The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 9, 1896 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1896
Page 11
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(S^)," s -M', /• " 1 - J ' , !•'' »f f ( ** 1 £..' '"f 1 , J V * I - ' _ t / , ^ •* ' '*- •Ml UPPISH MS MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER M, 18P& Special Bargains Palf Week. * • • • 6-,"' Apples, Lamps, and Tea, Carload of fine apples for sale cheap by the •barrel, Large line of Banquet Lamps and Onyx tables—very cheap, Tea—Special price on 10 pound packages. Do Not Fail to call on me during the fair. Cowles Block. James Patterson. Farmers' Exchange, Look at our Glassware and Center Tables in our show window. We are giving them away with Baking Powder. The powder Is of good quality. Anderson & Stebbins, South of court house. W. WHITHAM © •will establish the Hide and Fur Business In Algona. Will also buy rubber and copper. Am also prepared to cry sales on short notice sind at reasonable rates. A.m oue of the best icryersln the state. Satisfaction guaranteed. Will start business Nov. 1, 1896. Call and Tiee me If you want a square deal. Office on Thorington street, east of the court Jiouse, In the Chrlschllles building. W. WHITHAM. G. J. BROWN, . wni convey parties and baggage to any part of town for 25 cents, round trip. "We are here $o do you good. GIVE US A CALL •when In need of 'bus or livery. Leave orders 'At Brunswick hotel or at my barn on State street. Telephone No. 43. Telephone for rigs iii our expense. , ng rigs al 0, J, Brown't livery barn will have 'bus fare rtfundtd. O. Restaurant . ...lund Counter. Is now in its new location— the L. M. B. Smith building. Serves meals at regular hours and uhort-order meals at all hours. 25 CEItTI'S. Crsom. S'arlor— Sicle entrance for la dies. Everything neat, 1 clean, and positively first class. Full stock of confection ,f< ery, , Lunch counter in front. A. H. AI.J-EN, Propr. H, L, [Successor to 0.' L. Lund,] DEALER IN Hard- and Soft .'.O , H'-' : ^v... •I,}'*.',. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL THAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at 8:55 a m No. 0 departs at 4:01 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 03 departs at 12:05 am No. 71 departs at 0:a3pm No. 05 departs at 8:20 p m TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at 10:37 a m No. 4 departs at.. 6:33 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 70 departs at. 8:20pm No. 04 departs at 3:05pm R. F. HEDBICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight 7:10 a m Pass 8:04 am Mixed l:l'2pm Mixed 8:00 pin North- Mixed 7:10 a m Freight 11:25 a m Pass 2:40 p m Mixed 10:47p m P. H. VKSPBR, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. Marshal Horan has killed 34 dogs thus far. It is estimated that 50 threshing machines are now at work in Kossuth". W. E. Brown, who lives near the Wilson mills, is very low with typhoid. The public library gave out 173 more books in August this year than in the same month last year. Supervisor Smith met a sister from Wisconsin Monday evening and did not remain for the board meeting. The Chubb house is enclosed. It will be one of the largest and finest in Algona, and will not cost less than $6,000. Fred. Clarke will go with Cyril Hay to attend school in the Illinois boy's school the latter has attended the past year. Marriage licenses have been issued to Frank H. Ford and Ella May Hawkins, Arthur Dodds and Martha Albright. Subject at the protestant Episcopal church, "Nature and Religion," and "Religion and Morals." All are cordially invited. The democrats took the Little German band up to Burt, hist night for the Prof. Rice meeting. Wait till Dolliver speaks at Burt. The Young Men's Christian association will open their new rooms formally Monday evening. All friends invited. 