The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 5, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1896
Page 8
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CT^CWW^^- suspects too many green a " a • , ,. ub tle •i^wSteJW" li-w—K^Sf^Ki*. »-T 3^ja*^j»,i,3y$S?iR**'!? -Ji^iKia*! jA&S^i^V"^ *WU-^WMW»8« lillitl. 6 -] ^ e ? ont iL'. aI1<a the n( ?w fi™ -will t*ke ^*fb1e|cbttf^ «®&tft Oct.' -10. Mr. EHngley »twSDe*4ttiH t%teifcs hi$ interest in Uie jewelry *tore*trfttayfif e -fns tifne to that, b'fts no ptas «t he wfil tfot " '- o eareg %Wiefrtfe, The fie* men both' come faigtfff fflenry ha* ooniBietifled. 'Mr. f sl . O "&> V1 * 4 - JL ,* v - VO.IAVA VVc^UIl. Same kind .pf wisdom is w' prompts to keep up witH the procession an<J * .f f * -Grakit Benecholer is back from Cal- IIOMfia, and he enjoys Iowa better-than •be ever did before. <H« -toM bis mends there tlmt ho toad mher be 4ead over here than live tbere. which is about as strong tie he could ptit it. Miss Bertlui Hancock will gh;> a *ertes of readings at the Mfetbodk ™"1 * l<Jda .V evening. Music will add to the program. Mias Hancock Recorder Randall announces bis can- Sldacy Ibis week. The county has never bad ft fcore efficieht or " obliging offlflkl. LOST: Feather boa. Finder please leave at the postofflee. s lhe kmd made at Madelia, Minn., and which positively has no Superior in this market. *' We sell it. Our grocery stock is just as complete as it can be. James Patterson. Covvles J}].. ¥ TTMJS CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. _.. accomplished reader ... ttmu.v friends will be pleased U> hear her again. H"tiry Rtpbhoff got 4-3 bushels of oats to the acre, ami other like yields * re reported. 1 he oat crop is ahead of what everybody expected. Tho editor was in the south paj-t of the state last week and there the oat crop is a total- failure. Many fields are uncut. John M.-inburg: up at Bancroft had a misunderstanding Saturdav and as » result the old gentleman was knocked down and bndl.v u^ed. a h ho rhdms. An information is filocl for Frank Davis but the city mncabal anys there is nothing of John's complaint. The af- f ".ir bus created quite a aeobiiUon. home Dii. F. E. V. SHORE will receive i Hentp at the office of Messrs. Call pa- . . j l ' house Wotffc, Saturday Mondtiy, Aug. 8 and 30, from 2 till o p. m. For Snlr-. Pifleun full-Wood short-horn Durhnm - rnm COWP, onfl one full-blood short-horn bull with reffiPtered pedigree. AppU- to Wm. Nelson, on the C. L. Lund farm Algona, Iowa.— 20 12 oaT^ s ^TO\^;:i:;| M ^i;^ usou ' p *"^«. *>'H^£ Motley always on ham". ;•> luan at i-easonable rates to narMHK rm-niahtn., *.«,*. Itttes to Jarties The flrft rnheai-bnl for th< talentop?ru comet, tomon-ow -r now CHAKUJV DKLose. is the b-ik-r now employed ut the Rowe bak<>rv Ho is a first-class baker and hN goods speak Alg-eaa .State ^Bank. — A. D. Clartre, PresiUent, C. C.Oliubfr, Vlce Tims. H. Lantrjr, C Oeo. L. GaBbraitli, Frpd. M. MHlpr. AIjToii Scheuclf, Thos. P. Cooke. CASH C - General Banking. For the benefit of those who on our city scales we fixed it so anyone can . see the weigh bar when on the scales. Yours for bubiness, ^J '• I «. frivf. 