The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 1, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1896
Page 2
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LINEMAN KlLLEb. f*8«> ft Thirty- tVHit ,„ MJL^ttbfcftf Ai Jfttft* 26,^hdmas Me' Cabe, an eiecti'ic linemafli was instantly killed by falling from & thiftyfool , ^6le. fhe pdle afa which McCabe was W6fkia« stood across the 6tf eet from the Oiheffi ftttd his'tW6 r MpefiS were utfiagihg a wifrt fthd the tension caused by the stretching of the. wire broke the guy rod that sustained the pble. The breaking ot this guy Wire threw the weight of about 30 electric light wires directly at the top of the pole, and the strain became so great that the pole broke On 4 like a pipe stem about four feet ffotn the top. McCabe was hurled to the ground with .the severed portion of the pole, which struck him squarely on the head, frac^ turing his skull. Several rushed to his assistance, but they were too late. Life was extinct. Upon examination it was found that the bones of both arms and legs were broken. DOUBLY FATAL TRAIN WftECK. ._ _ cialnrai botferaftiem tafii* 1ft jfotts. £tag Moisftfe, Jiitfe 28.-4ohnH. King, bf the flfHi bf king & Stefans, land attofiiep of Chamberlain, has filed ft Thirteen Cam Wrecked and Two Killed Near OttumwH. OTTUMWA, June 27.—The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul meat train, While running at the rate of eighty miles an hour down the Hayesville hill, jumped the track. Ed Lindquist was killed and Will Ktraffman fatally injured. Both men lived in Ottumwa. None Of the trainmen were hurt. Thirteen cars \vere destroyed. TRAGEDY AT LAKE CITY. Frank Hippie Shot and Fatally Wounded • . '' by Frank Srott. LAKK CITV, June 20.—Frank Scott and Frank Hippie engaged in a quarrel in Arney Bros. & Crawford's warehouse while no one else was present and Hippie was shot several times, once directly through the stomach. It is hardly probable that he will live. It is said the men quarreled over a woman of shady character named Bird. t of land itt'Siou* county, a shof t diS- tftfice from Orange City, '& pfosperOtis Dutch settlenieht. The land is located ifi township 95 and range 46. Mf. Kitgj in going over the records of the office, discovered the land had never beeti patented, and made application to enter the- tract -under the homestead laws. Register Evans looked up the description and found it as represented by Mf. King tlBd permitted the entry, accepting the fees tendered. It is not known whether the land has been set' tied on br not, as Mr. King has not had time as yet td investigate it. lie thinks he has a good show to secure the land, as thft iitle is Unquestionably still vested in the government, although there may have been some mistake made by which a wrong description was put in the patent of some person intending to take it. The land in that locality, if it issof average quality and unimproved, is easily worth $20 per acre. TEN YEARS. AMOlfA. IOWA. WBPNESPAYv JULY 1. 1SJ& THEW1LD CUBA. S. K. Dawson. Murderer oT Walter Scott, . Goto a Light Sentence. DEB MolNEs, June 27.—Samuel R. Dawson wilt spend the next ten years in Anamosa penitentiary. Christmas eve he murdered Walter Scott, who but an hour before married Dawson's 18-year-old daughter, Clara. He was tried and convicted of murder in the second degree. Judge Holmes overruled a motion for a new trial and passed judgment as above. He could have given Dawson life imprisonment, but only gave him the minimum sentence, ten years. EXPLOSION IN CLINTON. Two Children of William Cortello Burned to-Dentil. CLINTON, June 27.—William Cortello's two children, aged 10 and 18, were fatally injured by an explosion of powder, which w'as in an open pan in the house. It became ignited in some manner, burning them terribly. They died soon after the explosion. ' FELL OUT. OF THE BOAT. •Tom Gallagher Drowned in Clear Lake. MASON CITY, June 20.