The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 19, 1896 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1896
Page 9
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«'';'* ' • " •» ' ''""'' •. /i^-'^' "'^, ^ * .-. ' ^-4 -. f-^lf-: ••,>•,, • » ».aafj«»i.ii'*""-'.,***»*« X to «*nt>ilAfc tfei TALMAS SMM0K, IN A ttftAWM fcOUBf All froitefl Buffet-teg ffoto any ' illness peculiar td their se* fere fe- i communicate promptly with Pinkhanif at Lynn, Mass. All letters are fd jfe^t ceive^d, opened, jfread and an iSpv swcred by women an can freely talk of hef private illness to a •Woman! thus has 'been established the etertml confidence bc- frrt-eett Mrs. Pinkham and the women of America. This confidence has induced more than 100,000 women to write Mrs. Pinkham foil-advice during the last few months. Think what a volume of experience Ishe has to draw from 1 No physician lltving ever treated-sot many cases of liemale ills, and from this vast cxperi- fenco surely it is more than possible I she has gained the very knowledge [that will help your case. ^ She is glad to have you write or call jUipon her. You will find her a woman r.iull of sympathy, with a great desire to !!assist those who are sick. If her medi- |cine is not what you need, she will |if rankly tell you so, and there are nine |chances out of ten that she will tell lyou exactly what to do for relief. She lasks nothing in return except your If good will, and her advice has relieved I, thousands. Surely, any ailing woman, rich or ii poor, is very foolish if she does not ;• take advantage of this generous offer ' of assistance. Never In the history of medicine has the demand for one particular remedy female diseases equalled that at- "tained by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and never in the i history of Mrs. Pinkham's wonderful ; Compound has .the, demand for it been f so great as it is to-day. An Ancient Custom. She—I wonder where the custom ol ^mothers taking their daughters to water- I ing places originated? He—In the days of Abraham. Rebekah I got her husband at one. ' Weary of the Palo. "What's that girl singing?" .said Mr. f.Topfloor to the bellboy. "Oy Promise Me," replied the youth. "Well, for goodness sakes go down and ^promise her, any thing she wants and I charge it to my account. The Two-Thirds Rule. James— the.tworthirds rule. Samuels.—At my house it means the rule |'o£ my wife and boy. And it goes. Mr. P. E. Cosgrove of the C. B. & Q. R. {R. Buda, 111., writes: ''Ihave been sick for 8 ; years with kidney and liver trouble and malaria. I have been taking patent medicines and doctors' medicines for 8 years and spent $3,000 and got no help until 1 took I)r. Kay's Renovator. I had poor appetite, indigestion, sour stomach, constipation, yellow skin and eyes, tired feeling, pain in back and sides, nervous and wake- nil, headache and dizziness, bloating of the bowels and limbs, short dry cough, chills ad fever. Dr. Kay's Renovator has re- oved these symptoms and I feel new again, |God bless Dr. Kay's Renovator." It. ia ild by druggists at 25 cents and $1 or sent Iby mail by Dr. B. 3. Kay Medical Co., Om- KUha, Neb, Send stamp for large sample g and booklet. Li Hung Chang has accepted all tin i hospitalities offered to him by the various countries he has visited accept the cooking Even the French cooks could not' temp' him. Patents to Ipwuus. The Western Patent office, Des Moinea I Iowa, reports the following patents grantee |to Iowa, inventors August 31, 1890. A. H RBennett, Bridgewater, nut lock; G. Larson. fWaukon, automatic wagon brake; O. E |Lee, Oolwein, envelope; H. Linton, Dei TMoiuos. kitchen cabinet; Win. Loudou. 4 Fnirfleld, ice elevator; H. S. Lowderbaugh, 1 Lyons, well or cistern cleaner; M. T, Miles. ^ Cherokee, coupling; C. R, Ramsey, Pleas ; t'antville, adjustable burial casket; P. C, Shipley, Red Oak, thill support; K. D. Dunlop, SJbley, rotary steam engine; M, Stoddard, Farmington, ore concentrator; G, F, Sudenga, George, power hammer; A. F, Barnard, Oskuloosa, nut lock. S. C. SWEET, Mgr. A cow wandered into the . town hall of Kingman, Arjz., where the county records are kept, ana ate some of them and tattered the rest. < th« tfttf, "*« tn« jtathat, «bu»"— *fe A *1 tot At* dttfii tiiriit til* Sti. With fi«S those wM imftgin^ tfi&l Wfc ftf lh« faults ft* efiflitlans tfcty Mfi make a bridge 6* boats across tfife stream e£ death, and they aHI going to try itj but, ataa fer the When th6y £ei jail 'tfe*i is? efts irffi ; 1 e#> Ofie Yee, life is & ytttttifc mftfi, <&\f yeafs of age. I see fill COtifitefiance TANWKG in court' to yourself: "At this bar'cflMe haS" o>ften been arraign. ed; at this Witness stand the oath has often been taken; at thla Juror's bench the verdict has been tendered; at this ' judge's desk sentence has been pronounced.