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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 23
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 23

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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-PirrSBURGII POST-GAZETTE MONDAY, MAY 3, 1954 23- OBITUARIES two sisters, Mrs. Samuel Gould of Pittsburgh and Mrs. Minnie TWO POINTS OF VIEW Auto output so far this year is 8 below a Sealed Proposals Standard Time, Tuesday, May 4, 1954. and will be opened at the same hour for Hand Cleanser Powdered Soap: Small Hand Tools; Print Shop Type and Tools; Stencil Sheets and Mimeograph Ink; Repair Service Mimeograph Machines: Paper: Printing: Small Equipment for Home Economics; Floor Deck and Enamel Paint; Maintenance Supplies and Equipment: Furniture and Equipment; Food Service Supplies and Equipment; Sale of Used Materials and Equipment. Specifications and bidding blanks and general information can be obtained at the office of the Purchasing Aeent, Room 300 Administration Building. The Board of Public Education reserves the right to reject anv or all bids. h. H. RDTHROr-W year ago, but 40 above 1952. 800 800 S. passenger car production 700 1955 5600 700 600 5 500 Secretary and Business Manager. 0500 The Week in Steel Seasonal Buying Waves Felt in Steel Market Stabilization Overall Expected to Ije Followed by Improvement in Few Months By ARTHUR R. FRIEDMAN Post-Gazette Financial Editor A burst of activity in tin plate and oil country goods (a division of pipe) has contributed to a more optimistic appraisal of the steel market but the general tone of industry leaders' comments during the past week was that the prospects of better business are better timed to a few months hence than Legal Notices 400 5 in 3Col SALE OF BONDS 400 V2 300 JL 200 K-U- frlliltlltl.a 200 Official Pitfsburgh NO. 127 AN ORDINANCE Authorizing the acceptance of the offer of a gift of $1,000,000.00. toward the construction of the proposed Public Auditorium, by the Edgar J. Kaufmann Charitable Trust. Passed in Council April 28, 1954. Approved April 29. 1954. DAVID L. LAWRENCE. Mayor. Recorded in O. B. 59, Page 261. in City Clerk's office. NO. 128 AN ORDINANCE Authorizing the Mayor and the Director of the Department of Public Works to execute an agreement with Allegheny County Sanitary Authority and The Pennsylvania Railroad Company for sewage and Industrial waste treatment and disposal service to the Company's Pit-cairn Yard by the Sewage Disposal System that will serve the City of Pittsburgh, and providing charges therefor. Passed In Council April 19, 1954. Approved April 29. 1954. DAVID L. LAWRENCE. Mayor. Recorded In O. B. 59, Page 261. In City Clerk's office. NO. 129 AN ORDINANCE Authorizing the Mayor and the Director of the Department of Public Works to execute an agreement with Allegheny County Sanitary Authority and Universal-Cyclops Steel Corporation for sewage and industrial waste treatment and disposal service by the Sewage Disposal System that will serve the City of Pittsburgh, and providing charges therefor. Passed In Council April 19, 1954. Approved April 29. 1954. DAVID L. LAWRENCE, Mayor. Recorded in O. B. 59, Page 266. in City Clerk's office. NO. 130 AN ORDINANCE Amending Ordinance No. 3 55, approved July 27, 1951, In the title and Section 1 by adding two corporations to the list of industrial corporations therein, and authorizing the Mayor and the Director of Public Works to execute separate long-term agreements by and among City of Pitts burgh, Allegheny County Sanitary Authority and each of such added corporations, providing for sewage and industrial waste treatment and disposal service by the Sewage Disposal System that will serve the City of Pittsburgh, and Imposing charges therefor. Passed in Council April 19, 1954. Approved April 29. 1954. DAVID L. LAWRENCE, Mayor. Recorded In O. B. 59, Page 271, In City Clerk's office. (00 i 1 I 1 1 1 1 I I I 100 JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Soorc AntooKita nw J. A. Liriagston The Business Outlook The general feeling of these executives, as expressed at an peared to be by Inland Steel Company which said that after dipping to 86.9 per cent in March, there has been a rebound to capacity operations. The inference is that the smaller companies and the elec Smaller Share of Auto Market to Independents Justice Department Investigating Industry; nual meetings and in sessions for the release of first quarter financial state-ments, was that the market had "bottomed out," or stabilized, and that the next move, when it tric furnace operators are below the national average. Recently, the alloy steel producers re To Find Out About 'Concentration Pattern' By J. A. LIVINGSTON What irony! The stock market has been rising. Wall Street's optimistic. Yet when Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and Hudson Motor Car Company merged into the ambitiously named American Motors Corporation, Hudson stock dips to a new low since 1944, Nash to a ported their business looked brighter. Poor Railroad Buying It is the variation from period to period, and the differences between