The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 3, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1896
Page 7
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I'M OPKBR If fe«at 18 dropped bn & cat pet tirfa* down an eduai tiuMlit? of gall' ana sweep oft all togfethefr , Fruit stains <&tt be eradicated by ofcalic acid, and" ahStild be seett tc$ at once Millie the 1 fttaifi ie fresh. Always put the fiugaf usfcd 1ft a tart In the dente? of the fftiit, not on the top; It makes the crust eoddan. Frying Pan^ should always be scoured with salt directly after they have been Used, and wiped fcleah with a cloth. Pastry is lighter if toiled with a knife instead of tile hand, and rolled with a glass bottle Instead of a rolling pin. Whett an iron bedstead creaks with each movement of the sleeper take out the laths and wrap the end of each la t newspaper. • To prevent lamp chimneys from cracking put them into a kettle o£ boll- Ing water, gradually heat it till It bolls, 'and theft let it as gradually cool. •' It is not generally known that rate cannot resist sunflower Seeds. A trap baited with these seeds is the most efficacious method of catching rats. Milk will take out Ink stains from boards, cotton and other fabrics If used before dried in. Soak in a little milk and then wash in the ordinary way. To remove scorch caused by an overheated iron, soak the article at once In cold water for half an hour, then rub gently between tho hands and rinse In clean water. Paint stains on clothing are difficult to remove when once they have dried In but with persistent use of benzine and spirits of turpentine obstinate stains are removed. f " 1 cannot, tjcgln td tell y6u ^hatf** Remedies have done for the, 1' snfSEef e4 tot years with falling and heufalf i* of tha TVonib, kidney tfddblfi and leucorfhcea in its Wofst id* in. * Thei-6 toere times that 1 could not stated, Was feick ail ovcf and In despair.,' 1 had hot known a real Well day foiMS ye I knew 1 inust do something at once. I had tried physicians without rdceiv- ing nay lasting benefit. I .began th6 Uao of Lyrlia E.,Pinkham's .Vegetable Compound. Now, 1 have ttscd 0 bot» ties ; ray Weight lias increased 25 Ibs. I tell every ono to Whom and what I owe my recovery, and there arc 15 of my friends taking tho Compound ---- . after seeing What it liaa done for me. Oh, if I had known of it sooner, and saved all these years of misery. I can recommend it to every woman." — KATE YOCER, 408 W. oth St., Cincinnati, O. Should advice bo required, write to Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass., Who has the utter confidence of all intelligent American women. She will promptly tell what to do, 'free of charge. Lydia E. Pinkhanrs Vegetable Compound, which is easily obtained at any druggist's, will restore any ailing 1 woman to her normal condition quickly and permanently. POPULAR SCIENCE. for Fodder. It is gratifying to see so many American farmers putting their waste places or spare pieces of land into rutabagas and turnips for early fall or long winter feeding. They are getting the European ideaof rootcrops. Theie the turnips and rutabagas are sown broadcast as are almost all grains, and if not desired as roots, the foliage then is used for grcenfood. Just imagine the results of a twenty-acre oatpatch treated in this way! Think of the tremendous amount of green fodder, magnificent fodder too, coming into full play during hot August and September. Why, a field of rutabagas and turnips, there, for cattle food is-worth almost as much as the oats gathered therefrom! Another good plan is to sow rutabaga seed, especially the variety known as v Salzer's LaCrosse, Wis., Mammoth Russian variety, or his Milk Globe turnip sort, at the rate of one-half pound per acre, into the cornfield, just before the last cultivation. This will give you two good crops—one of corn, the other of roots from the same land! One advantage of the rutabaga is that it can 'be sown at any time of the summer for green food, while a sowing the latter part of July is .the best in northern states .'for big, sweet, juicy roots for •winter storage and use. Remarkable Animal. "The giraffe has a tongue eighteen inches long," said Mrs. Garill. "And