The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1954 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1954
Page 4
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PACt 9001 BLYTHEV1U.E /ARK.) COURIER NEW! JAOTJART T, - Society News — n.« Unllin. Rnriftv Editor ' Phone 44(5 Pat Mullini, Society Editor Phone 4461 I Luncheon Given \ For DAC Group \ • ... \ In Home Here ( Members of (he Col. John Ma tin Chapter of Daughters of Ame 1 lean Colonials met at the home r Mrs. Hays Sullivan at Burden i yesterday with Mrs. O. O. Hard away as co-hostess to the 15 men i bers attending. Mrs. E. L. Hale became a ne- member of the group. Out-of-tow members attending were Mrs Ernest Willis anil Mrs. H. A Bone of Caruthersville and Mrs Horace Moore and Mrs. J. H Took of Osceola. The meeting waa opened with prayer by Mrs. J. C, Ellis, chap lin, after which a short busines session waa conducted by the re gent, Mrs. George Hale. "Colonial Buildings," the day's program, was given by Mrs. J M. Williams. Luncheon was served at noon in the recreation room, before a fireplace whose mantel was en hanced by wrought Iron candla bra holding lighted tapers. The tables, at which guests were seated were adorned by bouquets of lavendar and white chrysanthemums. Mix And Match Favorites JUMPER 8992 o-Myra. Bits of News , P e , iU nat\ TO LEAVE JAN. 12 — Mrs. Hunter C. Sims, Jr., with her daugh- srs, Emmalyn, four, and Corlea, three, are to leave Blytheville Jan. 12 for New York to sail for Europe, where they will join their husband and father, Captain Sims, In Frankfurt, Germany. Captain Sims, who is a doctor at the Frankfurt hospital, was sent to Germany In August. They plan to return In May, 1955. I/Mrs. Welch Is Hostess to Club Mrs. Loy Welch enterta! members of the Town find Country Club yetserday at her home with Sue Burnett Jumper-Jacket pair to delight young girls. 89M b m iliet 8, 8, 10, 12, H years. Blie t, 2% yards of 30-Inch. Nn la In aises «, 8, 10, 12, 14, yean. Slae I, 1% yards of 30-Inch. Two patterns, For these patterns, send 30o for EACH, in COINS, your name, address, sites desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to But Burnett, Blytheville Courier News, 372 W. Quinsy Street, Chicago t, Illinois. Basic FASHION for '63, Fall and Winter, Is a complete guide In planning a practical, sew-slmple wardrobe, Gift pattern printed inside the book. Bent 29 cents today. _utheran Guild Has Election An election of officers was held st night at a meeting of the Luthan Guild of the First Lutheran Church, when Mrs. Louis Zeller was re-elected president. Other officers were Miss Diana Zeller. secretary, and Mrs. Herman Hoffman, treasurer. In other business, the group planned a spaghetti supper to be held Jan. 25 at Fellowship Hall. „, Mrs. J. F. Brownson, hostess, ble and about the living" room, served refreshments In the social hour. Mrs. Elsie Pnrker was admittei Tuesday to the Baptlit Hospital in Memphis, where she If to undergo a major operation. Sht in in room 259. James Stivers of Fresno, Calif, returned by plane to lili home afte visiting his lister, Mn. Claude F Cooper, and Mr. Cooper during the holidays. Mr, and Mrs. Gal Gossett anl Jim Gossett hove rcturend to Hendrix College after spending the Christmas holidays with their mother, Mrs. Cal Gossett. Miss Mini! Herring of Warren, Ark. was the guest last week of Jim Gossett and hit mother, Mrs. Cal.Gos- sett. She has returned to Arkansas State Teachers College at Conway, where she is a senior. Mrs, Clyde Lutes has returned from a two-week's trip to Las Vegas, Nev., Las Cruces, N. M., and Tuscon, Ariz., where she visited relatives. Club Eight Entertained Mrs. H. G. Partlow was hostess yesterday at her home to members of Club Eight, with an afternoon of bridge games. Winners were Mrs. Graham Sudbury, high score, Mrs. S. C. Owens, second high, and Mrs. Otto Scrape, bridgo. Refreshments were served during the afternoon. Mrs. H. C. Bush attending as a hostess served guest. The course . Milady's grab-bag ... a miracle of packing .. * No Purses from Sow's Ears But als Go Whole Hog in Contents By PAT MULUNS (Courier News Society Editor) how she did it. ^ We were both trying to use the same mirror in a theater restroom To returbish an upswept hairdo, she removed from a bug a regular size hair brush, which was Auxiliary Meeting Conducted Here Mrs. J. H. Brownson presided at the meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary Tuesday night at the Kut. Mrs. Marvin Lane opened the meeting with prayer, which was followed by a routine business meet- Ing. The group voted to send JO girls to Little Rock this summer I to attend Girls State. in looking through purses, was one containing the regular articles all women carry plus 10 letters from her husband who is in Korea. This is regular procedure with her, I understand. Out of one purse came a key ring, a lipstick, box of aspirin, a charge-a-plate, a