The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 27, 1896 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1896
Page 4
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A Uie c/0*Vfm*r0jr. W: &*fitl j$,r && f #•*•; i m M»fi)mn0*» to iUllftln lb§ fldmlnlslrftilor), helped to peleot ft foldlte /of Tenth dliMet earn* iJmlttsemftft, ftfid voted He, JT«ft!ny of I'onlfflititeP HJnohofiV off Ui§ commlUea o nenfly the go to Dnbtiquo, vote nn ft unH P* Wvjfc t6f ft JO to 1 plutform, ohaor Mr. wlills 1)§ RlAini tliQ ftdtnlnlstmtlon 'iyppOrt§ra, eleot Mr. Ilealoy district oomrnlUeaiTinn, and ohowr for nofofiand /red oolnngfl, A your itgn our dl«itln> gfulshed friend Ool. Itynn wiw roixniod tolinvfl made n Npoenh which txmi- pl§tely Iniookfld Mr. ITo/tloy'« money views out. Tli la y«nr lit* Itmdg lUo van ' for th§ »ll v»r resoluUfins, TheCotirlor •Id oredltod thin otmnge, H lins boon Mloiii, silent for it your, but oilier Hllver ndvo 0(il,eH IHIVQ Inign HO noisy Unit ullenos WUH Mio thing. If the sllamm did It, nol/lilng Ilko It lini linp pen fid Nlnns by f/illli tha wall* of ,?arl 'Olio fell down. «i thslr iftfliffiftgft id necww lh$ pwmt^fl of ft raitoMlon ty ihd judfclnl ftrff»Jdf«|f IhRt hereafter luch fee pulled In their regulw ordor. If £W0 AMPOOMME»T. A weok ago Ilia T)0» Moloe» Lender «renl«d a *«nMtbn by |mbl tali Ing an In oro TAllJICli 1 TO 1'IllS VIIONT. liiK^'Ufli'iilrt has boon the loading westoi'ii pnpor to demund .that tlie oomlng ropubllmin plntfoi'm drop nil iHlIt ivboul hlmulMllfmii, H llislsted wllli grout vigor nnd , Uial Uio llnio IIIIH oonio to »ny , that bliiuHiilllfini on any lorniM IK moon- ihlue and Unit gold nloim In tho nionoy of the world. Uul now Uiul It In prolix ble Uinl/ tlie Mllvor nutn will oonti-ol Uio damouriitlo nonvontlon, Witltoi 1 Wull- Illliti, UiO Tlmt^'Hoi'iild'H WiiMhlngton OOi'i-eBpondent, udinlts IhiidropoljIloiuiM posNlbld uoiublnutloim thut will "Aoombliiftllonof Oeinoiu'ula, )ionullnu, Ud 1)1)1 UM I'OplllllUMtllB 1« llOt t() 1)0 llO- ulsed, until ilio full foi'oo of Mio sllvw i'iuo mtuniK l-lw inim»ni* of the oolo uliull *& '*gM. ' f i>»< 8! 'Duo miioiiR l-lw miwaos of the people Unvebeen inmisurdd by A dlroofc test nb Uio oils, no one mill siiy how slmllow oi< how Ifeutily troubled l).y two .votirniuirs—two y move iroteotlou uiul the oilier for more er, The former IB mill bellowd to bo bv fni 1 Uio Hti'migei' tlomiuul, hut how fool ' m\ the venuullPiiuR will ho If Uiny permit Ilio flnntumil qwmUou to overahiulow Uio tftl'lfl," Mi 1 , Wellittttn pes on to lay that It in Senator Quay's opinion that tlui tariff Uiue must bo iiushwl to tho front, This ig ulh'lffhii, but how Is tho turllY to be pushed to the frout It tho I'ottl dividing lino la between , gold and and if the rGiHiblloiuiu tulto tho > Mis AVellnwn uurt the Tlwea i-ooonumuHl V iilmtalf reottptoes t\u: fui* In Uio ho lunltoi It ho • to the ilnlah between MK Wolltniui of tho column In Unit a flght goU\ tuitl Mllvor will in the mu\ he good for tlm oountry Uwt tho I'opubllonns uuiy »« \voll i Tho only \v(ij» tho rapubllo- push the tiu'lff to tho finmii U by deohiring for hlntotiillUui tin in the MtuneupoU* platfuina, It they now dwp blifletaUl»ui no power onaurth win piHthetftvlJlf to the front, uiu\ no timn i» the United auuoa oau terview with 0ov, Rpjtto eoncornlng his expeot«d ofill lor tun oxtt A »o»»lon of tt)0 leglnliiUire, fn U (ho governor wa* qtiokid an criticising tho XtegUlor, And tho JUjglster respond od quite vlg* orounly. ft town* «0w ihnt tho govorrr* note* of tho win* which tbo securwl find |iubll«lied Ttiur»diiy, Tho offloM doou/nont show** iiint Mr. Wolllvor gftvodlllUooolorof hi* own tothogov- ornor's