The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 17, 1896 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1896
Page 6
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f«Hrft»h<«t ill Ad- *4»fc6 til* —A t3alt ft fi., M6V. F*fed'6ff6k », , t). f OttN Willis fiaef, general secretary 6f the dhrletiah Endeavor Society, sends eut the tot* lowing official pr6' grain of the Fifteenth Interna* tlonal Christian Endeav6r Conven* tioh at Washing* ton, July 8'13: It is with pleasure your attention is fjaUed to the provisional program of the (Fifteenth International Christian En- 'deavor Convention, to be held in Washington, P. C., July 8-13. The practical 'character of the topics to be discussed, Jthe eloquent'speakers, and the throng of delegates who wlll'be present, prom. 'ise to make this the greatest convention of Christian workers ever convened In 'America. Is your society planning to jbe represented? Why not send your •pastor and his wife? Why not spend your vacation In this way? Remember, every Endeavorer who can attend will lie gladly welcomed. The spiritual uplift, and deep, abiding enthusiasm that Will result from tins meeting will more than repay you for the expense of going. Pray for the Convention, that the Holy Spirit may be poured out upon the multitude gathered there, and that a spirit of loyalty and devotion to Christ and the church may be awak- • ened in the hearts of all the young people throughout the world. Wednesday Night, July 8. . "Deepening the Spiritual Life," is the topic for the opening meetings in ' twenty of the churches of Washington. Thus at the very beginning it is hoped to set the standard for the entire Convention. Carefully has the entire program been constructed, bftt to no part of it has more, thought or time been given than to these Wednesday night meetings. In each chur*ii will ,be two •speakers, each speaking thirty minutes. .Among those who have already prom- vsed to make these addresses are the -.following: Hev. Smith Baker, D. D., Boston, Rev. J. T. McCrory, D; D.,. Pittsburg, Rev. J. W. Fifleld, Chicago, Prof. Amos R. Wells, Boston, Rev. L. A. Banks, D. D., Brooklyn, Rev. Kerr B. Tupper, D. D., Philadelphia, Rev. J. E. Pounds, D. D., Indianapolis, Rev. Cortland Myers, Brooklyn, Rev. W. H. Robinson, D. D., •Chicago, Rev. J. L. Campbell, D. D., New York, Rev. C. A. Barbour, Rochester, N. Y., Rev. C. L. Work, D. D., Cincinnati, Rev. W. G. Fennell, Meriden, Conn., Rev. J. B. Morgan, Chester, England, Rev. W. J. Harsh a, D. D., New York, Rev. W. F. Wilson, Toronto, Can., Rev. Henry C. McGook, D. D., Philadelphia, Mr. W. H. Strong, Detroit, Rev. P. '{F. Stanford, D. D., Boston, Rev. Will- dam Rader, San Francisco, Rev. W. B. berrick, D. D., New York City, Rev. J. W. Hamilton, D. D., Cincinnati, Rev. F, W. Tompkins, Providence, Rev. J. Clement French, D. D., Newark, N. J., . Rev. Leander S. Keyser, Springfield, O., Rev. H. M. Wharton, D. D., Baltimore, •Rev. J. L. Withrow, D. D., Chicago, Rev. J. H. Garrison, D. D., St Louis, - |Rev. L. R. Dyott, Newark, N. J., Rev. !F. E. E, Hamilton, Newionville, Mass., tRev. James A, Worden, D. D., Philadelphia, The Rt. Rev. Maurice S. Baldwin, JD, D., Lord Bishop, London, Ont, Rev. 'iD."N. Beach, Minneapolis, Rev, Arnold •jStrenli, Manchester, England. I At the conclusion oft the addresses in each one of the twenty churches a '"quiet hour" will be Introduced. It Is expected that we shall listen to the •"still, small voice" calling for a deeper ispirlt of consecration, and Vhat we shall •close the opening meetings of the Con- yentlpn on Wednesday, as well as the •closing services on the Monday following, with a season of spiritual communion with God that will stir in our hearts a new-born desire for service. 