The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 1, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1896
Page 7
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m$(JW,?$T-™"f/>y< , /'V., 'j'''*v*'T\ /'"£',£";;; : .,7'~t','•- > <- ; *--<•;• Vj'vf'^l^-;'^^ k * . J- i *i - , " - ' ' .' • L ..„*','•. •^-^.^ „ - ^..J^^Am.iiUk^itoa^k. A*' ib\i*;-«k 3* •• *#tftj* .7 ,-?,. "," ,.„.. '& \ r^Sfe, ffil UHtatt'J&M ^'^^^^S^-^IWMI . *~j T l5'*' l . >T j/'V'iA f*£'VW '2J1X-.H&' ^V;^5ffe^ ^ft|gf!fl6l6h If Oftg Affica. It *?aa cttltltated in Egypt B. <J. 2600. „ , f *6 VdJcaftbfeS 1ft le'efand are advertised fat sale ft a Copenhagen pa»e? 1?MDHde*a"sked Is about |500. ' AH examination o! the eyes of white fcfcd colored children lh the Washington Schools shows that the latter are touch less liable tb shortsightedness and as. tiginatlsim Ma*im has discovered that the heat developed by the combustion of smokeless pott'deFis"stlch as'to cause car* btiratiott of the gUh steel, converting it into soft iron, Were it not far the multitude of etorks that throng to Egypt every win-ter there Would be fto living In the country, for after every inundation frogs appear in most incredible numbers. The longest Egyptian railroad now extends to Girgeh, 326 miles from Cairo. It is soon to be extended to the first cataract, 710 miles front the coast. This means, of course, an ultimate railroad connection with the British possessions in South Africa. A new paving material has been Invented made partly of cork. Various Ingredients, of which cork forms a considerable part, are pressed into blocks, and the result is a substance which, while cheap to produce, is durable, client, non-absorbent and affords a good foothold for horses. Through Yellowstone 1'urk on a Bicycle. The passenger department of the Burlington Route has issued—and will gladly mail to anyone who will ask for it—a little booklet giving full information about the best way to make the tour of Yellowstone Park on a bicycle. There is nothing experimental about the. idea. The trip has been made again and again—to the supreme satisfaction of every ,one_of the dozens of riders who have been bold enough to undertake it. The booklet contains a good map of the park and also tells the reader what the trip costs, what the roads are like, what. to take, etc. Write for a copy. J. Francis, General Passenger Agent, Omaha, Neb. The first telephone wire was stretched between Boston and Bomerville, a distance of three miles, in 1877. X.ow Rate Excursion South. On the first and third.Tuesdays of each month till October about hall rates for the round trip will be made to points in the South by the Louisville & Nashville railroad. Ask your ticket agent about it, and if he cannot sell you excursion tickets write to C. P. Atmore, General Passenger Agent, Louisville, Ky., or Geo. B. Bo.rner, D. 1'. A., St. Louis, Mo. The late Bacou Hirsctt received an average of 400 begging; letters a day, and never .read them, though he gave away as much as $15,000,000. • For lung and chest diseases Piso's Cure is the best medioin »we have used.—Mrs. J. L. Northcott, Windsor, Ont., Canada. Dawson.Oldbanv for forty years a member of |h e l^Mhpdist..chuTch at Whitehall,. Ky., has never in that time missed a ser- inon. FITS stopped freo and pprmnneptlv riir-d. No flls after lli'bt day's tig's of J)r. Kline's Great l\«rve .Restorer. Free $2 trial bouliMliul tieat i-o ilarv. clous cures. Du.KLJNE.831 ArchSt. Pliliaile.phla.Pa Ninety-nine divorce cases were heard in four days last week in Worcester, Muss. If tbo Baby Is Cutting Teeth, Be sure and use that old and well-tried remedy. Mns. WISSLOW'S SOOTHING Svnur for Children Teething. tier Story of How Sho Was £&* Stored to Before ftttd Afttr the tttfth 6t Mcf Clilld. From etery felty^ town and hatnletofc this vast continent) c v ome letters" froifc ffomf'.tlidse -whose Passion flowers and roses make the porches veritable bowers of bloom these early summer days. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is a constitutional cure. Price, Vfio. • Seventy-two races inhabit the world and ase 8,004 different languages. 