products, that have contributed to qualifications in executives' statements. Thus, while oil country goods has a lot of life, the railroads are exceptionally poor buyers. As one official put it, there not only has been poor railroad buying but some cancelations of orders from them as well. Steel comes, would Mr. Friedman be upward. It was apparent that they felt a substantial part of the current improvement in business, and accompanying sentiment, is due to seasonal influences. Thus, the much better tin plate releases are related to spring. Oil field drilling is also a seasonal affair, by and large, although this type of business has been relatively good during the year to date. hind '50 and '53. Production has run only eight per cent under last year. That's equivalent to 5,500,000 cars for the year, or right up to the most optimistic forecasts. low since 1949. Such a merger in the 'twenties would have won huzzahs and higher prices. In those days, there was no dominant "Big Three" in motordom. Today an auto merger is greeted with a sick grin. Even now the Department of Justice is making an anti-trust investigate of the automobile industry. Says Attprney General Herbert Brownell, "We want to find out whether the developing pattern of concentration is nothing more than the consequence of competitive forces or whether collusion or the suppression of competition has been at work." NO. 131 AN ORDINANCE Authorizing the issuance of warrants In favor of John Trainor, for $1835.35 In payment for repairs to Furnaces No. 1. 2, 3 and 4 Bureau of Refuse, and to the R. Munroe and Sons Manufacturing Corporation for $216.00 in payment for extra work performed on Boiler Repair Contract, Asphalt Plant (Controller's Register No. 13362) for the benefit of the City without previous authority of law. Passed In Council April 19. 1954. Approved April 29. 1954. DAVID L. LAWRENCE, Mayor. Recorded In O. B. 59, Page 271, In City Clerk's office. NO. 132 AN ORDINANCE Authorizing the fssuance of warrants In favor of the following: Name of. Company, Commodity, Amount. Dave Kasmoch, Hay and Oats, $2,310.15: Henry Scheibel, Sawdust, Fisher Scientific Laboratory Supplies, Fisher Scientific Laboratory Supplies, $34.70: American Laundry Machinery Machinery Parts, $34.05: Sci Eft" Ec. Laboratories. Water Softener, $234.80: Seagrave Repair Parts, $476.30: Parmelee Motor Fuel Repair Parts, $410.23: North Side Buick Repair Parts, $61.51: Eierman Cadillac Repair Parts, $121.99: American LaFranee-Foamite Repair Parts. Pittsburgh Auto Equipment Repair Parts, $204.55. without previous authority of low. Passed in Council April 19, 1954. Approved April 29. 1954. DAVID L. LAWRENCE, Mayor. Recorded in O. B. 59. Page 272, In City Clerk's office. Benach of Miami Beach, three brothers, Lee and Nat, both of Indianapolis, and Morris of Pittsburgh; two grandchildren. Burial will be in the Tree of Life Memorial Park. MICHAEL RIECKY Services for Michael Riecky, 84, retired Westinghouse Electric machinist, will be held at 2 p. m. Wednesday in the Rodg-ers Funeral Home, 310 Third Street, Irwin. Mr. Riecky died yesterday in his home, R. D. 4, Irwin. A native of Austria-Hungary, he came to this country 53 years ago. He was a member of Holy Trinity Lutheran Slovak Church. Surviving are three sons, George, Steve and Joseph. Deaths Elsewhere Dr. Harrison Sanford Mart-land, 70, famed for his research in the mysterious deaths of women workers of the U. S. Radium Corporation plant of Orange, N. during the 1920s, in New York. Of those workers formerly employed at the Radium Corporation plant, 41 since have died from effects of the poison. Dr. Ira A. Flinner, 70, headmaster of Blair Academy, in Blairstown, N. J. A native of New Brighton, and a graduate of Grove City College and Harvard University, he was an all-around athlete during his collegiate days. Bruno Michell, 59, former chief editor and administrator of La Nazione, one of Italy's oldest and leading dailies, in Florence, Italy. General Mohammed Hossein Jahanbani, who was removed from his post as interior minister of Iran a week ago, in Tehran, Iran. Edward T. Mcarron, 55, chairman of Aer Lingus, the Irish Air Lines, and of the Irish Shipping Company, in Dublin. Charles Lederer, 77, general counsel for Sears Roebuck and Company in Chicago. Thomas Fortune Ryan II, 53, heir to one of the nation's great fortunes, whose grandfather was the noted financier, in La Jolla, Cal. Ardo W. Mitchell, 69, retired vice president of Federal Bake-shops, of Davenport, Iowa, in Orlando, Fla. Wilbur C. Riley, 51, a teacher and former athletic director at Hill School, in Pottstown, Pa. Hyman Breen, 65, father of Actor Bobby Breen, of a heart ailment in Beverly Hills, Cal. Edgar A. 3Iurray, 83, who sold a chemical business in order to publish a Populist party weekly, the Nebraska Independent, in Detroit where he had offices as prospector for oil and cobalt. Vincent Marko, 50, who played movie cowboy roles under the name of Tom Tyler, in Ham-tramck, near Detroit. Onetime weight lifter and auto worker, he went to Hollywood after a talent scout was attracted by his 6-feet-4 physique. Hans Robert, 82, veteran