knows how to hold it, too, 1 ! snapped Mr. Gun-ill, who had had a long curtain lecture the night .before. On Notes. "Why so glum?" asfcerl his friend, "Aren't you doing a roaring trade?" "Yes, I am," admitted the basso, "but it is all on notes." In France, when a railroad train is more than teu minutes late, the comp any is fined Tho branches of the Mississippi Rivei have an aggregate length of fifteen thousand miles. Most physicians think that the sun radiates heat as It does, light or. as a stove emits warmth. The horn of the rhinoceros is not joined to the bone of the head, bul grows on the skin like a wart or corn, Microscopists say that the strongest microscopes do not, probably, reveal tho lowest stages of animal life. Man is scientifically defined as forty- five pounds of carbon and nitrogen diffused through five buckets of-water. It is now claimed' that foods stored in An eminent scientist suggests that the twinkling of the fixed stars may actually be caused by the flaming of the tremendous conflagrations possibly taking place on these far-away distant suns. Sir William Thomson has recently been making experiments to discover what the effect of a cannonade of quick firing guns would be on board the,vessel firing and the ship subject to the fire. He finds that after fifteen minutes firing the survivors of the crews of both vessels would be reduced to a state of mental if not physical incapacity, owing to the concussion of the projectiles on the sides of the vessel and the noise of the guns. The lotus In India is emblematic of life; in ancient Egypt it was a death flower. The purple columbine, in both England and Scotland, is symbolic of determination. In the south of France the handing of a sweet ,pea by a young woman to a young man is a polite way of state- ing that she is tired of his company. la * a ttsft i* tt&tto mdst tfftgid dealh tfcat ha& 66* cut-red in this country recently -aft of Chief Engineer WHlitm A. AUn, 6} the Mates dented - railroad, says th? New tftfk world, fh'd&e 1*b6 wltflefssed it will nevef fecoVef trtint thi ti8ff61 of the Settle they IdokM tipbfc ft6ffl tnl bridge over Lewistofi fklls. Mr. Allefl was ofi his way from Portland to Lewis* ton. As the tf alb gassed onto the bridge he stepped out upon the rear platfo'fift td glance at sonie wark that was beifag done on the sidewalk of the bHdge. The train was moving quite fapidly M Mr. Allen reached the platform, * Just at that instant one of the uprights' at the side of the bridge struck him ofi the head. He fell forward, clear of the bridge. A number of workmen had seen the accident and- stood awe-struck, peering down into the tossing waters beneath them, They seemed to be deprived of motion by the suddenness and horror of the tragedy taking place before their eyes. At the point from which Mr. Allen was hurled . to his death the railroad bridge is fifty feet above a darn, Before he struck the water the unfortunate man rebounded from the pole of the bridge and then plunged downward into the waters seething under the goad of a spring freshet. Then the onlookers felt that he had lost every chance of life, but, to their amazement, they saw him come to the surface of the mad torrent and struggle wildly against the flood that sought to overwhelm him. It was the fight of a desperate but brave and powerful man against impossible odds. Stunned as he had been by the blows he had received in his descent, his strength was marvelous. Time and again he seemed to buffet the waves with the fervor of hope. But those who watched him knew that he was doomed. To the men upon the bridge it seemed as if Mr. Allen's struggle for existence lasted a long time, but the truth is that his contest with the waters was only momentary. Almost instantly the merciless torrent swept him onward through the rapids until he reached the whirlpool that boils above the cataract. For nearly 500 feet he was hurled against jagged rocks by his pitiless foe. His fate seemed certain, but for another moment the spectators hoped against hope that by some method he would still be able to extricate himself from his threatening environment; Suddenly above the foam of the whirlpool they saw upstretched a hand and arm. Then the