The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 29, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 29, 1896
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 186& ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 1896 YOL, C i .1111(1 )ecorative Work. MADE A BAD MESS OF IT, An Effort to Pull the Hotel Orleans for Selling' Beer Lands the Pullers in Jail, The Atrny Wofm an Its Travels—A Big Kbssuth County Farm Northwest Notes. A new shape, the nicest in town, so some of the ladies say. JUST IN. M. Z. Grove & Son. TELEPHONE 19. "We have just gone through our stock and have a big lot of remnants of all kinds, which we are selling at prices The Hotel Orleans is in evidence again. Last week Milford citizens got to a white heat about alleged beer sales and made a raid. Milford is in the south end of Dickinson county and the hotel In the north end. The Mil- fordltes reached the spot they were looking for and found the contraband goods. But before they could dispose of them a bright idea struck the north enders. The hotel is now In an incorporated village of Minnewaukon, and the mayor of the flourishing summer town got on his dignity and'moved down on the Milfordites and put them all under arrest for invading his domain. They were hualled oft' to await a hearing, meantime the beer was removed from sight, and then they were turned loose again. They sadly and slowly wandered back to the south along the reedy banks of East Okobojl, and us the Mail solemnly announces: "Again the liquor dealers have thus thwarted the fair execution of the law." Army Worm Invasion. The farmers near Mason City are becoming thoroughly alarmed over the army worm which has already reached Cei'ro Gordo county. They are much thicker in some places than in others. Their plan of attack is to gather in a single field and devote themselves exclusively to this. Alvah Pedelty down on the old Lincoln farm In Bath town has lost nearly his whole crop. His neighbors, the Kuppingers, are not believed to be much better off. Mr. Simpson, on the Ed. Randall farm about four miles southwest of town, has lost practically his whole crop. A 35 acre field of oats he set fire to and destroyed most of them. Samples of the worm have been brought to town and they are recognized-as the genuine army worm. They have much the same appearance as the ordinary grub worm. They attack everything before them and respect no kind of crops. They eat the heads right off all kinds of small grain and grass, and strip the leaves of the corn and destroy the tassel. T"N Below the Cost to manuiacture. Come now and get a bargain. G. L. Galbraith & Co, shirt waists left, still going at only 85c. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. PEBSOflAL MDVEMEiTCa. Mrs. O. B. Hutchiiis is entertaining a cousin from Dubuque. Mr. find Mrs, W. L. Say spent last week with their son, J. W. Hay. 1?. A. Matthews catne over from Spencer Monday to visit old friends. Mrs. Mlltoh Starr was called to Post' ville Monday by the death of her father. W. H. Inghara went up to Okobojl Friday and investigated as to the black bass. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Reaver are visiting In Algona and greeting many old- time friends. „ Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler mid Mrs. Guy Grove returned from their visit In Albion last evening. Mrs. Pratt of Vermont Is spending the summer with her aunt, Mrs. M. P. Brewater, near Wesley. Miss Alice Hepburn, who has been visiting Mrs. Harvey Ingham, returns to her liome in Des Molnes today. Among the Algona visitors Monday are noted A. J. and Mrs. Robtson, Miss Way, and Brother Batloy from Britt. Lewis H. Smith is' back from his trip to the coast. Ho reports all the former Algonians, whom he met, well and enjoying life. Misses Jessamine Jones and Cornelia Inghatn went to Dos Molnes Saturday. The latter goes to visit her sister in Omaha a few days. Capt. Foster enjoyed a visit from his father last week. Mr. Foster senior is a pioneer In Humboldt county and a man highly esteemed. Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Chrisohllles are back and report Robert and Mr. and Mrs.