The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 26, 1896 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1896
Page 12
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jiEiisFPeachesl • arrangements to ship di* the growers in Michigan, and mve iis Week and Next — - *** - -^..v...*. r , | .. .... ^ _________ i * >- > *' daily, arid they will be the finest peach ever brought to this market, Now is the time to put up your peaches as they will only last this week and next, Jl«g etmiit Hdef4 Met, tJrttom, Shtf Mtetefal ytfcM wtfs ft well kB«w« fSsidefct Of,- Afgdfta. She- Will to& gfeeted by & large audience. ftead Dolti*er% gfeftt spends ftn silver delivered in cobgtesS And thofi come out and hear him Saturday after- hdtin. Con had Herman's family no?* consists bf three, A big girl baby caMe Saturday* and 3, S. Stebbins is again & grandpa. Prof. Rice, who conducted FeviVal meetings in Algona a few months ago, made a free stiver speech in West Bend last week. More calls For county fair premium lists are reported this year that) ever before, The fair Gome's in three weeks* Sept. 16-llf. Theo. Chriscbllles, Philip Oorwelter, find C. E. Helse weht to Des Moines to attend the democratic sound money convention, Cowles Block. Farmers' James Patterson. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE ,6 ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. No.l departs at ...................... 8:fi5am No. 0 departs at. ....... ......... 4 -01 Din Frelghts-that carry passengers— go. 03 departs at.... ....... ? ....... I2:05am No. 71 departs at ................... 6:33pm No. 05 departs at ........... .......... 8:20pm ., TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at ........ .... .......... 10:37 am No. 4 departs at.. .................... 6:33 pm ts tha Look at our Glassware and Center Tables in our show window. - r We are giving them away with Baking Powder. The powder is of good quality. ^T that carry passengers- go. 7f departs at .......... ,° ..... ,. 8:20 pm No. 94 departs at ..................... 3:05pni B. F. HEDRICK, Agent. Anderson & StebWns. South of court house. CHICAGO.* NORTHWESTERN. South- Freight 7:10a m Pass 8:04am Mixed l:12pm Mixed .... ....8:00pui! North- Mixed 7:10 a m Freight 11:25 am Pass 2:49 pm "•—' ..10:47pm Mixed P. H. VBSPBR, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. WHITHAM © •will establish the ,. Hide and Fur Business itiAlgonar Will also buy rubber and copper. Ain also prepared to cry sales on short notice and at reasonable rates. Am one of the best cryersin the state. Satisfaction guaranteed. "Wjy start business I^ov. J... 1806.; Call and • see me if you want a square deal. y,-f- Qfflce on Thorlngton street,* east of the court % house, in the ChrlBchilles'bullding. ', \ W. WHITHAM. C. J. BROWN, Livery and' "Will convey parties and of town for 25 cents, round to dx> you good. age .to any • rip. We are 1 >art lere GIVE US A CALL when In need of 'bus or livery. Leave orders at Brunswick hotel or at my barn on State 'street. Telephone No. i3. Telephone for rigs at our expense. |35Tarifes htrlng rtgs al O. J, Brown's livery 6am will have 'tnufare refunded. O. Restaurant Lunch Counter. »,,,'. Js now in its new location—the L. M. B, Smith If. J»uiWlng. Serves weals at regular hours and • ^'jrtiQrt-order mejils at all hours. Cream gps*!??*—Side entrance for la dies, Everything neat, clean, and posi. lively first class. Full stock of confection ery, launch counter IB front. A, H. ALLEN, Propr. H L t '}< {Successor to C. L, IN W. C. T. U. meet next Wednesday. B. S. Darr's little baby died Friday. The mercury went down to 45 last night. "Mrs. Capt. Foster is home from her visit at Ames. Congregational church supper tomorrow evening. Algona will send 100 to the St. Paul encampment next week. Mrs. G. B. Wood worth is out from Chicago on a business visit. A few nights have been cool enough the past week to seriously threaten- frost. Col. and Mrs. Cooke come_from the lakes tomorrow after several weeks' sojourn.. •••.. , , : Burt has 109 names of people slated for St. Paul on the special train to the encampment. Divine service at Episcopal church at 1] a, m. and 