dancing waters were all that their eyes could .follow, and they knew that the man who had fought so hard for life had been hurled over the cataract and would be no more seen alive. , at last FlM*lifeiIo*ttJid dace Afflicted ttafas. , from the Journal, .Mustifttifie, lowft. tin the second floor <at one* of ' ouf neatest business buildings, located at So. 138 West Front street, is the honre of Constable and Mrs. M. C. BHgRBj and it was visited tb-day for the purpose of speaking to Mrs. 6tt & question of considerable weight to her. The reporter, upon colling, found Mrs. Briggs a little indisposed (ttot however With her former complaint), but nevertheless in' a very congenial mood, tffcon inquiry as to the benefit she derived from the use of flr. Williams' Hnk Pills for Pale People, she said: "About eighteen months since 1 Was takon down with sciatic rheumatism In my lower limbs, especially my right leg, and so fierce was the attack that I could not walk At all, After trying various remedies, oil without avail; a neighbor of mine, Mrs. John Yoder,' who, I think, is now living in Eldon, mentioned Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and said she, hod used them for similar trouble and found them very beneficial. I purchased a box of pills at F. Nes^er & Co.'s drug store, and before I had taken all of the first, box I began to feel much improved nnd the paiu begau to ease. I continued to take them, and when I bad nearly finished the second. box I was able to walk about as ably as ever, and have not had an attack since. I heartily endorse Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pole Popple and I feel confident that anyone afflicted OK I was could bo easily restored to their usual health by their use." Dr. AVilliams' Pink Pills contain, in a condensed form, all the elements nece^ary to give now life and richness to tho b ood and restore shattered nerves. They are an Ur. failing specific for such diseases as loco- motor ataxia, partial paralysis, St, Vitus' dance, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous headache, tho after effect of la grippe, palpitation of the heart, palo and sallow complexions. Pink Pills are sold by all dealers or will be sout post paid on receipt of price, BO cents a box, or six boxes for IB.fiO, by addressing Dr. Williams' Mod Co., Bclienectady, N. Y. • MEANING OF FLOWERS. Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding of the transient nature of the many physical ills, which vanish before proper efforts—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— rightly directed. There is comfort ki the knowledge, that so"m&ny Jormsot sickness are not due to any actiial disease, but simply to a constipated condij tion of the system, which, the pleasant family laxative, Syrup of Figs, promptly removes, That is why it is the only remedy with millions of families, and »s everywhere esteemed so highly by all who value good health, Its beneflcial effects are due to the.fact, that itis the one remedy which proinotep internal cleanliness without* debilitating the prgans pn wWch. it Rots. It is tlierefore all important, in order to get its bene- flcial effects, to note when you purchase, that y<W have the genuine article, which is manufactured by thei Cali* fornia Fig Syrup Co, only and sold by »J1 reputable druggists. If in the, enjoyment of good health, W a the system is regular, laxatives or other remedies are then not needed, it afflicted with a,ny actual disease, one way be commended to t>" 3 most skillful physicians, but if w need of ft l^atvve, one sh<n\ld have the best, and with the w'elHnfQvmed everywhere, Syrup of Figs stands tyghogt and is most largely Us|d, an<J gives nwet geneyal satisfaction. NOTES OF THE DAY. German coal from Westphalia is nov; being shipped at a profit from the Rhine towns to London, Since the new excise law went into effect the number of hotels in New York city has been tripled. Most of the medieval kings wore and used signet rings because they were unable to Write their names. The Munich opera-house has a new rotating stage by which any scene can be changed in twelve seconds. All of the corned beef and pickled pork for.European armies and navies goes by way of Canada and