The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 22, 1896 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 22, 1896
Page 4
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vffg^^vMF ^wf99wW JE^*^ ^W¥^»WW^> Iff t)*6i*A*i fete- liett law* f tee {fetter** ciearij &£*e tlte «nr before tbe people of Iowa. Boti la dlftereot words remote the 9k* Ijom* jta&yrw. Tbe repabiieaos i«ia tbe «ziitix3£ &oiiar. will ^{Irer «• » fteaSard jaoeejr »beBer*r it with the eriflaug raifie rer«ame eooogls to FSMS U>e will aaapJy pnrteeS AjBaericau iadm^trka. zaft wSIl again esotre tjneajie* IteS «i!i admit oor roff&vt twSactt to liae irorid's EiarJset* IB retwrn Sor flue a£- tnie^OD of t&e world's prod wets to our jjaarieeto. Tbii is a pisUfona irbieii ap- peats to fl»e good sense <e£ ereryboSj- He aSoptioo by tbe peop5» ffieane a r*s- r^torei pricee lor oosa- jaoditk*. ArobE! for MeKiafer •ifcu*ii*LJ«« *.J»^.J-*.. *eatte fth. fcaafe alter OA aitMiunaai * «•-*--*- *o Pailfrer eome frtwa the »rfiie*4c!Cibe4istt'§eL Mr. DsSfrrer the ^fcaaraal from S&egt«a&i*j>. sag •*•&«* Ms «HBf*etitor is waned atrf gate owl 4® fresest fife tie**, it «S1 be ^i -«--*-•»• the Stale B^feSfii- ealfe «tv»taaa to ttepfeeeecff tJje t^nilicfea psrt; to *a3 is r«4wi2£ siren "Ii is erne rf fes/ ese «f tie test tbe rewi^lic Iv is also tbe SrsH Urns m the If ff«e etfiwwt What do -*-•»-•*- *4«0e«ies irate* fuTERsit Tjgs».wl»ESt ffl . tvcoaa Mss. HaS. Jfe*. da*!*, J6» STK*. Mrs. »B»>S*. Mr. er* gnus** ** ** 2S d tbe press** swain** i* 3fc* ffige Rraae gtadBftSe* this m tbe critege la Algoa*, sni be best rvprssstom&fcs tt tow ESE&ELL At C5IOAGO BnrreSl, tSse- }m™ tstwstry U»e genius of ~ a OSETBEJMIE cf C»t- <t*K& in ifee a«mocrat5ctvjDreaUon. S-ea-e are a Ie* pea pwtiires <4 men of &» BS-etofe of fese " Itself to jwosBoSe tlse cesuag e. T&is Sor tizoee. A role agsdcst tbea if a jorzoezpgsru&ec&cf wJsidi -it* roie BOOKS ABOUT MO3TET. Inqoirr » a!rea»dj feiog made for: reJiabki boo9c£ oa tfoe saosej ' reoBsiBj. Ttelattst, r, aad in zcavjr reepectetbe b»*t »S t&is tiaae, is Fraadf A. Walker's BUae&Ufem/' joet ie-' Gen. Walker *ras a BoeiDber of Jfee Pari* eocfereoeB ic J.S78 aod wrote a book on mooey after that He l£ tbs aotbor etf a faaH dozen arf books oo finance, and in this ^omoa of iuterBaJMBjal bimetallism be rerKwt all the debate op till tb jg time, Iwtb for acd agaiofcl, glres a complete iiftory <xf -gold sod Hirer a* taooer, «oms op bi* rieve briefif and Tbe book i- not too large, ^2S6 pagee, aod seltefor $1,25. AotAber tlmelj sod raluable book is entitled " Errore of Poptdlan" aod i£ jprritteti by Hermao W. Craven, aforrn- ^er Iowa boy aod state uuivemty graduate, mwr of Seattle, It* title tuggett* a 3B«re controversial pamphlet, but hi feet the book i«a clear, pointed, and feief diecttteion of the money debates TJoited Stales from the war e present time, a reference io aatboritieti being cited for each, *taiem*0t. Anyone who desires the; goremment fetattetice pat in intelligi* Me form caocot do better than eend for tbf« little book, which in paper covers coet* r 0t>t 25 cent*. Fofthe free silver coinage side the cpeeefees of Senator Jones of Nevada ^re &t6me& to be the beet authority. We dotjot know howtheee can be had. -Coin'* Financial School is the generally accepted band book of free silver. Itet «X5 ssisl tie pssrlr met at Slit sasSe part e? Use i&e party. We tbat Major Ki-Eisley sod tbe repsbii- cao pariT, }f f*0easfe! at tbe Steep t&s& yiedge." Is it better to oa s piss so3 take saore time to it- or jaisp joSo something of oo one CBS predict what Use eotzse- Qaeo0s£ *ili be? That is the ianw. -s- -s- -s- Qst of tie Bryan pas into tbe fire is tbe wsj ttoe vile feara It. -*- -s- •*• Judge Ledd was a member of the *ras popular at school and thenirfagreaicatr&er. Heis large frame and large of braiu. The oext i«rectj jeans irUl make him one of tbe great j arista of tlie west, a irortby KSC