'Speeches, music, etc. Mr. Ehlers, our new druggist, has rented the old Ed. Williams house on Thorington and will move at once. It will make him a pleasant home. Bedford, a threshing machine engineer, was up for being drunk. 'Squire Clarke assessed him $15 and costs, which his employer paid. The Algona band has given up going to Eagle Grove because the contest there competes with the county fair. The boys will entertain the crowds here at home. Auditor Calkins' father and mother are with him and will make their home in Algona. His father had a big sale of fancy horses before coming and got excellent prices. The public school opened Monday with a big attendance. Miss Stephens has the depot school, and the others are stowed away in the main building until the new one can be completed, The old settlers will picnic at the fair grounds tomorrow. If the day is pleasant a big gathering is insured;, Stories of early days, speeches, etc., and a basket dinner constitute the pro~ r. and Mrs, Cbas, Magnusson, w Larson's two girls, Geo. Fisher's girl, Mrs, Young, Ed.. Young's mother, and the hired girl at Dexter Turner's are among the typhoid fever patients. Weston's oowmedian? witb full, unl* formed band will entertain the people next week Wednesday, Thursday, Fr}' day, and Saturday evenings. They are the beet company that has been in Alf ona at fftip Wme, , w§§ Quarton will gs to Bdlooto Qyer tb^, papers Jn, hay page agalfl b§fO,re, fooi it, Heftays it faaj-beeg Qne of wojt pjosely *augkt casee he h.p tried, He will IfteWe it thle. week MorWuson el Britt will be }r» to4ay be Rg the will hold A meeting lit the rending room oil next Friday afternoon begitf- nlng promptly at 3 o'clock. Important business matters are to be brought bo- fore the society ahd it is earnestly re- qiiested that nil Members be present. This hiorning's Register says: Mr* Wat Jones of Algonn, who Came to Des Molnes yesterday, assisted by Others, polled the passenger train between Jewell Junction and Elmore. The result was: McKlhley 140, Bryan 28. Either there nre no democrats or they ure not traveling. Mrs. Lund will save her homestead out of the Lund farm. It will be the 40 acres with the buildings. Her insurance money amounts to $14,000, ib' stead of $20,000. It seems that some accident insurance was counted to make the latter amount. The com* panles have all indicated an intention to pay* A new Lund cnse has appeared. Two days ago a farmer hear Bancroft came down to consult Lawyer Curtiss. Lund sold him his land and gave him a pretended abstract with " Joslyn & Lund, abstractors." The abstract did not show an $800 mortgage that is on the land. The abstract was bogus throughout. Miss Nettie Benjamin went to Minneapolis two weeks ago .for a visit. She was taken down with typhoid fever just us the encampment opened, and Thursday was brought homo by A. A. Brunson. She was very sick nn'd had to be carried from the depot. She will have a full run of fever, but is now getting along nicely. Oltosen, the new town down on the southwest line of the county on the Burlington road, is booming. A correspondent in the Humboldt Republican says: Several parties from Algona were here last week looking for business locations. They expressed themselves as being very much pleased with the town prospects, and undoubtedly there are some of them who will locate here. There are n dozen or more cases of typhoid fever in town. The doctors attribute the trouble to the wells. They have been dry and the rains this season that have filled them have carried them full of sewerage. No cases can be traced to the use of city water, although boiling that improves it. Mrs. Henry Mason, Frank Howard and Alice Minkler are among the unfortunates. Capt. Karburg, who spoke for McKinley in German at Whittemore Saturday