The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on December 22, 1918 · 30
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 30

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 22, 1918
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4 SIXTEEN— A Wilderson Mr and Mr? Charles f' len Mrs D E Martin amt i & i a RUGS— RUGS— RUGS 4-Piece Walnut Bedroom Suit $105 OR CHRISTMAS OR CHRISTMAS dances THE PHONOGRAPH YOU WILL EVENTUALLY BUY i ii f T SERVICE QUALITY AND PRICE AT THE where candy ' candy?? - she 3000 2750 Society Stationery Leather Brief Cases ountain Pens? f Eversharp Pencils Ink Stands Etc Etc The woman's cheeks were powdered and painted She wore a 'haggard look and judging from her' appearance she might have been a woman of the street but she stopped to watch a-small newsboy who was gazing into a o A VERY INE BENTWOOD $500 CHAIR REE “What do episode mean?” an Oklahoma City servant girl asked ’ The meaning of the word was explained to her “Well I jest wanted to know Iwuz out wid a fancy nigger-las night an he says: j ‘“Does de pleasures of de evening excite you episode ?’ An' ne had me” "And what did you say?" “I says Dey sho’ do lacerate my reprobation Nen I had him” s 1 ’ V''1 A 1 w “Can I join the' Boy Scouts right away?” asked a 10-year-old boy ' K held at 2 o’clock Sunday by Rev VV W n rrk -I ci i m a cipci viupcL curial ul 1 tn Rose Hill cemetery 111 “Standard” rotary1 One slightly used “Singer” See our “Cleveland” at troop to your -home? Y’1 ’ V "t ’-jf “1 don’t believe I want to join' " I don’t care nothin’1 about it being - near home” '- - Mr ' Pershing then suggested-that the matter be' considered tuntil after ‘ the holidays' ’ "I want to join this troop down 'in' the- Southside” the boy finally ‘A said- An’ 1 -want to join right away I heard they was goin to ‘ have a'big Christmas treat down at'the- Pilgrim Congregational ’ church” ’i ’ Roi Tan Brevas Roi Tan Brevas Roi Tan Staples Roi Tan Perfecto Roi Tan Cubanos Roi Tan Diplomats Verso Puritano inos Verso Perfecto Extras Harvester Delmonico Kelleys Admirals Kelleys Special ) Kelleys Perfecto Kelleys Perfecto I Kelleys Old ashion La Azora oils La Arora Agreement La Azora Washington Tom Tom Tom Tom You can save enough on your Christmas hat if you buy it here to go d long way toward buy ing a gift for some of your friends-- mJ ' The new satin and - straw combination hats' direct from New York and the other style centers are shown here in profusion ’ t s t r Why pay more when’ you can get— 20060 1JO 250 700 325 600 600 7J00 Western Bank Supply Co 317 West Main St ChristmasHats& Ata Saving— A “Standard” Rotary Sewing Machine WASHINGTON Dec 21 -Demobilization of the home military forces at the -rate of 30000 a day the goal set less thaw a month ago by the war department has been reached if not exceeded- ’ ’ ’’-Total demobilization on December14had reached 29903 officers and 188-562 men7?The chief of staff said more than 900000 men have been assigned for early demobilization including 21QpO divisional troops 43000 engineers and 16000 men of ’the military aeronautics division That are specially priced for the benefit of the late shopper' Nothing wilt- make a room look so cheery and homelike as a soft warm rug A good rug is as important in the home furnishing plan as 'good' furniture’ and you should be no less discriminating in its selection A k rug of quality-will give a lifetime of service and therefore it is the-only true economy ‘ i ' ' Sha-Abbas 9x12 if’ Vr 1 -i Bundhar-Wiltons 9x12 ’ (8950 ' 1 Herat! 9x12 1 (95J0 ' Small rugs to match reduced accordingly These are specials Price does not apply to regular stock ‘ New Eastern Millinery 321 North Robinson Be Sure You ind Us i of Scout Executive James E Per-1' ance " “And that’s - tlta nearest shing yesterday- -‘G “Where do you live?”’ “ ’ “West -Thirty-third street” ‘ 1 ' “Y?s certainly you can-join ' today if you want to' You’ll have to go to see the scoutmaster 'for ' 'Troop 18 I’ll tell you where to 1 ” find him” ‘ ’ A frown came over the face of the ’prospective scout' “If that’s the troop I’ve got to ioin I don't ’4 believe I want to join” he’said iv “They're all nice boys ’in that “troop” was Mr Pershing’s assur-"i -Have you thought of getting a new bedroom suit for Christmas ?li so don't fail to see Our Specials for the very last days of Christmsi shopping’ A four-piece suit in dark walnut well-constructed and nicely finished for (10500 ' A beautiful Queen" Anne suit in American walnut Special at (HIM A four-piece suit in mahogany with poster bed for only (6000 Also jt number of higher grade suits greatly reduced Sold in full suits only at these prices MONDAY AND TUESDAY ARE THE DAYS rt®canns aooas inciuuiniy rrults vea-v J e tables meats fish soups condensed L : or evaporated cream and milk fruit butter jams jellies and crushed fruit: ’In straight or mixed earloads minimum weight 38008 pounds Joint- line rates will be made by add- Ing to the single Una rates B cents per pounds observing combination of 1OCBJ rltflR: In YnATIinU m - c MT XV ‘ T e'T a'e vvnoie nationg tind sneKeri in we arms of the Red Cross Look At Our Stock of G W Sectional BookCases ' Hl ! !i downtown window was on display “Do you like' 9 rL-ssrl “Yes I like it” he ‘answered’-' “but I can’t buy any The money 'I make will have to be spent for s other things” “Wait a minute” said the worn-' an She entered the store and came back ater with a sack full bf candy She gave it to the boy and said: “My little boy died it was just about Christmas time He always liked candy”1 A man standing near the two noticed that she had tears in her eyes as she walked away -- - f ilms Developed B0IX8 ANT SI IB J0 ' - 'rACK8 AWT SIZE 18 4 PRINTS IMxIU or smallor 4e 8KxK ud Up to 4x5 to ’ PootcordX So oxch v! : Romltunco auxt aecompoay ordtr or we will ehlp C O D - -We do not aertflee quality forped Lot our film expert give you better reaulte : ' We ere Eaatman Kodak -atante and carry a full Uno of Kodak aup nllaa la atoek I ’ : Westfall Drug Co 'tM W Mata St’ - Oklahoma City i OBITUARIES l - Doras ’ rtontsomory Stubble 4? ' -uneral services for Doras Montgom-ery-: 8tobblez4 ' yearn old lit t Weat Eighth street 'who died Thursday night will be held at the Hahn funeral home at 4:30 o’clock this afternoon Burla! will be In airlawn cemetery? s: f ‘ 1 ' 'John Kehf - 1 ‘ ’ --uneral services for John"-Kehrs 49 years old who diet! Tuesday ntght will be held at the German Lutheran church BROACH & VEAZEY MAIN AND ROBINSON PBX-31 2L : Rosa Novasio the charming little actress' 4 whose wonderful complexion is Vp greatly admired usee f ' SEM-PRAY JOVE-NAY A unique1 cake of solidified oils: convenient and economical to' use Apply Sempre Giovine ' before the motor ride ’and your ' complexion will not suffer from exposure--Keeps the skin soft smooth ' and velvety Sempre ? Giovine does not grow hair and ' it will not enlarge the pores "X - Special— - 44c THE DAILY OKLAHOMAN SUNDAY DECEMBER 22 1918 BECAUSE he looked lonesome as he stood at the corner of ' Main ' andf Broadway she spoke to him That was not the - only reason He -had thrc “V” - bars on his sleeve As she begged his pardon for addressing him rhe touched them reverently “Wounded three times poor lxy I” And her faded eyes dimmed behind her glasses He dissented but she vould not wait for his reply “Oh you brave boys you don’t - want’ credit but it is wonderful