The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 3, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1896
Page 1
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' ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JtTNl 3, 1806. „„ -.. „,, * ^iiiiiiiiiiiBmiiir"'*'"™'""''"*™*^^ Encouragement Iii NEWS OF THE NORTHWEST (JandldAtes for the CadetshSti from the Tenth District Seeta Who Can Pass, More About Phil, HaHtta's Purchase of a Drug Store—Hail at Eagle Grove —Miscellaneous Notes. Ui This is to induce you to trade with us. Special inducements for cash. M. Z. Grove & Son's. Congressman Dolllver is having oulty in getting a Tenth district boy who can be admitted to the Annapolis naval academy. At the recent exatn* lhation at Fort Dodge Rudolph Anderson of Forest Cil.y won. Ete has just failed to meet the requirements at the school. His friends say: The questions submitted were such as he could handle easily in his own wuy and time but it seems that a peculiar short method, taught only by schools in Annapolis, is the one by which candidates are judged and as a great majority of them never heard of It, but few are successful. Oat of 67 before, the board but seven passed, and among those turned down were not a few who had been coached in the private schools near the academy. Rudolph's average at the West Point examination last year as an alternate was 98; 12 points ahead of the principal, and there is every reason to believe he would have taUen equally high rank this year had other methods than those copyrighted by experts been allowed. TELEPHONE 19. $ About Shirt Waists. Every lady knows what comfort there is in these cool, common-sense garments. The season is now at hand when you must have them. We have prepared for your wants and have Hundreds of Beauties for you to select from. Any price you want to pay, from 50c to $3.50. G. L. Galbraith & Co. ^ Want a Bicycle? The undersigned has opened a Bicycle Livery in Algona, opposite the Wigwam, and has bicycles and a tandem for rent, by the hour or day, Also agent for the AJAX bicycle, an up-to-date wheel, as good as there is in the market. If you want a wheel come 2u and see me, Will do all kinds of wheel repairing, also Plumbing and Gun Work. I am here to supply your wants, and will do so at reasonable prices, All-work warranted, : F, L, Parish, A, ' Great Bargains in Phil. C. II an mi'B Drujs Store. Phil. C. Hanna Is original as an advertiser. His opening announcement to the Eagle Grove citizens is headed " Hanna's Weekly Sittings." He offers a pint of soda water for five cents and says in part: We especially invite the ladies and children to trade with us, for we are convinced that if the ladies come here to trade, that the boys, like Mary's little lamb, will linger near, while Mary sets up the ice cold soda and buys an engngement ring for " dear Jim." If you married gals will only be wise enough to decorate your walla with our wall paper your old boy will conclude that "Home, Sweet Home is the dearest spot on earth," and he'll stay home and spark you just like he used to. Get your old man a box of our cigars and the baby a doll and \ou will enjoy an evening spark better than you did when young. Hall at Bugle Grove. Eagle Grove suffered quite severely from Saturday evening's storm of wind, rain and hail. Nearly every business and private house in town suffered some loss, the greatest being from broken window lights. The Northwestern buildings alone lost a total of 471 lights and theirs was only a small portion of the general loss. Hailstones as large as hickory nuts did the mischief. The gardens were cut down and generally ruined. Much damage was done to carpets, also. One firm sold glass to over 200 people Saturday night. The Baptist church, which is being moved and was on rollers, was carried 17 feet and dumped onto the plank road way. Railroad Business Picking Up. Supt. Aishton of the Northwestern says grain is beginning to move. "Business is better than ever before at this time of. the year. We have put on five engines extra and this takes five additional crews. The prospects are that increased business will continue at least through June and probably until the crops are harvested. Elevator men are scheming