The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 15, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1896
Page 7
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tttte* feXaetkncS that mftfcfr physicians cafc- fcdt BtiCcissMly" hafidlfe-thei* pecti' Ua*> ftfiifiefits kfieWfl ft§ lelfialq diseases. IWdtdifS afe .WillMf Ithd anfcious td thettt feat thfef ate thfe foftmgses Woinftii of to-day 6** Jiefiebees sudh symp* tShis as backache, jiervoustiesst lassi* . v^iiltes, J irregu* laf or pain* ful menstruation, pains in. groins, hearing-do\vn 6ensation t palpitatt6n s "all gone" feeling and blues, she at onco takes Lydia E t Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, feeling sure of obtaining immediate relief* , Should her symptoms be new to her, ehe writes to a woman, Mrs. 'Pinkham, Lynn, Mass., who promptly explains her case, and tells her free how to get well. Indeed, -BO many women now appealing to Mrs. Pinkham for advice, that a score of lady secretaries are kept constantly at work answering the great volume of correspondence which comes in every day. Each letter is answered carefully and accurately, as Mrs. Pinkham fully realizes that a life may depend vipon her reply, and into many and many a home has she shed-the rays of happiness. HER^AIRY FANCIES. The smart vlsitinc glove of the season is to be cream-colored French kid sewn with slender black spots. For cyclists the deerskta glove is the rage. The empress of Russia recently chose a white veil with a fine web-like ground and a black border, consisting of a single row, of-black chenille spots. The combination of black' and white is to be much worn this summer. It has the advantage of looking cool and being stunning as well. Some of the pretty veils selected by European royalties',Boon to be married are crescent-shaped and drawn up to fit the hat. They are of brown with white spots, white with black spots and pure white.. There Is no truth in the rumor that black stockings are no longer to be •worn.- Thoiigh brown are : often worn for cycling, the black are just- as" fashionable as ever,,and open-work especially so, •' " '"' • '• •" •' . • • lx>w Kate Excursion South. On the first and third Tuesdays of each month till October about'halt rates for the round trip will be made to points in the South by the Louisville & Nashville railroad. Ask your ticket agent about it, and if he cannot sell you excursion tickets write to C. V. Atmore, General Passenger Agent, Louisville,'Ky., or Geo. B. Homer, D. P. A., St. Louis, Mo. Discretion in speech is more than eloquence.—Lord Bacon. Mrs. H. C. Ayer, of Richford, Vt., writes-, "After having fever I was very much debilitated, and had dyspepsia so bad I could scarcely eat anything. A little food caused bloating and burning in the stomach with pain and much soreness in rny side and a . great deal of headache. My physician • seemed unable to help me and! continued m this condition until,! Kay's Renovator, which completely cured me." Bold by druggists at 25ots and $1.00, or sent by mail bv Pr. B. J, Kay Medical Co., Omaha, Neb. Send address for sample and booklet. Laplanders are great skaters, and often Bkate 150 miles in a day. fhef tt**» A mass Of evidence, which i§ interf sting and" vaitd testimony 6f a *!& 16 t!» ectfaofflic pfdefe'rily of the , and in p'AttMtar 'dt aft iffifif 6?e* meht in the condition 6f the working classes, is cofntebtily misapplied aa strong priina-kcie evidence of & diml- 'nutidn of poverty, say§ the Cfintemfio- rary ttevlew. The itntiosing flglife of £240,000,000, representing the fttflds invested in savings banks, registered friendly societies, incofporftted hliild- 'iflg sdcletles, feglstered trtt3es tl&ibnd 'and certified loan societies, is adduced to prove that the workefs have in re* cent years a large margin over and above necessary expenditure, which they are able to apply as "savings," Now, though a large proportion of this "capital" is doubtless the property, o! the wage-earning classes, we have no means of ascertaining how large this proportion is. A great quantity of the money invested in the postoffice savings bank, not improbably the bulk of it, belongs to the middle class and not to the working class families. The same is true, though to a less extent, of many of the other important,sayings banks, while