The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 12, 1896 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1896
Page 9
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; .5*'^ ? 4,>* v- -• ",, "' " i'" • -/ *" * , - _ •' . -- Tfil WOMEK, AtrtM gofflethltig ftil la &otet td Hft&peh. ftlitUe flftttf Ol« ttoHeil ll.t fctond* fibf eoflfse ft woman will naturally Ihe dat-k side of five* ylhing whes Huted by softie form of female dis* be, which hef ' dot eaa- ot does bt relieve, lo iVondei 1 le is Meian» Solywhen |ad and kck frche Jason's stomach tttffi t» Jaofe at RURAL fhiB Hint* as to the Care i—A of tlv* Stock ie whole ly and nerves ce weak, iotnach out ' order, di* festion por, fense of [illness and bear- ig-down, poof Seep and appetite, ays weak and tired, irregvi- Ir mensti'tmtion, whites, etc, |8he probably is not so fortunate as i Itnow that all female ailments are adieated by these never failing symp- ijms, and are controlled by Lydia E. inkham'B Vegetable Compound; all emale weaknesses quickly disappear |y its use. It has been the thinking oman's safeguard for twenty years, id all druggists sell large quantities jf it because it can be relied upon 1 ; Still another woman speaks : * I wish you would publish my name pith your testimonials. I want every |ne to know that your Vegetable Corn- bound has made me well and strong. ! sing its praises all the time. When I first married 1 was very- weak and iiad female troubles badly; Oh, I wcs weary, sick and melancholy, but the egetable Compovrad built me up, and aow I have a dear baby girl, and I am lo happy. No home Is complete with- but a dear little baby and Lydia TD. ?inkham's Vegetable Compound to roll Ihe clouds away."— MBS. QEO. CLMJS, $5 Danforth St., Buffalo, N. Y. NOTES Of' THE DAY. HE chicken fever 'is one of the «tost contagious of diseases. ottgh enbugh whole One th6r- case to set tB tfce bieeding 8f ear$ 6f 5sd« P oilltfy ttcnty County, Lindsay, ffoft the Itt cotainunity on fire. Let a thorough-going fancier moVe into a tnunlty which has never before aspired to anything higher 1h poul- culture than raising the common barn-yard fowl, and it will not be many months until a man here, a boy there, and a woman over yonder will be asking the price of eggs and fowls, and Inquiring for the address of a good poultry paper, and seeking 1 information in general. Prom these, others will catch the inspiration until the interest will have become general, and if they can be induced to subscribe to a good paper, the result will be that many will become thorough fanciers. The chicken fever is also a peculiar thing inasmuch that if it once gets a hold on a man, it will be impossible for him to leave it altogether. He may enter the pulpit, law, politics or any other vocation in life, yet the love for the fancy will cling to him yet, and on the back-yard or on the expensively fitted up farm yard you will find a pen of prize fowl— his pets. This love clings to him because it is a most fascinating persuit. Breeding fowle present so many dlfllcult problems for solution, so many possibilities, yet so many disappointments also, that a man t>f a strong and determined mind will stick to it because he will not give up the pursuit until he has attained perfection. But the nearer we attain unto perfection, the further it moves from WHAf WOMEN Afc& DbfNtt, If the word "boom" wer*e not in ex- stence now it would be hard to find a s-ord to fittingly take its place. "The end of the Ottoman empire is aear," the foreign correspondents, are laying, just as they did forty years ago. The roll of membership of the league of American Wheelman last Veek footed up 57,025. Of these 7,661 Ire Fcnnsylvanians. That flowers are generally beneficial a sick room, Instead.of harmful, as prmerly supposed, is fully established |ccordlng to many physicians. ' Twenty new paper-making machines Ire to be added to the New England illls this year, each machine having capacity of fifteen tons daily. •There are about 200 different styles |f forceps made for dentists' use, vary- jg in the sizes and forms of the beaks ad*! ip the shapes of the handles. aS/i f avor ite team of the emperor of ny is a.pair of chestnuts, one of was raised in Susquehanna, Pa. other