7:30 p. m. German service a 4 p. m. Will, Galbraith Denver, where he the coming year. The ladies made $10 out of their north and south side ball game, , and thank the players. Bead Senator Davis' great speech in this issue. It is a masterly discussion of the'fihancial question. The Masons and Masons' wives had a splendid time yesterday in the Ambrose A. Call grove picnicking. The Methodist Sunday school pic- nicks tomorrow. Start from the church at 10 o'clock. All invited. Marriage licenses have been issued to E, S. Burke and Mae Ward, Allen Scott and Fannie Atkinson. The foundation for Mrs. E. L. Cooke's new cQttuge is in, • Work has begun on the frame for the Chubb house. J. E. Stacy's, Frank W, Dingley's, and Henry Bist's houses are being painted. The city hall is finished. Mrs. Dow of Garner, secretary of the W, F, M, S.; will speak in the Methodist church next Sunday evening, Mrs. Dow is the oldest daughter of our old goes next week to will attend college Practicing for the home talent opera is going on every day and it will be the event of the season, It comes next week Friday. Frank Allen had a McKinley and Hobnrt club list in Burt Monday with over 90 names in town. Burt can't be wholly swamped. Chester Call will go to Louisiana nex-t week to-take charge of hisfttther's rice plantation for a few iijonths, while the crop is being disposed'of. > Quarterly meeting will be held in the Methodist church next Sttturdny evening and Sunday morning. Presiding Elder Black will be present. Dexter Jones went up into Minnesota last week to look at cheap lands. He says the land is cheap and that he don't want it. He prefers Kossuth county. Mr. and Mrs Elhanon Clarke will soon reach the sixtieth wedding anni-. versury. It comes early in September. Many pioneers will congratulate them. Carpenter Koch fell from a scaffolding while putting H porch on his home near the fuir ground Monday and broke his left arm. Dr. Keneflck is attending. Lawyer Curtiss has begun foreclosure proceedings against a piece of Lund land in Emmet county, the abstract of title to which shows '15 forged instruments. Wm. Van Schaick was before 'Squire Clarke again last week for the old offense. He was sentenced to 30 dajs and sentence suspended during good behavior. Philip Dorweiler was over from West Bend Friday. In response to the query whether everybody over his way was for free silver, he said, "not by a long shot." School opens Sept. 7. The board held a meeting Monday evening .and decided to use the depot building and the high school basement until the new building is ready. The Algona ball club is at. present in a state of suspended animation. But if it comes out it will be in the shape of a first class professional club such as the town had last season. A club dance with the Ainsworth harp orchestra was given Monday evening in Clarke's hall in honor of the young Indies visiting in town. Everybody had a good time. Howland Smith has gone to Blairsburg to take charge of the Patterson store for his father until the stock can be closed out. Mr. Smith, as administrator, will close it out at once. Dr. Geo. W. Ingbam has moved this week from Olympia, Wash., to Spokane. The former is a city of 5,000 people, while the latter has 30,000 and fs one of the coming big cities of ihe coast. A. A. Brunson came along Monday and seeing the pictures of McKinley and Hobart, Bryan and Sewall, in THE UPPER DES MOINES' window, added a card which asks: " Where is Watson?" By the way where is Watson? Col. Chas. A. Clarke, while in Emmetsburg on the Halsey case, talked an hour and a half to the young men's republican club, and when he finished One democrat and one populist came up and joined the club. The colonel is out-and-out for McKinley. A party consisting of C. T. Chubb, Alf. Chapin, Guy Taylor, and Silas Harris of Burt, with Misses Laura Tennant, Tena Wallace, Minnie Bice, and Gertie Paine of Burt, drove to Silver Lake Friday in the Rutherford hack. It was a jolly party. Chas. Johnson of Minneapolis visited Algona over Sunday. He had been to Omaha to see about selling a big lot of lumber ready for the planing mill. One millionaire lumber man said if