essKW of Jodge Dillon. -*-•*--*• Hon. J. P, DoiliTer irill address a re- pabliean meeting at tbe court bouse in Webster City Friday night. Tbe meeting is called-to organize a republican elobamd will be the firet of tbe cam f?:-: : 1^ OF TJfJB PLATfQBM. THO opinions about a platform were expressed -at Des Moinee. -Some wanted s few line* endorsing the national plat- fora. Others wanted an argument ad- ,dre«sed to tbe voters of the state. A. 3' Cummin* forcibly presented tbe latter view- Sere wa« a chance two months abead-of the active campaign 40 reach every voter of Iowa with a clear cut, forcible and official argument. Why wait for the speakers and watte tola opportunity? Moreover an jmpreesion created by gold standard *7>aper» needed correcting by a, fiat and unequivocal declaration that the Sowa £0ngre«8ioDal delegation will leave no ,*tone unturned to secure an international agreementiw tbe use of silver, 4300, B, Boberta drafted tbe platform rio meet the' situation. It is not toe Jong to be read by everyone,. It states the republican argument clearly, forcibly, and succinctly. It «omes to tbe voter just as be is forming bis opinions. Jt will aeeompUsb more to bold waver- to tbe republican creed now than speeches will later in tbe , There are issues which ro- djulre but a decisive sentence, and oc- (mlQoe when an epigramatlo phrase is worth & column ol argument But a not to be defined in a few words be seated by »n oratorical 4a«b. JOT iip ''mSm, Vwm mosey , vrrttfpf w,setter* ' Spirit Lake Chaota&qoa was a from every standpoint, ezcep perhaps in financial returns. This not a good year, bat the meetings were liberally patronized aod tbe associa tion is organized already for the meeting of 1897, ••*--*••*• Gen. Geo, W, Jones, who is dyin, gloirly at Dubugue, was a drummer bo. in the war of 1812 and gete $30 a moot pens-ion. There are 34,341 pensioners inilowa and they draw nearly $5,000,000 an nually. ?*- -*- -*• The populists are in convention a St. Louis and are in a.TOw over Bryan The majority insist on endorsing him and Sewall, but a bitter faction insis that the only hope of tbe party is no to be swallowed up by the democrats Ignatius Donnelly says the democrats bare stolen tbe populist thunder an now want to bury them. Gen, Weave is leading the Bryan'forces. -<--*-•*• Enough democrat* have bolted th ticket in Iowa to insure -defeat. I Scott county tbe Germane ;sre almos solidly for McKinley. Judge Hay says'Congressman Curtis' majority i the Second district will be so larg that it'is not worth wbile to name a opponent. This used to be tbe soli democratic district of tbe state Among the bolters are J. J. Riebarc son's Davenport Democrat, Colone Eiboech's Stattz Anzeiger, the Siou City Tribune, the State Leader, an tbe Marshalltown Statesman, all lea<3 ing papers. PAOTS ABOUT MOJTEY. The present silver dollar contains yiV4 grains of pure silver, There are grains in an ounce. If silver is at par witl gold an ounce would therefore be wort! $1,30, At present »n ounce of silver worth only 70 or 73 <eents. If the Unitet States should undertake the free and un limited coinage of silver at the existing ratio, would tbe price «f an ounce of silver go up from 72 to f 1,99* That is the question the free coinage advocates have to answer. •*••*•*• What is the past bistory of free coinage in the United States? Hamilton and Jefferson agreed upon a ratio of 15 to 1 For a wbile both metals circulated together but the French ratio being 15)£ to 1, golc soon disappeared, being undervalued. In 1834 gold had gone put of use almost en tirely and tbe present ratio of 16 to 1 was adopted to bring it back, the gold dollar being cut doyv* ttom 24% gratoa of pure gold to 28.23 grains. The new ratio made silver cheaper than the French ratio, and silver gradually disappeared, luim, when sil* y«r was demonetized, there were >n circulation' rstip ol W/i tip I w«# more > nearly correct than either American ratio, awi the variation was siifficieat iff sj?ect tfee t W «P W *u«h afem . C-»L «ff i*? frred. tfcfro. Bjcniue4pa larsr sftaaxi-j if life* araS S C3m»- j ga,' Y-OT5 sh»3 ass utmgf tfee pes^te OB a | miss- «£ irruiL." i S*T Is in r ftiemfi BUlj, ti>c people on m Is It true i&a£ S&e iaiar. We are fee er te«s- to «s$ fibs* , IS » prises iii&SBSu We harre lt»3 tfaree resrs «I crad- i £cns *»3 tft SL UP? kw* like She ar,iirt-A!