roitiftrJw, 'J'ho governor wald, howover, thiit willow n mnjorlty of tho mflinlwrs of tlto Iflglilittnro notify him that an oxtrn sosslon U objectionable, ho Ahull o»MJ <<wi<i noon, Tho riftfc 'd(«lrlot odflocH nro going l/o hftvo a mwitnor ontltig, Tlioy moot at Oi»d«r Iln{)l(]M, Ang, 0, rind <wn Hilton by a Milwaukee tipoolal to Dolovan Inkfl, Wlfl,, whoro thoy will rooroiito (Mid dlgoim Tho Invitation Hont out IN to (jomo wlUi "a now Idoftftnd tho oamo wlto." Tho Ooui'lur noooptii tlio report that Oov. Bolan olijootod to Ilio domoorntlo i?onln™Mon for froo oohtngo ivllho llxod rutloof W to I. Tho Diibnquo Tolo- graph don I on tho report. Ilmiys: "Tho truth ifl, and tho Tologrnph HponlcH wUh'TuU knowlodgoof nil tho fiustH and ol rou niHtan oos, UintOovornor DoloH not only^y not objoot to Uio Id to 1 doolar- utlon, hut that ho «ord hilly approvod It and wmoUonod Incorporation In tho TOHOhstlonH," Tho Tolograpli falliorod Uio flon volition nnd ought to know. In DOM Molina thoy propone to hlro a Imlhtiul Invllo nil tho oiuu'lUlntos for to moot and malto HpooohoB. .---, _ ------ i lift here ti > Ury ?F%|lR ! "v^^^ r '-i-tv- .. '?,'"»"•_ .^iV * i v 5.'!ALi'r±.^'^Si''' n J&' K '' ^-^tV «*> ' "^ "> ' * ..._... tnepfflSttof t»w t»B ,**ittmu>t f> 1? i «y Mn», Vlr^Wd 3, neetyMll, « tfie N»Uoj)«il Fdderiitlon THIS KE1QHBOBHOOD, Is to have a new $10,000 Al. AiliimH IniN bogun a now otunpnlgn ugnUiHl OongronNuian Dolllvor. I'lo hnu SOIUMM! n lady Mond out of planting HQIUO govornmont 800i1n by Mhowlnghor tho onutlon on Uio govornmont onvql- opothoy wore H'ont In, "ponnlty for pl'lVtttOUBO, Wll," CongrosHinan Mull bus ohullongod J'HH, 0. Borrylilll to ilUmiHn tho con- gro^tonal Httuutlon with hint In DOB Moliunt, nnd Uio ohnllongo IIHH boon promptly aoooptoil. Tho oonUwti forn noiulntitlon In tho Bovonth dlntrlot overahndowH M others. A BuggoHtlon hntt boon mndo Unit n hull bo htrotl antl nil the onndl(kto« bo brought together. Every county baa n onndlilnto, while Po\U hna two, nbout whom the battle Uuves inferred to the poenn of Mr*. |»RdOW UtUter ot Io\vti OU^v A UUle volumuof wemoolul veraei hti» beau by he\\ ttttwoWve ti\ ap* ivud oonUitwlntf mm very lli^«, A atunpta of the thlft tribute to tho ot'Svw w> '?v, -,'.&?> toal»b\ \me, Uon, 0. I'i hum! reports a oonversn- lion with llornoo Helen ut Dubuquo In whloh he expressed, hlmsolf fnvornblo to a 10 to 1 (taoltmitton, A pensUmof^flO ti mouth )mn boon granted to the widow of Goo. 13, Sponoerby ooegi'ttss, Hptnobr la tho mnu who ni'«t upened operations with i\ pnper town lo Oluy county, und wluwo mune U given to the protmnt metropolis wottt of u«. lie went «iniih us « ow'put, btiggev fttter tho wiw iuu\ got into the UnlloU Stwu>« sentitu from Ahihtiiun, Ills inotte in llfu wti8 U humbug i* the big bug. Ho lived up bit, if ht* wUUiw Is eutUk>a tuu jwiwion, ©very uokllev's wWow should lw given wn estttttv Hvwna \ ? l»ttt countj' ha* Insu-uotod foraudg«ThoMU\», This is the ftvst vklegttUuu to be uho&m to the jiuliei»l convention, hotel, Tho Sponoer cemetery hM 586 o«cu- in 20 ywnro, Wodloy wilt obwrvo memorial day at 2 o'clock 8iiturdny, TUiv, Tbrunb of Spono«r in Wmmct*- momorliil dny orator. .Tudgo Thoninn ,wnn in Kmmoltiburg hint wook looking after hlo foncoo a lit* tlo, A. 0. Piirkor of Carr A; Pnrkcr is ono of tho' examining commlltco of tho Ktnto urilvoritlly law class. Tho Ohrlotlnn ICndoavor a«»oolatlon of tho Bncond district will moot at Clarion, Wright county, Juno 10-17. Tho LuVorno Nowo hnu'ltfl faoo with It. ItwiyH! On May 11 M, Bolgor, living north of hero n row miles, cut prat- rlo hay with a mower. JBmmnlisbHcg J'toportor: Dr. Watson of AlgormwnBim 15mtnol«burg visitor