'These seasons of quiet will be led by Mr. C. N. Hunt, Minneapolis, Mr. Ralph Gillam. Boston, Rev, A, D. Thaeler, • Winston, N. C., Mr. W. H. Mr,Clain, St, e! ijplfiiusi e»tsfi ffe fsiiswrst filmed frUStttrS of W&sftSiificttt cfatifcn§s will preside b.fet these twefity-lhree &g f8«etingfi&J. M ' i" •i §. ff. Offenil fi, f)., BevviiawSfA Wilbiif finttiS»; Rev, ttaae W. Cafltef, Metheaiit fi Rev, Joseph ¥. Kelly, Rev. Ch&i-les A. Stake!?, 6. b., R6t. fenftls S. Hafnlln, t>. D., Rev, J. (J. Sutler, 1>< D., Rev. 066. N. Lucfcock, n. D., Rev. W. R. Stricklen, Rev. Theroh Oiitwatef, Rev, Waiter H, Srooks, D, P., Rev. R. H. McKihi, b. t>., Rev. A, W. Pltzer, D. b., Rev. Thdhias Chalmers Easton, D. D., Rev Wm C. Alexander, O.D., Rev, J. Rusflell Vei-brycke, Rev, W, S. Hammond, D. D., Rev. R. A, Fisher, P. D., Rev. Stephen M, NeWmaa, t). b., Rev. Oliver A. Brown, P. D., Rev, b. W. Skll- llnger, Rev John Allan-Johnson. In addition' id the twenty meetings outlined above we are glad to present as another part of the program for Wednesday three illustrated stereoptl- con lectures. Rev. George E. Lovejoy, of Stoneham, Mass., will picture Armenia and its needs; Rev, Frank S. Dobins, Philadelphia, will give his lecture, "The Celestial Empire and the Land of the Rising Sun," and the third Illustrated lecture will be given by Rev. Frederick J. Stanley. Excursion man-. agers, please take good notice in advance that, should any of your delegates be prevented from enjoying these opening sessions on Wednesday night, on account of the excursion's not arriving in time for "unpacking and wash- Ing up," you will very likely find your life in Washington "a grind." Be on time! Try to arrive Wednesday morning, for, remember, the Washington Endeavorers want to enjoy these opening meetings, and many of them will not if you are detained, for they desire to see you warmly received at the railroad stations and steamboat landings,. and safely escorted to your "stopping- places." ;. , ;i; Thursday Mornlnjf. July 9. Promptly at ten o'clock President Clark will "officially" call the' convention to order Un Tent -Washington, - 3. CJaittes, b, b., chairman, Atlanta, Cfa* African Mfrthedist tiplseolnal £ioft ^-Bishop d. d. fettA C. b., chairman, feerne^ N* d,^ Baptist— Rev,.' d, A. our, c'nalrnlan, Rochest^, |N. Y. daaadlan Presbyterian-- ReV. W. B. Reid, ciiaif-man, Mohtreal. Chflstlan —Rev. Prentice A. Canada, &haif»as, Albany, N. Y. Church of God— Chairman not yet selected. Congregational — ReV, W. fi. Barton, b, tX, chairman, Boston, Mass. Cumberand Presbytei 1 !- afl— Rev. T. Ashbttrn, chairman, Bvans- Ville, Ind. blsciples of Christ— Rev. Loyd Darsie, chairman, Buffalo, N, Y. Fr^e Bapiist— Mr. E. P. Metcalf, chairman, 'fcrdvldeiice, R, t. Friends— Chairman not yet selected. German Societies — Chairman not yet selected. Lutheran —Rev. b. F. Garland, chairman, Baltimore, Md, Methodist ProWstaht— Mr. Paul M. Strayer, chairman, Baltimore, Md. Methodist Episcopal, Methodist Episcopal South, Methodist of Canada —(Joint Rally). Chairman hot yet selected. Mennonlte— Rev. N. B, Grubb, chairman, Philadelphia. Moravian— "•Rev. William H. Vogler, chairman, Indianapolis, Ind. Presbytsrlan— Rev. J. M. Patterson) D. D., chairman, Detroit, Mich. . Protestant Episcopal in Canada and United States— Rev. Canon J. B. Richardson, chairman, London, Ont. Reformed Chui'ch In America—Rev. W, B, ' Ackert, chair- §. Wilfiafas, fi. ft, MemfMi, Rev. Theo-ddrd L. Cflylef, ft ».,' yn, N. Y. R6V, 3. Wllbut; b. ft, Philadephl*. fifeV, 3m«lnliati, 6. Rfiv, W. J*. Wflson, TorfetdS,vOnt. ftev. H. M, Wliaftd'n, b. f}., Baltimore; Md. President 1. L. Whitman, b. b., Washington, b. Ci Rev. dertland Myers, BWoklyn, N, Y. In the Calvary Baptist dhufch from .30 until hoon Will be hsld a platforni meeting devoted entirely to methods f Work for the