The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 2, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1896
Page 5
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\ffjn CAME TO HEAR DOtttVStL Mis Speech Last Saturday bfetv tike a Jaly delebfatidfl—A. Mastefiy A tfofcsS Full tb Overflowing—Sound t OemoctatB of Kossuth— Political Notes. details of tent fais!n£ Afeg fifuiNsd thatTxis could add 16 bis tteagef sala» by selling ttollive* fewttofid and At Al- goha opened a ihfrlttng Business. Tae Dollivef buttofi is a success. Wfi are loaning money on ftsal estate. Bates and terms to suit bofhiwef. Call and see us before loaning elsewhere. tfOXSEE & FOSTER* frhe opera house was jammed from £ifc to dome Saturday afternoon for the Dolliver meeting, and fully one-third of those Who cattle Wefe tUfned away. The wind was blowing so that att open- all? meeting Was sure to be unsatisfactory, la the house those who did get in heard every word of the best speech Mr. Dolliver has ever made in Algona. He spoke two hours and a half, wettt-into the merits of the financial question fully even to the discussion of prices, a,nd still invested the whole with an interest which held people standing in the aisles without weariness. It was a plain, practical, thdrough, statesmanlike discussion of the money' question, He ctxlled no names, imputed no bad motives, in* dulged in no claptrap, made no questionable claims, simply took acknowledged statistics and proved as conclusively as a proposition in mathematics is proved that the contention of the free silver men is unfounded in fact, and without merit as a release from the present period of depression. We believe that no speech that has been made by .a republican leader anywhere is abler than Congressman Dolliver is making, and in manner, in good humor, in oratory, no man on the stump is his superior. THE UPPER DES MOINES will attempt no analysis. Early in October Mr. Dolliver will be heard over the county. It is enough to assure our readers that ho will "absolutely demolish the whole foundation of the frne silver claims wherever he speaks. Dolllver's District. Those who are speculating on the chances J. B. Romans has to overcome this fall will be interested in the: vote of the Tenth district counties last year. It was as follows, the vote on governor being taken: iTarm for tieiit. Well-improved idO-iicre fartn, three miles from Algona, for rent for 189? by 24 HAGGARD & PEEK. Money. I am -loaning money on farm, lands &l si® per cent, interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. Ths borrower cati have the privilege of paying oft all or any part of his mortgage at the time of pay* itig interest. • J. J. RVAtf. Office over the postoffice, Algona, loWa. A Snrtp for Somebody. House and two lots for sale in west part of Algona. Good cellar, cistern, well, and a lot of nice shrubbery. A small payment only is required down. Inquire at this office.—23 Clover Hulling. I nm going to run my clover huller this fall, and would like to hear from all who have clover to hull. 2314 C. B. HUTCHINS. MATH OF A, MTHMORD _ i} 11....... ;• ~^,t Me £as&d Awafr Monday AfteMooft- ttis Demise Due M ft Disease of Fotmetly & New Vofk feusihtsa M«tt- Cfctnft «6 AigohA id i8?i—Th6 Btoty of His Life. -jagtoe why j-dtl &fli*t 'take fnSffc teWtfst n this mftltefc AS ,v*raf peMcl BW ftlfwa H6ti td Tmiia uft tiottte ifidnBtrtes; and when these setvank of the ftfbple (i) * ftis | he rates in the&e times of depression I .An' t understand yduf position. The rates n hay in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and ndian territory have ftll been reduced this inonth, tolnnt&rlly, bf .the rdftds them- elves, Jet W6 in Iowa' hdve ottts advanced ully 26 po* cent. t>o you think this Will nild up home markets! 1 Would like to •how where y6u stand on this matter hrongh the columns of your paper. SUBSCRIBER.' Hep. Boone "3,508 Calhoun 1,714 Carroll 1,578 Crawford 1,653 Greene 1,780 Hamilton 1,8.35 Hancock 1 ' 1 *1 HumboWt 1,308 Koasuth 1,815 Pocahontas 1,272 .Palo Alto... .1,802 Webster 2,427 Winnobago 920 Dem. 1,278 785 2,080 2,019 650 681 520 390 1,125 686 885 1,484 182 Pop. 457 212 127 188 516 121 55 91 134 418 288 435 178 Pro. 214 38 31 74 70 77 40 56 32 73 34 125 25 Total ..21,180 12,783 3,105 880 This gives the republicans 4,293 over all the opposition, which is a fair margin for Mr. Dolliver, and is probably a fair estimate although the year before he beat Baker by over 14,000. Mr. Dolliver will be elected by over 5,000 majority. Sound Money Democrats. ' Theo. Chrisehilles, C. E. Heise, and Philip Dorweiler