The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 22, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 22, 1896
Page 1
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1865, AMK3NA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY you are in to* When The Circus Buy your groceries, your jfruit, and your lunches at the grocery opposite the postoffice. * M. Z. Grove & Son. NEWS OF THE NORTHWEST A JPeettiiai' dttso of Drowiitoj? ftear City Is the Cause of Ex* eltetaeut There. bollivet's campaign in the Teatfa trict—Romans of Denisoh Said to Be in the Field. TBL/BPHONB 19. We have just gone through our stock and have a big lot of remnants of all" kinds, which we are selling at prices Far Below the Cost to manuiacture. Come now and get a bargain. G. L Galbraith & Co. MEDICAL AND SURGICAL Bicycle Infirmary, Acute and chronic cases treated with assurance of success. Languid tires restored to health and vigor, Tires blown up without pain. Wind free. We understand the anatomy, physiology, and hygiene > of wheels, and give homoepathic or allopathic treatment, as individual cases require. Sure cure guaranteed. "My whetel had three ribs fractured, and you cured it in one treatment," " My tires were suffering with a case of acute aneurism, which had been pronounced fatal by other bicycle doctors, but you cured the disorder and I did not lose a day of my '''twas troubled with varicose tires, involving frequent ruptures and incontinence of wind, You cured me," Thousands gf testimonials like the above will be furnished on application, F, L. Ff\RISH. Xde, Tribune AT IRVINGTON, IOWA. Podornwskie, a Polander aged 28 years, was drowned near Forest City a week ago under very unfortunate circumstances. On Sunday .afternoon he went to the swimming hole in the pasture of F. N. ^Pltkin, about a mile below town, In company with a half- dozen of the men of his gang, sotne expert swimmers. They found the US' ual number of boys and young men in the water and about the bank and joined those who were In bathing. It developed later that Podornwskle was unable to swim, but as no: particular attention was paid to him or his party it is not definitely known bow tie got into the deep water—which covers a space probably thirty feet wide and sixty feet in length to a depth of perhaps eight feet—though the impression prevails that he was carried out on the back of one of his friends In the effort to teach him to swim and when the deep place was reached was shaken from his support with the advice to learn to go alone. He began to go down, but of all present only one, Axel Lllgenberg, went to his assistance. One arranged to help, but after Axel caught hold of the Pole he flunked and Axel was nearly drawn down himself. Podornswkle's heart was beating when he was taken out, but no effort to rescuscltate him availed. The public condemnation of the men who deserted him after getting him out is very severe. JJolliver'B Campaign. Special from Jefferson to the Register: J. B. Romans of Denison will probably be the opponent of J. P. Dol- llver in the congressional race. Mr. Romans is a wealthy hardware man and has been a life-long republican, but he has also been a steadfast advocate of the free coinage of silver. It appears to be settled beyond dispute that he will be nominated by the democrats and endorsed by the populists. While the Tenth district has eriven Mr. Dolllver as high a majority as 5,000, it is asserted that' there are more than 2,500 republicans in the district who favor free silver and who will vote for Romans. If this is the base and the sound money democrats can be held in line for Romans, the latter will ba elected. On the other hand, the republicans assert that if this scheme is well understood the democrats who are for sound money will rally to the support of Mr. Dolliver and the loss of free silver republicans will be fully compensated in gains of democrats. Of course, it' is impossible to form anything like an accurate estimate at this time of the extent of the disaffection in the republican or democratic ranks upon the financial question, but your correspondent has positive knowledge that there are a number of prominent and influential democrats In this city who have stated In so many words that as between Dolllver and Romans they will unhesitatingly support Dolllver, and that sound money democrats will do the same. Free ^liver republicans are more conservative, and while holding fast to their convictions, they do not say they