«t Ibey make him. He |ei"ks his btsad a zrood deal, aad sags ocnrii i»s hK kcees "to be im- pressive.and ends taicli seaieooe bj fUppnag up bis haods raocb ass " sijle"^ posao plarer flirts tbt-ai — a taoremeat of the arm from the elbow down. His roioe is as harsh as crave! under fool, aad bis words, put in the Crop of a rooster, would grind its grist of corn. His oratory is all gizzard. Tilltaan is a little wiry COBS, one eye we assi al Siae fool Eoae. square brow and jaw, yellow as of Ste crass aoi deo&d t® take dsnru Use I Janudice, fall of ginger root and rolcan- - — tt^* rt.A^_ ^s .« r, I ie fire: a seamed face of sinister aspect: ** 1 enKsfed, $9 pEEic 4m?TBrf3t C02 tj" tae Sbenzam 2vxr WoaM Use asy oae. feet. tbe He e $o at I4s first eSect s «1rerI jttto»!| be 1«! a Testh spcte a time after He its been fora ircs-d to describe coszTBEtsm. Hessj-sii is -. n%k& tie Sk&Drasnes saj is a state in s meztil lacjuties are dormant Se tfee hzsrs &ad fceart are very active. tie za tif? laze Usae So ^rcswane. 11 iit tale a Sswg Jraie, toscanae irSd> sires- wcmM ooeae fc> «s rzpiSj as kaig as •ve ai- itm z»id xt fL2? ax J»e -»s> reassot 11% j it wtraJd .cscae tJ al) after ire tesEXn 1o psj casly its bsdlJas ratoe, tSszt i* after oar roM was etSsz3s«s«d. Wes&ojsia prs&ii&ljr praises, of Us -sriiici is atwot 9BMK9JKM a yasr. cslirea Geo. E. Roberts won acyoae. Tbe orig iiisl firaft of tie platf oral was hi«, be was cfctsem c&airsaa t>* lie pia?f arm oommittee, jcna ite mte tsajtily applaaded when be ap- w-Erei to read lie report. His draft was a i«nrerfal amnsKEt fcr the republican psrtT. aaa ibe platfons as adopted is still, a!tii0S£& some of tfce cbanges did not adt to lie dosamest. Very many suggest tba a lasa of Mr. Eoberts- aalhority in liie di&i cusasoa trf moaey *.ijocid be oa the stomj be macy years before tioe eEscl of a r&dcoed sta&dard of T»Jse -woald "be 2«2t la rltiiie Eisrtet piicec. Toere -sras very little feeling attending tbe balloting of candidates. Each had ar | ofist ssppors/ers, but no one was opposed U . ,, . r !t&e selection of aayoce proposed- Ed. sfaoa*} operate to i^cresfce pr^ a ^ seU ^ a $taan(3i folk)wjn& but loca In case tbe adoption of tbe what WOTJld be least affected? Wages sad the prices of food prodtids. Caazjaodisies that have DO fixed vatee in tbe ia5cd of tie public would go op in price at once. Bat the poond of beef or better aod loaf of bread bare as esta&isbed price and tie ivbcle force of public •opinion would be against a raise. Wages acd fixed prices for services especially would be beld down by public custom. Xo one would pay 39 cents tor a shave, 50 cents for a Tms ride, nor S3 for bis paper. Hired girls, farm hands, all labor would only slowly and by heroic struggle get any .advance, -while many of the things all bay would cost nearly double. The farmer aod laborer would gain least by the change, -s- -i- -7- What classes would be injuriously affected by a change in the money standard? An erronions impression prevails that only eastern creditors and bond holders are included. Every merchant with outstanding accounts, every man on a salary, every school teacher, every soldier -with a pension, everyone holding a life insurance policy, every depositor in a bank, every man having a note due him, every one doing business for a fixed fee, as barbers, dray- men, newspaper men, every hired girl and farm hand, would lose if the value of the dollar should be suddenly lowered. •*--*••*Would