The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 8, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, July 8, 1896
Page 5
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MONEBR (ME Kendall Ifattfif of Webstef City, -"Was tfae foftftdet of Ining With dtfaete He Laid Out the f own in 1856—PianS Were Made for a fiig City f h«tts. The death of ¥ouhg at Webster City recalls a chapter of pioneer historyi Probably but few residents flow kHOW that the town of Irvittgtoa was the flfst one platted and recorded in Kossuth county, and that at one tittte it was pushed by an active set of early settlers foe the first place. Such is the foot, and Ketidall Young was the moneyed man of the trio whb had the .made. three who came from Webster City were Kendall Young, Lytnan Treat, and Geo. Smith. Cyrus Smith was a backer of the Hew company, but his name does not appearon the record. They came in (.he full of J 855, and hud a plan well laid to capture the township officers and then go for the countujgeat. But they failed by a few votedfSrTbe town of li'vlngton was recorded Sept. 19, 1856. It presents a curious pictu're in old book A of the town lot record in the recorder's office. The east and west streets are numbered one, two, three, etc., but the north and south street, beginning at the river, were Bluff, Chestnut, Walnut, Main, Locust, Linden, and Maple. Two parks were provided, Lafayette Square and Public SquareX This old town lay north and east of the present station. It had a public hall, a fine saw mill, and a store. J. C. Heckart at one time had a photograph gallery, and A. M. Johnson was village .blacksmith. Lyman Treat started the store and built the building 1 that still stands, the only mark left of the old town. He was the last of the trio to leave. He sold to Dr. Arm;strong In 1861. The mill the firm brought in was bought later by Lewis H. Smith and E. N, Weaver and brought to Algona. It was located where Guy Grove now lives and was later sold to J. E. Blackford, who for many years made the lumber still to be found in the pioneer buildings. Mr. Young, was a quiet man in those •days, very reliable and highly respected by everybody. He did not remain long and in 1859 returned to Webster City. Algona got 'the start of Irvington and he saw no prospect of any great future for his town. At Webster City he established a bank and has since become very wealthy. Mr. Treat also returned to Webster City, where he Is a wealthy mevohant.^r SKETCH OF A VARIED CAEEER. The Webster City papers give lengthy, accounts of Mr.. Young's career. He was born in Maine, Jan. 19, 1820, and grew up on a farm. He remained at home until he reached the age of 19, when he started out to mako his own way in the world. Soon after attaining the age of 21 he .'became a sailor and in this capacity visited the West India islands, England, and many ports along the coast of the United States. Quitting the sea and returning to Maine he engaged in merchandising, doing a sort of barter trade with the fishermen. After a few years he emigrated to Wisconsin, settling upon a farm In 1844. He caught the gold fever in 1849, .•and in company with six. others crossed the plains in search of the yellow'metal. He engaged in mining at Mormon Island in the American river, and after two and a half years in the mines returned to his home in Maine, taking with him several thousand dollars worth of gold, which was the 'foundation of the adequate fortune which he now leaves behind. His taste of western life rendered him restless in the "slow and easy-going east," and he again turned his face towards the setting sun. A few months later found him located at Sockton, Ills., where he entered into a sort of general business, loaning money," selling merchandise, and owning a part interest in a paper mill". These enterprises did not suit the old sailor-miner, and he again took up the journey to the westward, Soon afterward Mr. Young is found located at Albion, Marshall county, Iowa, associated in business with L. L, Treat, now of this city. A few years later Mr. Young and Mr. Treat removed to Kossuth county. ' 'He died at Battle Creek, Mich., where he had gone lor treatment. A MUNIFICENT BEQUEST. Mr, Young's will leaves practically his whole fortune of .f 150,000 to $200,000 to Webster City for a public library. Twenty-five thousand dollars is set . aside for "the erection of a public library, which can be used as soon as the trustees appointed to look after the 11- brary care to use it; $10,000 is set aside •ts provide books for the library. The will provides that the library shall be located either on Seneca, street or on the site occupied by the lato home of the testator. After t'he death of the wife, Jane Young, the entire estate is to be used for public library purposes, and the building and library shall be known as the Kendall Young library, J, W, Young, F, D. Young, S. Baxter, E. P. Burgess, a,nd W. J, Covil are named as the library trustees at>d are appointed for JJfe, The mayor and city council will have control of certain departments of the llbraryi