will bolt the nomination. The fact is undeniable that in this (Greene) county there are a large number of good republicans who are on the fence upon the question of finance. They want light. Congressman Dolliver will speak here on the afternoon of July 29, and an effort will be made to get these weak-kneed voters out to hear the truth expounded, To Begin With AlRono. Wesley Reporter; C, P. Hanson, a young man of a religious turn of mind, made us a call last Monday and had some scripture texts printed. These be said he was going to use in Algona. He intends organizing a Salvation Army corps there and attacking the powers of darkness. As a starting point the young man couldn't choose a better place to begin operations, The North Kossuth Fair, The North Kossuth association meets Friday to decide about holding a fair this fall. The new officers are: Samuel Mayne, president; G. F, Holloway, secretary, The finances of the association are in good shape; there is no indebtedness, and a balance to their credit in the bank to carry on their next meeting and fair, Tl»e Milwaukee Pining. Car, Pailey: The Signal roasts the Chicago, Milwaukee & St, Pftul road for running a traveling saloon and says one of the coaches }s simply a saloon on wheels and says he knows by "actual test" that intoxicating liquors are sold on this train, Why pot have the road pulled and put in the cooler if this is a § ars for S§G, or S5 for $1,QQ 1.10 OR Q fears for S5o, o.r 2% for 1,00 ioap, , 6 fears for §5o, oy 25 for i.OO Full 0?§am T. A* Ohi©s© ? per pound, , Granulated §uga?, per hundred, , . J, R, & G. J, Button, J. R, Blossom eends out twp story wagons, Each story cpntains tew apartments, m^Ulng sixteen apart' meirts to each, wagon. The News 'says Mr, Blossom proposes to m »ke a. reg«» lap ppultry wwiet foe the farmers pf Dlay pptjaty,. • ^__, wij»t Alls the c»r W»ler? Ewtaetslwg Repprfcers T. I* Oreae. baj jwttaaa>eU nut town at hie is sUftyreigbl feet deep Lake City and return &t one fare, plus $2, for the round trip- For tickets ahd full information apply to agents Chicago & North western railway. —I8t2 THE LOCAL f IELB, Auditor McCarthy's state repbrt on insurance ia just out. It shows the jth County Mutual with SSOStOtS of risks in force Jan, i, 18&6. DuHtig the year the company had paid ll,2?6 it) losses, and $350.25 in other expenses. The insurance has ' cost $1.82 on the $1,000 for the year. It has cost $?i60 6h the $1,000 for the past five years. The company was organized April 18, 188?, over nine years ago. It has gained In risks since Jan. 1, 1895 ( over $100,000. Chas. Deuohef was arrested Monday morning charged with stealing a pair of trousers from Barber Williams. He was taken before 'Squire Clarke and asked for time to consider and reflect. At 1 o'clock he came In ahd asked for a continuance until today at 2 o'clock when a hearing; will be had, He claims he bought the trousers .of Durdall and that Jo. Stell, then at Germania, could identify them. Mr. Williams on the other hand says there is no question about the matter. The trial will toll. Peter Ewtng, who lives southeast of Bancroft two miles, wants a couple who came out to his place to shoot guns about his windows, disturb his rest, retard the growth of his fatting hogs, and do other mischief, bound over to meet the grand jury. 'Squire Raymond went up Saturday and one of the men was held by 'Squire Austin. Then they all adjourned to the street and had a set-to under rules not laid down by Blackstone, Ewln getting tousled somewhat, whereat 'Squire Austin fined them all. Sheriff Samson got a telegram Monday stating that Tony Little and John Flanders had been caught at Hull. He went for them yesterday morning. They are the ones who poked the register out of the floor in the sheriff's room and so escaped from jail before they had a hearing on the charge of being drunk and disorderly. An impression exists that breaking jail is an indictable offense, in which case the boys will have a term at Anaraosa ahead of them. It is time respect for our jail was inculcated in one way if it cannot be in another. Three traveling musicians were on the streets Friday. After making the air melodious up town they thought they would take in the delights of a boat ride and fishing trip on the Des Moines. They accordingly loosened Guy Taylor's boat in some way and set forth. Guy has been troubled for some time with people borrowing the boat without leave and he decided to make an example of the trio, who were arrested and sentenced to a day in jail. Their instruments were attache'd to pay costs, but they were finally allowed to take a broken down guitar and hie forth to Emmetsburg to see if they could sing enough out of the people there to get the rest of the outfit "out of soak." They have not yet reported. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Miss Zoa Wartman has gone to Duluth to visit. Mrs. Henry Wadsworth is hoine from her Wisconsin visit. Lewis H, Smith is expected home from Tacoma the last of the week. A. L. Goddard and daughter, Crete, went to Fort Dodge Monday for a visit with relatives. Mrs. S. S. Wartman has gone to St. Joseph, Mich., to visit a sister, She will be gone three months, Theo, and Mrs, Chrischilles are back to Chicago from their New York visit and will soon be home. Mrs. H. Nielander Is out from Lansing for a visit of several weeks with her daughter, Mrs. J. T. Cbrisohilles, G. F, Brown is here from Illinois to visit his brother, C. J. He will spend some time in Algona and may remain permanently, Rev. H. B. Butler went to Wallingford, Emmet county, last week to visit his boys, Fred and Frank, and help them through harvest. F. W. and Mrs. Dingley went to Clear Lake last week to attend a state meeting of druggists. About 150 were present and enjoyed themselves fishing and lounging about. Mrs, J. H. Warren came Thursday from the Black Hills, where she has been visiting her son, E. H, She has been gone from Algona since spring and has bad a very enjoyable time, A, D, and Mrs, Clarke are planning to go north BOOB for a vacation, On their return they will visit Mrs. Clarke's father and mother, who will soon celebrate their 60tb wedding an' niyersary, Pr, Sanderson is visiting his brother* in-law, Frank Pingley. He is a great traveler and }s recently from Jerusa* lem. From a land agent's standpoint be says the holy land is not worth two gents an acre, Auditor Calkins goes about Aug, j to visit bis father iolUinois, and assist in a sale oj blQpded hprpesi HIS, father will sell 1$ head of standard- bred horses, and quit active operations on bis stock. terra as his health is getting Whether It be •••••. 16 to i, cheap money, dear money, ffeey trade or protection— ' , * i • - •' We've got to Eat, and the Important thing to know is, what, where, and when? By calling at. our store you will be convinced that we have the latest in our line. Langdon & Hudson. TELEPHONE NO. IS. Fine Oak and Birch Chamber Suits At remarkably low prices. We are also making special prices on odd pieces of upholstered goods, Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. ID. N OT only YOUNG Men, but. Mothers, Sisters, Sweethearts Desire BEAUTIFUL HOMES. ——THESE CAN BE P URCHASED from the Land Department of the Northern Pacific Railroad, by the side of the R UNNING streams and beautiful lakes of Central Minnesota, or on the R OLLING prairies in the famous VALLEY of the RED RIVER of the NORTH, at marvellously low prices aufl easy terms. SIDER carefully the following unequaled inducements, that you may choose wisely: Prices: From $2 to $8 per acre. Terms: To HOME-MAKERS, TEN YEARS' TIME; one- TENTH cash, balance in ten equal annual payments, at SIX per cent, interest. Soil: Very rich and productive; peculiarly adapted to diversified farming; general failure of crops unknown. , „ Excellent fishing, hunting, boating, and general recreation. For particulars and publications, write to General Emigration Agent N. P, R, R,, ST, PA UZ, MIWN, WM, ff, PfflPPS, Zand, Commissioner. . • ,> ' ' . _ • ! ^ ' ' .-•-•-.•••. ,_l DINGLEY, COOK & QO,, our sales solicitors, will furnish Jn? formation, accompany prospective buyers wishing to examine North? ern Pacific lands, and receive applications for their purchase, Apply to them, personally or by letter, at Algona, Iowa,, aad . W. 8. Qo»n B ? returned Friday after an ahsejoe oj aver three months, She spent mart Pf the time with her mother to SHg&SvillyJU. The Ittst three wegki she, wa§ i» QhiQage visiting with i-elativep aB d the family oj A, W7 MQffatt, S,h9 attended 'the great J. A. Hamilton & Go, W .T_ • i ' - * -» _ . '. : • ^ i j i '' ^ U J- , ' -.' f f , t'l ^- Sidewalk, Paving, and Building ---- BRICK, Dram Til©, Sewer Pipe, Stone, Feno^ Ppst Woven Fenoing, Felt Booftug, Ail kyids of HardwpQd Lumber and Wagon Stack. These are a few of the many things, you esn get af 4Vrl ^.yi :'<-m m K Hi| ,'*V$f ,' v '<f4 '? ' "£t ' 7¥*1

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