the mass of the loan capital and no inconsiderable portion of the share capital of many friendly societies ai)d building societies,-does not 'represent the savings of the wage-earning classes. Even if all this capital ,were owned by the workers it would represent only about £18 per head of the actual wage earners, or about 2 pel- cent of the total accumulated wealth of the nation. As the matter actually 'stands the testimony'of these "savings" Is almost worthless and can at most be taken as one Indication of the indisputable fact that a large proportion of the working classes are better .off and more provident than, they wevo formerly. ttir bt^ittdh »ftd ftt? ffcftl fttStif tif Ctgritttttti One 6f the big fet&ck "tftSkefS town has as office bef •wlie to became a gtftfllffe ftai flhatice wheft he gftiWfi ufr York Mail afidt U*pfe68. tt! ftf Wall BIG DOG—BIG STORY. for the 1 Charleston Man Vouches Truth of TUU Tale. "I'll tell you a dog story," said a gentleman to a Charleston News and Courier reporter recently, "that Is hard to believe, and yet I give you my word that it is absolutely true. Now, you doubtless remember that on Christmas eve there was considerable noise on the streets, firing, of crackers, etc. This was, I noticed, very annoying to my big mastiff, who is kept in a small stable yard on my premises. The dog, however, was, I thought, secure, as it.was confined by a high wire netting and fence. i "During the evening I was obliged to I go out to summon a physician on account of the illness of my little girl, .'and after- coming back about 11 o'clock sat up in a dressing gown and slippers to wait for the doctor's arrival. Presently there came a long ring at the bell, and then another and-, another. 'That's not the doctor," said I to myself, and, grumbling at.,the idea of callers on business at-that'hour,.I went down to the door. Opening it, imagine my, surprise at seeing my 100-pound mastiff standing with his feet on the gate-post, ringing the electric bell with his nose. It was evident that he had been reading the papers that the coachmen had left about the stable and, .finding himself locked out, said to himself: 'I'll press the button and he'll do the rest.' I of course invited him in and escorted him through the house to his own quarters,.where I found he had broken through the wire netting and probably gone out to investigate the Christmas bombardment, but he had forgotten the way back and so called me up." •'" fe'utoiaer'ljorae for the Preoldent. The purchase of eighteen acres of land at Congress Heights for a summer home for the President of the United States and for other purposes is provided for in a bill introduced in the house by Representative Denny. Tho amount of the appropriation designated is $100,000 and the land specified is a portion of Wilson park, which overlooks Washington, Maryland and ..Virginia. The plan of the bill is to protect the timber growth there so that it shall be adjacent to the proposed summer home.—Washington Post, dttwfief , Otttt»w&, towfcj A. teffley, ft cabinet ttak§rs" at 652 E. Seedfld rtf eet, tJlttitfiwfci tributes to Dr. Williams' friak People* his intire recovery ff bttt & BM-ioflS stoihach trouble. For three yefcfn hfe sadly afflicted, - mleetf able, <&nd . uttible , t<$ eajoyj or even keep on his fetotasehj the fedd which he ate. Mf. Blllej* tried the first bo* to Dieftse a friend, with little ,hope b! benefit, but the second box fcfid each of the 66*" en boxes, which he afterward took, he Used because of the wonderful help derived froiri the trial box. Pitok Pills did all ftnd more tor him th&tt oven his ettttutfeiastid friend had hoped, the story we give in Mr. Bliley'e own words, fie said : "About three years ago I began to hove serlotis trouble with my stomach. I could not enjoy my meals.and usually toy stomach threw oft the undigested food and much water nfter I had enten. I tried ft nwniber of treatments. My regular physician "gave me medicine and 1 took a quantity of patent medicines, all to no purpose. I took Ayer's Sarsaparllla until I wee eatisflod that it did me no good, and I think I bought $20 worth of different sarsapttrillaa, besides taking a catarrh cure for a. long time. None of them benefited-, me,- and 1 was discouraged,' as I was constantly growing worRO. While my physician