Bryan was elected the country would go to the dogs, and he would not buy until be knew. He. went to another, a miUlotftlre, afect k& sftldjtf Mo an Itlnley was elected thefe would Be end to business and he would not until he knew. Between . the tWc Ctiarlev says he ought to make a sale He fifty's his bfdlbof, George, Is now ih charge of a yard at Blooming PraiHe, Wilkinson tend Clauaofl of th» AtgO ha ball club helped West Bend Kent Clarion in a game last week. The Journal says: "The Algona battery did good work throughout, striking out three men out of four at the bat each inning for the last two innings." Lillian May, the one-year-old dough ter of Adam and Kate MeldrUtti, lule of New York, died after a, brief illness. The funeral services were held accord* ing to the rite of the protestant Et>is* copal tihurch from the residence of Mi's. T. Davis Oh Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Muller officintingi The Bancroft Register asks Who are included nmong the professional shot? in the Taylor-Martinson live bird shot challenge. Budd, Grimm, Wilson t Gilbert, and one or two in the south end of the state are all. The boys challenge anybody else in northern Iowa and mean business. Thnd. Whitehill, who has been very low with consumption for some time, died Friday at 4 o'clock, It bus been stated that he dated his trouble from bis incarceration in the'city jutl. This is largely rumor, but his brother says Thud, always believed that he was injured by th'o unhealthy condition of the jail. J. A. Hamilton will move to St. Louis this full. He has entered into a partnership there to go into the wholesale hardwood lumber business, nnd will leave the Algona yard with his arother, George, retaining his interest. He has been a pusher here and will undoubtedly make a big success of hie new venture. Algona has a branch university extension society with 30 members, to study history this winter. It met last Thursday evening and organized with ilev. Sinclair, leader; Mrs. Gardner lowles, vice president; Mrs. Starr, secretary; C. A. Tellier, treasurer; J. W. Hinchon, Rev. Landis, and Mrs. J. W. Hay, executive committee. If Saturday is a pleasant day the big open air meeting for Dolliver will bring together a bigger crowd than has gathered in years for a political meeting. Dolliver is making gtreat speeches in this campaign and is talking to meetings of 2,000 and 3,000 people. If it rains his big tent will be spread and everybody will be accommodated. Next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning's special curs will go north from Algona on the Northwestern, leaving at 7:10 and arriving at St. Paul at 2 o'clock, without change. They will return Wednesday and Thursday nights, leaving St. Paul at 11:15 in the evening and getting to Algona at 8 o'clock in the morning. The I'ound trip costs $5, The Halsey-Everinghain case is still on at Emmetaburg and is going to take a great deal more time than anyone anticipated. It may not be finished this week. Burke, a big Chicago lawyer, is out for the commission man, while Col. Clarke is with Halsey. Judge Quarton, Geo. E. Clarke, and Chas. A. Cohenour all went to the 'Burg Monday morning. A couple of officers of the Iowa society for the protection of fish and game were up from Des Moines last week and visited various places where rumors existed of illegal chicken hunting. They spent some time in Bancroft and Ledyard unbeknown to the boys, but saw no evidence of any considerable violation of the game law. The society has men out all over the state, and is catching the chicken hunters. Saturday after supper at the Brunswick some of the guests discovered smoke coming from a store room on the second floor. They gave'the alarm and the fire bell was rung. But before anyone came those there had put out the flames with water from the pitchers in the bedrooms. No surmise can be made as to the origin of the fire. It may have been from matches or have been a case of spontaneous combustion. THE eye specialist, Dr. 