The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 17, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1896
Page 7
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THE, K,1 fft & 6lngje dfi y lw(3r Cfcfcftfco P ; ,flteSreedvefed nineteefi bicycles which ; '-' .had beefi Stolen, * Slotting papef hahdteS now absorb *"tb6 attention and the fleffipiration of ' 'tn6 faddish wheelman. aaateUfs never fide under theif owri names, preferring to assume others for facing purposes. gatt Francisco has an ordinance prohibiting the jeopaf dtaing of the lives of children under 6 years of age by taking them out fldirtg oil bicycles. Australians have a sure cure for scorching. The judges fine every of- fendef $&0. A. second dose is never • needed to completely cure the patient. Olive oil and vaseline are good remedies for the oltin when burned by the sun. Cloths dipped in water in which baking soda has been dissolved and laid on the smarting cheeks and fore- 'heads also afford speedy relief. IOWA WBDNESPAV JUtM it. JJ9C. VV HEALTH AN but* WOMAN TKU& SOUfcCfe 6 A Reporter's Ihtutestthg tntcctlcw With gio*y. SMILES BETWEEN SERMONS, He—My ears burn so. She—Well, pott must admit that you've got ears to burn.—Yonkers Statenman. He—I would kiss you if I thought no one would see me. She—Shall I close my eyes?—Woonsocket Reporter. The difference between a somnambulist and a messenger boy is trifling: One walks in his sleep and the other sleeps In his walk.—Philadelphia Press. The Inquisitive One—Did you study your art here or abroad? The Poster Designer—Art? I wouldn't dare study It. I might spoil my style.—Indianapolis Journal. • Grand Excursion to Buffalo July Cth and Otli. The National Educational Association will hold its next annual in Buit'alo, and the Michigan "The Niagara Falls Route," has made a rate of one fare for the round trip, plus $2.00, association membership fee. S''nd stamp for "Notes for Teachers," COK .lining valuable information relative to Buffalo und Niagara Falls and 10 cents for a summer note book,-fully descriptive and profusely illustrative of the summer resorts of the 'north and east. City ticket office, 110 Adams street. O. W. RUGGI.ES, Gen'l Pass'r and Tk't Agt. meeting Central, Mrs.'Henry L. Foote, who was recently elected the police justice of Gaylord, Kansas, ran against her husband, and defeated him by a large majority. OJi« Fare for the Round Trip to Washington; Tickets on sale July 8d, 4th, 5th Oth and 7th via Wabash lines. Apply ct 220 Fourth street, Des Moiues, Iowa. Horace Seeley, Commercial Agent. Baron Boeltum, who for many years was a leader .of the.Gerrnau Liberals, is now 05 years of ago and the oldest member of the reichstag. A straietfoj-ward, open-hearted man may be safely left to manage his own concerns. From the Union. Port Jartis, N. 1T» But a short time ago in a distant part- ot the country, we heard of a cure by the Use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, which tseemed almost marvelous, and more recently another substantial evidence of their value reached our ears. Being of an inquiring turn of mind, and Wishing to know just how much there Was in the Story, a reporter was sent to interview the pel-son said to be thus benefited. If the narrative as it had reached our ears was true, it Was only simple justice to let it be known—if it proved un^ true, it Would be Well to know It, The person alluded to above as having been thus greatly benefited by the Use of Pink Pills, is Mrs. Jane Hotalen, of Hainesville, N. J., a pleasant hamlet in Sussex County, about fifteen miles from this office. The reporte had no difficulty in finding Mrs. Hotnlen. She is a pleasant faced old lady, looking to be sixty-five, but is in reality seventy-two years of age. After a few preliminary remarks in explanation of the call she Was asked if she had any objection to giving us the details of the case and how she caiue to try this now famous remedy, "Not at all," she said. "I£ my experience tan be of any good to others, 1 am sure they are welcome to it—it can do me no harm." '•When were you taken sick and what was the nature of the malady?" "It was about two years ago. The trouble was rheumatic in character— sciatica, they called it—and it was very painful indeed. The difficulty began in uiy hip and extended the whole length of the linib, crippling me completely. 