was making regular visits I was called Upon by u friend, who asked me if I had ever tried Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I told him 1 had never heard of them. He begged me to give them a trial. I was timid, for I had taken so many nostrums, as they proved themselves to be, and did not care to throw away any more money on them, to say nothing of the harm they might do inc. He insisted that I should try them, however, and even took mo by the arm and walked me down to the nearest drug store,' where I purchased a box to please him. • \ "I noticed an improvement in my condition after using the first box. After takiug the second I bogan to grow stronger and I continued the treatment. My friends soon began to congratulate me on my improved appearance, and how much better and fleshier I was looking. I took nine boxes, and they completely cured me of my disorders. When I began them I had run down from my normal weight of ISJ5 pounds to 117 pounds. I soon got up to 127 pounds, felt as well and strong as over, uud ate what I pleased without discomfort. All of my f riouds and neighbors know how sick I was and how well I got. • One lady called on uie a day or two ago and askod what cured mo. When stio found out she gaid that she had a friend in Cripple Creek, Colo., who was afflicted the Mime way. At my instigation she sent him a couple of boxes of the pills. I had the misfortune last November to got a hard fall on the icy pavement while walking to church, and I suffered from that, but I never have any more trouble with my stomach." (Signed) - J. A. BLILEY. street Bfftce b6ys afe BnreWd ahd wide-awake youngsters a§ Can 06 found, btlt fof the moment th6 oftfc ift question bears the baitti. He has discovered how to get somelhingj &flp MB *>* It, fof ndthlng. A package" came thf ough-the ittall fof his employef this mofnlfii. f he brOkef , tifte? openittg Jt, tdssed It to the hoy It proved to be an advertisement f fee fsefftlctfofi tff 6trfi¥6rmtl8a It to pltty a regular 1 fibfiat&j trti!, Iftil aeollafc Ji&fp, td atffiit fct the passing T"o fee patient tinder a heavy, cftfee Is ho 1 sffiall praise; to be cdfltfetittd Is ' more; but to* be fcheerlui is thfe highest' pifcli of dhflstiaii fortitude.— fctshfcfJ Mall, He only sees well who se6fe the ^ hois ia the parts, and the parts ifi the whale, 1 know but three classes of men; ttirtse who see the whole, tho? e who s^e but a - part, ^ those who* see -both to-! a cigarette eofflflaby and coht&ined a package of five cigarettes, samples of a new brand, and a postal card addressed to the company. The aecom* pahylhg circular stated that the company had decided to introduce the brand in this way and requested the recipient to write on the back of the postal card the names and addressee of five friends who smoked cigarettes and mail it. Cigarettes would be sent to them and It didn't take the boy long to guess that each of the five recipients would be asked to send in five new names. This was an endless chain scheme with a vengeance, the y° utl j decided, and offered up a most brilliant prospect for him'. He promptly grasped the opportunity. First, he filled tn his own name with the office address; next another name with hie own home address in Brooklyn, and then three names he managed to invent with the same street number address as his flrm °This done, he mailed the card and leit word with the janitor that if any letters or packages came addressed") the three individuals for whom he had 'invented names they were to be denv- 'ered to him in the office. At this point he was assured of twenty-five cigarettes, and he began to flgn ure out the method by which he would obtain the 125 cigarettes that would result later from the first batch, when last seen he had not made up his mind whether to make use of some of hie office boy friends as consignees. He did not want to give the scheme away, yet he could not exactly see how ho, could carry on such a wholesale business as promised to result without assistants. He was murmuring: "Five times five is twenty-five—five times twenty-five is 125—five times 126 is 625—five times. 625 is—" when the bookkeeper sung out to him to start in •\nd deliver stocks. getber.