crosses the border at Vanceboro, Me. The coal fields of the United States have an area of nearly 200,000 square miles, or ten times that of all other coaVproducing countries in the world. New York state has a new law, just passed making It a misdemeanor for any man to wear the badge or regalia of any society of which he is not a member. A Cambric shirt worn by Louis XVI. on the day before his death realized $570 and the napkin used at mass on the morning of his execution |390, at a, recent London sale, A "chamelepn flower" has been introduced into Europe from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, The blossoms of this newly discovered plant are white In the mornlpg, changing to red at npon and again to blue in'the .evening. Last year thirty-seven towns in Connecticut were engaged in improving their roads, and now eighty towns are reported to have joined in the movement. The improvement made is thorough and scientific. The cost is borne equally by the state, the county and the municipality, It is said tbat the Greenland, wuale times attains tlie age of iQO years. Arbitration Bettor Than Glory. The circular issued by Department Commander Derby of the Massachusetts Grand Army of the Republic, urging the members of the order to support a scheme of international arbitration, cannot be dismissed as the words of men who know nothing of war. Precisely because the veterans- of the Grand Army of the Republic do know war, because they realize that it is very different from review-day splendor, do they urge that English-speaking peoples should take the lead in establishing a permanent tribunal of international arbitration. We suppose that there will be some jingoes who will •impute a mean notive to those who think with Commander Derby, but if ever there were men who have put their courage and military virtues beyond question and have borne themselves bravely in war and worthily In peace those men are the veterans of the army of the union. If this country ever is called upon to fight a foreign foe they may be reckoned on to confront danger as promptly as of yore and to look death in the face as steadily, though their eyes have grown old, and they are doing their duty in peace when they tell their fellow-citizens that war is a terrible last resort, that arbitration is better than glory,, and that peace with honor and with an honorable regard for the rights of others is the condition that we should seek to make normal.—Boston Transcript. Mint ie symbolic of virtue. The bell flower is symbolic of gratitude. A horse chestnut is indicative ol luxury. ' The American cowslip indicates devotion. The honeysuckle symbolizes a bond of love. . The peach blossom indicates submission. The candytuft is an emblem of indifference. The white daisy is an emblem of innocence. The box is regarded as symbolic of constancy. The calla lily is emblematic of feminine beauty. The primrose is in England an emblem of inconstancy. The arbor vitae is indicative of unchanging friendship. The china aster is set down as indicative of remembrance. The oat plant is in Italy regarded as emblematic of music. The red carnation is regarded in Spain as an emblem of despair. The myrtle plant has always been regarded as an emblem of love, Analogies. "Ob, doctor, I. have sent fer you, cor- toiuly; still I must confess I have not tlie slightest faith in modern medical science." >; Oh, that doesn't matter in the least. You see, a mule has 110 faith in tlie veterinary Burgeou, and yet he cures him all the same. . Tli8 hflmaft btrdy SaS 249 Tnf ng'urife ttf firt!aMi& ftf A .. tih the c&Wef cdinS In tnl feign-»I tjhftflgs 11. Londdti seetet? faal o'Svelfttffed « Mw Cfa&e—fttidfUght feycliftg exCttfslbfeUft* to th6 city 1 In Ixjndofl a publishe* caii have a bodk well mtistfftted throughout fof from $126 td $250. there is due firm ifi Birmingham pat* ting ottt ft thousand, flint guiis every week for the African tfade. Sets itt combinations from 6 dofcett to 10 dozen individual pieces and seventy odd serving pieces are included amottg the season's wedding presents. It is estimated that a capital of $?6<V 000,000 is represented by the delegates attending the convention and exposition of electrical industries