The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 12, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1896
Page 2
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w^H fo^^jT!/^-f^S^i/t-f ^C''<' -!•'*<• "•'•''"' ----•'" - ~°< _ ' , * l -/ Aiasttgpii im ****. <w«*e kitted £*« Sas *** tore*}? Thews •*-«•« Ms 31. tine fei-tt m * sro 1H"b**eier «c TB « -Brae «a»} porpoise iRfm is Sadhxietl JS.SW at-res. *jtas* aailee; «at3 3fc we Ti» sale *S Me -Hue. MX. t toss*** f«s»- the -wasaa. It -or atenct mt» AfSlJ C*3S&*» CHiSIS, UfSMI s. Asar. *_— UstBSs acre- 3*- c jftttnpftiMeipHff J*JwW(* 'fffeStfi'ftfe . •«-—A r* PolcTjm. WTKTm jmtu*- farst-; ram«<Mae> ~,*Wf.:. The -Snir j x «eeSnn '4- BOB, - . withheld fjtel** uanrec > SKI Stfrth tjpemterfi *ar t«Bt Hit Hte-tL iiw a«- - ! 5np she < i S33:. JlJOUT'lfc, E3Q£» thf ln^f. i i Manor h tesJspc SET- j tte> Itrixisi: S.—TroBius of a «in|r fomented hi in t3*e •protiswse of Vatenoa. Inr S*e airsarfs of lie Cabas j£*iWS ^TflTtwAff^T CS *JK! nor, '.ratkHnxur «o a tjnesfaoE in 4b6 dHatted that a cff riote haci wsemTwl IB . cms ^BfiMs thcr- ifctux? cam^u isnSs of the Cuban insnrgEnts, e3 thereby to prevent the » eaS alums SUfcr and sar ; mre ^tran •They • an * 1 lie «tp of *c d. J3*e Hbwl &tae -ears were >& jBre <ftar* «*id ite « <J*e iradif. The traia wa* the rai« of fifty jail** SBJB hour a»d chock wa# ierHfie, Th« •vrheel CSB>>*-<3 ibe trouJ/i*; wa 'ffowijrli the mtie 3ia/<3 l>ee*i Is Uad .': X&&P? for a Joog- iSra*, it had **cap©d i i-fa* 5j}*p*jf,*W'fc woll'je. a* it iJswJ worn : &xuootii and did Jtf/t febottr up, -' F^TAC FRATEHMAC JEALOUSY, | i Im-afrw, D March. 3«9S. Is ha* jrtade .it BIST a jrwofi iuVensKJ rr rear -vc thai the riaa.2 -eoisl <.•? $20.3W< luad ibs- wiling ^ <jl ^t'-lV.t*'^' 1 it- isJl proJEii. J.E *.$H. uaiT-iirt ""*?«;?•*• -that iae is&najr^t! "it., i* •»'&*- ii-*-v«?r a rear t»5 crop .JaHttre. .£S*r it-h* li^ar^Kt to i IssHcr** '\va* and in Ibss* year wart* unite reach, i 3rr#ek»Bf .afiiical *e ! tbf Iwa-fl ana %lroi i -svOIUd «i TSt- in*?- flaaffer. rnt.bed "to bate, sa 3 mirirl i k h a l*3-r3or ifla soi H«T« ' 3?' "'"ITT. IS. 3..- -4 5.. — Tfat ? fur Cabs. Hitherto pojmlaJ- ? t*?en alLti^ijbi LGO to -DroJesis against the 3 »in tulia. Snl ^rhiJe the ptrrernmeEt ; -rras only too -crifiiii|r to admit that the i Titrte hafl heea instigated by theaesnts i »f toe CDbaii rer-olutinnists. it is the T**sea>* a^ l»era t tKT' : : EC IIS CX' tare \ jtmBcl of Hat lather- beariii{r i -R-jlh a w-.hij*. Tte lioc jfi gtj 5t v/s^ is XTOrps-f?^ jt* ii* '-ruBfa«--d iwt ff wi!cl»ianes' 'uo J.!tm»ar... The affair raneeci a. paiue insa tram tieET vBEDlJj. in Ti'hieh miinr IITSE Trer? cftft. retzinHiG a —t'rcivt fi-nri'-pg th&1 lit <-.t»"iIis3o3s -n-tit cauMfC tir tfat laiinrc ii* frljnsa' iiiid err«-TiBr"-njifier tit- ruis* ti* twtlw stsre. Mr, ss *ti < :-c*'fstilu! Jarioer , H«- hat, uwt tteeati «D a ia-rs* d -what Jb<- A*ffu3 ** Katirv* Kfottt^rx. '.*, — Virgil Holti* 'tis'.' -trOTB'y a»d aVj>ul j "5*.fc?"iCfQ!? -part* o.f J^R'ii, BOY FATALY SHOT. »i rtti » ErB* CJiarw-y <J*e Imm, an4 -tvLwro the latter arr1 boom iHftweea II aad iti </<.'l<>«k fc«; *!toi foisao, ll»e bail Ja hte hsa<L f'Jsarley thva for tbt- *»r» fi»y<J, ji' thr*# neat tetk'Mif «3Lm*A, ji* t<> fci*. IttxA *«ct a hlv/t through i»j* brain.. a Jew hours lat^r witlwat re bad toad set rasa H« D -Of J5. II* *au»l t»f 1 -white leauSu^ <n-«sr t-h* eaci -wf th« bar, rel •w-ci}-js*«3 ti*e I»»T*r ".hat throw* tjat- ; *h*rU JUtry jxj^; Jjiirr^J. ajl-d JS*T poJied 5t ^ .5s ti*« 3*ft w'Ae e tuaa- ek Jbim 11 -the L )B HoarffH. '£hn %'i i tb* «<dd fch/y«54*r, out riding with tht wtoicb Je4 to tine alx»v« r*r*.