The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 5, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1896
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865* ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST S, 1896, BAPTISTS AT flPMBOLDT. A tfeatttfe of Their Meeting Will Be the Silver Debate Between Col* liver and Judge Cole* for Decorative Art Work. A new shape, the nicest in town, so some of the ladies say. JUST IN. M. Z. Grove & Son, Britt's "SHppetyEifn" is Nit—doi, John ' Seott'9 Wagon Trip—Misceitan* eous Northwest Notes. TBI/BPHONB 19. We have just gone through our stock and have a big lot of remnants of all kinds, which we are selling at prices Far Below the Cost to manuiacture. Come now and get a bargain. G. L. Galbraith & Co, The Baptists we congregated at Hutnboldt this Weelt. The big meet- Ing will be held Saturday, when Congressman Dolliver and Judge Cole of Des Moines will discuss the money question for their edification. Friday is Grand Army day. Rev. Landis of Algona delivers an address in the morning and in~lhe evening Rev. Strickland of Sioux City lectures on Gen. Grant. The meetings are held by the lake west of town and a beautiful camping ground is provided. A Carnivorous Cow. Down in Calhoun county an incident is reported not down in the books. Mr. Lohmer and wife went out to drive away some cattle, leaving their nine months old child at the door of the house in its cab. What was their surprise, one can imagine, on their return ten minutes later, to find a cow that had been left behind deliberately devouring their babe. Their surprise became hbrror when they discovered that the child was insensible and that both hands and both feet had been eaten off,, and that the cow was then munching the little one's leers and had crushed the bones into silvers. 'Dr. Whitney was hastily summoned and skillfully removed many bones and'fixed the babe up in the best possible manner, without hopes, however, that it would recover. It Is reported still alive, and may possibly live, but of course in a terribly mangled and crippled condition. It is one of the most horrible cases on record. The parents are terribly shocked and cast down over the matter. Brltt Does Not Get a New Road. The controlling board of officials of the Chicago.'Iowa, and Dakota road, known In common phraseology as the "Slippery Elm," has decided upon an improvement in Alden that will put a quietus on the reports that have appeared periodically for several years to the effect that the road would be built northwest to Clarion, Britt, and possibly Jackson. Minn. The company has co'mmenced work for the erection of a substantial round house to replace the temporary one which • has been used since the road suddenly stopped at Alden after its defeat in a legal tussle with the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern. From this action it would seem that the terminus of the road will remain in Alden for some time to come and that all efforts made by the company to run the road on further had been abandoned for the time being at least. MEDICAL AND SUBG-IOAL Bicycle Infirmary, Acute and chronic cases treated with assurance of success. Languid tires restored to health and vigor. Tires blown up without pain. Wind free. We understand the anatomy, physiology, and hygiene ^ of wheels, and give homoepathic or allopathic treatment, as individual cases require. Sure cure guaranteed. " My whetel had three ribs fractured, and you cured it in one treatment," "My tires were suffering with a case of acute aneurism, which had been pronounced fatal by other bicycle doctors, but you 'cured the disorder and I did not lose a day of my 4. » / • "*I was troubled with varicose tires, involving frequent ruptures and incontinence of wind. You cured me." Thousands of testimonials like the above will be furnished on application, F, L. PARISH. , icle, ' Tribune Tandem, AT IRVINGTON, IOWA. FOB APPLET Duefcess, per bus&el, , « , . icenaent Crabs, per feushel, . Yours respectfully, J, R, & C, J, 50o Col. Jolm Scott's Wagon Trip. Col. John Scott of Nevada Is having a wagon built with all the modern conveniences for traveling and will soon start out overland accompanied by Mrs. and Miss Carrie Scott, and probably a few other friends, for an extended tcip through the north and northwest, and as the weather grows colder will direct his course southward through some of the southern states and Mexico, probably visiting some of the old battle fields in which he took an active part during