The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 27, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1896
Page 5
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lift ' **J 8 <M?'*rja4 "» , ••- -1,1 »^,»t.- • •*! •£"'- *^f \' J i"~j r *•* ^ ,f 4 A !^ ^—v ^ ! > ^* - * ' ' v v ? ~tJ- ^ f ^ ? W^^ f ^^&^^^-- t r-~f V **}' ^"*?*/%** ^ , ! M ^^ " ir -' J 't~ r '_ 'j; ^t' V^- t^f *£ i. j? v* l ^^y% i- u- s. "?* People Begin to Realize ^jgjjH^ % V * " r ' ' V , That The .Wigwam has now in Mock the largest and finest assortment of Carriages ever shown in this part of the country, Everything in the vehicle line, from a farm wagon to a two-wheel cart, top buggies, road wag6fl§ ( phaetons, and surreys, This is Our No. io8s Top Buggy. It is made especially for this country. It is neat and strong. Has a genuine Columbus wheel, trimmed in any style you like, and is sold at a price within the reach of all. Our No. 654 End Spring Surrey, Can °py T °p , M, £i> dl&fks sefias bit's 11 Instated edition of Iho I%8fttle1ia Dally {tews, whteh tJoUtftlftS fidltees 6! Mr. ClaMte and Mi-. EitrlJ-. Pussadena tithe toaftdsdmefifc little city lit the Wdfld, &f)d the liliiStf&tlbtiiJ d5 it justice, At t«f Ma? 28, toarorWwy teafi« will not be allowed in the tiemetetyr Mr, Peltlbofle also wishes it announced that cer tain persons have been tftldng flowers from graves, Steps Will ofef tab efi hereafter to catch those who HFC When you buy flour, why not tmy This vehicle is becoming immensely popular wherever it is introduced. It has all the points of excellence of a high-grade surrey and is sold at a remarkably low, price. It can be furnished with either canopy or extension top. It is our ambition to furnish strictly first-class work. We are always pleased to show through our carriage room, whether you wish to buy or not. Give us a call. Wilfrid P. Jones. you .DEATH-SEALING CYCLONE. Passed Just North of Des Moines Sunday Night—Many Killed and Much Destruction. Devastating Floods at McGregor—Several Lives Lost and Many Houses Swept Away. Sunday evening, while the clouds were threatening and the sky had a particularly heautiful color here, a destructive cyclone passed north of Des Moines, apd a terrific water spout wrecked everything 1 at McGregor. The : cyclone went across the north end of Polk and Jasper counties. Sev- e.nteen are reported killed, six dying, and eighteen;, badly injured, - Houses, barns, fences, trees, etc., were swept from the earth. At McGregor 16 miles of Milwaukee track are washed out, Beulab Junction was taken bodily away. North McGregor suffered a like fate, The Milwaukee tracks, roundhouse, engines, stock yards, cars and eating house, all went into the Mississippi. Twenty people were drowned between Monona and McGregor, a distance of fifteen miles, A man came to Algona yesterday on his way east. A telegram told him that his father and mother were among the drowned. The Milwaukee trains are on time at Algona, but connect with Chicago by way of Minnesota lines. The Pakota division trains run only to Monona. It will take two weeks to repair the track Destructive floods are reported all over the, eastern part of the state. The Burlington road has Ipst many miles of track, ' ..... Do you want a job? Yes! Read the 'Jewell Nursery Co. 'a ad, in another column. Pocfcet RooU Mrs, Bordwell of Jrvington has lost a pocket bpok containing ??5 on the road to Algona. Finder will be rewarded by leaving at this office. J aw headpftrters lor strawberries, ypu . HtsUaae his P.JJOJB §re right gee the name "Burns" it ble-beadea gut* the. be^t <w (to puts it wp, aed. theater last evening and excited the risibilities of a goodly audience. The play is wholesome, humorous and full of action, and Mr. Sam J. Burton as Si and Miss Lillie Coleman as Zana fairly divided the honors of the play. The orchestra was the best ever heard in Beatrice. The descriptive overture, A. Trip to Coney Island," as rendered by the famous Si Perkins orchestra, was alone worth the price of admission. Be sure and see the Si Perkins parade. SPEING FISH STOEIES. COME and see what we your encouragement. M. Son. can do for Z. Grove & CHINA mattings—nothing neater or cooler for floor covering for a bed room. Cheap as the cheapest carpet, but half the trouble and dust. We have them from 15o a yard up. GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. FOB time loans on real estate at Kr: suth County State Bank. apply MEMOBIALDAY PBO&KAM, AJgona \V1U Pecorate the Graves of .the Soldier Dead—Saturday's Exercises. Eev. Stewart of Britt, one of the ablest speakers in the state, will de» liver the oration Saturday at the memorial exercises, The program arranged for the day gives promise of one of the most patriotic observances Algona has ever had. It is as follows: Assembly at G, A, R. hftll at 10 a. m. Procession form under direction of Marshal P. P, Podge and assistants, and move to opera house in following order; Band, Company F, W. R. C., S. ofV., G. A, R. At 10:80 o'clock—program at opera house: Music, quartette; invocation, Rev. Lendis; exercises by the post; music, quartette; memorial address, Rev. Stewart, Britt; music, quartette; benediction, Afternoon; Assembly