billfold, several Kleenex, a compact, a suede brush, one bottle clear nail polish, comb, one package bobby pins, eye glasses, a scarf and numerous papers—along with a roll of Scotch tape. When I asked what the tape was for, she told me she carried it in case her hem came out—staples were too messy — or her zipper broke. Just anything that happened while at the . office, she could fix with the tape, it seems. woman who lighter and case, a small coin pure* containing a hair net, bobby pint, and loose change eye glasses, hand lotion, a dozen keys on a ring, * nail polish, a pencil, another lighter —this one didn't work— a thermometer an emery board another atnall coin purse containing tweezers rouge, lipstick, perfume, cake makeup, and mascara, a ring, three boxes of pills, a ring of small safety pint, one small par cleansing cream, another comb, another lipstick, one package cigarettes, and last but not least, a needle, a spool of thread and some straight pins I can see how she got all that stuff Into the bag, but the mystery la how (he carried It. I can understand why she'd need a shoulder bag; that much weight would be rather tiring in the hand. WHILE thinking particularly •bout purses this week, along with the awful stuff some folks carry In them, and the odd shapes—flat, round, basket-types, draw, strings, cylinders and others too numerous too mention—I noticed a friend of mine who never carries a purse, except to church and on special occasions with one. THIS WAS, however, a special occasion so she had every right to carry it. This girl never has comb, lipstick, and compact, much less the other needed articles like Scotch tape or needles and thread or maybe a pair of shoe strings. She always carries the same worn coin purse, even though she never fails to buy ^a handsome bag to match her other accessories. But there she was with this large purse, matching perfectly her out-fit. We were going out to-dinner, when she dropped her purse, which Immediately came open. An uproar of laughter went up from the crowd of girl friends when nothing fell out except the same old worn coin purse. AFTER GOING through numerous other purses and laughing at the things some people carry, I decided to take stock of my always- bulging purse. Articles found In my leather shoulder bag included several Kleenex, eye glasses in case, the words to a song I used in a wedding several months ago, one comb, one . billfold filled with all sorts of papers and cards — identification, Social Security card, Insurance, • two shades of lipstick, a small coin purse containing a strand of pearls I broke several weeks ago and thought I had lost, a broken watch, a stray penny, several loose bobby pins, one pair of hose, a corsage pin, one small bottle of hand cream, a fountain pen, one slightly used emery board, a pair of gloves and a ir of earrings. Ever notice that one of my shoulders is lower than the other? At the Hospitals Rasp, Blytheville Hospital Dismissed: Mrs. Robert ille Jerry Lovelady, City Walls Hospital Dismissed: James A. Pinion, Jr., City Mrs, John Goodrich, Steele Mrs. I. M. Castllo, Luxora If you get varnish on your clothes ou might be able to remove the SAV HELENA RUBINSTEIN'S ESTROGENIC HORMONE OFFER for younger looking tkin 6°° value...both for 3 50 pi«»a« CSTROOENIC HORMONE CREAM... night treatment for face ...regularly 3.50 ESTROOINIC HORMONE OIL...use at night on throat and during the day on face and throat under make-up...value 2.50 There'* o whole ntw "young" generation — women over 35 who have flatly rejected the "old look" ever since they discovered Helena Rubinstein's famous Estrogenlc Hormone twins. Those precious preporationi contain natural eslrogenic hor- monei-the single most effective beauty help to the skin in retaining moisture. No other ingredient does as much to help an aging skin look younger, dewier, more wrinkle-free I Regular ute of Helena Rubinitein'i Eitrogenlc Hormone Cream and Oil will work against drynws, »kin sag... Will make you proud to odmlf your oge. Now li the time to we for yourself, Airing (hi» once-a-year offer that put» 2,50 back In your pocket. Bt* right now, because it's for a limited time only. ROTHROCK DRUG CO. 205 W. Main — Blytheville La Petite Club Have you ever stopped to notice the paraphernalia women carry Meets in Home hey can pack into them? It's amaz- ng how many different articles will Tuesday for members of the La Petite Club, at their first meeting of the new year. Dessert was served preceding bridge games, which provided en- After taking down and re-doing Into these small catch-alls. her long tresses, she took out about an eight-inch-long comb and began to tuck in the smaller locks about purse and consequently have to eave. out several articles. tertainment during the afternoon. earned to have this packing busi- ley, first place, Mrs. Neal Gesell, small container of cream rouge and second, and