The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 27, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1896
Page 7
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tfttitt €fid 6! lite IS tS fenotf alto ittftlng As»6fi«*tiiitnl. -' A isb^e! Behttft^ 16* ftMii|? .ftttd-, jftetttatlng ' mals id Ihcl' lattsV ftifigllng life A ffuit Of perfioHallg Doing gsM y the <inly dertainiy fjy aeliaii of '& man's life, Th«fV§ netting agrees wofee' thaa a pf dud ttind and .Beggar^ ptifse. • li is not &§y te straighten i n tfae eak the cfbok that grew in the sapli&g. f hi p-fayBF of tfife grateful fiiaH will please tied, ,whetn6r It pieales anybody else 01- hot.-, k ' • , fry to give 9l«asur6«afld you will f$« ceivo more than y^u give, StifiitttB? Matti»ft. Itt the Wke regions ef Wisconsin, northern Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and Dakota? there ate hundreds of charming localities nre*eminently fitted for summer hollies. Nearly all are located on or near lakes which have not been fished out, These resorts are easily reached by railway and range 'in variety from the "full dress for dinner" to the flannel-shirt costume for every meal. Among the list are names familiar to many of otir renders as the perfection of northern summer resorts. Nearly all of the Wisconsin points of interest are within a; short distance from Chicago or Milwaukee, and none of them are so far away from the "busy marts of civilization" that they cannot be reached in a few hours of travel, by frequent trains, over the finest road in the northwest— the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway. A description of the principal resorts, with list of summer hotels and boarding houses, and rates for board, will be sent free on application to, Goo. II. Heafford, General Passenger Agent, Chicago. Paris hns 8,511,465 Inhabitants by tho census just tnken, an increase of 875,20 in five years. _ , When Nature Needs assistance it may be best to render it promptly, but one should remember to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. The best and most simple and gentle remedy is the Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Company. It is said that out of the 28,000 Hebrews in the city of Amsterdam, 10,000 are occupied in the trade of diamond dealing. • : All About Weiteru Farm Lands The "Corn Kelt" is the name of an illustrated monthly newspaper published by the- Chicago, Burlington QUincy R. R.. It aims to give information in an interesting way about the farm lands of the west. Send 25 cents in postage stamps to the Corn Belt, 209 Adams St., Chicago, and the paper will be sent to your address for one year. Laying aside all quips and jests, . There's one thing sure and that's, There are no birds in last year's nests, They're all on this year's hats. A Summer Resort Book Free. Write to C. S. Crane, general passenger and ticket agent Wabash Railroad, St. Louis, Mo., for a summer resort book, telling all about the beautiful lake region reached by the Wabash Railroad. ''•'.'••'' ". '"Trust men and they will trust you," said Emerson. "Trust men ; and they will bust you," says the average business man. • Two bottles of Piso's Cure for Consumption cured me of a bad lung trouble.—Mrs. S. Nichols, Princeton, Ind., Mar. 36, 1895. When a woman wants a wheel she always find a doctor to recommend it, Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally. Price, 75c. can Joys are .our spurs.—Richter.- wings, sorrows are our PURE CALIFORNIA WINES. L. Apffel, Wholesaler. Los Anjreles, Cal., 2 oases, ass'd, freiclit paid, $7-88—$9. Eastern shipments my specialty. , • Good players on the harp are said to be the scarcest pf all: musical performers. _F!TC—All Fit Aerve Kcstorer Uurvelouscurt's. Yiscasus, The bank statistics of Ireland for 1895 ore the most satisfactory ever recorded. If the Baby ia Cutting Teeth, Be sore and nsp'that olil and well-trlod remedy, llris. WljiBLow's EoQTinNa Sitter for Chllilrea Teething. Remember one thing—no man can fail to fulfil his destiny but through his own fault. «' A Cup of Paries' Tea at night moves the bowels in the morning." In this country there are over eighty national trades-unions. Is tho Coe's oldest and best. It will break up » aiii'thlns elbe, It Is always reliable. Trj it. The Emprera Ertgenie celebrated her 70th birthday on the Oth oi May. _ Hosts of- people go to'worft 1» tt* •wrong way .to core a Sprain , *** ST. JACOBS Oil weni^l cure in tte jrigM; wsy. ts §ah ffaftelico, M.. via Union and denial ^acl -1,914 mllei, 1ft 4 dafrS ftnd Froffl 8aa frfahciscft t6 Jafiafi, by Paclnc mail Hh6 6f' —4,700 miles, Ih 22 days. from tbkehama to tt6ng- 4 , China, by Pacific Mail 6f I»efiiti6uiaf ,and Oriental 8teamiers-»i,600 tttllea, Ifi 6 days. From ttong Kong to Calcutta, India,, by Peninsular and Oriental Steamers-* 8,&00 miles In 14 days. . . From Calcutta to Bombay, India, by the East Indian and Great Indian Pen* Insular railways—i,4CO miles In 3 days. From Bombay to Suez, figyptj by Peninsular and Oriental steamers— 5,600 miles, In 14 days. From Suez to Alexandria, Egypt, by rail—226 miles, in 10 hours. From Alexandria to Brindisi, Italy, by Peninsular and Oriental steamers— 850 miles, In 3 days. Brlndjsi to London, Eng., by rail, Via Paris or the Rhine—1,200 miles, in 3 days. From London to Liverpool, Eilg., by railway—200 miles, In 6 hours. From Liverpool to the Atlantic citieo, America, by either of the great Atlantic 'steamship lines—3,000 miles,' in 10 days. Total distance, 23,639 miles. Time, 82 days. Pare, about $1,100, with $4 peif day for meals and incidentals; the totaJ cost of the trip, $1,500. WHAT WOMEN ARE DOING. During the absence of three months of Rev. Mr. Cochrane of the Unitarian church at Bar Harbor, Me., his wife will attend to all his ministerial duties. Three different books have recently been devoted to Joan of Arc and a fourth is coming. Mrs. Oliphant is writing a history of the maid for "The Heroes of the Nations" series. Mrs. America Louisa Joalin of South Greenfield, Mo.', was admitted to tho Dade county, Missouri, bar last week, after passing a highly creditable examination! She is 35 years old. Miss Gladstone, daughter of the ex- premier, who has repently accepted tho presidency of the Cambridge Women's Liberal club, made her first appearance recently ' at a largely attended meeting. Mrs. Frances Eleanor Trollope han just published the life and letters oi Mrs/Frances Trollope, her mother-in- law, who wrote a book on American customs and manners that gave great offense. Kingstown, Mass., is believed to bo the first town in that state to have woman superintendent of schools. Miss Helen Holmes was elected to the super- intendency by the school committee a few days ago. There is a woman dentist in New York who is fast attaining popularity and fortune. She is a German by birth and has a large clientele among the singers and other musicians of her own nationality in the city. ' The New England Conservatory of Music, Franklyn Squure, Boston, Mass., is undoubt- ably the best equipped School of Music in the world, Its pupils are always in dernanc as teachers on account of their superior musical knowledge and their pract'ca readiness in applying it. In addition, the Conservatory offers the best instruction in .Oratory and Modern Languages. The charge is extremely small when its advnn tages as compared with those offered by similar schools are considered. Prospectus sent free upon application. ONE THING AND ANOTHER. Sometimes 'tis better to have loved and lost than ever to have loved anc won, A broken resolution can be mendec with the glue of, common sense, but it may not be worth while. Modern social usage decrees that wedding presents may be sent at any time within two months before the day of the ceremony. A gentleman should always be duced to a lady, not a lady to the gentleman. If you are making only a brlel call you can keep your gloves on and your hat in your hand without impropriety. Good taste would indicate that a newly married couple on their wedding tour should dress as much like other people as possible and be careful to wea,r nothing which would serve as an advertisement of their new relation to each other. A lady who was a great stickler for etiquette, and perhaps an atom eccentric, not beipg'able to/pay b§r usual visit to church one Sunday morning, ge,nt her ma}d to Jeave her card in the s'oat. • _ AM- prince of Wales is said, to ha,ve Ipst mupb of bis interest in horse racing. Gaswejl— J hear, that he has lost ft great deal of bis prinpjple in that wa y too. Having , an unmarried mUkman who is fairly good looking will do more to keep the gins looking tidy around their kitchei work then ft do^eji yards of advice, • More Flesh Fora ing latter Than Beef/ 1 .''toy* .of good aqeoa, The CQCQ& ' Walter Bater & Co, ? Ltd,, «|tteste^ te -eomliiilflicito^omf tty With Piiikham, at l»yiifi t Mafis. Ail ftfefej^. e'Slved, tead fcfad att A ^vom&n Can If eel? talk bf lief private illness to a thus hcs beeti cfetttb* the eternal