came from Binghamton, y. A trout of the Lochleven species weighing 11% pounds and measuring us. That which a few years back was a simple fault is now an eye-sore fault. If it were possible to breed a perfect fowl the ranks of the fancy would thin out in a hurry. With no possibility of progress in the future, all interest in the present would soon die out. We need not go far to prove this statement. The varieties which are the hardest to breed to standard, have the greatest number of enthusiastic admirers and most valiant champions. The chicken fever sometimes causes very strange hallucinations of the mind and the victim often imagines that the poultry business is the bonanza which many have sought and few found, that it ie a child's work with a railroad king's pay. With a piece of paper and pencil he can quickly prove with the accuracy which attends all mathematized deductions, that there is it. Alas, he may some day find that hopes found- bulletin fetfetlon at Amhefst oh eeoflottie feeding of Bm6h cows, gives valuable infofatatioti oft green fodders that will help 6ut the short pasturage, saye Our Grange HOnie. His conclusions ftf 6 that pa8> tttre grass is a perfect feed t6t the dairy cow, and when Ihe anitaal cat! secure sufficient of it Without too gf eai eftortd, nia*imum iniik yields may be expected, this, however, la rafely the case, and it very frequently becomes necessary to practice at least a partial system of soiling. Rye sown the previous autumn is the earliest green feed to be had in the spring. It cahnot be fed over ten days, as it grows rapidly woody. Wheat can follow rye, and can be fed for fourteen days. After cutting the rye and wheat the land can be planted to corn. Wheat can be followed by clover and grass, or by clover alone, sown the year previous. The first annual crops from which green feed can be secured are Canada peas and oats, or vetch and oats. These should be sown as early as possible in the spring. The peas or vetch should be harrowed or lightly plowed to a depth of three or four inches and the oats lightly harrowed in. Either combination makes a most excellent green feed, and by planting several lots about two weeks apart, green feed can be secured during the entire month of July. The vetch seed is rather more costly than the peas. The only objection to Canada peas is their tendency to lodge. Some prefer the champion of England or black-eyed marrowfat on this account. For green feed during the month of August the barnyard millet (Panicumcrus galli) is to be recommended. This millet was imported from northern Japan. The wild species growing in this country is the common barnyard grass. The cultivated species grows upright from five to seven feet tall, and yields from twelve to twenty tons of green material per acre. Animals eat it with avidity. It makes also very good hay, but, being coarser than the common millet, there is difficulty in curing it. It needs plenty of moisture to produce maximum yields, and will not stand a drought as well as corn. Medium green soja beans sown in drills two and one- half feet apart about May 30 will grow four feet tall and furnish a green fodder rich in protein from August 20 to September 15. Corn planted May 20 will furnish green fodder from August 25 to September 20. It can be fed in connection with soja beans, one half of each,- to excellent advantage, and furnishes a properly balanced ration. Land from which peas and oats have been removed by July 15 can be seeded at once with Hungarian grass, and will yield green food from September 20 to October 5, the balance, if any, to be ttfl Pn6et>e Fli&nef Sf Sre., fiiftdi & fecefifc tfift, dating she shot four bfowfi beara find bite cin namon. The cinhanion, aftei 1 Shot, tttfned Upon MfS. fl fflthin ten feet of hef wh<5ii t second shbt from her rifle dispatched it i Mies Bertha Creisfatoa 6! Philadelphia has received .as a gift ffom Mr. f ift of the United &at%8 treasury de* tmrtMent at Washington a pair of Cinderella slippers made of the ground ptilp of $100 bills. Miss t crelghtbn may be said to wear on her feet $6,000. A recltationist who is dbing very well in London \(e Miss Helen Mar, &6 she is known professionally, or Mrs. Bteele Mackaye, as she