The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 22, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 22, 1896
Page 7
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*%ff pi * ' ' ' MS 0*m '^ "01B STATE Of w& Vtf^ ?&,\>]U£$ I K& M6M1 df? BROTHERS' NURSERIES. he* 8* tfi» »Sf tut IfiiUwtlirfii ta Wdrid—it« ffftd* Eitefcd* IB fcitiiJisd Jetton an Si, LOiilfi Republic, Januafy t, 1896; One of the largest Institutions in Louis* lana is the Stark Bfo'e NUfsefles and Orchards company. The trade of the fiffij -extends not only-ttifoughbut the- United States, Canada, Germany, Prance, Italy, Hungary and other for* eigh countries, but it has a number of customers both in New Zealand and Australia, Eighty years ago there came from Kentucky to Pike county the late judge Stark, then a young matt fresh from Old Hickory's New Orleans cam* paign. He started the nursery and planted the first grafted orchard In the state, having brought the scions on horseback from Kentucky, The business, has descended from father to son, and Is now conducted by the third generation, assisted by the fourth, This firm has more than 1,000 traveling solicitors, and employs more people in Its offices than would be necessary to run a large manufacturing concern; The extensive packing-houses ol the company are adjacent to the city, connected wfth. the failroad^y special tracks.' From these packing-houses hundreds of carloads of trees are shipped annually. The vmrsery grounds embrace a number of farms convenient to the city, and even extends to Rockport, 111., where there is a plant of several million trees. The peculiarity of the concern Is the establishment of large orchards. These orchards in 24 states aggregate nearly 50,000 acres, and more than 3,500,000 trees on the partnership plan. The firm is also interested In as many more trees On the co-operative arrangement. The nurseries have been beneficial not only-to their home, but Missouri owes no little of her prestige as a fruit- growing region to the progress and work of development of this firm. The exhibits of this firm, whenever made, attract great attention/and do much to advertise the state. The firm i?ays large amounts for new varieties of fruit, and conducts the largest business of the kind in America, if not in the world.- . Louisiana firms have more traveling men upon the road for them than travel out of any other city of the world of its size. This^of course, is. largely due to the large number of men employed by the Stark Bros. Nurseries, who furnish their men the most complete, up- to-date outfit ever issued. They are Increasing their force of salesmen dally und room for more. '"TEMPERANCE. The extent to which brewers control the retail liquor business of New York was manifested under the Raines liquor tax law, May 1, when one brewer filed application for 700 certificates, another for 300, and another for 150. a total of 1,150, aggregating in money ?920,000. The Southern Baptist convention, in session at Chattanooga, passed, by a large majority, resolutions condemn' ing the retention of church members who "make, sell, or drink spirituous liquors, or rent their property for the use of liquor dealers." A Story of Colorado Gold, The most unique and instructive book yet published about the £old and other features of Cripple Creek district has just been issued by .O. W. Crawford, publisher, Masonic Temple, Chicago, 111. Every page is illustrated with original picture^ in three colors, made for this work by Mr. E. S. Rice, the sketch genius of the Rockies. It is a complete exposition of Cripple Creek gold, tellinfr. where it is found, how it is found, where it is milled, how,it is.treated, how it is paid for; all about mines, titles, camping in the mountains and Cripple Park's wonderful Apollinaris Springs, which the Indians calledQuleeka, and of which they said, "If you drink the waters always, you will live always." In printing and illustration it is a, work of high art, We are not surprised to learn that the second edition is in press, for it is a/ boolt from which the oldest miner may'get information and pntertainroent as well, Price, 50c,, 'but if you will send five names and addresses of friends and 250., stamps or silver, to the publisher, it will be sent postage paid. Defined, "Quimberly, what