at Q, A. R. ball at 1:30 o'clock. Precision fprm on Podge street right resting on State street, at 3 p. m, sharp iu following order: Band, Qom- pany F, Fire department, girls with flowers, &, A. R., S, of V,, W, R. O., citizens, and move to cemetery. At cemetery: Pepositing flowers on graves; exercises at soldiers' lot; benediction. ^ , About tfce Flowers, All are requested to furnish what flowers Vhey can for the purpose of dec- oraWng our comrades' graves on me modal day, and thus assist in honoring pur nation's dead, Flowers apd bpu* quets can. be left at the parlors of the Congregational church oo Friday after noon pr- Saturday forenoon, Mrs. M, Starr, Mrs, S, 0, Spear, Mrs. F. Tayjpp and. others will care for t flowers a,t 1>he, church, H. Q. M,0CQY, and g^e pur mw M. us, oods are always a specialty . %, Grove $ Son, sut wrappers, cheapep than it! fee»fu The Piscatorial Season Has Begun nud the Veracious Angler Has the Field. Geo. B. Cloud will fish at ease. He las had a boat made the past week and will launch it at the mill dam. The Euthven Advance says: J. W. Tennant and wife of Algona, better known as "Uncle Joe," the genial proprietor of the Hotel Tennant, were quests at the Hotel Baldwin Tuesday. They made a very fine catch. Geo. E. Boyle has been taking the fish all out of Euthven lake. Fully 100 fishermen have been, most of the time busy at the dam for a week past. One day'some 50 fine pickerel were taken out, a few of them weighing six pounds. One or two were caught by hand, where they had jumped into the brush in trying to go over the dam, All along the river bullheads are plenty. ' Geo, E. Clarke, J, W. Wadsworth, and Judge Quarton do not tell very big Etories about their trip last week, They say that the fishing was good one day. The new fish law makes it unlawful to use more than two lines with one book on each line, and the attorney general has rendered an opinion to the effect that each individual hook on a spoon counts one, so that the use of the usual spoon with a gang of three hooks would be contrary to the provisions of the law. This means that spoon hooks must give way to the old-time angle worm. _ BuijNS does tin work of all kinds, also roofing, plumbing, etc. Always open for engagements. SHOE dressing, the best makes in the market, for all kinds of shoes. We keep it. GEO, L, GAWJRAITB & Co. Money. am loaning money on fttpm lands per cent, interest. Only a small charge w}ll be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of bis mortgage at the time of pay ing interest. J. J. BYAN. Offlce over the postoffce, Algona. Iowa. A, L. fielton was arrested this morn* ing on a warrant issued by Justice Tfly* lor. tie is charged with tnF6alenifiB Df, KehefloU • yesterday as h§ drdve past the Bellow farm and with throw ing a missile ftt him, The hearing wilt come today, , , The revival meetings closed Sunday night. Rev. Landis conducted them A week after Mr, Cord tier left with excel" lent results, a number being converted. "Rev. Landis is an able, earnest and convincing speaker. Sunday the converts will be admitted to the various church* es of their choice. John Edwards wns arrested some time ago for drunlt and disorderly con* dUot, and sentence suspended during good behavior. Saturday night, however, his behavior was not good, and he is now in for two Sentences. Billy Van Schwick is also serving a 30 days sentence for being drunk. J. W. Wadsworth is at work, as manager of the ticket department at the state fair, in devising some new tickets which will be an Improvement on those used before. The fair management have decided to be more strict about their tickets and this department will be the most important on the grounds. The Wesenburg brothers, who bought the corner opposite the Rutherford house, are* buildirg a large residence on the northwest lots • of the park block north of the Free Methodist church. They have bought two lots of that block and the old-time Fourth of July and damp mooting grounds' are no more, The Courier has published in a neatly bound pamphlet its story of Col. Spencer's escape from Libby prison, and Miss Dodd will soon have a few to sell. The story is a thrilling one and is worthy of preservation by all who enjoy a truthful presentation of the exciting times of the rebellion. The Courier should find a ready sale for all it has bound. ,...,. Henry Warner ploughed up a buffalo skull on his Seneca farm last week. He brought it to Bancroft and left it on exhibition at the Register office. It is pretty well decayed but measures 24 inches across, which indicates that its one-time possessor was a big buffalo. The backbone was ploughed out but the other bones had returned to their mother earth. High school commencement comes at the opera house,' Friday, Juno 12. On June 7 a baccalaureate sermon will be preached by Rev. Sinclair to the class, the other ministers taking part In the exercises. A new feature of the commencement program will be a class history. There are 12 graduates, nine girls, and there are 14 in the junior class who will graduate next year. Both classes possess excellent talent. When John Edwards told 'Squire Clarke Monday