represented Kossuth •county at the democratic sound money •convention at Des Moines. Mr. Chris- chilles was chosen alternate to the national convention at Indianapolis and started yesterday to attend. All three .of these men have lived in Kossuth .during the years the free silver men claim have been disastrous, and probably no three in the county better illustrate the folly of the claim. Mr. Dorweiler came in the later 60's and the *' Dorweiler Settlement" was made over across the mud flat, when half the year nothing but a crane could go from Whittemore to West Bend, and when Algona was the only market. In 1870 Mr. Heise opened his little barber shop and in 1871 Mr, ChriBohilles opened his store in the little building which stood at the corner of Call and Thorington streets, occupying the half or quarter story over head for living apartments, Without any adventitious aids, by industry, economy, and close attention to business, each of these men has made a notable success, Their presence in Des Moines was not their only protest against the nonsense that is being talked about the calamity of the past 25 years. Their whole business career is a more conspicuous protest, known to all the early settlers of the county. Local Political Notes. West Bend has a sound money club with 121 members. Postmaster Giddings is said to be the only free silver man in Wesley. Capt, Karburg of St. Jjoui's speaks in Wbittemore Saturday afternoon and in Wesley Saturday evening in German. Dr. Charlton of Clear Lake is a lifelong democrat, but while in Algona last week he said he should vote for Me- iftnley. ' Ex-Supervisor Nate Studer of Prairie was in fop Polliver's speech, He says the issue tins fall is not a matter of politics but of business, He wants a found and safe money, AND SO THEY_WE_RE MARRIED, A Jluntvwny Buffalo Center COMpJo Hie to AlKoim tor n License and nro Tied Together. Ed. Burk of Buffalo Center and Miss Mamie Ward of Lawler have been sparking, much to the discontent and annoyance of Miss Word's sister and brother-in-law, the O'Byne family, where she was visiting. Cupid was too much for the O'Byne's, however, as he 1ms been for so many other obdurate relatives in the world, even up to the Vnnderbuilt degree. The story is graphically told by the Tribune. The O'Bynes attempted to use force, but Burk was bold, and carried away the fair Ophelia, hatless and wrapless, in the very face of the enemy and drove to Algona. Saturday afternoon and secured a license to wed. lie turn ing to Buffalo Center about 4 o'clock Sunday morning he woke 'Squire Humm and requested him to tie the mystic knot. But the 'squire, as he regretfully viewed the vanishing $1.60 marriage fee, told the hapless couple that he didn't have jurisdiction over a Kossuth county license, and in the cold gray dawn they wandered out, while he again sought soft repose in his downy, and took his regular Sunday morning snooze. Burk no sooner showed upon the streets than he was arrested, and held to appear Monday before Judge Flynn. But the county attorney did not come on time, and Burk got tired of waiting, and Officer Bohls, who had him in charge, also got tired—and thirsty, which was more to the point, for when Burk proposed to his majesty that if he would wait in the hotel he (Burk) would go and get him a glass of beer, he succumbed and let Burk go. Burk was gone a half hour and Bohla had nothing to think about but his thirst and it grew until he went out to look for Burk and the beer, when he found nothing but buggy tracks leading up to the'place where the fair lady love was stopping, and from there out into the west. The officers were too late. They met Burk and his bride coming back to town legally tied. They had been to Germnnia, got their license before a competent tribunal, and were already well started on the sea of matrimony. The county attorney had nothing to prosecute for, and, as the Tribune sagely says, thus ended a chapter of romance in real life on the borders of the classic Buffalo Forks. A $2,800 interest in a good-paying business to exchange for real estate in Kossuth county. Inquire of Doxsee & Foster. TRY our new flour. Grove & Son. Farm Loans at 0 per Cent. And the expenses of making the loan can'be paid at option of the borrower. Interest payable annually unless otherwise preferred, The loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIE & BRUNSON.