is remembered in America. Miss Mar Went to England shortly after Mr, Mackaye's death, and has been heard in a great many drawing-rooms during the present season. Mrs. Virginia Patterson of Philadelphia is a most remarkable sportswoman. Recently at a morning "fishing" she caught two immense tarpon, that, when hung from a pole, with their tails touching the ground, measured two feet more than their captor. She Is quite as enthusiastic over hunting aa angling. hae ^^ t ^m^m^^^W , *-^f»- ffrtstieiici tt,tto\ttfW.1ti& tmw-^F lly Steamer, Train or Uoiit. Which of these have you selected as a means of travel! No matter. Whichever it is, recollect that for Bea-sicknefW, disorder of the stomach, liver and bowelo, engendered by rough locomotion nud bad tood or water, and for ninlarial troubles, Hosteller's Stomach Bitters is tho moot useful specific you can take with you. It is Invaluable also for rheumatism, kidney complaints and nervous trouble. t ~—_ 1 —• "French paste," out ol -which artificial diamonds are made, is a mixture of best glass and oxide of lead. Tud Western Patent Office, Des Koines, reports the following patents issued to Iowa inventors Aug. 4: Joseph S. Hogan, Menlo, plow clevis: Nicholas Kolle, Dubuque, plate for burial casket; Mark A. Reploge, Cedar Falls, electrical governor. Patents have been recently allowed, through this office, to Lanibnrt Sternburg, Mitehellville, potato cutter; H. L. Gamble, Perry, f urui- ture castor. WESTERN PA.TEST OTFIOE. Between 85.000 and 50,000 divorces have been declared illegal by the courts in 'Kansas. ed on figures alone are blasted. After one has recovered from the rigors of the first attack, he can then settle down to the enjoyment of the pursuit. What can bring more pleasure to the mind of the fancier than a yard of well-bred fowl of his particular choice? Breeding is a game which has more chances than a game of chess, and it requires as broad a mind to master the one as the other. made into hay. One cau expect from one to one and one-half tons of hay per acre. Barley and peas sown August 1 to 5 will furnish plenty of green feed during October. These last fodders will stand very severe frosts. I'crgonal. ANY ONE who lias been benefited by the uso of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, will receive information of much value and interest by writing to Pink Pills, P. O. box 1503, Philadelphia, Pa. ^ i'miln 55\valit, a 0-nino-year-old Polish girl, ia Vienna's latest prodigy.- She can play works by ull tho great masters and also improvise. My doctor isaid I would'die, but Pisa's Cui'efcr Consumption ' cured mo.—Amos Koluer, Cherry Valley, Ills., Nov. 28, '1)5. Gladstone ir, under a pledge to his physicians never to iriake another public speech.- Ho has more than once asked to have it set asMe, but without success. FITS Rtoppnd free and perm»nonv:v cured. N> fltBitriirnrst day's usi! of Dr. Kllne'sOroat Nerva JCcsloror. Free $2 trial bottle anil treatise. Send to Dn. KLINE. 031 Amu St.. Philadelphia, Pa theif __. Tlat tft« girl ol the |etl8d ll fitt tM kirtd id captivate flien, that a "gentleman" ffieafts in6f e than it eVef did before, That among dead languages is lh« on§ Used by fftilttiiy ffiett, fhat tofthageffleat o! sflirie hospitals leaves much to be desired. That increase of citib meJnbefshijJ fa a death-blow td coMefv&tifihl. "that the trials afld tribulations of the wealthy cdntihually multiply. That soffie distinction gOeS with the girl who does not ride ft wheel, That ho man of refinement is eVev interested in unwomanly wemen. That nn hour with the lawn-mower every day is a desirable exercise, That too much lard enters into the manufacture of hotel Ice cream, 'fhat roof gardens are & great boon to the men who can't leave town. That a change, of one's religion does not guarantee a happy marriage. That an excellent thing to remember Is that every story hfts'two sides. That among the "best people" are those who mind their own business. That curiosity is stimulated to know how some people can sail fdr Europe. That Americana abroad for the first time are not our beat representatives. , That this is evidently to be a summer for the parade of family skeletons. That in courtship little sisters are often as disagreeable as little brothers. .That the sudden death of so many well-known young men is remarkable. ' That handwriting on the wall is that the bicycle craze has reached its height. That cultured and refined people appreciate most "the girl well brought .up." That it is a mistake to Imagine a cocktail facilitates a business transaction. . That some titled American women abroad are subjects of miserable scandals. ' That observers are not as confident as they were of bicycles superseding horses. .... its cefflfiiete *5i2,oco, has; tfM.