«3t- A ROCK JSCAKD V/RECK. l>i:m:WK, .A i at 15>e ra<j»- ira.<;k. ijarry a joi-key aataed jf«^-lj . ; Tti* fitter it. »*rivH«jy woou'Ied hut it 'Mltidli'fp'jrl. tytiv'j, wjth t^rj-ra' wp iu tlve /sear bee- j tl* ilwit Wrjit t}j<; -ears li M'i.-r the right of ".ra BREVITIES, te 'JcuKx.-rat* ifoe mix-up '-with a ' the j;%Lt, BROKE CAIN'S KEA0, aad a«d of the 'third con: jrrt'tufiw/mil distriet nojniaated (Jeorgft ' ; KtzMrhle <^f Mancjj« > feter for 1 ; Ji«; wj33 eoat«st with <X»3, ; 1 Kir* which ^tartwl in McJntyre JJros, • Ohkaiwfca rfewently, <iau>>fcd it very ; JKravy ]</SK, The J5aj,'ie>> were ouewehed, but tt-'/t UfJtii a 3'>j>v </f %-"4fJ.<>*Ji(; tx>S50.*J<>0 j had }x;t-)j motajbtd, jusiij'ed. for i tx>r;jc-y of -hiioux City, has recently ; Jx-jf/j arrested on a i-.hurgt: «f crnbezzie- j merit, jjr<ff<;rred by K. M, .Jones. The : Jatt<,-r was reeently arrested on a ,; churffn of Jar**ny, and wared if thru } a* hi»» lawyer, Jle'huys O'Dea appro- I printed 3«.oney, sent ijy his fr!(;nds in j mbeHMi from jail, O'JJea is out on ; wc.cMy ngricnltura) paper published at • J.)t« MtAnttK, announces that it wii) an ay, i a broken U'/f, but i *«l jfljurk;* from >vh!j Kiolt Tuhfli to Hit! Arylain - Jw^rty « died. . » Jfilfrd t«e or<k-*' of ti>« court 04i»# tJws p«tfU«w of JtalwHi* Ko the Ht-^ti «a«*^ and fe'w<?r to tJjp h)h'4»K asylum- ^f9iH|Wli«d ty . WwjrJfl 1 l/«vv ajjd uit/ w«» ia}«'« to Jndepewdeo tf>'ir,,Mw tfur » WWIMH'* fiomi' HAMM, August i»,-— ^lyr for t'ttyM) to the it v hUtft ik An ty tlio Of of uhuut of the silver question from the standpoint of the farmer, ,S'o wstcrn man 5s more lixoroughly competent to liau- dJ<; this question than Jfenry Wallace, and as he will discuss it in a fair and non-partisan manner, his articles will be widely read by men of all parties that he »viJJ send \ValIae<!'» J-'armer U; .Jan, l, IH<>7, for 40 cents, iVaEllington dispatch: A Msrioui> ««tt-n# aft'ray took place near Noble, (t village tvvelve miles south of Washington, Joseph Hchant/, an old (Jer- rna/i, and hi« wju, .Jacob, got into a fjuum'l during tin* day, and it ended in a burton* fight in whicli the fathei one cut almost severing tlie windpipe. Th»> younjf man i» a victim of alcoholism, und he ha« spent it year in tin? insane Hsylnm jtt Mount, I'leassint, JJc drunk lm is «, terror. Tli« old mun UCted Jn t»e)f defense, as h<s h;ul the knife out for the purpose of opening the dour of it milk houw in which Julie hud locked himself. Just its he ojjened the door Jucob rnslu'd ut his f»U»cr with w hummer like n tiger. The old Hiun blasJiwl rigiit und left »»4 t|»0 boy got hi tlie way of the knife, 'J'Jjo da«tor« doubt the ton's -irjio ;Hy ! ut iu0 of for th« ut vitfkt^a^ "w/ IJvSlI ,-jUOy IJM^K parts i I'JCKT. AiigTastt, — T*-TTjb* Irnr- .br dertmcrtire « r*rpor>sc Ircsu Tarioa*. STT, J^aisy j>eri-oEfc ar«- j^-rkbed in ifa* fiwxi* the jMoca'Sisiaas. and Ji is, that later reports wili greater Iwes -of JlJie. Tie property all through tiie tratastry triple irat r-ery litany, Ja t-fa*- of <.»riiz_ :' national G " cH-'i-DOL-ratT! decided t< kin i« l»e isf.jd at 3siliac- d oi Svpt-eaa'tw-r and thai ocJti }»*• kuo^rxi af thf -riiik- party. .In addr-cw TrttuWe * Britain iias r of riBeosrniaed the jrer the island tvere TERSE NEWS. aiaount of daxoa^e by ihf. K-|ad and fl tbe latter V^irn. vi-hSvh BIS m jji ard P. lilaiitl ieatH'' coinanated d for goreraor. a*, nosainatfed fcr '-lb vk: dibtriet lltst tit juil35ons of NEW PACING RECORD, oc. and lieutenant :t:t;orji -.vert fiually •' '-'-ttral committee aa t'H-ctoral ticket bat the ,* UK- -.