Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 29, 1978 · Page 25
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 25

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1978
Page 25
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26 POST-GAZETTE: r ON THE AIR - in Supertrain 9 Has Super Set J-,On the first Wednesday in February, NBC will roll but its answer to ABC's "Love Boat" in the 8-9 "family hour" slot. The premiere will be a 2-hour special start-big at 8. 1 Called "Supertrain," it will be one of the most expensive pilot series ever produced. Because the giant, ultramodern train had to be constructed on sound stages from scratch, the budget for the first 13 hour-long episodes has reached $12.5 million. ' ' This is about twice as much per hour as is spent on the normal network series. ' 'So what's NBC getting for its money? x Well, if the flackery is to be believed, the "most flamboyant, extravagant expensive set ever built for TV" will cover three stages. "Visitors to the sets are awed by the giant silver train - each car is 64 feet long, 26 feet wide and 22 feet high which appears ready to zoom straight into the tunnel leading to New York's Grand Central Station." , Ned Parsons, the art production designer, says he " visited libraries and museums for miles around, reading about trains and studying designs. I also sent for material from around the world." ' He learned that the world's most advanced trains are operating today in Canada and Japan. After looking at the details about these trains, Parsons abandoned the idea of miniatures and "dolling up" present-day real ears and engines. t "Our train was going to be bigger, better, faster and more luxurious than anything existing in today's world," be says. "In other words, if we wanted a supertrain, we'd have to build one." Behind the atom-powered, gadget-filled locomotive there are nine super cars. The first, in addition to comfortable crew quarters, has a luxurious "V.I.P." lounge on an upper level - "for special executive parties." . If it were possible to actually walk through the giant mockup, you'd come on day and night accommodations for the passengers, a "Presidential Suite," a medical center (staffed with a doctor and nurse), a pharmacy, a library, a boutique and men's store, a barber shop and beauty salon. And there's more on down the train. On Supertrain there will be a recreation room, with shuffle board and ping-pong tables; a fully equipped gymnasium; a discotheque; and, not to be outdone by its seagoing rival, a 22 foot by 14 foot swimming pool. f In fact, becoming expansive, Parsons says that "we Can have anything we want - a movie theater or a (ambling casino, or anything else a script might call or." Starting last September, a crew of 100 skilled set-construction men were put to work in two groups of 50 men each, working 12-hour shifts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a lot of this was golden time, as work beyond normal hours and weekends to say nothing of holidays is called in Hollywood, it is easy to see where those millions of dollars went. I On board for the two-hour premiere run will be Steve Lawrence, Don Meredith, Stella Stevens, Vicki Lawrence, George Hamilton, Keenan Wynn, Edward Andrews, Char Fontane, Nita Talbot and Robert Alda. ' More Briefly: Eunice Beach, the