The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 9, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1896
Page 5
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tftS M01KM: AMOKA, IOWA, Wffift TAYLOR'S ADVANCE STYLES Cloth Capes, Plush Capes, Fur Capes, Large Full Cloaks, Millinery, Kid Gloves. - - ,;m • ."«*;•*« Taylorls Best /^ is a Kid Glove made r?S „ 4 \ ****'*£ for us and warranted :E?J REPUBLICANS WILL MEET. The Convention Friday Will Name Candidates for Recorder, Auditor Clerk, and Supervisors. The Democrats Who Favor 16 to i Will Meet Next Week—Notes of the Local Campaign. The Republican county convention comes Friday. The only contest thus far developed is over the county at- torneyshlp. Recorder Randall, Auditor Calkins and Clerk Grose are all conceded renomination. For the county atttn-neysnip ,T. C. Raymond and E. V. Swetting are the announced candidates, while E. H. Clarke is in the field and will have delegates. On account of sickness in his family Mr. Cliirke has made no canvass, but his showing will be creditable. The last time the county had a three cornered contest was when R. J. Danson won alter the delegates sat up till 2 o'clock in the 'morning. If history is to repeat itself the various delegations had better bring along a lunch. Two supervisors a're to be nominated to succeed C. C. hubbandB. F. Smith. No one has suggested except C. A. Molinder City. Democratic Convention. hairtnan Finnell has called "all, tardless of former party, affiliations, ro now favor the free coinage of ?er at the present ratio of 16 to 1, to 'present and take part in the county avention," which is to be held in gona next week Thursday at 11 lock, to name a county ticket. This |l would seem to shut out all the noerats who believe in our present lney system. Some of the old wheel Braes of the party will have a chance Sp'sitonthe fence and see the pro- ggsion go by." ocal Political Notes. I'prof. Rice, the evangelist, spoke at Jurt last evening for free silver. ' Theo. Chrischiiles : returned from fndianapolis yesterday. _He says it fwas a magnificent convention. The stiver meeting at Bancroft last week was well attended. Dr. Cleary is reported to have made a very good speech. Geo, Tiss of Corwith, brother of Mrs. Ike Finnell of the Courier, has organized a McKinley band with a dozen instruments. S. D. Drake speaks tonight at Ger- juania, where a McKinley club is to open with about every voter in the vicinity on the list. S. D. will give them a rousing talk. Rev. Stewart of Britt is in hard luck. He has gone to making free silver speeches and the Corwith Crescent says his congregation have dismissed him. They think with his farm, elevator, and pulpit on his bands be . has enough to do now. Gilmore were celebrated at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Bird of Meadow township, Tuesday evening at 9 o'clock. The bride wore a becoming costume of white cashmere, in which she looked exceedingly lovely. She was attended by Miss Mabel Gilmore of Algona, a sister of the groom, as bridesmaid, who also wns charmingly attired. The oroom was attended by Marcus Bird, Jr., a brother of the brido. 'Iho ceremony took place in the presence of a large assembly of invited guests. After the ceremony and congratulations a bountiful repast was served and a highly social time enjoyed. Ihe presents were numerous, handsome and costly.* The happy pair left yesterday for St. Paul, where they will spend a week, and then return to Spencer and take up home life in the residence of David Painter in the west part of the city. Everybody extends congratulations to these most estimable young people. ______ _ COUNTY PAIE NEXT WEEK. be awarded to Uio one doing thn host work in a rensonablo time. There promises, however, to bo more or less excitement in the matter of making speed, Ench competitor will bo required to open and llnish p land, thereby showing the feering, or the starting, and the dead furrow. Mr. Cownlo hns entries for this match from northern and eastern Iowa, as well as from Illinois, from which stale an expert has been here for some time, working with a team and plow, that on the eventful day, next Wednesday, he shall be able to como out well in the competition. A silver medal is the first prize for plowing the best fourth of an acre, and the second prize is a bronze medal. The boy under 10 years of age who can plow best will be awarded a silver medal. A Snap for Somebody. House and two lots for sale in west part of Algona. Good cellar, cistern, well, and a lot of nice shrubbery. A small payment only is required down. Inquire at this office.