-- Jiobert .5. demon fet rated tlsat he is paeer ever Ii5iro'.-fe»>t"i v> a <snU;y, 'J'Jie fr<x-ior-2il pat* proved to >>e t>se g-r«itefrt rae« of th* year, the favtwst four co««;«uiive hentb iind ilie fastest fourth lieal <_-ver trotted or paced <jn any track tx,-3ag- jfcade. Jn the first heat, paced ;c 2:t'3*i, ]Jo»x-rt J, a^ain lowered hu> record half a t*c- o«d, and broke the track record. Tlje second and third heats 5c i:!>4, ; ; v.-ert conwderwl phenomena J. Vat the erowd was not prepared for tlie jfr<-at *nr- prise ivhen the fatitest fourth heav ever pa*M;d «r trotted wafc mad*-, the iL-xie . -Oidu.. dispatch j>ays: Bill ocTisiv. -.viio twaped from tatt-v jail in i,nthrie Jour ;0f ! arfcrmjfc at 'V»,'»"oka. A desperate li! took p'iiice. J.'uring- the fnsilade t JXrfjjin <-w-aped. Deputies T. Grejror ^id He-race Kt-ycoldfe \vere the trocMe art- nracla deeper and it is l«einr nourished by a Batnral feeling- of alarm and dismay at the apparent litter mabffitr of the government t^o eojw trith the sitnation ir Cuba. That Ih* jarpf Spanish army in Cntoa must be Etui further and hea-rilr reinforced is looked upon as a confession of and an admission of tie strength of the Cubans. 3n i. many letters have been re- lj.v rt-Iatires of the Spanish soldiers in Cuba, and they tell such terrible tales of sickness, privation. 3 aei of pay that a dangerous feeling against the government has arisen. Hepublicans as TveU as Cuban sympathizers are taking- advantage of the situation to pusJi their nropaganda, and the combined movements are making- more headway with the masses than the government will admit, though it is already betraying symptoms of alarm and h?s sent ttriagent instrtictions to the prefects to promptly and effectually suppress demonEtrations in their districts and to have no hesitation in calling on the military for support. A number of conflicts have already occurred, a number of persons having been wounded on both sides and a large cumber of arrests made. ftAlLROAD tt* tit* , patch to the Soroe* Vji TOWN DESTROYED, lArex are •And l»),Out).COO the KatLsfaction riz aa;oEg- the Christians in at the B«.-.VS that the gov- fA <an<J:a. whose report of the cf E! piujajrififr acu burning- waK not «4tifcfeetory. hus been re- lixzr.n l'm,hz. ivho formerly d fetich featkfactory condition jjs the same difctrivt, The various E-jropenn warts have r<?- <:<-;ve(I Itrtterfe from members of the royal fatally of Oreet* feiiying that Kifj^ Gfeorg-e will pro5raWy abdicate in favor of Crown Prince Constants ae. JJuHt- of Sparta, if trie powers compel 'J'reeet to deiiift from her aspirations to jnake the inland of Crete a part of ..'JK. Aug. «.—A fcpe«ial Kl Jia/jia. *»'k'aragua. (•ays that heavy rains caused tlje rivers 1 and Hiouu. in t!:at niiighborhood.-t< rapidiy. The panic-stricken inhabitants took refuge on high ground ami j the Urecian on board the steamers in the river j Cape Town dlspatt-b: Cecil IJhoues Only Ijfteeu buildings were ', displayed great eourage in the field while the bullets were raining around him. the -war correspondent returned from - Mutabeleland reports. -The former premier sa3 - s he could not see that anything was to be gained bv Iw going into a hot corner, ?jut if he die not do so he would be taunted with left (standing- in El Harno. The plaji- tat!on» upar the t«v,-n are all destroyed and the loss is estimated at more than 8l,000,w)a .Many of the refugees have found (.heller in Minefields, Tivcnty Jives were lost, BALD VS. COOPER. ,. „., . » | cowardice. 