well-known Pittsburgh designer, will appear oo "AM Pittsburgh" next Thursday to make suggestions about decorating for the New Year - without straining the budget. Miss Beach (Mrs. Si Bloom) has long been an active participant in the Junior League Show House project 0 WDVE's Dennis Benson received a 1978 Gabriel Award for the best locally produced youth radio program in America. It was for "The Crystal Roller Coaster" aired last April a drug special mixing comedy, rock star interviews, phone calls and special stereo production for 2 12 hours. K Fred Rogers was this year's special Gabriel awardee. The Gabriels are awarded by the Catholic Broadcasting Association. Pat Shingleton, who has been filling in on the weather beat at Channel 11 this week, is a native of Elwood City who regularly handles the weathercasts on WAFD-TV in Baton Rouge, La. Home to visit his family, he decided to take a busman's holiday. Taking a light approach to the whole thing, Shingleton manages to wave his arms about even more than Bob Kudzma and that's no mean feat. Pat is a Point Park graduate who worked his way through college tending bar in half a dozen local watering holes. ? Erik Estrada, of "CHiPs," and "Love Boat's" Lauren Tewes will join Dick Clark and a host of top performers on ABC's "New Year's Rockin' Eve 79, set Sunday night, 11:30-1 o'clock on Channel 4. Gable TV j) WOR-TV (Indegoadent) - t em - news rM-rn. club IK - NEWARK AND REALITY - JOE FRANKUN U - ROMPER ROOM 11 - STRAIGHT TALK Noon m. NEWS ID gjn. - MELTMQ POT 1 - MOVIE. - "Jum.!fJ4) GtefM Ford, 1 - KONSCC I - MOVC "Miss Sadie Tliompson." (I S4 Joe Ferrer, Rile Heyworlti. A - JOKER'S VflLD tM - BOWUNO FOR DOLLARS t - DATING OAME MO - SWLVWSD GAME t - MEW VORK REPORT CM - MEET THE MAYORS t IT WRITTEN Mt WORLD TOMORROW It JsMMY SWAGGART IMB NEWARK AND REALITY II - HARNESS RACING FROM YONKS : 11:M - BOBBY VINTON MMMfM - MOVIE. "Demeel In Distress." (1)') Pnt MM, Joan Ftntam. MS JOE FRANKUN tM - NEWS JUWVAi-TV (Independent) AJTl - PTL CLUw I r RUGS RUNNY tM - PUNTSTONES $M - SANANA SPLITS I - BARHABY t - ROMPER ROOM II 41 kJK 11 - BOLD ONES NMD - (SWITCHED 11:14 tm - LUCY SHOW v MOW 0vllOodM."(l5)Jnii tjbtkumutter, Angela Stevens. I - PUNTSTONES - RATTLE OP THE PLANETS 4:M - SPIDERMAN Fri., Dec. 29, 1978 IT r i w ? wsry Listings S - MICKEY MOUSE CUW S:M - GONO SHOW - ANDY GROTTM kit - MY THREE SONS 1 - SANFORD AMD SON ' 7:M - CHtCO AND THE MAM I - CUNSAtOKE e MOVIE "The Happening." 1t;) An-tienv Quinn, Faye Ounaway. Midnight MOVIE "Gunga Dm." (11) Care Grant, Oeugtas Faktmi Jr. (17) WTCG-TV (Independent) - Atlanta tXuil - ROMPER ROOM 7 - THREE STOOOESUmS RASCALS I - LEAVE IT TO IEAVER :M - HAZEL f - LUCY SHOW M - GREEN ACRES II - MOVIE. "Let's Do R Again." (1153) Jane Wyman, Ray Milaiid. Noon - MOVIE "Men m War." (157) Robert Ryan, AM Ray. 1 - BLUE -GRAY BOWL Northern AU-Sters vs. Southern AA-Slars. S - I DREAM OF JEANME S:N - tEVERLV MLLWLUES - ANDY GRFFITM 6:M - MY THREE SONS ' CAROL IURMETT A FRIENDS 7J - SANFORD AND SON I NBA IASKETIALL . Aflame Hants vs. Philadelphia 76ers, 10:15 - MGHT GALLERY Jfr - LOVE, AMERICAN II - LOVE EXPERTS 11:30 - MOVK "Reasl of Morocco." William Sylvester, Diane Clare. Hi. jm- - RASKETRALL SPLAT M MOVIE "The New Frontier." (IMS) John Wayne, Jenmler Jenei. ( W CIS-TV (CM) - NYC SATURDAY J JO a-m. - MOW. "fates el Terror." (IMl) vie, con Price, Peter Lerri. - STANLEY MEGEL (S KDKA (CBS)-Pittsburgh (DWTAE(NBC)-Pittsbugh eWIIC(NBC)-Plttsburgh O WQED (PBS) Pittsburgh (S) WQEX (PBSl-Pittsburgh 22 WPTT (Independent)- Pittsburgh 63 WPGH (Independent)- Pittsburgh S) WJAC (NBC)-Johnstowo (SWTRF (NBC-ABC) - Wheeling (BWSTV (ABC-CBS)- Steubenville ffl WTAJ (CBS)-Altoona 'Black and white. 