which open- in New York the other evening. According to a report from Consul Seymour of Palermo, experiments made in that consular district With sulphate of ammonia as a fertilizer for the citrus and the vine have proven very satisfactory. Cork is the third most important of Spanish exports. In the province ot Geroha alone it is estimated that 19S,- 000 acres are devoted to tho cultivation oC cork trees, which produce about 20,000 tons, valued at $8,000,000. Scotland's Sabbath is losing its sanctity. Driving, cycling and golf on Sunday have now been followed by a vote of the Glasgow corporation throwing open the public bath houses for four hours on Sunday morning. Fogs are more frequent in October and November than at any other period of the year, because, besides the, evaporation from seas; rivers and lakes, there is a constant exhalation from the ground in the form of vapor. Arabian women, when they are obliged to go into mourning, not only stain their hands and feet with indigo for eight days, but drink no. milk during the same period, on the ground that its hue does not harmonize with their mental gloom. A remedy for the removal 6f insects from a conservatory may be found, without destroying the little intruder, by concentrating tobacco smoke for a few minutes and then to open the tit iulftgf %f-"8af &a'ttetii?* f f i .f-' eashes, thus allowing them an opportunity to escape. A tiftflg . . ... tfa&i Me 'ef&a 1^' pftptft^ .. n&me chbseh by ChaTteS^ LeIanW» ffh6""81lHgBbt Papers,*' by Waller, HrSt eaffie (Mil natoe ol Jbnathati file Ettficfe Shep-hefo' Waif' n6 ( , v than. James Mogg, whose business afi'dr- place of residence supplied the nfcWeV u", J. Fenimare Coebei 1 began to.wrtW4",. under the pen name bf A Travel Ittgr^ fiachelof. Hie travels and secial coridi«,r' tion prabably inspired the eeleetlba,' 'f ? ; Jbhn ftusldn published his early writ*.>•'>V ihgs under the pen name Graduate 0? • • Oxford, the selection being obvious!^' j influenced by his place of education. ' - j Francis Mahottey was long kttowai among his acquaintances as Father Protit, his best known book having been entitled "Rellques of Fathef« Prout." Edmund Falconer was the namd chosen by Edmund O'Rourke to be ' placed on the title pages of hiu dramas, it is said that the name was that of an old gentleman he "had known when ft boy. James Redpath wrote "The John: Brown Invasion" under the name Ber- r wick. It is said that it wan suggested * to him by an acquaintance when Redpath was hesitating about his sjgna- ture. •' ABOUT THE EAR. The cavity of the middle ear is abottfe the sifze of a kidney bean. The United States has 480 deaf mutes to the million of population. Thomas Holcroft wrote a famous comedy called "Deaf and Dumb." Deaf and dumb people receive systematic instruction at Oxford in England by Dr. J. Wallis, in 1660. The tympanum covers the passage leading to the interior of the ear, just as a drumhead covers the drum. The first, systematic instruction on scientific principles for the deaf was begun by Bonet at Madrid, in 1020. Many deaf persons can hear music distinctly by placing one end of a cane .upon the piano and holding the other to the teeth. GEMS OF THOUGHT. Religion requires the extirpation of all those passions and vices which render men unsociable and troublesome to one another.—Tillotson. Severity carried to the highest pitch breaks the mind; and then in the place of a disorderly young fellow you have a low-spirited, moped creature.—Locke. If I were to trust to my observation and give a verdict on it, I must depose that, in my experience, I have found that those who were most indulgent to themselves were (in the mass) less kind to others than those who have lived a life nearer to self denial. I go further. In my experience I have observed that a luxurious softness of manners hardens the heart, at least as much as an over-done abstinence.