afternoon, WHS in the same company in the war with Paul Dorweiler, and spent what time he had to spare with him. Philip Dorweiler presided at the meeting which was attended by .Germans from all over the western part of the county. The captain is said to have made a fair, candid, and able presentation of the money question. Archie Hutchison contracted the Louisiana fever and ague when he was south last winter and cannot get rid of it. He has shaking spells about three times a week. One dny last week he was taken while walking to the Milwaukee depot, and near J. H. McNall's fell on the walk and lay there half an hour before he was discovered. While the attack is on he is perfectly helpless. It is a peculiarly malignant type of fever. Sunday evening the local bible society held its annual meeting. The following officers were elected for the year: A. D. McGregor, president; J. A. Brownell, vice president; C. A. Tellier, treasurer; F. S. Norton, secretary.. Mrs. Setchell was chosen librarian and will hereafter have charge of the local sale of bibles. As a result of the sale of bibles and of the contribution taken at this meeting, $70 Was sent to the American Bible society. Bud O'Rourko and O. Ingalsbee are in Des Moines today with about 15 witnesses on a side to fight it out on a 40- acre tree claim belonging to the latter. Saturday A. L. Peterson went down and took photographs, and is in Des Moines with them to show how the trees actually look. S. :S. Sessions went to present O'Rourke's claim, while J. W. Sullivan will defend for Ingalsbee, It will be a hot contest, as the principal contestants have their blood up. An interesting reminder of Aaron Rutherford is lost. It is a copy of a Belfast paper containing a speech he made when a young man against rack .renting in Ireland, A friend had preserved the paper and gave it to him years afterwards when he was living in New York, It was kept .in the family for many years, but search for it now fails to reveal its whereabouts. Mr. Rutherford was a vigorous agitator against the landlord system in Ireland, and his speech contained all the vigor and directness of speech he was so well known for throughout life, ,. Saturday evening at Perry Burlln game's farm Thos. Dugan was helping put down a long pump pipe in his 260 foot well, In some way the jack he was manipulating failed to hold the pipe.and it slipped through, breaking down the platform. He got a terrific blow on the calf of the leg, and was brought to the Northwestern hotel here in town where he is now laid up, although no hones were broken. The pipe had an elbow which fortunately caught on the curbing and prevented the whole thing from going to the bot torn, which would have ruined the well. Another business change occurs this week, Otto Falkenhainer, brother of the druggist, has bought the Stacy Stephenson hardware store and is aV ready invoicing, He ponjes to Algona from St,, where he has been .in the hardware business for soro§ years, and he will at once put in a complete Another brother, George Fftl- er, who lives at Dubuque but tj'ftYiels for a New Yorfc cutlery house, is here assisting in tbe invoice. Tbe addmea of both Al,,iw»a Otto FalfeenMner ia m iffiporta AJgPJRf*, M it brings, two y fi u,ng prppeje,lve business men to us, , The/ new te,aebe,r§ in the am m Miis Ism* old teachers are MUsesCramer, Putsch, Wallace, Campbell^ Bird Hotelllhg, Coate, Stephens, and Mrs. Horton, and Miss Jones for the drawing classes. Librarian McElroy has made a collection of books and essays oh money ih the public library and put them Oh a table by themselves. Anyone interest* ed< and All ought to be, will find the following, the first two books jtist received: International Bimetallism, Francis A, Walker; An Honest Dollar, E. Benj. Andrews; Free Silver .Coinage— Why