6 A.M. (B Projects O Quest QD PTL Club (SI Sunrise Semester 6:18 News . 6:30 A.M. QD Sunrise Semester Romper Room O Radius O New Zoo Revue (?) Arthur Smith Show (Oil John Riley 7 A.M. GO CBS News 2) Good Morning America (DXSJGD Today 22 Three Stooges Q Flintstones 7:30 A.M. 22 Porky Pig & Friends O Abbott & Costello 8 A.M. (DffXE) Capt. Kangaroo (S AM Pittsburgh 22 Three Stooges Spiderman 8:30 A.M. 22 Leave It To Beaver ESSpeedracer 9 A.M. Match Game (DXZXQI) Phil Donahue Hearings: JFK Assassination 22 Dennis The Menace & 700 Club Electric Company (B 700 Club 9:30 A.M. GO Weather Watchers General Hospital 22 Ozzie & Harriet ffl 700 Club ffl Mulligan Stew 10 A.M. SX5XS) All in the Family SXD Card Sharks 22 Mothers In-Law 10:30 A.M. GO Price Is Right Edge of Night 5MXD Jeopardy! 22 1 Love Lucy g Good Day Pittsburgh 11 A.M. Happy Days EX5XZ) High Rollers 22 Perry Mason 8 Please Don't Eat the Daisies 11:30 A.M. GDGD Love of Life Family Feud (DX5XD Wheel of Fortune 53) Mister Rogers O Mayberry R.F.D. 11:55 CD CBS News Entertainment Tammies Sing and Highlight: The annual New Year's Eve presentation of the Duquesne University Tamburitzans, performed Sunday at 8:30 p.m. in Heinz Hall, has become a favorite event as the youthful Tammies sing and dance the folk music of various European countries. This year after the Heinz Hall show, the celebration will continue with an all-night champagne dinner party at the Duquesne Union, on the university's campus. Proceeds from this event will be used to establish a special centennial scholarship for students of Du-quesne's second century. Reservations for the dinner will be accepted at the university's centennial office through this afternoon. Special Events BEAR RUN NATURE RESERVE: Rt. 111. Hiking, backpack-ine, snowshoeing, ski touring. Free guided ski teur Sal. at t Reserve open Sal, Sun. 11:30-5. BUHL PLANETARIUM: Building hours today and Satj 10-5; 7-10; Sun. A New Year's 1-10. "The Star el Bethlehem": Men. at MS. 5 and 7:10. Tues.-Frl. MS. and 7:10. Sal. at 11:15. 1:15 and 7:11. Sun. at 1:15. 5 and 7:30. "Laserium - Today al 1:10 and MS; Sal. at 3:10, 1 11 and 1:45. Sun. at J.J0. Closed New Year's. Tux-'Thurs. I:)0 and 4S. Miniature Railroad and Village Diisiay. Through Feb. 15. CARNEGIE MUSEUM OF NAT- URAL HISTORY: Tours on Sat. at 1J:10 and 1:1k Si lilms let. al 1. sun. at i:jo; HARTWOOO ACRES: Seion. burg Rd. Tours of the decorated mention available by reservation "Jfjuoh Dec 11. Todey and Sat. 10-4; tun. Il-I. Candeliahl tours Vs-y- p lk BOB SECER headlines the rock show at the Civic Arena tonight at 8. Television Programs NOON GO Local News 820,000 Pyramid (ED America Alive! Sesame Street 22 Movie "Circle of Deception." (19111 (2 brsl Q Beverly Hillbillies GD News Nine Daytime GD News (SI Young and the Restless 12:30 P.M. (SX5M Search for Tomorrow Ryan's Hope ,. O Corner Pyle QD America Alive! 