The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 8, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1896
Page 1
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•T,-:-.: O l!. , - >e^ ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY , I. Now you a Drink. DAM AGE DONE BY STORMS, Wi'ight County Suffered the Most loss ftohi Those which Passed Ovef Here Last Week* I*hil, Manna's Novel Advertising vet's Plan of Campaign—Miscel* laneous Northwest News. You need a a water set. See that line of fancy new water sets at QQ cents for your choice, at M. Z. Grove & Son's, TBL/BFHONB 19. All the season our store has been headquarters for Shirt Waists. .The garments we have sold have given satisfaction in fit and wear. Every lady who has purchased waists here knows what the prices have been. You can take your pick now for only 85c. Old prices were from $1 to $2. G. L. Galbraith & Co. Both the big hail storm of two weeks ago and the whh'lwind of a week ago Saturday evening ai'e reported in Wright county, which lies southeast of Kossuth, both doing great damage, The Clarion Monitor in its report says: Last Wednesday was a hot, sultry day and towards evening indications of rain were apparent. Not far frotn midnight the storm came, and 60 far as wind, rain, and hail is concerned it was the worst in the history .of the county. •It came from the northwest and passed in a southeasterly direction through Norway, Clarion, and Bluine townships, the principal damage being done in the first two. The greatest damage in this county was in Norway township, where the crops of nearly a score of farmers were rendered almost worthless, while a few in this township fared but little better. On Saturday evening another storm of the same kind came up about 7 o'clock, reaching out a couple of miles on either side of the track of the first one. The rain not only fell in torrents, but hail also, and large fields of oats, corn, barley, and wheat in Norway, Belrnond, Clarion and Iowa townships were badly injured, the loss being estimated at from 30 to 50 per cent, of the entire crop. Up to date 55 losses have been reported where the parties had insurance in the Farmers' Mutual Hail company of Iowa, (as we learn through W. W. Sheplee,) and it is not probable that over one-half are so fortunate as to have insurance. Those who have been over the ground estimate the entire loss to be fully $20,000, about one-third of which is covered by insurance in the company named. Steps ai*e being taken for the adjustment of losses and when completed wo will publish the same. AT IRVINCTON, IOWA. Fancy Patent Flour, per sack, Bed Rose Flour, per sack, . . . Family Flour, per sack, . . • • Granulated sugar, per hundred, . Eggs, per dozen, , . . . . , Yours respectiully, J, R, & G. 1 Dutton, $1.00 0.90 0.75 5;50 0.09 P, L, SLAG-LE, Manuf acturer and dealer in Harness, Saddles, Whips, and all Harness goods. Also a full line of Trunks, Grips, and Telescopes. Repairing neatly and promptly done, J sell DR, JOSEPH HAAS' REMEDY FOR HOG CHOLERA, Positively the best remedy for cholera in hogs •or oliloUeus, dome and see we, at new stiwa, .advising Obrtstessen's livery Uarn. Good Paintini ttQUSi PAINTIHC ANP ,,,. - ;all at , , , , Farmers' Exchange Store, south of court house and investigate the plan by which we propose to copy and enlarge a photo ?fany or all of our customers. See Sample of the work in our show window, In the meantime we have a few close prices to give you on groceries, Yours for trade, , Anderson & Wins. Head !. MoBwneafe , A Chapter of Hanim'8 Siftlngs. Phil. C. Hanna is encouraging the cause of reform in Eagle Grove. His last advertisement reads: What's the matter with Hanna? He's doing his best to be "all right." Don't you gals and boys want to help him to be good? The way to dp is to patronize the Venezuelan. Temperance Drug store. You. eatvHSuy. anything you need there for lessy.mqney than at any other place irf'Ea'gJlerGrov'e,'and at the same time will show that you have a