The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 8, 1896 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1896
Page 10
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ft: That Are Wise no time in getting on the band wagon, j$ TKe same kind of wisdom is what prompts !' .tliem to keep up with the procession and Buy Madelia Flour, gr' 1 ' o« ,| : < the kind made at Madelia, Minn,, and which t'- positively has no superior in this market, f We sell it Our grocery stock is just as I complete as it can be, James Patterson. Co\vk\s Block. •A* 1 * '•.•w*^ ' (SlUMMO, MUAVAl'UKK * ST, WMU»t VtlMKft \VK*V, , \ ftwnrt* M,I,,,,...,,,,.,,..,.. ft tf«wvt* «!,,„>,,,,,., ,» tlwt wvvy TUK iOOAli FIELD. supjwr* s ^sp«>o»^ thai N wiu WjiJtt a?, won as pUuvs Catholic kt WMMI thu oh\n\8 this yoar sivy It Is bottoi' thnn ovor hoforo. It two wook« frt>m next Monday. Copt, ,]i>iuii>nn and tmntly vlsUcil in Alpinti yosioishiy, Tlioy hnvc bwui «|t from Do«« MnlnosMQVornl ww;l\a vlslttnjr t» VUuu'wft ami about tlu> north entl of tlu> otninly. They '^» nol onjoy D'oa so well as their ohl homo in K, U, IVnvyer was lu UumboliH on tho V\>vuMh nuil visit oO tho Smnrt horao »«\n>i>, Wblks there bo took GoU SiunrtV woisl lor It that, a hig-b hinxl horso \vo»h> nol klolc, and tho ooloitolV wont \v«s not X\HM!, Jly has a atttY loff b«> was sliniok. VJo took his Kvllih to t\irl Rotlpa to vlsiU U»»nvy Dovant has an intorosthijf U>ttv>» v on oyolonos, toniadiH\s t oto,, In SvwdayV S»at« Uo0iaU>r. 1I« has ftjy- wvdli oni that tlu>so stonns always oow<> fiM«v tho wost. If anyone SOIMS ono «>«!*t of him ho is sato, it hns gone t\v. This is a jwod point U> tvmembor, The Mar^halUon Timo»-K«.>)H)bUcan «otos i\ W, llvuohlns^ limply jwHey of hall Jnsuramw and hetuls U *'l«u\> and <h<» the of the luu Uu> to was at S taken out of t»r l>y Ax««l An- was fii«sl tind the K>s had a snlon» They st«r<*nl ulnjr, arriving 1 , van J.«uv«« knew Y»i\ at ht> was fcuno, H« «v of Ai- was oaw- 1* IX liass eaaw fr*wu Chicago M -""T-aiftg ;«fcS »v <NKV easja, Oa&ewiNkr to astern^ *§•" liU will eld of thotc whcftt Kttd oftl effcp ft Miil,, ioflfl. Wlll« between hof-e nhd HArna hurt fttfifc aofoi bf ttftfltsy ttfid 18 twsftrt 'of t-yw ,WiWe«ttft»6fil cfft 'Others IH the fsftife. of the fttof06rlo98 Ittfmty to CfOfJ*, tJurtftff tits fiorost fitraltl MP;. (old oonl and tffaift to people Iw , when ho know they could fitter &«#. HID ncoounts shb» hundreds of dolltirs trusted out, whoh he know her would never ffot it, cent In i-oiuru. Ills broth- or says thht ho -oiioo lent oVof ft tlKHisdhd dollnrs to ht'lri ft bi'ot,h«i i In Honinnrlc, Ivl a tlmo us it now mipeiu-s when ho wiin hlmBolf hnrfl itiidhetl. Me, Jjiuul novoi' *'ofU8ed to nornst tho Utifai'tutinlo or to confer ft fttvof upon nnyono. Compitny F lind ft plonaant picnic and Hovol'nl ot tho competitors to gal on tho Hflo tonm shot their scores Satin-Any, Wnvd inndo n. totiil of 212: VVtvlsh. 