the silver standard in any other way affect the west? It would, and injuriously. As long as our products are sold in Chicago, for example, we must have tbe same standard as Chicago,.or there will be a slight fluctuation in money values between bere.and there which must be taken into account by tbe shipper. This is a margin against us, because Chicago is the Algona. As long as we sell abroad our surplus, a different standard than the world's standard will be a margin against the producer. A silver standard in :tbe United States would compel the buyer and shipper to foreign .markets to take a per cent, always to cover possible fluctuations in tbe price of silver bullion, This per eentage would affectithe home price of all our commodities. 4- •+• 4- The free silver advocate Is confronted by this dilemma. If free coinage will maintain silver bullion at par with gold at tbe existing ratio then there will be no such rise in prices as be predicts. If it will not ttoen the rise of prices will result only from acbeapening of tbe dollar, and will strike the producer and laborer last of all, will gi*e us a fluctuating standard, drive gold from circulation, produce uncertainty, unsettled values, stagnation, and when at last business has become adjusted to it will leave every producer of commodities of which we ship a surplus abroad to stand tbe margin of loss necessary to cover the ^fluctuations of our standard measured by the world's standard. •t- -f- -t- The danger of a change to tbe silver standard cannot be over-estimated by the aborer and producer, {t is a danger which is imminent unless the free coinage advocates can show that silver bullion will come to par wiU> gold at once, upon the adoption ot their theory. They cannot jwJt- They do not believe it. Their iromises would not be sustained if it did. I'he only way silver and gold can both safely fee used as standard money is by an agreement among se,vera.Uea,ajng cpmnjer- jpifti R&Uefls as to, $ ratio. Free coinage by tbe yeited States means a silver " ~ taws stcd oticr things counted for Dobson Acd Dol»on T s sacce&s at once affected th. of a railway commissioner. Mr a good campaigner and a firs OKU. i5r. I>avrsoo, who was appoint Ed railway conunissioner by Gov. Jackson aad whose DCminatlon was a logical out •csHne, is an able lawyer and efficient mem ber of Hie board. Tiie contest for the supreme jndgesbi was most exciting. It soon settled dow: between Judge Weaver and Scott M. Ladd. In the final ballot Mr. Ladd won. He is 4 years of age, has been on the district bencl 12 years, aod his Domination gave as nea universal satisfaction as any could. T -j- -7- Tbe meeting of the state central com mittee was a notable one. Gib Pray was shelved for good, and Chairman McMille was re-elected by only one majority There was a good deal of riot act readin done by indignant members, and there wi: be a change of methods in the future. Mr McMillen is an active worker, and no\ that he understands his position, will doubt less give better satisfaction. IS THIS HEIGEBOBHOOD. The Ledyard Leader opens tbe cro season with oats six feet high, th heads 12inches long. Next. Wbittemore Champion: Mrs. C. C Samson of Algona presented ber daugh ter Ada a beautiful new organ las week. Chris. Warner was killed at Gold field Saturday by a hay fork. He was pulling it down when it slipped and hi him above the heart. Tbe Hotel Orleans says it is ope and doing a big business. All tal about its-being closed on account c liquor selling is false. The Burt Monitor says Will Mo Donald and AdellC. Coffen are to be married today. They are among Burt most popular young people. Tbe News says Dr. Lacev is back from hie eastern trip. He Has had a pleasant trip and is refreshed for a new encounter with tbe county dads. Emmetsburg Reporter: The Misse Gilmore of Algona were the guests o Rev, and Mrs. Bagnell, Friday. They were on tbeir way to Spencer, Supervisor