1 suffered intensely from it, aiid the ordinary treat-, ment gave me not the slightest alleviation. I was under treatment about a month as stated, but grew worse instead of better, and was fast becoming discouraged." "What brought Pink Pills to your notice?" "My son called my attention to an article in a paper, in which it was stated that a Mr. Struble, of Branchville, a village in this county, hud been greatly benefited bj- their use, and suggested that it would bp a good plan to try them. But I was skeptical in regard to their value—in fact, I had no confidence iu their efficacy, and rather laughed at the suggestion. But the trouble increased and I Was badly crippled. A few days later my son was about to visit a neighboring town and suggested again that it might bo well to try this much-talked-of remedy, and I then coupented. He bought me a box of them, and I began taking them at once. At the end of a week I noted a marked improvement, and by the time J had taken the first box 1 was able to walk without a cone. I continued their use, taking several boxes, and am, as you see, iu a very comfortable state of health." '•Have you had any return of the trouble?" "Not as yet. though at my time of life, seventy-two, it would not bo surprising if I should have. If it comes I should atonce be"gin the use of the pills. • I suppose I inherit a tendency to troubles of this kiud—my mother died from them." "Did you ever note any ill effects from the use of Pink Pills?" "None whatever.. They never disturbed my stomach in any way or caused me any annoyance. I am able, as you see, to attend to my own work." The reporter thanked Mrs. Hctalen for her courtesy and bade her good day. ilt is not often that one can witness such a complete recovery from such a pertinacious trouble at such an advanced age, and such instances cannot fail to produce a profound impression. Headers of the Union may rely on the absolute accuracy of all the statements bore given—nothing lias been exaggerated, nothing withhold. Dr. Williams 1 - Pink Pills contain, in a condensed, form, all the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and rostoro shattered nerves. Pink Pills are sold by all dealers, or will be sent postpaid on receipt of price, by addressing Dr, Williams' Med. Co., Sehenectody, N. Y. A London paper has been fkhing f&f definitions aS to what a baby is an received a long list Of definitions. That which took the prize was "A tiny feather from the wing of love dropped into the sacred lap of motherhood." Among the definitions were the following: , A troublesome compendium of great possibilities. The only precious possession that never excites envy, A bold ascerter of the rights of frea speech. A thing everybody thinks there is A great deal too much fuss about, unless it is their own, A thing we are expected to kiss and look as if we enjoyed It, The only thing needful to make a home happy. There is only one perfect specimen of a baby in existence, and every mother is the happy possessor of it. The most extensive employer of female labor. The pulp from which the leaves of life's book are made. A padlock on the chain o& love. A soft bundle of love and trouble which we cannot do without. The morning caller, noonday crawler, midnight brawler. The magic spell by which the gods transform a house into a home. A diminutive specimen of perverse humanity that could scarcely be endured if he belonged to some one else, but, being our own, is a never-failing treasury of delight. A mite of humanity that will cry no harder if a pin Is stuck into him than he will if the cat won't let him pull her tail. A crying evil you only aggravate by putting down. The latest edition of humanity of which every couple think they possess the finest copy. A native of all countries, who speaks the language of none. The sweetest thing God ever made and forgot to give wings to. That which increases the mother's toil, decreases the father's cash, and serves as an alarm clock to the neighbors. A pleasure to two, a nuisance to every other body, and a necessity to the world. Aii