218; McMui'riiy, 208; Boab, 210, and "Rlley 211. Compuny P holds hoth cups ul prosont nnd If it can win lit tho cornInn: oiuminpuumt will own ono of thum. Tlioso In training for tho tonm iii-o Wurd, Walsh. VVUhnm, Sttsphonson, Bui-hunk, MoMtirnu 1 , HI ley, Foster, HiioUimm nnd Bonfs, Tho tonm IB composed of llvo from unch company, All tho onrly woltlors xpotik kindly of KondnU Young, tho hiU>ly doconsod Wwbator City plonoor, whoaw Hfo is skolohod olsmvhoro. He hullt tho hlfflj roofod houHO over noui- iho Um- hor north Wo»t of Irvlngton. Mr. Am- hroso A. Cull lolls many cntortniuing inoldonln nonneutod with tho early con- lost bolwoen Irvlngton and Algona t.o thotownshlpotllisors, Onoolvvlng- ion hud thorn btu'iumo a lot of Aljroiilnns woro oil tho west aldo of tho river nnd couldn't cross to volo, They stood on tho bank and shouted but they couldn't got across. Thoeonnly friir premium lists aro issued this wook by overy puuor in Iho (Hinnty. Tho printing was lot, to tho Republican at $80 for n.OOQsupplements and 75 books, which is bnroly cost for tho work, and enough advertising \v«s secured to ix«y for Ibis and tho express ohargos. The dixnilating is done by tbo {wpew for nothing in the interests :»t the sooiwty and of their readers. Tho premium list will this year ranch many times as many pooplo «s it over lias before, at less e«xsi. Tho nows- pjxpers should be credited with their evidence of public spirit. If everybody else doe*«s well the fair ground won't hold the exhibit or the crowd. The, enormity of the Utiind twliapse lassos anything ever known in lowsu it will bo dmggiiig in tha courts for months and will do the county enough damajro without being deUiilekl in tho ei 1 *, H is etunigh to ss»y that tbero 2S forged dm>«is to the R^ss l«nd T that Air, U»*« holds ever §HKt,tXW of 'orged eluutel mortgsges, that Mr. E^und has swindled neighbor* illy able to stand the loss out of ninny "thousands ot> forged $«eurities. The total will i>«ss §£vH\CXH> »nd may waeh a much Higher figure. The tnuisueHlons ran over ten years* \Ybnt has become of the money is » n\ystery t but board of trade si>eeulatioin is getwrsUly believed '- have been his ruin. 3fo one of Mr. nuFs intunates hase,vor Imd a sus- pleion. The confidenee «*Mr. Russ in Iww vvas ak*olu5vn It was so complete ll»nl he swms u> have negieeied even ordinary busings* pr««»ulfous. The wboittwTa iris* Wow ATgona and tbi x MHinl^ will not, soon reeoTW freest." TAKKS rideon o«s-of Parish** tau- SemSs It is a. vtalisrhtfwl t>xj>erie«««, Li>tUN> trie^ ^»d yon al\«»ys xvanl MHW* i^t the^sme kimi> IS RINGLI J»Wt " ^WPK PW( ^BP ' ^^^^ " • • ^^^P^^^. • ^^^M^^ FBH G>, R L-D po's Greatest nhd ftltfhMt n Salaried Acrobatic Sensation, W tea ttois Mt^M SiKR iht> la»iie*" she** aoii oxtords ft» e bargain eounU»r. Your eliosee for iljf $1,50—worth 52 lo §4,5&. G*«x Lw Galbmith v^: Ov le« Xott**, The }>r3ee oJ Joe has been restored to SS v>eMts si l»W5»\lre«3, excent in too lote. m»ke«s yww i&lnk of ^ey«iie>^ He Was wheels U> rea^ 16 dies" skirt &O&. Uttd Of U@S f*V Js, G«0k ] Awarded Highest Honors-Worid's Fair, B> •»• <«H'-B , fii. CREAM MOST PERFECT MADE 1MB Dating So sault Di PBBNOfl FAMILY ««**• « 3 t)A GOMAS Piston Aerlalttts. D