- our new flour, Grove & Son. Mr. Dolliver remained in over Sunday, and went to Estbernlle Monday, where he spoke in the evening, speaking in Emmetsburg yester- Ofty. While here he attended church at the Methodist church, Dr. Cleary, a brother of Father deary who spoke on temperance in Algona lately, spoke in Bancroft for free silver yesterday- The Pwbuque Telegraph says he is a very able man, and, that Bancroft was assured a big meeting. Algopa was aying withbjjnting: Sat. fay ae for ft Fourth of Jwty, wj4 J|» Hay Stacker tor Sale. A good second-hand Acme stacker for sale cheap.-23t3 W, H. JONES. FOR men's white and colored laundered and unlaundered shirts see our line before you buy, Geo. TJ. Galbraith & Co, ( ' ' J. A. HAMILTON & Co. have put in a stock of sidewalk brick. They make an attractive and durable walk. Several have already put them in.—13 • HAVING sold my stock of drugs I must insist on having all accounts due me settled at once. F, W, Ding)ey.-21 DON'T forget our line of crockery, Grove & Son, ALL our suni'nier goods are now going at greatly reduced prices. GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. , jap?trpog went to the with the band pd wag given a w»i ratify Bell of Garfleld, was }n Ateona two Mends off who, 's Fair, CREAM Aaron Rutherford died Monday aft* ernoon at 2:30 o'clock after a lihger- ing Illness of six years' duration, from which, however, he Was confliied to his bed only during the past week. It was ah affection of the bladder, and during the latter stages was not painful. His strength gradually failed him and he faded away as a dandle flickers out. His mind was clear to Within a half hour of his death. The funeral will be held today at 2:30 o'clock. Mr. Rutherford was born near Bel^ fast, Ireland, April 6, 1826, and was just past 70 years. He was descended from a long line of Presbyterian ministers, in direct line from Samuel Rutherford, the great Scotch preacher of the reformation. His father Was a minister and three of his brothers entered the ministry. He himself was educated in Belfast college for the ministry and to his dying day could road his bible in Greek, Hebrew or Latin, with ease. But evicting ton- ants became a custom as ho came to young manhood, and his father was among the victims. He became a vigorous rack rent agitator, and soon broke loose and sailed for America, landing in 1847. Ho Went'to Cincinnati, spent two winters in New Orleans, and for years before the war travelled extensively over the United States. Then he settled in New York and engaged in the meat packing business He was in his day considered the bes' salesman of dressed meats in- New York. Ho built a $150,000 meat pack ing house on Fourteenth street, tine killed 1,000 hogs a day, but it was jus as he was getting well established tha the city authorities declared his pack ing house a nuisance, which mude i worthless, and the trouble and worrj of those years severely threatened hi health. It was on account of the ad vice of the ablest physicians of the city to go oUt and live on a farm and quit business that he came to Kossuth Mr. Rutherford reached Algona ii 1871. His idea, inherited in Ireland of owning land had led him years be fore to buy some government land a $1.25 an acre. It proved to be a hal section in Sherman 'township and half section in Rlverdale. He cam out once during the war to look at it but did not get beyond Fort Dodge. In 1871 he came with his family,-but returned that winter and again engaged in business in the city. But his health again failed and the following summer he came to stay. Since then he has rarely left the county. In 1881 he came to town and bought the old Harrison house, and until lately kept a hotel known to the travelling public far and near. He was n'tsver in his life more contented than on the farm and in his hotel. He enjoyed his later life. While in New York he was a director in the Bull's Head bank, prominent in city politics, the owner of a $10,000 home, and a man known in all the commercial centers. But on his Riverdale farm, pioneering in the establishment of dairying as a county industry, he was fully as contented, and to his dying day never complained nor expressed a wish to return to city life. He was a cousin of the**great story writer, Captain Mayne Ried, and the latter lived at. the Rutherford home in the city one winter, doing some of his best literary work there. The second son was named after this cousin and was known, in Algona as Maynie, Mr. Rutherford was short, crisp, prompt and decided in everything he did. People often thought him blunt and gruff. But those who knew him knew of the kindly heart behind, of the bright intelligence and of the broad tolerance of the man. No one could be more intense in his convictions than'he was in holding to every