Juniors.' There will be rlef .practical papers upon the various branches of work for the boys and girls, o be followed with informal dis- :Ussions and open parliaments. fci-iday A<t*»iiBoa, duly l«i Note-books will be in demand man, Hoboken, N. J. Reformed JOHN W. BAER. • General Secretary, which will be known as official headquarters throughout the convention. Upon the platform of Tent Washington will be the desk .of President. Clark. Secretary Baer, chairman qf;the convention's "business" committee, and to whom maters of business, .resolutions, etc., may be referred, •.Will'make his headquarters at Tent Washington, and will be found at his- desk; -upon the platform, during the:, sessions of the^ convention. . ••.'.' \ We shall first be greeted by the three large choirs, each of not less than one thousand voices. The first familiar face and figure to direct your attention and afterwards*, your singing will be Mr. Percy S. Foster, who for three years has led our convention choruses. The other two leaders of the large choirs are Mr. Peter Bilhorn and Mr. E. 0, Excel!. These' two consecrated singers raise their batons for the first time at an International Christian Endeavor Convention. And right here let me say that more than ever will the music be made an important part of every session throughout the entire convention, Mr. Charles S. Clark, the chairman of the music committee, has many plans which will meet your hearty approval, In addition to evangelistic songs by Mr, Sankey; Mr, E, 0, Excoll, Mr. Bilhorn, Mr, Foster, and * Mr. Lamb, the committee will introduce soloists from Washington at different times during the convention. The Park sisters are expected, and associated with them as cornetlsts will be Mr. <and Mrs. Robert E, Burleigh, Concord, N. H.; Mr. Alonzo Youngs, Washington, D, C.; and-W}lliam Alonzo Excell, Chicago, 111. You will bo welcomed in Tent Washington by Mr. W. H. H, Smith, the chairman of the "Committee of '96;" in Tent WUliston by Rev. S. H. Greene, P, R,, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, and l» Tent Endeavor by the chairman pf the Board of Commissioners of the District of Columbia, Hon. John W. Ross. Mr, Giles Kellogg, president of 'the C&lifoynJa Ualon. will respond in Tent Washington; Bishop Alexander Walters, P, p,, of Jeygey Qity, In ; and Rev, panpn J. B, Ric Qf,Lqnd. 0 n, ont,, ft Tent WU- '' Church in 'the United States— Chairman not yet selcted. Reformed Episcopal — Chairman not yet selected. Reformed Presbyterian— Rev. T. Holmes Walker, chairman, Baltimore, Md. Southern Presbyterian—Mr. W. R. Gentry, chairman, Columbia, Mo. United Brethren— Rev. J. P. Miller, D. D., chairman, Harrlsburg, Pa. United Evanglcal— Chairman not yet selected. United Presbyterian— *Rev. J. R. Logue, chairman, Washington, Iowa. Welsh Rally— *Rev. . John W. Jones chairman, Highlandtown, Md. Thursday Nicht, July ». President Clark,' Postmaster-General W. L. Wilson and Hon. John Wanamaker will bo the presiding officers in the three tents. The general topic foi these meetings, .and also meetings in Central Hall arid five churches, will be Christian citizenship. Mr. Frank E Page; of Chicago, will preside in Central Hall; Prof. W. W. Andrews, o New Brunswick, in Calvary Baptis Church; Mr. Rolla 'V. Watt, of San Francisco, in the First Congregationa Church; Rev. E. R. Dille, D. D., San Francisco, in the Foundry Methodis Episcopal Church; Rev. William Pat terson, Toronto, in the First Presby terlan Church; and Rev. Wayland Hoyt D. D., Philadelphia, in the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. Speak ers for these meetings so far engaged are: Rev.'R. S. MacArthur, D. D., New York city. President Wm. F. Slocum Jr., Colorado Springs, .Col. Mr. Booke T. Washington, Tuskegee, Ala. Rev P. S. Hehson, D. D., Chicago, 111. Rev Alexander Alison, D. D., New Yorl city. Rev. M. F. Troxall, Spriugfieldjll Rev. William Rader, San Francisco Gal. Bishop Alexander Walters, D. D Jersey City, N. J. 