1 P.M. (Dffl Young and the Restless All My Children Joker's Wild Studio See O Room 222 News CD Hollywood Squares Lucy Show ; 1:15 ffl Cross Section 1:30 P.M. GO Pittsburgh 2Day (OSXZ) Days of Our Lives Electric Company ffl As the World Turns & Merv Griffin 2 P.M. One Life to Live Hearings: JFK Assassination 22 Capt PittCartoons 2:30 P.M. GD Guiding Light ' (EDCD Doctors 3 P M. Cross-Wits QDCD Another World 22 Dennis The Menace 8) Fun World 3:30 P.M. fflffl MASH Liar's Gub Over Easy 22 Leave It To Beaver S3 Flintstone 4 Friends 4 P.M. GO Everyday Tom & Jerry Woody Woodpecker 2 Porky Pig QMunsters Little Rascals (D Dinah! ffl Bugs Bunny Gilligan's Island 4:30 PJM. Brady Bunch Six Million Dollar Man 22 Three Stooges (9 Super Adventures GD Andy Griffith ffl Gilligan's Island Brady Bunch 5 P.M. (D Mike Douglas Odd Couple Electric Company (H) wages oi Congress 22 Monkees Q Hogan's Heroes GD Six Million Dollar Man Emergency One Big Valley Calendar toDance, Party . PITTSBURGH FILMMAKERS: 105 Oakland Ave. "TheSnoeHne? (17 1) by Monte Hetman with jack Nicholson. TemaM and Sat at I and 10. SUNDAY: South MMi Theater. W. Liberty Ave. "Kal Aai Aur Kat,4 gin mevie mm Enphsn sublines. THURSDAY: Cinema in me Park Schenley Park Ice Rink. "Ninetchbe" (1Ur) by LutMtscn. "Crime Central" k BencWey. I On Stage BEN GROSS: Irwin. " T.OJJV Tonight at r.)t .let and til and 10:45. Sim. al II. CIVIC ARENA: Rock Shew witi Bob Teni soger end invar Bvunef nana. nohlat T:lk DINNER THEATER ON THE RIDGE: Holiday Inn, Irwin. "Came Blow Your Hern."TanigM Rtrough Sun. al 1:10. David Banner (Bill Bixby) takes a job at a zoo, hoping that a scientist there who is conducting animal research can offer him help in curing hir Hulk affliction, on "The Incredible Hulk," to be rebroadcast tonight at 9 on Channel 2. TV Key Previews Todiv's top shows as previewed by reporters in Hollywood. New York and Pittsburgh. t p.m. ffl Donny & Marie. Fans of the stars of "What's Happening" may have some fun tonight in a skit involving them and comedienne Betty White playing inmates of a luxury minimum security prison who complain about their meals and social activities. As for the loyal followers of Donny and Marie, they're treated to such songs as "Rockin' Me," "Emotion," "Attitude Dancin' " and "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" from their hosts. (60 min.) 9 p.m. CD The Rockford Files. "The Deuce." Complicated but attractive vehicle for James Garner's thoroughly appealing private investigator Jim Rock-ford. Jim on jury duty is the only member of the jurv who refuses to vote to convict a known alcoholic of killing a woman while driving home from a bar thoroughly drunk. (60 min.) I p.m. The Gator Bowl. Live from the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Fla., Ohio State battles against Clem-son. 10 p.m. GD A House Divided. Another rewarding documentary about a serious subject produced by Capitol Cities broadcasting group. Narrator Nancy Dickerson is the interviewer with many U.S. congressman and business lobbyists, as we learn why more and more congressmen are retiring voluntarily, and why the lower chamber is more independent of the leadership now than in past decades. Also, there's some valuable coverage of the vastly increased workload of our congressmen, resulting in almost totally uninformed votes. (60 min.) 11 p.m. The Dick Cavett Show. Novelist John Irving, author of the highly acclaimed recently published "The World According to Garp," visits with Dick Cavett tonight. 