-Lavft.tef. He who opposes his own judgment, against the consent of the times ought to be backed With unanswerable truths; lie that hath truth on his side, is a fool, as well as a" eoftard, if he is afraid to own it because of the cut* rency or multitude of other men's opinions.—De Foe. The universe rises into solemn gratideur and'commands Otir reverence, not when we think of It as a theater of blind forces, or a vortex of whirling atoms—not when we-regard It merely as a spectacle for eyes that open and wink a few times, then close in eternal sleep—but as a nursery, a home and a school for rational beings, and aa a temple In which they may meet aM commune with the infinite Wisdom, Goodness and Beauty. Hence, the nobleness of man consists not-sp much In what he now Is as in'what'he can become, and in what he is mado for. 1 — Rev. Charles G. Ames. Above all stands Jesus Christ, the great reality. His spirit has entered into all our history, and is indlssolu- bly a part of it. His law Is at tho heart of all that is nobleat in our civilisation. His influence has swayed and sways what is purest in our society. His character is the mark cet for the nature of man to reach. 'History and contemporary life are as full of this real, living Christ as tho earth and the air and the sea are full of the substances and forceu with which the intellect of man is called upon to deal. Tc as many as receive him, to as many as buy the truth of his supreme revelation of God's will -to them does he give the power to becomes the sans of God. He is the light that lighteth every man that 'comet 1 ! into the world.—Rev. E. Winchester Ppnald. OF. Mtaftiggft t5na*-rf J giSntlefaiB WSftM ' built a stofte cabin- there, and the fittSt horse clMbSd tip. ¥fa« wit Moiise dated fftSfti < 1861* a$d moved lfi.1884, in i§70. t 72<r * Ingtoh* atfd*»th'ree ^ccttSalri „ ,., the winter on the ftufflmlt, which has • since been decupled thfdiighdtit »{fie year, • ' ,,>•;>' Looking-glasses were lifted by Anglo*, ; Baxon women, siting to theif girdles, . and in the time of Elizabeth and; Tames I. They formed the 4 center off many fans at that period and lateh \ Before glass was invented horn wad /' used and metal. The Phoenicians had •the credit of first making glassj as. faV '' jack as 1279 a Franciscan monk describes mirrors. , The town of Salisbury, Vt«, has,had- only fourrtown clui'fts since Us'-incorf 1 poration under GoV. Behniag , Went- , worth, Aug,,2^:1761 .The flfSt clerk, ' Thomas Mattison, held the position «n* til 1784; Jacob Galusha for forty*bne ' years, until 1825; Myron Barton, ; his' „ successor, served until'Oct..6, 1880. lie, 1 ,' in turn, was succeeded "by /his hfi'ott^ Hiram, who still holds the office, *'""""• * The derivation of the word Yankee, , says a writer in 1796, "Is from farnief. Jonathan Hastings of Cambridge.about ,"' 1713. He used it to "expess a good qual- 'i Ity. Thus, a 'yankee horse' and 'yaii-'.'-' kee cider' were an, excellent horse and excellent cider. The British used it,, wrongly as a word of contempt for'the •''' Americans. Thus when they marched out of Boston in 1776 they played a • march called 'Yankee Doodle;' though the prediction of an active boy was —that their retrograde march would be to Chevy Chase." $ •$ }xau Bspa -U9-9J ueeq soq Suiuodo opjuiopy ' , nj uos«9s OIB JO inun Sujuaora XJOAO oou[d onuuraoa ui jno^ Jipm aoj 8iB8aB9u,8J pu'B 'B^BanS ajem so uooa "I -rj '9ii3oi{o^Bd: 'JIOOH injiB9H 'ouioq Xuudraoo ajaq; jo siequiQia etij Gladness Comes W ith a letter understanding of the transient nature of the many physical ills, which vanish before proper efforts— gentle off orts—pleasant efforts-' rightly directed. There is comfort m the knowledge,, th»t so, many *°TO«j.°* sickness are not dne to any actual disease, but simply to a, constipated conq,!' tjp# of tye system., \vWch we pleasant family laxative, Syrup o£ P»gSr prompt' Jy removes, That is why it is the only remedy with millions of families, and is everywhere esteemed, eg highly by all who value good health, Its peneflciar effects are rtue to the fact, that it is the pne rem/dy which promotes internal •cleauliness, without debilitating the pj-gaos on which jt acts, Jt is therefore nil important, in order to get its tone-"-'-•• effects, to ppte when you pur/* " ,t ypu Iwve $1° genuine arti' L'JS pianufactured by the ,"P|gfyr«pCP, Qiily Too Paneerona, •'I don't see why people have so myeh to say against pugilism," said the prizefighter's friend. "I have heard, of a prizefighter being elected to high ofll-. cial position,", "Yes, but dat'was in de old times, Ye couldn't git one ter run fur congress er de legislature now—not wit de scrap- pin' da-t's liable ter start up any minute Jn eitherlplace."