—The body of Tom Gallagher, about 35 years old, was found in Clear Lake. He seciired ,a boat and went out ^fishing, and the boat capsized. He had been working for Clark & Sons, livery, but had been discharged. »It is thought he was intoxicated and fell out of the boat. AWFUL CRIME AT AURELIA. Drunken Young Girl Murdered by a Unfavored Suitor. AURBLIA, June 20. —On the farm of Mrs. Elizabeth Mahoney, six miles south of this city, James Mahoney fired three snots at Miss Mary Kane, two passing through her head and the other through her arm. At present she is-alive,'but probably will not live. Miss Kane is an orphan, 10 years old, and had been living with the Mahoney family for over a year. Mahoney was desperately in love with the girl, who would not allow his attentions. $7O,OOO FIRE AT DUBUQUE.' Des Moines Plant to be Sold. DKS MOINES, June 27. — An order has been issued in the district court for the sale of the water power, eJectric plant and dam. Judgments amounting to about $300,000 have been rendered against the company in favor of the Fort Wayne Company and the American Loan and Trust Company. The court orders that the first §70,000 go to the Fort Wayne Company and that the judgment of the American Loan and Trust Company "for $173,000 be satisfied next. The dam is built of solid stone and cement across the Des Moines river and cost in the neighborhood of $100,000^ _ ___ Suicide at Chapin. CHAPJN, June 37.— John McCammant, Jiving some two and a half miles southeast of Chapin, shot himself. It is supposed to be a case of suicide. The , pjiopting was done in a prove not far from his residence, He is the same man who lost his barn and three horses by fire a few days ago. The cause of his rash act is not known, but is surmised to be despondency on account of his recent loss, as he had had considerable hard luck. _ Stprm nt Croston. J\rae 20,— A severe storpa tjjj| city and wrecked a number of piiblii? buildings, business blocks , 8J*d private residences. Outbuildings were leveled, trees blown down, and fences wrecked. The loss is varipusly <^it> m '*ted at from ¥5,000 tP 810, 000, The Wgi, schpol is the most badly damaged. , The storm was from the northwest and Douglas-Kyan Packing House Entirely Destroyed. DUBUQUE, June 29.—The Douglas- Ryan packing house in this city was destroyed by fire. Almost everything was burned. The plant , was .being operated, but not very heavily. It is difficult to approximate the loss, but it will probably reach $60,000 to $70,000, on which there was an insurance of about $30,000. Will Buy a Railroad. DUBUQUE, June 27.—The directors of the Dubuque & Sioux City Railway company, at a meeting, enlarged their capital stock for the purpose of absorbing the Cedar Falls & Minnesota. BREVITIES. by most .severe that eye* pre- June 36,— 0, ft Wallace, of was ejected vice-president Sunda/ ap d W, H. & pwber j?| the The Iowa College of Law, at Des Moines, seems to be growing faster than any other law school, and is- to have a new building this .year. Neat catalogues hara been prepared by the secretary, Prof, P. S. McNutt. Alvin Simons and Wm. Dennis, two countrymen living west of Columbus Junction, nursed an old feud over a keg of beer at .. a fishing party recently, and the result was that Dennis was brought to town with four gashes, two of which are in vital parts. They were inflicted by a knife in the hands of Simons, Simons has some bad bruises inflicted by a neckyoke in the hands of Dennis. Dubuque dispatch: Benjamin Fern, struck by lightning, seems certain to recover. The bolt tore his hat to shreds, burned the hair off his head, face and breast, passed down his side and split his shoe in twain, Hit> fellow workmen saw hjm fall, and when they reached him supposed him dead, as he lay motionless op the ground, Findr ing his heart was beating, they sum- owned a physician, who arrived in fifteen or twenty minutes and found the man paralyzed and motipnless, Re proceeded to apply tp Fern's feet, hauds and head charges fi-om a. galvanic battery, which, he first tested ou himself, the charge bpipg as strong as he could bear, This was applied CPU* stantly for fifteen minutes, at the eod pf Which time Fern was resuscitated £n,4 able to mpye his limbs aj»d bpdy, 4 Uttte later he was able to speak, »nd wag rempyed. to his horap, Qn recgver, Wg ih»,6e:B$e. of, £ee}iog be feunsl that " dpwn 2S.—A dispatch to the Impartial frtoto Havana says afl espe dition cdnslsting Of 300 Americans and having a quantity of dynamite and number of Manser rifles, landed a few days ago near Cardenas. They were attacked by a Spanish fofce and compelled to retreat. The Spaniards captured the munitions of war and are in pursuit of the filibusters. WASiiisotoS) June 20.'