. There are no accurate figures on the . number of. deserters or draft evaders. Estimates are that 9,000 persons have been convicted of draft-related offenses and about 2,500 are under indictments for draft violations. Estimates on the number of military deserters range from 4,000 to 30,000. The deserters, Carter has said, should be considered on a case by case basis. President Ford approved a clemency program two years ago for certain evaders and registers, but few persons have taken advantage of his offer. Although many object to Carter's planned pardon others say it does not go far enough. They want the action broadened to include war protesters convicted of crimes like flag burning and destruction of property, resisters who took out foreign citizenship, and those who didn't register for the draft. Whatever happens it will take years before all of the wounds of Vietnam are healed. And as many area veterans . point out many of their comrades now in cemeteries are beyond any healing. er will say "what's your Qth." Courtesy is a must for sideband operation, and the talk is much more formal than in traditional operation. It often sounds more like ham radio than CB. The very reasons that attract some to sideband discourage others. The truckers' talk, the police reports and the informality are missing. And for some CBers, that means the fun is gone, too. But if you're carrying on a long distance love affair over CB, sideband's relative privacy might be just the thing for you. Youth Charged With 2 Thefts A 17-year-old Brookline youth who was arrested while burglarizing a Brookline import store also has been accused of breaking into a sporting goods store earlier and stealing 10 handguns. The boy was arrested Friday when he was caught inside the Arabesque store, 636 Brookline Blvd., by Officer Paul Laukaitis of the Mount Washington station. Detectives Joe Figura, Fred Wolfe and Phil Cheswick interviewed the suspect who was then charged with the Dec. 16 burglary of the Brookline Sports Center, 926 Brookline' Blvd. Figura said 10 handguns, valued at $1,459, were taken from the sport store. Eight of the guns were recovered from under the youth's bed at his residence. , what's . happening The Pittsburgh department of parks and recreation will begin accepting applications for picnic permits at 8 a.m. today. All permit applications for picnics must be filed in person in Room 503, City-County Building, Downtonwn. Deposits from $15 to $25 must accompany requests. Tomorrow, . Pittsburgher Roger Jacoby, an independent filmmaker, will show and discuss several of his films at 8 p.m. in the Carnegie Museum of Art Theater, Oakland. At 2 p.m. Friday in the theater, David Lean's 1947 film "Great Expectations" will be shown. Jean Renoir's 1938 film "La Bete Hu-maine" will be shown at t and 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday at Pittsburgh Film-Makers, 205 Oakland Ave., Oakland. On Saturday, the Pittsburgh Recreational Vehicle Show begins a nine-day stand at the Civic Arena Exhibit Hall. Weekend hours are 1 to-10:30 p.m. and weekdays, 5:30 to 10:30 p.m. Admission is $2 for adults, $1 for children. The show features vehicles ranging from luxurious motor homes , with all the amenities of a house to "pop up" tent trailers. Amateur hockey featuring University of Pittsburgh players will be on view Saturday at 1:30 p.m at the Civic Arena. It's $2.50 for adults, $1.50 for children. ' .. A 1 ) y. j) JOHNNY ROTTEN Super Handyman By Al Carrell Socket To You Be honest now. How many of you have a lamp that works only after you jiggle it the right way? Many of these non-magic lamps are that way because ' of a faulty socket. Changing a socket is a cinch, and with the lamp unplugged you can't possibly get a shock. A new socket is inexpensive, so why not make the change? Most sockets are taken apart by pressing in on the brass outer shell where it fits into the base unit. Once apart, the shell slips off, a cardboard sleeve slips off, and the socket, can be pulled up exposing a pair of wires. Loosen the screws holding the wires and then put the new socket back the same way. It's often best to snip off the old wires and strip back to expose new wire. Then tightly twist the .tiny strands to form two single units. Curve the wire loop so it goes in the same direction around the screws as they will turn to tighten. Don't forget that cardboard sleeve. It acts as insulation to keep you from lighting up when you touch the lamp. Dear Al: I had a sick kitchen floor, and so I got out the heating pad that has helped me when I'm sick. The problem was a loose floor tile. The edges came loose, and the tile curled up. I put the heating pad over the tile so the heat could soften the edges. Then I placed a stack of books over the heating pad to weigh the edges down. It worked fine, and the heat even softened the adhesive so the edges again stuck down. I was proud of my super idea. Ms. W.E.A. dine in (he splendor of 18th Century Georgian Court . . inspirations of yesterday in rich solid cherry. What better setting for fine food and conversation than our Georgian Court. Traditions from the past, captured here in the romantic beauty of fine solid cherry with richly detailed tall breakfront china, classic twin pedestal table and Queen Anne chairs. All glowing remembrances that will give your home an elegant sense of history and all at special savings. Charge Your