The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 17, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1896
Page 8
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'• MOmm. AMOK%. KWAi-WS '':W<K.' . ••* " ...'A .„! -.- — ' —"•- •' --^Jd^-uttJ-aLMatfraaaidaiMliMl^ll^^ f tf *y is A. O. tf. W. &* at the tar itCrtilal- toeetiug of W. C. 1*. tf. *Hl be Jane 24. The cellar is being dag f«rt- the new Cbnbb borne. That Are Wise m. Tbe next day, « S p. tn Rtacroft has some bandsotne posters •1 .m no time in getting on the band wagon. The same kind of wisdom is ,what prompts iliem to keep up with the procession and r * Buy Madelia Flour, the kind made at Madelia, Minn,, and which fjositively has no superior in this market. We sell it Our grocery stock is just as complete as it can be. James Patterson. Oftoaodng her foartb celebration. The Episcopalian ladies have a birthday social at Geo, JL Clarke's ibis eren- ffag, TJios. Sbertflan dfotre jf«*«B from Bancroff Safiday to attend church We utijppose, dm» wilt t» itt Algona UJWvIKIg. »»»•» v*f «*«»«•• —. .•- — —-,f - T --Vet* iflHiortaat business is to be sacte and it ift bopped ttiafc *U Members *?1ICVW»4> TT *»- —" -—W. Wadswrifc, Baiwrt Cowles Block. IF you are In search of. RAILWAY TIME CARDS. Millinery —the best to be had in the market, don't let it escape your attentiou that the large -.tock just received by Matson & McCall • positively includes all that is to be had in the latest and Mndsomest things in the line of millinery, goods. Knowing the wants of the trade here, this stock was selected 'with special reference thereto, and we feel safe in predicting that it will fully sneet the requirements of intending buyers. . We invite inspection. & MCCALL. CH1CA0O, IffLWAUKEE It ST. tCW At, YRAUfS WBST. No. I de-parts at..,..., , S^&aat JJo,9 aepartff at 4:01 p'lB Freif?fct» t&at carry passengers— ;No.»3 departs»e iSiOoam 'No.71 departs at .... 8:33 pat .B5 departs at..- ,..,.,....,.., 8:2apm TBAIHS EAST. No.2 depart* at .... 10:37 am No.4 depart* at... , 6:33 pn» Freights that carry passenger*— So. 78 departs at ft^ftpin No. 94 departs at, CtfSpm R, F. HEBBICK, Agetrt. CHICAGO IL KORTJIWEOTEBJf. South— Freight 7:10 a m .. »:<H am Nortfc— Mixed 7:10 a m FreigSt 11:25 a as Mixed I;.'.; ,...»:00pm . m 10:47 pm The adraoce car was here SaJorday. Geo. E. Clarke is added to the trf* cycle list,, fife is to apijieaf 06 a wheel nesjkireek. . : '.•--'.Mr*. 1* M. Btorton i» cOTstdleriDg building oo the oM Fiather Taylor corner this fall. Eobt Kaln f» tip and abo06 these days, hot wiflbe Oftftbte to walk for a coapte of months, The baufl gave two 6oe concerta Sat- afday. They 'will p*ay every Satarday sf teraoort and evening* Next week Wednesday tbe Mesons have abfff district taeetiogr at Butts veu. Algona will be there in force. Rolla Bamaey, who is rigbt hand man in the Courier office, is laid: up with an attack of appendicitis. Marriage licenses have been isstrad to Fritz Teide and Mary HanzeMman, An- tbony KowatsM and Tilla Stader. Tbe school alo«feat8 terl a big reception Friday ev&ning; at tbe court house. The room was beaotlMty decorated. The thertnotneter got up above 90 a good share of Monday, and yesterday was also what is known as a corn, day, The summer term of the normal 1 school opens June 301 ProE. Lilly says • the prospects is for a very large attend| ance. i Married in Algona, Monday, June 15 T by Rev. lanes. Mr. H. C. .Tohnsoa of RolfeaKd Miss Helen Schenrock o£ Algona. The ladies of tbe Helping Hand society will give an ice cream social at the home of Mrs. John OIson