'There are about 1,000 religions. Hftgeman'B CarnpHor Ice wltli Glycerine. The original and only genuine. Cures Chapped Hundd •ml Face, Cold Sores, <to. 0. Q. Clark Co., N, Haven, Ct The Chicago postoffioe which cost the government more than §1,000,000 has been Bold for 815,000. As people grow old their ideal woman becomes one who is a good nurse. In ]3ia the central districts of London were totally destroyed by flre. The room iu which Napoleon I. died is now a stable. .,..,,„ hav<\ been livable as&ist them, •ffotttthatttu berless «J whose 6onfl : dence in Mrs. Pinkham's advice and the curative properties of her Vegetable' Compound Is Every letted received from women Is recorded, and hundreds of volumes of cases treated aid In furnishing practical information for the women of to-day, No letters are published without the request of the writer. The strictest confidence is observed. The following letter represents thousands:— " I always enjoyed good health until six months before the birth of my babe. Then I was very weak; my back ached all the time. My physicians said I would be all right after the birth of the 'child, but I was not, although at that time I had the best of care. The pains in my back were almost ira- bearable. I had leucorrhcea, in its worst form; menstruations were painful. "Any work or care would entirely unnerve me. When my babe was 11 months old, friends persuaded me to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Before I had taken one bottle I felt the effects. My back did not ache so badly, and I felt stronger. After taking four bottles I felt well. My ambition returned, menstruations were painless, leucorrhcea entirely cured, and I could take care of my Labe and do my housework. I shall always recommend your Vegetable Compound for all women, especially for young mothers."—Mits. 11. L. QOOLD, Oregon, AVis. If Mrs. Goold had been well before the birth of her child, subsequent suffering ,would have been avoided. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound should always be taken before and after birth, in order that the system may withstand the shock. HOUSEHOLD HINTS. Boiled ham, tongue or beef should Invariably be cooled In the water in ( wh.ich It was cooked,.for it,makes the Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding 1 of the transient nature of the many physical ills, whiuU vanish befpre prpper efr f Qi'ts—B'enttB eft'orts-r-p]leasant sflwts^- rightly directed. Thore is comfort i», the Knowledge, th$ §9 many fpyrospi; sickness ar? not tine to say aptuftl <W' ease, bjit simply to ft cons,tipped wpflj- tion Qf.the system, wMeh the pjea§atit , everywUere esteemed go who'valus tf«oa' health, ita effects are due to tjw faqtyt vojw&y which promotes .. by all meat moist and tender. For jelly it is not generally known that shank of mutton bones will give as much Jelly as a calf's foot at less than a quarter of the cost. Lemonade should never be made in a tin vessel; the acid of the lemons with the tin forms a poison, which is very apt to produce severe sickness. In severe paroxysms of coughing, give a mixture of pure good glycerine and good whisky— a dessertspoonful of each. These ingredients must be well mixed. • The porcelain sink or bath tub can be cleaned by scrubbing with hot soda water and then rubbing it with sand or rottenstone, where there are hard stains. Table salt, which is dried for the table, should be allowed to grow cold before being placed in the salt cellars. If this is not done the salt cakes together in lumps. Cane-bottomed chairs should • be washed on the under side,' using a sponge and hot water, with soap, if much soiled. The cane should be con> pletely soaked and dried in the air. The most useful pan that any housewife can possess is a large deep frying or brazing pan, with upright sides and lid. If possible, .this should be of copper, and not less than four and a half to six inches deep and twelve across. ' In such a pan as this nearly every cooking operation can be carried on. Very hard yust on tin utensils can be removed by scouring with paraffine and sand. After this treatment a good boiling Jn soda water will be necessary. To remove rust from steel, rub plenty of oil on to the steel, and do not wipe It off for three days. Then polish with Hnely po \yderefl unslacked -.lime UJ1 a51 the rust disappears, A good tpothwaeh can .be made at home for ft trifling cost, as follows; Dissolve two ounces of borax in three pints of boiling water; before quite cold add a teaspoonful pf tincture of myrrh and a teaspoopful of good eau de cologne or spirits of camphor. Hajf ft)} the tumbler with this solu<- tion and add sufficient water to flU It up: , yse- this -wash daily after each weal, and the teeth will be preserved and. «*lftti**i bled And o! the best-kndWft necktie torifes bti (irahd street has t6f its Iftteftdent ft big, Jolly fellow, Wh6< white ah eiceflefct business Matt, is of rather a trusting, unsuspicious nature, say's the New York Mall aid Express. tHrectly under his supervision are seV« enteen