The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 10, 1896 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1896
Page 4
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's&i'S "x« i, 1 *, in i ,?, ! u,T'~-"' wfVjtrwS^'iBSJ.'^-'^ii?- L";,• «, ' » , " i • -••'»• -5?-. ~ ,;, i« ._;,_?. ..,,v i ' ? | >; y; r UWJB» 1 seffiBKth*..-.,.<>.;...*....>» 40 8dare 8 8»tabdV8ftte8. ~ ip** bMef16*p«M ofdgr, the "favoflta Bbn" kind that has t it, put ap IfftdlBg pur poses, io^a i-epublle* swppbft hita because he Is the ' ttuwtt people abd because they efittBdence ih his integrity and bee'au'ae !« their judgment he would give an absolutely safe and conservative administration as chief executive of the nation, The Iowa delegation will vote for him at St, Louis, in accordance with their instructions .as well as because their hearts are in the cause, Notwithstanding these .facts they cannot lose sight of the fact »ihat another man will be nominated, r-probably on the first ballo*. This be* '}4ng admitted, what sort of sense is ^there in a few carpet-baggers who are .. 'not delegates, and whose chief interest • in the campaign is far removed from -Any desire to promote the best interests of the republican party, being per- Emitted to organize an immense Allison demonstration, with brass band accompaniment, for the purpose of making a ;",;* great noise at St. Louib? If permitted to, run the length which some of the ^;self-appointed managers would like, it • can become nothing short of the farce 'and laughing stock which the level< headed, though loyal, delegates them• selves are able already to foresee. This ' movement is in line with the attempt being made by certain nine-spot politicians in Des Moines to raise a fund of some $5,000 by assessment of the Iowa delegates. The whole performance is ill advised and out of keeping with reasonable or sensible methods, and should be so thoroughly squelched by the delegates themselves, who alone are able to shut it off, as to save the republicans of Iowa from the humillat- < ing position in which they will be • placed if the farce is permitted to be carried out. The Iowa delegation will vote for Allison at St. Louis, but Iowa republicans will vote for McKinley in November. HELEX GOTTX-D'S GIFT. Helen Gould drew her check for 5100,000 and sent it to the St. .Louis .cyclone sufferers. It was a magnificent -gift, and is said to be characteristic of the young woman's ideas of charity. People will not accuse her of having done this for the purpose of invoking human praise—so often true of those who give apparently for charity's sake —when it is known that she devotes largely of her time to charitable work. She cares very little for society, and keeps a watchful eye for those who are poor and needy, giving of her immense wealth where it is likely to be the most beneficial. The fact that she has never permitted her picture to be printed in the newspapers is the best evidence of her good, hard sense. There ought to be more Helen Goulds. wr mfir ( • , , . ..—, jytfaitrtftUa' tad?ei to Thi ttftti Who euffge^ted that per' would h-aw lo b^ held ifi dhtcaps Hot a*flfe that ChloBgo fade riot the ffiofiey to py ?OP the BJetit the dettobWitte circus pfoffiises to be faf ahead of ftnyibirtg before held in ft Is said the ttettinley men 'will we&f Napoleotiid unifrtftflB, which the Register 1 declares Is another specie's of political folly, Quite fight. But is there wore folly in that than in the Iowa republicans spending thousands of dollars in making a demonstration at St. Louis for Allison, when their can* didate stands not a ghost of a show of being nominated 1 ! 