tenet of the Presbyterian creed, and yet he met on even terms with Catholic and Episcopalian, Methodist and unbeliever, Next to his religious creed came his belief in the mission of the democratic party. And yet many of the republican politicians of the state enjoyed, stopping at his hotel simply to discuss with him, He was intolerant only of stupidity. That he made short work with wherever he found it. His mind was original, his speech pictured his thought. His sentences were as. rugged as Scotch granite and sparkled with originality. It was a constant enjoyment to one who understood him to engage him in conversation, The writer was for a year a guest at his table, It is a pleasure to recall the, many .enjoyable h'oure tb,at he enlivened,'the cheerful courage he every day displayed .'in ignoring his growing infirmities, the hopeful philosophy, which in all the trials and vicisjtudes of an eventful life, he had cherished to sustain and comfort his old age. Four children remain, with Mrs, Rutherford to mourn his loss, The kindly offices of the whole community will be theirs to command in their bereavement. Their solace will be that he leaves a name which is synony^ moqs with integrity in business, with independence and honesty in though and conviction, with purity and man Uness in public and. private life, He had rounded out bis three score years and ten. His work was fimsh.ed. JBJs death crowns a life of usefulness and good service. THE I9W4JAT RATE. An AJgowa Subscriber of tfte Stat Jiegister yyrites a Jitter. T^ie following letter appeared in the State Register Friday, • la answer to i the Register said it was pppojjea to snj raise }R,. The letter is: ,85,-aaww, ,»L swr —„. Jon of tbe railroad. oo.m i aa fee, bay ute, J wilb, to wpsSe at .yaw? F — ,„ lw ,-4»fa wtefcA el. • fee ra> ha$ beten. r auMpriteavfta ttarVe&t E*tsttfsloti». The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul ailwav will sell home-seekers' tickets and 18, Sept. 1,15, and 29, Oct. 6 and 0; Fare oHe way, plus $2, fof the ound trip.—2018 WHEN you have land to sell, rentj or rude, Hst it with Doxsee & Foster, In Spite of Hard Times 'of' The Wilson Flourihg Mills are nm- - ning on full time, because more and \ ^ more people are trying the Algona v J| Flour and finding out what we say is true—that OUR new flour is a good one. Try it. Grove & Son. THE WEEDS MUST BE OtJT, The City Father's Give the People Ton Days to Gather Their Crop of IMeeoti Grnsa-Other City Mutter*. ALGONA, Aug. 29.—The city council met in regular session at the city hall, Mayor Haggard in the chair. Members present, Wadsworth, Vesper, Ferguson, Rice, Henderson, Single, Sayers, and Chapin. The minutes of the last meeting read' and approved. It was moved and seconded that the following approved bills bo allowed and warrants drawn on the treasurer for the same: J. A. Hamilton & Co., lumber S161 08 W. H. Horan, salary i etc 40 i fi Jus. A. Orr, painting olty hall 42 00 L. Horivfti salury...;... •••••• *» 00 W. C. Henderson, street work 00 313 A. H. Niuulaln, coal • • • 46 4<1 W. Miller, lighting lamps IB 00 S. Ben j ivwln, police service 4 IjO J. A. Hamilton, nulse --X E. J. Gilmore, mdse g ?u Laldlaw, Dunn & Co., mdse 7 .JO G. H. Slagle, police service £00 J. D. Burns, repairing lamps 210 Geo. Hunter, police service «» oo Henry Norton, labor J »u 0. M. Doxsee, nulse ' ;;S Win. Smith, labor f ~» David Archibald, labor 11 35 A. H. Allen, feeding tramps.... no Ayes, WadBWorth, Vesper, Ferguson, Rice, Henderson, Slagle, Bayers, and Chapin. Noes, none. Carried. It was moved and seconded that the bill of the lire company for $34 for turning out to the McMurray fire be allowed. After considerable discussion, the roll was called and the vote stood as follows: Ayes, Ferguson, Rice, Sayers, and Chapin. Noes, Wadsworth, Vesper, Henderson, arid Slaglo. Thin being a tie vote of the council, the mayor voted in favor of the bill and declared the motion carried. There was a petition presented by Orange Mlnkler et al., asking for the ' vacation of the alloy running through block 67, Algona, Iowa. Upon motion made seconded and carried the petition was referred to the city solicitor for his opinion as to the legal method of vacating streets and alleys. Moved and seconded that a sidewalk which was petitioned by the independent district of Algona et al., be ordered laid, said sidewalk to be ordered laid as follows: Commencing at the northeast corner of block six of Call and Smart's addition to Algona, running east in front of blocks 150, 157, and 158of Call's addition to Algona, and on the north ide of