inhabitant of Lapland. - Watcti the Musical &6 of "Shelf fiatightefs. information they Should fartl-tilslt ftt lit* Tlme-fcnewlftdfte by Be Atblded. tevery toother possesses information bi Vital value to her youbg daughter When the girl's thoughts become feluggishj with headache, tlinzi- ness, and n disposition to sleep, pains in back and lower limbs, eyes dim, desire for solitude, and a dislike to the society of children: when she is a mystery to herself and friends, then, her'mother should come to her aid. Lydia ti. Pink-ham's Vegetable Compound will, at this time, prepare the system for the coining 1 change. See that she has it, and Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass., will cheerfully answer any letters where information is desired. Thousands of women owe their health to her and the Vegetable Compound, -and mothers are constantly applying to her for advice regarding their daughters. the fifiUsli mTi&Emm na8 cost &feftt Britain 411,000 a sear in the last 142 years. The dottle of the St. Paul's is abdut as many feet high as there 1 afe days Ifi the year. In proportion to its stee, the horse has a smaller stomach than any other •ti&druped. Madison Square garden realised a profit of $10,000 last year. 1ft the pra* ceding year it lost $31,000. Iowa's population includes 132,34? Germans and 33,000 Irish immigrants, 119,88!) negroes and 394 Indians. The croak of a male bullfrog is lower in tone and more powerful than the slight groaning'noise of-the female. About 2,000 fishing nets of Unlawful mesh have been seized at (kand Ha* Ven, Mich., by the state game warden. France boasts of a navy of 408 ships of 200,000 tons and 621,000 horse- pow-> sr, and 80 others in process of construction. Among the four longest-lived trees are the olive and the yew—both evergreens. The maximum age of the former is 2,000 years and of the latter 2.880. Someone has calculated that the postmen of -London Walk, together, something like 48,360 miles per day, a distance equal to twice the circumference of the globe. The largest bronze casting ever made in America is the buffalo's head which hangs at the eastern entrance o£ the Union P.acifle bridge, between Omaha and Coucil Bluffs. A New York statistician has, after careful study and inquiry, reached the conclusion that the consumption of wheat in this country Is a little less than four bushels per capita. When a Russian family moves from one house to another, it Is customary to rake all the fire from the hearth of the old domicile and carry it in a closed pot to the new residence. Minister" ffbffi ttft*4H, Is at mouth, ft. M., id sfsenfl & feft weeks' at hfS former" hom A p-fiblle FeciptiSii • had been planned fof him, but it was postponed at ftls request, and he met at the flepet by 6 few relatives only. Thomas Mast, the famous cartoonist, recently painted a picture of Bit Irving, which Mr. Nasi called "f he Int* mortal Light of Genius," It is said that when sir fienry saw the'fesult of Mr/, Mast's labor's he was BO pleased that bJ • at once sent the artist a check fof $1,006 In excess of the commission. • Whiteiaw fteid in a letter to a "reform spelling" advocate says of the duty of the state board of regents* "We at least should avoid the barbarous business of vivisection on our.noble living English, Such changes as are need* ful should, so far as we are concerned, come, as in nature, slowly, and not artificially, but in the order of growth," Lieut. Amis, one of the oldest and most noted men on the Washington police forcej is an expert in the making of violins, and has made a number of very fine instruments. In making the violins he uses nothing but an ordinary pocket knife. The Lieutenant is a Virginian by birth and rearing, but when a youth went north and served in the Union army. boys?' resi- Bioux Falls LORD CROMER IN EGYPT. Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding of the tramsient nature oi the many physical ills, which vanish before proper efforts— gentle efforts—pleasauteirorts— rightly directed. There is comfort m the knowledge, that so many forms ai sickness are not due to any actual disease, but simply to a constipated condition of the system, which the pleasant family laxative, Syrup of Figs, promptly removes. That is why it is the only remedy with millions of families, and is everywhere esteemed so highly by all Who valtie good health. Its beneficial effects are due to the fact, that it is the one remedy which promotes internal cleanliness without debilitating the organs on which it acts. It is therefore ' all important, in order to get its beneficial effects, to note when you purchase, that you have the genuine article, which is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by all reputable druggists. ,,_,., If in the enjoyment of gpod health, and the system is regular, laxatives or other remedies are then not needed. It afflicted with any actual disease, one may be commended to tf 3 most suiUxul physicians, but }f in need of a laxative, one should have the best, and with tha welWuformed everywhere, Syrup ot Figs stands highest and is most largely used and gives most general satisf action, us S3 cents in stamps and we will mail you a, Handsome Sterling Sllvor Plated gouvenir Tea Spoon With picture of Jix*GoY. MoKlpluy pf Ohio en- graye4 la bowl- Or for ?7 pentg W9 w}U send the same epoon with Gpld PMed Bowl, pow tissortecl handle designs, \Vo ajeo h»ye bowl engravings of all Presidents and noted Genera^ -Bend for Catalogue, Ak'euts va»tod, Niagara Falle,N.Y, HOUSEHOLD HINTS. Stove polish mixed with vinegar and a small bir. of sugar will gain additional and more lasting luster. Turpentine mixed in the black lead, and brushed over greasy stoves, is very effectual in cleansing them. Keep cheese, when you have a large piece, in a cool, dry place, and wipe off any mold that appears. The cheese should be constantly turned from side to side. The longer a baby's feet are kept In woolen shoes the better, Even the earliest kid shoes often begin to distort them, unless extremely well shaped, and these good shapes are not to be found in cheap and common shoes, The first time meat Is given to an Invalid it should be a slice from a well- cooked joint—mutton is to be preferred to beef, Cut the meat up finely and serve it with gravy and salt, a potato mashed up by the side, if it is allowed by the doctor, but on no account mixed with it, To store a brass bedstead so that it will not get spoiled wipe it with vase- line and then envelope it in soft rags. The vaseline should be put on thickly and a common kind will answer the purpose. Thoroughly sprinkle all stuffed furniture (underneath) pentine before storing it. If you suspect an escape Of gas one pound of soap with three and a half pints ot water, then apply this sticky liquid with ft brush to the gas pipe, when, i'f an escape Is taking place, bubbles will readily be seen on the liquid and the position of tho egcann indicate;! without danger. His Success I)ue to His Having s Few 1'leked Men. Lord Cromer's success is in particular due to his seeing that the only efficient way to rule Egypt was to have an Englishman at hand to say the nnal word in every department of state, says the Spectator. He has never wanted to flood Egypt with English administrators after the manner of France in Tunis. Tunis has only a million and a half of people, but there are 3,000 French civil functionaries, besides a large number of military officers. Lord Cromer has always preferred that tlie English heads should use Egyptian hands. The native cabinet and the native bureaucracy have gone untouched, except to be improved and strengthened, but in the shadow behind every magnificent ministerial fauteuil stands the Englishman who controls and directs. This means that our work has been done by a minute staff. Except in the irrigation department, where high technical skill and the Inability to take bribes make It absolutely necessary to have Englishmen, there are no visible English officials. One advantage of a minute staff is that all your men can be picked men. And In Egypt, whether soldiers or civilians, all the controlling men are picked men- men who can be trusted not only to liold on like bulldogs, but who are also certain to win when brain power, whether in the Turk, tho Armenian, or the Copt, is matched against brain power, tact and adroitness. We do not known whether Lord Cromer ever expressed the thought