stage actor, who had appeared in vaudeville with Eddie Foy and George M. Cohan, in New York. He was a featured player in "Checkers," which ran for four years on Broadway. Maurice S. Despres, 53, president of the Dale Distributing Company of New York and former official of the War Production Board, in New York. William David Lent Starbuck, 68, former Federal radio commissioner who built up the aviation radio communications network on the East Coast, and in World War II, the head of the radio and radar division of the War Production Board for the New York-New Jersey area, at New York. plate demand has been good in some directions, and not so good in others. Wide-flange beams are still in good demand, but standard structural shapes lack zip. Backlogs in piling are reported as declining. Reports of buying support in the cold-rolled sheet market vary. At any it isn't good enough to stimulate the steel market, as it does wfcen running in high gear. Volume in electrical sheets has improved. Scrap Market Rises Moderate, but steady, improvement in scrap prices has led to speculation whether this indicates a more active steel situation. There has been buying and better consumption by various Big Firms Re-enter Market The change now reflects the re-entry into the market by some large oil companies for third quarter tonnage. These, it is reported, had permitted their inventories to decline and now are more preparer! to buy. The effect of this change, in at least one mill situation, has been the imposition of quotas. E. T. Weir, chairman of National Steel Corporation, told stockholders at the annual meeting he expected the steel market to improve in June and that operations in the third quarter may be between 75 and 80 per cent of capacity. In a message to employes, he said he expects operations in the industry for the full year 1954 will average between 70 and 80 per cent of capacity. Virtually all the large steel companies have reported their present operations higher in some degree, than the national average which was 68.4 per cent last week. Some were not far above it. The top rate ap NO. 133 AN ORDINANCE Providing for a contract or contracts for treating athletic fields in the Department of Parks and Recreation to prevent dust nuisances and for the payment of the cost thereof. Passed In Council April 19, 1954. Approved April 29, 1954. DAVID L. LAWRENCE. Mayor. Recorded In O. B. 59. Page 273, In Citv Clerk's office. steel mills on the basis that SCHOOL DISTRICT OF THE TOWNSHIP OF HAMPTON $140,000.00 Sealed bids will be received by the School District of the Township of Hampton. Allegheny County, Penn- Hampton Township, Pennsylvania until seven o'clock P. E.S (eight o'clock P. D.S.T.) and will be opened Immediately thereafter Monday, May 24, 1954 -0r Ul.l Purchase of One Hundred Forty Thousand ($140,000,00 1 Dollars par value general obligation coupon bonds of the School District J1 re 01 the denomination of One Thousand ($1,000.00) Dollars each registrable as to principal only, dated June 1, 1954, and mature in the order of their number as follows: seven bonds. $7,000.00, on June 1 of the years 1955 to 1974 Inclusive with Interest payable June 1 and December 1 in each year. The principal and interest are payable without deduction for any taxes (except gift, succession or Inheritance taxes) levied pursuant to any present or future law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Each bid shall specify In a multiple of one quarter of one per cent a single rate of interest which the bonds are to bear and shall be accompanied by cash or a certified or cashier's or treasurer's check drawn to the order of the School Distrirt in the sum of $2,800.00 as security for the performance of such bid. Bids shall be addressed to Fred L. Kellams, Secretary, Central School Building (High School Building I. Mount Royal Boulevard, Allison Park. and shall he enclosed in a sealed envelope sufficiently labeled to Indicate that it is a bid for these bonds. The bonds will be sold to the highest responsible biddrr subject to approval of the authorizing proceedings by the Department of Internal Affairs of Pennsylvania. No bid for less than par and accrued Interest or for less than all of the bonds will be accepted. The purchaser will receive without charge the opinion of Messrs. Burgwln, Ruffln, Perry A Pohl of Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania, that the bonds are valid. general obligations of the School District payable from ad valoren taxes levied on all taxable property within the School District within the limitations prescribed by law. The right to reject' any or all bids Is reserved. For further Information Inquire ct D. S. THOMAS, Solicitor, 1100 Peoples Bank Pittsburgh 22. Pa. By order of the Board of School Directors of the School District. FRED L. KELLAMS. Secretary. Theodore H. Schmidt. Trustee In Bankruptcy of the Estate of Stalling Company. f22202 In Bankruptcy in the District Court of the United States for the Western District of Pennsylvania, will sell at public ajic-tion the real estate, being the one 1 tory brick and tile building of concrete foundation, formerly