the soldiers you have -made I” 'The officer looked at the gentle- woman who had put aside all reserve to question him and smiled indulgently ' 1 "You are guessing the wrong arm” he said “and you’re seeing gold instead of silver Each one of those bars on my left represent six months domestic ‘service I have been Instructing rookies for ’ a year and a half” Assistants1 Out Of A Horney's Office None of the four assistant' eounty attorneys under Charles B Selby will be retained under Robert Burns when he assumes office the first Monday in January according to information obtained at the county attorney’s office yesterday Selby and George M Callihan will form a law partnership to practice law here after they leave office John W Scot horn will have-as a law partner Homer Boardman former federal district attorney under President Taft and Porter H Morgan will go back with his old law partner - Harlan T Deupree Henry MGray has been employed by - the Harlow Publishing company: to edit legal reports He is the author of Gray’s Oklahoma Digest issued several years ago by the Harlow company Army Will Release 900000 Men Soon Terms: $2 Down $1 Per ree Instructions reeSemB SATISACTION ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED J T CEDAR CHEST SALE or Monday and Tuesday we have two numbers in Red Cedar Chests that'wfe have greatly reduced for Christmas selling' They ire medium size nicely finished and well built Nothing would make a better gift for the amount invested— - vi ‘ SPECIALLY PRICED AT $1075 AND $1275 Also a large assortment of others in regular stock?- - 6Cigars for Christinas a woman can Duy cigars at vour store as ely as she can perfume as we sell only reg- THE TIME TO PLAN A BETTER HOME ’ “ n ’7 ' ' ' -- h' - ’ - --- - ‘ The true sentiment of Christmas giving is expressed in ' The Christmas gift ideal which will-be long cherished in thoughtfulness— not in expense-' Knowing this to be X? theheart of every member of your family These at-true wd have put ejdra efforts into collecting furniture' -' tractive Living Room Suits will not 'Only prove to be a that i'both really? useful and moderate in price To : lasting gift but it will contribute largely to the gentility those in quest of gift furniture' which will beautify and of your hoipe’S Come to our atore today and make a se adorn the home we present a most inclusive collection of Election -’tobe delivered Christmas Eve ’Good taste — aV period and present-day designs which affords unlimited '-’ tractiveness--home-inviting— is how your friends will deopportunity for selection’ - ’$’ scribe them’' ’ -(4' " THE PRICES ARE VERY REASONABLE AND TERMS GLADLY ARRANGED Box of 25 (100 Master Perfecto Box of 50 In-B-Tween Box of 10 In-B-Tween Box of 25 Little Tan Box of 50 Admiration Yankee Box of 50 -250 Admiration Bon TonBox of 25 27$ Admiration Bon TonBox of 50 5X0 Admiration Invincible Box of 25 375 Admiration Perfecto Box of 50 600 Admiration Invincible Box ot 50 Chancellor Little Box of 50 Chancellor Imperials Box of 50 Chancellor Sublime Box of 50 Choncellor Conqueror Box of 50 Chancellor oils Garcia Grande Garcia Grande Garcia Sublime Garcia Sublime Garcia Sublime El El - El El El El El El Moore oil Moore Bouquet Moore Invincible Moore Royal oils WESTALL DRUG CO REXALL AGENTS EASTMAN KODAK AGENTS THE WAR IS OVER— BE HAPPY and carry the beauty and idealism of the Christmastide into all month? of the year A PATHE in your home will place at your command the greatest artists in the world to be enjoyed by old and young alike Come in today and let us demonstrate the PATHE and also explain how easy it is iv umi viic uiiuci uui easy payment plan Our records will please you Popular songs the newest