—Reports to the surgeon general of the marine hospital service from the United States sanitary inspectors In Cuba show terrible increases of deaths from contagious diseases in the island. Dr. Caminere, the official at Santiago, writes that "small pox Is raging epidemically and the cases which can bo counted by the hundreds are increas- irig daily." The American consul at Sagua la Grande reports that yellow fever is on the increase among the troops at that point, and from Cien fuegos the consul reports forty-nine deaths from small pox and increasing yellow fever for'the past-week. NEW YOBK, June 20.—The World's Santiago, Cuba, dispatch says: "The failure of Spain to conquer the Cuban patriots, besides being proved by continuous defeats of troops in the field of battle, lack of money in her treasury and the poor credit she enjoys, is also plainly seen by the supreme effort in sending money, men and war material to Cuba since the beginning of the struggle with such poor success. From March, 1805, to March, 1800, Spain has sent to Cuba a total of $10,321,000. From March, 1805, to April 10, 1890, Spain has sent to Cuba forty generals, 502 chiefs, 4,708 captains and sub-lieutenants, 112,500 corporals and soldiers, 143 cannon, 150,100 rifles. 5.000 bayonets, 23,000 cases of canister shot, 01,879,000 cartridges and 72,000 kilograms of powder. These figures are taken from El Liberal, one of the first newspapers of Madrid." HAVANA, June 29.—The period with- ,5n which, according to Weyler's edict, countrymen of the Pinar del Rio must go Into towns .or to the insurgent camp, has expired, and hereafter all found in the country will be held as enemies. NEARLY SIX HUNDRED. Strength of the 10 to 1 Forces Has Been Summed Up at Chicago. CHICAGO, June 27.—The Tribune publishes a canvass of delegates of the states and territories on the currency question. It shows that of the delegates to the democratic national convention, either by instruction, or by personal preference, 578 favor the free and unlimited coinage of silver at 16 to 1, against 328'instructed for or favoring a'continuation'of'the present gold" standard. The estimate is based on an observation of the unit rule by delegates from states which are so instructed. PEACH CROP NOT A FAILURE. Excellent Fruit Being Gathered Ahead of Time In Michigan. NILES, Mich., June 27.—The first peaches for this year have just been brought in from u large orchard near Fail-land. They were fully ripened and above the average in size. The peaches are fully four weeks ahead of time. The crop will be the largest ever known. Many thousands of bushels of half ripened peaches have been taken from'the, trees'to .save the trees, LI HUNG CHANG AT MOSCOW. Looks Like BOIES, Oof- lie- Arranges a Close Military Alliance twcen KusHla and China, LONDON, June 29,—-In diplomatic circles it is no longer doubted that Li Hung Chang, during his visit to Moscow, arranged a close military alli- ; auce between China and Russia, including the construction of a railway to connect the existing Russian Siberian railway with Port Arthur, Cornell Won the Boat Race, PouGUKKEPsiE, N, Y,, June :}7,—The Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, Pennsylvania four-mile straiglmway boat race on the Hudson was won by Cornell's, eight in the phenomenal time of 10 minutes 29 seconds; Haiward second, Pennsylvania third and Columbia fourth. Cornell won the ,1'reshinan race three days ago, in which.the order of finishing was strangely the same, Vowr lulled In n Wrecfc, 111,, June 36.—In a coir between the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul and Chicago, Burlington & Quinsy trains at Davis Junction, thirty-five Ipaded freight cars were piled np and burned, Thomas Moran, fireman, was Hilled; Fred Bair, brake* man,' of Elgin, fatally hnrt, and Engineer Paly hurt, >Two tramps are supposed to be under the debris. M, Stagey Jl>, SA-Hejjry 14, Stanley, mployer, is' UJ Seftatet Gormafi ContentioB. BAntlttoR*!, tinbe 2t.