The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 8, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1896
Page 8
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Lambert, tes, -ft* & i.; P^Some of Our Specialties, *$•*' ' - -' I&LPHA CREAM SEPARATORS. COMBINED CHURNS. COMBINED CHURNS. CITY IRON WORKS ENGINES, BOILERS. AND TEN GALLON MILK CANS. IWELLS AND RICHARDSON'S BUTTER COLOR. ^THATCHER'S ORANGE BUTTER COLOR. I^ENESSEE BUTTER AND CHEESE SALT. PJAMOND CRTS. BUTTER AND CHEESE SALT. IfjSTEAM ROTARY MILK TESTERS. t^PECIAL HAND MADE BUTTER TUBS. ?ROUND AND SQUARE WATER TANKS. ,v • **'•« ' l?'' 1 fi*fi %?. rf,,.- lg •^ ffi WHY? They lave what you want, They have good shoes, There are old feet and young feet, And little feet and great, Pretty fee£and JiomeJy feet, ' And feet tot <Jo not mate, 1 • Jp» qujte a feat .to aovei' leet ;;, In style, ftndporofoyt, too, Sept 16,17,18, i All premiums to be paid In cash unless otherwise stated. 5. All tttticles ot stock of taetlt for which «p premium Is especially offered, should be entered in the discretionary cl*ss. 3. Premiums shall not be awarded' wheti the animal o* article Is deemed unworthy. 4. All Articles for exhibition must be •n tfked With cards, which will be furnished • .y the secretary, designating-the class and number, and these cards must iiot be removed uhtII after the awarding committees have finished their examinations. 6. The executive committee Wilt take etr* ery possible precaution for the safe keeping of all stock and articles on exhibition, and will supply special police and watchmen. 6 Blue cards attached to the animals receiving the first premiums, red to those ob* tainlug second, and yellow to those obtain* in? the third. 7. All animals ahd articles must be enttr* eu In the name of the owner and all articles -except In division H-to be entitled to a premium must have bceti manufactured or produced In Kossuth county. And all animals entered for premiums must have been owned In the county at least thirty days previous to entry. 8. Entries must be made on or before the first day of the Fair. The books will be held open until mldnljrht of the first day and no longer. All entries to be passed on by the judges must bo in place by 10 o'clock of the second day. 0. Superintendents of departments are requested to attend on the ground oil the first day of the fair, to suitably arrange the articles In their department.*! 10. Superintendents of departments will meet with the officers of tbe society and txmrd of directors at the ofllco of the secretary, on the grounds.promptly at 10 o'clock a. m. of the second and third, days, for a general business meeting at which time all vacancies will be filled. The judges arc requested to report their attendance to the superintendent of their department Immediately upon their arrival on the grounds. . 11. The judges will commence their duties at ten o'clock of the second day, and they are requested to hand In their reports at the, secretary's office as soon as they can be made out. 12. I/Ife membership ticket!! admit holders, wife and children under 18 years of age, with vehicle. General admission 25 cents, children over eight and under fifteen 15c. Children under eight free. Vehicles of all kinds 25 cents. Exhibitors of live stock will have an exhibitor's ticket issued to them for CO cents which will entitle them to admission during the fair. Not transferable under penalty of forfeiture. AlLresld- ents of the county purchasing One Dollar worth of tickets will bo furnished with a certificate of annual membership. 