said block six to intersect with Magonal street, said sidewalk to be uilt at the expense of the abutting iroperty. Carried. It was moved and seconded that a evy of eight mills on the dollar be made for general purposes, and that a evy of ten mills on the dollar be made or water purposes. Carried. Moved and seconded that a crossing .3 laid on the west line of Minnesota treet across Call street. Carried. Moved and seconded that two cross- ngs be ordered laid on Nebraska street, me on the north side of .said street irossing Moore street, and one on the north side of said Nebraska street icross Harlan street. Carried. Resolved, That the mayor issue an irder that the weeds be cut along the streets in the city, and if said weeds are not cut within ten days, the city is lereby authorized to cut them and charge the same to the abutting property. Carried. There being no fur;her business the council adjourned. A. HUTCHISON, City Clerk. Populist County Convention. HOBAUT, Iowa, Aug. 81.—A mass county convention of the populist party will be held at Burt on Monday, Sept, 7,1896, at 10 o'clock a. m., to nominate delegates to at;end the congressional convention for the Tenth district, to be held at Boone, Iowa, Sept. 8; also to nominate delegates to attend the state convention, to be held at Des Moines, Iowa, Sept, 10. The matter of a county ticket should be canvassed and such action taken as seems best for the cause of reform. All interested in the cau|p of reform as seen from the producers' standpoint ai'e invited to attend, S. H. McNuTT, County Chairman, A HOUSEHOLD TREASURE, D. W. Fuller of Canaloharie, N. Y., says that he always keeps DivKipg's, New Discovery in the house and Vs f^ v jai)y has, always found the very pest res alts- follow-its use; that he would not be without it, if procurable. G, A- Dykeraan, druggist, Catskill, N. F,, says that Dr, King's New Discovery is undoubtedly ibe best cough remedy; that he has used it in his family for eight years, and % has never failed to do all that is claimed for it, Why not try a remedy. BO long tried and tested. Trial bottles free at I* A- Sheetz' drug store. Regular size 50o,, and * 100. 8 pjp you EVER Try ElecU-'o Bitters as a, reiredy for your troubles? If not, get a bottle PQW and get relief. This medicine hes been found to be peculiar'" Adapted to the relief and owe of all female complaints, exerting a wonderful direct influence in giving strength an4 tone to the organs. If you nave loss of appetite, constipation, headache, fainting spells, or are nervous, sleepless, excitable, melanoholly or troubled with dtezy spells, Eleotrlp Bitters is, tbe jnedJclRe you need. •r-r__...t- —j ,.*. _*u —« —lavanteed by its F !•/« -^ is the best sold in Algona. Other flours may flourish for a season, but a steady trade that grows is what tells the story. Buy a sack and give it a trial, We guarantee it as good as the best or no sale. « Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. • The Fall Campaign in the house should be commenced with a good cooking apparatus. You save the price of a new stove in a few years in saving the fuel that goes to waste when you persist in using an old stove after it is worn out. Did you ever think of this ? There are stoves that use more fuel than others in doing the same work. the Buck's is a fuel saver and a perfect baker. Of the large v- nttrhber • of Steel Ranges that we have sold during the past year there has been nothing but words ol highest praise from those who have used them. There is but one grade of Buck's Steel Range and that is the best that is possible for human skill to make. Our line of steel ranges and cast stoves is complete, and a'finer line has never been shown in the city. If you are contemplating buying any kind of a stove it will pay you to look at our stock. C. M. DOXSEE,, School Shoes. New, Neat; ' Serviceable. Gome and see what we have for the boys and girls to wear to school. Brownell & Allred, BOSTON BLOCK, ALGONA. Repairing and boots and shoes made to order. . USfi A* . & I Off Now. "•($ ge. karge bottles only 60 cents at Pr. L. A. Sheete' dvug store. 3 HOME-SEEKERS' excursions, at one fare plus $$, will be jn.&d.eby tb m Pajolfle RftiU'oad Co, on Au 8; Sept, 1,16, ftftd g9; and Qo Ample time given fqv injpegUon of s. PjarWoyl&v? f«rni8lxea by Ping? ley, Cook $ Co.., solicitors at AJg09A> IQWII, Spesial G, A< ft eswsipjje m Brat. 3,4, Your oboioe in our Shirt "Waists for &o r\f\ cfeo *** *" v *** — "^ '^ *** — *~* "* *** at f $i!oo, 10 Du0k Suite Wool Buits aa4 Steti at .• Yours,

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