- Borland and family all well. They had an enjoyable trip. F. E. Foster, who Is with Bro. Platt on the Iowa Falls Sentinel, stopped In Algona Monday to visit his brbthor-in- law, J. W. Hay. He was on his way to the lakes. Mrs. Dr. Morse will go with the doctor while he is in camp at Okobojl next week. The doctor's father and mother are up from Des Molnes and will keep house in his absence. Frank Kernan of Wesley starts this week for a trip to Portland, Ore., and other western points. His health has not been good this summer, and he will see what an excurfion to the coast will do for it. Whether It be * *. • • 16 to i, cheap money, dear money, free trade or protection— We've got to Eat, and the important thing to know is, what, where, and when? By calling at our store you will be convinced that we have the latest in our line. Langdon & Hudson. TELEPHONE KO. IS. MEDICAL AND SURGICAL Bicycle Infirmary, Acute and chronic cases treated with assurance of success. Languid tires restored to health and vigor. Tires blown up without pain. Wind free. We understand the anatomy, physiology, and hygiene _ of wheels, and give homoepathic or allopathic treatment, as individual cases require. Sure cure guaranteed. " My whetel had three ribs fractured, and you cured it in one treatment," "My tires were suffering with a case of acute aneurism, F which had been pronounced fatal by other bicycle doctors, 1 but you cured the disorder and I did not lose a day of my tour," . • . . '< I was troubled with varicose tires, involving frequent ruptures and incontinence of wind. You cured me," Thousands of testimonials like the above will .be furnished on application, Ide, F. L. Ff\RlSH Tribune Tandem. AT IRVINCTON, IOWA. A North KoBBUtu Farm. The Ledyard Leader man has been visiting on Supervisor Wm. J. Burton's farm in Harrison. " It comprises 480 acres and there is not a foot of waste land in the entire farm. It is second bottom land and the depth of soil not known, as no wells have been sunk but flow wells. It is perfectly watered, be-, ing crossed by the Blue Earth river. Its flowing wells are among the best in this part of the state and clear, pure water flows from these wells to the amount of at least 1,000 barrels daily. Though Billy has this farm quite well stocked, he loses annually thousands of dollars by not having enough stock to drink up this great waste of water. When business resumes normal conditions, this farm will make Billy independently rich in a very few years. Floods at Sioux City. Sioux CITY, July 26.—Many blocks of paving were carried out by a furious rainstorm here this evening. Business streets in low-lying districts were under water for a time. The railroad tracks near town were badly washed in several places. The most serious damage, however, was to standing crops, which were beaten level with the ground all over the adjacent territory. No accurate estimate of the loss can yet be made. . Wliat 10 to 1 Means. Bailey: A Winnebago county farmer came in to Forest City recently and said: " I ban a 16 to von man. Hester Ion Anderson hem tal ma a gonto got $16 en silver vun efery gold dollar. A gonto get $16 vor vun day's vork. A gonto haw 16 meals von day, en a bet yo fern dollar a got 16 kids ved von vafe. Ion Anderson hem say so." Set Fire to a House, Two young fellows, one arrested in Kossuth county, are held to the grand jury in Eminetsburg for firing a house pear West J3end. The house was un* occupied, had held diphtheria patients, and the talk bad been that it would he a good thing if it should burn down, The boys were drunk and one pf them touched it off, ^ ^ ..._ Those Fourth of July Beer Kegs, Bailey's explanation of bow the Fourth of July piatfprm at Britt etppd on empty beer kegs, is: These were Des Moines empties being sent back from Garner. IB transferring, the authorities bprrpwefl them for the occasion, They were sent pn that night, The remains of Stella Call Spencer will be accompanied to Algona by her older sister, Mary E. Perkins. Vesta will come from Cedar Falls, and Asa F. from Sioux City if his health will permit. He has been suffering from what is thought to be an attack of peritonitis, and has been quite ill since lie was met by many friends at the Des Moines convention. -E. G. Mount has just returned from a trip west into South Dakota. His son went with him and has located in business at