13. The preservation of order and the enforcement of the regulations of the society are under tho control of the marshal. U. No animal or article will be allowed to bo removed from the grounds during the fair without the leave of the president who In such cases shall give check card for. readmission. Any article or animal removed without such permission will forfeit all claim to a premium. 15. No article can compete for more than one premium, and single horses must not be exhibited in double team. 1G. Articles for which no premiums arc offered will be entered in the class to which they naturally belong, and will be passed upon by the judges in those Classen, they recommending such premiums as their judgement shall dictate. Such recommendations, however, shall be subject to the approval of the executive committee. 17. Any person aggrieved by the decision of the judges in auy case shall notify the secretary in writing that he appeals from the decision of said judges, and the executive committee shall, if they think proper, appoint a new set of judges, who shall pass upon the article in the class from wdich the complaint arose, and their action shall be final. Hut in cases where expert judges are employed, their decision shall be final. 18. All loose dogs will be rigidly excluded from the grounds duriug the fair. . The widows ol those that held a life membership will be entitled to tbe same privileges as the original owners, as long as they remain widows. The directors of the society passed a resolution at their annual meeting on March 2, 1895, that all premiums awarded at the fair of 1895, should he paid in full. The second day of the fair will be chlldrens' day. All children in the county under 15 veal's of age will he admitted free on that day. Special attention is directed to Art. IX of the By-Laws, which provides that "Premiums not called for before the annual meeting following the fair will be forfeited to the society." PREMIUM LIST. DIVISION A-HORSES AND MULES. J. O. FAXON, SUPT. fn case of Full Blood Stallions and Mares, pedigree, name and age are required. CLASS l—Percheron and French Draft- Full Bloods. 1st. 2nd. Stallion 3 years old and over-. .SO op §5 oo Colt either Sex 2' years old 3 00 2 00 Colt either sex i year oW. 200 l oo Mare 4 years old or over .......... 500 300 Mare 3 years old ., —..,.,.,... a oo 2 oo CLASS 2-Olydesdale and Shire—Full Blood, Stallion 3 years old and over (i oo 5 oo Colt either sex 2 years old 3 oo Colt either sex l year old............. 2 oo Mare 4 years old er over., 5 00 Mare 3 yours old 300 CLASS 3-tloadsters, Road stall ion 3 years old and over... 5 00 Colt either sex 2years old. 3 oo Colt either sex l year old.... 200 Mare or gelding 4 years old or over.. 5 oo Mare or gelding 3 years old... 3 00 CLASS 4-Thorougnbred. Stallion 3 years old or over , 5 oo Colt either sex 2 years old 3 00 Colt either sex l year old 200 Mare 4 years old or over, ,... .5 oo Mare 3 years old 3 oo CLASS 6--Oieneral Purpose. Stallion 3 years old or over with pedigree , soo Colt either sex 'i years old 3 00 Colt either sex 1 year old , 3 oo Mare or gelding 4 years old or over 5 oo Maro or KC'ldins 3 years old., 3 00 CLASS o. Suckling colt for draft, either sex 3 oo 2 00 Suokimg colt for road, either sox.a oo 2 oo Suckling colt for geu'l purposes. eitlwsex f.........,3 003 00 CLASS 7" tirade PraK, Oolt either sex 8 yews old •••• 3 oo Co|( either sex l year old ,,,.. a oo Mare or gelding 4. years old or oyer., 0 oo Mare or gelding 3 years old ,.., •! oo • CLASS 8, Brood nwe for road, foal by her side not over eight months 5 GO 3 oo "rood nmre for. draft, jfoal by Jiej- side not; over eigUt mouths.. .. 