Not?, Ed, Atkinson* Honest and Dishonest Money, John Davis, M< C.; Bimetallism and Legislation,.C. S, Thomas; An American Financial System, I. E. Dean; Why the South Wants Free Silver, Senator Morgan; Silver as a Circulating Medium, Hon. Geo. S. Boutwell; The Coinage of Silver, Fred. A. Sawyer* Following are the jurors drawn for the coming • October .term of court: Huns Nelson, Frank Thola, Jas. Mo- Chano, N. E. Sheridan, Bancroft; Win. Schmidt, Lotts Creek; Wm. Hable, ForsyUie; -P. Peterson,Seneca: S. Pan- kuk, German Valley; W. W. Clement, Chas. Winter, Germania; Wm. Paelz, Sexton; G. S. Wright, West Bend; Lewis Bans, Whittemore; Jas. Spooner, Hanna; E. J. Bohn, Frank Spear, Grant Young, C. A. Johnson, Wm. Toichan, Geo. Benschoter, John Nolan, Algona; Weasel Juttinjr, Buffalo Genler; Frank Harding, C. F. Dolliver, El more; Wm. Dreyer, L. J. Newell, Ed. Hable, Fenton; O. P. Shaw, Burt; J. J. Smith, Lu Verne: Smith Coleman, Buffalo ForkSi Ed. Esche, the cabinet maker in McGregor's, is just home from o. two months'visit at the industrial school at Glenwood, 111., from which ho and his brother were sent when Louis Leasing brought them to Algona. He will return to the school soon to accept a position as instructor in the cabinet making department. He will have classes in the school and is allowed part of each week to work in one of the best shops in Chicago, being paid a sufficient salary arid afforded an opportunity to study. He is already a very skillful manipulator of cabinet tools, and in a few years will be one of the best workmen in thi- city. He has made many friends in Algona by his quiet manners and attention to business and all will congratulate him on the chance that lies open to him. Dixon, who married Mrs. Lanjanski a week ago, has gone. He was married Thursday, spent four days of honeymoon at his wife's expense including a ride, and Monday left for parts unknown. THE UPPER DES MOINES has received a communication from Mrs. Dixon, which is too long to print. But one paragraph will throw a little light on the occasion of her leige lord's sudden departure. She-says; "My man got so that $18 was not heavy enough for him. He had to look in the pocketbook for more and at last got in with-feet and legs and broke through and made a big hole in it. The wind blew him away and all that was left, me was the name Mrs. Bertha Dixon.'' Mrs. Dixon admonishes THE UPPER DES MOINES hereafter to let her domestic affairs pass and signs net-sell "My rigJit name Mrs. Bertha Dixon, not sugar molly, before Mrs. Bertha Lanjanski." AMONG THE ADVERTISERS. Hard coal is now up to $10 a ton. Decorate for the fair at Galbraith's big ribbon sale. The Catholic ladies will serve dinner at the county fair. James Patterson has a car load o apples for the fair week. Madson & Hanson, the new tailors are getting a good business. O. W. McMurray is again in his hotel and has it open to the trade. Agent Vesper sold an even 100 tick ets to the state fair up to yesterda; afternoon. The lumber is on the ground for Mrs E. L. Cooke's cottage. A, M. Coan has the contract. The ladies at the fair will cook with one of Doxsee's Bucks' steel ranges Everybody can see how it works. Thos, F. Cooke is opening an offlo over the Algona State bank. He wil do a general land and loaning bus! ness, Richard Yorke has moved to Whitte more and will open a lunch counter there, He and his wife will give Whittemore a first class place. Mullica & Ohnstedt have been tak ing out and replacing 74 flues in th Wilson mills' boiler. It is hoped to start the mill tomorrow, The deraanc for flour keeps them busy, C. B. Hutohins says that 2,000 bush els of clover seed will be hulled this year In the county. He says he knows of 400 acres already, Clover seed is worth $4 now, and be says will be high next spring. Taylor's opening sales in the