and an adequate endowment fund is provided for all legitimate needs for all time. The Pt4 Heury Jjuphsinger, who lives south of l^Yerne, got a b»4 twist frota whirlwind of a week ftp 'Tj|e vfjftfj bit Ms pJaee, Wtbing W»olj fcufc wearing appjr* Jig magfaiBery, wagQW wfl-r" 1 legume. eMftpa tetel Y?m?te so wif .tydtfii it »U1 ,£§s.l sto*. »ns ftttd the the th« on _.. his ruined picked ttjtny cftfflei font! .1 ftflft wheh foatrd had a frfftfik 2*8*12 wtttt halter leader eo wound ftFOuftd It hofse (iduld not Wilt, FdrttiBately ahimal notlhjHred, AH this gfstfi Us faftfa ift the track of the Iteffo is lArt * C. A. Molittder's boy got a leg broken last Thursday at Swea Cltv. The boy and hired man had beeft iH the Held to work and each ohe had a teatn and cultivator on which they started trt flda home for dinner, fhe hired man bad a team of colts which got scared ftl bne of the shovelbeams falling, and be- domiiig unmanageable rah over the boy, throwing nun off and breaking both bones of one leg below the knee. The hired man lay under one horse when he came to, but he got the horse up and rode to tho house to get help, the Herald BH.VM. The boy Is getting along nicely now. Last week Monthly a farmer near Bode began cutting oats, and on his second round ran into his little four^ear-old, who had gone Into the grain to see the machine run, cutting off wth feet, one above find one below tho inkle. The West Binid Journal says Dr. BaGhman WHS called to assist in dressing the wounds. The child died. Over at West Bend Thursday Fred Burstbu wns chopping a piece of Ice with a long butcher knife. Mrs. Ole- jon, who WUR waiting for the ice, put ber hand under it as it was about to fall, and the knife came through, cutting her bund a terrible gash. She will doubtless lose the use of one finger, the Advance says. Grant Boughman, a newcomer up leai 1 the state line, wus kicked In the 'ace by a horse last Sunday morning. He was taken to Swea City and Dr. Saundors took enough • st.itches in his cheek to hold the flesh in its natural iondltion. It is an ugly wound which will bo slow in getting well. John Baker, at Ramsay, was working a corn sheller last week. He 3aught his hand in the 'chain belt and his arm was run around the wheel, breaking and crushing the hand and forearm. The Register says the arm will be saved. C. F. Buker of Swea City ran over a bicycle last week in the dark. The rider escaped but the bicycle 'was badly smashed. Miss Harrison at the Bancroft hotel got corrosive sublimate in her eye last week Tuesday. She will not lose her sight. Tornado, Cyclone, and wind storm insurance reduced to 20, 50, and 80 cents por hundre.d for 1, 3, and 5 years. Protect your property. J. L. DONAHOO, 16t4 Algona, Iowa. MIGHT as well he out of the world as out of fashion. Most everybody rides a wheel now. Parish has bicycles for rent or for sale; and he also repairs wheels and everything else. 16 HOUSE-KEEPER wanted. Two men ind six children. Write, statingterms, to J. W. McClelland, Rodman, lo'wa. NOW IS the time to buy shirt waists. The pick of our stock for only 85 cents. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. Money to Loan At straight 7 per cent, interest, (no commission). Can get money in three or four days on perfect title. E. C. MOUNT & SoNi Opera House Block, Algona, Iowa. Notice. All persons owing me on book account please call at once. Hereafter all bills must be paid monthly. 16t4 CYRUS ST. JOHN, Algona. From June 30, to July 17, inclusive, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. will sell excursion tickets to Spirit Lake for $2,80, return coupons good until July 19. HOUSE to rent. 10 Inquire of Louis LESSING, WE are after your crockery trade. Come and see if we aren't, M. Z, rove & Son. WE have some bargains in water sets, glassware, and crockery that will make you want to buy of Grove & Son, FOR time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank. Single Washings Wanted, First-class work guaranteed, Mary E. Wright, one block west of the normal building,^-15t8 FIELD-DAY FOR BANCROFT Their Celehtfttlofi Was & Sneccss, With an Immense tiwd 6f People* y & §ig Whb Praisft the KftCes and boings GehefSlly Bancroft's celebration was A success. Everybody who went from Aigotta says no. The Bancroft people are pleased with it, tho fact* track association came out eveh or better, the oratioti Was eloquent and the horses swift. Hob. J. H. Funk filled all expeota* tlons, being eloquent, logical And practical. Ho was unable to make connections for home Saturday and remained ns a guest of the town over Sunday, giving a talk on temperance in the grove Sunday afternoon. The singing and band music, the industrial parade were all bettor than was anticipated. The crowd Was bej'ond all calculations and was well provided for. Over 2,000 bought tickets for the races In the afternoon. The time made by the horses was not fast, but It was a fast lot of horses. Ida M. was In good trim, Gildersleevo was not, but gave tho mare a hot half mile race. Billy Muck, Mattte K, Oklahoma Sal, and other speeders were In. The ball game ran Into the dark and was declared a. draw. The Friday races were good, and well attended. On the five-eighths mile Ida M. won, Oklahoma Sal second. On the three- quarters mile Gildersleeve won. Following were the winners on the Fourth: Half mile and repeat, Billy Mack first, Mattie K. second; mile and repeat, Pauline first, Oklahoma Sal second; mile and a half dash, Ida M., half mile and mile, Flontaroa, mile and a half; pony race, Seneca Boy first, Little Jessie second. The Fourth nl Wesley. WESLEY, July 6.