botwoon train*, Saturday. Ho wished to go Mouth on l/ho I3urllnglon, Tho Algonn district TSpworlh Longuo nonvontlon will bo hold at DOWH, Juno 11 and 12. Thn district ombracofl thlr- toon (ionnUoH of this part of Iowa. At Bplrlt Liiko tho I'orkins men won In tho cuimiiH by a voto of 100 to 1)4, tho blggoatimd ImrdoHt fought caucus In county hlHlory. Sonator Funk on- glnuorod tlui TorkliiH fight. Dalloy doflorlboH tho londlrig huly of n modlolnoHliow at Hrltt: Bhu IH bu'lH llkoafrl(<d onko that warped In 'tine ItuUlo, with afaco Hltnperl Ilko a pan- onko, Cotton batting nnd pulnt helped hor to look Ilko a woman, W, T. Oluinthuid proHocutod a caso In Fort Dodgo and tho MoHHongorln ro- porting It Hiiyt*: " Tho oaao was ono In- volvlng afU«pul,o ovor somo salary and tho jury alknvod wltliln a few dollars of tho amount aukod for, and naturally ro- llootH orodlt upon Mr, Ohanlland." MlHH Kuto SinlUi, assisted by hor oliiHH and Homo of tho bout local talent, will give aoonoort In tho Prosbytorlnn ohuroh, Hurt, Iowa, Friday evening, May 21), Tho program will consist of violin HOIOH, piano solos, duotts, vooal eolootlooH, and organ selections. Program at 8 o'clock. Admission 20 cents, ohllilruu IRoonta, Jorro Grovor had a pleasant simprlso ut his I'oi'Uand hoiuoVmo day lust week. ISdward Lonuy. an old army oonmido, oiuno In from Canada to BOO him. Tho Hurt Monitor HIIVH: Ho wont Into tho Held whoro Mr, Grovor was at work, who rooognlKod htm at n dtstanoo. It lei Hood IOHH to say thoy hud a good visit, though short, for Mr, Lonoy roturnod on Wodnosdny, Whlttomoro Ohamplon: Robt. Walker, oldoHt HOD of P. J. Walkor of Lott« Oreok, (I tod last Friday of lirlght's disease und othor oornpUualtons. Tho funeral wan hold Sunday at tho house, oonrtuotod by Ruv. Gannon, and the ro- maluH woru interred In the, Whlttomovo oemoterv. A largo procession of friends followed him to lib last resting place nnd wxprossud doop sympathy for the berotivoil ones, in whloh tho Champion most Blnooroly joins. A, 0. U. \y. ATgLETlOB. f »ftft i« ttelfd ftf , Its #it!i cibew «M ffitklit* on top o/ the eftt-« t and cm cro&lft* T»ehtj"«f*th street the twin gate a nuddeft torcfe ftfrd fts ft* tfcftttm be? iireefi its caw directly acfw* the track. With crcat p(-e»e*iC6 of rhlhd hetucdoededlntfettlfig-hf* body freto the rail, fthd haa wail nigh <w«ft|XKl All injury when the ear wheel cnn^nt tif« right ttftkdl, cruBhlnj? ft in very had uhKpe, He wan at once token to Mercy hMfHtftl, where everytbiiitf |w»»IWe wiw dose is <J> t-'» Cfuwb t)tvid«« the Profits of A Deal With ,1, It, aitUoti, go iutton OoJd Kothittit. About two weeks ago there wfts a mild «on«Htlon at the Milwaukee depot, Nltfbt watch Hunter arresting 0. C, Crumb just a* ho was taking tho train east, Ho had a warrant Issued by Jus* tice Taylor on an Information sworn out by .J. Jj. Button charging Crumb with obtaining tnohoy by false pretenses, They brought Crumb nearly buck to town. Button trying to force a settlement, but Crumb wits obdurate and Button weakened and advised Hun* lor to lot him go, That was the I ant hoard until Friday when Crumb appeared again on tho scene of action and entered a vigorous protest before tho mayor agalnat such an arrest and detention, Tho mayor saw Hunter and Huntor thought his best way out was to finish tho job, and ho accordingly got his warrant and went to tho hotel. secured Crumb and landed him in jail for tho night. Saturday morning ho was brought before 'Squfro Taylor and Button's story was told. It did not make out a case and so Crumb did not go'on tho stand. Button said ho and Crumb hud gono Into partnership to buy Homo equities In Dakota lands, Tho doods wore sont to tho