T Tuesday evening-, June 23. serioos . . ..., : r, H. VESPEB, Agent. H. L. EDDULL, ESaceesaor to C. L. Lund,} Dr. Armstrong is expected home; 6M* week 01* next. He is almost wholliy re-covered from his illness, at wMchi many Cbeeve^HaasopVliltfebojf W* bfoke feis stierotae* blade. Broken sbowfeier blades nin id ibefanrity. DP, ttuijson ba» one and Cheever Tliis I* Ihtrfl in line. Qoincjr little girl bas one also. is doing w-ell and no qoences are feared. Jodge Quartern is fcoldl&g court today lo close wp some ttiai&g matters of tbe term. Tbls- ends bis work for the sons- toer, Next week be and Mrs. Qaarton will gw«»she lakes for s» few days. Later sins will visit i® O*kalooaa, and both nm pFaaaJn-g on a trtp witb Jadge Cook's- fftmOy to nortbern Wisconsin. An interesting service was beld by tbe Presbyterian* at tbe Rlebboff borne • north of towtt on Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ktebboff were charter members of tbe Erst cburcb organized IB Kosaatfa county IB 18&" T and are now unable to attend services its town. A large number ol friends and relatives were present, Monday nigbt about mtdnigbfc, a tamp exploded in tbe parlor ol tbe new Bniauwicfe botel. Nigbt Watcb Htral- er and tbe proprietor rusbed upstairs and found; tbe room in & blaze. By tbrowmg tbe lamp and one cbair out of She window and potting quilts on the Soor the flames were smothered. It was a close call for tbe boteL B. W. Haggard was in Bancroft Saturday. Be saya tbe race track grounds are handsomely fitted up, tbe lumber bOE alone being $1,000;. Box stalls and opea stalls for 200 horses, a track entirety enclosed, a hfg amphitheatre are pare of the preparations f«r the Fourth races. It is now certain that there will be 100 : horses for the races. The school board baa chosen Miss! Coate and Miss Louise Me Coy to take charge of the high, school room next I year. Miss Coate T s work is already I well known for its excellence and Miss 1 McCoy brings to the school exeeption- 'ally fine• traiiatng. Under these ladies ififce ftio-fc sehool work will, we believe, ' - ° - * ' " Algous , . Ttros. H. ianfarjv CasMer, Oeo. !«. Gaiwatta, Ylreii. M. Milter. Myron t . F. Cooto?- CASH CAPITAL, 850,000. General Banking. PRtrATB SAFETY DEPOSIT VAVLT8. ^•"Interest paid on time deposits. G-IEO- O. far money left three months or more. Money at ways on iand 60 loan oa fin* mortgages, second mortgages, and good collaterals. Notes boogbt. ALGONA, IOWA. Tfie AlRona Deposit & Loan Assn. WIB GUARANTEE Call at offices for-partf cellars. 8 Offices over Algona State Bank PER GENT. Merest NSURANGE. Also Land:, Loon ami Collection Bnstness,- Offlce-oTer Algoaa State Bank. Farmers* of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix ot Hartford, Hanorer of New York, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis, Rockford of Rockford, Lloyd's Plate Glass of New York, United States Life ot New York. GEO. M. BAILEY. . I excel any yet done In the DEALKR LV Gram, Feed, Hard and Soft at Farmers' '• Exchange Store. south of court house and investigate the plan by which we propose to copy and enlarge a photo of any or all of our customers. . See Sample of the'.work in our show window, i» the meantime we have a few close prices to give you on gro- ceyies. Yours for trade, i Anderson & Ste&bins, At toe Wisrt&westera elevator. Orders for coaE ami t ee\J cam be left at Watlrer Bros.' All goods deHrered, Come- and; see- me. old friends will rejoice. Dir. Dun-lap has gone to- Buddy and tbe pension -examining: board) atilli teas a vacancy. How would it few to Iraive one