—The grand and glorious old Fourth of July bus come and gone again, but not without its usual amount of exciting incidents both of the past and present time. The day was all that could be desired, not too warm and with a cloudless sky. About 10 a. m. the crowd began to gather and the small boy to burn his usual amount of fire crackers, the band began to play and the town put on its gala attire and we began to think the Fourth was here. At 10:80 the procession formed and marched to F. Hume's grove, where the speaking took place. Mr. Bohar of Algona arrived on the 11 o'clock train and was escorted to the stand, where he entertained his hearers for an hour or more. At 2 o'clock the races began at the race track north of town. F. A. Corey's horse took first money on running race, Frank Bacon took first on the pony race, D. B. Bacon's horse, Wildwood, took first money on the trotting races, Z. S. Barrett's horse second. In the evening the street attractions took-place, such as sack races, foot races, egg races, and was very exciting to say the least. The bicycle race took place at the race track, Miss McVenice taking first money and Mrs. F. C. Bacon second. The fireworks in the evening were grand. Take it all around, Wesley had a first class celebration. HAPPY MARRIAGE Iff IEVINGTOH. John W. Dllts and Mies Luella An- druaa are United for Life. Rev. Landis of the Baptist church performed the ceremony at the Andruss home in Irvington which last week Tuesday united Miss Luella Andruss and John W. Dilts in matrimony. Only the near relatives of the couple were invited, and immediately after the ceremony they took the train for Randolph, Freemont county, where their future home is to be. The groom owns a large farm and is well-to-do and highly spoken of by all. The bride has grown up in the county and is esteemed by a wide circle of friends. Many wishes for the best in life go with them to their new home. Teachers* Institute, The thirty-second session of the Kossuth County Teachers' institute will begin at 8 o'clock a. ra,, Monday, Aug. 3, at the high school building and continue in session two weeks. Following are the instructors: Supt. B. F, Reed, conductor, school law; Prof. W. N. Hull, Chicago, psychology and physi» ology; Prof. G. W, Young, Pipestono, Saturday, July 18, 1896, we will offer at public sale, at our store in Algona, all goods remaining unsold at that date, want th® building for other purposes, and in this way propose, disposing of all remaining stock at once, Until such tim§ ah excellent opportunity will be given to secure goods for present or future use at auction prices, T§rms gash or secured i., i B< eres P S. CftFrbN, Algtffift, tHdftetiesttiMi Af teetifc? UN. Mlhfrte Ti Hftteli, Mo flee, hlsWff &»d Wsitdttrg; Mw. Stella £ Meed, AlgdHft," isslst&fit. F1V6 &V6fti&£6 <H1I fee defied ttt iff* Struct)^ leotut»e& &fid gftteftftifiifiefik All teachers are requested id be fifes* eftt ftfid fenmlti during the 6titire 66s- sion. The adopted text books In elites ftnd economics can be purchased at the institute, and teachers need not g the tnnltei 4 much ftltetitioH till t ehroll. Circulars of detailed tHst tlon will be (nulled tooach teachec. 8. F, Ratso, County Superintendent. ey A PINE two'Sedted survey can tioi* be bought, at A. M, & 0. M, Johnson's fof $85, Call and see it, 16 CHINA timttlttgs-f-ftotljtagr tieate? of cooler for floof covering for abed room. Cheap as the cheapest caf pet, with but half the trouble and dust. We have them from I5c a yard Up. GfeO. L. GALBttAlTH & CO. BURNS does tin work of all kinds, also roofing, plumbing, etc. Always open for engagements. SEE those water sets at 00 cents at Grovo & Son's. Farm LonnR tit (t per Ceiit. And the expenses of making the loan Can be paid at option of the borrower. Interest payable annually unless otherwise preferred. The loan can be paid In whole or in part tit any Interest date. HOXIB & BBUNSON. Mrs. YVm, Clenry Is now ready to give the Indies nny kind of balhs. Alwo massage and other hygienic treatment. Can furnish board and room to those who wish. Address Mrs. Wm. Clenry, box 045, Algona, Iowa.