1113 n,(/, , , , No. si AH ijiirts at i*^ rir ^^jt'w* \io afii No. 7J departs at .. No. Go departs at , v» „ . TMAX&S KABT. No. 2 departs at No. 4. depart.-! at Fref " No. 04 departs at :. F CH/C'AOO 8:5r, a m . 4,01 p in 1Z:OF> a in . 0 10:37 am .. Mixed Mixed ,& Slebbins. At that lime the parts will be daflnitt- IvaBBignedund the practicing boi/un 1 he plan » t,, have -(,bo cnte. teinment ready early ,n September in time to ctni^FV ^'^ the 1 ? ii ^ le ««ve cat nival, i b e fi,.^ meeting brought out M miners willing to take part. She riff S.'.uuon slartod Mbndaj for j w^ Dfjcuio r u,y /vt'oyon, vv-ho bay jeen located there. Donjon is the lengthy imlivwual who made n dame for bitnuell aa a land agent at Ledyard and Armstronff. and who, in a bunting- accident bhc-t off one band a couple of years iyj a He was caught in some "-•"" — - and left these Frank J'adfth sold Ui. bicic'.es Sat uroay. DuHon raakeHhornc pric.-i on apple that speak for tht fi uit crop th is season A numborof cutaloguus of tho state university of Iowa bace buen received at this office. Anyone wishing one can have it by calling. All who »Tant ohuap landb in Minne rta^vill do well to read the new ad- vertiscinpnt of the Northern Pacific. railway in this issue. Cr ° k Wil- , T uouence: - frid P. Jone*' assistant in the machine e nuBlnew was startingr threshing machines jn thiy neighborhood Tuesday. The legal card M, Curtiss -.8:01 am , . V(3 « A ^i..* u \j t x iuuy i ii;& j^x, l^ulLlot appears in this issue. Mr. Curtiss has - . already mude many acquaintancea iu J. he Grand Army post meets toniobt4 lgonaaildls ' verv njuuh pleased at to make plane for attending- the 'bur the outlook - KenllZr mP ^^f St u Pauleari ^ Walter Ward's little *irl won the ofS^t^J^^l^^^^^ «tofi* the fines? THE LOCAL FIELD. A little g-Jrl came to the St holm, labf, evening. Cbas. A. Lelck und Emma are licensed to wetl, r^ W ; I f fauee says wheat wilt avorajre '••i buehelb to tbe/ici^j ll^ia.aoanon. / A big- excursion to Clear JUike i= ad ,,. ( ,^.i {f)V tvvj? WJJeJ{8 ^ ffi ~ - D ot post <? keep on wcij i/tijniuji j " V " A "K ujonjuiu^ ivi rai8in tr lue nnest member of I bouq.uet of sweet peas from the seed = .ow.ou talk of so-1f5ven away by Doxeoe in the bprin^ ..,.,„„ they can hire and 1 'Nine little #irl* had bouaiiuts in the tw^at St. Paul and oc-j competition^ ^ lne aeb sayb.- " y ou taay nut it _. ., ., , f:-j ~ exeepting-oats all crops in Ibp Y. M. C. A. rooms are open arid I?" 8 coun ^y ar» ks good or better than |ire very pleasant. The association |] ast J; ear - Wheat will yield a little has a reading room with 15 leading-1^ fes< but the Duality is fully up. Corn periodicals regularly subscribed fonjf lv f 8 better P r omiee. Potatoes, flax, an asbembly room capable of seating barl °y) all are number one." -^'"luterest paid ou time aejKwits. er e^nt Iiite2?est Q; 'or.ino.ney.ktft three mtmtfoor more. IOWA. The AlKtma l»ep.oMit.