'Rev. J. W. Fifield Chicago, 111. Bishop Abvam Grant, D D.,,Atlanta, Ga. Res'. H. K. Carroll, D I. M, . , Olfteyvill^ R. 1., Presld- iftf. AldfeSS, "Falthfulfiess to buty, *P>6f, A, L. Reynolds, Adtlaft, likj. dpeii ,MfamMtj' "The P^d|e," C8»- , difcteS- of i Mfi W. G. At^oodi Baltl- inafe, Md.' Addi-e«S, "Our fruty to the Sunday Evening Service,'" Rev. John Favilte, Appletdfl, Wls. Foundry M. & dhuroh— Rev. H. C. Farrai-, b. b., Albany, N. Y., Presiding, "Tlie Three Elements , of the Pledge." (a) Private Devotion, Rev. George W. Miller, b. b., Batimore, Md. (b) Support of dhurch Services, Rev. J. & Bomberger, dolumblana O. (c) Public Confession, Rev. W. H. York, Ithaca, N, Y, New York Avenue Presbyterian Washington, ft. 6., will afftnts feHfts * nulplt supply °^ *11 '•ke Svatlgefictlt churches of Washiiigtot, b&th mofnifig and evening, and la the deiegat&s* »ftS* granime we hope to give' a complete id' accurate list. At Boston last year it waa though best to close the tents In the afterhodfi As the entertainment cofnmittee at Washlhgtoft assures tl§ that all the dele* gates will be located within the city*, 1 proper, and none at a very gfeat dla* i Xi tancS from the tents and central ' ^ churches, It has been decided to hatS meetings oft Sunday afternoon, At 3.30 there will be held denomlfta* tlonal missionary meetings. The meet* ings will be held for one hour In th§ same tents and churches that wer& D., New York city. Rev. F E. E. Hamilton, Novvtonville Mass. Rev. Joseph Brown Morgan Chester, Eng. Rev. J. T. McCrory,D.D Pittsburg, Pa. Hon.-S. E. Nicholson Kokomo, Ind, Rev. Richard Richard, Bristol, Eng. Rev. I. E. Roberts, Manchester, Eng. • ,; Christian Endeavor.stands for total •abstinence, and is against the saloon and liquor traffic. The following speakers will speak upon those phases of Christian citizenship: Hon. Noal Dow, Portland, Me. Rev. Henry H. Russell, Columbus, O., Rev, 0. H. Mead, New York City. *Mr. Thomas Murphy, New York city. Hon, H. L. Castle, Pittsburg, Pa. Miss Jessie A. Ackerman, Chicago, 111. Mrs. Ruth Baker, Boston, Mass. Rev. J. W. Hamilton, D. D., Cincinnati, '0. Mr. W. L. Board, Wilberforce, 0. *Rev. D. F. McGill, D. D., Allegheny, Pa. Friday Morning, July 10. "Saved to Serve" will be the general .hroughout the convention, but never more so than Upon Friday afternoon. Christian Endeavor stands for service, and through the work assigned the various committees It strives to be of he best possible service to the churches and commtlfiities. "The school of methods," and committee conferences, will be held in churches, and nothing ilse is planned to interfere with their success. . Committee Conferences. — 3,30-5.30, p. m. Prayer Meeting— Mr. H. H. rotthouse, Dallas, Tex., chairman. Social Committtee— Mr. Ben Soper, Oshkosh, Wls., Chairman Committee— hairman not yet selected. Sunday School Committee— Mr. S. L. Dixon, Springfield, Mass., chairman. Temperance Committee— Mr. George W. Coleman, Boston, Mass., chairman. Christian Citizenship Committee- Mr. Edwin D. Wheelock, Chicago,, 111., chairman. "Brotherhood" Committee —Rev. R. W. Miller, Reading, Pa., chairman. Missionary Committee- Chairman not yet selected. Officers' Conference— 2.30-4.00 p. m. Corresponding Secretaries— Mr. J. M. Lucas, Des Moines, Iowa, chairman. Junior Superintendents— Miss Cordelia Jamison, Beltzhoover, Pa., chairman. Missionary Superintendents (State, Local Union, and District)— Rev. Willis S. Hinman, Columbia, Pa., chairman. Local Union Officers— Mr. William L. Turner, Jr., Philadelphia, Pa., chairman. District Secretaries— Miss Martha - E. Race, Jacksonville, Fla.. chairman. State Officers— Judge L. J. Kirkpatrick; Kokomo, Ind., chairman. Advance Endeavor Lines— 3.30-5.30 p. m., Mothers' and Parents' Societies — *Mrs. J. F. Griffin, Topeka, Kan. Intermediate and Senior Societies— Chairman not yet selected. Floating Societies—Miss A. P.Jones, Falmouth.Mass. Work for Life-savers and Life-stations —Rev. J. Lester Wells, Jersey City, N. J. Travelers' Union of Christian Endeavor— "Mr. C. W. Summerfield, Philadelphia, Pa. Friday Nicht, J ul X lo> That the citizens of Washington may have an opportunity to hear some of the convention speakers, Tent Washington, upon Friday night, will be reserved for them. President Clark will preside, and Rev. J. L. Withrow, D. D., Chicago, will speak; Ills topic is "Meet- ness for the Master's Use." Rev. Dr. Wayland Hoyt's address is entitled "Christian Endeavor an Evangelistic Force." There are eight large meetings planned for Endeavorers. In Tent OLD CHRIST'S CHURCH. Where George Washington Worshipped. Wllliston Mr. Ira D. Sankey will preside. There will be two addresses, one "Christian Endeavor and Missions," Rev. J. E. Pounds, D. D., Indianapolis, Ind.; the other.; "The Two Crusades," *Rev. A. C. Crews, Toronto, Ont. The speakers in Tent Endeavor . will be Bishop B. W.-Arnett, D. D., Wilberforce, O., and Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman, D, D., Philadelphia. The other six meetings are planned with particularly practical topics of especial interest to Endeavorers. Central Hall—Prof. James Lewis Howe, Lexington, Va,, Presiding. Address, "Individual Responsibility for Soul-Winning," Bishop J, W. Hott, D. D., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Open Parliament on Evangelistic .Methods, Conducted by *Mr, A, G.LeflQngwell, Appleton, Wis, Address, "The Sword of the Spirit," Rev, Ford C. Ottman, Newark, N. J, Calvary Baptist Church,—Rev, Ralph W. Brokaw, Springfield, Mass., Presld- Church.—Rev. George B. Stewart, D. D., Harrisburg, Pa., Presiding. Address, "How May the Society Help the Pastor?" *Rev. Asher Anderson, Meriden, Conn. Discussion Conducted by Mr. T. J. Connor, Fayetteville, Ark. Address, "How May the Pastor Help the Society?" Rev. Scott F. Hershey, Ph. D., Boston, Mass. First Presbyterian Church.—Rev. M. F. Troxell, Springfield, 111., Presiding. "Our Work." (a) "Duties To Bo Done," Mr. J. Edward Knipp, Baltimore, Md. (b) "Dangers To Be Encountered," Rev. A. F. Richardson, Grafton, W. Va. (c) "Encouragements To Be Given," *Rev. S. Ross McClements, Ph. D., Pittston, Pa. (d) "Results To Be Aimed At," Rev. Matt Hughes, Minneapolis, Minn. Saturdny Morning:, July 11. "North America for Christ" will be the central thought for Saturday, the exercises being held outdoors during the day. At 9 a. m., there will be a patriotic open-air praise service, held at the Washington Monument. At 9,30 a march is planned through. Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol, where brief addresses will be made. This is the first time anything of the kind has ever been planned, and-we believe the Endeavorers will bo glad to march up the principal avenue of our nation's used for denominational rallies on Thursday. The same chairmen will preside. We believe these meeting!) will be as profitable as anj of the en-, tire convention, and speakers flJE recognized ability and consecration n.'Ul be selected. At 4.45 will be held two evangelistic meetings In Tents Washington and Endeavor. Rev. B. Fay Mills will have charge of one, and the other will ba under direction of Rev. J. Wilbur Chap- man.D. D. At the same hour, in Central Hall, meeting for Sabbath observance is ed. Rev. Theodore L. Cuyler, D. D., o! Brooklyn, N. Y., will preside, and the speakers are Mrs. Henry T. McEwen, New York city; Rev. J. B. Davison, Milwaukee, Wis.; Rev. Alexander Allson, D. D., New York city; and Rev, Wilbur F. Crafts, Washington, D. C. • Monday Mornlnjj, July 13. The closing day of the feast will stand for "World-Wide Endeavor."