Purchase on Master Charge, BankAmericard or Revolving Charge Plan. Music Makers By Mike Kalina Rock Bottom The era of punk rock is upon us. t)on't say I didn't warn you. The latest musical fad to hit Britain is probably the worst trend in the history of popular music. Unfortunately, it is not confined to England but already is spreading to the United States and head?d for Pittsburgh. basically, punk rock consists of musicians who couldn't make it legitimately but who make names for themselves by spitting on the audience, vomiting on stage, urinating on their instruments, hurtling obscenities at everyone in sight-and that's when they're in a good mood. Johnny Rotten, one of the more popular exponents of the trend, recently greeted his audience by, spitting at the people in the front row and shouting, "I hate you." The fans loved it. But, no doubt, worried about what he was going to do for an encore. Last week Britain's biggest recording company, EMI, drop- A SUPER HINT-When using a glass cutter, a skip in the scored line is probably a disaster. Even if you have just the right pressure, you can still get a skip if the surface has even a slight film on the glass. Glass being what it is, you sometimes can't see some films. The moral is to clean even if it looks clean. A little rubbing alcohol or ammonia will insure that the reason for the bad break isn't because the glass was dirty. Dear Al: Most kitchen cabinets have only one latch. If you have small children, the cabinet under the sink should have two of the spring lock type. I added an extra and moved the original so I have a locking device at the top and bottom of the cabinet door. While my toddler can open the latch, he can't open both at the same time. When he lets go of the first, it springs back shut. By the time he can handle both at once, he'll have sense enough ndt to sample the laundry and household chemicals below Mom Dear Al: You have wisely suggested keeping . flashlights around in case of emergency. I have done this and am sort, of proud of the place where 1 stored one. I got the magnetic kind and attached it to the bed frame on my husband's side. If he needs a flashlight for a middle of the night emergency, he knows just where to reach. We also used another magnetic type to attach to the outside of the front panel to the fuse box. Mrs. D.N. Manor House EthaiiAllen Winter Sale JlUtfOR JfoUSE An luluiiiAllcn ( lallcry Route 19 hut S Mita Soup of Mt Latxnon Phont J43-4 1 OO ot 941 8900 Rout 21 I Milt Em of Turnoikt Monrotvill fhont J73-29or 24?S?2 OPEN MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 10 ped Rotten because ot "adverse publicity." Gareth Jesus, 17, has become a celebrity by being an expert vomiter. But he's not just a one-dimensional entertainer he also slashes himself with a whisky bottle during his act. After a recent performance at an English university lie said, "I threw up to my heart's content. It's simple and basic." Judy Nylon says, "I can't stand love and everything it stands for Love stinks-like most everything else." Sounds like a girl I Used to date. Among the other popular punk rockers are Dee Generate, Rat Scabies, the Sex Pistols, the Damned and Clash. Devotees of this form of music don't get stoned on grass or pills at the concerts, but on glue. Many of the audience members wear dog collars, swastikas, garbage bags and clothes so tattered that when they walk in a wind, they hum. Not your typical Holiday House crowd, I might add. Will report more of this trend in weeks to come. In the meantime, I'm getting fitted for a dog collar Irate Elvis fans have been writing In and calling about my review of last Monday, which they contend was unfair. Most particularly objected to my stand that age is taking its toll on Elvis and say that Elvis definitely does not need an orthopedic body suit as yet. "Elvis' rock and roll days are no way near over and won't be as long as he can thrill a crowd the way he can do," wrote Esther Stewart of Pittsburgh. , However, she concluded that "75 per cent of your review was done with taste and truth." As far as the feedback I got, she was in the minority And a colleague at the Post-Gazette, Ray Burnett, said I was too kind in my review Denise Belish wrote that she saw "no saggy flesh, or puffy eyes; the Elvis I saw looked terrific." No wonder She was in the last row. Helen Rudiski of McKees Rocks griped that "you should look as good as , Elvis when you're his age. You're jeal-' ous." I only envy his karate instructor "'. Most of the other letters were semiliterate notes scribbled, no doubt, at an all-night Laundromat. Some were so riddled with grammatical errors that I felt like sending them to Edwin Newman. Is this typical of your average Elvis fan' West View Council Bans Porno Stores West View council has adopted an ordinance prohibit, ing adult bookstores, which council President Daniel M. Daughterly Jr. said "are popping up in the area townships and boroughs. There are none in the borough. Fred E. Baxter Jr., borough solicitor, said the ordinance is constitutional because it falls Within the Supreme Court guidelines on obscenity. 66" Breakfront Buffet and China Top. Reg. $1389.1)0 Sale $U99.M) 42x66x102" Double Pedestal Ext. Table and Four Queen Anne Side Chairs. Reg. $1147.M.. Sate $999.50 Queen Anne Arm Chair. Reg. $174.50 Sale $154.50 TO 9 I81II

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