Mrs. don, brldgo. completed its application with a few een a stranger, I'd have asked her powder puff from a compact Next came a faint seemed to be well supplied for any Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Cor- touch of mascara and, of course, She certainly seemed nelius Modinger, Mrs. A. O. Hall, HOLLAND NEWS By Mrs. Ed Hampton, Jr. to have very definite ideas about Mrs. O. O .Caudlll and Mrs. Bush. After washing her hands to re- purses when she brought Red berries and holly boughs move the make-up, sne took out a shoulder bag of leather, one were used on the dining room ta- those very large things. Out of the pouch, she took « bill- And to climax her packing feat fold, four letters, three stamps, one Watch Party Given week's school holiday with their she took out a package of king-size Luncheon Given comb, three dirty white shoe strings grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Among the end-of-the-year fes- (don t ask me why three) Burress, at Campbell. Their mother tivities was the Ney Year's affair MIONG OTHER things I found, Mrs. Aaron Taylor, and daughter given Thursday night by Tony and Katherlne Rose, spent the -night in Jimmy Little at the home of their Exclusively Ours Campbell Saturday. parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Little, Meeting yesterday were mem- Lowell Pharrlsh, patient at Vet- when SO guests from Holland and bers of the Wednesday Club, when eran's Hospital in Memphis is bet- Steele held a watch party. Mrs. Baker Wilson was hostess to ter, having received treatment for In the dining room, the table over the group at the Country Club. two weeks. Mrs. Parrish spent Sun- laid with dark green cloth, on which Luncheon was served upon ar- white figured appliques contrasted, rival of the guests, and the after- Mr. and Mrs. Prank Donahue and and matching napkins., noon was spent playing bridge. Mrs. Iva Samford arrived Wednes- During the evening Jlmmle Little Mrs. H. C. Sims won high score, day from Flint Michigan for a few and Sammy Workman entertained with second going to Mrs. C. A FULL SKIRTS days here. Mrs. Samford has with popular selections on their trombone and trumpet combination, Personals Mrs, Russel Little was a gucs Sunday In the homes of Mrs. Budd George and Mrs. Birdie George o Matthew and Mrs. G. Frazier two months in Flint with the Dona- hues and Mrs. Jewel Samford and WiH remain here the remainder of the winter. Claude Samford returned to Michigan where he will work, for several weeks. are a "MUST" ?£ Suds loving cottons to CV put you in the fashion whirl. Homemalcers Class of First Bap- Slkeston, Recently at the Littles wer tist Church meets with Mrs. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Little and son Rushing at 812 North Street at 7:30 p.m. of Nashville and Joseph Little, als of Nashville, who visited with hi Mrs. Lloyd Whlttaker Is hostess father, Joe Frank Little. to members of tho Thursday Con" Leroy and Louis, sons of Mr. an< Mrs. Roy Henry, have spent th yencrcdl Bridge Club meets with past several days with their aun 1 Mrs, Dick Shanks at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. H. O. Rhoads, in Maiden dur Ing holiday school vacation. Virgil Carnall was taken to tlv Hnyti Pemlscot County Memoria Hospital Wednesday where he wa Singing Planned Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. treated the remainder of the week The Mississippi County Singing He was returned home Saturday will meet Sunday at p. m. at the Full Gospel Tab- Visiting him were Mrs. W. T. Car nail and Mrs. Charles Barnes of Lea monthly gathering. Featured sing- chville and Mrs. A- E. Underwooc ers will be the Woods f&mily of I of Campbell. New Albany, Miss. Jackie and Joe Taylor spent last Admission 14c & 39c At All Times LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature MUME NEW* LUCILLE MLL EKMDU'ANN KILLER C. Inspired styling full flaring fashion. Free feeling sleeve, mock oversize buttonholes. Red, Copen, Green. Misses' sizes 20, Half sizes: 16Vi-24'/j -7 •• KM I «• mil.-r am i !**.-. am wi ON OUR GIANT CURVED SCREEN Listen to KLCN st 10:10 i.m, and 4 p.m. (or Rlti & tinj Procram Announcements Mr. Robinson Crusoe THURSDAY & FRIDAY B. Posies perch on your shoulder and pitch pocket. Twirling skirt. Black, Copen, Wine. Misses' sizes 12-20. Half sizes 16'A-24 I /2 Douglas Fairbanks Cartoon "Boo Hoo Baby" FRI., & SAT. Double Feature New wing collar. White waffle pique and button trim. Kant Katch zipper. Red, Navy, Green. Misses' sizes: 12-18 Half eizei: — AND— APACHE ROSE With Roy Rogers & Dale Ernns Co-SUrrine Patricia Medina & Sir Cedric Hardwicke JTi Mt/m-•**•»!••! gerlal "C«pUin Kicid" No. I A Ortoon "Tweet Tweet" PARAMOUNT NEWS & CARTOON "Flying Turtle tain by following this method: Sat rate material with turpentine am ub with hands. Then sponge the abrlc with alcohol or chloroform &K&***

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