'Nichols, is now in Algona, and will test the eyes free. References: The best citizens of Algona. TRY our new flour. Grove & Son. FOE men's white and colored laundered and unlaundered shirts see our line before you buy, Geo. L. Galbraith &Co. OUR new flour is a good one, Grove & Son, Try it. TRY our new flour, Grove & Son. Madson & Hanson Have opened a new tailoring establishment in Algona, Rooms over Heise's barber skop in the block, n, Feed, IpMpdSqftJ : " fe|?M^: v '*• •-'' v Fine Display of Fall Suitings oted m Algoaa. 11™ < ,;, .. : My^r.; ; »^j^| f wip^i4 > ^Aw uy$®my>* 4U* m VMANOt'AL. Kossuth County State Bank, Deposits fe-eeived, m ...... y loaned, loWlgfi Mid £6ttesttc ejphftftgiS bought and Sold. ti m WOTS made promptly, »u.i a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets td of from the old countries KI>M at lo#est rates. "" or ft'M. H. iNtfttAM, JPr.:-Meuf ; J. 6. JONfcS, tice President; L6WM ft, SSttftt. frOfe Directors-Win. H. tnglmm, John G. Smith, JLB.JofieS, T. OhfiSchlli&s, IjeWiS M, Smith t W. Wadsworth, Barnet uevine. - , ' •'• First National Bank of Algona» iJAIMfAL ............... , ........... ...S60.00C AMBROSE A. RALI, ....... .......President I WM. k, ^ERQUSON .......... , ....... D. H. HUTtiHlJTS ........ ,.,.,.Vice President I C. D. SMITH. ....... ., ........... A«st. H. Hutching S. A. Ferguson, Philip Eorweilef, F, tt Vesper, Ainbrose A Call, K, H. Spencer, Win. K. Ferguson. , UBB At Money always on hutiii t<> reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-Class seriirtt*. Speclul attention given MH'OllectiOnS. • ' - <*-uniy, Algdna State Bank, ifilcen and A, 0. Clarke, President, C. C. Chubb, Vice Pfest., Thos. H, ; Laritry, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbraftli, Fred. Mi Miller. Myron Sehenolt, Thos, Pi Cooke. CASH CAPtt AL, 850,000, General Banking, PRIVATE SAfBTf HBPOStf ^'"interest paid on time deposits. GKE3O. P Six per cent Interest on Time Deposits for money left three months or more. Money always on hand to loan on first mortgages, second ... mortgages, and good collaterals. Notes bought. ALGONA, IOWA. The AlRona Deposit & Loan Assn. wiu GUARANTEE Call at offices for particulars. Offices over Algona State Bank PER CENT, interest OSS' . "TIME AMONG THE ADYEBTISERS. Goeders' fall goods are here. Jas. Taylor is giving one-third off on full capes. Button's Irvington sugar prices speak for themselves. W. Whitara announces a fur and hide headquarters in the Ch-rischilles building on Thorington. The Hamilton yard makes a proposition this week it will pay to read- carefully. Who nver saw such -prices quoted before on fence posts, etc? The Western Telephone company bas put in 2,000 miles of wire in 14 months, from LaCrosse, Wis., to Sioux Falls, S. D. Britt is headquarters. Prank Stacey has bought the Lund- Nelson milk wagon and will hereafter furnish Algona. He is a good man for the business and is conveniently situated. The Milwaukee puts in special cars to-run through to St. Paul next week. The Post took a vote and decided' to go in a body, but it now appears that? they will divide up. J. W. Tennant is trying a new wrin- d'e. He is putting a clock in bis hotel' that will ring a bell in any chamber at any hour all by itself. All you have to do is to set a peg. James Patterson is shipping his peaches direct from Michigan and is jetting a magnificent quality. He is making a specialty of fine peaches for canning and preserving. .' ,..;., The Lund farm was crowded 'yesterday at the auction. Mayor Haggard sold everything well. The horses sur- jrised everybody. It was the biggest sale ever held in the county. Farmers are already figuring on lumber for corn cribs and Alex. White is n-eparing to meet the demands, verything late in corn crib material can be found at the Paul yard'.. Mr. Joslyn will close up all farm operations at the Lund place at once. The corn will be husked by the bushel and sold. What will be done in the 'iiture depends on who gets the land. Durdall begins the fall clothing cam- >aign in Algona this week. FVom now iill November Algona will be more of i clothing center than a political one. The cheap clothing issue is the main one after all. A OUBIOUS CASE. A Lightning Stroke Cuts a Queer Caper in the West Part of Town. Yesterday morning abou>1i7:80 o'clock k sharp clap of thunder "startled everybody in town, No one can find any 'irace of lightning having struck, but 3apt. Poster thinks it came down over iia house, and was dissipated before it lit, and neighbors Relieve with him, Ele and Mrs. Poster were sitting near a window, and suddenly after they heard /he clap could neither move nor speak. Ele attempted to call to her and ask what was the matter, and! then to raise lis hand and could do neither, JJe soon recovered but she siaffered from a nervous shook all day, It is a curious case, BOBBERY AT WESLEY. A Tranjp Stone Mason Steals » Sealskin Sftcquo and la Caught at l»u- Verne-A Big MoJCJnley Club, WESLEY, Aug. 25.—Last Saturday Jight a man giving his name *as O, asper jumped his board bill at the entral house and skipped put after oing. through a trunk of clothing be« onging to Thos, Gray, Us bad been working around Wesley fqp two weeks or more, and bad been at work Q«J the cellar wall of Mr, Gray's house, It seems that Mr- Gray baa gome m}nk clothing along with other things packed away in trunks a.n4 the trunks stowed away in hjs barn on the lots where he ig now building hlg new louee. It was while he was working there that Capper got OR to what they Aw»on| t£e valuably things _ a l&avs? dpMi oyerpojit which, Mr, Qray bought i» England, while, be was there fcwd }W» a^o, alga some wearing apparel belQOging tp H»i, Gras; and hsr aUlpr. MUs BV He »,w 41f«aft. Ae sgpa as it , .Wtt?4»Mp<0pfty, 0, 0, Owjw,,* BeBHty Sker-iff ,C09grQY§ $jb,ar|ed, }n. secured for headquarters, Mr. Freeman Ash,.si-., having charge of the room A bolter man for the place will be hard to find. We don't know of another man that is more capable of pumping the gold cure into any, or as-' many bourbon democrats as may be- lined up before-him. • Wesley had a couple of 16 to 1 balls giren here in- Schneider's hall last- Thursday and Friday evenings. Those thafrwere present say it was as good as a Clarke street theater. It is said quite a number of our married men took in the fun both nights. One of our citizens who was enjoying the fun was very much s-arprised when his wife called!on him at a late hour in the dance hall and took him home. But no matter: "On with the dance, let joy be-unconflnedt no sleep till.morn." Postmaster Giddings has been on the sick list for; the past few days with rheunmtismi • ,,. Wm-. Anderson,, who; has been making his-home : withi his daughter, Mrs. McCutchin, has gone to Arena, Wis.. to'visit his former home. The'masons have completed the wall of Thos.. Gray's new house. The car- pen tecs have begun work on the frame today.. Mr. Ecard' of Lu'Verne has the contract for building it. O. H. Stilson of Cbrwith was a Wesley caller Monday. O. H. reports business rather dull in his town these days. SOUNJ) AT WESLEY. The.Cojurler Has a Valuable Item of .News'lfrom the Easi- Stile of the Gouiiiy.'" 1 "" ."' '' ';'V',"'' ' """" " The Courier's Wesley correspondent contributed the .following: item tp its columns- last Friday: PolitiQS 'is :.fueely' discussed on our streets and, in our business places these days. 16 tp 1 one can truly be interpreted, sixteen gqld standard men to one free silverite here. We do- not know of a republican who is advocating free silver and quite a few of the staunch democrats are for McKinley and sound money. PROFESSIONAL. ^-^-^^^-^^^W^-^hX^-^N^^rfi^^^V-^^^. CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEY8 AT LAW, Office over First Rational bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent, Opera House block. i & BUTLER, HAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles' new building, SULLIVAN & MoMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Hcate-Ferguson bljok. E, V. SWETTJNG, ATT ON MY AT LAW, fc. 0, BAYMONP, ERNEST 0. BATM®W» RAYMOND & RAYMPND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, FREDERICK M, CPRTISIS,, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office over Kossuth County St&t»' Algona, F. U TRJ8CW, M, B., UonjeopathiQ, ANJ> Office ana residence 1» the „ (In tog ngw bjopfe.) UUJXI-UU.jyiJl 'UJI IU,IWIJ4 ^U(J4I llwuiliJMlliiJJIU! PHY8IPIAN AND Iowa.

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