is your idea of an in' tellectual woman?" '•AYell, she's a woman who has sense enough to spread a stop ladder so it won't shut up and leave her hanging to the top • shelf of the closet."' JCctiicatlonal, , Attention of the readers is called to the announcement of Notre Dame Uni- 'versity in another' column of thik paper. This noted institution of learning- enters upon its fifty-third- year with its next session, commencing September 8,1880, Parents aiid guard- ions conteinplatin g sending their boys and young men away from home to school would dq well to write for par* ticulars to the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, before making arrangements 'for their education elsewhere. Nowhere in this, broad land uie there to be found better facilities J'cr cultivating the mind and heart than are offered at the Notre Dame University, "Persimmpn ha,ts" for ladies are already Uejug largely sold in Logon's West I shops. BIB HAPPY A ertAftMiNS ST6HY 6? ANb MARftlAQE. tettefs ih-otii a chlcAps 6M aapplnelS CftiMe tft »^» Attong the tettft ef thousands d! Wometi ^»ho apply td Mrs. Pinkham fof advice and ate ciifed, are many who wkh the facts in their cases ttade public*, but do Hot give permission to pithliBll thcif toames for reasons' as obvious as in the following, and no name is ever published ' vHthoUfc the writer's au» thorityS this is a bond of faith which Mrs.Pinkham has never broken. I Chicago Jan.' jth, ' 95 . My deaf Mrs. A friend of tnlne, Mrs. wants mo to \vrlto you, because she say si" you did her BO much good." I am desperate. Am nineteen years of nge, tall, and weighed 138 pounds a year ago. I am now a mere skeleton. From your little book I think iriy trouble is profuse menstruation. My symptoms are * * * .* etc. Our doctor (my uncle) tells father that I am in consumption, and wants to take me to Florida. Please help me! Tell me what to do, and tell me quickly. I am engaged to be married In September. Shall I live to see the day ?»*»*• LUCY E. W. Chicago, June ifith, '93. My dear Mrs. Pinkhara:— This is a happy day, I am well add gaining' weight daily, but shall continue the treatment and. Vegetable Compound during the summer, as you suggest. Uncle knows nothing about what you have done for me, because it would make things very unpleasant in the family. I •would like to give you a testimonial to publish, but father would not allow it. * * * * I shall be married in September, and as we go to Boston, will call upon you. How can I prove my gratitude? * * » * LUCY E. W. ooim eULLIMtiS FfcdM fME PUNNV tfiiglfcftl ftftd 6*l««i«<J J6lt*l*li ififtt Will tat titiii ott t«sa tte»d«fi Mo ^ojide*—P*ot**«ldtt»l fethle*. Just cuch cases as the above leak out in women's circles, and that is why the confidence of the women of America is bestowed upon Mrs. Pinkham. Why arc not physicians more candid with women when suffering from such ailments ? Women want the truth, and if they cannot get it from their doctor, will seek it elsewhere. LEGISLATION AND LAW. The United States senate defeated the proposition to increase the beer tax 75 cents a barrel by a vote of 34 to 27. The vote was taken as soon as the fllled-cheese bill was taken up; the < beer-tax, proposltion.being submitted as an amendment The anti-lynching bill, which provides for the punishment of officers through 'Whose negligence or permission lynchings occur, and for the assessment of damages against the county in which a lynching takes place, has passed both branches of the South Carolina legislature. The supreme court of Now York, has declared unconstitutional the bill increasing the state, appropriation of ¥50,000,000 to $55,000,000 for the building of a subway rapid transit road from the battery to Harlem, and the work will now probably be abandoned, How to Grow 40c Wheat. Salzer's Pall Seed Catalogue tolls j'ou. It's worth thousands to the wide-awake farmer. Send 4-cent stamp for catalogue and free samples of grains and grasses for fall sowing, John A. iSalsser Seed Co,, IJaCrosse, Wis. . Miss Grace. Howe McKinley, a niece of the ex-Governor McKinley, is a student at Mount Hqlyoke college. SO Hays Trial, Free. That's what the Charles City College offers to students in their business, stenographic, typewriting and preparatory college departments. Write today. Charles City College, Charles Ci ty, lowa.