LAflDAtJfiRS Picturesque Posers. M'tiLfi IS, WIN, the Human Toj>. AND HUNDREDS OF OTHER HIOH.nt.Afl9 ABfeNlC SPECIALISTS. Superb Spectacular Festival of Olympus! Produced upon n senlo of magnitude never before •mompted, and grandly inaUguratlfag the most resplendent circus dlspaly ever setu In this or any other country. STUPtSlDOliS -:;^$TlB.tEtVK- PABADEv . I WONDERS! ANCIENT ROMAN HIPPODROME I A glorious plotviro of the eternal city under the Caesars, reproduclnp, with startling realism, the siwrts, gladiatorial aismays, and thrilling races of the Circi's Maximas, together with the racing glories of She modern turf. MOST COMPLETE ZOOLOGICAL DISPLAY ON EARTH! A million dollar menagerie, embraclne the only GlanCGIraffe In America, monster btood- ej;\«liujj Hippopotamus, and hundreds of otherrare wild beasts, es&ibited la massive superbly-carved and gold: Illuminated cages. ORAXDKST FREE PARADE ever seen on the streets of any city, leaves the-show grounds at 10 o'clock on the morning of the exhibition. Gorgeously resplendent speelacle. passing in kaleidoscopic review under the sheen of a thousand shimmering banners. Don't mis*ft. TWO COMPLETE PERFORMANCES DAILY AT 2 AND 3 O'CLOCK. !0ne 50-OENT Ticket Admits to ALL the Gon^ed Stows, CHILDREN UNDER 12, HALF PRICE. Excursion Rates on All Railroads. — "WILL EXHIBIT AT »ALGONA Admission Tickets aad Reserred Seats show daj- at P. \V. DIngley's drug st«re without estra 1 cliarg^. Xuaitoewd reserved seats 25c additioual. Other shows charge double price. PERFORMANCES IN THE IMMENSE tATTERSALLS BUILDING- |*ms*£r% m SL» ^.A^_ '3E5u *Ss&S3Ss££Sf~ 'flp^HIPr ' ^F™rW ^^ T^^^PF^'^P'^ FINANCIAL. CLARKE A COHENOOR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, QtiUtz ovxsr Firs* KM&aaa£b»a&, Aiga^a v IaL Kossutli County State Bank, E. H. Cl-ARKE, DAK3QN * BOT1-ER, . . aumi, foreign smd iomesac eirfianffl- bought and sold. Ooltee I tions sisde wrooipOy, and a gexemi te^Vi^s bosicvis, trans&raed. Passage tickets to or j rrwni The old coontnes sold at Iow*si rates. WS.H. IXeHAM, Pi*sid«t; J. B. JOXES, Yit« Presidents LEWIS H. SMTH. Cashier Bii«*cars—Wsi.H.lashasn. JoJia G-Smith, J.B. Joses, T.Ou2s<3!i21is, LewisH? Smith, J. W. WSuiswwrsJi, Bamet DetiEfe First National Bank of Algona. TAi. SSO,OOC AMBSOSK A. CALL JPWsidwit | WJL K. FERGESOX CaskiM- D.S. HCTCHECS Yk* Pr*sid«t 1 C, D. SHITH Asa. CfcsAier SULUVAl? AT JLAW, B: V. SWETTTING. ATT02SMY ^feP JLA W t Alg-osia, lew*. 4, <a RA.YMQJJQ, s AT LAW, , 9*. Of i F. I- TRIBOK, *t. IX, AMD ^wWWffff R. ^. JX £X DB, (ullp p^^j|^^plflB W^if *^wiW»l ^Sigr-.Sfesw^ |W J H. , S. X Ftesgasoo. Philip F. E. H. SpsstcwT, WEI. K. always on birsfi t«iI<Ma at reascsasble rjuresiopinfi*=-ftir2isiiEs given jo «oil«iet&aQS. ' A- ix C Algona State Bank. CASH CAPITAL, $50^000. , Ps»st» IWKOR SATEIT BEPOSIF . O. a A T .T -. Six per cent Interest on TimeBeposits jW- waffi^y Itft i&rw masOavr . avs AU&OKA. GTTABANTEE K. H. Haggard & Peek Abstracts, Real WATER '&si Sportsmans Gam Fciter, ,'><««?< U.>i*,f.: •f it iu, ~^.-L.

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