bank In Al gonn snbjoot to Crumb's order, Instead of Button's us ho expected. Crumb then want to ISImoro and traded fora livery stock, took tho deeds out of the bank, and In tho whole denl cleared, Button Hiiys, WOO, and refused to divide up. Tt was to got his share, as ho olalmR, of this money that ho had 'Crumb arrested. Crumb did not talk much after tho trial, although before that ho claimed that the deeds were his and had boon put In the bank for Button .to make a trndo with. Ho wjthdrow thorn and mado Ills own trndo. Ho has traded for tho belongings of tho Wesley hotel and Is now settled thoro as landlord. OIROTJS WAR AT TORT DODGE, t* l)ob*oii visited in Algtma Uwktttg tvher Ul* iutw\«ts as e (w lUft twuwtavy ot »Unt»j u i, F»wik Blekiiell U pr^lie U\ ho ha* \v\»« tb« I lust ot the will ha* K h<«t ot IHend« uiul in sptto hi iho M»\ »al«« Vrournm of the Coming Celo- brnilou nt th«s Fnlr tiroumU. Qu \Vodi\omltiy, Juno 17, tho Algoun unil Hurt lotljjos of XJnitod WorUtnou will oolobruto at tho fulr grounds. Thoy will moat ivt tho hull In Cowloa' blooU tit »:«0 o'ulook and mtvroli to tho jjfrouoda nt 10 o'clock, oseortod by tho t«vnd. Mwslo und addi-oss by Rov. J. W, Goltfor of Marlon, and a ploiiio dl«nor t«l«o up tho time uiutl tho afternoon imoi'U botfln, Tho pmirram for Ihoso jflvos tho llrst ival ilald d5*i' Al- gou« has ovw wltuossc*!, and umnUros A dft^» of smu't, Tho avonts and tho donors of prims* U»H) mentioned: ^ Oua UuudixnVyurd foot raoa j Fiwt pvtse, " * ' ' "" Hin- iiml Forojmiiitli'H AVO Glv- Shows Tlwt Aro Not Down on the IllllN. Tho Rlngllng olrous was at Fort Dodgo Saturday. Behind their street parade was a rival pnrado by the Soils- ITorapaugh olrous whloh comes to the Fort July 11. Tho Solls-Forepaugh show say tho Blngllngs have Invaded tholr territory ancl that they will drive them out. Tho Elnglings wore first on tho ground with their advertising and proceeded to cover overy available spaou with tholr ads. In addition to iioroB of lithographs thoy covored overy telephone, olootrlo light, and telegraph polo with oloth banners. They hung the banners from awnings and from the tops of buildings until the town looked i\8 gny as though the Fourth of July WIXB hovo. Tho\v tho Solls-Foropuugh gang nrrlvod and finished tho job. Thoy mado tho town look like a Chinese lunlorn exhibit. Tho Rlngllngs gavo away 1,000 tickets to business houses for tho uso of windows, and in tho and put sonp In five barrels of paste mado by tho Solls-Foropaugh crowd. This Hourly proulpttatod tv fight. The Solls-Foropnugh people say thoy will follow tho Rlngllngs Into overy town thoy go to, and make them weary. It Is nuts for tho towns. THE OIBOUS. wcwul, CUfts, , utf hteh jump J First, Max Harbst: . M, Oo\v«iu First, Now *mw* 4V m wmWWv <I^»4« *tl J WMMM), u* in* ®?.&®Jm ffi^f? It Hn* n Hnud of Music Aloiio Worth tho l»rlco of Artmlssloii, The Waterloo Courier saj's of the Klrkhart-Hyau ciiHsus: The band with tho Kirkluvrt- Ryan's oirous gave a concert ut tho head of West Fourth street last ovenine which was greatly enjoyed by several hundred people. This band includes about twenty men, and is not only one of the bost over heard in Waterloo but of the best seen with a elroua. Nothing hut high grade 'music Is played. The evening performance of the circus drew a large crowd and was ouUr*)y satisfactory, being utuch better thaw maay 50 ueut shows. A feature Unit should alone enlist the patronage of the public is the strict honor of the management in not allowing uny fakirs or gaiubVarc of a»y kind to follow in the w&ke of the oirous. This integrity is bound to build for Kirkhan-Ryau a wputaUousetHwd to no c$r«us traveling. They have a clean, orderly and gentle* wawly company of people traveling with them. BOBSB THIEF OAFTOltEP. W*»» Bend, Is it< last November a team belonging to FVu>r Hab^gHr near West 6«nd WAS «tolen with » fine e»maga and new sel ofharudsi, Tttdiuan who took them had xrwked i« toe ^shborhood «toQt two «wk$. 