The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 16, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1896
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865* , IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER-10, 1896, A ll O i 1 Sorts OF- Fruit, Cheap : This Week, at M. Z. Grove & Son's. TBL/BPHOKB IS, Ribbon bale. Commencing Monday, Sept. 14, we will place on sale a fine lot of all silk ribbons worth from 35 to 60 cents a yard. i or One Week you can buy them at the low price of 25 cents a yard. Don't miss this opportunity if you want ribbons. • G. L. Galbraith & Co. ORN CRIBS BORN CRIBS ORN CRIBS Go to the John Paul Lumber yard for all kinds of material for cheap and durable corn cribs, Now is the time to buy. fVLEX. WHITE, AT IRVINGTON, IOWA. teuoy Patent Flour, per sack, led Eos© Flour, per sa family Fiour, per sack, per $1,00 ,90 ,75 5,85 IOWA'S SEMHMTENNtAL Begins ftt Btttlingtoii, Oct. 1, and Will Be Addressed by tftfe Young and Others. Death of Qeo. C. McCauley of HUmboldt —judge Thomas oh Homft Indus* tries—Other Notes. Laft) Young, who was born In old Kishkekosh county, now Monroe, is to deliver the formal address of welcome at the Burlington semi-centennial celebration. Gov.^ Drake, the mayor of Burlington and others will speak, and Major Byers will read a poem. The program for the eight days is as follows: Oct. 1, governor's day', Oct. 2, pioneers' and old settlors' day; Got. 3, educational day; Oct 4, Sunday, sermon by Dr. Thomas of Chicago, and sacred concert; Oct. 5, republican day; Oct. 6, women's day; Oct. 7, secret society and musical day; Oct. 8, democratic day. The Iowa State band, from the capital, reinforced by eight or ten other bands of high grade, will fill the air with music throughout the eight days' festivity. The illuminated carnival of boats will surpass anything heretofore attempted in the Mississippi valley, and during the eight days there will be six parades of great magnificence. _ Death of Geo. C. McCauley. Geo. C. McCauley, a well known pioneer of Humboldt county, died of typhoid fever at his home in Livermore last Wednesday. The Gazette says: He was born April ,27, 1837, in Cecil county, Md., near Elkton. He moved with his father to New York City in 1849. In 1854 he went to Philadelphia in the wholesale notion business. In 1857 he came to Humboldt county and settled on what is now the Carpenter farm, which he sold in 1865 and moved on to the place which he has since occupied and where he died. _ Protecting Homo Industry. Judge Thomas on Friday last, at Emmetsburg, was importuned to perform the marriage ceremony for a couple of young people who were in a hurry to have the job done. The Tribune says: The judge could not be touched in the matter. He said it was a piece of industry belonging exclusively to the business of Emmetsburg,- and he did not want to interfere with the prosperity of the town. 'Squire Grose tied the nuptial knot an hour later and sent them away happy. Iowa Comes Only seven states have a larger membership In the G. A. R. than Iowa. They are New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachusetts, Indiana and Michigan, the latter leading by only 143. Iowa has 437 posts with a membership of 16,224. In the nation there are 7,303 posts, and 340,610 members. The deaths during the past year were over 7,000. The order has members in every state and territory, and there is one post in Manitoba, Canada. _ A Case for Dr. Snyors. Bailey: Joe Oxley of Corwlth has "free silver fever" so badly that he has had all the goldenrod pulled up on his farm. He pulled up all the marigolds in the garden and planted marl- silvers. He talked free silver until his moutb was cankered. The doctor wanted to give him goldthread, but Joe said, " Give me silverthread or let hercank." _ He Y\'ns a Talker. Because Mr. and Mrs. Frank Van Houten of Sioux City differed concerning the cut of a pair of trousers which the latter was making for her six-year- old son and Van Houten got the best of the argument, the woman swallowed laudanum with suicidal intent. Prompt medical action saved her life for the time, but her condition is still critical. Lives With a Broken Neck, If anyone in Kossuth should be so unfortunate as to break his neck, he should not give up the ghost without a struggle, Last week Matties Johnson fell from a ladder at Burlington, His neck was broken and his entire body paralyzed, but he is alive and his mind is as clear as ever, There is a Big Harvest. Bailey: Algona powers that be have set aside ten