—-Washington Star. Subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me by said J. A. Bliley this <5th day of March, 1896. CHAS. HALL, Notary Public. ' Mr. Bliley has lived in Ottumwa Bince 1804, and worked at his trade'.'in a furniture factory for-twenty years. He is 50 years of cgo, an industrious,' intelligent mechanic, wholjas made himself well-to-do by business .:sagacity and Bensibjp.eqpnpmy. He^tands high in the community,'where his'word is good and his honor and integrity unquestioned; Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a condensed form, all the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. Pink Pills tire sold by all .dealers, or will be sent free postpaid on receipt of price, 50 cents a box, or six boxes for $2.50 (they are never sold in bulk or by the FO), by addressing • Dr. Williams' Med. Co.. So'ienectady, N. Y. Do little things now, so shall big things come to thoe by and by asking to bo done. —Persian Proverb. Educate Your Daaclite rx. At this season of the year parents have to decide upon and select the educational institution which their daughters are to attend for the coming years. In this connection we desire to call attention to the educational announcement in our advertising columns of the Academy of the'Sacred-Heart,-St. Joseph, Mo. Their buildings and grounds are attractive, locality healthful, teaching in all branches thorough.and terms reasonable. Parents fortunate to select this school for the education and training of their daughters will, we are sure, be fully satisfied, Terms per session of five months: Payable in advance, ?115; this includes tuition, boarding, washing, courses in French, German or Latin, use of library and. physician's fee, Next session will open Sept. 1st, 1895, For further information address Mother Superior, Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Joseph, Mo. A plague of caterpillars is one of the troubles of the dry season iu England, I shall recommend Piso's Cure for Consumption far and wide.—Mrs. Mulligan, plumstead, gent, England, Nov. 8, '05. TUe cost oflivjng IB forty per cent cheap- e"' iu London than in New Vork. FITS stopped flisiiru'rllrotOa. .. Kostoi-cr, Ji'rcuFSH' Weary Watkins— Ju know, I got half a mind to take a bath flrst chance I git! Hungry Higgins— Wba-a-a-t? *I ain't Joshin'. Met a scientiflc feller this morning who set down and calculated and proved by the fl? gers that I must be carvyln' nigh onto ten pounds unnecessary weight." — Indianapolis Journal. pod fpee am' PTimoTt'v rrr-il. No t oaj '-. i S'> of J)r. Kllne'»0> cat fcprvc i'rco F? 1 1' nl Iwti !« ami f PRt ' <? . .»' "£*'• jns.jzuNBiraiArcUbt. rU.ftJeipUl^.i'ft One huudred «pd twenty firemen are required to feed the furnaces of » first-class Atlantic steamer. _ If tl»o Baby Is Cutting Teetb, Be sure »nd use ttuit old ^ud well-tried remedy, MBft EooiniNQ SYBur for OWWrea TeetWng, tot if *&%$&** CUB t FOR, .. G ON — You might hftve known bptt would beat you }n th&t suit. Why did you insist on being your qwn law* yer? Potts—Bepause j wanted to avail my. Hell pf the lawyer's privilege of him ail the B8»es I coulfl right in court,— Jadiaaapplis "He,npeck has oy}e. Shrewd "Yes, toe sets, up Jiis wife, ft ea rejt The ants of Squth America have been known to construct ft tuune} three uulps in length, Catarrh Cure Is a constitutional cure, Price, 75c. Right experienced divers ore carried on every'Engliuh flag-ship, aud four on everj pruiser. - _ ^ nor joewun n«Jae 0, 0. with, chased silver Pearjs are in greater ever ftftiJ are l&rgejy remain eases are tha» Celtic "TltBnlsm." In his book on "The Study of Celtic Literature," Arnold showed that one of the qualities which the English people admire most in some of their poets is the very quality which, above all others, is the distinguishing characteristic of the Celtic bards, and that Ossian in particular is saturated and pervaded with the quintessence of this trait. To denote this characteristic trait' of Celtic poetry Arnold' used the word -Titanism. No one has" defined Titanism, but it has been caricatured in the saying, "The Celtic mind seems always sailing nowhere under full sail." Those who wished to know the full meaning of the word were recommended to discover it by devout study of Byron and Keats, "And where did they get it?" asks Arnold. "The Celts," he answers, "are the prime authors of this vein of piercing regret and pan T sion, of this Titanism. in poetry. A famous book, Macpherson's 'G-Bsian,' carried in the last century this vein like a flood of lava through Europei * * * Make the part oT what i$ forged, modern; tawdry, spurious, ia the book as large as you like, there will still be left a residue of the very soul of the Celtic genius in it, .and whicB has the proud distinction of having brought this soul of the Celtic genius. into contact with the genius of the nations of modern Europe by it. Woody Morven, and echoring Lora, and Selma, with its sil'ent halls, we all owe them a debt of gratitude, and, when we are unjust enough to. forget it, may the Muse forget us,"— Macmillan's Magazine, TEMPERANCE. The extent to which brewers control the retail Mquor business of New York was manifested under the Raines liquor' tax law, May 1, when one brewer filed application for 700 certificates, another for 300, and another for 150, a total of 1,160, aggregating in money $930,000. The Southern Baptist convention, in session at Chattanooga, passed, by a large majority, resolutions condemning the retention of church members who "make, sell, or drink spirituous liquors, or rent their property for the use of liquor dealers." The prohibition convention has nominated the following ticket: For president, Joshua P. Levering, of Maryland; for vice-president, Hale Johnston, of Ullnpis. The free silver was rejected, and the cancl}4ates placed upojj a "narrow-guags" plat' form, embodying merely the principle of prohibition flRd even pwUtjng the woman-suffrage plank which has been a feature e-Mts pjatfprm tav years past, The b'road'guj^fi! element has formally receded, st.'Qeprge.vineyard at Fresno, Qal.i boasts of the largest t»n foy Vine tp be, JEowi t» a» the grot tujj at Heiaelber? castle, ju 4i,900 American ga}, . 8V. $eprge tvin holS? uot ?e# tbsj; 79,90.0 gaUo»». QJ- t&lrty Wonld Hurt Tits Doctor—You are fagged out, you must give up all head work. Patient—Why, that spells ruin 1 I. am a hairdresser, Same Old Story. He (impetuously)—For the eighth time I as.: you to marry me. She (composedly)—And for the eighth time I must say this is so sudden. Valuable Franchise Secured. The fupjichise of easy: digestion-r-one..of the most valuable in the gift of medical science—can be secured by any, person wise-' enough to use Hostetter-'a Stomach-- Bitters, either to suppress growing dyspepsia, or to uproot it at maturity. Bilious, rheumatic and fever and ague sufferers, persons troubled with'nervousness, s 'and tne.con-' stipated, should also secure the health franchise by the same means. A London costermongerwas strangled by his shirt collar while asleep the other day. When aDSwariQg advertlBoraouta muclly • mention tbUpupor. Naked Pills i are fit only, for naked savages. Clothes are the uiarko of civilization—in pills as well as people. A good coat does not make a good pill, any more "than good-clothes-niake agopdV man. But as sure as you'd' • look on a clothesless man aa a mad one, you may look on a coatless pill'as a .bad one. After • fifty -years , of-test no pills stand higher than AYER'S Cathartic Pills SUGAR COATED. 44 Out and away the most popular." A Jb The New York Telegram recently organized a monster bicycle parade in New York, offering a ' bicycle each to the best lady rider and the best gentleman rider in the procession. - .The prizes were selected by popular vote of The Telegram's readers, and, as was to be expected, the result was another triumph for STANDARD OF THE WORLD, "ll-iiJ ^ I ' — gv— nn~t-^T.r-^-.-vT- { B PJI gcaa ana bays In the language of The Telegyara, the Columbia was be "out and away the most popular wheel in America/' Of course- NQ other bteyde has such quality <?r gives such satisf actioji, i I victed H, B»yd.. a •tpry J&w All tbf wjlll |i 91 tbi f ~~ t,emnMftftSiA-Vf" ; v t p* -<jp *Sp*q T"T*^-*-— —r^ » '^ wr" isl ^ ff '"

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