young women about as quick* wilted as can be found In a day's walk ott the east side. They receive a stlp- "tated sum pef week ahd ate toot fe* on legal holidays. About the ago, so the superintendent :eils a reporter, application was made to him by one of the employes tor a "day off" to go to a funeral. A ferattd* mother was dead, The request Was granted. During the same week an» other girl asked leave to stay away to attend the funeral of a cousin. This was granted also. Following these requests came a most alarming mortality among the relatives of the em- ployes. In twelve weeks the seven* teen girls had been off thirty-six times to attend funerals. Sometimes it Was an uncle, sometimes an aunt, and again a grandfather. The original applicant appeared to suffer the most frequent bereavement. She had been away four times in four weeks to go to a funeral. When she made her fifth request the manager called her into his office. "Do you expect to get married soon?" he asked. "Well, I don't know," replied the girl, opening her big black eyes in surprise. "Why do you ask, Mr. Brown?" "1 suppose," replied the superintendent, ignoring the question for a moment, "that In case you do marry you hope to have children?" "Well, I hadn't thought of that," was the young woman's response, "but I suppose 1 would like to have children of my own. Certainly." "I am glad to hear It," said Mr. Bi'own. "Please tell me what you mean," asked- the necktiemaker. "I don't understand you." "1 simply thought," said the fat superintendent, as he took the payroll book from its shelf, "that your family was in danger of becoming extinct. Here you have burled your uncle, your aunt, your cousin, your grandfather, and now you are going to your sister's funeral. There won't be any of .you left pretty soon." The young woman reddened and after a painful pause she said she would withdraw her application for time off. Then the superintendent went into the general workroom. "Young ladies," he said, "I regret to be obliged to announce that hereafter I shall be obliged to limit each of you to two funerals a month. I am sorry to do this but if this epidemic keeps up I shall expect that you will fall victims yourselves. Your families are dropping off so rapidly that I 'cannot look for any other result. Do you catch the drift of my remarks?" There was a-deep silence for a moment and then a giggle. Mr. Brown went back to his books. There hasn't been a death since he spoke—a month ago. wit, HUMdi? ANSI &Atnte«ttfiia» INAL AM5 SELEG*TEO. — tt&l* tot ttati Wfifif Phyllis Id & sportive girl, A maid of many, parts; As quick and graceful as a squirrel At all the outdoor arte. For ehe can wheel and row and ride, (Her costumes are perfection) Tennis and golf are both her pride, (And so is her complexion). She shoots—ah! how she does display Those eyes that fire the darts, For be it known, both night and day, Her game is always hearts. —8. M. JC. A CURIOUw INCIDENT. The Sou of the Baronet Was a Highwayman. A gentleman had been staying on a visit with a certain baronet, and when leaving behaved very liberally to the domestics, having distributed among them a more than usual amount of money, says the Strand Magazine. He was to proceed on his journey alone on horseback, and just as he was putting his foot in the stirrup to start, the groom who assisted him and had been a sharer in 1 hi's bounty contrived to approach him closely and whisper, unperceived, this startling warning in his ear: "See if your pistols be loaded as soon as you are beyond the domain," The gentleman, while riding on, forthwith did so, and to his astonishment found that the charges had been withdrawn. He at once reloaded the weapons, placing a bullet in each. By nighttime he reached Wortham heath and on coming* upon It he was stopped by a masked and mounted highwayman, who rode up to him fearlessly and leveled a pistol at his head, Intimating that he must have his money. The gentleman fired instantly in self-defense, and his assailant fell dead. To gallop to the nearest habitation and give the alarm was the work of a few minutes on the part of the traveler, He re* turned within an hour with men* and lights to the spot, when, p»> taking the mask from the bleeding corpse of the highwayman, he to his horror disco V" ered, him to be no other than the son of the baronet whose hospitality he had so recently been enjoying. This son had, of course, been one of his friendly and social companions during hie stay. An Inquest was hejd, when It \vas fqund out that it was indeed the baronet's son— a gambler ruined by play— who