12:45 a.m. CS The Late Movie. "Spellbound." (1945). This Hitchcock suspense drama starring Ingrid Bergman as a psychiatrist and Gregory Peck as a doctor accused of murder may be unnecessarily tricky at times, but the performances of Bergman as she tries to shield the doctor and prove his innocence and Peck as the deeply troubled doctor will hold your attention throughout. (1 hr. 50 min.) Black and white. 5:30 P.M. O Gong Show Carol Burnett & Friends ffl Hogan's Heroes Mary Tyler Moore 6 P.M. Sesame Street GD Local News Extensions State of Weather 22 Superman 22 1 Dream Of Jeannie Tamburitzans AURRIOTT ewt Green Tree. Brockett's "Brocket! and Barbara In Heal." Toniahl al 110. "Broadway Babes. " Set at f and II. MUSEUM OF ART THEATER: Lovelace Theeter presents "Hansel and Gretei." Today el 11:30 and MO. Sat. al 1:11 and 1:10. PTTTSBUtOH LABORATORY THEATER: DM Fifth Ave. "Leonardo's Last Supper" and "Noonday gemanV Tonight and Sat. at 1:10; .PITTSBURGH PUBLIC THE-ATER: Nerthside. "The Importance of Being Earnest." Tonight Mkvt; gal al 4 and 1:10. Sun. al 1 SWtSSVALE SENIOR HIGH: ran Clad. Aeroemenl present! ankat Tit ,"rMC" TB'n, THEATER EXPRESS: 4415 Bauni Blvd. "The Elephant Man." Tonight end Set. at UO. sun. el 1. On Screen "BRASS TARGET": Gen Patten Is the target of an assassin in this Actional suspense drome. John Cassavetes, Sophia Lor en. (PGI Bonk ft: 11:11, 1:15. 4:15, 1:15, 1:15 and 10:15. Denis: "l:45. 1:45, 5:45, rl and f 45, Eaitland: I end 10. Hampton: 7:10 and MS. Onemette Saat: 7:45 and MS, CAUPORNIA SUITE": Nell Si-ma cemody about live coupiet at the laverlv Hillt Hotel. Jane Fonda, Waller Mattheu. (PCI Minor t 1:45, 1:45. 5:45. 7:4, :4s and rv.is. South mi Vtllaoe: 4. 1 end : t:, l it. 5 jo. 7:10, "EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE"! ant Eettwood It a brawling truck driver in this boil tereus comedy. Sondra Locke. 7:15, 10:05 and (2:15. Showcase West: 1:45, 4:11, 7:10, 0:55 and IfclJ. "FORCE 10 FROM NAVAR. ONE": Warid War H action drama. Rebart Shaw, Edward Fei. IPG) riiwn n: I. j:ts, 9:jo, r: eno in. Cine mo no South: 7:10 end 10. Cine. mono Eosr. 1, 1:15. 5:10, 7:45 and 10. McKniohl: 1, 4:)o, 7:45 end 10. Cnema Warhtl, 4:M, 7:45 and 10. It. wcKnim rte ano 1 1: jo, unema wona: v.iv, i ll, yh, 7 )1 and MO and 11:45. tnemette Eott. 1:45, J:4S. 5:45. FtS ana Ml Manor ft: 1, J, 5, 7 n) sank c 1. J, I. 7. y end it. North Hills: 1, J, 5, 7:15, 0:10 end 11:10. Shewcese East: 1:45. 4:10. Jjhp Maureen Doyle and Richard Hladio perform Ukrainian dance. "INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS": Science fiction thriller eboul alien organisms Ink. ing over human bodits. Donald Sutherland, Leonard Nimoy. IPG) Gettwev:!, 4:15, 4:10. 1:45 and II. Showceie Eott and West: 11:45, 1, 5:15, 7:40, 10:10 and 11:15. "KING OF THE GYPSIES"! Conflict among three goner oi ion t of gypsies in modem America. Stirling Hoyden, Shelley Winters. iki r-ieire: i, i, s, , v ano ti. erne mono Eest: I, 1. if end 10:05. Cinema World: 1:U;i:15, 5:15, 7:10, MS and 11:45. "LORD OF THE RINGS": Ralph Bakshrs animated adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy. IPG) Kings Court: 1:15, 4:45, MS, MS. "Rocky Horror Shew" at Midnight. Showcase West: 1:45, 4:15, 7:15, 10 and 11:15. "MAGIC": An insane