every way possible to get hold of cars. Yesterday we sent through 160 cars of stock, the biggest stock business we have ever done on a week day," lie "Was Engaged. The old gentleman Hawkins, once an Algona resident, gave his family at Goldfield a scare last week. He went out early in the morning to fish, and had not returned by the middle of the afternoon; they became alarmed at his long absence and had people diving and dragging the river, etc,, and even went so far as to have a raft built, when, going on farther up the river, they found him sitting calmly on the bank pulling out buH-heads, ^ The Burt U»nd Picnic. Saturday next is the date for the annual Burt band plonlo. It will be held in the Elvidge grove on the river northeast of Buvt. The Algona band will attend, Rev, Gree'nshielde will deliver the oration, and Algona and Swea City will play ball, A picnic dinner, foot races, bicycle races, tub races an$ horse races will fill in tp.e <J&y. Bad Accident tU jJancvoft, Joe Cameron went to a dance at the Swansea place SQUtb of Bancroft one night last week. While near a window in the loft of the barn he fell ou.t, a distance of 18 feet. The Register says he was picked up unconscious and when examined was foun4 to be paralyzed. It is barely possible tfrat he may live, ,. la fairly etii take Mills. to furnish the site ahd build ft $40 S 000 court house absolutely free of cost to the voters. Petitions fdf ahd against are being freely circulated throUghbUt the county. ^ Senator ttroWeP Sells Out* Senator N. V. Brower has sold his farm and belongings In Hancock county, nnd will leave, The papers do not mention his probable hew location, Vof Railroad C'otutttlBStoHor. Frank T, Campbell, railway commissioner under Gov. Lnrrabee, was In Spencer last week looking up his chances for renomlnation. AMONG THE ADVERTISERS. Bids on the new school house close next week Friday. The Wigwam is putting In lots of windmills these days. Read Anderson & Stebblns about kerosene and gasolene. O. L. Foss has put n new floor and other repairs in his tailor shop. Hogs are down to $2.60@2.GO. Monday 54,000 hogs were unloaded in Chicago. For good shoes at prices to suit the times go to Taylor's. He is making a special sale this week. Parish's tandem bicycle is on the street every evening. His bicycle livery is becoming very popular. John Goeders went to Whitteraore yesterday to close out his store there. He has traded it to a man from Estherville. & Peashes, per w# ...... TpmateSS, pgr d.oz-,,. J.QO >.Hulled Corni per dp?.. J.OQ pgrdo?;.- J-QQ p§rdo3-< J.oo Raspberries, per do2..$i*QQ Gopsebgrries, per do?,. i.oo g4b String Bgans, per de? <. J«OQ perdQ? 3'lbCorojper dog,., ', per hundred, $§<?$• w, K j, B, & C, J, Button, Two Banker Stllson of, Corwitb signs his name with both nls right and left jjanfl, Iwt week he arew a draft on % Chicago bank fer a big suw and it canje baete with ft telegram that Uia nape bad been, forged, It seems be bad signed with the band, tbe baate was not used to, Ruthvon Advance: P. M. Cowan arrived the first of the week to assist his brother in the work on the school building. All the stores decorated for Memorial day. Jus. Taylor's window had a very handsome arrangement of old muskets and wreaths. Prices for produce are low. Oats are worth 12 cents; corn, 15; barley, 17; and wheat 45. Mr. Klmball says receipts are pretty large. A new floor is being put in the basement of Goeders' building. Mr. Wilcox, representing a Mason City firm, Is to use it as an egg store house. The Algona Deposit and Loan association have an advertisement that will attract the attention of all who have any spare money about their jeans. Doxsee is now selling a bicycle that brought $60 last year at $39. A strictly high grade wheel he sells for $55. The manufacturers have been coming down. Geo. Hamilton made a trip along the main line of the Northwestern a week ago selling hardwood lumber. He says the market is very different now than it was three years ago. A new time card was put on by the Milwaukee road Sunday. The passenger train from the east coinos in 20 minutes earlier than before, but that is •the only change. Three trains a day are now running on the Spirit Lake line. Durdall's C. O.