had b?en in tne habit of waylaying wealthy guests as they departed from his father's house. Up to It. He had been taking as many of bin meals down town as possible, so saya the Detroit Free Press, and happening in only at odd intervals, as a man always does when there Is work around the house that he might do in connection with the spring cleaning. "Orlando," she said, "I have been brushing the moths out of your military uniform." "I'm much obliged, I'm sure." "It reminded me that I hadn't heard you say anything about your rifle practice for some time. You are keeping it up. are you not?" "Of course." "And you must have improved a great deal by this time?" "Improved? Well, I should say so. I can hit the bull's eye at 200 yards more times than any other man in the company." "That's splendid. I wish I could see you do it. But, of course, you wouldn't want me following you around everywhere." "Perhaps it wouldn't be best." "I'll tell you what you might do, though." "What is it?" "You might come home early tomorrow afternoon and let me see how many times in succession you can hit the head of a carpet tack with the hammer. It seems simple, but you know, dear, you used to have a great deal of trouble doing even that, and T, should so like to see -how you have improved!'' Won His Bet. A bewildered looking farmer stood in the center of > Haymarket square Thursday, ,looklng,.at the, trolley wire. The electric car came along and slowed up. , They rang the bell and shouted , at him and ordered 'him to move. He still kept looking at the wire and making inarticulate sounds with his lips. "Get off the earth, you Jersey calf!" shouted .the motorman. The old man was fairly bumped by the slow moving car before he moved, Then he jumped and said, "I did it, by thunder!" Where's my money?" He looked around cautiously and then he said: "You seen .a red-faced feller with a white mustache waxed? I want him. He bet me $6 I couldn't look at that 'ere wire three minutea and count two hundred, I've done It.' 1 "Did you put up the money?" • "Sure," was the reply. "Ding-dong," went the bell,—Lewiston Journal, fli Miles. One huftdfed Hew WoFflS aft adtied to* the ftftflfeii dafigtial • "Mdre thaV«fce>haif df the . the athio^p'hefels within si* thousafid feet of tne surface '61 the eirtlL the sacred Bd tfee of deywn is said to haVe sprung from a slifi of the tree Under *'hich Bliddha Was twrfn. LenehLtfck and Humboldt both say that a single pound of the Attest spider webs Would reac'h aroUhd the world, A .dealer says there Ifc ffidre steel used in the manufacture of pens than In all the sword and gun factories in the World. The bones of the skull are arched because in that form tbs greatest strength is combined with thfe least weight and quantity of material, The Saxon village ef filsleben, fa* mous as the birthplaco of Luther, is falling into decay as the result of continued earthquake shocks, which began in 1892. Some workmen in a Crorham (N. H.) carpenter shop have a queer pet. It is a handsome butterfly, which has stayed in the .chop all winter and is, very tame. A cow has been known to recognize the picture of a catt, and "the tiger is said to bo drawn to a trap by the picture of a companion. The timid horse, however, takes no notice of a picture, and a cat will not spring at a painted bird. An improved snake story comes from . Calcutta. Two tame pythojis were kept together, when one swallowed the other. The inside snake, feeling uncomfortable In the other's midst, proceeded to eat its way out at the other end. It is stated that the Salem Museum, Massachusetts, has In Its possession a cherrystone containing a dozen silver spoons. The stone is of the ordinary size, the spoons being so small that their shape and finish can be distinguished only by the microscope. my mm of .tutor aftet tftt. LABOR NOTES. _A court in France has decided tha it is not unlawful to aid and abet or influence worklngmen>to strike. ItJB 'nrojapsedUo change labor day in Workers' Affialgalftateii assoclhttfc SL Louis tMfitihg has" adopted reBoHillohB- he reflection of sky as president of Union. The strike at the Quinsy i . , Worke shows nd ttotic6aWe\ cfaaftPi rom ft Week ago. - The men are skill out and are determined the blttef end," ., - • • <.s avery employing baker In fittiui Minn.,has signed the tifiion wage's 1 ; '" The journeymen bakers are jubilant over the fact and ook bright to them. There Is a lumber 'famine ,t pie dreek and this makes It impassible.4| ;o give work to any more carpenter^ ^ ;han are now In tho ill*fated town. In fact, the supply of" ters is