The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 22, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 22, 1896
Page 5
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Tfil TJttPfflft* »B3 New Goods. Low Prices. Having added to our already large stock of Dry G-oods, Clothing, Shoes, etc,, a new and complete stock of Staple Groceries, we are willing to sell them as a leader, We quote you prices below, Granulated Sugar, 17 pounds for $1,00 Extra. C Sugar, 18 pounds for , . 1,00 Very best Japan Tea, per pound, . 40 IT/I pounds Mocha and Java coffee, 1,00 4 pounds best pea berry coffee for 1,00 5 pounds choice Rio coffee for , . 1,00 6 pounds of good rice for . , . 2«5 4 pounds of the best rice for . . 25 13 pounds of oat meal for ... 25 Lilly Gloss Starch, per pound pkg. 05 Corn Starch 05 6 bars Santa Claus Soap for . . 25 10 bars Fairbanks Standard soap for 25 Church & Co. 1 Soda, per pkg, . . 07 Castor Oil axle grease, per box, . 05 3 cans of tomatoes for .... 25 Algona, Iowa *fflfi _ Afidertafi til*** a ewijitilit JJfe* e* flew ft feel* to fee $ cans of peaches for , . , , S5 The best broom in town for . , » 25 Extra sugar drip syrup, per gallon, 25 50 Gr, cider vinegar, per gallon, . 25 50 Gr. white wine vinegar, per gal, 25 Climax or Spearhead tobacco per Ib, 40 One pound Up-to-date pail tobacco 25 One pound Goeders' best tobacco, f 18 The best wash board in the market 25 One Ib. Snow ball baking powder, 20 One Ib. Price's baking powder for 35 Silver Gloss starch, per pound pkg. 07 Lewis lye, per can, 10 Eagle lye, per can, . • . . . . 08 One pound of ground spices for . 25 Jiio. Goeders. 100 Trimmed Hats At a discount. Stacks of Shirt Waists, Ladies' Wool and Duck Suits, Low' Shoes and Slippers. Bargains in odds and ends. Yours, ....Jas. Taylor. AMONG THE ADVERTISERS, When you come for ut Grove's. the circus visit re- night, white jottf eofreSptffldeBt wfts enjoying his peaceful sltittitJeP, Some sfleak thtef removed the sCfeefl ffOifl his bedroom winddw and with the aid o! a long stick succeeded ill drawing his pants out through the wiftdow, After going through the pockets he took ftll the small chattge to theahioutit of $3.20. Iti the morning the f>ant8 were found in the bttck yftfd aBd the pocket' book at the back end of the lot militia the money, It was thought by some that it was the work of a local crank but we are of the opinion it was douo by some professional that located Us while retiring for the night. Tim amount was not very much but it it hud been more the result would have beeti the same. Our town has been over* run with tramps for some time and some of them have been hanging around the depot and elevators for three or four weeks getting whatever they could to live on and cooking it along the railroad just east of town, Our city authorities' attention has been repeatedly called to the fact that the tramp element was becoming a nuisance and asked to do something to rid our town of them. Once or twice we know our marshal and nightwatch were ordered to drive them off, which they did. When they presented their bill to the council it was not allowed. It is claimed that we have no ordinance covering the tramp nuisance. We can't help but think our city authorities are largely to blame for allowing so many tramps to harbor around. If there is no ordinance governing such nuisances, why not make one? H I was mayor I would see that it was enforced, and in the words of General Jackson would say: "If I could not find a man to enforce the law, by the eternals I would do it myself." Friday morning Deputy Sheriff Gosgrove arrested a couple'.of fellows hanging around town and brought them before 'Squire Robinson who imposed a fine of ton days hard labor on them. Mr. Cosgrove brought them to the mayor and asked him if he wanted to work them on the streets. He said not, and they were Whenyott buy llotif, not buy the best ? Especially when you eatt get the best—and a choice article It is, too—fof the same mdney that is charged fbf less Wot thy grade.s We startd by ouf ftauf—S6 dd the coil* sumers, They know what they want, and they want Wilson Mills Flour, and will have no other. That shows their good judgment, is a capital recommend for good goods. MILLET AND FLAX SEED-Plenty of it now- on hand, For sale at the old stand by Leuette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. Your Soles Are in Danger of wearinff out at anv time. When you want your shoes repaired bring them to us. We have just engaged Mr. Ernest Thiel, a practical shoemaker, who will have charge of our repairing department. Boots and Shoes made to order, and all work guaranteed. Browtiell & Allred, The Cash Shoe Merchants, Boston Block, Algona, Jas. Taylor's store is the popular sort for bargains. Dr. Morse has put in a new wall;, using the Hamilton brick. Doxs.