1 J. S> Clarltson has been ill for some days in New Vorlt, The Register has a personal letter from him which states that he left New York last Wednesday for Spring Lake, N. J M where he will inhale sea ozone until next Monday, when he will leave for St. Louis to aid in closing up the advance detail work of the republican national convention. C, E. McCannon retires from the Spencer Reporter and Dr. Bobbins will go it alone. The Reporter is a good paper, and outward indications point to it as a financially profitable concern. Kelley, Story county, has a politician who is so worried as to who will receive the nomination for president that he recently picked up a sack of corn meal instead of millet seed and sowed it without noticing the difference. Prank Day puts it this way in the Fairmont Sentinel: There isn't much chance to make campaign capital against any party on account of the river and harbor bill. Republicans, democrats, and populists all had a hand in the infamous job. NEWS AND COMMENT. ^ ;' Geo, D. Perkins triumphed over 'Struble in the congressional convention ~,of the Eleventh district, at Cherokee, ;'last Wednesday, by a vote of 70 to 46 on ;,--,the first ballot, Mr. Perkins is popular-in bis district and in the state, and ••si9 one of Iowa's able congressmen, If |gfe,£ ,"\tb,e outcome of this convention shall """ i Mr, Struble that he ought to S^- retire from politics, at least so far as office seeking is concerned, -\j><jr,haps it will be just as well, "-H'fnvio river and harbor bill has been 'both, houses of congress over president's veto, and thus becomes ,w, It' appropriates the enormous N$ll$) of $($,000,000, and is regarded by ,any as a useless waste pf money at .a when the, treasury on the wropg e{de. balance js npregpnopened tbe ball last week '-'"^ - '-'- republican, majority at Ha ,QJI, • This/ }s the first state to he IjeW .slpce the .national . i n>ay be. 'sad tq have opened, Gib. Pray's Boom Fund. Geo. C. Call has received numerous letters the past week in response to those he sent out concerning the Gib. Pray, grab. In a few cases only had the delegates remitted the $100 asked for, while most of them had either refused or asked for taore information. Those who had sent In their money expressed their regret at having done so. It may be fairly said that Mr. Call's activity in this matter has been the means of heading off an .unworthy and unholy scheme by which the .Iowa delegates were to be mulcted of their dollars with no assurance of the purposes to which the fund was to be applied. The mulct may be well enough in some cases, but this is not one of them. Mr, Call is of the opinion, from what he can learn, that not more than $1,000 has yet been added to the fund, with the probability that it will not be very much augmented. Gib. set his stakes for 85,000, and if he has to stop at one-fifth of that amount it will be a- sad blow to his disinterested (?) efforts for the cause. IN THIS tfEIGHBOKHOOD. The Leader says Ledyard will celebrate the coming Fourth, F. T. Sheppard, formerly on the Leader at Ledyard, has gone to Polk City to start a paper. Lu Verne citizens are making efforts to raise money for a celebration there on the Fourth. As yet the thing is not a sure go. Eagle Grove has had a dose of " Si Perkins" too. That company was there Monday night. The Si Perkins show is incomparable. The Armstrong base ball club hired a professional to play with them by the name of Cussin. But that wasn't what he was hired to do. Erametsburg Beporter: Mrs. Samuel Mayne of Bancroft arrived, Tuesday evening, to spend a few days in visiting with Mrs, L. H. Mayne, Burt has a recently-organized volunteer fire company; with Mike Walsh as foreman, The town will put in four big cisterns and have a good system of fire protection. The Monitor says El win Davlson took Monday's train for Boone, where heex' peots to locate. He buys out a party there who is now practicing as a veterinarian, but who is going into the drug business. 