*' But mil go the bridge And dOWn will go their Souls {ft ijerdltidti. 0 World 6i the greedy eye and tie h&f-d heart, cbme oh the stand fad* and testify in behalf of the prosecution against this Christian,soul on trial. What d6 yott know about this Christian man? "Oh,* 1 eiys the World, "1 know a great deal bloodj Aiid ail the faHerleS of hetfStt af-e thrilled with the spectacle. ThanfcS be unto G6d, "We have An adtdcltt with the f athef, Jefifls Christ tie fight* eotis." Oh, Chfistiah soul, your case begin! to look better. 1 think, pefhafm, aftef ali, you may not have to die. T'h* best Advocate In the universe hftfi tft« about htm. tie ^alks.abotit Cutting his ken yottf side. No*onei,was eVef 88 Very low rates will be made by the Missouri) Kansas & Texas railway for I excursions of Weptember 1st, 15th and 5jJ9th, to the south for horneseekersand harvesters. Foi- particulars apply to he nearest local agent or address Tames Barker, G, P. A., M., K. & T, St. Louis, Think of the ills from which you are ewpt and it 'Nyill aid you to bear patiently se with which now ypu may sutVer.— U. We will forfeit 11,000 if any of our pu|i- 'hed testimonials are proven to be »ot Hine, 'f»s P<80 Co., Warren, p a . Egyptian monuments over 9,000 years there we reprosentatiops of persons a, game resembling checkers. I have to tell youi today of a trial higher than any Qyer and Terffiiner or Cir^ cult or Supreme or Chancery. It is the trial of every Christian man for the life of his soul. This trial is different from any other in the fact that It is both civil and criminal. The issues at stake are tremendous, and I shall in my eermon show you, first, what are the grounds of complaint; then, who are the witnesses in the cause, and lastly, who are the advocates. When a trial is called on the first thing is to have the indictment read. Stand up then, 0, Christian man, and hear the indictment of the court of bigh heaven against thy soul. It is an indictment of ten counts, for thou hast directly or indirectly broken all the ten commandments. You know how it thundered on Sinai and when God came down, how the mountain rocked and the smoke ascended as from a smoldering furnace, and the darkness gathered thick, and the loud, deep trumpet uttered the words: "The soul that sinneth, it shall die!" Are you guilty, or not guilty? Do not put in a negative plea too quick, for I have to announce that "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. There is none that doeth good; no, not one. Whosoever shall keep the whole law, yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all." Do not, therefore, be too hasty in pronouncing yourself not guilty. This lawsuit before us aiso charges you with the breaking of a solemn contract. Many a time did we promise to be the Lord's. We got down on our knees and said: "O, Lord, I am thine now and forever." Did you keep the promise? Have you stood up to the contract? I go back to your first communion. You remember it as well as if It were yesterday. You know how the vision of the Cross rose before you. You remember how from the head and the hands and the side and feet there came bleeding forth these two words: "Remember me." You recall how the cupj of communion,,tre.mbjed dn..your hand when you first took it; and as in a seashell you may hear, or think you hear, the roaring of the surf even after the shell has been taken from the beach, so you lifted the cup of communion and you heard in it the surging of the great ocean of a Savior's agony; and you came forth from that communion service with face shining as though you had been on the Mount of Transfiguration; and the very air seemed tremulous with the love of Jesus, and.the woods and the leaves and the grass and the birds were brighter and sweeter-voiced than ever, before, and you said down in the very depths of your soul: "Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee." Have you kept the bargain, 0,: .' Have .you not sometimes faltered when you ought to have been true? Have you not been proud when you ought to have been humble? Have you not played the coward when you ought to have been the