\D. clothing house did a big business with the show people Monday, The circus men bought seven suits and the Tennessee jubilee singers bought two.. They said Algona beat any town they had struck for clothing. W. P. Jones got a telegram last week announcing that his fat bicycle rider would not be in Algona until June 13. This week his big advertisement calls attention to the exhibition. Baby Bliss, weighing 502 pounds, will ride a 24-pound Americal bicycle, and -it will .be worth seeing. Sam. Clarfc "Wakes the Echoes. After his unanimous renomlnation for congress Hon. S. M. Clark made a speech. In concluding he said: "Watchman, what of the night? "It is night upon the farm; night in the mine; night in the factories, whose furnace fires have gone out; night in the homes of those who toll, Care keeps its vigils in sleepless eyes, and the pallid faces of women bend anxiously over the fevered cheeks of the, children of want. "Watchman, what of the night? "The day comethl The statesmanship of protection, the statesmanship of Washington, of Hamilton, and of Madison, of Clay and of Lincoln, of Blaine and of Harrison, of Allison and of Mc- Klnley, is revitalizing American enter' prises and calling it to a new era of multiplying prosperity, The genius of America, clothed and in its right mind, emancipated from the free trade vagaries of Grover Cleveland, breaking the fetters of a tariff of * perfidy and dishonor,' and will again put 'America to work at the best wages paid in any land,' Guided by protection, American industry will resume that continental march of retrospect and of prophecy which has been the wonder and the marvel of the world, "Watchman, what of the nlghtP "Light breaks upon the bills. Hone floods the sky with the splendors of the dawn, In happy bPmes the household flrei will gleam warm and, bright. The babe leaps UP in bis mother's arms; the tin bueUet brigade will be marching again wUb buoyant stepp; Dearth and air will be throbbing: wltb the thunder of whirring wheels and pueing engines, " ko, tbe night ii passed! It is rep«b< iioan morning!" ANYONE IS We are receiving daily a nice lot of berries Fresh Vegetables, TELEPHONE NO. IS. Looking in— 'The Right Direction .># When he is looking toward McGREGOR'S furniture store. The fact is that he can't look that way very long without going inside. Once inside—that settles it—affects them all alike—buy because they can't help it. A new'carload every few days—latest novelties in furniture. Come and let me show you., Complete st^ek of I Tl Undertaking Goods. A, 1), YOUR WIFE WANTS A HOME Stop Paying Rent. Buy a Farm. The land department of the Northern Pacific railroad will sell you Very Choice Fanning Lands! In Central Minnesota In Red River Valley :m •m *???& at $2.50 to $4 per acre. at $4 to $8 per acre, Terms to actual settlers ; Ten years' time, one-tenth cash, balance- in ten annual equal installments, at 6 per cent, interest. Yearly payment on 160 acres from $40 to $128. Smaller quantities in same proportion, Why pay $3 per acre as RENT in ' ONE YEAR, when by paying only $2.50 in TEN YEARS you can OWN an acre of as GOOP FARMING LAND ? These lands are level or rolling prairie or timbhred, as you prefer, Soil is rich and productive, well adapted to all grain and root crops. For maps and publications write to Oeneral Emigration Agent N, P. Jt, !?., ST, PAUL, MINN, WM. H, PHIPPS, Land Oommiastowr, DINGLEY, COOK & CO., our sales solicitors, will furnish in-? formation, accompany prospective buyers wishing to examine North* ern Pacific lands, ana receive applications for their purchase, Apply to them, personally or by letter, at Algona, Iowa, Grain, Feed, . Hard, and Soft A T . •MM MM* IMPHMV ym wo®t them to. >i ,,,,,<*/Wilt ; ^.p + , M¥W »»jgeo«trti»Hl»8tot£rweu<fceJwt of. • -"i,"* a good luswjw H,B* y |l 1 «LU- i ' 1 ^ eupp«a r g«ttoayongbf45 <* *MJtf&*y$ hinfftoWftcewWYe, • * ,'?£$ , ^M livery ifi-. •*; ,,, ... • ,',«';, •/ VfPfWMii i^^:<-'l'- -^WRr of M*i' Aj'JWl^r Jfr... -,,'.. .."c_ Ss.A" #L At toe Northwestern coaiftsareefl vm »^ proj, galley, iwjt fuwgier'ij writing jjgrwal, is ting up a ton «f CJ*y garniy, f he SIT WATT ' v •BRWW3B* «« ?W-«W *"»*»iW*» 1W 1*, *"T JC1*5

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