«$gf ttf f&I2,wo twf, »f the tihlv"eritty r as'Sif* • ftdekfeller- Itafi agreed tfl duplicate" ail gifts up to $2,000,000. Anidng the Members of the class 1 , Whifh-was graduated thiS,y,ear|flrDW the, Sostoh Institute of Technology ( wtre a sort of President &arfleld> a sim &f ,'. United States geftatdr Caftnoh df tltain ft Son &f P>6f. van Hoist, th6 bistorts H J a grandson of Qen. B, ff, BtttleF, and ft* grandson of Bishop And Liettkideii, Leonidas folk, the "Fighting Bishop" who was killed while eommaftding a confederate corps at the battle of Kenesaw Motintaih. The' college circles of the King's Daughters were well res resented at the late Ohio convention, in the Ohio Wee- leyan university there are ninety-seven members in nine circles/ Shepardson college reports forty members, the circle being directly in charge of the Christian work of the. college. In the State university there Is a membership of forty-five active and twenty-five honorary members, and the circle is helping to educate a colored girl for missionary work In Africa. That ore long society news will make a scarcity of salt, according to the Nebraska State Journal. TEMPERANCE. Speaking of the enforcement of tho Sabbath law In New York, Acting Inspector Brooks said: "There was never ' a time until recently when the tenderloin could not be counted on for a big batch of arrests and police cases of all kinds. With the saloons closed crime decreases, and naturally arrests are fewer." In a recent speech before the English Army Temperance association Lord Wolseiey made this striking statement: "There are yet some battles to be fought, some great enemies to be encountered by the United Kingdom, but the most pressing enemy at present is drink. It kills more than all our newest weapons of warfare, and not only destroys the body, but the mind, and soul also." leet 7 inches in length and 16% inches girth, was recently taken in Kingdom Loch. "Ink suitable for love-letters" Is ad- grtised by a Parisian stationer, It is lade of a solution of iodide of starch characters written with it entirely ;le in four weeks. JExperlments with plants tend to pw that in clear weather the evap- xtion by night as compared to .that dich takes place in the day appears to in the ratio of 1 to 5. WHAT TO DO WITH CARDS. Icards of condolence are sent a week fter a death occurs. One card is left |r a family— no more. |To ask for a sick friend leave a card ith the words, "To inquire" written gross the top, Expect no leply. Cards of condolence need not be au- d. Cards of courtesy or con- jtulation should • be replied to n card is left for a stranger is stopping fit a hotel, "For Mrs. |" should be written on the top of 9rd, f write "regrets" or "accepts" on a js very bad form, A note is the Ip way in declining °r accepting angers Jn town should eend their I'wlth their address to friends, and should be made on them as soon |s of courtesy should be sent with '|ts, such, as bopks, fruU ajid, flow uny trifling remembrances sent |pds j,o Meads. ! cgxjrlesy should be.sent with [persoj}, an^ jf the family is at V visitor should go in 31*4 e ^ gopd jWjshes. a ypung lady is to be married ber cariJ Jn person* i before the eyegt. I cflr4 acc9B}panies her ov-% tea "pr yeceptiqn leave Rep par$ \yjjh_ pt Ofl entering. Jt up&We t,q " wrjte a Bpte tb? .