hero? I charge it upon you and I charge it upon myself—we have broken the contract. Still further; this lawsuit claims damages at your hands. The greatest slander of the Christian religion is an inconsistent professor. The Bible says religion is one thing; we, by our inconsistency, say religion is some other thing, and what is more deplorable about it is that people can see faults in others while.they cannot see any in themselves. If you shall at any time find-some miserable'old'gossip, with imperfections from the crown of her head to the eoje of her feet, a perfect blotch, of sin herself, she will go tattling, tattling, tattling all the years of her life about the Inconsistencies of others, having no idea that she is in" consistent herself, God save the world from the gossip, female »and male! I FITS Ctopppd free %mjJiprmftnentiy surert, N> »ufwr oi-sMiWsus.Dof liif. Kuw'stimfMerrs sloror, Free ntrlhlbvViw ami tro»M»e, %4iop8.S"»s«*?Ur*!U8i., *" a»4 TP really be t be ft desirous tint bit ,».* depth of pjsrleetly dry. , ..^-.^ ti , ^.juij f treasures itt hea'vett, '"but 'W Is the sharpest man in a trade 1 ever kneWi He seems to want us to believe that he is a child of God, but he is Just full of imperfections. 1 do not know but I am a great deal better than he is now, Oftentimes he is Very earthly, and he talks so little about Christ and so much about himself. 1 am Very glad to testify that this is a bad man." Stop, O World with the greedy eye and hard heart. 1 fear you are too much interested In this trial to give Impartial evidence. Let ail those who hear the testimony of this witness know that there is an old family quarrel between these two parties. There always has been a variance between the World and the Church, and while the World on the witness stand today ihas told a great deal of truth about this Christian man, you must take It all with much allowance, remembering that they still keep the old grudge. 0 World of the greedy eye and the hard heart, that will do; you may sit'down. The second -witness I call in this case is Conscience. Who art thou, 0 Conscience? What is your business? Where were you born? What are you doing here?- "Oh," says Conscience, "I was .born in heaven. I came down to befriend this man. I have lived with him. I have instructed him; I have warned him. I showed him the right r.nd the wrong; advising him to take the one and eschew the other. I have kindled a great light In his soul. With a whip of scorpions I have scourged his wickedness, and I have tried to cheer him when doing right; and yet I am compelled to testify on the stand today that he has sometimes rejected my mission. Oh, how many cups of life have I pressed to his Hps that he .dashed .down, and how often has he stood with his hard heel on'the bleeding heart of the Son of God! It pains me very much that I have to testify against this • Christian man, and yet I must, in behalf of him who will in no wise clear the guilty, say that this Christian man has done wrong! He has been worldly. He has been neglectful. He has done a thousand things he ought not to have done, and -left undone a thousand things he ought to have done." That "will do, Conscience. You can sit down. The third witness I call in this case is an angel of God. Bright and shining one, what doest thou here? What bust thou to say against this man on trial? "Oh," says the angel, "I have been a messenger to him. I have guarded him. I have watched him, With this wing I have defended him, and oftentimes, when he knew it not, I led him into green pastures and be- aide the still waters. I snatched from him the poisoned chalices. When bad spirits came upon him to destroy him, I fought them back with infinite fierceness, and yet I have to testify today that he has rejected my mission. He bag not done as he ought to have done. Though I came from the sky, he drove me back. Though with this wing I defended him, and though with this voice I wooed him, I have to announce his multiplied imperfections. I dare not keep back the testimony, for then I should not 'dare' to appear again' amongst the. sinless ones before the great white Throne." There is only one more witness to be called on behalf of the prosecution, and that is the great, the holy, the august, the omnipotent Spirit of God, We bow down before him. Holy Spirit, knowest thou this roan? "Oh, yes," says the Holy One, "I know him. I have striven with him ten thousand times, and though sometimes ho did seem to