-Seafttof man will positively flot £d to fdf the natidnftl eottventida. U6 'dl&eS !iot think there is aby chaflce at thia late hotif to stem the free Silver tide) but believes that' ft ffetJ silver candi* date will be nominated. WheB asked whotn he thought the democrats would nominate he replied! "It looks like Boies." Mf. Gorman does hot thibk Teller stands much show with the democracy. __ ' . Sheriff Shot by Ttmtuptu v ST. PAUI.J June 20. — Sheriff Rogers of McLeod county, met death in a most sensational manner. Two tramps shot a farmer's dog near Olehcoe. The farmer secured a Warrant for their arrest. The sheriff and a deputy overtook the tramps and demanded that they surrender. The vagrants opened fire, shooting the sheriff four times, death resulting in a few minutes. A large posse is scouring McLeod county for the miscreants, and if caught they will certainly be lynched. ____ _ Flag Law Unconntltutloiml. CHAMPAIGN, 111., June 28, — In the circuit court Judge Wright decided that the state flag law requiring the national flag to be displayed over every school house in the state during school li ours was unconstitutional and void. In doing so he quashed the indictments which were recently returned by the grand jury against Governor Altgeld, the trustees of the University Of Illinois, and the officials of the city schools for violation of the law. Tried to AssiiKBlil-Ue the Shiifi. ' TIFI-IS, June 2!). — It is reported here that an attempt has just been made upon the life of the shah at Tereham The attempt was unsuccessful, the issassin being arrested on the spot. He proved to be a member of the Babi Mohammedan secret society. TERSE NEWS. In the suburban handicap race at York, Henry of Navarre won n 2:07. It is now clnhned that the advocates of free silver, will .have almost two- ihirds of the dplepates at the Chicago convention. A London grand jury has indicted Dr. Jameson and his fellow raiders n to the Transvaal for violation of the neutality laws. At Damascus recently- the Druses evolted, annihilated four' companies )f Turkish troops and captured several uns. Twelve battalions of troops vill be immediately dispatched to the cene. During a political rally at Chatham, Ont., recently,a balcony of the Royal Sxchapge , Hotel ^collapsed,' while a rowd stood underneath. Fourteen persons were severely and probably 'atally injured. Ex-Governor William E. Russell, of Slassachusotts, has issued a statement on his position relative to the dem- Dcratic presidential nomination. In t he positively says that his name vill not be pi-esented to the Chicago jouvention. Notices are posted on all colleries of the Lehigh and Wilkesburre coal companies of Pennsylvania, that work will be discontinued imtil further notice. This, the officials say, means until July 1. Eight thousand men and boys are thus made idle. . The czar of Russia has issued an order that the inquiry into the causes that lead to the terrible disaster on the Hodyinsky plain during the coronation fetes at Moscow, when upwards of- 2,500 -persons were crushed or trampled to death, be dropped for. the reason .that a number of exalted personages have been shown to have been implicated. The disaster will therefore be ascribed to an act of God. In a New York court David Belasco received a judgment for $10,000 against N, K. Fairbank, the Chicago millionaire, for training Mrs. Leslie Carter for the stage, Interest at 5 per cent from 1890 was allowed by the court, and a motion by Fairbank for a new trial was flcnied. The court also allowed the jury extra compensation under t|ie law. The case had been on trial for three weeks, Mr. Fairbank claimed that ho owed Belasco nothing and set up a counter claim for 353,000, Havana dispatch: It is reported on good axithority that Captain General Wpyler is pleased with the aspect of military Affairs m the iUund, and that the government htis expyessed its ap- prpv«a of his plan of'campaign, He js confident th»t with-the reinforcement ,of 40,000 wen promised him by the minister pf war he will be able to crush the vebelljpn and that he will return triumphant to Spain in June next, Jt is his intentipn to send 30,000 of the now troops, wjjep they arrive, tq the province of } 4 inai' del Rio, whcyo they vv|U bo employed ig qpijhhing Maceo. a.pc{ ty ,ptlier ^0,000 will be used strengthen t)je J \JCRFQ trocha. will enable M*»t i« flgfat to A tlfclin In tft* Union or Mfetlct*. PftAisrciSCO, Jtine 2?.