marches sacred songs Hawaiian music and operas etc POSSIBLY SHE WANTS A CABINET We have several very beau-“tifar' Cffcassiah W TTnTf “Standard” Rotary Cabinets Monday and Tuesday we will give with each cabinet ’ ?”Jame A-Hutchinion Jatnei A Hutchinson 33 year oM x died at hla home 103 West- Th lot v- second street - riday-: mornins- His death reunited from' nnenmonH b-mi-ht w on by Influenza uneral services will by Rev W H B Urch at ths shall & Harper Chanel Rn When selecting Christmas Gifts - remember that-’ everyone loves flowers v v J ” NOSES (5 (6 (750 and'(10 a dozen I CARNATIONSOO and (500ya dozen ' 1 ? 27 V'A ‘ 4: K v By parcel post apecial deliv-’ ‘ try 35c additional By tele-? gram 80c additional' 4 ' 'T -Stiles lower-Store- lpd(WERRATESIXED ‘ OR CANNED GOODS O -Oklahoma ? Shippers Will i 'VW-- VI UK! ' 'tit'’ ' : Lower rate on canned goods for ’inter-state and intra-state shipments A from Oklahoma points 'were an-7 nounced yesterday By W V Hardie ly’Sc traffic' expert of the Oklahoma Traf-f ic association The association has Xfbeen working for the’ revision since ''V1 Judge George W Youmans granted a rate injunction' March -25 on the ground that rates existing at that time-Vfwere confiscatory of railroad prop-rffoertv’ ' "A “Rates existing at the time oncanned classifications were low” Mr ’Hardie: said yesterday “The decision far-reaching effects for the rail-’mrnediately reversed the stand- W: ‘M'? ' JuaRe -loumans declared that - ft? ’l'ie ratM ’ere s0 low tllat they virtu‘ -confiscated railroad property s'? -s-'Tlie railroads heartened by the in-’ Junctions put prohibitory rates on allproducts’?"' ‘ yR ' j ' An order was ’ received from the KO?’ Jrailroad administration yesterday 7 authorizing rates1 averaging?? about cents lower than former rates on j-j Ca houndred pounds as follows : fch-JT arnrwlii !nr1t-iAfnA fruits vaa’ UARBOUDT ONGMIR W -Ju JLj IL OTHER BARGAINS Your choice of two $5000 styles $39J00 "As Cari of Thanks ” -We’ wish to express our sine gratitude to our many kind frij and the old comrade nf ik for ihe Vinrine sympathy also for the beautiful flJ efferjpg extended -o - us during ts illness and death of our belovMt k bind ahd fathetMrs P Wilding Mr and? Mrs-rank Kibby Mr Mr‘Torn Haley Mr and Mrs -Tk8 SI 5 If — len Mrs D E Martin and amily ’-MT xllTgniwrfcfifaifWi'nRmi‘lwriimMlfMMnWT iwriWMI— hmwi-t I wininwifsiihiiiaii-iuiriiiki imirom irr - mi r m ciik ai -iriain jsi iz n n- — m r- — in't---rtr -t-P - us4 JS- - Ik’!-:- r axb—-lArA A- 4 r f ? x — X r I KhCBuIi i i it 11 1 I ii - ' bKbw)' ’ fftBllJ Id I T ’ nnnHrnn i J 1 I -i e IV B I I tif l"-l lit I wwn-' : V' -O P i i A y vn BkBfGMjgh - 4 wK1 ? v- i- x -'J - JI ? ’ C Is ' V‘‘t VI i — — SwBSr! I- V’ --T CK : 'T‘ 0 VIM IM I HI ralhMWiUlW ? I l ii I Mr Wluw ' Httv - Xfl® z i K - A -l-i- ’ !( S ‘ :- “m-- : $- J- s ’J s 1 - ' ’z - c 4 Il - ' I irn H I ular - -I Mil i ’ 1 ' ’ Mpfll K-' I Ml W? rfEM a 3l d3l n jn i Yrs 1 i i t J 1- i Efcjtf - U III 1 J Ii b J tt' I I 1$ 8 iB' Inia r Illi Ilffl 1 9QLWg v‘‘ - K 7z - xr ? I S 'VI A v ? "’4 a M ’ e V S ’ w ’ ! V" Vi L£ 5-3 uZ jt J6- i y - ' -7'24otwh i i itr i !! i awkiji JA-jeei ! iH 'AV -Z : ?' - 1 1- gg" v &S-ZZ-3 " fig X“ t j i vsSt yV la Ji i 'A lit’ r"i b7 V ' - ' 1 1 f I I I tS I Box of 25 350Box of 25 ' 275Box of 50 5XX) Box of 10 J00Box of 25 250Box of 50 5J00Box of 10 110Box of 25 275Box of 50 500Box of 50 500Box of 50 600Boa of 50 700Box of 50 500Box of 50 550 Box of 50 500 Box of 50 500Box of 25 300Box of 25 300Box of 50 600Box of 50 600Box of 25 350Box of 50 -3J5 Box pf 50 450 Box of 25 375 Box of 50 500Box of 50 600 Box of 50 700 H giafT’ Cii 1 1 32i i I

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