^e tells this week how to get out of the circus tent if the lion breaks loose. John Goeders makes prices on groceries this week that match eight cent oats. Wm. Austin, a Georgian, is opening a variety store over on north Thorington. He comes direct from the south. It will pay all who are interested in Minnesota cheap lands to read the offer made this week by Bayard, Douel & Co., St. Paul. Germania Standard: C. J. Reichert advertises a closing out sale of clothing from July 2] to 25. Mr. Durdall of Al- goua will superintend-the sale. Jus. Orr has just repainted the Cowles block, putting on what he calls aluminum finish. It is very handsome, and something new in Algonn. Mr. Ernest Thiel is the new clerk at Brownell & Allred's shoe store. Mr. Thiel is an experienced shoemaker, and will have charge of the repairing department. The Algona Deposit & Loan shows a profit at the rate of 15.8 .per cent, for the past six months, and an increase of loans of over $10,000. The semi-annual statement is just out. The auction at the Grange store Saturday closed out the remnants of the stock. D. A. Haggard conducted and a big sale resulted. Everything but a few pieces went at fairly good prices. To add to our calamities the hard coal combine is again in good repair. Hard coal is now up to $9.75 a ton with the promise of a raise. Last year it was sold at $8 in October. We shall have to burn wood. The Northwestern Life Insurance company of Milwaukee paid its. share of the Lund insurance promptly, $2,000, S. D. Drake, the local agent, attended to the matter. It is a reliable company and S, D, |s a popular and efficient representative, Mr. Russell, miller for the Wilson mills, is back and is running the mills double time to catch up. He was in Maine for hjs vacation, He says Sewall is the wealthiest man in Maine and until recently was a "sound money" man, Sewall's son-is a strong McKinloy'and Hobart man, taken to Algona and turned over to the authorities there, which is a little relief to say the least. One thing wo we can't understand, is that Algona can arrest such chaps and make them work out their fine and Wesley cannot. Will somebody please explain? W. J. Stewart and James Whnlen of Bancroft were Wesley callers Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heal returimd from Clear Lake Monday where they have been taking an outing for the past week or more. Rev. Plumraer returned home Monday from Clear Lake where he was attending the Epwor'th league convention. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Budlong and family went to Bancroft Saturday returning Monday. • Mrs. G. P. Barslou is visiting friends in Wesley this week. . Dr. Galer of Belmond arrived here Saturday and visited with his son, L. C. Galer, of this place, returning home Monday. Our street commissioner, Geo. A. Prink, has been doing some good work on the streets and roads lending into town, and has got the roads in the best condition they ever were since Wesley was a town, Rev. P. C. Hogle is here with astere_- opticon outfit and will give an illustrated temperance lecture every night this week in the Methodist church. His lecture .and views Monday night were first class, and he had a good house to hear him. A FINE line of cookies and sweet goods at Grove & Son's. WHEN you get tired of cooking, call on Grove and Son and they can furnish you everything for a good meal, all ready to eat. GOOD self-binder to trade for a cow. 17t2 JOHNG. SMITH, On Circus Day You will need a pocket knife to cut your way through trie, tent if the lion breaks loose. Who would regret spending a few cents for such a useful article if by so doing he might be: able to save his own life? Think of what a stampede there! will be if the lion does break loose, and think of how many- lives you might save, besides your own, by making an opening in the outer canvas with one sweep of a good sharp knife. We keep just the kind of a knife you would need for that and every other purpose. They are good cutters, made of razor steel, fully warranted, and will be sold on circus day and every other day till Aug. ist at hard-times prices. Our regu-^ lar SOG and 6oc knives go for ....CENTS. All fully warranted. We have some "hot ones" for 250,"but they are not warranted. We never had a better assortment and you can feel pretty sure of being suited. The little girls who are raising sweet peas in the contest for the " Baby Sewing Machine" will bring their bouquets to the store on Saturday, Aug. ist. G. M. DOXSEB, NSURANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Buslness.