The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on September 4, 1994 · Page 18
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 18

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 4, 1994
Page 18
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18 Sunday, September 4,1994 FUN to! ThtSilina Journal Woman balks at Rogers' poultry plaits ELKHORN, Wis. — No clucking around. A woman dressed as a chicken tried to throw a pie in Kenny Rogers' face during a concert but was wrestled to the ground. The woman and a companion told police they were animal rights advocates unhappy with the country singer's plans to open a roasted chicken franchise. Rogers, a popular musician who has also starred in TV movies, is partner in Kenny Rogers Roasters, a chain of 165 restaurants in 31 states and five foreign countries. The incident occurred during a Rogers concert Friday at the Walworth County Fair. Rogers' bodyguards wrestled the two women to the ground as they tried to climb on the stage. Christine Kohler, 23, of Rockville. Md., and Tracy Reiman, 26, of Silver Springs, Md., were arrested on disorderly conduct charges. 'Gump' teacher' has new job NEW YORK — He showed Elvis how to shake it as Rogers a young Forrest Gump. Now 9-year-old Michael Humphreys is movin' it for his second acting job — in a music video. The song is "New Boy" by the alternative rock group the Connells. The video was directed by Peyton Reed, who directed a half-hour television special on the making of "Forrest Gump." Reed met the fourth- grader from Independence, Miss., during filming. Baslnger's bank up for auction ATLANTA — Kim Basinger's bank is,going on the auction block to ease her financial straits. The Bank of Braselton, the smallest in the state with $6.25 million in assests, will be auctioned Sept. 22 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Los Angeles. Basinger went into bankruptcy court last year after Main Line Pictures won an $8.1 million judgment against her because she pulled out of its film "Boxing Helena." The actress paid a reported $20 million in 1989 for 1,700 acres of Braselton, near Athens. Her bankruptcy petition put its value at $900,000. Basinger had planned to build a film and recording studio in the town, about 40 miles from Atlanta. From Wlr« Service Reports Entertainment 825-6000 Journal Salina and the region (ARTS)2787 Sallna Community Theatre (PLAY)7529 4 Sunday • Solo II: Pro Solo Finale, Sports Car Club of America. Salina Municipal Airport. Free. Information: 823-3135. B Belleville: NCRA Sprints. Belleville High Banks. Tickets: $15 adults, $5 children. Information: 527-2244. • Carneiro: Community picnic, annual Lorenz Basket Picnic; games, playground, music. 1 p.m., Lorenz Picnic Grove, Carneiro-Beverly county road 6 miles from K-l 40 or 1-70. Free, bring a dish or table service. Information: 225-6673. • Clyde: Watermelon Festival; crafts, barbecue, sand volleyball tournament, antique tractor pull, childrens' games, talent show. Information: 446-2291. • Glen Elder State Park: Naturalist programs: "Kids' Nature Treasure Hunt," 9a.m., visitor center; "Fashion a Fish," 11 a.m., amphitheater; "How to Preserve Plants," 1 p.m., visitor center. Free, $3 vehicle pass required. Information: 545-3345. • Great Bend: Organ concert by Craig Jaynes, Columbus, Ohio. 7 p.m., Trinity Lutheran Church, 2701 24th St. Free. Information: (316)793-7894. • Great Bend: Kansas State Horseshoe Tournament. Information: (316)792-2401. • Llndsborg: Reception and program for "Sandzen in the Smoky By Joyce JMson Valley" exhibit, music by The Gallery Trio and Lindsborg Vocal Trio. 2-4 p.m., Blrger Sandzen Memorial Art Gallery, 401 N. First. Free. Information: 227-2220. • Llndsborg: Storyteller/fiber artist Joan K. Weaver. 