^ In Tent Endeavor will be held a meet-jj ing in the interests of the suffering! Armenians. It is hoped Hon. John W.| Foster will preside. The speakers ready engaged for this meeting are Miss Rebecca Krikorian, Miss Margaret W. Leitch, Jaffna, Ceylon, and Rev, B. Fay Mills. In Tents WilHston and Washington the meetings will be under capital, to the step of Christian Soldiers." Saturday Afternoon, July 11. The annual Junior rally will be held at 2.30 in Tent Washington. The pro- gramme is far from complete, but the main feature, an exercise by the boys and all prepared.and the Washington Juniors are hard at work now upon it. The exercise is entitled "The Juniors' Love of Country," by Mrs. James L. Hill, Salem, Mass. At 5.30 Saturday afternoon, under the leadership of Mr. Percy S, Foster, the combined choirs, numbering about four thousand voices, will give a grand patriotic vesper service upon the "White Lot," near the White House, It is hoped that the chorus will be assisted by the celebrated Marine Band, At 8 o'clock will be the opening time for State and Provincial receptions in the thirty-three chum'aes used as "headquarters," These gatherings are entirely under the direction of the presidents of State and Territorial unions. Reserve Saturday night! While the Endeavorers are enjoying their receptions and rallies', the three large tents will be used for meetings for citizens, and citizens only. ' ' In Tent Washington a unique, and we pray a blessed, service has been planned. It will be for. mex) only. A choir of male voices will lead the sing ing, conducted by Peter P, Bijhorn. There will be a brief introductory ad dress by Evangelist C. N. Hunt, of Minneapolis, after which Rev, J, Wilbur Chapman, P. P,, will spoafc The meeting is entirely under Dr. Chap man's direction. In Tents WilHston and Tent Endeavor the speakers will all bo trustees of the United Society o! Christian Endeavor. The general topic will be, "Christian Endeavor; Its Aims and Possibilities," We hope these oiti. zens' meetings will be largely attended They are an innovation, but ones thai we belieye have come to etay. The fol lowing trustees, will speak in Tents Endeavor and WiWston; Rev, J, ?. Tyler* B. .'P., Cleveland Jo,ho Wanaroa-ker, Philadelphia . H. 0. Fwai', P, P., Albany, Rey q. A. pickjnson, p. p,', pastcm. J, T, Beofeley, p, p,, New Tori Onward tne auspices of the World's Chrlstlai, Endeavor Union. President-Clark wll reside in one tent, and Treasure: haw in the other. . In one of these meetings visitim •^ fori missionaries will be introduced, and he other the Endeavor volunteers he mission fields, home and foreign, Monday Afternoon, July 13. ! Monday afternoon, like Sunday after-j noon, is left "open," so that the dele«| gates may have time to visit the points) of interest without sacrificing any oft he sessions of the convention. \ Monday Night, July 13. The closing sessions of the convex ion will be held in the 'three tents, Central Hall, and five large churches n each place our marching orders wil be suggested by a sermon, and that t< )e followed by consecration meetings ST. JQHN'8 CHURCH, fa TYa§h,;tBgtOB ag the "Pfturchpf State. WILLIAM SHAW. Treasurer Christian Endeavor. President 'Clark, Secretary B&er an4 Treasurer Shaw w|ll preside iR tue tents. "All speakers marked with an 99* terisit have pot yet positively B<Xlu.cod Ballroart Rate*, All the r&iiwda will give tp Washington, fqy tft wutes we as follows; Fe By, Ry W4 guiijoy Ry,; QWoa'go ^d. s No)jb;. western. RY,; Ohjcftgp. j|n<J EjftWft |^f Ry,, Ry, Obioago

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