__ -. Insurance companies have been started in various parts of the west to insure against damage from tornadoes and cyclones, Hall's Ctiturrli Cure Is taken JnteVnally, Price, 75c. A lady in Nebraska advertised for 8 BUB- band and announced, ''I own a gopd job printing office end can set type," Is Hie oldest mwl beet, H will break «P "» ttidii anything else. It is always I eliawe- Try it. Pope Leo XIII uses snuff and it is made expressly far him by a firm in Baltimore, It is sent to Koine in one-pound and five- pound jars, FITS stopped froe :ind pcrmnnpnVy CIT U, No Di9 aHer ttriU Uay'j. i gi or Dr. Kline's Gu'ftt Ncrvo Restorer, J>V«e$?iwi bouleiuul ticatie Jiiwv- pn.|iiJNE,WArcU£t. i HAT is the ttfeath of the summer eky? What does it w h i e p e f the roses, That all of thelf dainty petals sigh \nd blush at the tale it .discloses? What have the murmuring leaves to tell? Of what is their low eong treating, That the drooping buds of the shy harebell Are stealthily repeating? it is the secret nature hears In every zephyr blowing; It is the secret of the spheres— The only one worth knowing. Ho standing tree has yet been measured taller than the great eucalyptus in Gipps- land, Australia. 450 feet high. . |f the JJtiby Is Cutting Teetb, Be pur? ftWj W. tl»»t pltf w4 VelMrie^ repefly- M?S. Rain {alls on the eastern coast of Ire- laud ttlpout 808 days in A year. One Thing the Girl Could Do. She was engaging a cook and tho first applicant for the situation was a raw Norwegian girl, fresh from the fjords. "I suppose you understand plain cooking?" remarked the lady of the house. "Naw, no plain cooking." "0! fancy cooking, then." "Naw, no fancy cooking." "Heavy sweeping and housework?" "Naw, doan do housework." "Perhaps you are a laundress, then? "Naw, I doan launder." "Don't you even know plain sewing?" "I naaver sew." "Well, I declare!" exclaimed the distracted lady, "what in heaven's name 'can you do?" "Aw," was the answer, "I caan milk a reindeer."—The Wave. Blue- Ahead of the Game. "Shall I or " With the key in her hand, beard's wife yet hesitated. " not?" . Suddenly making up her mind she flung the door open and entered the forbidden room. "Gee-whiz!" It was a most unladylike expression, out the bones of her husband's first six wives confronted her startled orbs. She was rapidly recovering her wont- ad composure. ' "There is hardly a family nowadays but has a skeleton or two in its closet." Closing the door softly, she went back to her section of the seraglio, cogitating as to how she would answer, when questioned. Formalities. "In observance of the recent corona- don of our great czar ' Thus spoke Ivan Badwiski to Snatchi Pretzelof, as they stood sheltered from the great lights at the Kremlin, '' 1 suggest that we now " And he drew from his pocket-a ruble that he had observed a visiting prince that day drop into a blind man's hat. "- Rush the great, white Kahn." And stepping cautiously, in fear of the police, the whiskered nihilists wandered in the direction of the nearest saloon for a pail of the fiery vodka. An Improvement. He—"I am very sorry, Ethel, to have seemed mean, but I really haven't a cent with me," She—"You perhaps forget the little fiver that I see through my X ray glasses nestling in your vest pocket."— From Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly. No Wonder, Jess—Ie it true that you have applied Cor a divorce on the grounds of de$er- tion? Bess—Yes; I never expect to gee him again? Jess—Has he run off with another woman? Bess—Worse. He's playing an inter" national chess game. Country Qtrl^-"pon't you find, ppustant nQige an<} hurry >on «wd bustle Pl a great city very wearing when you aye at" City Qjrl7-"Wiiy, no', Ia4ee4; I IJye PljiiadelpWa, ypq ' B«I*I ttet itu ft Atittigfaph Beads," iiyt thfe fcobfted wrtteft ^whyr they are • tits bother df ffl? life. Ana yel ihm 1B something qiieef atottt thefri, toft. When 1 tbbk up wf ttlttg 1 vdwed n6%f to give toy alitogfraph te attyhedjr flfi» less' he could give file go&d feHs6ns why he should have it The first week after ifly book was published ffiofe than a do26ii applied for ifiy auto* graph." "And you didn't let theto have It?" queried the Interviewee "No, Indeed; 1 seat each ot theifl a letter asking thelf feafions fof fietidlhg fof It, and, strange to sa? t 1 nSVef heard from one of them again attef- ward." "That is strange, indeed," Said tht Interviewer, with a look of fllty updn his stony countenance; "and you signed the letters, too, 1 suppose?" "Oh, yes, of course," said the newly* boomed writer.