The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 20, 1896 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1896
Page 10
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land's /iin ^|:r,,ivi.ay *&&$ lOf ^ i; dMelffilfted td ' largest §ale§ oft days wt are May with the New En i imifflfcPAY, MAY m The Red Figure Sale is our annual event, • This sale will be the greatest effdft of our eflce. Itt this sale our high will be slaughtered same as t grades. MEN'S SUITS From GUARANTEED $2.50 TIP BOYS' SUITS $ 1.50 From No misrepresentation allowed. UP CHILDREN'S SUITS From 50C UP Mothers will find the largest stock in the state to select from, An opportunity unparalleled to secure clothing- that is new, stylish, and reliable at prices never before quoted on high-grade goods. In our Furnishing department will <be found bargains that will open your eyes in wonder. For instance: Balbriggan Underwear in broken sizes for 15c; Laundered Shirts, two collars and cutfs tor fbc; try and match them for $1.25; Overalls that arc worth 75 and 85c, our price 40c, and lots of other bargains that will pay you to investigate. In this sale we teel tnat we are offering-you more for your money than any concern in the county, and we only ask an examination of our goods and prices to convince you of the fact. Yours, The New England. Display of Fine Crockery e t $ I have just received a crate of dishes— " Haviland" pattern. You are cordially invited to Call and See Them. •, 1 J have also an elegant assortment of fine glassware—latest things out. You can . save some money and keep good-natured ' by inspecting these goods—and buying. Cowles Block. James Patterson. fr* $•_ • j **' ? v, V'.' r" ; V ^ -0 fc RAILWAY TIME CARDS. CHICAUO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. on :20pm No.l departs at ...................... N0.9 departs at ...................... 4:24pin Freights that carry passengers— Wo. 93 departs at. No. 71 departs at No. 65 departs at TRAINS BAST. No.2 departs at a No. 4 departs at ...................... 0:33pm Freights that carry passengers— Wo. 70 departs at .................... S : ££ pm No. 94 departs at .................... 3:05pm n. F. HEDHICK, Agent. CHICAGO & SOUTHWESTERN. South— Freight ...,7;ioa,m Paw!.,.. V... ..8:04 a'm; Mixed..., ,...l:l3pm Mixed 8;QO'pm North— ' Mixed 7:10 a m Freight 11:25 am Pass 8:49 p m Mixed ...... 10:47p m !>, H. VESPER, Agent. THE LOCAL FIELD. A baby boy at A. L. Belton's Saturday, Prudenee lodge meets tomorrow evening,- < Germanja will seod a delegation to $be opera. The BUey house west of the Catholic .church is enclosed. • Wnk 'Minkier is building a" home ,»ortb of R. A, Palmer's. k Bancroft is planning to have a big fourth pf July celebratlon- Barnet Devine is expected from Gal- J " J '-, tbis WPflth for a visit. A new boy at A, B. Chambers' and - ~, A. Smltb'^ arrived Sunday, wbothougbtit bad forgotten r to rain are learning tbeir mistake, two water taps were turned off • tbe marebttl; Tbe others i Belief corps will meet Full awndauee de has, been-enga Fourth of Vincent, Webster county, S. Barge of Bancroft. E. Sanford of Wesley, and S. Sharpe of Burt. Four in one day is more than is customary. The Woman's Christian union will meet at the Congregational church next Wednesday, at 3 o'clock. An election will be called soon to give Company P a captain. Next Wednesday evening, probably. The city marshal has caught 10 dogs under the new ordinance and has shot eight. Two have been redeemed. The reading room ladles meet Friday, June 5, instead of this coming Friday. An excellent program has been provided. Court opens Monday, Judge Quarton presiding. The Col. Clarke-Ellsworth attorney fee case is set for trial the flrst day. During the storm last week Chubb Bros, had four steers'killed by lightning up in the pasture in Harrison township. Haggard & Peek are putting new paint and paper in their offices and are hxing up in the most approved style. Jas, Orr is supervising. Nyram Taylor of Lotts Creek has been up in northern Minnesota and is much taken with the land there. He will sell his farm here and move, Phil. 0, Hanna is reported to have traded his big farm over at West Bend for a drug store in TCagle Grove, Phil, will make a number one druggist, Lieut, Foster and bride are in Algona and expect soon to be at home and keeping bouse. At present they have rooms at T. H, Conner's, where be boarded before, J. M. Cowan has taken the contract to do the mason and brick work on a new eight room school bouse at Ruth- yen. Ruth yen 1.8 building a substantial building, * Jag, James, who was }n tl»e asylum from Wesley two years ago, was re' turned, by tbe comtnjesioners again yes- terd&y, He has been getting worse for some weeks, f be wall lq laid fo.F Qardner Cowles' house, and tbe carpenters begin at once, A, M, Coan t who eas built toe Wallace bonees this spring, will team which is to represent Company F at tbe Btute range the second week in