utilized as a bakery and ice-cream plant with a -railroad siding, located at 128-52 Monongahela Avenue, Glassport. Pennsylvania, erected on the lot at th northwesterly corner of Monongahela Avenue and First St. fronting 400 feet on Monongahela Avenue and extending back to the line of the Pittsburgh. McKeesport. and Youghiorenv Railroad containing 1.205 acres more or less, and the lot at the southwesterly corner of Monongahela Avenue and First Street, fronting 70 feet on Monongahela Avenue and extending back to Oak Alley. Sale will be held on the premise at said r28-52 Monongahela Avenue. Glassport, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, Mav 19th. 1954. at 2 00 P. E. D. S. free and clear of liens and incumbrances except 19 54 Borough. School and County Taxs. and subject to payment by the Trusto of Federal Stamp Taxes only, and sublect to payment by the purchaser of State, Borough and School Deed Stamp Taxes, and subject to terms nf 10 in cash at the time of sale, balance upon delivery of deed, pursuant to confirmation by the Court, within not more than thirty (30) days from date of confirmation: county, borough and school taxes to be pro rated as of delivery of deed and possession upon delivery of deed. Trustee reserves the right to adjourn the sale from time to time and from place to place by announcement at the sale and reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Further Information is obtainable from tht undersigned. THEODORE H. SCHMIDT. Trustee in Bankruptcy, 402 Grant Building, Pittsburgh 19, Penna. AT-lantic 1-2217. NOTICE is hereby given that application has been made to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission under the provisions of the Public Utility Law by COMMUNITY TRANSIT SERVICE. Millers Run Road. Bridge-ville. Pennsylvania, a corporation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (A. 80060. Folder 3. Am-B for amendment to its common carrier certificate which grants the right transport on schedule, by motor vehicle, persons and baggage, newspapers and parcels which can be transported in buses without the removal of sean between the Village of Avella. Washington County, and the City of Pittsburgh. Allegheny County. Including a spur route between the Borough of Bridgeville and the Intersection of State Highway Traffic Routes 519 and 978 In Allegheny County: So as to permit operations over an extension to said spur route beginning at the intersection of State Highway Traffic Routes 519 and 97 8 in Allegheny County, thence on State Highway Traffic Route 519 for a distance of approximately one and three-tenths miles to Cabana Beach at Rakuen Lakes. Cecil Township. Washington Ccwnty. and returning over the same route, with the right to render shuttle service and through service: provided that service over said extension be provided only between May 15 and Labor Day. inclusive, of each year. No hearing will be held on this application unless protests thereto are filed on or before May 17, 1954 COMMUNITY TRANSIT SERVICE, INC. Millers Run Road. Brldeeville. Pa. McNEES. WALLACE NURICK Commerce Building Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Attorneys for Applicant. SCHOOL DISTRICT OF THE BOR-OUGH OF ASPINWALL, Allegheny County. Pennsylbanla. Intends tr adopt a Resolution Imposing a tax for general revenue purposes on tha salaries, wages, commissions, compensation and earned Income or net proceeds derived from the conduct of business, the practices of professions and other Income producing occupations of all residents of the School District of the Borough of Asplnwall at the rate of 1 (except durln such part of Its 1954 fiscal year that the Borough of Asplnwall collects a similar tax, and except that during the period from January 1. to June 30. 1955, the tax shall be at the rate of y2r if the Borough of Asplnwall shall levy and collect a similar tax) of such salaries, wages, commissions, compensation, earned Income or net profits derived from such business, profession or occupation. In the judgment of the School Board of the School District of the Borough of Aspinwall, said tax is necessitated by reason of the costs and expenses Incident to the conduct cf Sealed Proposals scrap is cheaper than hot pig iron. But mills are wary and watching the situation closely. Tests Still to Come The test in autos is still to come. A month ago L. L. Colbert, president of Chrysler, spoke of a year. That would mean a drop in monthly production from about 500,000 cars recently to an average of 375,000 for the rest of the year. We still have to see whether the high Ford and Chevrolet production late last year and so far this year has stolen sales from 1954. The argument is that cars were pushed on dealers. Dealers, in turn, pushed the cars on customers at cut prices. Inference: The recent pickup in sales may be illusory. If that proves out, then General Motors and Ford will have to cut output. The independents will continue to have a hard time. Radical design changes will be necessary in 1955 to re-ignite consumer interest in new cars. More broadly, that would cast doubt on a business upturn later in the year. No Upturn Yet