—Burke. NOTES OF THE DAY. Since the new excise law went into effect the number of hotels in New York city has been tripled. Most of the medieval kings wore and used signet rings because they were unable to write their names. The Munich opera-house has a new rotating stage by. which any scene can be changed in twelve seconds. All of the corped beef and pickled pork for European armies and navies goes by way of Canada and crosses the border at Vanceboro, Me. The coal fields of the United States have an.area of nearly 200,000 square miles,-or ten times that of all other coal-producing countries in the world. New York state has a new law, just passed making it a misdemeanor for any man to wear the badge or regalia pf any society of which he is not a member. A Cambric shirt worn by Louis XVI, on the day before his death resized and th.e napkin used 8t mass p« ie pjoralPg of hie execution |89Q, &t 'recent All About Western Farm The "Corn Ilelt" is the name of an illustrated monthly newspaper published by the Chicago, Burlington & Quiney R. R. . It aims to give information in an interesting way abou t the farm lands of the west. ' Send 35 cents in postage stamps to the Corn Belt, 309 Adams St., Chicago, and the paper will be sent to your address for one year. The art of prophecy is to foretell the future In such a manner that it will come ••ight either way. A Summer Jlosort; liaok J'roe. Write to C, S. Crane, general passenger and ticket agent Wabash Railroad, tit. I'/ouis, Mo., for a summer resort book, telling all about the beautiful lake region reached by the Wabash Railroad, Advice is like physic; we will never take it unless we are obliged to do so. Piso's Cure for Consumption has been a God-send tome.—Wm, B. AlcClelland, Chester, Florida, Bopt. 17,1805. An ordinary tortoise' lives from 100 to 150 years, Instances are on record of some of them attaining the age of 800 years. Hull's C»t«rrti Cure Is a constitutional cure. Price, 75c. When the Summer ISrcc/.o Blows through the trees, most of us who can set off i'or a country ;jauiit. Fewer cross the Atlantic. Whether it is business or pleasure calls one from home, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is the best accompaniment ot a voyage or an outiug. Yachtsmen, sea captains, commercial travelers and emigrants concur in this opinion. The Bitters is unrivaled for bilious, malarial dyspeptic or liver disorder. . "Pretty says Pretty She's just "poll parroting." There's no prettiness in pills, except on the theory of "pretty is that pretty does." In that case she's right. Ayer's Pills do cure biliousness, constipation, and all liver troubles. ni I f i I .argon t eel lers In tho world. Ulflninr I UIIB1O iia " l P 1<>aA J >rlceafree ! wr>te nlllllKI I WINK HUNTUU»EIIY WAKU41U, UIIIUUI I lltllUi — fill to 118 Illelilian Av., CUuEO. Hulilt Cured. Est in 1871. Thousands cured. Clmapout ami best euro. FBBU TIUAL. state case. Pn, lUuaii, Qulncy, Mich, OPIUM How She "Would Vote. Maude—Have you decided liow you are going to vote? Miss Quiver—Oh, yes, I'm going to vote in my new black gown witli pearl buttons. W-N.U, D.M.-1247. NO. 23 When answering advertisements kindly raontlo t hi simper. In its cpurse of 120 wiles the Jordan plunges over twenty-seven rapids, and from its source to its mouth has a descent 'of 8,000 feet. If the JJaby Is Cutting Teeta, Be sure und use that old and well-trlod remedy, JI8B. Wu»sj<ow'B EOPTBIKQ BYUUI* fgr CMUlrea Teething. acts Popularity does not -come without cause. Nothing but 'the standard quality that is invariably maintained in Columbia Bicycles could secure such indorsement as comes, unsought to Columbian «£ $ _ ;9TlK'a"«roM WBefli r-Jmvb NorraujjineasjJ WteB«to.U¥« mtt The most effective Kj-upp gun has a range of seventeen wiles and can flre two shots a minute. __ | __ •_ PURE CALIFORNIA WJUB9. L. Apffel, Wbplesaler, LOB AWfelQs, Odl., ? cases. ass'Ci, freight paia, $7-«9-*9. Camer Iii "Wyoming the women have the right to vote for all officers, even for presidential electors, ..... ' WTC~7AllFlt8«9PPc<Uraet>yPr.Kl!n<? > s Croat mtBnm. til* WWftftm vue tirwii«iy;» «e, us cure*. Tn-'Stlfc? W"l S3 ""Iftl lifltUe lev* V » teen fatally EVERYBOPY'S 9fferc4 ten recently to the ten winners of n guessing cutest, every ten selected Cvlumblas, Ae.d 1' bought ten Columbia at $tOQ each, TIFFANY'S WbcnirUjany&Cp.,^ fawous j«vv; PHfllCP V Jl Ml V I* , they of course fust selected a Cpluipjbift^aw) psW lor it. They have decpfa,Vs4 Wte?* %y?les swss* t9l

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