4 p.m. children's story, "Let's Spin a Tale;" 7:30 p.m. historical play, "A Common Thread;" Swedish Pavilion. Admission $2, children free. Information: 227-3706. • Logan: 18th Annual Labor Day Sunday; games, tournaments, kids tractor pull 2 p.m. .entertainment 5:30-7 p.m., Boeing Jazz big band 7-9 p.m., fireworks, Logan Golf Course. Free. Information: 689-4846. • Run ell Springs: Old Settlers Day and State Cow Chip Throwing Contest. Information: 672-4862. • St. Peter: Centennial celebration; church services, parade, games, dinner, dance to Omer Wittman Band. ARIES (March 21-April 19). Help a neighbor fix his or her car. Do the lawn, or weatherize your castle to prepare for the season ahead. Enjoy a restaurant meal this evening, or perhaps you'll prefer the fun of playing host. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You're the one who is doing the giving in a romance or in relationships with young people. Don't hesitate to give advice along with other help. Provide a shoulder for loved ones to lean on. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). A family member is your ally in a dispute. Getting your home in good condition is the key to contentment --you're ready to make your mark in the world, and the condition of your home makes a difference. CANCER (June 22-July 22). You're very busy through the next few days -catch up on correspondence and phone calls today while you have time. The evening brings a chance to explain away misunderstandings with a child or lover. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). An extra money source is quite real - but a pal may need a sizable loan. Continue to be a positive influence in personal relationships so that those who are jealous will have nothing to say. TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (September 4). Efforts to get through to a child or prospective romantic partner are successful before the end of October. Take a class, or expand your knowledge of favorite subjects in November -- travel or set bold goals. Through December, concentrate on family needs. A romance gets serious. An exciting chance to work at home in January is yours -- a hobby turns into a paying proposition in '95. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). It's your turn to shine at social or club gatherings, where you may run into old friends, make valuable career contacts or get valuable problem-solving tips. Enjoy informative chats with your family, too. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). You have time to finish what needs finishing, whether it's a relationship that's draining your resources and straining your nerves or a repair job around the home. Next week brings a power move on the career front. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). An experienced friend can help with a problematic task. It's an extra friendly day - be available for group functions. Love is made stronger by letting each other have maximum personal freedom. Be a listener. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Take charge of family projects and doings, or spend time making personal decisions. Plan social activities, and extend invitations. Your chance to show what you can do on the job comes next week. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). A unique gift - which is quite a surprise - may be part of the fun today. An old emotional issue that arises between you and in-laws (or an authoritative type) can now be solved permanently -be patient and tactful. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Extremes aren't necessary, but you won't feel like fitting into a routine. Your concentration is great --get the bills paid and the budget planned. Discover ways to get what you want with some left over. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). A business opportunity may be just ahead -you've got preparations to make and perhaps an emotional matter to settle with someone very close. Get help from a Libra •you are good at taking advice. •1992 Jayc* Jlllion. Diilclbulcd by Creators Syndicate Inc. Journal LINE 1 Sponsored By Horoscopes 825-6000 Category 7827 214W, Kirwin 823-8066 5 Monday • LABOR DAY • Belleville: Belleville High Bonks Enduro. Tickets: $5 adults, $2 children. Information: 527-2244. • Brookville: Labor Day arts and Crafts Fair. Information: 823-8752. • Cawker Cily: Hunter Safety Class, sponsored by Glen Elder State Park; required for all hunters born after July 1,1957.6-10p.m., Cawker City Grade School all-purpose room; continues Tuesday-Wednesday 7-10 p.m. Free. Information: 545-3345. • Chapman: Labor Day celebration. Information: 922-6550. • Florence: Labor Day celebration. Information: (316)878-4474. • Gaylord: Watermelon Day. Information: 282-3895, • Great Bend: Kansas State Horseshoe Tournament. Information: (316)792-2401. • Palmer: Palmer Fun Day. Information: 692-4324. Sunday Crossword Puzzle Edited by James C. Boldt and Joyce Nichols Lewis "LABOR LAMENTS" By Letltla Luxton ACROSS 1 Political alliance 5 Oro y—: Montana's motto 10 Candid 14 Beggar's request 18 Radames's love 19 Nocturnal lemur 20 — bene 21 Devout 23 Miller's worry? 26 Given to sulking 27 Chile's capital 28 Jai alal basket 29 High-flown symbol 30 Sicilian spouter 31 Kunta—: "Roots" ancestor 32 Boarding house sign 33 Abridgment 36 Cause merriment 37 Tongueless shoes 40 Subtle sarcasm 41 Bartender's Worry? 43 FDR measure 44 Speaker's platform 45 Bobby Burma's hillside 46 Beak appendage 47 Equal, in Aries 48 The Tabard, for one 49 Longshoreman's worry? 53 "...— by faith.": Wordsworth 54 Disregards 56 Paint pigment 57 Tenses by contraction 58 A Duke or a Day 59 Dove shelters 60 Dowdy damsel 61 A Vanderbilt, happy at last 63 Crete's capital 64 Personal logs 66 "Main Street" author 67 Fisherman's worry? 69 Egg drink 71 Water buffalo 72 Kind of haste 73 Turgenev's birthplace 74 Romanov ruler 75 Balderdash! 76 Lumberjack's worry? 80 Plowman's friend 81 Distressed Afrlbah country 83 CMurch music- maker , 84 Brash and shrill 85 Mrs. Irving Berlin 86 Football shapes 87 River hear Mt. Ararat 88 Actress Marlee 90 Tuscany town 91 Raconteur's tale 95 Oranjestad's Island 96 Dltchdlgger's worry? 98 Dalai Lama's land 99 Daredevil Knlevel lOOOb|etd'art 101 Endure 102 Jacob's first wife 103 Zilch 104Krupp munitions , locale lOSSommerfrom Berlin DOWN 1 Check-out counter supply 2 Trevl coin 3 Chief honcho of the Aeslr 4 USD hot spots 5 Flexible 6 "Ars —, vita brevis" 7 Jason's ship 8 Gratuity 9 Not gregarious 10 Ragtime dance 11 —cochere: covered entrance 12 Kelt of the comics 13 Dissenting vote 14 Fills with horror 15 Singer Richie 16 Picture- framer's worry? 17 Flock of mallards 22 Neighbor of Isr. 24 Eccentric, new style 25 Wai) openings 29 Small cabaret 31 Kind of arc light 32 Unpleasant degree 33 "-* Remember?": Harlow's last song 34 Man from Teheran 35 TV repairman's worry? 36 Maurice or Dale 37 Qarson of "Mrs. Miniver" 38 Wipe out 39 Epsom — 41 The "Cat Nation" 42 Roosevelt's Interior Secretary 45 USSR intelligence head, 1934-53 47 Fragrant resin 49 Karloff or . Yeltsin 60 Blackmore's "LOrna —" 51 Eight maids a-slnglng 52 doing for a song 53 — out: utter suddenly 55 Waterwheel 57 Fragile 59 "I Can Dream, —?" 60 Played a high- pitched flute 61 Stare fiercely 62 European dormouse 63 Leaf rib 64 Poet Mark van — 65 Flies high 67 Out 68 First Philippines president 70 Zane of the purple sage 72 Charlemagne's dad 74 Poet Sara 76 David's target 77 Songwriter- actor Ivor 78 Sigurd's horse 79 At —: seen quickly 80 Severe Athenian 82"— monkey's uncle!" 