Even though business has leveled off, even though production generally has stopped declining, even though layoffs are not increasing, signs of a real upturn are still absent. Only the stock market shows oomph. Is that because business executives see orders coming in, see an upturn coming? If so, Wall Street would be performing its traditional role of anticipating after the fact but before the facts gets around to the public. But if that's true, why is Wall Street so bearish on so many stocks? Why are more stocks going down than up? Why is this a two-toned market, with blue chips doing most of the advancing? That heralds only a half-hearted recovery. One prominent executive said his company is maintaining a high pig iron melt on the theory that a 90 per cent ingotoutput L. CHARLES MAYROSE Funeral services for L. Charles "Pop" Mayrose, 73, former Post Gazette composing room ad foreman, printer and proof reader, will be held at 2 p. m. tomorrow in the Winter Funeral Home, 4730 Friendship Avenue, Bloomfield. Burial will be in Sunset View Memorial Park, Lincoln Road. Mr. May-rose, who lived with a daughter at 4096 Howley Street, Bloom-field, died Saturday afternoon in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, at the home of a son he was visiting. Mr. Mayrose became ill last November and a month ago the illness took a serious turn. For 35 years Mr. Mayrose was with the Post-Gazette until his retirement nearly four years ago. He was one of the oldest members of the Pittsburgh Typographical Union No. 7 and received his 40-year service button. Post-Gazette Chapel services will be held Tuesday at 1:30 p. m. Survivors include two sons, William, of Cuyahoga Falls, and Charles, of Canton, Ohio; a daughter, Mrs. Maude Jarrett, of Pittsburgh; a brother and two sisters of Terre Haute, and six grandchildren. Friends are being received at the funeral home. FRANK E. SHAUGHNESSY Frank E. Shaughnessy, 71, Homewood realtor and business leader, died yesterday in his home, 1701 Chislett Street, Morningside. Friends are being received in the Byrne Memorial Home, 701 North Negley Avenue, from 2 to 4 p. m. and 7 to 9:30 p. m. today and tomorrow. Requiem high mass will be offered Wednesday at 10 a. m. in St. Raphael's Church. Mr. Shaughnessy was president of the Homewood Realty Company, a director of the Homewood Bank of Pittsburgh, treasurer of the Homewood Brushton Building and Loan Association, and a past president of Home-wood Board of Trade. A national organizer of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and member of Division 8, he was former president of the group's state organization. Mr. Shaughnessy was also a past supreme knight' of the Knights of Equity and a member of Court 9. He was active in the American-Irish Historical Society and a member of Clan Nagael. Surviving are his wife, Nellie Mc-Leigh Shaughnessy, one daughter, Mrs. Robert Powell; his mother, Mrs. Thomas Shaughnessy, of Belief onte; four sisters, Mrs. Blanche Heinle, Mrs. Agnes Atchison and Anne and Helen Shaughnessy; two brothers, John and Thomas, and one grandchild. CARL F. AICItELE, JR. Carl Frederick Aichele, 56, manager of McCrory's Downtown store since 1941, died yesterday at his home, 100 Le Moyne Avenue, Mt. Lebanon. He had been associated with McCrory's for over 35 years and previously managed the firm's stores in Philadelphia, Canton, Baltimore, Hagerstown and Cambridge, Md. Mr. Aichele was a member of Mt. Lebanon Lutheran Church. Survivors are his wife, LydiaRansone Aichele; his father, Carl Frederick, of Philadelphia; a daughter, Mrs. Betty Aichele Smith, of Mt. Lebanon; a son, Carl Frederick, III, of Washington, D. three sisters, Mrs. C. W. Johnstin, and Mrs. J. Gillman Foultz, of Philadelphia, and Mrs. William Brown, of Orlando, a a brother, Harry Aichele, of Lancaster, and two grandchildren. Services will be held at 8 p. m. tomorrow at Beinhauer Mortuary, 2630 West Liberty Avenue. Additional services will be held at 2 p. m. Wednesday at the Lutz-Hoffman Funeral Home, Carlisle, where burial will be held in Westminster Cemetery. WILLIAMS SERVICES Requiem high mass will be offered for Burt E. Williams, 64, retired photographer of the Sun-Telegraph, at 10 a. m. tomorrow in the Church of the Assumption, Bellevue. Mr. Williams died last Friday night in Allegheny General Hospital. He covered some of the country's top news and sports events for four decades. He came here in the early 1930s, and worked at the Press before joining the Sun-Telegraph. The veteran photographer, who lived at 483 Roosevelt Avenue, Bellevue, retired in October, 1951, alter 19 years at his last post here. Surviving are his wife, Marie; two sons, the Reverend Adelbert assistant pastor of St. Cyril's Catholic Church, Northside Francis C. Williams, a Dravo engineer; three brothers, H. Russell, Benjamin and Raymond Williams, and seven grandchildren. Friends are being received at the O'Shea Funeral Home, 460 Lincoln Avenue, Bellevue. Burial will be in North Side Catholic Cemetery. MEYER E. GOLDSTEIN Services for Meyer E. Goldstein, a former Pittsburgh resident who died in Chicago Saturday, will be held at 4 p. m. today at the