practical interest in the cause of temperance by helping to sustain one temperance drug store in this city. Don't you want to help the church of this city without costing you anything? If so, trade with us, for we propose to give 15 per cent, of bur sales to the churches of tbis city for the next 60 days. Fifteen per cent, of our receipts on Monday will go to the Catholic church. Fifteen per cent, on Tuesday to the Baptist. Fifteen per cent, on Wednesday to the Congregational church. Fifteen per cent, on Thursday to the Methodist church. Or those who buy of us after this date can pay their bills on the day of their church or the church they wish to assist. We want to help the churches, so do you, and by this plan it won't cost you anything. You simply " press the button," and we do the rest. Or, if you don't care to help these churches we will give you our regular discount check good for 10 per cent, of the amount you buy. We will now see how many citizens of this moral city are consistent in their interest in the churches and in sustaining a temperance drug store in Eagle Grove, Polllver's Plan of Campaign. Register Special: Indications point to a fusion candidate for congress against J, P. Dolliver, the present incumbent, and an effort will be made to get some silver republican to bolt and become the candidate of the democrats and populists, The district is strongly republican, and they think that the on* ly show. Mr, Dolliver is making preparations to make the fight of his life and has the utmost confidence in his ultimate success. His campaign will begin early and he will be in it to the finish, He proposes to inaugurate a novel method of campaigning, which is likely to become very popular with we constituents. A large tent has been secured, capable of seating more than a thousand people, and with that he is going to go through the district, making every point where he can strike a telling blow for his party, Where the fight is thickest will be seen the white flapping canvas of Dolliver's tent, and he will draw more people than a three' ring circus, ^ ^ A J^ucUy StroHe o* I4|fUWiw«. Si£ty*twQ sparrows were found dead in the front yard of J. O, Plougher's reeiaenoe a,t Perry, the morning atter the storm last week, How they wet their deat,h it is impossible to say, but Mr. Blougher thi»ka they were struck by lightning, JJe dug a bole IB the ground aqA buried them. A PwrJQWi BeHe« While cutting off the top of » a^ad tree aear Mre. Slwp'e °^bin at Qkobo- ji a, workman, pj,me upon an Indian ar» row of the fashioo wees! by the, Siaus at the time Qi tbe massacre, we geaeoa say?, I* has beea a4<Je.a $9 %e ewe el reiipa sffeich th,e the prospects for Its construction fere good, It is proposed to erect a build* ing at a cost of $20,000, which Will have a seating capacity of 8,000. Mason City Blcycio Meet. The Mason City wheelmett have a meet on August 6 and 6. Fully $1,000 th prizes will be offered, PEBBONAli MOVEMENTS. Oeo. C. Call went to Sioux City yesterday. Geo. W. Sanborn came from. Mason City last evening. , Gardner Cowles* children are visiting in Port Dodge. Mrs. L. Dodge got away for her Wls* consin visit Monday evening, Mrs. Harry Dodge's children are visiting her sister at Ipwa Palls. Mrs. Henry Winkle and child are visiting at the Geo. Slnipkins home, Mr. and. Mrs.. A. J. .Robison were over from Britt for a visit yesterday. Mrs. J. P. Taylor of Charles City visited her brother, D. S. Ford, over Sunday. • Chas. Ray, Stephenson & Stacy's tinner, has a job at Eugle Grove. He goes today. Miss Stella Johnson, daughter of W. W. Johnson, is here from Minneapolis for a visit at Dr. Sheetz'. Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler and Mrs. Guy Grove are at Albion for a few weeks' visit about the old home. Chas. McCoy visited at Dr. McCoy's over Sunday. He is now running a lumber yard in Minneapolis. Misses Carrie Carlyon of Clear Lake and Nell Fletcher of Minneapolis are visiting Mabel and Ruby Smith. Mrs. Wadsworth, mother of J. W. and T. H., goes to her Wisconsin home tonight. Henry may go with her. Miss Mattie Robinson is down from Minneapolis for a ten days' visit with Miss Minnie Shadle and her other old friends. Geo. Louer of Amboy, Minn., is visiting his daughter, Mrs. C. C. Samson. Also Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Walker of Kasson, Minn. Mrs. R. F. Hedrick and daughter, Anna Belle, went to Mason City last Friday for a two weeks' visit with Mrs. Hedrick's mother. R. S. Pinkerton and wife of Adair, Iowa, are here for a months' viait with relatives and their many friends. They drove through by team. The continued popularity X White STR ji j Means there is great merit in it. Try it and; be convinced. Langdon & Hudson. TBI/BFHONB KO. IS. Fine Oak and Birch Chamber Supt. and Mrs. Reed spent the Fourth at Iowa Falls. -B. -I. Salllnger was orator and a big celebration was held. Mr. Reed reports S. C. Platt as well and happy. C. B.'Matson, after a week at home, returned to Rolla yesterday. He says Missouri is all right and he is just closing a deal whereby the firm buys 12,000 acres near Rolla. M. N. Dayton, Mrs, J. W. Robinson's father, was in Algona Monday,. He holds several thousand dollars of securities bought of C. L. Lund, but found on examination that they were all right. . Mrs, ,T. F. Nicoulin and little boy started Monday to spend a couple of months with friends in Janesville, Appleton, and Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. Nicoulin will go in a week and spend ten days at the old home, Mr. Adolph Lund came from Chicago for his brother's funeral. He has visited in Algona many times and has as many warm friends as he has acquaintances. His wife, a beautiful and accomplished woman, was buried less than four weeks ago, and this double grief, added to as it was by the attending circumstances, was hard to bear. He returned to Chicago Monday night to care for his three little children, At remarkably low prices. We are also making special prices on odd pieces of upholstered goods. Complete stock of Undertaking Goods. N 1 OT only YOUNG Men, but.. Mothers Sisters, Sweethearts Desire BEAUTIFUL HOMES. REMEMBER I am still in the Ice Business. Prices as low as anybody's. Good service or no pay. Peter WinkeL THESE CAN BE P URCHASED from the Land Department of the Northern Pacific Railroad, by the side of the R UNNING streams and beautiful lakes of Central Minnesota, or on the R OLLING prairies in the famous VALLEY of the RED RIVER' of the NORTH, at marvellously low prices and easy terms. SIDER carefully the following unequaled inducements, that you may choose wisely: Prices: From $2 to $8 per acre. Terms: To HOMErMAKERS, TEN YEARS' TIME; one- TENTH cash, balance in ten equal annual payments, at SIX per cent, interest, ,. , j : j * jSoil: Very rich and. productive; peculiarly adapted to diversified farming; general failure of crops unknown. Excellent fishing, hunting, boating, and general recreation. For particulars and publications, write to o. -W. :M:O I X»X', General Emigration Agent N". P. R. M,, 8T, PAUIt, MINN, WM. #", PHIPP3, Land Commissioner, DINGLEY, COOK & CO., our sales solicitors, will furnish, information, accompany prospective buyers wishing to examine North-, ern Pacific lands, and receive applications for their purchase, Apply to them, personally or by letter, at Algona, Iowa, E. G. BOWYER, now at the new stand In the Boston blpott, line a complete stock of AND PINE JEWELRY, OPTICIAN, rc « ,»«e of cfcftrge, fcarge line of op tlpal goo4s always on han<J. Repairing of fine mtvbw <n specialty- QJ? WO PAY, Salesmen Wanted, «,,„ jert fiWffltoiosie opmtote tew Pi $te; mto3sm.mBmj8^x^S^?'w • *??***_ Sidewalk, Paving, and Building , -,,, r Tile, Sewer Pipe, Stone, Feng© Ppst^ Woven Fencing, Felt Hoofing, All kinds of Hardwpod Lumber and Wagon Stock, ' These are a few of the man y things yqu can get of •$ -m ••','JS ">fi M ;* i^ •• ***« J, A, Hamilton &• Co. Foundry and tf'.**£^ kM:^

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