& i,paii ABBII. Call at.,pffleeg for p.artKiJlai'S'."" ------- ' " '" Offices over Algona- State Banl- 13ENT. MINNESQTA We offer fpr sale JfiO acres of rolling- prairie laud eig-ht .miles .north of .Minnepta, n Lyon County, Minn, ,1^0 apres suitable fpr cpltiyatipn, 49 acros of which is. naw cultivated, balr Si^^l^l^- No gildings, . LOANS. Poileetion8,a specialty. GIVE US A CAL at O. J. The teachers nre hero to the numbei of LtiO, bruakjp^ fill previous records). A WcKiployand ITobart club is 01 thetapifc. T)iop):it) is Lo oru- ' ~ urday. "* e'iiumiry got up to OJJ in bona The fare to St. Paul for the Grand < f * * f f / f Ma^u/ftctijr^rafia IP* I?*f "yr^ / IA \ "CS^T^S <y^ , ., H. Herb. Bitiloy of Union mwnbfjip iuM^y,??*? ^° ori to un ^«°» I H :. JOSEPH HAAS- .Saturday evening Prof. Young gives his Ific.Lure p,, WefjrIeU PJ^Ujp," pongpegp.^^.' " _ The Bancroft Rogfslor says • . ll f '' l^f c »}Jdprt||.Buvo and Fj-o a|, t]lp pHlJHcjop paqes (,}jj fl ve ^. B ]f The Congregational Sunday school o om .rn »t. Th f . • w"' ^ th , at ' w P ulllr institution. The in« formal opening- exorcises of the »7 1 a'3»ain booms, no matter how the ail- teachorB' institute lobt evening drew an Vej " and ^ old q>i«»«»n i b settled' dVdieDuo wbicl) filled the .Church to WestlBend A«v«,,o . « , overflowing-. Judge Quarton welcmriP/lr,^ 11 . Aa v a ," Ci: feome 9 f our fi ( . ti _..? . _ v ,, B * *' w » wHicomea people who atton«ted the show at Al& rtSSTf CT f601 that ^y W6re «»SrfuA wottom of by tbe ownora of Jfoi-ns at that place W, it was an enjoyable program. Sat/ w^ ar e S nb / fJ^^ 3 " Judge Quorton board tjie flrst C uso bu * we ^llove 11 woul/thus' wofcwork T thetuod tangrle Mond«y. ' An Em- moup ^no- /V '' JUl-PDllHtv citizen, JohflBOP, it/8I70<? fln insup-J speech, and jviiss Anna Wesley ro.pondod ,,-.-,"-; Cftsh,.b,alance,oin time if v ^~ •-.-•--• -* ll > t cou^e - first served. FOB furiher particulars >vrite to Tho sberljf hojc) » lot' of r .owifliir r '-'- '- f» 3ftr ;fl]4 v. i inbon uniJ |i), O./p'. 'piikel- an-ivecj Monday for tbp '" J-OJepwm (pqm Aupolps,' Kanaael 3 ' an' '-n/'xi. ^''; f" V "" n n" ! n " """"I"' WDW4 H50 deafhlof f,|s nittUiflP, Mary H P^ A ^ 7 ?t.'on&!? »H» rft rnflepen- A.jH^n.. Mr.'WwW BUcap ttw? HQflco., WWW) lie lip Ifenoiiledf ,118 im- PP ifPflsuUi en mt.v lii iftfts ,>u,iL „ ."^X fflW^I!^' 1 ** W feff'! liAir.'Tl n T>..<!».. , ' - whfti-o MI-H n •7- ! .Pip.neer P,r,e«s, ST. PAUiL, MINN. 9flto W «^^,to Ife Bp 8i on BZook flic State University W, p. MCQQY, M , ANJ) 8URQJSON. QWoe^t wsWouce, MgOregor street. AND 8URCKON, Algona, low«. ^^MV^JJ* 1 * 8 . P?»yanMoB wUI "nT4wj'' ftret)^ J. Smith' MA^^^RwSS ''fe)ii>y^BttlUtt McClhin. <!linii(-uli«>. T«,..« /-,,i_ ., .,wu e«womilf ,_ v , .. SWOOUStifyl ^VDfltpU^ i«w ?^^WW l Un.' A'W- ^1 WWW ;,%p^ 8 TiiWafea,. t , Qs^prwft^j|\iMw{ \Vi>i»H f ijrmU^sfp®^|;s J. >j WMwtJft-'OWRi a«ft9 tfcSMA, 'JS.^ovwwto i SS^^A* teliy 1 " b?y?. <w«*t»t ^

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