4 $50 rewanl xras otered ft* tht> thief »4 he «*s tr*cke<! to Bfe g»t mvty* b^w- it is MOCHD BUILDERS, WM a Readable Sketch About fhm f hihk* the Mound fiuJld*« of Ail the Wettttn SUIM Bt\otigt6 to the Bstnt trite. Editor Biilley, referring to the Covery tit t\i6 skeletons in the mound near the Call bridge, gives a sketch of the remains of the mound builders in Ohio o! great intercut: ft happened that the writer wag born in one of the greatest fields of research of this kind in the United Slates in the county of Licking, in Ohio, and the queer mounds that excited childish curiosity as "In* dlan mounds" have since revealed many valuable and curious specimens of a past age that delight and furnish food for many an hour of speculation. Tho great Alligator mound was within a mile of pur boyhood home and have hotird father — who is now a man nearly four score years of age— say that it looks now very much as it did when he first saw it when ton years of ago. A bold bluff or bill Inaccessible on two sides, over three hundred feet high, stands in a Hold in one of the finest val- loya that dote the face of Ohio's beautiful state. At Its foot and to the west lies the lovely little hamlet of Gran- vllle, famed and praised in Ohio's history as an educational town. Viewed from tho top of Alligator mound, it would be hard to find a fairer October scene than thut which greeted our eyes three yours Hgo when looking ovor this valley. The "Alligator." is built of ourth and Is today possibly five feet high. Tho body is 100 feet long and about 16 foot wldo, tho head nearly round and about 10 feet in diameter; measured across the fore legs it Is 40 feet, about the same across the hind logs, and the tall, which is coiled something like that of a cat, is 160 feet long and about throe feet high by four feet wide. Tho similarity to an alligator, llzzard or crocodile is very close with the exception of tho proportions of tfie tall; alligators' tails have degenerated since the Mound Builders' time. When the first settlors came to that country— as old settlers say — there was a reddish brlcky substance on. tho head of the Alligator that showed evidence of fire. Gravel and pieces of coal were there in profusion as evidences of that agency, but the lapse of time and the continued uso of the hill as a sheep pasture for more than 70 years has washed away all traces of this nature now. What was Its object, and how many were employed in its building? The best theory that has ever been advanced is that it was originally a plnce of worship, sun worship or fire worship. A giant watch tower as It were, whore, gathering under the blue vault of heaven, our ancient frlonds met on the "brow of this hill" to offer up their adoration to the dying god of day. An unobstructed view to the west, iip the valley of Ruo- ooon creek— a rippling brook that gently meanders along the valley — Is obtained from this hill. And as a watch tower and place of sacrifice perhaps, countless thousands toiled and lived, hundreds, nnd perhaps thousands of years ago. The Leni Lenape, or Delaware Indians, have a tradition that long years ago their forefathers came from the big water on the west and after traveling many moons came across a vast river and encountered a peaceful pastoral people' who -lived in villages. Then the warlike Delawures drove them far to the south, took their lands and country and