Ralph Schugar Chapel, 5509 Center Avenue, Shadyside. Born in Pittsburgh, Mr. Goldstein lived here until seven years ago. Whale a resident here he was associated with the motion picture industry. A Mason, he belonged to would shoot scrap prices upward. Studebaker Explains And Paul G. Hoffman, chairman of Studebaker Corporation, who's no apologist, feels obliged to explain his company's $6,400,000 loss in the first quarter with these words: "In this difficult period, while some car manufacturers continue to overproduce and thus force all dealers into price-cutting and other unsound practices, Studebaker's primary aim is to come through this temporary situation with a strong dealer organization intact and working capital In the period through April 24, Ford with 32 per cent and General Motors with 50.7 per cent produced more than 80 per cent of all passenger cars between them. The share of Chrysler, the third member of the "Big Three," dropped below 13 per cent. Even so, less than five per cent was left for the rest. Last year in the same period Chrysler accounted for 21.4 per cent, more than Ford, and the independents nearly 12 per cent. Here's the score: Per Cent of Total 3954 1953 Big Three 95.5 88.2 General Motors 50.7 4 5.9 Ford 32.0 20.9 Chrysler 12.8 21.4 Independents 4.5 11.8 Studebaker 1.7 2.8 Nash 13 3.6 Packard 1 1-9 Kaiser Motors 4 1.8 Hudson 4 1.7 This still stacks up as the third best year in history be Along Auto Rom The seasonal upturn in car sales is gaining momentum. The car makers have many top executives in the field urging their dealers to greater sales effort. For the most part the results have been gratifying. Generally sales percentages are following the output pattern, although there is some variation from- ALLEGHENY COUNTY Pittsburgh, May 3rd, 1954. Separate and sealed proposals will be received at the Office of the Controller of Allegheny County, Room 104 Court House. Pittsburgh, until 10:30 A.M., D.S.T. (9:30 A.M., E.S.T. Thursday. May 13, 1954, and will be publicly opened at 11:00 A.M.. D.S.T. (10:00 A.M., E.S.T. in the presence of the County Commissioners in Room 410 Court House, Pittsburgh, for Lumber for Fire Tower at North Park. Special bidding blanks and envelopes for use of bidders. Instructions to Bidders and conditions regulating bidding, together with specifications, may be had on application to the office of the Bureau of Purchases, Room 207 Court House, Pittsburgh, Pa. Proposal must be accompanied by a certified check or bond to the order ofor running to the County of Allegheny for the amount fixed in the specification as evidence that the bidder will accept same and carry out the conditions of the contract la case of award. No bidder may withdraw his hid for a period of 60 days after the scheduled closing time for receipt of bids. The County Commissioners reserve the right to reject anv and all bids. JAMES W. KNOX. Controller County of Allegheny. ALLEGHENY COUNTY Pittsburgh, May 3rd, 1954. Separate and sealed proposals will be received at the Office of the Controller of Allegheny County, Room 104 Court House, Pittsburgh, until 10:30 A.M., D.S.T. (9:30 A.M., E.S.T.). Tuesday, May 11th, 1954. and will be publicly opened at 11:00 A.M., D.S.T. (10:00 A.M., E.S.T.), In the presence of the County Commissioners in Room 410 Court House, Pittsburgh, for One Westinghouse Circuit Breaker. Special bidding blanks and envelopes for use of bidders, Instructions to Bidders and conditions regulating bidding, together with specifications, may be had on application the qffice of the Bureau of Purchases, Room 207 Court House, Pittsburgh, Pa. Proposal must be accompanied by a certified check or bond to the order ofor running to the County of Allegheny for the amount fixed In the specification as evidence that the bidder will accept same and carry out the conditions of the contract In case of award. No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of 60 days after the scheduled closing time for receipt of bids. The County Commissioners reserve the right to reject any and all bids. JAMES W. KNOX, Controller week to week in the share of each division of the larger The American Oil Company has launched its biggest gasoline advertising campaign in history. The American Oil Company is devoting a large amount of space in newspapers to telling about the qualities of its unleaded premium gasoline. J. E. Jamison, formerly with Ford in Pittsburgh, has been named manager of the newly formed display and exhibit department of Ford. J. G. Brien has been appointed dealer co-operative advertising manager of Plymouth C. K. Whit-taker, Studebaker vice president, was named an executive viee president in charge of all domestic sales By A. R. Elmer J. Heason, formerly assistant superintendent, has County of Allegheny. been named fterintendent of the by-product coke de-p a ent at Hazelwood by Jones Laugh-lin Steel Cor-poration. Frank C. Lauer has been promoted to as A sharp upturn in sales and a decline in inventories cdmbined to make March used car turnover one of the best in many months, according to the National Used Car Dealers Association. March national sales were up 