-oultry Experience. ; I have been engaged in raising poultry for about 15 years, and have raised nothing but pure-blooded Plymouth Rocks. The Plymouth Rock suits me best because it is a general purpose fowl being large in size and a good layer. It matures early. Our poultry house is warm and ie always kept free from filth and vermin. In winter we feed mostly on corn, oats and wheat. In summer we feed a mixture of shorts and bran, mixed and wet, but made very stiff. We have no particular method. Sometimes we get good prices for what we have to sell, but usually, as we sell in the local markets, we do pot get high prices, unless we sell for breeding purposes. We get eggs nearly every day in the year. I have had the cholera in my flock, I do not know whether it was caused by lice or not. One or two ye_ars ago I lost nearly my whole flock, i nave lost a good many by minks and weasels, I have good success in raising broods and usually raise all I get hatched. I feed at first on hard-boiled eggs and bread crumbs, giving them pure water to drink at first, and after that I give them Bour milk. I have good dry coups for them and keep in the shade as much as possible, I have doctored for roup, cholera and gapes, and am satisfied that cholera can be cured in its first stages, Foy rpup I grease their necks and throats with coal oil and lard mixed, For gapes I use a horse hair inserted in the windpipe, and with this I draw out the little red worms. Some of my Plymouth. Rocks are re- I have been raising chickens for the past ten years, and in that time have bred the common nondescript, the S. 0. B. Leghorns, the R. C, W. leghorns and the Plymouth Rooks. The S, C. B. keghPnas suit me best. My method of feedjng has been warm mash for bre&fefast, wheat, bucKwheat, millet ana Kaffr corn thrown ip straw and Jjtter, tp &U°W thejn tP scratch 4urJ»g the balance of the day- J feed green ' fall and njixe4 with feed }p the summer. AS t< chicks, i thittb the begt way fe op the broker, For <|oot(?r Shrinkage ol Driven Cattle, A Nevada stockman who has been experimenting says beef cattle driven 25 miles without water will shrink 50 pounds to each animal, allowing feed ! and drink at the end of the journey before weighing. An animal driven 50 miles and allowed to drink frequently during the drive will shrink 20 pounds. An animal driven 25 miles and allowed to drink frequently during the drive will not show shrinkage if allowed to eat and drink for three hours at the end of a drive. A bunch of 600 pound animals driven 50 miles with care and alllowecl to drink frequently on the dz'ive and at the end allowed to eat and drink for six hours showed 15 pounds shrinkage to the animal.—Denver Farm and Field. '•The Willuntons have broken up nnd gone to boarding." "Yes they have sold thoir house and lot to buy wheels for the whole family." If the Uttby IB Cutting Teetli, De miro and uso that old and woll-trlod remedy. MB& NVlNBLOW'a EOOTUISO Syjtui' for Children Teething. JMW Unto Excursion South. On the first and third Tuesdays, of each month till October about hall rates for the round trip will be made to points in the South by the Louisville & Nashville railroad. Ask your ticket agent about it, and if he cannot sell you excursion tickets write to C. I', Atmore, General Passenger Agent, 'Louisville, Ky., or Geo. 15. Homer, D. P. A., St. Louis, Mo. h HllBH. Want to get a AVuy don't Eighteen per cent of married women nre widows. Hall's Cntnrrh Cure Is a constitutional cure. Price, 75c. Uniform Cheese Canadian cheese manufacturers propose to Increase the reputation of their product by a project which bids fail to be more or. less successful, The Western Dairymen's Association intend to adopt a system of syndicate instruction, and for this purpose the association has agreed upon these provisions among •others; To secure a uniform quality of cheese there must be uniform methods of making, and to secure uniformity in making, there must be a uniform system of instruction. There ave about 360 cheese factories in western Ontario, It is proposed to organise them into syndicates of from fifteen to twenty-five each. A thoroughly competent instructor und inspector will be placed over each syndi A boy in Brunswick, Me., bus two nvti- rloiul lugs, uud yet he is an expert bicycle rider. _ Oegemnn'a Camphor Ice wllli Glycerine. 