how it happened that he had been drunk again he said all he had taken was cider bought at the Boals and Wooster restaurants. A search warrant was issued accordingly and Sheriff Samson captured two kegs of cider at Boals' and one at Wooster's, They will be tried next Monday and their quality passed upon. Selling cider is in violation of the liquor laws. The rink was crowded Sunday morning for the memorial exercises. The Grand Army post, Relief corps, and Company F were out in a body. The memorial sermon was preached by Rev, Southwell and Was an able and eloquent discourse. He chose a passage from the account of the celebration among the Jews on account of the escape of Esther and Mordecai from Haman, and dwelt at length upon the beauty, value, arid importance of memorial days. Bill Smith is in durance vile for taking a $35 coupling from the steam laundry, smashing it up, and selling it to Mullica & Ohnstedt for 80 cents for old iron. Mr. McComb missed the coupling, which was lying at the rear of the laundry, and tracked it down, Smith did not deny taking it and was arrested accordingly. The coupling goes with some laundry machinery, and was valuable but is now worthless, Smith has always had a bad reputation in Algonn, being commonly known as clothesline Smith, the best ? Espetially when you get the best^-and a choice article it is, tee—fdf the same money that is changed for less worthy grade.§ We stand by bur nour-^so do the eon* • sumer s. They know what they want, and they Wilson Mills and will have no other. That shows their good judgment, and is a capital recommend for good goods s MILLET AND FLAX SEED-Plenty of it now on hand. For sale at the old stand by . , Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate, Don't pay $lfor an inferior Screen Door when \vc will sell you the , best plain door in the market, and throw in a pair of spring hinges for that price. Now is a good time- to screen your windows, before The Flies come. Drop «s a line and we will call anywheve* the city, take the measure and put up your Wire cloth was never cheaper- —so cheap you. afford to use anything else — or be troubled wit& $&&,'• by going without. C. M. DOXSEB-, ORANGE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business.- Office over Algona State Bank, Farmers* of Cedar Raptaa, Phoenix of Hartford, Hanover of New Yorlr, Minnesota Fire, Minneapolis;, Bockford of Bockford, ' Lloyd's Plate Glass of NeWSfbrJi United States Life ot New TEwiii. GEO. JVL Foundry and Machine We do repairing of all kinds. Iron and brass casting and boiler worJtdone>an,sho; Threshing Outfits repaired prpmptly. We are here to stay. Mall oraerH-.Bmmvitly- ii" " ' ' ------- tlUU )ift»"H« nnu'ftl* 1/nllAUlA. a. nnoM Altar- ^ ^ Bull pinion for Case power, and horse power knuckle, a spectaity_ Shop east of Rutherford - s ~ HOUBO. lty_ osen Awarded Honors-WQrW's Fair, Judge Quarton opened court Monday and instructed the grand jury, Yesterday some general matters were attended to. Judge Thomas opened court today to hear the Col, Clarke-Ellsworth attorney fee case. Judge Carr is with Geo, E. Clarke for the colonel and Judge Cooke is for Ellsworth, The case will last all the week. Judge SJierwin of Mason City expected to try the case but yesterday foucd that- he could not come. Judge Quarton goes to Spirit kake to take Judge Thomas' work. The death of Marvin P. McCall removes a familiar figure from the streets of Algona. Mr McCall und family came in 1872, He was born in Ohio and came to Iowa in 1862, For years he has been in feeble health owing to rheumatism, But the past winter his heart has been affected. Friday morning he was taken suddenly and at 3 o'clock was dead. The funeral was held Sunday, 3Rev. Southwell attending, and was attended by a large number of friends. Five children remain to cpn* sole their mother, a!} well known in A> gona., Mr. McCall was 73 years of age. The school bpard fees bpught the s}x lota'Rd'joioing $e Nprhwestem right of way toutb pl the G. J,, Adams proper* ty for the site of the pew school house. They bought pl Gp*>. C, Call ae4 paid all that was anticipated and gave an entertainment that was as enjoyable to everybody as anything lately seen in the opera house. The music of the Black Hussar is all catchy and brilliant and the choruses were exceptionally fine, The plot of the opera is like that of so many other comic operas, rather far-fetched, but on it were strung a lot of clever specialties that amused. The old country dunce and the military marches were liberally applauded and encores kept the audience to a late hour. The Columbia will be warmly greeted -if it ever comes this way again, THE sale of excursion tickets to Clear Lake will be resumed on May 10, and commencing on that day excursion tickets will be sold every day up to and including Sept, 30,1896,. to Clear Lake at one and one-third fare,—7t4 Solicits work In the line of Painting of All Kinds, Carriage pajntlnf- a specialty. Kalsorolnlng, paper Causing, etc, pgrShop at BratUejr $7PA This is a much lower price than Be}ffb,b,o.rJng GET WATER OR NO "PAY, Steam Cable Well Orllllng aRdBQUcHstli

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