spring and, fall are events for all who want to inspect the latest styles, His _ opening 1 comes next Monday, Sept, 14 and it will pay everybody to attend Don't miss H. We don't like to offend our readers with market reports, but an oocassiona one IB necessary, Oats bring 0@r cents, corn U, wheat 40@42, barle Jg@l4, Hogs are worth ¥2, and best baled, hay brings $3, Al, Falkenbalner went to Pes Molne Saturday to inspect 48 trunks of holi day goods samples, and, made order for a handsome stock of goods, A, 1 nl announcement will appear as soon a be and Mr, Ehlers get Into possession pf the storei W, A, Wiobler of Wbittemore i going to exhibit an An4erspjj piano a the cpunty faip n§st \ygeU, It is th —' of any plane jgafo and. " )\$ all *-.-,„-to. tee this prpJwpt Qf th At Brpj, bis Hue QJ to Mi-.wUi a Fine Oak Birch remarkably low prices. We are also making special prices on odd pieces of upholstered goods, Complete slock of Undertaking Goods, pecinlly true in regard to the with- Jrawul features of the association. A person withdrawing now gets all the money he has paid into the loan fund, ind 90 per cent, of all the profits earned by the money that he has paid .n. In case of the death of the man, and the wife or children not being able to keep up the monthly payments, they are allowed to withdraw the full amount due. The association is in rood condition and thus far has been ible to declare a dividend, of 15 per cent, __^^___^_^__ SEPTEMBEB BOARD MEETING, The County Fathers Make a Tax .Levy and Appoint Election Judges — Will Aleet In November to Count Votes. The county board met Monday, and spent the day in fixing up the tax levy for next year. It is the same as for last year except that the state levy is 2 8-10 mills as against 21 mills, and the county adds a 1-10 mill for soldiers' relief. The total valuation is smaller for 1897 than it was for last year, a falling off of over $100.000. This means that the personal property assessment is dropping^ to meet the decline in prices. The general tax levy is as follows: State, 2 8-10 mills; poor, 1 mill; bridge, 3 mills; insane, 6-10 mill; road, 1 mill; poll tax, 60 cents; county, 33- mills; school, 1 mill; dog, 50 cents, female, $1; soldiers' relief, 1-10 mill. The county still levies the one mill road tax in the incorporated towns, as the question has not been decided in the court. THE TOWNSHIP LEVY. Following is the assessment of the county, with the total township levy additional to the county levy: Algona Inc Alffona Ind Burt Burt Inc Burt Ind Buffalo Bancroft Inc Bancroft Ind Cresco Eagle Fenton Greenwood German Garfield Germania Grant Hebron Harrison Ledyard Ledyard Inc Ledyard Ind.... Lotta Greek Lu Verne Lu Verne Inc.... Lu Verne Ind,... Lincoln Portland Plum Creek Prairie Ramsay Biverdale Sherman Springfield Senecu Swea Union Wesley Wesley Inc Wesley Ind Whittemore .... Whittemore Ind Irvington....... Swea City Corwith Ind... West Bend Ind. Val. $305,583 84,042 175,532 48,115 21,210 144,145 114,000 40,035 153.029 02,168 145,157 Levy. 18 24 35 10 5-10 15 34 10 85-10 10 9-10 139,574 28 1-10 18 17 4-10 8 26 104J324 30 9-10 157,950 150,375 44,458 102,057 104,980 129,505 58,010 23,076 146,074 132,483 40,132 19,740 159,850 138,265 184,854 153,030 138,030 160,752 188,243 138,738 143,071 163,531 158,480 147,003 78,759 2S.409 159,323 114,963 44'^ 200,810 20,921 24-5-10 10 24 15 y, 18 0-10 5 20 22 3-10 15 10 02-10 10 18 14 12816 4-10 8 17 10 03-10 79-10 10 31,165 45 23,543 34 ELECTION JUDGES. The board does not appoint the judges for the incorporated towns, but has chosen them for the townships as follows: , Burt—G. H, Patterson, A. H, Nafus, Frank Allen. Buffalo—J. S. Bonacker, C, Riebsa- men, Milt Gray. Cresco—J. Fay, L. Millen, L. Bowen. Eagle—J. E. Rearson, C. E. Hand, Theo. Anderson. Greenwood—G. W, Smith, John