confidence ne* tween'Mts. and the women of America. This confidence has in* duccd taore than 100,000 women to write Mrs. Pinkham for advice during the last few months. Think what a volume of experience she has to draw from t No physician Jiving over treated so many cases of female ills, and from this vast experience surely it is more than possible she has gained tho very knowledge that 'will 'help your ease. Sho is glad to have you write 'or call •upon her. You will find her a woman full of sympathy, with a great desire to assist those who are sick. If hormedi- cine is Hot what you need, she will frankly tell you so, .and there are nine chances out of ten that she will tell you exactly what to do for relief. She asks nothing in return except your good will, and her advice has relieved thousands. Surely, any ailing woman, rich or poor, is very foolish if she does not take advantage of this generous offer of assistance. Never in the history of medicine has the demand for one particular remedy for female diseases equalled that attained by Lydia E. Pinklmm's Vegetable Compound, and never " in the history of Mrs. Pinkham's wonderful Compound has the demand for it been so great as it is to-day. Is nbw, USEFUL ITEMS. A few drops of tincture of benzoin U a lowl of water is an admirable toni( for the face. The benzoin whitens thi skin and prevents it from wrinkling. Soups and gravies must never at anj time be left in the stewpans or sauce. pans; when finished cooking they must be poured into earthen pans or basins. It takes more than twice as mucl) sugar to sweeten preserves and sauces if put in when they begin to cook thai) it does if the sugar is added after thq cooking is done. Do not put a coat or dress away witli dust in the folds or plaits. Shake the garment well and brush with, a soft whisk broom/for dust is never so easily removed as at first. In case ' of a long illness the back is liable to become chafed; to prevent the skin breaking beat the white of an egg to a strong froth and add two teaspoonfuls of brandy; apply with 'a feather. For canker sore mouth one table* spoonful of salt, one of alum, half a teaspoonful of borax and as much" blue vitriol, two tablespoonfuls of honey and a pint, of strong cider vinegar. Simmer over a slow fire in an earthen vessel, then put into bottles. Use this frequently with a swab, To Keep the Hair in Curl.— TWO ounces of borax,..! dram of gum arable, 1 quart hot but not bailing water. Stir together. As soon as all are dissolved add 3 tablespoonfuls of strong spirits oi .camphor, On retiring wet the hair with this liquid and roll in twists of paper. Do not disturb till morning. then untwist, NOTES OF THE DAY. London's common council has appli* cations from 1,892 cricket clubs for tha use of the 227 grounds at its disposal. They are talking of putting on a new play of low life in London, where all the parts shall be taken by real criminals. On June 21 the seventy-fifth anniversary of Pope Ueo's first communion will be celebrated In all the churches of Eome, Experiments have shown that soft wood under pressure becomes considerably harder than hard 'wood under pressure. Coolgardle, after three years' drouth, has had a five-inch fall of rajq, which has filled all- the reservoirs and provided the digtvict with water enough for a year, A bore hole for rock salt at £>te-mberg, in Prussia, Js 675 fathoms, ' Thg. upper part of 'the hole is thirteen inciaeu in diameter and, the lower part one foot. this bprjng was competed, in 2,349 of eight hours' duration. diirJhf the present jigent of the Comba^j .^ »*«,., uue w..« ling for a tr&clbf land at, Lotl^ligaeh, hear San Pedro, in souther'ti California, lot the pttippo'sey whtte special efJofte will be made' by the Singling* fifOs.' foi 6'gn agents to secure the healthiest Specimen's of wild animals f of breeding purposes, J'ouf or five strafe inilftfi of heavily vvooded land afe being* secufad fc&d the entire if act will be inclosed by a strong wall composed of etona, brick and iron. , , • The idea of the ftingling 1 Brothers is to turn the animals into this inclosure and to let them follow their natural inclinations and habits as much as possible, as the animals to be pfopo* gated are mostly of the carnivorous kind, such animals as they prey Upon will be supplied for food, A considerable portion of this efcten* stve establishment will be separated from the rest by secure partitions for raising the delicate giraffe, camels, Eobras, guaggnes nnd other herbivor* ous families