'J herefore he exposed him Uwurd fur 1'iu'nd Ki»£i« i he ^ f unnc-cessarily to stop the mouths jjfic, »jy Hald. j of his enemies. The Matabele rebels August 8.-—Jvddie Bald ! are surrendering, the correspondent and Tom ('ooper fought it out in the j declares, mile open at the Buffalo Athletic Club track, arid liald not only won in ~':<JJ 4-r,, but in doing so clipped live and one-fifth seconds off the 1 world's record for the single mile paced, in .Havana dispatch: Antonio Pena Lopez and Xarciso Rodriguez Lopez, respectively a lieutenant and a private in the insurgent army, were shot at the Cabanas fortress for the crime of competition. ; rebellion against the Spanish govern- -JoJu, K. <;cmry w Wonder. j ment, and Nunez Bravo, the rebel Coj.f>iiH.-K, O., August '.».—John K. j P rt ' feet o? Santiago-de-Cuba. was •'•entry went a mile ut the Columbus I t '- xec ' llted a t Santo Domingo for the Driving Park in an effort to break the [ sai » e crime. Yellow fever and small: "—— increasing throughout the world's stallion pacing record. Jle. went in Wiilj, lowering the record a (juartcr of a sct-und. XKW VOIIK. August «.— 'J'Jic American line ttU'umer .St. Louis,, has made a new record from houthampton. beating the time of her sister ship, the St. Caul, by* more than two hours. fi, AJich,, August T,— This republican fetate convention noml- iiuti-d Detroit's famous mayor, I(a/,en N. 1'ingri-e, for governor, on the fourth bill lot. l.ltc iiinl (.'Jiiiu>i>ioiik|il|>. »j*',too, Aug. 10.—In the Dupont i bird tournament Bert riarugc, of won the Gilbert, of Io>v«, fell down. Jn home parts of the old country, mentions are btiU preached of more thun u« hour \o length. Frrmj 30 t« 8S /ttJjj^tc§ js tlt(? gaweral rylo, Wpjyy jtlj#i»h;'»^ingb uf tins fla.y t if . ,..^Mjj und t}i uiyi sweettV; .JRr Ojy pox are I island and in certain localities have : become epidemic. The authorities are I adopting measures to prevent the j spread of the disease and to diminish ! the high death rate. | The Chicago Daily Tribune says: ••The speculative deal in Diamond Match &nd New York Biscuit stocks lias come to an end, TJie Moore Brothers have failed. The greatest speculative deal ever known in Chicago has culminated iu the failure of the people who are behind tho deal." The Chicago Stock Exchange hay adjourned. The stock of the match company had been carried from J 30 to wo. and the stack of the biscuit company was ranging high, but the load 'became too heavy for the men who were backing them and an assignment was made. T)u* capital stock, of the match company wjibJM 1.000,000 and tne bjscuit corn- puny 49,000,000. At Ncuth, Ulumorganshirc, Wales, an nxnloMou of flre damp occurred in the BryancoacH coH,er\ Forty miners, wevu entombed, but whether they are dea,d or u}jye w 8 ot known, 'J,'lw> democrats of Minnesota decided HJJO» fnsioji with, thw p,Qp«li6te, They Bupiwtefl ' JWfld'* 1 *"" 1 " 1 "' 1 ""' '"- v «--™ ™*°* ?"^*^ Quay \ViJl Ketlre From Politic*. PITTBKVEG, August 8.