Barton will expend $1,000 in road improvement* leading to Led yard, A large force is now at work on the new road leading north to the state line from the west incorporation line. West Bend will see the circus. The Journal says: Cbas, Albee will take a hack load of people to Algona to see Ringllng's circus? Be only charges tbe moderate aum of eighty cents for the round trip, A. H. Nafus was thrown from his buggy near Burt and bad a gash out in bis forehead five inches long. The team got away and he had to walk to town unaided. The Monitor says he is getting well rapidly. The Register says Kossuth will run this fall. He will be entered in the Iowa stallion stake at De? Moines tbe first et September, mile beats, best two in three, purse $200, Howard Knowlton has him in charge and will track work with bf w soon. City Herald j County Attorney „ „ ifl wa.8 here, tbe first pf tbe week on official business, and looking after tbe cbaoeea for renomfnation. Raymond baj been, a painstaking lo1 ia fact tibe best count;- -"-- ' ',994if" aspect; loaded with passion iiod vitriol, and be taade lots of bad breaks. Nothing deliberative or argmneciative about him: cynical, a sort of Tbersites, & typical French revolutionist. It is strange tbateven populists—aod this was a populist, not a democratic, convention— jroald pat each a firebrand forward as their advocate. And yet it was fitting. He was hissed, " lime" -was called on him. be was Jeered, insulted, cat-called: the band played on him, bat be stood bis ground and bawled his irrelevant balderdash and shook his pitchfork and fists, and scowled and gritted his teeth and told them to go to hell, he was going to have his say. He made a very bad impression. When be was prancing round that little stand be looked and acted like a brindle hyena with the balr worn off from bis rump, neck and shoulders, chafing round in its cage. -S- -5- -T- And then came the oratorical whirlwind, Wm. Jennings Bryan, to close tbe debate and capture tbe nomination by the witchery of perfumed eloquence. There wasn't afact in his speech, or an attempt at argument; but just for a pretty thing it was the prettiest thing I ever heard: it was pure poetry; its tact and adaptibility were perfect. He Is handsome, black clustering hair, a large pallid 1 face, a mobile mouth, every line in it full of boney and sensibility, an emotional creature, a poet, a charming talker, gushing optimism, spouting rainbows, words painted and perfumed and playing in fountains; a silver voice as befits a silver man; a voice natural, not high pitched, no strain, not spoiled by elocution and voice culture; just a musical resonant voice of such perfect and facile intonation that every syllable was distinctly beard without the aid of an improvised paper ear trumpet. He was tbe only speaker who made every word beard by everybody, and he was as graceful as a girl and as impassioned as a prophetess inspired on a tripod. -T- -T- -T- . Boies' nomination fell flat as a. cold pancake, but pretty Minnie Murray, editor at Nashua, Iowa, dressed in white, rose on a chair and shouted "Boies! Boies!" and seizing two flags waved them gracefully, and 40,000 eyes fell on her and here was another French revolution spectacle, an effervescence that frothed and sparkled. Everybody went wild, not over Uncle Hod, but over " the woman in white," and the Iowa delegation went to ber and paraded round tbe delegation floor, yelling like the dodgast- ed idiots they were. The absurdest thing in the world, yet a pretty pageant too. t A WEEK OF BUBfJLABY. The residence of Mrs. L. H. Gotwalt at Buffalo Center was entered by burglars Saturday night and a silver watch and & purse containing a small sum of money taken by the thieves. A window in tbe kitchen having been left open, the midnight visitors had no difficulty in taking off a screen and getting into the house, finding their way about the residence, by the light