1'he original nnd only genuine. Cures Onnpped Hands lud Face, Cold Boron, &c, 0. d. Clu-k Co.. N. Haven, Ct, Some naturalists believe tuat tlio whale was originally a land animal, and that it fled to tlie water for safety. The degree of D. I). \VOH last year conferred 011355 persons in the United States' Prof. Spencer places tije age of Niogarn Falls at 8;i,000 years. "Where Ignorance Mr. Slinipurse—Whtttl new moid for, Fashion Bench? you take the one you have? Mrs. BHmpurBe—She knows how we live when we're at home. How to Grow 40c Wheat. Salzer's Fall Seed Catalogue tells you, It's worth thousands to the wide-awake fanner; Send .4-cent stamp for catalogue and free samples of grains and grasses for fall sowing-. John A. Salx-er Seed Co., LaCrosse, AVis. Mrs. Garflold'B income is $31,000-f 1«,000 from the fund raised by Cyrus W. Field, and $5,000 from congress. Very low rates will be made by the Missouri, Kansas & Texas railway for excursions of Aug'ust 18, September 1st, liith and 2!>th, to the south for home- seekers and harvesters. For particulars apply to the nearest local agent or address .lames Marker,• G. P.- &, T. A., M., K.&T. Ry.. St. Louis. Only the !mse believe what tue base only utter.—Boiler, The Bane of Beauty, Beauty's bane is* the fading or falling of the hair. Luxuriant tresses are far more to the matron than to the maid whose casket of charms is yet unrifled by time. Beautiful women will be glad to be reminded that falling or fading bain is unknown to those who use Ayer's Hair Vigor. "THE MIDDLE SOUTH" fariuer'n paradise. Pi-li'« CO avals per your. 8eml25<!ts. nt OIIOH mentioning thla paper »nd you will revnlve "Tlie Middle South," Cor one year, postage free, or 1C 3-011 neoure four nib>crlbura nud UBIH! us 81.00 wo will Send your paper one yeui- fieu of ehorgo. Addresm Mldaie South ful>. Co.. Somcfvlllc. Tcnn. nnillM HiiMtCuroa. But In 1871. Tliousnii.M 1 1 1* 1 1 1 nfl liui'ed. Clieapeut and beat cure. Fnsii TKIAI^. VI I I U ITI ( e ease. Kit, IUBSII, Qulnuy , Mtcli. WN.U. D.M.-1257. NO. 33 inter te tai* tfee roup I use t&9 hatPbet, I have cate, who will visit least pnce R month. each factory at The salary and expenses of syndicate inspectors are estimated to cost from $500 to ?700 per annum. This would require an average pf from ??0 to |27,5Q from each factory in syndicates of twenty-five, and from $33.3? to ?46.8Q fyora oacl; factory In syndicates of fifteen factories; and prcpprtionate amounts {\ccording to the n um ber of factorien in a cate.-Roohegter (N, V.) Feat Hens Jn to tbe the- Garden.— PO not be the bens in the are wo} under growth, as they flo but &ye ju%t scratphing Qf cquvpO th»'QW|ng out- Alter the grcu»4 tbe ' win Gladness Comes W ith a Letter understanding of the transient nature of the many phye ical ills, which vanish before pvojier efforts—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— rightly directed. There is comfort i» the knowledge, thtvfc so many forms pi sickness are not due to any actual qiS' ease, b\;t simply to a constipated condition of the system, wh}eh tho pleasant family laxative, Syrup of Figs, promptly removes. That is i -hy it is the only remedy with mUlipnsv* faraihes, and is everywhere esteemed 6Q highly by ftlJ Who value good health, Jts beneflc}^ effects are Sue to the fact, thftt itjs tU6 one remedy which promote^ internal cleaulinoss without ^ebilHftting the organs on which }t acts,; It is therefore all important, in or^er to get its bene» floiftl effects, te note whep you chase, that you have tlie ole, wWci) iiWRwfaQtwp Woia Fig Syrup Cq, only ftW all reputable dvufgi^tei , If ia the e»;jpyin.en4i Q| gpe4 and the sy^em ts regular, ies ar§ ,tto n. th ray 'A0t»ia disease, one ra/ay be cpmrneftded to tt'Jflaaet OUUg physicians, m if to nefid e f a laxaf ye Trustworthy Bicycles Those who have $JOO to pay for a bicycle buy Columbias, of course. They are standard. Those who have not $ JOO may be tempted by so-called bicycle bargains unless they know of the reliable HARTFORDS *6S, $ 50, »45. Hartford Bicycks are made Jn a specially quipped fao» \Qty t «ndw the direct control and svporvistor of th« Pope Mf g, Co» The $65 Hartford is the sort of Mey-clfe xiswatty Usted at $JQO, The $50 fcicycle is th* sort • listed at $80 o* more* The $45 boys^ and girls* machines are unequalled ya,fc?e« ™- Bteysles ie freeifyPH ?rtt«pQnw>y \\a (or two »-cent at»mpe ; POPE MFG. CO,, Hartford,-Cow, in almost jjiteat sa >, so4 II they happen

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