occupied it until they themselves — divided into numerous tribes after many years— were driven farther east across the Alleghany mountains. This tradition has been woven by our modern archaeologists into a fairy tale of how the Aztecs and Toltecs are the descendants of this peaceable people, and many relics of the bygone race taken from their tombs correspond so well with relics of the same kinds taken from the ancient Aztec villages of Mexico and Central America that a great deal of color is »iven to the " fairy Uile," and some of them come near proving the accuracy of the theory, About six miles east of Alligator mound is the larger and better known ancient earthworks at Newark, now used as the Lick' ing county fair grounds. These have been written on so often and by such able writers that little can be said that is new. Yet there are points that we have never seen in print. The embankment is about 10 feet high, 10 feet wide on top and 85 feet at the bottom now. It is circular, about a mile in extent. At the northeast are two mounds of earth a hundred feet high and about that distance in diameter. At each extremity of the unfinished circle they are about 50 feet apart at the base, The ditch from which the earth was token to make this embankment is on the inside of the circle which precludes the idea of a fortification. In the center of this vast circle is an eagle 150 feet across the wings and 100 in length built of earth, that is now five Ceefc in height, and my grandfather has told me that when he first saw this curious pieces of work, over TO years ago, trees three feat in diameter were then standing thickly oa the ground, and the aborigines— « few of whom still lingered therd— had no tradition or theory as to m formation. Gravel and sand to the depth of a foot was Wd over the top of S embonttinent, and the ancient to ba *een oa the ly » mile flfctont, ll *» * WTel *** fcak power .was this of gravet removed that of iffke« fttmi i foot tefieath tfae earfatt* lbt|J« »i imp6trtmiiiJ6 ItleY M1 fOfefe Mtu nittt TO tffUKdfl Sp, oj pick 61" '*- Bfling tjpib«Sfeaflcientiilinj JHia\t all n&te ft ineei t»f ttlai «tef ibe fa<»e, Yet the t>nlf ffilea tninci> Inftl Bft*e eve* beefl discovered that were worked by lite aforigifiei Afelw ibe itfti« ef ifortt c&r«iifla» Copper aeedlefl, bodkins aflcl awl« are coHinion, wbile ibe oflly wpper mlnefr known to bafe beeB Worked by & pf6" historic face fttts those at Ontonagon, Norlberti Mlchlgafi, ¥hes4 all give proof that a vast scope of country Wai odce thickly inhabited by a race of partially civilized people and as the saiiie tools, ittjplemeots aDd oraatnetita af6 found In the ancteet Aztec and ¥ott€c cemeteries, it is pretty strong evidence that the two faces Were at one time the same, and gives color to the Delaware tradition that they drove a peaceable people out of the fertile valley of the Ohio. Many mounds of the ancient people can be found all over the state of Wisconsin that beaf slightly differ* ent characteristics, but enough remain to prove that the people were allied to the Mound Builders of Ohio. It Will be of Interest to know the particulars of the mode of interment of the ancient Iowa Mound Builders, and particularly whether mica is found over the face as in Ohio, or a flat stone bearing the evidence of fire on the breast, as in the Wisconsin mounds. NEW SCHOOL TEACHERS CHOSEN. The School Board Uealtis to Select a Corps of Teachers for the Coining Yenr. The school board mot Saturday evening to select a corps of teachers for the ensuing year. For the main building, beginning with the primary room, they chose Miss Cramer, Myrtie Putsch, Olive Salisbury, Cornlo Ingham, Bird