The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 3, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1896
Page 5
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TRtM A MOtS CASE, flie Present *efffi bf Cottrt lints in Hfefttffijf thfe At* tiftse* of Wiih«a§6s atid Mueh Legal f ii6ht-*-§fcc6ft<i •Trial In f his County, Baby Bliss, (502 POUNDS) The heavy-weight bicycle rider of America, will be at Wigwam on SATURDAY, JUNE 13, He will ride a pound America bicycle. Be sure and see him. Wilfrid P. Jones. the a 24- Oxfords Ladies/ Misses and Children's Black and Tan, at Our .shoe trade for the past month has been double that of any former month. Prices and quality are what talk. Jas. Taylor, a/ FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD, Imposing 1 Ceremonies on Decoration Day—Tributes to the Memory of Fallen Heroes. A Perfect Day Made It Possible to Carry Out. the Complete Program as Announced. Saturday was a warm'and bright May day, The crowds came early for the memorial services, and in greater numbers than ever before, The opera house was crowded to the doors, In the afternoon ' the cemetery was thronged. Nothing occurred out of keeping with the sentiment of the occasion, The town was hung with banners and bunting .as for a Fourth of July, but no sports nor amusements had been planned, It was a quiet, thoughtful day, such as harmonized with the memories that belong to it, The old soldiers, living and dead, were with their struggles and triumphs again in review, and again the annual lesson in patriotism, was inculcated. The event of the day was Rev. Stewart's address, Rev. Stewart is a character. He owns an elevator at Britt and several farms and manages all. besides occupying the Congregational pulpit, His talk was such as might be expected from an all-around man. It abounded in anecdotes of the war, eloquent passages, references to other struggles for iiberty, and held the close attention of the crowded house, Songs by a quartette composed of Mrs. Sinclair, Maggie Hunt, Arthur Tellier, and 0, M. Doxsee and exercises by the post completed, the program. The parade fit } o'clpek was led by the Algona band, Capt. Dodge as marshal was aide4 by Col, Cooke and Regiment Surgeon Morse. Company F, the Algona fire opmpany, the little girtu with flowers, &nd the veterans fol' Towed. At the graves toe veteran? buried here were rew m fce red » and at the sphere' lot the veterans who are in other cemeteries were saluted. A sq«ad, of Company F fired the military salute. Ajgona. has neyer liad a more appro QP mope iapgely attended . tin. so, roofing R^ffih 19? engagements. ei§li kinje, al< Always ppeB flr Piling, the efe Iw ftlLWa4s p ifc OR* J* O i» the America. Round trip rate from Algona will be $1.15. A special excursion train will leave at 9:32 a. m. The Hotel Oaks, In Clear Lake park,, will be open May 30 and will be under the management of J. J. McAvoy, late of the C., M. & St. P. railway dining car department.—1012 VIA-THE NORTHWESTERN LINE, LOW BATE TO DES MOINES. On accounl of the annual convention of the Iowa State Sunday School association the Northwestern line will, on' June 8 and 9, sell excursion tickets to Des Moines and return at a very low rate, tickets good returning until and including June 13, 1896, For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway, LOW KATE TO MAKSHALLTOWN, On account of the annual meeting of Volunteer Firemen's association the Northwestern line will, on June 8 to 12, sell excursion tickets to Marshalltovvn and return at reduced rates; tickets good returning until and including June 13, 1890, For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway,—10t2 Money, I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent, interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of his moi tgage at the time of paying interest. J, J. RYAN, Oface over the postofflce, Algona, CpME and see what we your encouragement.. M. Son. Cotirthas been occupied all Week with the attorney fee dispute between Col. Clarke and E. 8. Ellsworth, this is the second trial in Algona. In the first trial the judge instructed the jury that they might consider the amount involved in the litigation, the wealth of the parties and the benefits to be derived, in deciding what was a reasonable attorney fee. Witnesses also were allowed to testify as to the value of Col. Clarke's services who had not stated that they knew the value of such services in Hat-din county. The supreme court sent the case back On both grounds. It> the first trial Geo, E. Clarke and W. B. Quarton were for Col. Clarke and Judge Cooke was assisted by. Birdsall & Naglo fof Ellsworth. In this trial Judge Carr has