Hawarden. Mr. Mount says crops are excellent and that Dakota is quite prosperous. He brings back reports of big hail in Sunday night's storm. Stones five and a half inches around fell thick. One man claimed to have one as big as a base ball. . Fine Oak Phomhpr and CiiJk "•"' llrfMN" 1 Suits At remarkably low prices. We are also making special prices on odd pieces of upholstered goods. Complete stock of . ' Undertaking Goods. A, OT only YOUNG Men, but.. Mothers, Sisters, Sweethearts Desire BEAUTIFUL HOMES. raofcson Soap, § bars for S5o, or 25 for $1.00 r Mte Laundry Soap- 6 bars for 85c, or 85 for 1,00 Soap, . a bars for 85o, or 85 for 1,00 m Y, A, Qfceese, per pound, , ,10 rranulated sugar, per todred, « • 5*85 On Catching Cold In Bed. Mark Twain once wrote a paper pointing out the appalling danger of going to bed as exemplified in bills of mortality. For one person who died out of his bed several hundred succumbed in bed, and now we have Mr. Ashby-Sterry drawing attention to the same thing. Hitherto he has hymned in graceful verse pantalets, frills and the tempestuous petticoat, and now, quantum mutatus ab illo Hectare, he lauds the pyjama. In a recent number of The Graphic he says: "I have a theory that most people catch oold at night after they are in bed, and it is to this foot that I attribute a great deal of the violent colds, the bronchial catarrhs and influenza which have recently been so prevalent. The temperature goes down suddenly in the night, and people catch oold when they are asleep without knowing it. This eril is to be counteracted, not by piling on a lot of heavy blankets, but by wearing thick, close fitting garments of a py- jamalike nature and warm socks on the feet. If this system were adopted, I am quite certain that it would be found beneficial" There is common sense in this, People unquestionably may catch cold in bed, especially if there are at all restless and so kick the bedclothes of, In that event if only olad in a thin cotton nightshirt they are sure to catch oold, whereas if olad in pyjamas, not necessarily thick, but made of some woolen material, the chance of a chill is much lessened.-—London Lancet. THESE CAN BE P URCHASED from the Land Department of the Northern Pacific Railroad, by the side of the R UNNING streams and beautiful lakes of Central Minnesota, or on the R OLLING prairies in the famous VALLEY of the RED RIVER of the NORTH, , at marvellously low prices and easy terms. /•N n NSIDfiR carefully the following unequaled inducements, that •>^U you may choose wisely: Prices: From $2 to $8 per acre. Terms: To HOME-MAKERS, TEN YEARS' TIME; one- TENTH cash, balance in ten equal annual payments, at SIX per* cent, interest. ,,,,,,. Soil: Very rich and productive; .peculiarly adapted to diversified farming; general failure of crops unknown. Excellent fishing, hunting, boating, and general .recreation, For particulars and publications, write to General Emigration Agent N. P, B, It,, ST, PAUL, MINN, WM, ff, PHIPP8, Land Commissioner, DINGLEY, COOK & CO., our sales solicitors, will furnish information, accompany prospective buyers wishing to examine Northern Pacific lands, and receive applications for their purchase, Apply to them, personally or by letter, at Algona, Iowa, iRi & Gi Ji Burned Jjls Henry Temple last week near Blue Earth C}ty burned g6 acres of oats to kill the array worms. Others talk of doing the game. The army worm in southern Minnesota is as J>a4 as the grasshopper wae.^^_ T|M> Tenth. PUtrJet Vote, In }89g BolUver bad £3,403 vptee, Ryan 18,453, and ArterwMiG8Q.Jp 1894 DoUitw hafl 80,809, Bak^r- mw, Driver's last majority ov$r & U wa s over i4,QOO, SUM-'S w '-HP At'eitber pole the intensity of the solar heat is one-fowth greater than at the equatpr. because at the pole the sun shines during the whole H hours. There are over 85 foreigners to the square mile in the state of New ¥ork- 0, J, BEOWN, WW convey parties an« baggage to a»y oftownfP/gFwljftirottiNJ to do ypii £9,04. 4 BRICK, Sidewalk, 'Paving, and Building W Brain Til©, Sewer Pipe, Stone, Fence Posts, Woven Fencing, Felt Roofing,. All kinds of Hardwood Lumber and Wagon Stock, These are a few of the, many things you can get of J ; A. Hamilton & Co. and

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