—James S» Cofbfett and Thomas Sharkey signed dfticles for a fight to a finish to take place ih the United States of Me*lco before the club or organization offer* ing the best inducements. The contest is for the world's championship and a side bet of $10,000, the witifaef to receive the 820.000 besides the p~tlr6« to be offered by the club. MarqfiiS of Queensberry rules will govern the contest and the referee is reminded by the at tides that the tules prohibit- 1 ing clinching and hugging are to be strictly enforced. Neither pugulifet id to pafticipate in any contest until aft er the fight is decided. Lynch, Sharkey's backer, who represented the sailor, objected to the prohibition o! clinching, but Corbett insisted and after much wrangling it was finally agreed to by Lynch. FOUR HUNDRED KILLED. Turkish Atrocities in Rumania Kenewed. CoNSTANTmoi'i.E, June 27—^Advices received from Van, Asia Minor, say that in the outbreak that occurred there four hundred Armenians were killed, and that the trouble has been renewed. A large number of persons have taken refuge in the British consulate. The Wheat Crop. MINNEAPOLIS, June 27.—The Journal prints reports from fifty wheat counties in Minnesota and Dakota, showing no reduction 'in acreage of spring wheat states of.a year ago. All but three counties report the condition of wheat good. The total acreage is placed at 9,000,000, acres 900,000 more than estimated. There is a decrease in Red fiver valley, but it is compensated for in increases elsewhere. These reports show fron 7,000,000 to 8.000,000 of last year's crop is still in. the farmer's hands. On this basis the crop will not exceed 190,000,000 bushels, or considerably less than the estimates. Think Teller Will Get There. DKNVEB, June 27.—The friends ol Senator Teller are much encouraged by the reception of his presidential boom in the west and south. It is announced his name will be presented to the Chicago convention, and it is hoped the strength he will show in the initial ballot will stampede the convention to him. The nomination will come from the south, it is claimed, from the near friends of Senator Blackburn. Tellers' friends say the populist endorsement is assured if the democrats nominate him. , Bimetallism Coming:. LONDON, June 24.—A dispatch from Paris to the Daily News says that an international commission of husbandry including delegates ; . from France, Germany, "Belgium, Austria,' Sweden and Switzerland, met at the ministry of husbandry and adopted, a bimetallic resolution. The Daily News says on this: "As M. Melen (the French premier) presided at the meeting, Great Britain is likely to hear shortly from the French government on this siibject." The Powers In Harmony. LONDON, June 27.—In the house ot commons Right Hon. George N. Curnon, parliamentary secretary to the foreign office, stated that the powers at Constantinople were in perfect concord as regarded Crete and had jointly urged th_e porte to maintain order in that island. Hammond Coming Home, NEW YORK, June 27.— A dispatch to che World from Capetown says: John Hammond, the mining engineer, sentenced to death at Pretoria for treason to the Transvaal, but finally "liberated by the Boer government on payment of a fine of $135,000, has Bailed for Europe. : Corbett and- Sharkey, SAN FBANCISCO, June 37.— -In a four- round contest between James Corbett and Tom Sharkey, the sailor, in which Corbett was to knock Sharkey out, the champion failed to keep his contract, and js said to have had the worst of the fight, Mother Drowns Three Children. SAN ANTONIO, Texas, June 27.— In Comal county, north of here, Mrs, Bierner, wji'e of a farmer, drowned herself and her three children, aged 8. 4 and 0 years, in the Comal river. The bodies were found tied together with cords. No 'cause for the act is known. Spain Takes Action on Us. MADHIP, June 2?.— The senate, two to one, rejected the amendment to the royal address demanding thiit the protocol of '77 with the United States be renounced. 37>000 Killed. i 8,»OQ YOKOHAMA, June 87.— It is now ?7,00<),w6re drowned und 8.00& injured iu the tid.a.} wttve ^nd i'ftrihqujike. ifl t|>e northern provinces of J»pan, U l!o W vr B d hy England, E^g., j un e ?S,— hot* degree pf p. p, ^ i m been con>) Ut,it.P4 Hneer Qhuy 'ji tto wn of » v « Urns flog Mm f Jtone 26.—i.. bassador Pauticefote, called afld coftfefted with him arrest by Venezuelan troops Ish Surveyor Han-istm on the 1 Venezuelan boundary it j s fetood Pauncefote, under inslftie w requested the friendly iflterventiosl the United States to secure " release. The course was; diplomatic relations do not tweeb Great Britain afld tfhe action is similar to our Great Britain to look aftef thelifo ests of John Hays Hammond toria, South Africa, where we had i representative. WASHINGTON, June 27.