in words, but if he had said, "I will have no regiment of poorly-paid second-rate Englishmen under me here, but only a few men of the ablest kind in well-paid, responsible posts," he would have exactly expressed the principle upon which he has acted. Another reason for Lord Cromer's success is to be found in the fact that he has always used young men. Egypt is the triumph of young men. Kindred Occupations. "What became of tho Jones asked the returned native. "Bill stays on tho farm," said the dent native, "and Ed went to and opened a law office." ' "Oh! One manes hay and the other makes grass widows, eh?" Her Objection. ,, He—So you visited Pompeii? She—Oh, yes. He—How did you like it? „ She—Well, I must say I was < awfully disappointed in the place. Of course, it wad beautifully located and all that, but it was so dreadfully out of repair. Half Mourning. He—A widow? When did her husband die? She—Last week. He—But she is in half mourning. ghe—Yes, it 1ms come to light that ho had another wife in Chicago. PERSONAL. Marlon Crawford says that his experience in the east convinces him that the Armenians are the "sharpest, shrewdest and trickiest of all eastern Deonles." . • ANTIQUITY Ot?-IRRIGATION, The valley of the Euphrates was crossed by hundreds of miles of canals from 200 to 400 feet across carrying water to arid lands beyond. In India there are now under irrigation 25,000,000 acres; in Egypt, 6,000,000 acres', in Italy, 3,700,000 acres; in France, 400,000 acres, and in the United States, 4,000,000 acres., "For hundreds of years Spain and other southern European countries have relied on irrigation, and in the lost cities of Peru, South America and Mexico irrigation Was practiced when those countries were discovered. Plato Was told by Solon over 2,000 years ago that it existed in Egypt, and also was told the story of the lost island Atlantis, which was sunk in the ocean thousands of years previously and which was said to have had the most perfect system of Irrigation known. Mr F. E. Coserove of the C. B. & Q, K. R., Buda, 111., writes May 21st, 1896:. "I have been sick for eight years with kidney and liver trouble and malaria. 1 havo been taking Patent Medicines and Doctor's Medr icines for eight years and spent $8,000 and got no help until 1 took D/. Kay's Renovator. I had poor appetite, indice_stion, sour stomach, constipation, yellow satin and eyes, tired feeling, pain in back and side, nervous and wakeful, headache and dizziness, bloating of bowels and limbs, shoi-t dry couRh,chills and fever. Dr. Kay's Renovator has removed these symtoms and I feel new again. God bless Dr. Kay's Renovator." It"is sold by druggists at2Bcts. and $1 00 or sent, by mail by Dr. B. J. Kay Medical Co., Omaha, Neb. Beud stamp -fw' large sample and booklet. In summer tho consumption of toead falls twenty per cent below the amount eaten in waiter. . ' One fare for the round trip to Buffalo, N Y >on July 6th and Oth, for National Educational Association, via Wabash lines. Appply at 320 Fourth street, Des Moines, Iowa, Horace Beeley. Commercial Agent. The church property in the United States is valued at $800,000,006. I know that my life was saved by Piso's Cure for Consumption,—John A, Miller, Au Sable, Michigan, April 21, 1895. The tobacco used in Now York city costs five per cent more than the bread eaten in the same time. —AHFItssioppi'it frea by J)r,Kline's Orent torcr. HoPits'iftur Hie tliwltty's life, u.Ir.^.T'' u ^f, eii beiulto/Jr,Kllne, Inclusive. "My dear, I think you are a trifle too particular." "Why?" , . • "In putting wire screens over the doors and windows, so our flies can't got out and associate >yith the neighbors' flies." Victim of Friendship. Mistress—Anna! What ever has become of all your pretty curls? . Maid—rYou see, ma'am, the regiment has left our town, and so I have had to give a lock of my hair to several of my acquaintances. Doing tho Beat Ho Could. "I suppose there is no other sphere left," mused tho man bitterly. Bowing then to the inevitable, . he began by trying on every hat In town. Our "Is your horse fast?" "No ; but I can make him fast." "You— can you train a horso?" "No; but I can tie one." A Sinking Fund Of vital energy is easily and