ventriloquist is the villein el this suspense thriller. Anthony Hopkins, Ann-Mergret. (HI Penn Hills: 4, 1 and 10. Regent: 1 15, 4:15 and MS. Hon, wood: e, I and 10. "MOMENT BY MOMENT Lily Toml.n is e Beverly Hills housewife who fells In love with a young drifter played by John Travolta. R) Chatnem Cinema: 1 4, 4, I and 10. Showcase Eott: 11:45, 10, 5:10, 1, 10:10 end U:i0. Denis: 4, , i and 10. "OLIVER'S STORY": Ryan O'Neal finds a new romance with Condice Bergen in this sequel to 'love Story."jPG) Squirrel Hill: 1, Its, 5:15. 1. f end 11. Showcase Eath i. i:lt, 1:10. 7:10, M0 and 11:45. Showcase west: 1:15, 1:10, 5:15, 7:40, 0:45 and 11:45. "PINOCCHIO": Walt Disney's 1940 animated clessic about a pup pel thet comes to life. JPG) Cineme South, Cineme 11, Eastland and McKniohl i Cinema World:!, 1, i, 1 and I. "SLOW DANCING IN THE BIO CITY": Sentimental romance of a tough newspaper columnist and en ailing young ballerina. Paul Sor. vino, Anne pitchburn. (PG) Manor ft: 4:15, 1:15 and 10. "SUPERMAN": The Man of Steel flies through the eir with the greatest and most eipemive al ease in this eleborete lenlaiy. , Chniiopher Reeve, Merlon ftrendo. (PO) Fulton: 1:10. 4:15. 4:S, :io end 11. Showcese Eest t West. I, 4, 7:10, 10 end 12:10. "THE WIZ": Contemporary urban rt working ot "The Wuerd of Oi" with an afl-bieck ceti headed by Diana Roll. (G Warptr. 1, 1:45, 4:10, f 15 and Il:i0. PITTSBURGH PLAYHOUSE: "Joieph Andrews." Tonight al 7:10 and 1:10. for Friday S3 Bob Newhart QD&XH) News 6:30 P.M. GDdHDNews ABC News Mister Rogers Over Easy 22 F Troop SI Sanford and Son NBC News ffl CBS News. 7 P.M. GD CBS News LotteryBowling G3XD NBC News MacNeilLehrer Dick Cavett 22 Get Smart Streets of San Francisco Family Feud ffl Mary Tyler Moore Jimmy Swaggart Special 7:30 P.M. GD Evening Magazine ffl Match Game Newlywed Game Over Easy MacNeil Lehrer 22 1 Love Lucy Nashville Music QD Perspective ffl Brady Bunch 8 P.M. QD Wonder Woman After billionaire Harlow Gaulft itlll-functlonlng brain Is removed upon his death, -according to the provisions of his secret will, there begins the brain's gruesome . search for perfectly It body to be transplanted .into. (60 min.) ffl Donny & Marie 3X2) Diff 'rent Strokes Mr. Drummond and his family, adopted sons Arnold and Willis,daugMer Klmber. iy, and the housekeeper, Mrs. Garrett, recall the hilarious incidents and near, disasters in the 60 days since the boys came to live In the Drummond penthouse. Washington Week Firing Line 22 Bonanza "The Wooing of Abigail Jones." The Certwrlghts play Cupid for Ponderosa ranch hand Hank Myers. (60 min.) Movie "The Pawnbroker." (195) (2 hrs.) GD Battlestar Galactica 8:30 P.M. Wall Street Week 9 P.M. GD Incredible Hulk David Banner gets a lob at a too end finds a lovely young scientist proceeding with the genetic research he had started before being forced to become a homeless wanderer. (Repeat) (60 min.) (Dffl Gator Bowl Ohio State vs. Clemson. ffiCD Rockford Files Congressional Outlook Outlook Course of Our Times 22 Perry Mason "The Case of the Hasty Honeymoon,H An eccentric millionaire Is accused of the Kison murder of his bride. I min.) 9:30 P.M. Harrlsburg Report ' Turnabout 10 P.M. GD House Divided Nightlife ALLEGHENY ROOM: BabbV Negri performs M the OM Allegheny Restaurant BLARNEY STONE: A dance will be held al this Etna restaurant