days for the Algonians' to devote to the -harvest of their cockier bur and pigeon grass crops. « Does the Courier Stand? Humboldt Republican: The Algona Courier, the strongest democratic paper in Kossuth county, has jumped the 16 to 1 platform, and will not support it, So it goes. The people are looking this tnatter up, and will not stand ,by.,£be ft'4e'"sily.Q£theory, As previous* JjtfJR^&'feflkUlMte paper, it will not 'stand 'th.e.ltghroi reason. WES W8 gOMEDIAHS TONIGHT. Tlie Beat .Repertoire Company H»s VWtetl Alstona Will County I"w»r Visitors. The quality of bill board paper and hangers put up by the Weston comedi* ans speaks fop a rouoji better than usual repertoire qqjnpany, They open a four nights' engagement in Algona with Ouc Strategist, which is said to be » very strong 1 , play, They gome wUb full uniformed bana and with the beet pf reference^ froro the oltiei where they have appeared, Tfee RepiibJioaa of Alton,, JU.i wyss A rapre r " surprise^ Awtespe BSYW left opera hoape. tb&n the o.n.e pj ' toy nigjit Wednesday bight packed the house td the doors. The company is espedlally strong in this piece, and thelf dos« tutnes and scenei-y ate as fine as has ever been seen at the JobsoHi Last night the Western coifledy drattttt, "Silver Jack," Was presented to an S. R. O. audjence in a manner that still further convinced all of the capabilities of the company. _... , ,_. TIE SOAKD. Completed Uepoi't of Their Work «t the September Session. , School fund loans approved. Members of the board allowed the following compensation: C.C. Chubb 9 8,24 H.C. Holtenbach 9.45 W. J. Burton 1148 B, P. Smith 7!10 L. Barton 0 08 Schedule of Claims. COUNTY. J. 0. Raymond, state eases i A. H. Naudaln, coal Ernest Raymond, abstracting B. F. Reed, salary.... .T. Flnnegan, trustee R, 1, Urayton, ti'ustee..... Acres Blackmar & Co., supplies Algona Courier, Pub. statements, etc.. C. & N. W. Ry., freight on books F. M. Taylor. J. P., state cases W. F. Laldloy, printing. F. D. Calkins, expenses C. M.Doxsee.hardware Obed Robinson, state vs. Stult Same, 0. Casper Same, G. Martin Same, J. Don ,, M. Starr, Pub., etc Wm. Dau, trustee Marshall Print. Co., blank books etc.., E. H. Clarke, Col. Del. taxes H. Q. Razall Mfg. Co., 0. M. record,... B. F. Crose, stamps W. E, Morse, coroner, Inquests E. N. Weaver, repairing Wesley, use of jail, etc. $13, not all'd C. C. Samson, boarding prisoners, etc. U. D. M., printing etc W. Smith, cleaning vaults B. F. Crose, state cases Farrott & Sons, boolis and blanks Egbert, Fldler & Chambers office Sup. C. Magnussen, Ice R. M. Richmond, state vs. J. Carrell... W.O.Pettit, trustee E. A. Studer, trustee la. Ins. Feeb. minded Child,, Clothing children Anderson & Stebblns, oil S. E. Reed, assisting Supt Mrs. Erickson, cleaning offices A. J. Dunlap, Col. Del. taxes J. M. Gray, trustee meeting O. Robinson, Col. Del. taxes B. F. Crose, state cases Wm. Smith, cleaning vaults Schrader & - Dugan, Repairs, etc O. Robinson, Col, taxes W. F. Laidley, Pub. notices Qeo. N. Patterson, trustee work Geo. E. Marble, clerk Burt Twp G. W. Corbin, board Equal E. H. Clarke, state cases Same Same Same Same F. H. Ford, Col. Del. taxes J. Paul Lumber Co., lumber H. C. Hollenbock, Com. work W. J. Burton, Twp. trustee Same, Com. work BIIIDOK. W. W. Haight, bridge work M. Thllges, work on road John Wood, bridge work Same Bruer Bros. Lumber Co. lumber Same H. 0. Rice, bridge work— G. H. Samson, bridge work W. F. Hall, hardware. B. C. R. & N. Ry., freight on piling L. W. Henderson, bridge work J. M. Farley, lumber and hardware.... Bruer Bros, Lumber Co., Lumber T. Henderson, work on bridges Phillips, team work John Wood, bridge work Same , J. A. Hamilton & Co., piling J. Kennedy, bridge work J. J. Rink, same M, R. Olson, same O. Maney, same L. Thake, same Gus Haukey, same W. B, Mason, same. , ,. S, W. Beckwith, same B. F. Smith, same Same McCloud, same L. Barton, road work. McDonald, Richards, & Nafus, lumber C. A. Tellier, measuring grades Same 0. 