repent, he fell back again'as often from his first estate. Ten thousand times ten thousand has he grieved roe, although the Bible warned him, saying: 'Grieve not the Holy Ghost, Quench not the Spirit,' Yes, he has driven .me back. Though I am the Third Person cjt the Trinity, he has trampled on my mission, and the blood of the Atonement that i brought with which to cleaase his soul, he sometimes despised. I came from the throne of God to convert, and comfort and sanctify, and yet look at that roan and see what be is, compared with what, at* ftff met*i think the males are the worst! Now the chariot of Christ's salvation goes on through the world; but it Is our inconsistencies, my brethren, that block up the wheels, while all along the line there ought to have been cast nothing but palm branches, and 'the shout should have been lifted! "Hosanna to the Son of David!" NQW, you nave heard the indictment fcac(. Are, you rjfdy to p^ead guilty or apt. 'guiHy-? rerh'aps yqu are pot ready yet to plead- Then the trial will ge ojn, Thi? witnesses wiU be and we ehftjj have the ipatter jn the nemo pf 0,93. j now snake anything t9 offer J n trial in which Q<»J Je the plaiijUjj the Qhrietian SOU! the Defendant, M him now step forth, and give testimony this SQlemn first ta upon Oh,rif Uaji phj^er, YOU. k, B ow *h.e;§ .are people around. yo, W wh, 9 unresjsKd, I would have made him," The evidence all being in, severe and stern justice rises on behalf of the prosecution to make his pjea. With the Bible open in bis hand, he reads the law, stern and inflexible, and the penalty; "The soul that sinneth, it shall die." Then be says: "0, thou Judge and Lawgiver, this is thine own etat-; me, and all the evidence in earth and qualified to defend you. Me knoWi all the law, ail its demands, all its penalties. He Is always ready, Nd new turn of the case bah surprise him, and he will plead for you for nothing as earnestly as though you brought a world of treasure to his feet. Besides that, he has undertaken the case of thousands who were as forlorn as yoU, and he has never lost a case. Courage, 0 Christian soul! I think that, after all, there may be some chance for you, for the great Advocate has risen to make his plea. He says: "I admit all that has been proved against my ell* ent. I admit all these sins, ay, more', but look at that wounded hand of mine nnd look at that other wounded hand, and at my right foot and at my left foot. By all these Wounds I plead for his clearance. Count all the drops. Of my tears. Count all the drops of my blood. By the humiliation of Bethlehem, by the sweat of Gethsemane, by the sufferings of the cross, I demand that he go free. On this arm he hath leaned; to this heart he hath flown; in ,my tears he hath washed; on my righteousness he hath depended, Let him go free. I am the ransom. Let him escape the lash; I took the ecourg- ings. Let the cup pass from him; I drank it to the dregs. Put on him th« crown of life, for I have worn the crown of thorns. Over against my throne of shame set his throne of triumph!" Well, the counsel on both sides hav« spoken, and there is only one more thing now remaining, and that is tho. awarding of the judgment. If you^ have ever been' In a court-room you' know the silence and solemnity when the verdict Is about to be rendered or the judgment about to be given. About this soul on trial—shall it be saved or shall it be lost? Attention! above, around, beneath. All the universe cries, "Hear! hear!" The Judge rises and gives this decision, never to be changed, never to be revoked: "There is, therefore, now no condemnation to them who are ia Christ Jesus." The soul that on Jesus hath leaned for repose, I will not, I will not, desert to his foes', That soul, though all hell should endeavor to shake, I'll never, no never, no never forsake. But, my friends, there is coming a day of trial in which not only the saint but the sinner must appear. That day of trial will come very suddenly. The farmer will be at the plow, the. merchant will be in the counting-room, the woodman will be ringing his axe on the hickories, the weaver will have his foot on the treadle, the manufacturer will be walking amid the buzz of looms and the clack of flying machinery, the counsel may be at the bar, pleading the law, the minister may be in the pulpit pleading the Gospel, the drunkard may be reeling in his cups, nnd the blasphemer with the oath caught between his teeth. Lo! The sun bides. Night cornea