0. C, Burdiok has resigned as general manager of the Mason City and Fort Dodge railway, and the office is for the present discontinued. E. S. Hitchins has been made superintendent, with the duties of general manager, •, •{"be oqunty grand jury is after tb e summer resort fellows, ( and last week for selling liquors contrary to }aw foun<HpdiQtment8 against W. B, Arnold, Fred, Stanton, Wallace Byerly Able, The case^ will come at the j»e»t term, Fourth of July committee is scouring the country-for ft he- bW fjeefi TTi« pirn lap Be has feme badk of his office and »iii b§et»tBfottably settled: H@ ha§ alse had those" beautiful euHj lOttltS eut off Shttrt, trsteflsibly b'e&nuse the Walhef is getting 1 ^aptfit Thtnnaw fettlftf? gdrtwettl' West efid, it the Journal Hag it 'tight: There is a crowd of j?otiM sttiaPt Alecs in this tewH that will go home §6We of these fine evenings frith a Icmd bf shot in thelf ftfiatomy, and theft it *on't be so ffiUch fdH to teat up, sldewttll<s and bPeak outside 1 stair failings, Tuesday evening fi. J. l^ey saw two of them try to throw the sidewalk in front of the Presbyterian parsonage otfer on the lawn, and about one More attempt of this kind will give tbefn a thlrty-dny job that is not on their program, ODD PELtOWS "AT? BBMET. A ttltt Cfelebftttloll-WllI Meet Nestt 1'eaf at Wesley. Some thirty Odd Fellows and their wives from Algona lodge went to Brltt last week Tuesday for the big celebration, and all report a splendid attendance and a royal good time. A report of the day's doings is contained in a dispatch to the Register, which says! Yesterday was a gala day for Odd Fellows in this part of the state who gathered in Britt to celebrate the anniversary of the order. Special trains came in bringing delegations from the lodges at Humboldt, Llvermore Lu- Verne, Corwlth, Forest City, Algona, Wesley, Garner, Clear Lake, Thompson, Buffalo Center and Clarion. A varied and instructive program was carried out, consisting of musical selections by the Britt cornet band and Choral society, male quartette and Algona mandolin club; addresses of 'welcome by Mayor Duff and Rev. Stewart, responded to by Rev. W. F. Laid ley; oration by Hon. J. H. Funk of Iowa Falls. An address on Rebelmh work, by Mrs. Victoria Walk ins of Huraboldt; recitations by Misses Myrtle Dunsmore and Daisy Combs. Such gatherings cannot but advance the interests of the order by bringing its membership into closer union and impressing the beauty of its principles more fully upon those yet outside its mystic union. Several of the speakers touched upon the thought which is more and more engaging the attention of the members of the order, and that is that the time will come when sex shall be no bar to the full enjoyment and participation in the privileges and benefits of the order. The annual district meeting will be held at Wesley next year." OOMMENOEMENT DAYS. Baccalaureate Sermon by IJev. Sinclair J-inst Sunday E'venln'c — The Normal ProKram for Next Monday Evening. A well-filled house at the Congregational church Sunday evening listened to the baccalaureate sermon by Rev. Sinclair, which was the opening exercises of thehigh school commencement, and which is spoken of on all .hands as an exceedingly able effort/ The cises proper come Friday the opera house. THE NORMAL. Rev. Lan'dis will deliver the annual baccalaureate sermon to the normal graduating class at the Baptist church next Sunday morning. The commencement exercises occur at the opera house next Monday evening Following are the members of the various classes: Scientific class, Claud Stull,Fama Ramsey. Normal class, Laurence J. Wilkinson, Mary Gaffney, Ada M. Smith, Francos E. Farley, Grace Gaffney. Commercial class, Wm, Fish, Chas. S. Johnson, Harvey Wadsworth, W. A. Parsons, A. E. Anderson. Following is the literary program: Instrumental duet. , , , ........... , ...... , ' Mesdames Oall and Ohrlsohilles Invocation ................... Rev. o. E. Sinclair Vocal solo .................. Prof. Walter Forde Address .................. Dr. W. M. Beardsheav Vocal solo .................... Mrs, O.E.Sinclair Address to class ................ Mrs, A, J, Lilly Presentation of diplomas ..... Prof, A. J. Lilly Benediction ..................... Rev, Southwell The subject of Dr. Beardshear's address is; "The Strife for Masteries." The usual admission fee of 15 cents will be charged to defray expenses. Tickets will be on sale Saturday, DBOPPED DEAD IN O|d Mr, Fpber Succumbs Suddenly WUU Heart Trouble—General News From Wesley wnd Kound- ubout. WESLEY, June 8,—E, B. Butler of Algona was here Monday looking over our new school house, but move particularly the furnace. The Algona school board could do no better than to buy a Peck-Williamson furnace, the same as we have here. Mr- Fabep, a resident of Prairie township for the past 10 years, dropped dead going from, the house to the barn last Friday.- He was a very old man anfl bad been, troubled witji heart trouble for several years. The funeral tool? place Sunday afternoon, &n4 the remains we»'p interred in the ~ " " celery here #t Wesley, • A'ttojney SaUiYan <,ol on business Monday, ., ganeatlon was got up here one da; last jf«sH when, It w«i pspsute4 tlwt" JBI aad Mri, s^aw |»ad " „.-^ -,- - »ft}i; t°n.}9- <?«Bt»W tp ABft ttftV. exer- evening at <rf the whole btrdtfre-Bi it| Smttefis. !§ t rldicll tefflperafi&<5 Baft arid wtfald »6t sell ftffVlfcing that w6uld IfitOxIcaM &M* efte if he kfrew it. Wof eveft keep it Bv§f filght IB hl§ hOllMi but belB Bg«? fflan at the 1 fegtatiraBt btisittess bad the aalt tetiie unloaded on- a1o«g with B tat bf pep ahd ether frefa&ee drifiks, with the abote fexults- The only thSftg te be feared How is that should Simon get oft From paying a fine he wilt Make btjot-leggifig a specialty fcortl this on, ' Our band boys took in the pfctitb nt German Valley 'last TllUfsdrty bight. They report a good time. Sect Gallagher brought his mefry^ tfo-round fl'otfi Bcitt trt WbsU'.V Moiidiiy. It Will not be long until Bort will give all the girls a free ride, Jack Wllcox has tribved the old school house on to his resident lots and will fit it tip for a dwelling house, Charley Bronson is improving verj/ rapidly since his foot Was amputated. It will be but a few more days until h 3 wilt be able to be up and around, L. D, Bdtts of Plymouth is here this Week on business. NO OITY LAW rOB TRAMPS. So Our Officials Take Them Under a State Statute, Which Proves Quite ns Effective. The supervisors at their meeting last week had before them several bills incurred by reason of the arrest and care of tramps, many of whom were put to work on the streets of Algona, and naturally the board questioned the liability of the county to pay. The unfortunate fact seems to exist that the city has no ordinance on its books covering the tramp nuisance, nor by which any person passing through the city and guilty of no worse crime than that of asking for food or aid can be legally put under arrest. It was for this reason, apparently, that the numerous gangs of hoboes taken in last month were arrested under a state statute which gives authority for dealing with them summarily. This made the expense a county, charge, and there was nothing for the board to do but pay the bills. The .fact that the tramps were worked on the streets was a matter of no expense to the county, as city officials stood guard over them. If in similar cases in future the county will furnish a man to watch them, there seems to be no good reason why tramps cannot be worked on the county highways as well as the city streets. As a matter of fact we think the county might realize a good margin on tramps thus employed, and it would be likely to prove in a large measure a remedy for: the prevailing tramp nuisance. It seems to be a fact that tramps have been 'conspicuous for their absence since so many of them were set to work on our streets last month. Meantime it might not be a bad plan for the city fathers to enact an ordinance which will give the city authorities some power in the. matter. THOSE BAND