—Senator Quay stated to a Pittsburg Dispatch reporter that his present term would be his last in the senate. He said: "It has often been said by others, but I have never said it myself until now. At the expiration of my term in the United ( -States senate I will refuse any renoni- j ination and instead will retire from ' politics and spend the remainder of my time getting acquainted with inv family. As to the truth of the report that Don Cameron is to he a candidate to succeed himself. I am not informed, and hardly believe it. but so far as I am personally concerned I will not under any circumstances be a candidate for re-election at the expiration of my present term." Quick Transportation of Troopg. WAginxGTO.v, August 0.—The navy department some time ago ordered 3 00 men. which were of the crew of the Charleston, at Mare Island. Cal., to be sent to the navy yard at Norfolk. The department desired to see what was the least possible time in which the crews could be transferred aeross the country. The men have arrived at Norfolk, making the trip by special train in four days and twenty-three hours, which is a record breaker. The route was via the Southern Pacific and Seaboard Air lines. The method of transferring sailors heretofore has been by the way of the isthmus of Panama, and occupies thirty-five da vs. Cretans Licked .Mo!iaiuiuedan«. CA.VKA, Crete, August 0.—A body of Mohammedans which broke through the cordon of Turkish troops at the third attempt advanced to attack the insurgents near 3 Cirsni, Crete, but were met by the latter and repulsed. The Cretans captured the arms and ammunition of the Mohammedans. The Turkish troops watched the fighting. Bald ItrcakK a Itei-orct. GJIAND HAITDS, Mich,, August G.—In the bicycle tournament Eddie Bald lowered the third mile record held by W. W. Hamilton, of Denver, from 33 3-5 to 33 seconds flat. He tried to break the two-thirds mile record, but only equalled the state record of 1:113-5. lle^w»s paced by a triplet. JJitf Chicago Strlfco. CHICAGO, August 0.—Fourteen hundred of the :,',f)00 employes of thu South Chicago Shipbuilding Company struck, which necessitated the closing of the yards. The strike originated with 300 boys employed to heat rivets, whose wages were cnt from SI.50 to 81.% a day. The men rjvitens, ],lpo in number, the right to construct a railroad Seoul, the capital, to Chemulpo, tfe main port and harbor- The Aa«ri- eans ha re the right to Trork 'At van. erals along the line of the road. a n j other concessions hare been grant**} France and Rusia. SeoaL it is stated is BOW quiet and the British sailors who landed for the pfdteetioii of {foe consulate of Great Britian hare bees is-ii. and the American sailor; •eseBt ashore to protect tht United States consulate trill l»e within a few days. SO THEY WERE MAftRIED. Cornelias VanderbUt, Jr_ and XTIwt "Wilson Are ITcxldnd, YOKK. Ang-nit 5.—Despite tht determined opposition of his familv and in defiance of the threat of "briny disinherited. Cornelius Vauderbilt. .lr.^ has been married to Miss firact "Wilson. Mr. Vanderbilt. Sr.- warned the young man that if he contracted the marriage he -would have to depend •upon his own resources for a livelihood and he need expect no share of the Vanderhilt fortune. Thus the son. by disobeying his father's -wishes, threw away his prospects of inheriting- a larg-e lamp of the S100.0W.009 -which Mr. Vanderbilt. Sr., is estimated to be •worth. 2sot a member of the Vanderbilt family was even inrit*d to the PEACE FOR CUBA. S^iid to Hare Opened Negotiation* for Cessation. YOBK, AngTjst 10.