— \ Minister Ahdfade received a tele from his government announcing (jj'l British Crown Surveyor Harris whose arrest caused strained feefif between the two governments, been released by order of the Vei zitelan authorities. It is Undoutj true that the prompt action of Venezuelan government wasinameL ure due to Olney's interference throtifl our minister of war, and it is belien that the main issue between On Britain and Venezuela will be more easy of settlement now that 'ti latter government has been so proni to disavow an act she could not justify TUPRER OVERTHROWN. The Conservative Government Defeated]] the Canadian CScneral Klectlon, TOHONIO, Ont M June 20.—In thegei eral election for the Dominion liament the contest .was perhaps ft most hotly contested and in respects the most bitter in the histb: of Canada. The result is the completil overthrow of the conservative goveri ment, led by Sir Charles Tupper. LYMAN TRUMBULL DEAD. Dien The Greut Jurist uud Statesman Chicago. CHICAGO, June 20.—Ex-United States Senator s Lyman Trumbnll, one of tht| foremost citizens of Chicago, and anl esteemed jurist, died at his home,! after a long illness. He was 83 yeartl old. Rhodes and Belt Resign. LONDON, June 28.—The directors oil the British' South ''Africa company! announce that they have, after anxiowl and contimious consultation will'* Colonial Secretary Chamberlain, re-'j solved to accept the resignations oil Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Beit, as| directors of the company. South African War. CAPE TOWN, June. 27.—Two thousand! Mashonas were defeated by Natal conj tingent with heavy loss. TORNADO. CYCLONE. So far this year tornadoes,' cyclones,! high winds and '.lightning.'have been! more prevalent than for the past ten! years. Hence, all those having prop-l erty ought to have it insured against! these hazards. And when insuring! property the owner should alwavs| secure the best. AVe now assert, without fear of con-l tradiction, for it cannot be truthfully! contradicted, that the Hawkeye Insurance Company, of Des Moines, is the strongest of all the state companies.] It possesses the largest surplus, the largest amount of assets, is doing the! largest amount of business,' is patron-l ized by the best people in the state of I Iowa. What better endorsement can] any company have? - Be sure and havfe your property insured in the Hawkeye. Then you will be safely insured and pan rely upon getting your money in case of loss—and that right promptly i The record of the Hawkeye Insur- i ance Company of paying losses is, alii losses since the organization of the company have been paid on an average of ten days from date of loss. And in . insuring in this strong state company I you keep your money at home and it is ] used to build up the state of Iowa, IOWA PATENT OFFICE REPORT, DBS MOINES, June 20,-^Patents have been allowed to Iowa inventors, but j not yet issued, as follows: To L. I. Bunker, pf Webster City, for a support specially adapted for his sheet metal radiator for heating' buildings. A series of radiator loops made of steel I plate are readily, clamped together to produce a radiator and the supports readily clomped tQ the outside loops to retain the radiator in proper position. To Q, W. French, assignor of an up< i divided half to Dr. J. R, Ryan, both of Colfax, for an automatic corn planter and marker that has been successfully | used in doing the work for which it is designed, viz.: Plant two rows, simultaneously as the 'carriage' is advanced] and as required to produce check rows.' To A. W. Mollingsworth, of WesU Liberty, for a. canopy for vehicles is provided with a, series of autom rollers and curtains and means for justing and holding the curtains at v»« riPBs anglers. Valuable information. fVbput pbtoming, valuing a^d Belljpg,pa> CRts, sent free tp any address. $ppjes pf the drawings and tions of any United States pa, Jen t sent'l npon receipt, of-85;- ceuvs. • <hjr prati 18 sot<l to Iowa.' Inventors other states »w l^ye pvir «eryic.jps Qn the gamp terms ftp fte li THOM48 G, AW J, BAWff

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