pleasantly repleuishablo. H-ostetter's Stomach Bittere is an iuvigorant without a poor, and Will speedily infuse fresh stamina into an enfeebled physique. Besides this, it averts and remedies malaria, and subdues bilious kidney, dyspeptic and rheumatic ailments The nervous derive great benefit from its use. • A Michigan pastor has furnished notebooks to the young people of his church in •which to jot down thoughts from his sermons. That Pleasing Paralyzing Pie! How good it looks! How good it is! And h$w it hurts. Why pot look into the question of PHI after 1 Pie? Eat your pic and take/Ayer'a Pills after, and pie will please and not paralyze. ••*>'; AVER'S Cathartic bills CU$E DYSPEPSIA. Through Yellowstone Park on a bicycle. A TRIP WORTH I "VVrlto to J. Francis, Gen'l'vPass'r Agent, Bur- ttngton Route, Omaha, >ieb.,*for booklet giving full Information about cost, roads, etc. W-N.U. D.M.--124d, NO. with tur- Throe far ft Upllur, f£hree Avhftt? Three charmingly executed posters in colors, drawn by W, W, Penslpw, Ethel Reed, and JJrQVvn, -will be sent free of postage any address on receipt Qf one cw AU who. aw arlieted" \vith the "postej: criiiw" wjU ifflipediately embrace th^ rarp pppqi'tunity, ag bu,t a limited number of the pesters will he issued. scarcity pf a thing enhances ' QagUt to Be Promoted, Principal (to commercial traveler returning from the road)—How came you to charge such low prices to Schmidt, who is Itnown to be a shaky customer? Commerical Traveler—I thought if tbo man happened to fail we wouldn't lose go much by him,—Handelsaeitung Congressional Wsya. Higbee—You women have a. queer }dea of a debating club, When I looked in last p}ght you were alj talkr ing at once. Mrs, Higbee—We conduct our club on. congressjonal ijn'es, Henry —Pbila, North American. The photograph was foreshadowed by the experiments made ou light's effect on chloride of silver as long ago as tbe beginning of the sixteenth century. PUKE CALIFORNIA WINES. L. Apffol, Wholesaler. Los Ansrelos, Cal., 8 oases, ass'a, freight paid, 5>7-$S-f». Eastern shipments my specialty. The latest freak of fashion in England is for lady cyclists to have their wheels the same color as their costume, Catarrh Cnre fs a constitutional cure. Price, 75c.' Rats are fond of sunflower beeds. A trap baited with these geeds seldom fails to eaten tUe rodents. Neither you. iw I a right |x> asfc ofte to. accept our construction p| CfcriBl 01" tfte Bible. The rjgjjt tp to- dividual bejlef— ; that ie that )fi PreEibyterianJsin JJl, tejjan, Camphor Ice \?un Glycerine. nd only gonuJno, Cures OhB,,pe4 « a °?» Jful F»ce, Ceia Bores, &o. P. 6. Oterfe 0»-i N. B»ve», Cfr A chnrcb built of god from the prairie is one of toe attractions of Brnith county, Kansas, _ K the B»l>y Js Cutting TeettV . Ba sure and w? that old w»d weli-trlpd remedy, MRS. WMBLOW'S Sooi8u,« byuvr to? ObJMrea Teetuwp. kuug diseases are rare among the em- ployes In tobacco factories, The tone of a piano is best wnen the 5n- strijment is npt ueay a wall. England pays |70,OQO,QOO yearly for tor- gu dairy produce. The Columbia you want is ready for you. Not a day's delay, if you choose regular equipment, We have been preparing for months to meet the present great demand, Men's CoMias n's Colo Tandems Such quality at such prices is unheard of. But JJajtfords are.lea ers in both price an4 gopdn§ss, Regular mpclels. ready for delivery POPE MFG, CO.* Hartfpri Conn, J town. , It CcdumblM are »ot , Jet MS know, Branch StPrss an4 Agencies In eJmost $very pH - in yaw ,B uwe » ,mw fwbol8wmely»flaiiiVOTObi; with NERVOUS ebe'ed.UrtUflg Rr, Kwy'* RWWVft.larV ' ol»o most plejlBftnt, no grlpteg, «o siokneas Oti tt»«> stpmaplj,; b»t «, Powplete BI kijuest, reQJpmmena Jtots to nnv P»P »ffliot,ea wHJj JnAJS^Uon ^iHStXAViBBtss §< ^U*v?> $%iw>% 8^«,t tffenty'flye pounds Jp Tye^t, 8,m free Jrgm, splfl Jee| py — k 150 *— ~ " — W r ~ ,J.9tf , v , i , C^QVilttfl' ..-. ..^^tWrajtawif l QY»i9r,ijnl lyfiiptolU W - iftTwto*";I Mwer ?Jrp(j}(|U9fl $<»<$ S s Dr. Kay's Renoyftpr IWMf m .,,.«.w 4 %i FlBMPIPS^ '-* yoajs B$l ftltrl^ute tftis tQ Py K«f\ ^ & usually taken. I mow only tjjUy .Qfle i»'«R4"Vi««:te'»e \xftoje,t^ m

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