down at mid-noon. The stars appear at noon today; The earth shudders and throbs. There an earthquake onena nnd a city sinks as a crocodile would crunch a child. Mountains roll in their sockets and send down their granite cliffs in avalanche of rock, Rivers pause in their chase for the sea, and ocean, uprearlng, cries to flying Alps and Himalaya. Beasts bellow and moan and snuff up the darkness. Clouds fly like flocks of swift eagles, Great thunders beat and boom and burst. Stars shoot and fall. The Almighty, rising on his throne, declares that time shall be no longer, and the archangel's trump repeats it till all the Hying hear, and the continents of dead spring to their feet, crying: "Time shall be no longer!" Oh, on that day will you be ready? I have shown you how well the Christian will get off to his trial. Will you got off as well in your 'trial? Will Christ plead on' your side or against you? Oh, what will you do in the last great assize, if your conscience is against you, and the world Is against you, and the angels of heaven wa, against you, and the Holy Spirit ia against you, and the Lord God Almighty is against you? Better this day secure an Advocate, A to-fl of rosebuds Will pfoduee, •tbtttit tw-b €tifiefeS tf tte atlfef 8! f A lafmef Ifi the little s«tti6nlent 6f May, New South Wales, tvith IMe aid Jf hiH three sons, poisoned 16,000 f abbltfi In tine nlghi Mosquitoes have Jtflpe&fed this Jfl, England, It i8 supposed they their way across the Atlantic in & cargo of lumber. • ^ An immense pivmplng engine at the mines,of l^riedensvilie,* PA., falSes AV 600 gallohs of watef at each revolution of the huge fly-wheel. Sheep-rot is overcome, And ifl most cases prevented, by a preparation die* covered by Doctor Saule, of Algiers, It is applied by Snoculatittn. For the last fifty years 6f her life, Betty Webster, of Weiisieydote, England, was a constant smoker. She has Just died, at the age of 10?. Soil was brought up from a depth of 326 feet, from a coal mine in Bel- Blum, and from it sprouted weeds of' ti species unknown to the botanists. A brood of chickens just hatched at tlie home of Mrs. George Hunt, in t*ed- rlcktown, N. J., has a curiosity among them. It is a chicken with its head upside down, A machine for catching grasshoppers is owned by Henry Crow, of, Garden City, Kansas. It scoops them in by the bushel. Mr. Crow bolls them, and feeds them to his hogs, At Willets Point, N. Y., there has Just been mounted a ten-inch gun which throws a 475-pound projectile a distance of six miles. At each discharge of 250 pounds of powder are used. The interior of a gold bearing rock was inspected In an Oregon town, by means of the Roentgen rays, and veins of auriferous metal were as plainly visible as if they were on the surface. Two twelve-year-old lads in Button, England, contrived to get some candy out of a slot machine, without dropping in the usual coins. Remorse then at- tarfced them, and they drowned tnem- JOSH BILLINGS' PHILOSOPHY. ffifltlt m mt m? Alt the nTo&t cunning rflet, h4V etri fttte'to ti ttr« ftHH tnfe fd*. .tfag a mWintfifn. Q6d made It folP for t<Nlft$iv B afid,»fcH' tla &? all tlme^in^'• *""' make ndf kotinterflt efie. If it 'wasn't fof the wouldn't be enii? pfcua living World. Bed sure things (entift of Will demoralize enfiy man. '"A fanatick 18 a party Who mounts^.; ft coinfflonpiaefi idea, sticks both spun* : S Into it klear up to fate heels, and tfyS to git a S-forty gait out uv It. ,whi do we all luv little children so mutch? Ife it not on aekount ov their simplicity t And don't their Ity, all ov it, spring from their faith? The maa who 1« able at all times to hide hlz tru karakter haa a grate deal of virtew in hiz natur, and possibly -a . grate deal of deviltry—i fprgH which. There iz one rule which"! beleave haa ", no exceptshun to it: When a man falls' ,-. down on the ice, wbare the water Ja\ an Inch and a.haffvdeep, toe,never leel», ' proud ov the Job. • k About one haff ov all the trubble in ; this world iz manufactured to order out" ov nothing, and a large share ov the ' other haff Iz the result ov not knowing > the tru valu ov things. MISSIONS. The British and Foreign Bible society has issued nearly 140,000,000 bibles, testaments and portions of the scriptures. Mrs. Balllngton Booth intends, alter she has completed her organization of the Volunteers, to give herself personally to religious work among the pris-. ons of the United States. Miss Jane Addams, the founder of Hull