June, before Monday. Col. Cooke goes to the state range next week. Rev. Stewart of Burt, tbe farmer preacher and veteran, will deliver the address in Algona a week- from Saturday, memorial day. He is an orator. No one should miss hearing.him. The old favorite Tennessee Jubilee singers' familiar faces ore Been in hangers on the street. They come Monday, June 1, seats on sale at post office next Monday at 50, 35, and 25 cents. Editor Heacock of, the Estherville Vindicator was in Algona again yesterday to arnmge for the sale of the Wilwon mill property to an uncle. He says the plant is one of the best he has ever visited. Sunday memorial services will be held in the rink next Sunday. All old soldiers will assemble at Memorial hall at 10 o'clock Sunday morning. Ladies of the Woman's Relief corps will march with them, The Gazette says that Glen, and Mrs. Brunson are occupying the Meagher house in Livermore and are well settled. Also that Christina Wernert came down from Algoua to attend a wedding there. The program of the county editorial meeting will be published in the Wesley Reporter this week. The brethern meet in Wesley in June and every man, woman and child of them will be served with a bench warrant to be there. The school teachers are beginning to be curious about what they are expected to know about civics and economics to pass examination on. Supt. Sabin has not rnado any decision as to what the law intends and Supt. Reed is awaiting one. A note from Burt reads: "Burt will send her usual delegation down to the Black Hussar." Burt has been a liberal patron of good shows, and has done more than any town to insure the opera house company in bringing in that class of entertainments. The Eagle Grove Gazette refers to the ordination of Rev. Innes in Algona, and says: "Rev. Innes is a brother of our esteemed fellow citizens, Jas. and George Innes. He has been in this city several times and is a gentleman we feel sure Algona will admire." .The county A. O. U. W. are planning on a fine field day entertainment at the fair grounds about June 15. They will have an orator and a full set of field day sports in which the members of the order may compete for prizes. The outside athletes will be allowed to look on and wish that they were initiated. Willie Smith of Bancroft is evidently born to be u tourist. Last week he boarded the train and got as far as Eagle Grove when the city marshal overhauled him, having a telegram from the anxious parents. His father went down and got him and this is now a cheerless and unhappy world for Willie, Services at the Episcopal church next Sunday, being Whitsunday, as follows: Morning service at 11 o'clock, subject, " What Do We Mean By Inspiration?" German service at 3 o'clock, subject, "Tbe Epistle of Whitsunday;" evening service at 7:30 o'clock, subject, ''The Miraculous Establishment of the Cburoh." Bancroft will observe memorial day, Addresses will be given by Mayor Cal' lanan, G, F. Barslou, Father Sohemmel, Toasts will be responded to by T, M. Ostrander, B, W, Barge, P, M. Barslou and J. B, Carr, A union memorial ser« vice will be held Sunday at tbe Baptist ohurob, Rev, W, W. Cook, tbe Metb* odist pastor, preaching tbe sermow, Union township only located one gohool, bouse after advertising for two. For the one on section 9 they were un» able to get a lot at less than $50 an acre, The board were willing to pay |8§ a.n acre but were not willing to" go anj 80 located tbe one house on njQ, Rates 4 SeastreaiB have the season is over will have a reputation all over this part of Iowa. Geo. C. Call is being flooded with papers and circulars these days, chiefly republican denunciations of McKinley on his silver record. Among others is a fine little circular containing the portrait and pedigree of'thf governor of Rhode Island, who wants- to be vice president. Between now and June 16 there will be a battle royal to stampede the McKinley delegates and kill him off. The State Register has a note about J. B. Jones'cemetery he is malting for Des Moines. It senms a franchise has to be granted and the Register figures out what the venture is likely tp profit the promoters, the land selling in lots at 810,000 an acre. Mr. Jones will make a handsome cemetery for the city, and ought to be granted a franchise if the city is not in position to own its own cemeteries. Ernest Raymond was before the supreme court last week and was one of the successful candidates for admission to the bar, A new card this week announces that he and his father have formed a partnership and that he will enter actively into the practice. He is a young man who has done his studying here in the office and has thoroughly fitted himself, 113 a severe examination proved. Good luck to the new firm. The Kossuth county jail is both a joke and a dis rrace.. Five tramps were in Sunday night. Monday morning Sheriff Samson came with a basket of breakfast for them and they had all flown. They pried off a