—23 Whoever wrote up the Dolliver meeting in the Courier said Allison was in the senate when the act of 1873 was passed. It is a small mistake, but it is a mistake nevertheless, Allison did not enter the senate until March, 1873, and left the lower house in 1871. During those two years he was at home in Diibjaque, . .. ' The Burt MoKinley club had a meeting last Friday evening at which "Harvey Ingham spoke. Burt has a splendid public hall and is a splendid town to turn out to public meetings. Buvt has some republicans also, who ought to be put stumping on their own account, They are up to date on the issues of this campaign, Geo- Bookman of the Ruthven Appeal heard Dolliver in Algona. Here is his 16 to 1 report of it: The opera bouse was well filled, probably OoO peppie Hst.en.ed. to his address, at least 400 of which wove ladies, He used his charts, also used a "green goods' circular which came from New York, and compared it to the " silver litera- 'ture" now before the pepp e. Such tactics may suit W|.! «">«• * *Jt will hardly make Mol^nley votes out i>f those who are OB the Kossutli'B Big Agricultural Kxhlblt Opens Next Wednesday. Everything, including the weather, promises to help make the county fail- next week a success. The opening day is Wednesday. Under the new rules all entries must be closed Wednesday night. The books will not be held open Thursday morning as heretofore. The expert judge system is continued, all the premiums will be paid in full, the buildings and sheds will be in good repair, work is being done to put the track in line condition and everything points to the biggest and best exhibit ever made in the county. Music, races, and nil the regulation county fair sports will abound. AT THE OPERA HOUSE. The Weston Comedians will play Wednesday to Saturday nights at the opera house. They come 1 with full uniformed band and are a better troupe than has ever been here before during fair week. The usual fair week prices; 50, 35, and 25 cents. NEXT WEEK'S RACE PROGRAM. Novelty race—Open to all horses owned in the county. Entrance, $1. Distance-IK miles. First half mile walk, second, nan mile trot, third half mile run. Purse $±0— first $15, second §13, third 88, fourth $5, Running race—Open to all horses owned in the county, thoroughbreds and professional running horses barred, the race being for farm horses and ponies. Half-mile heats, two in three, entrance free, purse 5—first $13, second $8. third 85. Running—free for all—Half-mile beats, two in three, five to enter, three to start, entrance five per cent., ten per cent, from winners. Purse §75—first $40, second $35, third $10. Trotting—3:40 class—Five to enter, throe to start, five per cent, entrance, 10 pet- cent, from winners. Purse $100—first $50, second $30, third $20, Trotting—free for all—Five to enter, three to start, entrance five per cent., 10 per cent, from winners. Purse $100—first $50, second $30, third $30. Trotting—County race—Open to all horses owned in the county having a record of not under 3:50. Half-mile heats, best two In three, entrance five per cent., 10 per cent, from winners. Purse $50—first $80, second Running—free for all—Half-mile heats, two in three, five to enter, three to start, five per cent, entrance, 10 per cent, from winners. Purse $75—first $40, second $35, third |10, „ , Running-rflow race—Open to all hprses owned in toe county, half mile dash, entrance free, No spurs, whips, or other artificial promoters pf speed allowed. Purse $35—first $10, second $8, third $5, fourth $3. _ „ . Running—foot race—Open to all residents of the county, half-mile dash. Purse ^!-flv?m second $5, tWvdJS, • Clover nulling. I am going to run my clover huller this fall, and would like to hear from all who have clover to hull. 23t4 C. B. HUTCHINS. Wanted. New milch Jersey cow. Must be be^ tw«en four and six yours old. At Hul bert's bakery.-25t.f For Rent. A seven room bouse. Inquire of E H. Clarke.-25t4 Ayples. I have a car of apples for ealo cheap by the barrel. 25t2 JAS. PATTERSON. „ J, F. Gil?»Qr§a!id ,, ...... Sp| Spencer were marred l^st wgefe ! T«fed^'' Tb§ N°W imparts the . 