tonight al 0 p.m. with Noel Henry and the Celtic Blues providing the musk. The group is from Boston and is one ot the most popular of the Irish bends to perform here. ENCORE c The JBS Trie, featuring the Heller vocels of Ms. Brenda Jones enteneins in this popular club on Market Street M Shadyside, HOUDAV HOUSE: VIC Genre and the Stone Mension Band wrap up a lengthy engagement this week at msMonreevilte supper LANDMARK: The Fred Pry or trio pleys for listening and dancing . in this down stairs spot in a historic office building Downtown. MARRIOTT! EirtwwHrWIWflt ItV Jimmy Clemen in the Trolley Lounge of this Groentroo meter lodge. SHERATON INN ON THE MALL: The exciting Terry Moretti and his stellar new show is being featured in the lounge of this Man- reevike motel. . SONNY DAVE'S STAGE OOOO) 1: The Silhouettes hold forth Mi this Whitehall club. TOP SHELF: Pianist Ray Hon. lev entertains in this Liberty Avenue spot, Exhibitions THE BOOKBINDER, Mt S. Craig: Work by ceiligraphers m this area. Tuos..Sat. ll-S. Through January. PITTSBURGH PLAN FOR ART, 407 S. Oeig. New works by member ertiiti.Tues.-Sal. 10-5. Sun. II-t Through Jan. Il7 HUNT HSTTTUT1, Cemteie Mellon University: 'Reflections from the Third Dev: PhoiogrephiC Revelotions gf Plant Design. 15 phetogrephs. Mon.-Frl. 1-5. Through Feb. 14. BIRD R4 THE HAND Gentry, 417 Broad, Sewickley: The Chritl-mes Show. Tues.-Sal. 11-S. Through Dec ARTESANS, OM SteubenviHo Pike, Oekdale: Bells by Paulo So-tori; handcrafts by local artists. Tues.-Sun. 12-4. Through Owe THE TROPICAL TOUCH, S741 Walnut: artists of Hani. New gallery. Mon.. Sat. Its. (DXBGD Quincy . . . Tr.rfk " ine I wo v Ouincv goes up against hrs mentor, the top pathologist in the country. In a cese Involving a possible homl- clde and a fraudulent Insurance claim. (Repeat) (60 min.) Bottom Line (DM BOTTOM LINE Public Affairs Forum AOV. Guten Tag Wie Gehts 22 1 Spy Q Tic Tac Dough Flying High CAPT. MARCH MOVES IN WITH IISAPAM S MARCYFLYING HIGH ADV. 10:30 P.M. Black Horizons QD BLACK HORIZONS profiles Bill Fisher ov. Guten Tag In Deutschland O Joker's Wild 10:50 O Local News 11P.M. GD Local News Movies Noon (22) "Circle of Deception." (1961) British Intelligence agent becomes the prisoner of the Nazis; gives them information that turns out to be false. Bradford Dill-man, Suzy Parker. (2 hrs.) 8 p.m. (53) "The Pawnbroker." (1965) A Jewish pawnbroker and victim of Nazi persecution, loses all faith in his fellow man. Rod Steiger, Geraldine Fitzgerald. (2 hrs.) 11:30 p.m. (22) "Dar-by's Rangers." (1958) Gallant exploits of the American Rangers and their leader, Col. William Darby. James Garner, Jack Warden. (2 hrs.) 12:30 a.m. (4) "The Man from tie Diner's Club." (1963) Blundering employee of the Diner's Club inadvertently issues a credit card to a mobster. Danny Kaye, Cara Williams. (2 hrs.) 12:30 a.m. (J) "The Colditz Story." (1955) Radio Highlights 10:54 a.m. (KQV-1410) Meet the Cook. Pork chop and potato casserole in cream sauce. 8 p.m. (WDUQ--J0.5) Remember When. Featuring Buck Rogers and Dick Tracy episodes. 10:08 p.m. (KQV-1410) CBS Radio Mystery FRtCK ART MUSEUM. 7117 Reynolds, Point Breeie: Renois-sanca Italian, Flemish and Utti century French paintings, decorative arte. Wed.-Sat 10-iloT Sun. 11-4. WESTMORELAND COUNTY MUSEUM al Art, Greensbure: 14th Annual regional art eihbtion. "Man end His Environment, Tues.