of the animal kingdom. In order that fresh water may be alwayi on hand, pipes will bo laid undei ground, ending in fountains in the in closure, and fed from spring watei pumped in from the outside. It is proposed to lay a concrete walk just outside and extending around tin entire wall, and a Watchman on a bicycle will make a tour of inspection of the entire inclosure twice each day. The idea, If successful, will probably result in preserving certain animals, such as the giraffe, from becoming entirely extinct. Elephants will also bo raised within the inclosure. On accoiint of their] great strength it was at first thought! enclosure would bo impracticable, but.a scheme has been devised which, it is believed, will prevent them from breaking down tho walls. Forty feot within the outer wall wilt be erected a second fence, composed and built of logs driven into tho ground by a pile driver. These timbers will be about three feet apart and will bo cross-braced by a row of timbers extending from the cross-braces to the ground. This will make a very strong shie.d against which the assaults of a very large and vicious elephant will have no effect. One of the most interesting, features of the jungle will be the monkey farm. For this purpose several acres will be used. A wooden frame:will be erected extending above the height of the trees and completely surrounding the farm. Th'J framework will be covered with a network of wire,' so that the monkeys will bo at liberty to climb about the trees and feed on the fruits and nuts, but will be unable to escape. : "So you didn't get up p match between pillcerton and that pretty girl? v '^p; they lived, ju adjoining flats, you fcnpw, ond.fcad seee each othep at the win- dp \YS ewjy in. frbe mo," -" < * Judolent Ivors— J wish J Meyer fcftd Ipg tq 4,9 bttlf eat and sleep. eary Waggles— I wi> I ppuia es an,d, nalHess* kflf mftffi tnUt wlfl nff8f» , in a hand, seed plantef, "all kind! el' W&ds, a street ear* f«nd§T d! as to induce general actbpil&fh ' A dgfiee fdP opening And lighting street lamps Item the gfmina.v« H ! A safety maltittg enVelafrS thai tto more than the ordinary one* Ih a, snijw'ffieltini device f&t lag sidewalks and streetcar A cheap hat holder- to prevent hats, both male a'nd female ffbm blbwifig dtt. An artificial building of paving block etjual to'and eheapef than 'dfe&ied atone, An effective fog signal to .prevent chips from running aground of coming in collision. An effective. • tire tightener, to be operated without removing the tire from the wheel. In a cheap and effective carpet stretcher and nailer combined that not tear the carpet, A collar fastener in place of the collar button that will allow of different sized collars being worn. In a perfect device for sharpening calks of horseshoes without removing the shoe from the hoof. In a cheap thermal fire alarm to be placed In dwellings, that will unerringly give an alarm at any abnormal Increase of heat. A device for cooling the atmosphere of railway cars by fano operated by wind-wheel extending through the ropl of the car. • In a coal wagon that will deliver the coal from the side of the wagon, anc thus avoid blocking of narrow streets while unloading. In an adjustable rack or device for displaying different classes of goods in show windows/Window dressing ,1s now a recognized profession, am there are lots of show racks, but non< seem to quite fill the bill for all pur poses. A. P A. RAISES THE BAN, \VItnenscs Who Testlfled Affalnat Bio* Klnloy Declared Unreliable. Washington, May 18.—Saturday's session of the American Protective association supreme council was the most interesting of the convention/ because the action of tho executive committee of the advisory board In blacklisting Mr. McKinley as a presidential candidate was reviewed. The report of the advisory board upon the action of the committee was made to the council late in the session. It was indorsement of the executive committee. It asserted, in substance, that the executive committee was warranted, in view of the evidence presented to it, in placing a ban upon Mr. McKinley. But In addition it states that a further examination of this testimony,by the full board bas convinced the members the witnesses were unreliable and that their statements were incorrect. Therefore, the board concludes, Mr. McKinley should be .placed upon the same foot-, ing, so far as members of the A, P, A. are concerned, with tho other candidates for presidential nominations ancl Should no*''" •"-—'"'"-''-'I against, >: DEBS FOR PRESIDENT, Trade and Labor Assembly at Chicago Indonea Him, Chicago, May 19.