4.2 per cent compared to March, 1953, while inventories going into April showed a 4.1 per cent decline. PowerFlite, the automatic transmission introduced for the 1954 DeSoto, has been ordered by 97.3 per cent of DeSoto buyers thus far in the. model year. Faulty spark plugs may waste as much as one gallon of gas in every ten. Chevrolet says plugs should be cleaned and adjusted at intervals. Many automatic transmissions require fresh oil, exactly like your car's crankcase does. Never wash an automobile under a hot sun. If the air pressure in your tires is only five pounds less than recommended, tire durability may be reduced almost one-third. IL R. Steding of Chrysler Corporation, observing that plastic car bodies have found some favor in short run, low volume production sports or custom-made cars, said plastics still cannot compete with steel as a material for major body panels in large scale production, because of the twin factors of production time and cost. Raymond Firestone, executive vice president of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, predicted that within a few years inner tubes for automobile tires will be OFFICIAL ADVERTISEMENT THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PITTSBURGH. PA. Office of the Secretary and Business Manager of the Board of Public Education 251 Administration Building, Pittsburgh, Pa. April 23. 1954. Sealed proposals are requested for General, New Fire Escapes, Interior Painting. Stage Curtains Window Draperies, Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical Work at various, schools, Pittsburgh. Pa. Contract Documents therefor will be furnished Contractors only and not Sub-Bidders, on application to the office of the Director of the Division of Plant Operation and Maintenance, 433 Administration Building. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and upon temporary deposit of Five Dollars for each set of documents taken out. Proposals will be received by H. H. Rothrock, Secretary and Business Manager, 251 Administration Building Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, until 2:00 P. M. (Daylight Saving Timet, May 6, 1954, at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud In Conference Room Each proposal must be signed, sealed and accompanied by a Bidder's Bond of a Surety Company satisfactory to the Board, or a certified check in the amount Indicated No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of forty (40) days after the date set for the opening thereof. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids or to waive informalities In the bid. mw By order of The Board. H. H. ROTHROCK. Secretary and Business Manager. Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania May 3. 1954 Separate and sealed proposals will be received at the office of the Allegheny County Housing Authority. Room 201 County Office Building, v. tio imfii i-nn p. National Steel Profit Lower National Steel Corporation reports net earnings for the quarter ended March 31, of $6,420,225, equal to 87 cents per share, compared with or $1.50 per share, in the 1953 quarter. An excessive inventory situation at one plant was responsible for a heavy reduction in the operating rate in the first quarter, E. T. Weir, chairman, said. He added that this had the effect of increasing costs and reducing earnings. "Inventories are now in strictly proper balance and steelmaking "operations are being conducted at a rate of 80 per cent which is in proportion to the demand for our products," Mr. Weir said. Basset Press and Mailing Company announced the addition of a letterpress department and the relocation of its plant and offices in larger new quarters at 377 McKee Place. The company, which was started in 1950, will have 12,500 square feet of floor space. Lawrence E. Moore has been elected secretary-treasurer of the Colonial Steel Division of Vanadium-Alloys Steel Company, succeeding the late Charles W. Wiegel; Mr. Moore was formerly controller of the parent company. J. Z. Lin-senmeyer has been named engineering manager for Westing-house Electric Corporation's Central Region. Koppers Buys Treating Unit Koppers Company, Inc. announced that it has purchased substantially all stock of the American Lumber Treating Company. The purchase will be consumated by the exchange of approximately one share of Koppers for 5 shares of American Lumber Treating. A. L. T. 2ias 361,767 outstanding shares. A. L. T. has been principally owned by the Aluminum Company of America and Chicago Bridge Iron Company. Executives to Meet Carl V. Haecker, merchandising display manager, Radio Corporation of America, will address the Sales Executives Club of Pittsburgh at noon today at the Hotel William Penn. The subject of his talk will be "A Capsule for Successful Selling." 