House, Chicago, who has been , spending some time studying the Bast End of London, gives It as her opinion The man who don't forget ennythlng that London is more wicked that;Chi- isn't a going to learn mutch- more. It ain't after all so what we , To Clcnnso the System Effectually yet gently, when costive or bilious, or when the blood is impure or sluggish; to permanently cure habitual constipation, to awaken the kidneys and liror \o a healthy activity, without irritating or weakening them, to dispel • headaches, colds or fevers use Syrup of Figs. cago. A Long Mr, HnyBeod (after a long, long, weary wait in a Now York restaurant)— Soems to me that briled Philadelphia spring chicken wo ordered is a long while coming. Mrs. Haysood'(roBiguedly)— I mipposo the train is off the track. heaven agrees 1 that th,e roan has sitined, 'against these enactments. Now ,l'et the sword, lea,p from its scabbard. Shall a B88B S9 through the very flames <# SJB84 ungiflgea? Let the law be executed. Let judgment be pronounced. Let WBJ die. 1 4$?»8n4 that fee fl}e!" 0, Christian, 3099 n not leek very for thee? WJJQ shall plead, on thy in 8Q forlorn a oau?e? Sometime? a sign will be brought into a court ol law, apdi be will tore »Q friends ana the fear ana ssy; l 'Ie there any one who will volunteer to taKa fbia ajaR'e W»?" Aadi »»j»a eayg; "j ^m kla 881|nj?J{ W Meekness. Meekness is love at school; love at the Savior's feet. It is Christian lowli» hood. It is the dieciple learning to know himself; learning to fear and distrust end abhor himself. It is the dlscjple practicing the, sweet, but pelf-» emptying le?eon of putUftg 9« the Lord Jesus Christ. It' is the disciple Jeavn* Jng the defects of his own character, It is the disciple praying &nd wfUotUng for the mellowing of his temper and tho ^meiloritipn of bis phar^oter. It is the living OhrisUan at 'hl& Savior's feet, learning of him who le meefe and, lowly .ami 8n4iBg rest fpr bi How to Grow 40« "Wheat. Salzer's Fall Seed Catalogue tells you. It's Ayorth thousands to the wide-awake farmer. Send 4-cent stamp for catalogue and free samples of grains and grasses for fall sowing'. John A. Sal/.er Seed Co., LaCrosse, Wis. _ It in positively ansei'ted that to drink a half pint of hot milk or hot wiiter will have the effect of producing sleep in eight cases out of ton. _ _ _ UO Diij'H Trlul, Free. That's what the Charles City College offers to students in their 'business, stenographic, typewriting 1 , and prepar* atory college departments. Write today. Charles City College, Charles City, Iowa. Tlie 'parents of twine recently born in Butler, Mo., havo iiunied-.thom Gpld and Silver. ________ __ JV.rKomvl. ANY ONE who IIUH been benefited by the Ubo of Dr. Williams' Fink I'ills, will receive information of much value and interest by writing to Pink Pills, P. O. box 159U, Philadelphia, Pa. ___ Blood... Bubbles. • < < Those pimples or blotches < that disfigure your skin, are | blood bubbles. They mark the unhealthy, condition of the blood-current that throws them up. You must get down to / the blood, before you can be < rid, of > them. Local, treatment is useless. It suppresses, but does not heal. The best remedy for eruptions, scrofula, sores, and all blood diseases, is '' Ayer's Sarsaparilla. bicycle itKod by the French soldiers 1ms an electric light. SOUTH WEST The boat fruit section in tlio West. No drouths A failure of crops never known. Mild climate, Productive soil. Abundance of good pure water. For Maps and Circulars giving full description of the Bith Mineral. Fruit-and Agricultural Lands in South West Missouri, < write to JOHN N. PiniDY, Mutineer of tlie Missouri Land anil Live Stock Company, Neoslio, New- ton'Co., Missouri." ' •> P ENSIONS, PATENTS, CLAIMS. JOHN W. MORRIS VM8HIN6TON.'D,C. Lite Principal Examiner TJ. '8. Petnlon Bureau. 3 yra. IK last war, 15 udjudicuUue Uuiwu, atty. siuco. W-N.U. D.M.--1258. NO. 34 WUon uiiswcnuu advertisements Kindly montloq tblt jiuiior, II free yp\ir lips WflUW kpep frQm. gllps, FJVC th(Bg| obs,ervp Wltfe Qf whojn If, you are able to pay n®Q for a bicycle, why be content with any but a STANDARD QF THE WORLD, Eighteen y^ars of repwtatlon for building the fcst bicycle^ backe^ by the certainty of quality assured by 9«? ssientijis msttewsj,. shpuW < mean much' to any buyer 'oi a btey?*e» Tfi«re fe but 9$& Columbia quality—on§ CewrobJa prisft-^ 100; TO ALL ALIKE, "» *W^' POPB MFQ» CO,; ,' t

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