0, Chubb, com. work C. J. Emmons, drift bolts Queal & Co., lumber F. Hume, same , R, H, Hiuton, bridge work Bruer Bros,, posts , John Wood, bridge work , Chris Thake, road work Wm. Scott, same Jas. Biskofer, same Gus Haskey, same W, W. Haight, grading Same , Chas, Sorensou, road work Win. Haight, grading , Same Same Same ..., H. Philips, same ,. J. J. Rink, bridge work E. E. BroadwelT, grading, J. W. Robinson, hard\rare A. M. & G, M, Johnson, drift bolts Bruer Bros., lumber Bruer & Streater, lumber , J. H. Sifert, unloading lumber J. W. Robinson, hard ward W, W, Haight, bridge work Same A. Johnson, same,.... John Wood, same F. S. Norton, same Llchty & Guthrle, same, POOH, A. M. & G, M. Johnson, repairs poor.. • K. E. Byson, work poor farm.,, A. D. McGregor, matrass and table J. P. Fohlin, digging grave, Jno. Goeders, mdse. for poor farm John Paul Lumber Co., lumber J. W, Robinson, mdse. for poor farm.. G. H. Lanison, poor com M. Rasmussen, work poor farm W. P. Jones, repairing wind mill-, •. •. J, 0. Patterson, nurse sick boy......... B. Kiniaey, care of Hanson , Marshall Co., care of Mrs, Whitsou.,.. Barton &/ Co., hog ,, J. Sifert, nurse sick boy at Brunswick. F. H'. Bvmkerjimdse for poor..' Cook Bros., mjlse for poor.,,,,,,.,,.... K. E, Byson, writ poor farm,.,,,..,.. F. Hume, coal poor farm..., , J. R. Laird, coffin trad box H, McOutchin, indse for poor E. J. Gllmore, same Dr. McCormack, same T. Schroede, same ." ,,, J, B. Thornton, work, apply on note.. Dr. Lowder, med. services 810, uotalld L. H. Millen. cash paid for labor. S. W. Emmons, pare of Jag, James $31 O, A. Potter, work poor ftjrm Shadle & Long, moat for poor ,.,.. L. Barton, labor poor farm Laage & Campbell, repairs. T. JJ. Stull, med attendance ., Naudain, coal , Grove & Son. pulse for poor Norton # Petersop, tr}p to pxior farm. a, MpoutoWn, BKJee for poor , P, E. Granger, care lor pow.., J, M. Farley, coal tor poor,.,, ,.. . Langaou & Hu.d.wn, Rlfee t°r poor. Johnson & Pearson, sajfte, l$m$> saw?. 4Ui S 2450 470 81 00 243 00 1)00 800 37 Ofi 153 50 35 0030 2000 1000 2 20 845 2037 500 1002 100 75 200 G800 32 18 15 00 075 1105 750 21815 78 75 500 20705 0300 3025 1 80 3820 400 200 11 83 2 00 1200 100 3410 2 00 174 5302 500 1080 188 500 500 000 200 585 585 2252 585 7 10 102 058 1254 400 1182 4875 15 00 2125 23 25 21 03 0841 450 260 440 3021 10800 20045 792 450 150 3559 2250 24075 2475 2750 2750 4 50 34 75 750 1750 000 1225 10 50 10000 4800 12244 0400 7300 1440 4 00 0075 11205 045 1000 32 75 7075 1125 500 SO 00 12056 15208 500 18430 «10 03 10403 140 40 025 3520 400 14 407 385 7401 5081 250 1407 1400 700 5637 2175 5351 75 0510 1000 575 400 500 1330 945 1000 750 200 575 200 $00 010 150 1170 2047 1000 010 3300 24 38 577 175 2475 W05 300 2500 2400 422 018 8PO 1500 1175 2451 200 405 500 175 3253 1804 We Want Ever yone who attends the County Fair to call ancEJt see our new line, of Lamp Goods, Crockery, Glassware, Some very pretty patterns in Haviland China. Langdon & Hudson. TELEPHONE NO. IS. Light Ahead. Money Not Required *&fr Providing McKinley is Elected. J. A, Hamilton & Co.'s Special Offer; We hereby offer all kinds of merchandise in which we deal for sale to persons worthy of credit favors on SIX MONTHS TIME WITHOUT INTEREST providing McKinley is elected. In order to secure this offer the purchaser must agree to pay cash on Nov. 10 in case Bryan is elected. Following is a sample of our prices: Sidewalk oak or walnut lumber, per M, $10. Large split fence posts, 5 cents each. Sawed oak fence posts, 12 cents each. 2_J-foot wire and picket fencing, per rod, 25 cents. 4- foot wire and picket fencing, per rod, 46 cents. Wagon poles, 25 cents, Wagon eveners, 10 cents. Turned singletrees, 5 cents. • • , 3-in. tile, per M, $11.25; 4-in. tile, per M, $16.50. 5-in. tile, per M, $23.40. J. A. Hamilton & Co. Why Spend Money for That which is Naught? The Land Department of the Northern Pacific Railway company will sell you choice farming lands At $2,50 to $8,00 per Acre-An Average of $5,25, One-tenth cash; balance in TEN ANNUAL payments at SIX per cent, interest. RENTERS PAY EVERY YEAR from $2 to $3 per acre, an average of $2.50, COMPARE RESULTS OF TEN YEARS' PAYMENTS, On purchase, with interest — 160 A ORES, On rental — First year $ 204.96 Next nine years,.,,... 1,047.82 $1,25278 First year $ 400,00 Next nine years 3,600,00 The renter has paid $2,747,22 more than the purchaser, and The purchaser $4,000,00 gains. Actual money saved, $3747,22 ] 160 acres, cost value, 840.00 | Besides " all Do, increased value, 840.00 [ comfprts of a home," Total money gain, $4,427,22, "A WORD TO THE WISP IS SUFFICIENT," For particulars and publications, write to " ..... m * f ~ General jlmigratim Agent N,P,R,R» BT, PAUl, Xlffff, WM, ff, PfflPfS, band Cammisstonw, DINGLEY, COOK & CO,, pur sales solicitors, will furnish to- formation, accompany prospective buyers wishing to examine North* ern Pacific lands, and. receive applications for their puiahase., Apply to them, personally or by letter, at Algona, Jowa, Foundry and Machine

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