Barnhard, R. I. Brayton. German—L. J, Gingrich, Kobb Tjaden, B, Pankuk. J ' Garfleld—Henry Bell, John Mertz, W,'A. Scott. . Grant—Wm. MoAnrioh, D, Rasmussen, N, H, Beard. Hebron—H. L, Baldwin, Herman Doege, S. Roe. Harrison—C. Oleson, Nils Monaon, J, A. Carlson. . Ir.vington—J. Lloyd, Robt, Buchan- ap, C, R, Lewis, Ledyard—A, J. Pu'nlap, H. W. Wheeler, H, Everingham. Lotts Creek—John Markgref, S, L. Scott, Wm. Dau. Lu Verne—I. P. Harrison, John Benke, A. K, Clapsaddle, Lincoln—C,. Rlppentvop, W. Warburton, D. Link. Prairie—John Longbottora, M, Rahm, Frank Andorfer, Plum Creek—P, Ferguson, Fred. Miller, M. L. Qodflen, Poytland—H, jiioDgnald, W. Shanor, M. J. Mann. RlverAftle—Geo. Stewart^ Walter Raney, 0, WalbUUgr, . Sprlngftel4"G. S. Anderson, Fred. U, Ssnitb, ,0. B. Link/ S,eneoa~-P. w, Jensen, John White. Jpbnson. MoUnder, Ohae, Hoi Jas, Carroll, on^Wra, j}od,d,s, R, w. Barrett, wo^HP,; H* JenBStt, 4, A. , H, A. WlHW^ge, v s.iw, P, Ward, Welt on n N. E. B. laid as follows! Four roads in width parallel and adjacent to the right of way across the southwest 20— t)4f oU* Road asked by Edward Bast laid west line «f 19-90, 30. Road asked by Edward Illig, begin* ning at northeast corner of 35—94 30 and running north 2 miles, laid, and Chubb appointed to build bridge on it W. J. Bui Ion appointed to build grade on county line, 12—100, 28; to bridge and grade between lO and 15— 100, 29; to expend not to exceed $30 on hill between 2 and 11—99, 28. Smith appointed to build grade on south aide of 24 and north side of 25— 98, 30. Chubb appointed to build grade between 18—97, 29 and 13—97, 30; between 3 and 10 in Fenton. Hollttiibai'h' appointed to view and report on bridge across Buffalo creek on line 9—97, 28; to build grade between southeast 36— 95, 27 and'south- west 31—96, 26.. Tax of J. S. Gallagher in Wesley abated on account of flre on west \ lot 2 and east Hot 3 and personal property amounting to $34.01. Tax of Hattie Stebbins r $10.78, on lots 5 and 6, block 76, in Algona be abated. Changed $800 from domestic animal to county fund. Recorder reports fees April 1 to June 1, $849'.45. Auditor reports fees June 1 to September 1, $67.70. Tax of Geo. .V. Davis on lot 5, block 13, Bancroft, abated. Clerk reports fees June 1 to August 1, $228.45.. _ I HAVE given Wm. Haioes his time, and hereafter will claim none of his wages and will pay none of his bills. tt MRS. L. C. HAINES. RIBBONS, ribbons, ribbons, fancy Dresden patterns, only 25 cents a yard at our ribbon sale next Monday. Geo. L. Galbraith. WE are loaning money on real estate. Rates and terms to suit borrower. Call and see us before loaning elsewhere. DOXSKE & FOSTER. Farm for .Rent. Well-improved 160-acre farm, three miles.from Algona, for rent for 1897 by 24 HAGGARD & PEEK. A $2,800 interest in a good-paying business to exchange for real estate in Kossuth county. Inquire of Doxsee & Foster. TRY our new flour. Grove & Son. Hay Stacker tor Sale. A good second-hand Acme stacker for sale cheap.-23t3 W. H. JONES. TRY our new flour. Grove & Son. J. A. HAMILTON & Co. have put in a stock of sidewalk brick. They make an attractive and durable walk. Several have already put them in.—13 If You lent a good fitting suit and overcoat call at the postofflce block tailor shop. Repairing neatly done. MADSON d) HANSON, Io-wa. The Fan Tan is A Clear Havana Cigar . For 5 Cents. Tlje only clear Havana 5-qent ojgar in Algona, A, B. CHAMBERS, Factory No. 71, State St., south of court house f>AY, Artesian well contractor, J have the only cable, steam flrilUng machine owned In the county ; sink wells (or water supply for towns, JJMeB,jand rftiivpads. Speclali a't&mtton to farm well work, pstimates made. I em- ' : Address A, F 9HEU.YVPETTIBQNE. Head Stones, Monuments, WATER QR NQ PAY.

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