Hotelling, Tena Wallace, Miss Campbell, May Hotelling, Mrs. Horton. In the high school room it was decided to put a principal and assistant under Prof. Carroll. Miss Coate, who has fulfilled the duties of both, is undecided! about remaining, and no selection has been made. Miss Jessamine Jones was chosen to teach drawing, and MissRan- dull, who held-the position of teacher of music a year ago and who left it to go and live with an aunt in Milwaukee, Was chosen to that position. The salary of each is $30 a month. It is expected to put three teachers in the new school building. Miss Hattie Stephens is the only one thus far chosen, and she will have charge of the building. Her work as a teacher has been very successful and her new position will be one of added responsibility. Her salary was raised to $45 a month. Of the new teachers Miss May Hotelling is the only one not known well in Algona. She is a sister of our present teacher and has taught in the Mason City schools four years. .She comes with the highest recommendations. MISS HOTELLINfj'S HAED EIDE. Travels From Mason City to Whltte- more Through the Mud for Her Father's Funeral. The Mason City Republican notes the death of A. H. Hotelling and gives items of interest to his friends here: His wife, who was visiting at Clear Lake, was notified of the injury in time to take a night freight and was. able to reach the side of her husband' two hours before his death. He was. conscious until near the end. His daughter, Miss May Hotelling, who is a teacher in our city schools, did not know of the affair until Sunday after- death had taken place. As no trains- ran that day she started across country with a livery rig. Mr. Noble drove ber as far as Algona. It was a fearful ride of seventy miles through the mud and on such an errand. Mr. Hotelling came to Mason City in 1866 and was married in 1866 to Miss- Nellie Tuttle of Clear Lake. At one time he resided on a farm west of the fair grounds. Recently he has been in the hay business at Whittemore. He was a man very much respected and his friends are deeply affected by his sudden death. THE DISCOVERY SAVED HIS LIFE. *3\ v '™' Caiu euette. druggist, Beavers- vine, m., says: "To Dr. King's New Discovery I owe my life. Was taken with La Grippe and tried all the physicians for miles about, but of no avail and was given up and told I could not Jive. Having Dr. King's New Discovery in my store I sent for a bottle and began its use and from the first dose degan to get better, and after using three bottles was ui It is wortii its weight L keep store or house without ft" Get a free ing inree bottles was up and about again. It is wortu its weight in gold. We won't store or bouse without it" Get ° *~ at Dr. L. A, Sheetz' drug store. CONTENTION. To toe republican electors of Kossuth county, Iowa: Pursuant to a call of «w republican state central committee of Iowa, th» congressional committee of the Tenth congressional oistriet of Iowa, and the judicial committee or toe Fourteonti judicial district of Iowa, there will be a delegate convention of the republicans of Kossuth county held in toe city of Algona on Friday, June 86, isoe, at u o'clock a, m.. at toe court boose, for toe pur* po&e of selecting ten delegates w represent s»id county to .?ach of toe following conventions, towtt: Judicial convention *t Emmetsburg, June 30, 1$9$; state convention at Des Moiwes, Jwy 15,1896; congressional ttonsw Jefferson, July 39, 1S8S. The Pnxixei. Ban. •wmnl.,,. ward,,. „*$ jffitf*j!HS*'-»%«*^n ranniLaim 3T^"*J5TPWP * * * »' g-Telltor,. JoSSBSSfT: A-BstwSw- I&^WB H: S?l5HW--» OaotmitioatufL. XO.& •oc »Vl»» •-p.*

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