been with Geo. E. Clarke, and R. M, Wright of Fort Dodge has assisted Judge Coolie. The case ari>es out of a divorce secured by Mr. Ellsworth from his wife. Mrs. Ellsworth accepted service of notice, also signed an agreement as to alimony, and went to Colorado to vloit. While she was absent the divorce was granted, irregularly a_s it turned out, Judge Hlndmau granting a decree out of court. Mrs. Ellsworth came home and denied that she knew what she was signing. She found friends In Cedar Rapids and through them engaged Frank Hormel as her attorney. It was also through them that Col. Clarke was secured to act with Mr. Hormel, In the end taking entire charge of her case. Mr. Ellsworth made a vigorous fight against having the decree of divorce set aside, but in the end came to an understanding with his wife by which she was reinstated in her home. The law provides that in case a wife is com polled to secure legal assistance ngalnst her husband it shall be a charge on him the same as when she buys the necessaries of l^fe. Mr. Ellsworth, however, refused to pay Col. Clarke, claiming that his wife did not engage his services. Col. Clarke thereupon sued Mr. Ellsworth for $5,000, bringing suit in Kossuth county because of Mr. Ellsworth's big landed interests here upon which an attachment was levied. The jury at the first trial gave Col. Clarke a verdict for $2,500. The testimony as to the value of the services was very conflicting then and also at this trial. Such lawyers as John F. Duncombe of Fort Dodge, C. C. Nourso of DBS Moines, and many others testify to anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000. On the other hand, Judge Weaver, Wesley, Martin of Webster City, and many others put it at not above $700. The taking of testimony was confined to this question and occupied Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday including evening sessions. Judge Thomas adjourned for Memorial day. Monday morning Geo. E. Clarke made the opening argument to the jury. He occupied about an hour and a half stating plainly and clearly Col. Clarke's case. Judge Cooke followed and did not conclude until 0 o'clock. He was followed by R. M. Wright who occupied yesterday forenoon, Judge Carr then began at 1 o'clock the closing argument. The case was bitterly contested at every point. Many legal tilts over the admission of evidence occasioned lively debate. All of the attorneys were thoroughly posted on the case and it was a lawyer's battle from beginning to end. Judge Carr occupied a half hour this morning to conclude his speech and Judge Thomns gave his instructions to the jury. With their decision will conclude one of the best fought legal battles Algona courts have witnessed in many years. Mrv Meyei* mm eat Said to leave the maB fttdfid and he would tftke <5dfe of hi fa. Ifi the course of the talk the jug was lo'sl eight 6f and Mr. Huhtet* drove ori, but hoticifig it, returned Id Mr. Meyer's ftfid lefi it. He did not take-the jug tiof any of ltd contents, nor the man, therefore it is difficult 16 see how anything Wad 6t6l« on. The mad w«e working for Mf. Meyer ahd should have been stowed nway somewhere besides on the wain highway while drUnk, and Mr, Huhtef did right in stopping to assist in removing hina, IE* your cistern is not.'full of good rain water it is because j-tiu .did Hot see Burns and have htm put up Borne of his double-headed gutters for you. fid it before another raifi cotfies, KEEP posted in state and national politics by reading the great penny pft» per of Iowa, the Des Molnes Daily News. Campaign rate from how until Dec. 1, over six months, ohly 70 cents. Address The News, Des Molttes, Farm Loans at (i per Cent, And the expenses of making the loan can be paid at option of the borrower. Interest payable annually unless otherwise preferred. The loan can be paid In whole or in part Mt any interest date. HOXIE & BRUNSON. When buy flour, why not buy the best ? Especially whert you can get the best^-and A choice article It is, too—for the same money that 19 charged fbr less worthy grade.s We stand by our flour—so do the consumers, They know what they want, and they want Wilson Mills Flout, and will have no other. That shows their good judgment, is a capital recommend for good goods. •if Tr •* " -,'••45' and Short-liorn Bulls for Snlo. I have two young 1 thoroughbred shorthorn bulls, of milking strain, for sale, ]lt4 0, B. HUTCHINS, FOB time loans on real estate at Kossuth County State Bank, apply WHEN you see the name "Burns" it maUes you think of double-bended gutters and cave spouting, the best on the market, He sells and puts it up, ,and his prices are right. Money to I>onn on Improved farms. Fnrm