in excess of the demand. There is Bitch a demand for enterprise and work that three too many people are rushing into trlcal occupations. Electricity adopted In the gold mines of OftliforhMfl and a bfg'increase,in this year's^j is assured. - ' « HISTORICAL. , , Madagascar was eo named by early explorers, from the Malagasy, or Malays,_who Inhabited It. The age order of Presidents when Inaugurated was as follows: W. rlson, Buchanan, Taylor, Jackson, Adams, Monroe, Madison, Jefferson,' Quincy, Adams, Washington, Johnson, B. Harrison, Hayes, Van Buren, 1 , coin, Tyler, Arthur, Fillmore, , Garfleld, Pierce, Cleveland, Grant. The beaver was numerous in .localities in the north of Wales In and again in 1188. There are record®<\ of them much later in Scotland. Rein* •» deer were abundant In Scotland, antl '" were hunted in Caithness in the year 1159. Wild boars were numerous;, when,large tracts of wood gave themr; harbor. _ . \ LAWN AND GARDEN. Keep the hose and the lawn mower going at this season if you want a fine velvet carpet surrounding your flower beds. Save the weekly wash suds and all dish water to put around your plants; this is especially good for the hardy shrubbery and the bedding plants. During the hot weather water all plants at night, eo that they may get the full benefit of the moisture before the eun has an opportunity to evapor- atejt. ... ... .. c ,-.'..•' •.". • To make the annuals and perennials form bushy plants with plenty of blooming branches, the seedlings should be nipped off at the top before much growth is made. • Put good serviceable labels on all new shrubs and plants as soon as they are set out; it will be such a satisfaction in the future to be sure of the correct name of each variety. Proving 1IU Words. "George William!" exclaimed the wife with suppressed emotion, "I saw you leaving a saloon to-day." , "Was any one with me," inquired the derelict husband, complacently. "There was not," snapped the 'wife, biting her lips to control herself, "Then I hope you are now satisfied that I told the truth when I said I al* ways leave saloons alone."—Washington Times, Kate and Duplicate. If Remote from AludU>al Help, Doubly essential is it that you should be provided with some reliable family medicine. Hostetter.'s Btoniach bitters, is the bent of its class, remedying thoroughly BS it does such common ailments as indigestion, constipntiou "I'd biHouBnesB, and, affording safe and speedy help in malarial •cases, rheumatism and inactivity of the kidneys. • • . ' • " - . First ClorU—Does your gov'nor ever tell you fellows funny stories? Second Clerk- No; but we have to l«u£;li just the some. In 1877 St, Johns, N. B., suffered from a fire which destroyed $i'3,SOO,OGO worth of property, • r "Mend it , or End it," has been the rallying cry of reform,-directed against abuse* municipal or social. For the man who lets him? self be abused by a cough th? cry should be modified to; Mend'it, or It'll end you. You can mend anycough with Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Through Yellowstone?'^ Park on a bicycle, A TRIP WORTH TAKING. Write to J. Francis, Gen'l Pass'r Agent,.! Kagtop Route, Oinulia,^Neb.,>for booklet Cull information about cost, roads, eto. flDIIIU llflllm VI JVIll HuMtCurea. But, In 1671. TjiOU ourad. Cheapest and bMt cure. F stftteuaso, Dn. HAMU, Quincy, jo V-rf W-N.U. D.M,~1251. NO. 87,'' When answering urtvertleomonia kindly this paper. "Ppglan.4 are ft »y». . wje up its »wd tbet we e bwsn&n race that it owe ft acte , in Pr4§r to gej effects, tp npt* when yoi» A 'Homo Cayeful Mother— "^ow, Maude, you must gire me all your money to, e^ve. Ypu. k»ow it will be as s,»fe R8 J B the bank with me." Maude (who has been. theye befpre)--"Yes, joamwy, deer; gafer, 'cause you can get it g«t pf thf Sketch. in 1887 Qe«. Sherman, predated "tfee inost ter»'iWe w&r ever \vlll take place ig, America before of tbo JL? tq JB bread,," pr 0,9 m,0re ao article of f?repjl njfcy.y, fcuj You vas Veil, vhat Mr. Liftdenmeister— "So! aown py der ghrietenia'? «lev name der twine, — "ghopre, tbe wan Iftit? ajj 1 W ptfter cate," Mr. Krautbawr, Q»ly h i8« Yfte poye, Rp sijopjt oai}e4t one Pet?, «?»dt flw a el g to bis 19 Years' Experience Just think of the wealth of wisdom and experience, accumulated during Y) years of building good « bicycles, that comes to you for the $100 you pay for , STANDARD OF THE WORLD, The buyer of a Cslwmfcia has no unwrtMntyt He knows quality and workmanship are right—the Columbia* maketh«m§Q» too: TO Art POPE MFG, C0,» Hartford* Qonn."

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