84 Rennes resident 86 Naval supply ship 87 Tina Turner's original name 88 Wrestling area 89 Seed coat 90 Put by 91 Put on—: show off 92 Viva voce 93 Clephant feature 94 Addition for kitchen 96 Hat for the Casbah 97 Astronaut Grissom 9/4/94 ©1994 Los Angeles Times Syndicate ADVENTURE 825-6000 TRIVIA GAMES category 4263 Yesterday's answer Student suspended for pink hair I Local talent, big band J^, food, fun and *™ wor te at Logan's UthannualLaborDay. Sunday festivities By The Associated Press NEW MILFORD, Conn. — Pretty in pink maybe, but not in pink hair. School officials suspended eighth- grader Danielle Kriegsman because she showed up for the first day of school with bright pink locks. The 13-year-old's mother, Gina Satmary, said her daughter will be allowed to return to Schaghticoke Middle School— but only to a special class for troubled students. "That class is for kids who bring guns to school. I'm upset because they're making her a part of this crowd," Satmary said. "She's just an average kid who experimented with her hair." Satmary met with Superintendent Mark Franceschini and Principal Donald Fiftal. She says they are interfering with her daughter's constitutional right to free speech and she will work with a lawyer to get Danielle back into regular classes. School officials described her hair color — and the neon purple shade chosen by fellow student Jenn Samias — as a distraction. They were ordered home Wednesday and told to wear wigs or go back to their natural color. Jenn relented and went back to being a blonde, but Danielle vowed to keep her pink locks. Top Ten Movies 825-6000 Category 6918 $3 Primetime Show (*) / Senior Citizen Anytime Hearing Impaired * Milk Money (PG13) -1 Hour 50 mln. • Central Mall -1:50*. 4:30*, 7:10,9:30 ** Andre (PG) -1 hour 36 mln. • Central Mall - 2:00«, 4:35' * r Color of Night (R) - 2 hours • Central Mall - 7:15,9:35 ** Clear & Present Danger .(PG13) - 2 hours 16 mins. • Central Mall -1:45*, 4:25*, 7:05,9:45 **** Forrest Gump (PG13) - 2 hours 22 mins. • Central Mall -1:40*, 4:20*, 7:00,9:40 *** The Mask (PG13) -1 hour 35 mins. • Mid State - 2:30*, 5:00*, 7:15, 9:25 i Wagons East (PG13) -1 hour 41 mins. • Mid State - 2:15*, 4:45*, 7:00 *** True Lies (R) - 2 hours 21 mins. • Mid State - 9:15 only *** Natural Born Killers (R) - 2 hours • Sunset - 2:15*. 4:45*, 7:10,9:30 ** Camp Nowhere (PG) -1 hour 36 min. • Sunset - 2:30*. 5:00*, 7:00,9:15 **i I Love Trouble (PG) 2 hours • Vogue - 2:30,4:45,7:00,9:15 fi El ASBl'HY • S M.INA 13 D 14 •$"!!• il Me'diu HEALTH INFORMATION LINE 825-6000 Category 5000 Wit Journal TV's Best Bets - 825-6000 Category 6918 For detailed listings, see TV Week Magazine in Saturday's Salina Journal SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 4,1994 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Adam Smith Market Nature 38926 Wild Am. Vic. at Sea Masterpiece Theatre 27810 Darling Buds o( May 37297 Diving; National Outdoor Championships 990487 CISL Soccer: Arizona Sandsharks at Anaheim Splash 542810 Football o Movie: "Police Academy 6; City Under Siege" 7758 Fortune Hunter 19568Isimpsons [Hardball Movie; "Confessions: Two Faces of Evil" 6075 News 72810 [Suspect NFL Primetime 182365 [Major League Baseball; May Be Pre-Empted Due to the Baseball Strike 444384 Married.. Wild Oats Movie: "The In-Laws" 95839 Weird Scl. U.S. Open Tennis: Men's Third and Women's Fourth Rounds 939365 Sportscenler 579742 Silk Stalklngs 751384 60 Minutes 82810 Murder, She Wrote 63636 Movie: "Mission of the Shark" 76100 News Telethon Advntures | Pregame NFL Football: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos 983384 NFL Post Game 447182 Bread of Life 33487 Light [Encourage Hour o( Power 78520 | Up Next On Access 436742 Ancient Mysteries 817029 | Ape Man: Story Evolution Ancient Mysteries 196433 iPolrot 116297 Caroline's Comedy Hour D Movie; "Police Academy 6: City Under Siege" 22907 Movie: "Confessions; Two Faces of Evil" 27452 News I Sports Movie: "Marlowe" 739162 National Geographic Explorer 741907 Earth Paid Prog. Piekin' for Merle | Evening at Pops 94568 Served lEmmerdale [Masterpiece Theatre 83452 Doctor Who 93013 Pinnacle Sport Sun. Primenews734617 CNN Presents 743365 World News 836029 Sports Business DuckTales the Movie - Treasure Videos Stars Across America: MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon News Telethon Mechanic NHRA Today Racing iRaceday Flshln' I Fishing Bassmastere | Outdoors Road Test | Our Way Chiefs Update 46094 Martin Umanskl Roast Stars Across America: MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon News Telethon Assault on the Male 719433 Natural World 192617 Iceblrd 101365 East Meets Wax 294029 Natural World 191988 60 Minutes 31162 Murder, She Wrote 21636 Movie: "Mission of the Shark" 34100 News Edition Video Music Awards Prev. Dead at 21 Real World Unplugged |Rockumnt Beavls-Butt [Bros. Grun State 272452 Liquid TV Fortune Hunter 735471 Simpsons Hardball Married.. Wild Oats News Star Trek: Next Gener. Arsenio Hall Jungle | Big Jake Country Music Spotlight Snowy River: McGregor In Touch 550742 Ben Haden J. Ankerberg Movie: "Ladyhawke" Cont'd 45847810 Movie: "Hawaii" 9174471 VISN Showcase 3089013 Joy of Music I Songs I Common Sense Religion Rejoice In the Lord Changed Lord's Way "The Richest Cat in the World" 593758 | Disney Rock & Roll Movie: "Wild In the Country" 805365 Stand-Up S.A.S.T, Movie: "Just One of the Guys" 8351655 Shorts lUmboland Absolutely Saunders 'Pink Cadillac" 276278 Movie: "Tightrope" 534839 Movie: "For a Few Dollars More" 5883487 Battles FX Masters Conn. 2 Pacific Archaeology, I Castles This Century 897623 Conn. 2 Pacific Adventures-Milo Movie: "Lorenzo's Oil" 7742556 Movie: "Peggy Sue Got Married" 2487723 TlmRussert Cal Thomas Poz-Don CNBC Talks Rivera Live 6672687 Tom Snyder 9199153 Personal Fuenles : amily Affair Nanny Ghost & Muir Family Affair [Fantasy Island 3757968 ]ln Color In Color I Sound (X 3770839 Movie: "A Force of One" 896617 MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon News MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon You Afraid? Roundhouse Nick News VeryJ/ery Nick at Nile 625636 Van Dyke |l Love Lucy [Lucy Show Track and Field Wavestock 3262075 Pro Beach Volleyball 'Used People" 447704 Movie: "A League of Their Own" 9089100 | Comedy Half Movie: "Sniper" 78778094 m. "Impulse" Cont'd 267520 Movie: "The Ballad of Little Jo" 525181 Have a Heart 4307487 | Paid Prog. | Paid Prog. |Paid Prog. |Paid Prog, Commlsh 530988 Clapprood Hidden Maid-Ordr Chris Cross Movie; "Next Door" 8516471 Movie: "Three of Hearts" 36079471 Resurrected In Depth, Cont'd 1747452 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Movie: "September Affair" 559986 J Movie: "Money From Home" 554433 "Moon Over Miami" 175100 B PBS-Bunker Hill B NBC-Wichita B Fox-Wlchila/Salina B CBS-Topeka B ACCESS 6-Salina O NBC-Kansas City B PBS-Wichita B ABC-Kansas City 03 ABC-Wichita Q) Prevue fB CBS-Wichita Q9 Fox-Kansas City 09 Encore OB Disney 03 Weather Channel 01 Clnamax 09 Starz | Nickelodeon I HBO | Showtime I Am. Movie Classics I Prime Sports I ESPN SB USA 8BTNT SD Arts & Entertainment QD WTBS-Atlanta eg CNN SDTNN IB Discovery SB Headline News SB MTV 8BVH1 SB Family Channsl (B Comsdy Central IB C-Span (B teaming Channsl 69 VISN-Vislons (B CNBC 6D CMT OB Court TV QB ED Comm. Access-Sallna (B WQN-Chicagp (B ESPN 2 IB Lifetime ODQVC 3D America's Talking (BOOPay Per View

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