the Mexican war as well as some of the places which he has good reason for remembering along back, in the sixties. He has no direct course laid out, but will go where and when "the spirit moves," returning home when he gets tired of being away and has no place of more interest to see than home. . Victor Dolliver to Wed. It is announced that the marriage of Victor Brown Dolliver and Miss Augusta Larrabee will take place at Clermont, August 18. Mr. Dolliver is a brother of Congressman J. P. Dojliver, of the Tenth district, and well known throughout Iowa and the east as one of the most popular stumpers that has been employed by the national committee in the last few years, Miss Larrabee is a daughter of ex-Gov. William Larrabee, and is widely known throughout Iowa. After the marriage Mr, Dolliver will go east and take part in the campaign in New England and New York, ^ Hiram C, Wheeler's BIB Farm. Hon. H, 0, Wheeler, who once ran for governor, has sold his farm near Odebolt, The land involved in • the transaction includes all of the valuable tract except some, that lies within the limits of OdeboH and some that was sold previously. Jn all over 5,900 acres comprise the purchase. The price paid is reported at $85,000. Possession U not to be given untU after two crops have been harvested. Uept, qpyrreii'B Stopjc Y»r4e. W. 0. Tyrrell of Belmond, who has been in Sioux City, w}ll build a private teed yard e» a block of ground which he owns oft Sowtb Chambers street and the Floyd river, P&ptaln Tyrrell bap ibout 6,000 cattle oa She ranges of North and §outh p»fcQt» tto season, He will oonjtruQt his feed lots before the shipping a buggy some time since, and One* morning he found it hitched to one of his cows which had been harnessed and bridled during the night fttid turned loose to graze. The buggy' had upset planking all over his flax fleTd ( the box and shafts being all broken. Another cow had also beett harnessed ahd turned loose., „ The teachers at BHtt. Bailey: The diurnal congregation of consolidated sweetness continues to fill our streets and school house this week. Long and short, wide and narrow, plump or ethertal, it's all the samel they have to Wear veils to keep thB honey bees- from carrying them away piecemeal. ,. They All But Out 1'hlB Way. Prom Battle Creek, Mich., comes the story that a woman by the name of Mrs. Henry Ingham has not tasted food for 120 days; that she still looks well, but has lost 100 pounds. AS THE ROMANS SAW IT. A.. GfoMlft Performance In the Old Theater at Orange. Of scenery, in the ordinary sense ol the word, there was none at all. What we saw was the real thing. In the opening scene of "CEdipns," the king, coming forward through the royal portal and across the .raised platform in the tear of the stage, did 'literally "enter from the palace" and did "descend the palace steps" to the "public place" where Creon and the priests awaited him. It was a direct reversal of the ordinary effect in the ordinary theater, where the play loses in realism because a current of necessarily appreciated but purposely rejected antagonistic fact un- derruns the conventional illusion and compels us to perceive that the palace is but painted canvas, and even on the largest stage only four or five times as high as the prince. The palace at Orange, towering up as though it would touch the very heavens and obviously of veritable stone, was a most peremptory reality. The fortuitous accessory of the trees growing close beside the stage added to the outdoor effect still another very vivid touch of realism, and this was heightened by the swaying of the branches, and by the gracious motion of the draperies, under the fitful pressure of the strong gusts of wind. Indeed the mistral took a very telling part in the performance. Players less perfect in their art would have been disconcerted by it, but these of the Comedie Francaise were quick to perceive and to utilize its artistic possibilities. In the very midst of the solemn denunciation of CEdipus by Tiresias, the long white beard of the blind prophet suddenly was blown upward so that his face was hidden and his utterance choked by it, and the momentary pause, while he raised his hand slowly, and calmly freed his face from this ohauoe covering, made a dramatic break in his discourse, and added to it a naturalness which vividly intensified its solemn import. In like manner the final entry of CEdipus, coming from the palace after blinding himself, was made thrillingly real. For a moment, as he came upon the stage, the horror which he had wrought upon himself — his ghastly eyesookets, his blood stained face—was visible, and.then a gust .of wind lifted his mantle and flung it about his head so that all was concealed, and an exquisite pity for him was aroused— while he struggled painfully to rid himself of the inoumbrance—by the imposition of this petty annoyance upon his mortal agony of body and of soul.