'Thanks a Million' Song Writer Dies HOLLYWOOD. May 2 Arthur James Johnston, 56, composer of many hit tunes and pianist for Irving Berlin for some 20 years, died yesterday. Songs for which Johnston wrote the music included "Pennies From Heaven," "Cocktails for Two," "Just One More Chance," "Down the Old Ox Road" and "Thanks a Million." He was born in New York City and in the early days of silent pictures played piano in movie houses. In later years he was a composer of scores for motion pictures both here and in London. He came to Hollywood in 1929. The composer is survived by his widow, Veronica. Mother of Pastors Funeral Monday From the Post-Gazette Correspondent EAST LIVERPOOL, May 2 Funeral services will be held Monday in the Church of the Nazarene, Homer City, for Mrs. Sarah J. Hastie, 75, of Sa-lina, mother of the Reverend Leroy M. Hastie, pastor of the Lacroft Nazarene Church here. She died Friday. Mrs. Hastie is survived by six other sons, including three ministers, the Reverend Edward, Lawrence and George Hastie of New Brighton, Freedom and Riceville, respectively. sistant super- Mr. Heastan intendent of the department. J. A. Farnsworth has been named contracting engineer, and James P. Blair an assistant chief engineer, of Heyl Pat-t Inc. John W. Frazier, formerly with Trion, has been named field manager here for American Air Filter Company, Louisville, Ky. wight W. Kaufmann has been named eastern sales manager of Rem-Cru Titanium, with offices in Midland. John H. Grotheer has been named general agent here for the Norfolk Southern Railway Company, succeeding Earl C. Kolson, who has been appointed Pittsburgh general agent of the Railway. James W. Conrad has been promoted to assistant division manager at Pittsburgh by P. Lorillard Company, makers of Old Gold and Kent cigarets. George L. Geuss, a service engineer with Rockwell Manufacturing Company, has been named assistant manager of Nordstrom products, Meter and Valve Division. the public schools of the Aspinwall Borouch School District, and It Is estimated that he sum of $20,000.00 will be derived from said tax for the year beginning July 1. 1954. Said Resolution will be considered and It Is anticipated that final action will be taken thereon by the School District of the Boroiftrh of Aspinwall at the High School Building. Fourth Street Virginia Avenue, Asplnwall. Pennsylvania, on the 17th day of May, 1954. at 7:00 o'clock P. E. S. T. (8:00 o'clock P. D. S. T. or as soon thereafter as the Board of School Directors may consider the subject. SCHOOL DISTRICT OF THE BOROUGH OF ASPINWALL By E. L. Ambrose. Secretary. Estate of Martha E. Weibel, deceased, of Dormont. No. 1823 of 1954. Letters testamentary on her estate were granted to the undersigned who requests all persons having claims or demands against the estate of decedent to make known the same and ell persons Indebted to decedent to make payment without delay to Mary L. Weibel. 1219 Hillsdale Pgh. 16, or to Shoemaker and Knoell, 434 Diamond Pa, Estate of William J. Payne, deceased. Of Pgh. No. 6474 of 1945. Letters of administration D.B.N.C.T.A. on his estate were granted to the undersigned who requests all persons having claims or demands against the estate of decedent to make known the same and all persons Indebted to decedent to make payment without delay to Albert E. Payne, D.B.N.C.T.A.. 1446 Barr or to Don F. D'lvernols. Att'y 1609 Union Bank Pa. EVERY BOAST'S A BOOST. When you hear folk tell how fast their Post-Gazette Want Ada worked. believe 'em and phone Express 1-1475 for youra. Tuesday, May 18. 1954, and publicly What Stocks Did opened at 2:30 r. v. o-Room 201 County Office Building. Pittsburgh, Pa. Garbage and Rubbish Collection. Special bidding blanks for use of bidders. Instructions to bidders and conditions regulating bidding, together with specifications may be had on application to the office of the Allegheny County Housing Authority, Room 201 County Office Building, Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. C. HOWARD McPEAK, v.ra.Hia nimotnr Allegheny County Last Previous Year 2 years week week ago agj Advances 622 529 802 462 Declines 629 716 402 725 Unchanged 195 201 194 224 Total Issues ..1446 1446 1398 1411 Weekly stocks New highs. 280 276 27 84 New lows 105 57 295 369 Housing Authority. 201 County Office Building. Plttsourgn, r-ennsyivama. HARBISON-WALKER REFRACTORIES COMPANY Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania April 29, 1954 Board of Directors has declared for quarter ending June 30, 1954. DIVIDEND of ONE and ONE -HALF li PER CENT or $1.50 per share on PREFERRED STOCK, payable July 20, 1954, to shareholders of record July 6, 1954. Also declared a DIVIDEND of FIFTY CENTS per share on COMMON STOCK, payable June 1, 1954, to shareholders of record May 10, 1954. G. V. CRONMTLLER, Vies President And Secretary. THE BOARD OF PUBLIC t'TM TP A TTnw nr TUP SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PITTSBURGH Weekly Stock Indexes Standard Poor's, 1935-1939 equals 100 Close 1954 Apr. 28 Apr. 21 High Low 480 Stocks ...214.7 213.1 214.7 192.9 420 Industrials 235.6 235.6 235.6 208.3 20 Rail 165.1 162.3 167.3 156.8 40 Utilities ..132.9 132.5 132.9 125:6 Sealed bias win De received office of the Secretary and Business lodges in Portsmouth, and Chicago. Survivors are a son, Robert Gould of Louisville, Manager, Room 231 Aaminisirauun n.itiHinir Tteilefielri Avenue and Forbes I USE WANT ADS Street, until o'clock P.M. Eastern

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