—The Herald's Key West special says: It is openly declared here that Captain General Weyler has reached an understanding with the chief insurgent leaders and negotiations \vill he began with a view to the cessation of hostilities in Cuba if the terms are satisfactory to ail concerned. It is also stated that t3ie captain general and his deputy commanders have held a conference in relation to this proposition. Much greater importance, however, is attached to the report that a truce is likely to occur soon in the island. TWO KILLED IN A STRIKE. Striker* Burn House of Contractor KIII- ploj-ing >*on-Unionists. BEP.EA. Ohio, Ang. G.—The House of Richard Todd was burned. Two of his seven children were asphyxiated. A -window was opened and oil poured on an nnoccupied bed and lighted. The residence of J. R. Woodcock was also saturated with oil. Both liodd and Woodcock are contractors employing non-union men. It is believed that they are victims of the union men. Hot AVintls in Kansas. WICHITA, Kansas, August 10. — The appearance of hot winds all over southwestern Kansas has dampened the hopes of farmers for a tremendous crop of corn. The winds have been very severe on the late corn and as there is some likelihood of their continuing, prospects for good late corn are discouraging. The heat has been intense, registering in degrees at point. Two Cubans Picked Cp. KEV WEST, Fla., Aug. S. — The pilot boat Jougett came into port, having on board two Cubans, who were picked up in the gulf in a small dingy, which was in a sinking condition when sighted. The Cubans left Mantanxas with important dispatches for the Cuban junta. They state that Maceo's forces arc in good shape but lack am- unition. FranK for Governor of Maine. WATKRVII.T.K, Me., August 7.— At the second democratic state convention, called because of the declination of Hon. Edward P. Winslow to stand us candidate for governor and the divided sentiment on the silver question, Mclvin P. Frank, of Portland, wan nominated for governor on the first ballot. Frank is a free silver num. Entombed Miners Rescued. KANKAKEK, Jll , August 10.— In a dre in the Clark City mine, 300 men were in the shaft when the fire broke out, but all but forty escaped easily. Of the forty fifteen were nearly j,uf- fooated, but all are recovered. mine will resume work in four or days. The- live 1 Me!, August 7,—Ifon. Thomas jj. ]f ee( j w ., s ^nominated for congress by the republicans of th<? First district. T Conkliu, aged ten, an, inmatp of tho Orphans' industrial Homy, at Tivoli, N. y., had lieau.tif.ul golden ringlets. They wore removed, by' the ojMeersof the home;, «n4 the fe'wi, fearing they vroai4- apwr "'-i, killed, Jw-s&lf with ' To North Polo l>y U i( l,ioon. ^ BUJU.IX, August 7.—A di.spat«* fn«i. Trowso says a message has reached therefrom Professor Andree, saying he is ready to make a. start to the north pole in his balloon. Andrei- says he will either succeed in his attempt. A«RWst S.~TlKi statement is published that Imperial Chancellor Prince llohenlohe 1ms rcMgned and further changes tjr<? impending i u the ministry pf ttnunjje,' . ^'Well, pjd man, I've spent every cent of money I have in the world on my doo^r." "JJpes he know itV" "] guess he 4oes, fje has pronounced we .4 }p maJj{ B gf green apple sauce, pit a fc\y dates,, c«t them i B to quarters a. ml ftdd. there to the & auce 'just before r from the fjr«. They *yUi Jinpr£yem,en,t to, the

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