CONGESTS. They Will He Given Afternoon and Evening Hereafter. The Algona Military band will give concerts Saturday afternoon and evening next. Here is the program. AFTERNOON. .Canton to Halifax, two-step R, B. Hall Frolic, song and dance J. O. Casey Bluff City March ,.,.. Dalby Pearls of the Orient, waltz Angell Chicago Tribune March Chambers La Czarine, mazurka ,..., Ganne Presidential Polonaise Sousa EVENING. Tenth Regiment March R. B. Hall Fancies, gavotte.. ,. Dalby Blue Hells of Scotland, cornet solo.. .Hartman G. W. Cady. Torquato Tasso, grand selection Donizetta Peonomo, march '. ....Dalby The band's open-air concerts are becoming very popular, and justly so, as the boys are furnishing a high grade of music. WE want your trade. Come and see what encouragement we give -you to give it to us. M. Z. Grove & Son. REPUBLICAN COUNTY CONVENTION. To the republican electors of Kossuth coun ty, Iowa: Pursuant to a call of the republican state central committee of Iowa, the congres slonal committee of the Tenth congressional district of Iowa, and the judicial committee of the Fourteenth judicial district of Iowa, there will be a, delegate convention of there- publicans of Kossuth county held in the city of Algona on Friday, June 88, 1800, at 11 o'clock a. m., at the court house, for the purpose of selecting ten delegates to represent said county in each of the following conven ttons, towit: Judicial convention at Emmetsburg, June 30, 1800; state convolution at Des Moines, July 15,1800 s congressional conven tion at Jefferson, July 80, 1800, The repre sentatlon will be as follows: Precinct. Algona— First ward.... Second ward, Third ward, , Fourth, ward. Burt Buffalo ......... , Oresco ,,., Eagle ..... , ,,,., Fentou Greenwood. ,,, Uermau,.,,.,.,, Givrflem. ...... ,. Genuania ...... Grajit Hebron ,..,,,... Harrison. Irvlngtos LottS Oreofe Ledprd, ...,,,, , Lincoln Pprtlajid Prairie gatnsay ,„,,,,. giverdale.,,,,, OonimUteemen. E.Telller W.P.Jones P, L, SlBgle E, V. Swotting John Ken' Bbbt, Wetter O. A- Potter John Ray A. Peterson Wni. SoUrader,., G/3, Wright Wm, Clement.,, R. R. Stockman L, B Baldwin.. V. S, Ellis Seth Newcomb, A. H, Bi*by.T... W. A. Wright... I, p, Harrison .. , panleiwarburton T. J. Mftnn.,.,. .M, Garaner.. ghas. Eeinecbe. S. H, MgAdams. J. P» Paxson..., Henry Warjjer,, O.A/Ejlcteeij,. a. $1 Iffat:., VT T .cotton...! No. <tf Del. Baby Bliss, (502 POUNDS) The heavy-weight bicycle rider of America, wilt be at the Wigw'amon SATURDAY, JUNE 13, He will ride a 24- pound America bicycle. Be sure and see him. Wilfrid P. Jones. Oxfords Ladies/ Misses and Children's Black and Tan, at $1.2? Our shoe trade for the past month has been double that of any former month. Prices and quality are what talk. Jas. Taylor. The Kraft Clothing Company- Commencing Friday, June 12, and continuing, until Saturday, June 20, will inaugurate a $9. Special Bargain Sale. Containing some of the most remarkable bargains ever known* in the history of the clothing market. We have lost sight of profit* but expect to win in return the reputation of being The Low Priced 1 Clothing House of'Algona, Nothing reserved, any suit in our store- at $9.99, Our stock is full of $15 and $18 suits, all go at $9.99,Take your choice and choose the best at $9.99. j.98 Buys all Suits Under At one price or the other you can find something to please In connection with this sale we are offering $4 shoes at $3,98, $3.50 ones at $3.69; go Q d styles at $1,39, Odd pants, fine all wool one at $1,99. Jiir*N§ver before have yp« had sn opportunity to buy Good at such remarkably low figures as we are qupting, We l a number af things for this pcqasusn at less mousy w feg 4up!JeiiSe4 # wholesale taday, but we' want yeur in order 'to get it, prajpra to praye t9 you. §ayf y^w "•-, v f'i lf f 'v,!;' ''^ifiiV-iA.t 1 2&&&$? '^i^-K-Wf?M*»£,.«!,i.> • * — -* fbi'« t '% ;5K

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