of matches, the burnt ends collected in the different rooms showing that they proceeded about their work very leisurely. Last Sunday morning at 2 o'clock an attempt was made to burglarize the residence of Mr. A. L. Ormsby at Emmetsburg. Tbe fellow made an entrance through the screen of a window and found his way" up stairs. The Reporter says Miss Alice happened to hear him as he approached her room, but at first thought it was ber mother coming for something. She was both surprised and scared when a man ap^ peared in front of the door with a dark lantern. Miss Alice immediate! v cried out to her mother thattbere was a burglar in the house and the fellow waited for no further ceremony but made good bis escape before tbe rest of the family were aroused. The fellow got nothing but tbe scare that Miss Alice gave turn. Some time during Wednesday night a thief went to the rear of Fred Anderson's home at Wesley and tore tbe screen from bis bed room window, and possibly with the aid of a pole and tiook fished Fred's pants out through the window and extracted from bis pocketbook all bis loose change, amounting to $3.20. Fred didn't know anything about it until be got up Thursday morning and failed to find jis pantaloons where he left them. They were found in the hack yard with isi*aJun£#apid pi-ogres* pattoe-fe oa the wbeei. Sofadajr fug *l»e started from Etatsetebimr at 4:38, reaching AlgOttft »t 9 o'clock, stopfiiafral Wbiltemofe for bt-eakfttt where ber brother joined her. The start for borne was made at 4:30 a. a, MtMKiar. and Mi» Wertoei arrived here at 9 o'clock, in time for tbe dsy*» bnsitress. sj ,., m .._ mjm ,._. ._. __ POLITlOAli ]fOfi& A list of 1*5 leading democratic e«rs- papers that have bolted from Bryan {* published. * GOT. Drake will call the legielatore in extra session to complete tbe ae» ecde. Work will begin Dfee. L Tbe cooeressioaal convention to B connate J. P. DoUirerwill be feeld at JeS-rson nert Wednesday. Mr. Dolli ver will snake a speech. Horace Boies sars be does not wast tbe congressional nomination in the Third. He could not accept and wants to- escape the notoriety of declining. Ignatius Don&ellr of Minnesota is trjinp to devise some plan to allow popalista to- vote for Brj-ao, whom be regards as good a populist as an v of them, without at tbe same time casting votes for Sewall^ tbe corporation millionaire. Mr. Donneflv proposes that tbe populists at St Louis' nominate Bryan aad adopt him as their own candidate arid pot some other populist on the ticket with him. aod tbeii make an agreement in all tbe states they expect to carry for a_ division of tbe electoral vote on- vice president, the Sionx City Journal says. "This would be a queer kind of fusion, bub stranger things are happening right along this year in politics." 001HHG BAHJD OASHIYAL. Tbe Algona Band Planning to- Compete Again at Eagle Grove—A Bljf Time Promised. The annual band carnival at Eagle Grove is to be held this year Sept. 8, 9 T and 10. Forty bands are expected to be present, among them ladies bands- from Marcus, Gladbrook, and Eldora, The Algona bund is looking forward to- being present. Prof. C. A. Eadie, who has conducted the band carnivals at Eagle Grove for years, has assurance now that among other bands which will be in attendance will be the Iowa State band of 50 pieces, Rastatters of Dubuque with 35 pieces, Des Moines Union with 40 pieces, Fourth Regiment of Sioux City with 40 pieces, Barnhouse's band of Oskaloosa with 35 pieces, and others. For these professional bands there will be a cash gold prize of $300. For amateur bands there will be a cash gold prize of $200 divided into two moneys, with §200 pin prizes in the way of valuable instruments. Evening concerts will be given during the time of the carnival, with a program of vocal, cornet, and clarionet solos by the best talent in the state. ONLY A FEW MOBE DAYS. Tlien Tllngllne Bros.' Great Show* Will Exhibit