bnr in the south window and all went. The opening is not large and it-would pinch an ordinary man to crawl through, but a man will go through a small hole rather than work 10 days on the streets. The Columbia Opera company have been praised by every paper where they have played in Iowa. The Iowa City Republican says of the Black Hussar there: "The audience demanded repetitions of favorite numbers over and over, and the long list included in the libretto was almost doubled by encores. The eccentric comedians again made a hit, as the magistrate and his factotum, and were voted laugh-makers par excellence." Sexton is credited with a curious experiment by Editor McMulleu. He says that' some Sextonites were about to reduce a half gallon of alcohol pumping water into it, when some expressed doubts about the stuff needing reducing. To test the quality of the alcohol a match was applied and in an instant the flames shot up five feet or more and the alcohol was being reduced in another way quite .rapidly enough The boys used their hats on 'the blaze net result being that the hats were ruined and the alcohol pretty wel squandered. Jas, A, Orr is the winner of a box o. first class cigars of which he feels proud. Five years ago B, W, Haggarc and H. E, Rist promised them to him if he went five years without touching liquor. The five years were up Friday night, He says that during the pas year he has been free from a desire to drink, but that until then he had recur ring attacks of the old appetite, H qujt without taking any cure and hae been able to keep free from whisky un til now be has lost all urgent taste His many friends have been glad to see him escape from the misery of such an appetite and will congratulate him on winning his cigars and wish him lots o enjoyment out of them, Many Algonians will remember A L. Sleyster, tbe photographer, He i now living in Preston, Minn,, and is be coming a poet and song writer of repute E Stop Paying Rent. Buy a Farm. The land department of the Northern Pacific railroad will sell you Very Choice Farming Lands! 4 tramp "vieU'Sfl pte, asa late McMwrrgy tqid tisat the , ly ttoj jf jjr ht ,W»tph Hunter iopte Me Awarded Highest Honors—World'* DR; ' Fair, In Central Minnesota In at $2.50 to $4 per acre. Red River Valley at $4 to $8 per acre. Terms to actual settlers : Ten years' time, one-tenth cash, balance in ten annual equal installments, at 6 per cent, interest. Yearly payment on 160 acres from $40' to $128. Smaller quantities in same proportion. Why pay $3 per acre as RENT in ONE YEAR, when'by pay-' ng only $2.50 in TEN YEARS you can OWN an acre of as GOOD FARMING LAND ? These lands are level or rolling prairie or timbhred, as you pre- er. Soil is rich and productive, well adapted to all grain and root crops. For maps and publications write to O. -W- 3UCO1"! 1 , General Emigration AgentN. P. R.R., ST. PAUL, MINN. WM. H. PHIPPS, Land Commissioner. DINGLEY, COOK & CO., our sales solicitors, will furnish in- brmation, accompany prospective buyers wishing to examine Northern Pacific lands, and receive applications for their purchase. Apply to them, personally or by letter, at Algona, Iowa. THK UPPER DES MOINES acknowledges she receipt of bis latest song, which is handsomely printed and which seems to be on the high road to popular success. He has written a volume of poems, "Hours of Pleasure," of which Ignatius Donnelly says: "The views are charming—as lovely as anything to be found in Old England—and the poetry is admirable. I am glad to know that Minnesota contains such beautiful scenery and has found an artist capable of depicting it." Old friends of Mr. Sleyster will do well to send and get a copy of his song. You can get a dandy pair of patent leather shoes at Brownell's this week for only $2.69. 'Twill pay you to see them. Farmers' Exchange Store. South of Court House. We have our scales arranged so as to weigh your loads quickly and accurately now. Drive on and we will be right there ready to weigh, A BARGAIN for you— 38 cents buys a pound of good Tea. It is a good one and no mistake. Anderson & Stebblns, DR, PRESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat & Foster, IF you are in search of, Fine- Millinery —the best to be'had in the market, don't let it escape your attention that the large stock just received by Matson & McCall positively includes all that is to be had in the latest and handsomest things in the line of millinery goods, Knowing the wants of the trade here, this stock was selected with special reference thereto, and we feel safe in predicting that it will fully meet the requirements of intending buyers, We invite inspection* MATSON & NQTICI TO CONTRACTORS. Notice is hereby given that sealed, bids 19! the ereottofl ot a four-room sohooi building) Ift the tndepeufleut district16t Aleona,, will be re- toy June. 8, where the »«- rigw j9r^wve4li9W- ADMINISTRATION NOTICE, "

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