- Offloo over Algona State Bank. Farmers' of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, • Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Boclcford of Boekford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New-York, United States Life of New York, GEO. M. BAILEY. MINNESOTA Farm Lands. We offer for sale 160 acres of rolling prairie land eight miles north of Mlnneota, In lyon County, Minn,, W acres suitable for cultivation, 40 acres of which is now cultivated, ^\, anoe natural pwadow, No buii< §oil ig dark, gaudy loam, quality an,te,ed', will Unffajo Center AVJI1 Cross Pats With Tomorrpw at tue $11 PER AQBE, on.e*f9urtb cash, balance oa ttm.e U de« ' First cpaje first BAYARD, DEUEL & CO, What promises to be a good ball" aroe is announced for tomorrow after' ppon. Buffalo Center will be down and ,ttempt to do up the Algona boys. The two teams met at Buffalo Center ast week and had a close game. The Tribune reports it and says: The game of ball played here yesterday be* iween our home team and the Algona ;eam was fairly well attended and waa good interesting game from start to finish notwithstanding the score was two to one in lavor of our team. The Algona hoys play a pretty good game but it takes an extra good nine to beat our hoys. Salisbury' and Boala — the battery for Algona and did work. 0. Vanaugh and Jacksgn did "the heavy" tor our howe team and deserve a great deal of credit, Follow' ing Is the Dumber of spores made each WE have a larger and nicer lot of crockery than ever before, and are adding to it. Call and see us. M. Z. GROVE & SON, FOB men's white and colored laundered and unlaundered shirts see our line before you buy, Geo. I*. Galbralth &Co. • I EXPECT to make my regular summer trip to Algona, notwithstanding " unofficial 1 ' reports to the contrary, W. H. WOOD, Piano Tuner, WATCHES cleaned for one dollar at Bowyer's, Mainsprings one dollar. Awarded Honprs-WorW's Tornn'do, Cyclone, and wind storm insurance reduced, to 20, 50, and 80 cents per hundred for 1, 3, and 5 years. ' Protect your property. J. L. DONAHOO, ]6t4 Algona, Iowa. THE ALGONAT, M, 0, A, A Flourishing Society of Seventy Members Will Open Booms Next Week, " Work has been going on for some time on the rooms in the second story of the Geo, C. Call building to be occupied by the Young Men's Christian association.. The society is to have the whole second story and will, when the work is done, have a complete gymnasium, besides the assembly room, They hope to be able to hold their regular Sunday afternoon meeting there a week from Sunday. The extent of the gymnasium outfit is not yet decided on. It will be meas» ured by the money in sight, A bath room, however, is being now fitted, a tub and a shower bath being put in, They will also put in a bath heater and all the conveniences, The society now has 70 members, Only members of evangelical churches are allowed to vote and hold office, but outsiders are granted all the other privileges at the same cost. The fee here is $5 a year. For this any young man can have free access tp the gymnasium, retting room, baths, etc. The officers of the society are: Arthur TeUier, president; Rev. Innesand E, W. Goodner, vice presidents; Q, J, Poxsee, secretary; J. A. Brownell, treasurer AMONG THE BUILDERS. Eighteen ninety-six is a good building year. ' Mart. Weaver is comfortably located in his new home. ; • The Biley home west of the Catholic church progresses slowly. J, G. Green is now at home in his cottage west of S. Benjamin's. Work on Mrs. E. L, Cooke's cottage will begin as soon as plans are drawn, J, D, Shadle will build this fall on the site of the old Hart home west of C, Heise's, A lot of new sidewalk has been put in on the blocks north of the Free Methodist church. ; The foundation for the new school house is nearly in, The outside measurements are 71 by 5?i feet, Street Commission 01 " Henderson is living in his new home east pf the Kuhn cottage. He has a comfortable and roomy house, The Westenberg brothers will soon have their house in the old park north of the Free Methodist church completed, It is quite ftri .addition, Aug. Zanke will soon be able to move into his new house. He has built a roomy apd good looking build ing, The plasterers are done with it, The foundation for the Chubb, home is about in, It calls for ft building 44 by 40 feet, which gives promise of lots of room, It is very handsomely located, The outside work on Gardner Cowles new building is abuut done. The changes in the old mtrt are so greai that it Will scarwly be recognized The new part Js very handsome in ae sign and no expense is being The interior wijl be in EL [Successor to 0. L. Lund,] DEALER IN Grain, Feed; / ' " i \ , 7 Hard and Soft ^^••^^^ ^^wwi^^^ «^^BW M^^BM Ji^W^^^P^B At the Northwestern elevator. Orders tor coal and feed can be left at Walker Bros,' All' joods delivered. Come and see me. 64 •*,> Restaurant S*5 ( •( • • ( Y ^ • \*i is now tn mww }QeatJon r the R, M- 0> Snli^'-'fi mulcting,; »-.•.** When any of pur neighboring et let tw and sre }f 0ney Jo At straight 7 per cent, commission). Can get money in three or fou,r flays CHICAGO, VOOTATKW * CREAM BAKING MOST PEJW5T"MADB.

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