-SaL MVS. tun.1-1 Through Doc M. 1 ' DI1VO NATALI and current headline!, at in Monroeville. Dick Cavett 22 I Love Lucy SI Dating Game (SXZ) News 11:30 P.M. Gfjffl New Avengers . ffKIXD Tonight ffl) ABC News 11 Movie -Derby's Rangers.- (MM) 0 hrs.) S3 Night Gallery . Midnight - (SOD News SS 700 Club 12:31 ffl Movie "The Man from the Dinar' Club." (W63) (3 hrs.) (D Movie "The Coidfti Storv- (IMS) (2 hrs.) 12:45 GD Movie "Spellbound." (1945) (1 hr. SO min.) 1:00 SXZ) Midnight Special 1:30 S Local News 2:30 ffl Emergency One! QD Movie 3ont Be Afraid of the ark. (1973) (2 hrs.) FBI 2:35 GD Movie Tales of Terror." (1062) (00 min.) 4:30 (S Movie "Station Six-Sahara." (1043) (2 hrs.) on TV Comedy-drama about British prisoners of war in a German-castle fortress. John Mills, Eric Portman. (2 hrs.) 12:45 a.m. (2) "Spell-bound." (1945) Lady psychiatrist shields a doctor accused of murder, works to prove his innocence. Gregory Peck, Ingrid Bergman. (1 hr. 50 min.) 2:30 a.m. (9) "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark." (1973) Young couple move into a house occupied by evil spirits. Kim Darby, Jim Hutton. (2 hrs.) 2:35 a.m. (2) "Tales of Terror." (1962) Three Edgar Allan Poe tales. Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone. (90 min.) 4:30 a.m. (9) "Station Six - Sahara." (1963) A young woman enters the lives of a group of men running an oil station in the Sahara. Carroll Baker, Peter Van Eyck. (2 hrs.) 'Black and white. Theater. "The Dead House," starring Robert Dryden and Leon Janney. Based on a Mark Twain story from "Life on the Mississippi" about a man who, near death, reveals to Mark Twain his successful attempt to divert the mighty Mississippi River. COURTHOUSE GALLERY-FORUM. Grant. "Our welly Bread and Hetidav Edibtes": eihibitien of international breads assembled by Cooper -Hewitl Museum. N.Y, with local ethnic Baked goods. Through Jan. L MUSEUM OF ART, Carnegie ewtituM. 4400 Forbes: Fiber It, mrtanettig fiber artists, Ganery A, through Jan. 11 Works with neper by Bomlco GoMman. Entrance Gantry, through Jan I. "Monti-ceMi: His Contemporaries, His Influence," Heini Galleries, through Jan. . Mth century Minting!, sculpture, prints tram ceAectien of Mr. A Mrs. OrM Kaon eel, Oak-ment. T vet-Set. ll-Stun. f-i. A4-mniien eiceot Sat UP OALLERVforbM I Beu-euet. studie Am faculty tihiM-Hoa. Tvev-iat 10-4. Through Jan. THE BLUE SKY GALLERY, 1U1 OM William Pena Highway, Murrysvibe: Christmas Shaw. Tues.-Set. 11-S. Through Dec M. . OLD POST OFFICE, Altghtny Square W. Nerthside: Victorian Chrit1mel.Tuel.-Frl. 10-4:jii tat. Sua, 1-4:10. Admission. SELMA BURKE ART CENTER, Peon Circle South, East Uberry: Hainan Baiaar. Tue-Sei7ll-7. Through Jan. i. MERRICK ART GALLERY, New Brigmen: Pointings by Cat- TSt' THE CLAY PLACE, SMO Wat-nut Group shew of ceramics, sculpture. Mon.-Sat. 10-5. Mon.-Fri. 7-. Sun. 1-5. Music TODAY: Hetnt Had. Pittsburgh anal Theatefs "Nutcracker." To-oay ano ial. al 1 and HI. Sun. al SUNDAY: St. James Clwrc WUkinsbura, Recital by Homer Sickane, ergon. Chrtstmas music Fro. SUNDAY: Hetnl Haft. Dv ysng University Tamburittans. WEDNESDAY: Cotvary Episcopal Church. Pittsburgh Oratima Saciotv, DenaM WHkHit, conductor. Bach: Christmas Oratorio. 1 Ralf Ad.no are the the Holiday House 4

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