2 F? » . . -r i-*i..J --.J »*« , T^K« "R* Jj DU\iV**\* 1* f i V*»**>»ti^'»Hi» » p ^ Running hurdle race—Open. to all resi dents of the county, SOO yard dash, entrance free. Purse $15—first «8, second $5, third 13. SOMETHING FOB THE The ladies who have been conducting a sewing school for the little girls this summer in Algona offer prizes to the members of the classes as follows: Quilt, first $1, second 75 cents; calico dress, first$1, second.75 cents; apron, first 50 cents, second 25 cents; sample hemming, first 50 cents, second 25 cents This will afford the little ones a chance to show what they have learned earn some money at the game time A CHANGE FOB BJOYO^ERS. Fred Corey of Wesley challenges any team of tandem bicycle riders in Kos suth to go against his pony five mile at the lair lor $5}5 a side. AT THE STATE FAIR. The Northwestern did not put on special trains-for the state (alp thi year f the regular trails running t< accommodate those desiring to. go Today & the b|g 4 a y ( tbe engfoe listen day, One of tiie eevsr this fw is a plo.ugbjngr ' THE WEEK'S AOOIDEWTS. W. J. Burton's team took a little run about Ledyard a few days ago. The Leader says they were stopped within be city limits, so W. J. was not com- elled to "flat foot" it home. Helen Beard, while at play with ome children at Germania, aocident- lly swallowed a pin, lodging in her hroat and preventing the windpipe rora operating. The pin was ox- racted. The Swea City Herald says: One ay last week a little child up near Sast Chain got hold of a bottle of arbolic acid and drank enough of the ontents to cause the little one's death tie following day. Gladys, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jomstook, had a leg badly broken Thursday at Emraetsburg, while try- ng to catch on to a delivery wagon. The Tribune says the little one is dong as well &e could be expected. Alex. McRae at Estherville took a ork to dislodge a sheaf that had aught in the driving belt of a thresh- ng machine. The belt caught the ork tines, jerked the handle / out of iis hands and whirled It around taking lim squarely on the jaw, No bones were broken, but it looks as though be jad a bad attack of mumps. Dr, Kenefick of Algona assisted Dr, Kenneyat Wesley, Thursday last, in •ernoving about seven inches of bone rom the leg of Maro Ash's little girl. The Reporter says: About seven months ago she was pushed off the sidewalk by a playmate and injured the limb to such an extent that most of the time she has been unable to walk.,. The operation was u splendid succejjs, ".-\&$UeMr8, Krantz wtvs engaged in di'ivjng a hay rake last week, Tuesday at Sexton, the tongue separated from the neck-yoke and fell to the ground, which caused her to fall behind the team and in front of the rake. While in this position the team took fright and ran some distance, dragging her along the ground, The Wesley Reporter says she. finally escaped with several severe bruises on different parts of her body. Bailey;, Up at B«rt a Mr. Gibbs had a couple of hogs lying close to a, barb wire fence that was struck by lightning. The hogs were not killed, but the electricity filled them so full that there was no room fpr the squeal and this, mixed with the electricity, ran pn to the wire and the greased squeal tore the tw^s off until it crossed o» the telephone wire, wheve it ran. iqtq Bancroft, tearing the phpne all to pieces, The squeal filled the town lull, while the bavfes slipped out o{ th,e yeeeiye-r WtU ovep t/P h«sbe}9 were, mled on th,e flosr, $h e Bancroft,pemlethought the silver wm bad *t» f wefc Iowa at first- of his recovery. The Summit snys: In company with an older brother avid Herbert, son of C. ID. Johnson, the boy VMS on the bridge oast of town, whisii ils brother shot something in the jreek, which Knute went down to tho water to bring up. While there the older boys, who were yet on the the bridge, got to scuffling over the posesalon of the rlflo nnd it wna dls- jharged, the ball entering tho top of Knute's head on tho right sido towards the back and ranging downwards and slightly to the left, lodged in the base of the brain. BUCKLBN'S AKNK.A SAIA'E. Tho best salve hi tho wovld for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheuin, fovor sores, totter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively euros piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to elvo perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 35c a box. Sold by L. A. Sheet?.. ALIi PIlEE. Those who have used Dr. King's Now Discovery know its value, and those who have not have now the opportunity