—New York World, Too s Bad. "It's too bad," said the young woman who wants to be new. "What's the trouble?" asked her mother. "Just as soon as we've made up out minds to show the world that we are not the weak, timid creatures we have been pictured, the announcement cornea that the trees are full of caterpillars this year."—Buffalo Times. Mother Goose In tho Saddle. Little Polly Flinders Wheeled among the cinders, Barking her pretty little toes; Her mamma scorched and sought her And surely would have caught her— But my! She slipped a pedal and came down upon her nose! —Cleveland Post. Professional Kthlca. Hitff8 T A h&ttdfui ef capei lacks wilt cleia ftrait jai-s w bdlttee feftafi^ ffalt flit the jnrs with hot soap ettde, p'iit in the tacks, covet, give Vigofbus shaking ftfid Hnee well. The fcfeltrdlee agatosi cui' the sick fddiu is probably a one. Flowers with & strong perfume, like hyacinths, lilted of the valley and others, might nauseate the patleat ly their-strong odoi-j but a few simple blbssemg &ihe cheering ih theif effect, &hdiespecially so when the patient is fefld of flowers, bo not allow flowers to staiid more than a day ih the same water unless there is charcoal in it. Rain Water will keep the skttt soft and smooth ahd should best he Used for the face; but if it cannbt he had, a handful of oattnenal thrown Into hard water of a little powdered borax dissolved In the water is the best substitute. Tablecloths should be so ironed that the folds or creases may be as far as possible in the lengthwise direction. The best effect Is that produced by only one fold through the center. This, however, necessitates considerable room in the linen closet, Many housekeepers have for each tablecloth a stick as long as the cloth Is Wide when folded though the center lengthwise; these sticks, which are about the thickness, of a broom handle are covered with several folds of flannel and then with muslin. When the cloth has been folded and ironed Well on each side one end of it is pinned to the covered stick and it Is then rolled up loosely so as not to crease It; it Is then slipped Into a long, narrow bag and laid in the linen closet. Don't close the city house for the summer without especial care of the cellar, Is the advice of a sanitary expert. Leave the upper rooms In disorder or uncleaned, but Inspect carefully the cellar and all dark, unventll- ated places. Such spots invite humidity and dampness, and are the best of breeding places for disease germs that will be brought to the upper air in tho autumn reoccupancy. In a recent paper on the origin of diphtheria germs, Dr. Sternberg asserts that cellars arid all unventilate'.) •..'-.-" ao 5 a " <v -nn Mickey—Soy, Miss Proddergee, don'J yer want me ter carry yer' satchell tei the stoige door for yer? Miss Proddergee (haughtily)—What yer dreamin'? Nothin' less nor a lead- in' man kin carry my satchell. Flattering Similarity. "There is something about your style of writing, Miss Urleigh," remarked the literary editor, "that reminds mo strongly of Joachin Miller." • "Indeed," exclaimed the young worn' an, highly pleased. ' "Yes. I have to hire an expert to decipher it."—Chicago Tribune. Not a Yonkers Mnn. Johnnie—Ma, I didn't know pa was so awful strong, did you? Ma—No, indeed! Johnnie—Well, he must be, 'cause 1 heard him say that he threw the board of aldermen last night for the drinks. —Yonkers Gazette. Prime Bavnnas. Watts—"Been reading anything about these Cuban atrocities 1 ?" Potts—"No. I've got a box of them at home yet that my wife bought three months ago from an alleged smuggler."-—Cincinnati Enquirer. The Statu Quo In Ice, The biggest thing ,.-,.