—The principal and most important business of the labor Qongress at the regular meeting held yesterday afternoon was to nominate a candidate for president of the United States, After prolonged discussion the following resolution was adopted! "Resolved, That we submit to organ* ized and unorganized labor of the United States Eugene V, Debs as being the best fitted to be chosen as the leader of the Industrial classes in the coming conflict of the forces of pure democracy against the aggressions 01 aristocracy." Sylvester Keliher, grand secretary pf the American Union, argued for united action on the part If the laboring men of the country who v/ere facing a crisis of gravest nature, and substantially Indorsed the candidacy of his chief for thq high office. fire In <t CltlWRo 8at>i»rb, Chicago, May J9.~Blue Island, a suburb of this city, had a nine-hours' vlsi* tatlon of flre yesterday morning which outside help alone prevented from sweeping away the town. Thirty-six Bouses were destroyed, and an area {squal to tv/o b)ockfi were razed In the center of the village, a,nd tb? losses by conservative estimate a,mQunt tp $105,' 7QQ, One, jnan 'was i«jur?d, P» at FATE OF THE APOSTLES. St. Jude was shot to death with ar • rows. St. Simon Zs-alot, was crucified In Pei'Pln. sight, jsttJ e * r a ! ? "" ., . . of ihflea«8 it tefl^nlfl, lid ffte fcffiitt ofth'te St&m&in wliei p,- ;' is fsltewid - by -fe the head jerks back aM the fe§ts on the head and the heels, tike a hdw« WieM epaeffis cotts mittetitly. until death, , - • ; Carbolic acid pfdduces itnifriidfatS vertigo and Intbxiefttiottrwltti aidflg all paints bf ebhtad, breathing bedbtaes steftorous abd pupils of the eyea .conti-aet, -, . ~ Prussic acid id the most rapid oi poisons, killing like a stroke of llftht* nlhg. A teftSpbonful of 2 p6f cent pfli^*' 1 sic acid will kill, In a few second* after the liquid Is taken the face turns bluish and the person sfnks to the floor* ENGAGEMENT EPISODES. '"You were embarrassed when proposed to me, George, were not?" "Yes; I owed over £5()0."- yoti, "Neli: Do yotf like the girl yourV brother Tom Is engaged to? Amy*-"* No; but Tom likes her enough for th& whole family, so what earthly differ-' ence does It make?—New York Week- ' >y. "I am afraid that man who aspires to- your hand is too weak-kneed to make' you a good husband," said her father. "Oh, papa, he's not that. He's held me on them for boura at a timo."—-Detroit News.. • ' • Good-looking Young Girl—Will yotr do something for me, Mr. B ? Mrl B——.—With pleasure, my dear Miss. A——• What Is It? "Well, 1 wish you would propose to me, so that I may ' crow over my cousin. I promise 1 won't accept you."—Saturday Night. "Farmer" Burns has signed a six- months' contract with a circus, bat still holds himself to meet all comers at catch-as-catch-can. Variations, "Papa, what is a historical epoch?" "It is a period of time that used to cover ages, but now it runs along anywhere from a week to ten Protecting Her Wardrobe. Mrs. Smith— I notice you always have either such tall (servants or such short ones? Mrs. Jones (who in medium sized)— I don't want any whom there IB any chance of my clothes fitting. Tho CoinmlBBiiry Department Of the human system IB the stomach. In consequence bf its activity, the body Is supplied with the .elements' of bone, brain, nervous and muscular tissue. When indigestion impedes its tunctions, the best agent 'for imparting a healthful ; impetus to its • opei-ations is Hostettor's Stomach Bitters, also a curative for malaria, bilious and 'kidney complaints, nervousness and constipation. _ Dr. Brintou, one of the greatest Amori;can ethnologists, says that man first appeared on the earth 70,000 years ago. A lie must be thatched with another, or it will soon rain through. Poor Pilgarlic, there is no need for you to contemplate a wig when you can enjoy the pleasure of sitting again, under your own "thatch." You can begin to get your hair back as soon as you begin to use Ayer's Hair 3S3I f i despatch, frpnj further rlQt| attendant upon; In strength, lightness, grace, and elegance of finish and equij> ment Model 4J Columbia '3 approached by any other saddles are recommended by riders sicians as proper in shape and every detail of equipment cpntrihrtes and the comfort and'pleasure of Iwosb &,„„, W»4 tpv^Ri/If J1 " J^Jtf 3 I JPJjr JBHP 1 JMJBr'UBRw p^wmff^^

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