to try i1 Tree. Call on tho advertised druggist and pot a trial bottle, free. Send your name and address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and got a sample box of Dr. King's Now Life Pills, frco, as well as a copy of Guide to Health and Household Instructor, free. All of which is guaranteed to do you gooc and cost you nothing. Sold at L. A. Shoetz drug store. * FHEE PILLS. Send your address to H. E. BucWon &, Co., Chicago, and got a free sample box o Dr. King's New Life Pills. A trial wil convince you of their merits. These pills are easy in action and are particularly ef- fective'in the cure of constipation and sick headache. For malaria and liver trouble they have proved invaluable. They are guaranteed to bo perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to bo purely vegetable. They do not weaken by their action, but by giving tone to stomach and bowels greatly invigorate the system. Regular size 25c. por box. Sold by Dr. L. A. Shuetz, druggist. 4 THE eye specialist, Dr. Nichols, tests eyes free at Dr. Sheets!.' Refers to best citizens of Algona. Call soon.—It JfVS. TfVYLOR. In Spite of Hard Times The Wilson Flouring Mills are running on full time, because more and more people are trying the Algona Flour and finding out what we say is true—that I Flour is the best sold in Algona. Other flours may flourish for a season, but a steady trade that grows is what tells- the story. Buy a sack and give it a trial. We guarantee it as good, as the best or no sale. Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. Harvest Excursions. The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway will sell home-seekers' tickets 4 and 18, Sept. 1, 15, and 29, Oct. 0 and 20. Fare one way, plus $2, for the round trip.—20t8 DON'T forget our line of crockery. Grove & Son, , WHEN you have land to sell, rent, or trade, list it with Doxsee & Poster. OUR new flour is a good one. Try it. Grove & Son. THE Wilson mills will b'e closed for a few dnys for the purpose of making necessary repairs. — It HAVING sold my stock of drugs I must insist on having all accounts due me settled at once. P. W. Dingley.-21 THE OTJPLIN BBEAOH OP PROMISE, Clarke tte Cohenour ore Attorneys Jor tl>e PjBlntlflr-She Asks $10,000 The Fair have made arrangements with us to furnish them a cooking apparatus to use in their kitchen attachee to their dining hall during fair week. As our desire to give them the best we couM obtain was as great as their desire to get the best to be had 1 , the result is they will Use a,-— W^B^ Buck's Steel Range. There is but ONE BUCK'S and that is the highest grade which it is possible for human skill to make. If you are interested In a cooking apparatus that will bake and cook in the most perfect manner with the least outlay for fuel, it will pay you 'to examine this range on the fair grounds, If you want something cheaper we have it. Cook stoves from $5 up. We'll be on the fair grounds. Look us up. The publication last week of the report that Perry Cuplin of West Bend had been sued for $10,000 for breach of promise, brings the information that Clarke & Cohenour of Algona are attorneys for the plaintiff, Miss Mattie Milner, Instead of being a Kpssuth county lady, as reported, Miss Milner's parents live in Charles City, and she was a school teacher in West " Bend, The facts as related in the petition afford ample warrant for the suit, if they are sustained at the trial. It was while Miss Milner was teaching at West Bend that she became engaged to Mr. Cupliu, and it was at hidfcflfgent request that she went east to complete her musical education, as he was very anxious that she should be an accomplished musician. While she was gone, without any warning from him, ehe learned that he had married Ma present wife. She came to Algpna and consulted Mr. Clarke without giving any names. Then after advising with her family suit was hvovight and is pending in the Pftlo Alto county court, and way be reached for trial at the coming term, Barney Kelly appears Jor Cuplin, and tt>e defends that there was no engagement, ' Mips MUnw is a jwmg lady every., where respected, a.p$ le npw at O. M/DOXSEB, -^^^ -^^ ^Mfr ^^f ^"^ ^*^ ^*r ^^ T^ ^"r — ^^ ^ ^T School Shoes, New, Neat, Serviceable. Gome a-nd see wftat we have for the boys and girls to wear to sobooL *j BrowtieU Si BOSTON BLOCK, Repairing and boots and shoes m.a4e to IA

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