-'". On ice j Is still, by jing, The price! —Chicago Tribune, "Grand Tlnao." Blakeley—"I understand you ladies have organized a debating club." Margaret—"Yes; we have such grand times laughing at the girls who get up to talk,"—Philadelphia North-Amer- Scan, Making an Impression. Alas! I cannot read her face To tell if she'll be mine, Because her type of beauty is So very, very fine. —Life. A Duet. • He—"Hear the duet Mr. and Wire, ftacon are playing," She—"I hear Mrs, Bacon playing- the plane* that's all," "Well, Bacon is playing the hose in the yard,"—Yonkers Statesman, The L.ives of great wen oft remind ua That th/a world has been too full Of the class of politicians Who owe greatness to a pull, —Truth. "What a heap ojf style son's wife throws Qn!" "Ob, yes; JJmmle started a, repair shop last week,"— Cleve Wat- TUe set >,:, • x* si * •* v.; - •*'V-t i7t*a ^* ti^ii^if- ^ilL*.i' ? !^£» '6* n£»uj> uao UGVUUIO SuCO f «?r. thftt the ikftk 6f ffrtftae-wfll,' blUfi Ih- three «el»FB as A pifis* tentisfl,. , - : r* Font btiliftns thfee hiindfed eighty thousand postftga stfliiip! itsed Jtt a year by the people df '•• Ifwtted States, • •>" ; Broadway wad flfst called by ^ha. Dutch, who settled New Ydrft, "fti-oia 1 : wagon way," and the term wag flttrtily" shortened hy the wagon's' being left L.*V - « A machine for sawing granite just undergone a test in MontpellerY Vt. It contains $4,060 worth Of diamonds, ahd the entire cost of its strutK ture Is $10,060. The sun, if hollow, would hold 300,* 006 globes as large as the earth, and' an eye capable of hourly view 10,000 square miles would .require 65,000- years to see.all its surface. Banana juice is said to make a first*; class indelible Ink, A spot on a white fhirt from a dead-ripe banana is- marked forever, and the juice from , bananas thoroughly decayed, is a bright, clear carmine. The oldest piece of linen paper in, existence, so far as is known, is a man* uscrlpt containing a treaty between the . kings of Aragon and Castile. It is-' dated 1177, and is still in fair state of preservation, retaining the ink very well. Swimming as a means of recreation and healthful exercise is growing more popular among women every year. AH Queen Victoria's daughters learned to swim when very young, and the daughters of the princess of Wales are all? good swimmers. The empress of Austria and all the Austrian princesses-are good swimmers, and the queen regent 1 Df Spain is .an. expert swimmer. I -11 i ; • 16 TO 1 You Will take Vlrglnln. July 7 and 31, August 4 and 18, tickets will be sold from all points in the northwest over the Big Pour Route and Chesapeake & Ohio railway to Virginia at one fare plus $2.00 for the round trip. Homeseekers should take advantage of this cheap rate to visit the rich farm lands. Virginia never had a cyclone. It has a perfect climate, cheap transportation, and the best markets in the world. Send for rates, free descriptive pamphlet and list of desirable farms for sale. U. • L. Truitt, N. W P. A., 334 Clark street, Chicago. A little dry com starcli or pulverized soapstoiie put on the hands in warm weather will prevent any perpiration injuring kid gloves. • . A Child Knjoys The pleasant flavor, gentle action and soothing effects of Syrup of Figs, when in need of a laxative, and if the father or mother bo costive or bilious, the most gratifying results follow its use; so that it is the best family remedy known, and every family should have a bottle on hand. Mrs. Hoed, wife of the speaker, is said to bo exceedingly glad thnt her husband was not nominated for president at the St. Louis convention, Japan ranks sixth in population, being surpassed only by China, India, .Russia, the United States and Germany. • , • The Woman, The Man, And The Pill. <•; t-£ f t "1 She was a good woman. He loved her. She was his -wife. The pie was good; his wife made it; he ate it. But the ! pie disagreed with him, and he disagreed with. Ills wife. ) Now he takes a pill after pic and is happy. So is his wife. )• The pill he takes is Ayer's. ' Moral : Avoid dyspepsia by using Ayer's Cathartic Pills. } R i EVnOlro Washington, I>.4l Successfully Prosecutes. Clmrnsj itePrinclpal Bttminer tTS, Penolou Bureau. jttlo but ww. UiuUiulloitcUigclituiu, atttf ninwt. UiSElFOMlFRfiBBElSSRl * i IThorapson's Eye Water,/ advertisements Kindly tlilB paper. The Bicyck of experience* A foyntfred &tos' worth of certainty* The "bicycle of doubt " price saves you tele apd costs you - '• " • - '»*, /•"«* 't ^ i ft * ( * />\' * «» J t * * ; t t '^K/^ n -^^'fe''-'';;r' • i'v, "*%•'•«. <\ *•'•'' "4 's '"- ^'*

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