republican, on- the board? O, W. McMurray is- puttie „ foundation' under Ms hotel baEl'dirngrami mil build a veranda across, tbe front* and add; a writing room on; tbe east, A veterinarian nas fired; another Koseuth's legs at Bancroft, One was fired in the spuing aiad 1 . Is wetL Now the other is lame, Kosautb; cannot tMaseasoo. . . Next Sunday at T p. WL a. Yerorrg- People 7 '* guild will be. organized! at the Episcopal) church-, German Sunday school and sec-rices at & pv m. Other services aa uauaiL M, B. Daltoa haa : tbe prize potato for the middle of June, It weighs an evens pouad. He has a lot of tbemi along, in that neighborhood. His potatoes', beat tlioae shipped in from! the- sorauhi. Sportsman's the Somatnrai wrapper, la Best 5c Cigar fo tte A!g»na maifcat to«Say. Ita Iarg.s and i n- SOHU & WATERHOUSE. I am still in the Ice Business. ^7 as low as anybody's. Good service or no pay. Restaurant ~. Lunch Counter, I* BOW Ja if* n*w locatlon-Hhe U M. B. Smith bciMink iferrea meals at regular hour* and «bort-O3tJfci mfcaU at all boare. , Csasuaa, S^riev—Side entrance tor ladles. Everything neat, clean, and post- lively tint claaa. Full stock ot confection ery. Ltmeb counter in front. TTve electric- Itgbt taainiesa rematas in- its plaee- T Itfce Orover^a soil. Tbe O'Mo mart wbo waa here baa been wtit^ ten toby tbe city eotiineil commit tee r but noi reply has yet been received. The E'pwortb league wiH bave_ a apecia! program at tbe M&tEiodiat church 'Sunday evening-. Special music r an address- by Eev. Soutbwell, and a convention report are features. Word comes to J. R, Jones tbat Mias Anna Traumenbeiaeir, wbo baa visited in Al'OEa, fa to be married fa Chicago, Jane 25, to E, A. Koemmel. They will go to Soatb America on a wedding trip. Tbe limited time given /or bids on tbe new school boase broogbt bat two. Tbe board extended t'ne time till next Monday without opening either bid. Then tbe contract will be let and work will begin at once. Over at Wesley the Kernan and Chandler Ward school houses have cyclone caves completed. * They are planked up inside and have seats. School can go on as usual right in the midst of tbe storm. J. M. Cleary of Minneapolis, presi^ dent of the Catholic Total Abstinence Union ol America, will give a temperance address in the opera bouse, Tuesday, June 23, admission free. Exercises begin at 8 o'clock, schools. A happy event at the Robt, Henderson betne is to occutr tomorrow when Miss Muy Henderson; and "Wesley Lam- soo) will be \ittitedl ia marriage by Rsv, 'Soucthiwett. The bride is welt known in new i Al'goti'at where she bas been living- for — * | some time,, and the groom is a standby in the Repobliean office force. Cbn- = . itions will go with tbetn from many friends, Henry Sifert died yesterday aboat 5 o'e-loclfe and witl be buried tbis afternoon) at i o T cllocfe. He was past 80 years I of age and bad been" for many years a resident, of Algooa. A. A. Silert came from Beffi'alo Center Satarday to attend bis father, but found Mm past hope off recovery. The old gentleman was in the- Mexican war. He leaves a wife and large family of children to moiffira Ms departure. The Nortbwestern bad tbree more cars go off that Iryfngton gravel pit track Sunday morning;. la tbe winter tbree got loose and went down on tbe ice and skated across the river. This time the bead ear bit a tree on the river bank and lodged, and tbe other two smasbed into it. The track is about 2ft feet above tbe water and slopes down so that cars which break loose make for tbe river at a good speed. The wedding of Irving Dodge and Miss