— "The Comedie Franoaise at Orange," by Thomas A. Janvier, in Century. Whether It be.***. 16 to 1, cheap money,, dbar money* trade or protection—, We've got to Eat, and the important thing to; know, is, what, where, and when?' By calling at our store you will be convinced that^ we have the latest in our line. Langdon & Hudson. TBLBPHOKB NO. IS. Fine Oak and Birch At remarkably low prices. We are alsomak- ing special prices on odd pieces> of upholstered goods, , Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. ri "m Be oo First Buyers Have First Choice. The Land Department of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company is selling THOUSANDS OF ACRES IN CENTRAL MINNESOTA, The wonderful park region, ' at $2.50 to $4 per acre. IN RED RIVER VALLEY, The " Breadbasket of America," at $4 to $8 per acre. SEVEN HANDED EUCHRE, Definite Points Given That Will Enable One to Flay the 'Game. For pleasure, pure and simple, seven handed euohre clubs may "be cited as models, Tlie game is played with a full pack of cards, and the joker is used. Seven cards are dealt to each player, giving first three and then four and leaving four on the table, This quartet is dubbed "the widow." The player on the left of the dealer makes the first bid of 3, 8, 4, 5, 6 or 7 tricks, naming the suit, the highest bid getting it. The bidding is done in turn. The person who secures the bid then selects three other players— partners — thus pitting four against three. If the bidder wins, be and his partners each count the amount bid, If he fails, he is euchred, and the three opponents $ount each the amount bid. While one can play a quiet, steady game, taking no risks, and holding high cards or the Joker play for a euohre, the spirit of extreme feminine politeness engendered by this fad of the hour requires that a person holding the joker should bid the lirajt, seven, thereby always tatroduo' lag an element of chance in the contest and giving each one more show, Prizes are played for, A certain nunv be* of points gained can be the Wwit Of A given period <?f time, as agreed upon. The one holding the highest number of points at the decisive moment wins,— Philadelphia Press, Terms to actual settlers: Ten years' time. One-tenth cash, balance in ten equal annual installments, at SIX per cent, interest. Jd®"Yearly'payment on 160 acres, from $40 to $128. For the present you can have your choice of rolling prairie, heavy timber, or rich upland; all containing numerous spring-fed lakes and natural meadows, especially adapted to diversified farming, ( Stop paying rent ) IF YOU WISH TCK Secure a delightful home. J-BUY A FARM. ( Provide for future comfort, J A WISE MAN ACTS PROMPTLY. For particulars and publications, write to O. " General Emigration Agent N, P. K.R., BT. PAUL, WM,. S, PfflPPS, Land Commissioner, DINGLEY, COOK & CO,, our sales solicitors, will furnish in*, formation, accompany prospective buyers wishing tp examine North* Pacific lands, and receive applications for their purchase. . • . ,« ._ 11__ 1 1 A i-4. A .* *t4> A 1 j-vstvt rt Ti-vtirQ ern I X rtV-Hiy *WM V»«*j *»f»Vf * *f V*** " ** ••»£*•£* T i w TIT T -i-F— T , , r ~ - . ^ - , , Apply to them, personally or by letter, at Algona, Iowa. OR9 PrW Man Hits B Wesley Itepartfi?; It is that a Britt Wft»» wbe town W| A queer wager is the Qfte believed to have bee» won by S ter Raleigh, from Queen, JSlta the 4ebat»ble question, of bow smoke is oQfttaiued to a pewl of to,' basso, A PQH»4 9* the utioje win weighed, burued and tkea weighed to the question wp hew to be BRICK, Sidewalk, Paving, and Building Drain Tile, Sewer Pipe, Stone, Fence Posts, "Woven Fencing, Felt Hoofing, * All kinds of Hardwood Lumber and Wagon Stp9k, These are a few o,f the many things you can get pf J, A, Hamilton & Co. .. weight of the awtee M es&otly thpit st the tobacjQ before being bwuedi mjnuj the ^hes- The fast of the a^iei having received an »(jdij;ieiial -weigW b 7 «««*' si bj Foundry and Machine E-'^r fi (tX?,Ti 'Jirfii.^i\fc,^*/:A^x,i^;ill;,v-y,i'\.^^LI;,^,c,v'' J :7* ££&£i£3.^£f*^';h:iM}i^ &'

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