The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1949 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1949
Page 19
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ttJRSDAY, MARCH 17, 1949 BI.YTHEVILLl <ARK.) COURIER NEW» *AGB NINETEEIf UT OUR WAY By J. R. William* Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople 1*- "THAT GUV STARTS TO Urt MI6TAHMA30R WSTBOCK Mfe (o FUNS ors veR« Ort trV CVTV WJMP— 8OT T CP -THKVS tt-V PROPER • VEST LOOK t/XK SURE.THET SOME BRAINS, BUT THAT THERE IS WHY THEY A) NT AS ADVAWCEP AS A POO CAN SNOOZE tJTHE HOUSE ALL NiOHT AKJP GO OUT AN' K.MOW ALL THAT'S BEEN GCXK? ON TH' Ml GUT--THAT'S WHERE THEY 6OT ITOJ PEOPLE.' TOO MUCH OF TK OKI LAST MIGHT. FRECKLES A HIi FRIEND* By MERRILL BL08§Et T««h? lepfores Traffic Mess, liVen tria Cleanup Job IDENVER—W)—when i. w. Bond |mplalned at City Hall about traf- condltlons in : his part o( town was referred to Traffic Engl- ler Henry W. Barnes. |Th« retired busine.«man lold rimes how he would correct the By Bob Wad. . n <J Bill MifW QUEEN ^^m* / ® t, M W«BI BW M "*». kf NIA M1VKI. I Political (Announcements Subject to MunKlpHl Election April 5, 1949 For Mayor DOYLE HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON TIIK STORY] Jokw Hmrx ••* !I| H <?»noTrr t 4et|>l7 tnvalvcd !• ft vncAlloM rrmorl •••rder ( hav* hPCB IniprlBOMrd b? Mr. BnraetoB IB Ikr rrMar of • Kambllnf; rancli. Rir- ft pli»B ha» obl«lBr4 (roM IhtBt B c (pker whlcB !• the BlrectlftBa !• wkU'll WM« *tr»ndrd bT flood IBC Colorado Iliver (!• thr rira Am Ihey Br« dr«CMK«inic ilirlr > of de- should do, Faye. But I've got > good idea. Why don't you untie us nnd then wc> ciin all look for the thie( who stole your oar?" John Henry held hii brealh liile the briglit-eyed girl thought it over, afraid Hint a single movement on his part might turn the decision against them. searched m«." Faye K lighted!,. "Yo.. should b« ashamed , ...^^ a (dca|>J Fayl ^ of yourself, Johnny! | aftcr g m , |iu|e Qf considc ,. ; ,, [t)n „ ."1 .lon't know why 1 didn't think I AM, believe me," John Henry o( lhat u cre ." she ran forward said sincerely "But now, and kneeled n t Sin's side. John Fnye, please (orgive me and cut j i lcnrj started to brealhc agnin, us loose, will you, before—" but softly. For Alderman First Ward RALEIOH SYLVESTER JIMMIB SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C. GATES J. W. ADAMS T ed. Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS O. NASH Fourth Wurd (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE We know watches EXPERT Watch repair AM Work Guaranteed Reasonable DREIFUS Meet llmFns . . . Wear Diamonds .UK MSI' MM ST. XXIX 'HE mammoth black cat poised on the sill and leaped lithely coming?" through the window to light on the concrete floor. Sin was drawn back against the wall as far as she could go, throat contracting in horror. John Henry blinked his eyes rapidly, trying to clear the monster from his vision. Then the cat stood up on Its hind legs. Without moving its jaws it said, "For goodness sakes, what are you doing here?" Sin commenced making incoherent little noises. The cat stepped closer and put a paw up to its nose. John Henry grasped confusedly at a realization thai the black fur wasn't fur at all bul some kind of fuzzy cloth. The cat lifted its face off and the puzzled face of Faye Jordan took its place "Faye!" John Henry almost shouted. Sin gasped shuddcringly and collapsed against the wall. Faye Jordan said, "I didn' know you were going to com back, Johnriy. I would have staye jM'd known." "Don't waste time with que* tions!" Anxiety spHt the seams o John Henry's voice. "Find a knit somewhere and cut us loose, wi you?", Faye ..said to Sin, "He wasn't very nice to me.this morning. Do ;you know what he did?" Sin ; shook her heed mutely, green eye* fixed on the other girl's face expectantly. "He put something in my drink!" "Oh, no!" groaned John Henry. "You did too! And when I woke "How do you like my costume?" I Sin gave a little cry and brought |*aye tsked, surveying herself coti-[her arms around in front of her, tentedly. The big black ears (re« of the Imprisoning ropes, flapped grotesquely. "It's for the Kaye was unloosening the cords boll tonight, you know. Are you that bound her feet together. few swift movements later, John Henry remembered then 1 pulled herself up. how Vernon had come to the cot- "How are you, honey?" John tage with the invitation to a cos- Henry »sked anxiously, lume ball- -"come as what you'd 1 "My fingers won't feel," replied like to be most," it had said. When Sin. "Just a second and I'll ad that been? Just last night? you loose." "For crying out loud!" he shout- 1 Faye Jordan was slinking around 'Turn us loose!" the pillars, a cat in every respect Faye leaped back and Sin except that she prowled on two lanced angrily at her husband, I legs instead o( four. She cocked he jammed a knee into his back the big ears to one side, listening. nd spoke soothingly to Ihe uirl. "1 think I hear footsteps," ' How did you com* to return to]hissed. "I'll stalk them. ic ranch, Faye?" glided up the concrete "Hurry up, baby," John Henry [said nervously. "Barselou might I IT gnu ii ammo, •»' Crappie or Catfish 24 HOURS DAILY Special Sunday Dinner 75c Simpson Cafe Ark-Mo State Line "Taxi," said Faye iwid sut back opened the door that led into the on her haunches. "I'm glad you [ranch house proper, and she was eminded me. I was trying on my |gone. costume and. I decided to go for .a drive, a fast one—to see what an ocelot felt like." Her (ace got un- come down here, especially if that jleasant. "Then my car was stolen, screwball kicks up a rumpus. 1 " Right off the hotel parking lot, I John Henry brought his hands too I thought It might be here, to the Iror.t and rubbed his wrlstn, so 1 look a taxi and hurried out to trying to restore circulation. Then see. And do you know what?" he brushed Sin aside and began to 'What?" asked Sin fearfully. work his feet free. Sin went to the It's right here—just where I foot of the stairs, waiting n«r- thought it would bel" Faye's short vously for some noise in the silent upper lip curled in triumph. She house above. John Henry got to got up. "Where did you say those his feet. Hundreds of black dots stairs went?" danced in the air. He shook his "Faye,;, wattt. Where are you head and most of them went away, going?" •- - He reached out and caught his "I'm going to nr*d who stole my jwife In his nrn>s for a brief hug. car—>nd then I'm going t* kill "We're all right now, homy] K«*p him." lyour chin up," he whispered urged her toward the window i J OHN HENRY leaned «n aching I the opposite wall. The grime- lemple against the cement wau. 1 encrusted panes still swung half- Sin hunched forward and her open where Faye Jordan had left n/v>i n ,,i. nuci, i n-uivc voice was calm only by desperate |them, closet somebody had I effort. "That's exactly what you (To B« Continue*) situation, and was given a job by Barnes as field investigator tor the department. 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