in all Their Glory. Although circus day is rapidly approaching, it- is evident that it cannot arrive too quickly for the thousands of people whose expectations have been aroused to th& point of enthusiasm by the preliminary announcements of Ringling Bros.' World's- Greatest shows. No exhibition that has- ever visited this vicinity has ever been so comprehensive in its method of advertising" or has ever succeeded in attracting so much attention by its pictorial wall announcements. The finest lithograph printing- ever seen in this city has been scattered with a- profuse liberality such as no circus management not backed by stupendous capital and re-enforced by a great amusement enterprise, could afford to display. Ifis^ gratifying to learn through the press of other cities that these marvelous specimens- of the printer's art do not begin to tell the story of the wonders of this remarkable show, which comprises among its features such world-famous people as the Nelson family of nine lady and gentlemen acrobats, the marvel of two continents and the highest salaried arenic act in the world ; the Da. Comas, the famous aerialists; theLaudauer troupe of posturers from Berlin; Joseph; Le Plne_r, the famous Parisian high divar and aerial somersaultist; M'lle Irwin, the "human top;" the French family, who- give a remarkable exhibition upon bicycle-sand roller skates; the three Picardos, aerial bar experts; Mike Rooney, Wm De Motti Chas. Anson, Elena Hyland, Lizzie Rooney and a dozen other famous riders, together with hundreds of other arenic features never before seen in this country, Esnecial attention is also called to the preliminary spectacle of the Festival of Olympus and the real Roman hippodrome, which has been brought to its greatest perfection with this great amusement institution. Tha performance is given in three rings and upon two elevated stages, and the hippodrome races, which are made vastly exciting by the proffer of cash prizes to all winners, are run on tbe largest track ever constructed under canvas. The procession which inaugurates circus day Monday next, July 37, will start promptly at 10 o'clock and pass over the principal down-town streets. It is the largest, finesfr and most resplendent ever given by a circus. There are ten kinds of music, including a golden steam calliope and a great chime of silver bells. It will be worth coming a great many miles to see. Admission tickets and reserved seats show day at Dingley's drug store without extra charge. Reserved coupon seats only *> cents additional, half the price charged by other shows. pocketbook pockets inside out. His was found later near the, 6arn, Possibly this midnight visitor was tbe same one whom Fred some weeks ago parted with after leaving the imprint of a No, 10 shoe on tbe nether side of i is anatomy. We glean from tbe Re- AIL FBEE, Those who have used Dr. King's New Discovery know its value, and those who have not have now the opportunity to try it free. Call on the advertised drutsrfst and geta trial bottle, free. Send your name and address to H. E. Bucklen &'Co., Chica- f?V*?3,? et * 8 sam Pte box of Dr. Ring's New- PS P Hi s - fre />' r 8S well as a copy of Guide to Health and Household Instructor, free. Allot which is guaranteed to do you good and cost you nothing. Sold at L. A; Sbeetz' drugstore.^ 4 53. Bucklen &• FREE Send your address to H. . . • Co., Chicago, and get a free sample bos of Dr. Kmg' 8 New Life Pills. A trial will convjnceyoU; of their merits. These pill* are easy in action and are particularly ef* 'Active in the cure of constipation and sieU headache. For malaria and liver trouble toey have proved invaluable, They are- guaranteed to be perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to etable. - * Ruttledge are off on a icycle tour in eastern Iowa. Tbe Ga, «etietefces a week's vacation. _ The best salve

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