—1413 AMONG THE ADVERTISERS. Get a ticket for Doxsee's bicycle. Robinson's cut rate sale on hardware continues. Hogs still bring $2.76 locally. Buyers say they ought not to pay over$2.60. Ringling's circus is announced this week. That is all that is needed. It drew 24,000 people at Mason City on the Fourth. You can have your pick of shirt waists ut Galbraith's for 85 cents. It will pay to buy at that price to hold over till next year. Everything left in the Grange store stock goes at iniution Saturday, July 18. There will be a Bplendid chance to get some fine goods at low prices. The coupon range contest for the little girls didn't pan out well at Eagle Grove. One girl got 8,420 coupons, and then the others pooled on her and bent her. There is heartache in that neighborhood. It will pay everybody looking for a cheap farm' to nol.e the new announcement of the Northern Paciflc Railway company in this issue. The Northern Pacific has the pink of Minnesota cheap lands, and it is selling cheap. The Wilson mills thought they had flour enough ground up. to let Miller Russell go to Maine for a vacation. Within ten days of the shut down the supply began to ^et scarce and for three weeks the mills have had to be sot going again. The Daisy flour is being used more and more. Stock Buyer Wilson, formerly of Bancroft, was in town yesterday. He says low stock prices are due to the big supply and,short demand. Many more hogs and cattle have been sold in Chicago this year than ever before, while the laborers who eat them are on scant rations. Hogs have averaged 24 pounds a head heavier than ever before. At present heavy fat cattle are going up. WHEN you see the name "Burns" it makes you think of double-beaded gutters and eave spouting, the best on tbe market, He sells and puts it up, and his prices are right, IF your cistern is not full of good rain water it is because you did not see Burns and have him put up some of his doublo-beaded gutters for you. Do It before another rain comes. Money, I am loaning money on farm lands at six per oenl. interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of, paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of paying interest. J.J.RYAN. . Office over the postofflce, Algona, Iowa, THE nicest water set you ever saw' for the money at M. Z. Grove & Son's, CUBE FOB, HEADACHE.. As a remedy for all forms of headache Electric Bitters has proved to be the very best. It effects a permanent cure, and the most dreaded habitual sick headaches yield to Its influence. We urge all who are at* flioted to procure a bottle and give this remedy a trial. In cases of habitual constipation Electric Bitters cures by giving the needed tone to the bowels, and few cases long resist the use of this medicine. Try it once, Large bottles only 60 cents at L. A. Sheetz' drug store. % YU THE MILWAUKEE WflB, SPECIAL EXCURSION BATES TO SPIRIT LAKE, JULY 10, 11, 14 AND 16, On July 10,11,14 and 16 special ex^ cureion rate to Spirit Lake and return will be $1.90 from AJgoija. These tickets are limited to date of sale, both going and returning, but epeolal instructions will be issued to conductors to honor return tickets'sol^J on- Saturday, July lit until Monday, July 13; and tloKfite spld on July JO, 14 and 19 yiil be honored fop tbe return trip until the day following tbe date of sale, rsapeot- iveay, July JJ ? 16 and 17, k No speoja.1 traim w|U be These ticKete i9» elude admission $ p ^, e cbautagqua Program, fop §1^9 da^a ie ~ When you buy f lour, why not buy the best ? Especially whe« yau <;aH get the 1 best—and a ehotee article It , is, teo—for the sawe tnottey that te. charged for less worthy grades We stand by our flour—so do the eoti* , >, sumers. They kno\v what they want, and they want- , Wilson Mills Flour, '•••$ "."M and will have no other. That shows their good judgment, and .. '.(. is a capital recommend for good goods. •• *' "$„ MILLET AND FLAX SEED-Plenty of it now "& on hand. For sale at the old stand by Letiette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate". WE ARE GOING TO Give Away A Bicycle. With every cash purchase made at our store during the rest of June and in July to the amount of $i (barb wire and nails excepted) we will give a ticket which will entitle the holder to one chance in drawing a Crescent Bicycle. This Bicycle is one of the best made of its kind, and 'is'suitaBle* for either boy or girl from 10 to 15 years of age. OUR $39 WHEEL is selling. It is as good as the best $60 wheel on the market, and better than the majority. You are always sure of repairs if you need them, for it is made by the oldest bicycle house in the United States. C. M. DOXSEB, ORANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection BuaineBB.- Offlce over Algona State Bank, Fiirmers' of Cedar Baplds, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of Now York, , Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, ' Rooliford of R'ookford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New YorJr. v United States Life of New York. GEO. M. BAILEY* Hardware. We will lay wide open the books of prices for the next 30 days and invite everybody to examine the prices on i Bicycles, . Screen Door$$& Q-asoline Stoves, and Builders' Hardwar^; : Please call at the olcl stand and get prices from J, W, Robitisoti. [Successor to 0. L, Lund,] PBALEK. IN Grain, Feed, : Hard and Soft frfc W Restaurant ' : | - Luncli Is now JQ its BPW jopat}9n-tfee I** *>ut%»g ; Serves meals «,t r

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