5 go 3 oo Broqa mare for general p.urpose, ....__ ---* lcm a WM |i, 8| . 5003 w CLASS o, stajiions showing in classes j, 2,3,4,6 uml „ re not; ha, rred Jrpiu tlif ~- " " " IwUV^toUlOJ 8<>YWM .„„„ showing best S CpUs . JHMU tUree. wonBuj &j 9 years oM. •. i PJ) 3 W «oMsW.lteR.ah9M»I^e?^6 eoJn, 2 oo 1 00 3 oo 2 00 3 oo 200 1 oo 3 oo 2 oo 300 200 100 3 to 2 oo 300 a 00 1 oo 3 oo 2 oo i oo i oo i oo 2 oo loo a 00 a oo 3 oo a oo a 00 ilWfi*f f "'i€*~'" 200 CLASS 15. iE'alr of mates, 2 y to« bid ht over . ... S 80 3 bd CLASS is. Mni««oU .............................. StiO 100 CLASS ir.-l»oni«. &06 Soo CLASS is-Eqneitratilshi. Lady who fides most gracefully man apmg her horse best. Judge to de<Side distance, 3 to compete.... 300200 100 THIS HACKS. T. M. NOVKI.TY tucs—Open to all horses owned in the county. Entrance ?l. Distance U4 miles. First halt walk, second half mite trot, third half mile run. Purse, $40-flrsf, *15; secmid $12; third, $s; fonrth, $5. Russtso RACK—Open to all horses owned In the county, thoroughbreds and professional horses barred, the race belliR for farm hones and ponies Half tulle heats, two in three; entrance free. Purse $25—First, $12; second, $8 S third. §.->. KUNNIJ.-O—Free for alt; half mile heats, two hi three ; live to enter, three to start; entrance flve per cent, ten per cent from winners. Purse $T 6—First, $40; second, 525, and third, $lo. TnorriNtJ-2:40 class; flve to enter, three to start; entrance five per cent, ten per cent from winners. Purse,$100—First, $50 j second, $30; third, $20, TnotTtxo—Free for nil; flve to enter, three ti> start; entrance live per cent, ten per cent from winners. Purse $loo-Firet, $60 j second 830; third, ?20. TROTTING—County race—Open to all horses owned in tbe ootiuty having a record of nut, under 2 :~a; half mile beats, best two In three; entrance live per cent; ten per cent from winners. Purse $50—First, $25 : second $15; third, $10. RUNNING—Free for alt shalf mile heats, two In three; five to enter, three to statt; entrance live per cent, ten per,cent from winners. Purso $75—First. $40; second, $25 j third, $10. HUNNIJ.O—Slow race; open to all horses owned In the county ; half mile dash ; entrance free. No man to rldo his own horse. No whip, spurs, or other artificial promoters of speed allowed. Purse $25—First, §10; second. $8 j third, $5; fourth, $2. RUNNING—Foot race; open to all residents ol the county ; half mile dash. Purse $15—First S3; second, $5; third, $2. Riunrnro HuuDtE HACK -Open to all residents of the county; 200 yards dash ; entrance free. Purse $15—First, $8: second, $5; third EB^AH entrances for races must be made before ten o'clock a. in. of tbe first day of the Fair. This rule will be enforced to tho letter. The arrangement of races will appear later aud be published in the daily program. No horse will be allowed to enter a race whose entry has not beeu made as stated above. DIVISION B-CATTLE. F. J. KERNAN, SUIT. In case of full bloods, pedigree, name and age aru required except as to calves. CLASS 1-Short Horns-Full Bloods. Short-horn hull, 2 years old and over o oo 4 00 Short-horn hull, l yearokl..,. 3 oo 2 oo Short-horn bull calf... 200 100 Short-bora cow, 3 years old aud over 5 oo 3 oo Short-norn heifer, 2 years old.. 4 00 2 oo Short-horn neifer, l year old 3 00 2 oo Short-horn heifer calf.:. 2 00 l 00 CLASS 2-Holsteiu-Full Bloods. Bull. 2 years old and over 600 400 Bull, l year old 3 00 2 oo Bull caif 2 oo i oo Cow, 3 years old or over 500 300 Heifer, 2 years old 400 200 Heifer, l year old '300 2 oo Heifercaif. 