DeEtta Eandall occurred at the Randall home last evening, none invited but relatives, Rev. Southwell officiating. The bappy couple repaired at once to tbe Dodge home in the north part of town where they begin housekeeping. THE UPPER DES MODJES has already spoken of tbe many estimable qualities of this couple. May tbey enjoy all tbe bappiness tbe future promises. Another literary tramp did work last week. He wrote a lengtby and eloquent plea to Judge Quarton explaining wby he bad been improperly incarcerated and asked to labor on Algona streets. But the judge was unmoved and be put in his ten days. He happened to be on the street while 'Squire Clarke was fixing his uwnings, and at that time expressed the unchristian wisb, that he would fall out and break his neck. Tbe 'squire explained to him that another tea days could be arranged for lilm if he was apxious about it, and he kept quiet thereafter. Foundry and Machine Shop, <Ss Olxustedt, We do repairing of all Mn3s. TbresMng ontffits repaired promj Boll pinion for Case power, a SUop east of Rntnerf oni HOBSS. Iroa and brass casting and boiler work done on short notice. sly. We are here to stay. Mail orders promptly attended. id horse power tamckle, a specialty. _____ -\A i !!' I" ."Y '^'^r -^ £& r ~* * J **^ CifTS *"- ' ^ ^ l » . ALGOSfA, IOWA. Peter Winkel. BOWVER, Good Paintin I bare been IB Algona J2 years, and jay work done during (hat time speaks for n«>)i, Jam stUJ prepared to give the game ftnrt-cjass service aa ever, and Bpjicjt your patronage. HOUSE PAINTING AND PA TBE JAIL A DISGRACE. AJex. I"raser TUIuks the County Board Should Is'ot Wail for an Election—A Sew JaU Xeedcd. TotbeKditor: OntbeSOtb ultimo I read a paragraph in THE UPPER DES MOINES stating tbat tbe Kossuth county jail is botb a joke and disgrace. Now for tbe life of me I cannot see where tbe joke comes in. If that pen under tbe court house is tbe jail referred to it must be admitted tbat it is a disgrace. And more than that, I think it is criminal to use it to incarcerate human beings in, after being condemned several times by tbe highest authority in the land in such case viz. grand jury. A person would think it was a clear case when tbe grand jury made their report to the court tbat tbe place was unfit for the purpose for which it was used. A person would think it was a clear case tbat tbe county bad to build a jail or be responsible for any damage accrued from want of a proper place of confinement for unfortunate persons that do not do right at times. I know it was voted on at general election if a certain sum should be raised by tax to build a jail and those against the tax marked "no," and those who were careless, and some who could not read or write Englisb, did not vote either way. I think that way of building a jail should be made away with, and the chairman of county property should take initiative and do something. ALEX. PHASER. Money. I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent, interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of bis mortgage at the time of paying interest. J. J. RYAN. Office over the postofflce, Algona. Iowa PROFESSIONAL. -%^-^^M^^^X^-Xrfl-^rf^fcrf^^^k^^X^.^fcX^^V CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Cowles 1 new building. SULLIVAN & MeMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Hoxle-Ferguson bl jck. GEO. R. CLOUD, [Successor to W. B.Qnartoa.] Attorney and Counsellor at Law, AIXJOXA, IOWA. Office over Kossnth County State Bank. E. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. J. C. RAYMOND, EBJTEST C. RAYMOND RAYMOND & RAYMOND, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. wants to see yon tor anytning in the line of A tramp printer arrived in Algona last week and hearing of the reception tendered some of his companions called at this office to learn a quick way of leaving. Tramos are getting so scarce a? to be quite a luxury, A fishing party consisting of Pat Kain, J. W. Einchon, and Mr. Miller came home Monday from Okooojl. They had good luck with tl»e fish, aud got a sunburn that would be auspicious on less well known citizens. County Attorney Raymond haj begun making his argument in tbe Dr. case, which, hag been appealed tp TWO LIVES SAVED. Mrs. Phoebe Thomas of Junction City, 111., was told by her doctors she bad consumption and that there was no hope for her. but two bottles ot Dr, King's New Discovery completely cured her and sheisays it saved her ifte, Tbos. Eggers, 139Morida street, San Francisco, suffered from a dreadtul. cold; approaching consumption; L. K. GARFIELD, M. D,, PHYSICIAN AND SURQEON. Office, State St., one door east of Cordlngley. Residence, McGregor St., east ot the public school building. • F, L. TRIBON, M. D,, Homeopathic, PffYSIClAN AND SURQEON. Office and residence in the Boston Block, (In the new block.) tried without result , tbe supreme sOHVt. He feels very that the county will win. Se JgdoctoV' bills hang o» the ae* cJelop, , J, J. Qnrtie, Mr* I* J. Rice's tether, here *FPP» Qi-ceneastle en. a else, then VI #^U 11 *V**V**V * */«*** W »*• V rvr^O T-^-r — j B-T-T- bougW one bqttte Dp. King's New Discov and in two weeks was cured. Natural- is'tbanfcfuJ. It is suca results, of which these are samples, that prove the wonderful efficacy of this medicine in colds »n4 coughs. Free trial bottles at Sheetz'. Regular sjze gQo aod |1.5 O — the He has opened a shop on the south side of the square, and is prepared to do Plumbing, Iron Roofing, etc,, also repairing of all Wnds. Has the double beaded gutters, the newest thing in this Jine, IwaijtyourworUand guarantee satisfaction. Give me a chance to bid on your job. T. gp. juire medicine to ri IcJneys willJn4 v*v» if** v if f ~ " "s^ v Jate tbe bowels ana „„,..,-,- ,.....,,-,., ,„, trne vetnefly i» Blecwio JJfttera. Tbls m«4- iciue does not stimulate and coptajna no "•*•«•><"»• nor O&SF intoxicant, but acts RS. • gjtey&Uvs. lit acts mildly g« aM boweJs, adding Btrea " ^ to the organs, thereby ..._ „_«,.---„ ^ep,er|gjfmpic^of the i tJong, JSJeeto'oBUtera is an excellent a pe^epajdiildsajgeito. OW pwpie to Bum* ?w«y ,tfW !¥£. w4-~.Prt.^ TAX SALE NOTICE, ToR. S. Ervtn and Math. Richardson: You krt> hereby notified that on the 5th day of De- serober, J80?. the following described wft M- itate, situated in the cpnnfy p* Kossutn, apd itate of Iowa: The «juffvi«e4 one-seventh of ;he north half of the, souwweat o.uarterofjec- inrth oi Range No. yweu$y-8sve» wei ,,^V>M.— waj^soldby ths tjreftsuyer to A. P. Ola^Re, who W »ow tfe^ »«»•»• • nerpftSecerMflc^te of purchase thereof; ,,^ tb§ rtsht of redej»ptte» wttj empire %8? » " SifA 1 ^--^^"' tM»^»l«Sfe y^jl-^T^ JtflR^y *yjM H. C. MeCOY, M, D., PSYSIQIAN 4#Z> 8VRQEON, Residence, McGregor street Office with Pr, Garneld. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Iowa. E. S, OLASIEB, O. P, S,, Office over the State Bank, AJgojia, Iowa. t ot the pf saJS DENTIST, 4, js, mr, />. kpca.1 anaesthetic jroj deade gutps wheg esftasflng tse ajn Jn Drags and Medidm *BF OR. PRESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat t ^. T ,\r - J — _-v ' f \ ~ T- . '.^ . ' _ v rt *"

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