t,nndB and Town Property bought and sold on commlsaion. E. C. MOUNT & SON. Opera House Block, Algona, Iowa. THE TWIN PITIES. Mlnnehahii! Who has not heard of the famous fulls that boar that name? Longfellow has immortalized them-in the beautiful song of Hlawutha and Mlnnehaha: " She wns dying Mlnnehaha. Hark I she said, I hear a mulling, Hear a roaring and a rushing, Hoar the falls of Mlimuhaha Calling to mo from a distance. Thus the dying Indian maiden spoke as she heard the laughing waters, and as she thought of her Hiawatha "Far away amid the forests, miles away among the mountains." Longfellow must luive indeed been inspired by legendary lore us he penned the song of Hiawatha. He had never aeon the falls, but, no doubt, as he looked upon the picture of that beautiful spot that nature had created for man's admiration, his soul was stirred to tuneful response to his poetic genius, and back to the wild and untutored Indian in the land of the Daco- tahs he saw the lover and the maiden, Saw the forests and the river, Heard the songs of birds In springtime, Heard the murmur of the water As It laughed and fell In rainbows O'er the rocks Into the valley. It was a brother of Charles Sumner who brought the picture of HaHa faces to the poet who hits made them famous, and Ed. A. Bromley of Minneapolis was the first photographer to take a picture of them. HaHa falls, us they were originally named by the rod man, are indeed pict- uresque'and falrylike. No one who loves the creations of nature can fail to recognize the beauty and daintiness of the faces, or their surroundings. Far off across the meadow flows a little terook, a silver thread among the grasses until it tires of the sunshine, and suddenly plunges sixty feet downward over rocks, breaking itself in foam through which the sun again shines, forming the ever-changing rainbow among the rising mist. • Once the surroundings were ideal, but the relentless hand of civilization has changed the " dark and gloomy forest" to a park. Not far away rumbles the railroad train, the busy traffic of the world disturbes the silence and mingles discordantly with the voices of nature. Time, and the constant rushing water are wearing away the ledge over which the waters plunge, and the original glory of the famous falls has already faded. The sightseer turns away with a feeling of sorrow and disappointment that the wildness and beauty of Minnehaha are fast disappearing, But never, so long as Longfellow is read, will be found those who will not care to see one of the places in this world that we call famous and around which the past has woven so much fancy, legend, and mystery, There are three ways to reach the falls from St. Paul or Minneapolis. They aro, by street car, by pleasure steamer, or by train. Anyone who goes away from the Twin Cities without visiting Laughing Water misses an opportunity of a lifetime. Yours truly, E. HARVEY SLAGLE. MILLET AND FLAX SEED-Henty of it now on hand. For sale at the old stand by Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. ,Ice is Cheap. Tn fact it was never known to be so cheap as it is this summer, which makes it possible for everybody to enjoy its comforts during the summer months. You cannot get the best results from the use of ice unless you have a good refrigerator. / The Qurney is all that anyone could desire. Easy to keep clean, 'perfect in circulation—there is no mingling of odors in the provision chamber. No wood exposed inside to absorb the smells and become foul. It is a perfect refrigerator. Can you afford not to have one in your house ? The little girls who are competing for the little Buck's Range will bring their advertisements to the store: June ir, between 4 and 6 o'clock, G. M. DOXSEE,, ZESCard-wsire. CALL and see our Z. Grove & Son. new bargains, M. can do for Z. Grove & CHINA mattings—nothing neater or cooler for floor covering for a bed room. Cheap as the cheapest carpet, with but half the trouble and dust. We have them from 15o a yard up. GEO. L. GALBBAITH & Co. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair f CANNED goods are always a specialty with us. M. Z. Grove & Son. WRAPPERS—Good, strongly made, properly cut wrappers, cheaper than you can make them at home. We have Jots of them, GEO. L, GAWJRAITH & Co. A FINE and complete line of extracts at Grove & Son's. TWO YIEWSJXTTSE AFFAIR, Tl*e WhUtempre Ulwmplon TeJjB » Story on NJiihtwutcU Hunter 'j'liut from CREAM BAKING MOST In the Whitteraore Champion of Thursday last is the following item: Marshal Hunter of Algona discovered a man sitting by the road near Henry Meyer's place with a jug of whisky by his side. Hunter forthwith took the jug and, poured a portion 4own his neck and then put it in his buggy, driving home with it regardless of Mr, Meyer, who told him to leave it alone as the man was doing no harm and he wouUJ take pare ol hla). j$ }* just as wrong to steal whisky as anything else " the Champion thinks Mr, Hunter " wide of pis jurisdiction in this ,„ Uv\ JJwter eoiTepte this stpi-y ie icnpxn'tant particulars, He was dri v* ing an the ra*$ le question and saw a woman's team ahead of him shy and ^SflWpgM^W js jfaoWPMJR ,irW?p>^HT^ ^y *>% yCTg«^"V i >WJ*w PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs, Harvey Ingham returned her Des Moines vlsitThursday, Mrs, Hulburt of Amboy, 111,, visited her cousin, J. D, Slarks, last week, John Wallace came from Chicago Saturday for a two weeks' visit at home, A. D, Clarke represented Algona at the bankers' convention at Marshall' town last week, Judge Hicks, known to many in Algona, has been recently chosen senior vice commander of the Loyal Legion of Minnesota. Dr. Ed. Watson has gono to Bode to join Dr. Livingstone. If his health will permit he will engnge actively in the practice, Editor Hcacock of the Estherville Vindicator was in Algona again Monday looking over the Wilson mijl property. His uncle came with him. Mr, and Mrs, Smalley of Keokuk are visiting their daughter, Mrs, Dr. Stu)l, With, them came two grandchildren, who are over from California. Auditor and Mrs. Calkins returned Saturday from a ten days' visit in Minnesota. Mr, Calkins' mother and. brother are bulled in Minnesota cemeteries and about decoration day each yew he visits their graves to see that they are attended to and kept at" tractive, Mr, ftn,4 Mrs Geo. C. Gall - Mr, on business. _ eity tbp,re ;e 09 de»ti»l ONE ON OUR JAMES. How Col, Ryan Was "Done Up" at Dubuquo—Sleep Bad For Bom- ocruts. The following story is going the rounds at Fort Dodge and is told by the Messenger: There has been a great deal of quiet amusement, among those who have knowledge of the joke, over the way Pat Kain pulled the wool over Jim Ryan's unsuspecting eyes, and took advantage of Jim's confiding nature at the Dubuque convention. Jim was there in charge of the candidacy of his partner, C, L. Lund, fpr district delegate. Cain hud nothing against Lund, but had a political debt to pay to Colclo, the Carroll man who has always stood by Pat in his Duncombe fight. The law of the jungle, for which Cain has the highest respect, is that which commands a man to stand by his friends. How tp avoid a clash with Ryan was the first problem. Jim had been up all night getting to Dubuque, and Pat persuaded him that he needed rest and ought to go to his room and take a nap in the afternoon. He then arranged to cancel Jim's order to bo called, and the luckless manager of the Algona candidate slept the sleep of innocence and virtue with democracy all about him, until tlio next morning. By that time the pins were set and Colclo as good as elected, Practically all Jim did in Dubuque was to get that nap, It was a good nap, but ho went an unnecessary distance for it, Ho used to be qqite smart in politics when he lived here, but the democrats don't have rnvioh to do with politics in Kossuth county and Jim has deteriorated in a painful degree. The fact of wanting to sleep'at a democratic convention is in itself enough to disqualify a man for any responsibility there, Jim would make ti good delegate to a convention of Y. P, S, C. E,, but his usefulness in democratic gatherings is past, The Fan Tan 18 A Clear Havana Cigar _ For 5 Cents, The only clear Havana 5-ceut cigar In Algona. A., B. CHAMBERS, •', Factory No. 71, State St., Houtli of court liouHty; WATER OR NO PAT, Artesian well contractor, I have tHa only , cable Btoani dill lint' machine owned la. th« comity; slnH wnlls jfoi*.Wtttur supply (or,town*!,' cities, and railroads. Special attention to'" farm well work, KHtliiuitua made. £ em=, ploy only export drillers, Adfteess A- If '•• Palley, Algona, Iowa. ' >. ,'; Solicits woi'lt In the line of Painting of All Carriage painting a specialty. . KalBQininltig, paper hanging, etc, {^-Shoi) at Bradley aua Nlaouto'u. • " Doxsee & Foster, HOUSE to rent, 10 Inquire of Louis LESSINQ. were V in A UOUSetlOM) TJJE4STJBJS, D. W. Fuller of Canajoharle, N. V., says that he ftlwuys keeps Pr. King's Now Discovery in the bouse and his family tms ul- w«iys found the very best results follow }U use; that to would not bo without it, procurable, G. A. Uykoraa ' batskjll, N. F,, MWTthftt 1)}% Plsoovery is undoubtedly tno remedy: toatbe Uai us,edit Ju U» for eight years, and it hfts nj Office In Qeq. Q. SHEUY %d Stem aroojedysQ long U'l

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