200 100 CLASS 3-Herefords-Full Bloods. Bull, 2 years old aud over 'i 00 400 Bull, l year old 3 oo 2 00 Bull calf 200 l 00 Cow, 3 years old and over 500300 Heifer,2years old... 4 oo 2 oo Heifer, l year old 300 200 iieifcrcaff....... 2 oo i oo CLASS 4—Galloway Polled Angus and Ked Polled-Kull Bloods. Bull, 2 years old and over coo 4 oo Bull, i year old 3 oo , 2 oo Bullealf. 200 100 Cow, 3 yean old or over 500 soo Heifer, 2 years old 4 oo 200 Heifer, l year old 3 oo 2 oo Heifercaif.. 2 00 l oo CLASS 6-Jerseys-Full Bloods. Bull, 2 years old or over (i 00 4 uo Bull, l year old 3 oo 2 oo Bull calf 2 oo i oo Cow, 3 years old or over... 5 oo 3 oo Heifer, 2 years old 4 oo 2 00 Heller, l year old....-....• » oo 200 Heifercaif 2 oo loo CLASS 0—Grades. Short-horn cow, 3 year old or over... 3 00 2 oo Holsteln cow, 3 years old or over 3 oo 2 oo Jersey cow, 3 years old or over....... 300 200 Polled cow, 3 years old or over 3 oo 2 oo Short-horn heifer, 2 years old 200 i oo Holstem heifer, 2 years old 200 loo Jersey heifer, 2 years old 2 oo l 00 Polled heifer, 2 years old 200 100 Short-horn calf, either sex. l oo 50 Holstein calf, either sex l oo 50 .Terser calf, either sex. l oo to Polled calf, either sex.....'.... l oo 50 DIVISION C—SHEEr AND SWINE. ' THOMAS K'AIN, BUPT. : CLASS l-SUeep. Bucks entered In this class to show certificate of registry. Shropshire buck, l year o)d or over,. 4 00 Cotswold buck, l year old or over.... 4 oo Oxford down buck, 1 yr. old or over. 4 oo Uwe l year old or over— 3 oo Lamb under l year old 2 oo Five ewes—;...... ,. .. 5 oo Five lambs ....,.,, ., 3 oo CLASS 2—Swine, AH boars and sows one year old or tered in tills class to show cortlllcato try. Berkshire boar, l yrold and over,... Berkshire sow, l yr old and over Berkshire boar, over U intlis and under i year ,. 200 Poland China boor, t yrold and over 4 oo Poland China sow, I yr old and over 4 oo Poland China boar, over c mths ami under l year 200 Chester White hoar i yr old and over 4 oo Chester Wiiite sow, l yr oW and over 4 oo Chester White boar, over o mths and uiuler l year, , 2 oo Yorkshire boar, l yr old and over .., 400 Yorkshire sow, l yr old mid over 4 oo Yorkshire boar, over o mths and un • deriyear , , 200 Jersey Wed botvr, l yr old and over... 4 oo Jersey Ked sow, t yr old mid over.... 4 oo Jersey boar, over 0 Piths auil under l year 3 00 3 00 3 oo 2 oo i oo 3 OP 2.00 over en- of regis- 4 oo 4 oo 3 00 3 00 1 00 3 00 3 00 1 00 3 00 3 00 1 00 '3 00 3 00 1 00 3 00 3 00 9 00 Sow and ti pigs under « mtiis old. , , . 4 oo 5 pigs underuBJtbsoid.,.,. ......... u oo DIVISION P-PQULTJiY, WM. GU)il3CJFlEI,D. I oo 3 00 9 oo Pair Mtuumotli Bronze ............. $1 00$ I'uir Mumniotli Bj'on^o pJiluks. .... so White Holland .....,, ......... l uO White IlQUftnd, phloks ....... 5U Puireouimon.... ........ ....... ,,,. l 00 Piliv obmmpu chicks .............. 50 2,-Qpeijp, Puok,s und Qnlnoiis. AND DEAL WITH . . . / the Up-to-Date Jewelers. Algona, Iowa. Our Motto Scmare ALGONA,. IOWA. THE DRUGGIST. All Farmers Lie, Steal, and Swear! THEY LIE! awake nights thinking what a good bargain they made by buying Sewer Pipe of J. A. Hamilton & Oo. for their chimneys, slop drain, bridges and well curbing. THEY STEAL! away early in the morning to get felt roofing because they can put it on before breakfast. THEY SWEAR! that they will always buy their hardwood lumber, wagon stock, felt roofing, fence posts, sewer pipe, brick and tile, hog fencing and corn cribbing, of J. A, HAMILTON & CO. as long as they aie in business at Algona, Iowa. STUCCO and F. S. LUMBER Our Specialties: A Complete Stock of . iOD mm at Carpet Felt and Building Paper, Screens, Doors, and Windows,

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