Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 17, 1947 · Page 11
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1947
Page 11
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u TilyZt 15; . OHIO 81.. . a. TsfiTEST THE PROPOSED rrf iMUSEMEST TAX. WRITS TTHORs rsnu ip.HARniJ joam BLGHDELL ' COLEEN GRAY ALLEV" SENATOR TsT OF REDMEX J-l V A A VVA. wvhaf Ptiane Gloria Hwtry ygpER OF BEES" JON HALL MICHAEL O'SHEA ,jjlTY. "j I liberty J' 11 PIY -I 3EIKS J t ... Wffilaal Elliott Vera Baotan WY0MIN8', jmne Rerts-Ia. Barry 1HA1 jas uu in! CimrH-BTth Terry T Hirer suroir ;mm DeCarto-Gea. Brent "SLAVE GIRL" Rlt Haywortt Larry Parks 'DOWN TO EARTH" (Technicolor I EESHV1EW THEY WOV'T BELIEVE ME" Matlnte Today ISSTH SIDE. Mini St. lit Rsrj-VsrTaret I "VI6IIAHTES RETUM" Jar Pr-Win. Mlal "CALEXPAB GIRL" .Evening Session 8:30 a.a rYri ? -ft n r CAM ESI t PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1947 Sit upa m Ml aa ue.i- aa. . VI P II W a w. JLV i Fraawta a BtlKD HEW DIFFERENT TrrZ "MEXICO1 r""2 .'a6!1'.! !T TE0 Bertaaany I, THAYER-SOULE L50, JUO, 90o Ine. Tax Volkwm , 32 UWty At.. 11- STARTS T05AYU I 4 CONTINUOUS SH0V-4.2 I ! LUCIENAIRES I rnm Data Batter Thaa Etit ! I ! mm CARNEGIE MUSIC HALL Tomorrow Night at 8:30 p. m. aeats, Ine. tax, S3, S2 40 11 an esilLS" aw' 633 Liberty in. Ala Horae'a a Gimbris WORLD FAMOUS BARITONE - -o PAUL ROBESON Carnegie Music Hal! Tonight at 8:15 P. M. FROLICKERS I Th0T Meaty Mea j 1 JOAN PRICE 1 J aT-erhaard Sontrtrcai I HOLLYWOOD I I UU & RESTAURANT - - 1 -aH m .1 jg-B"' ig:tm. 77re New Films it Nightmare Alley99 Comes to the Harris; Fulton Gets "The Fabulous Texan" Song of Noncay Next for Nixon A. ToUt,rein,. 632 Liberty Are., breeaasart;) in Chriit, STARTS TONITE! rat Pitttburgh peror manc "BEEF TRUST OF 1947" MSfl tta. L0nfrtatnmit BARRT PARKS, fflc 2 i??fU Music By Jackie Heller lyrics By Sol Bill Heller PROTEST THE PROPOSED BITT AMUSEMENT TAX. WRITE YOUR COUNCILMAN TODAT. I ii V STANLEY BOB HOPE ;SIGNE HASSO WILLIAM BENDIX 3 ? Were There's life 9 Ida Lupino Errol FlyrirJ ESCAPE ME NEVER' fu yr. Our o J S Ji T-3 .-J I' . ' " imr W, jrf, .... LORRAINE CAS1 : "1 IS;118ntTI3E3Zi: 1 - irrr WARNER M JASCTA KFE11 f JAII PEE1CE i Jf) Q IASIT JAiES USE STETEfiS I Q irtirllBlNSTEIH A LILY PONS' rui ana rANtl rKtt SHERIDAN SO. Cul lAerty IEGENT... ba Liberty EJtSJGHT. lut liberty UMERAPHONE ba LiVrtj SHAOYSIDE... iiiit St. SIHEMLET.... Oukad JTHAN'O.. :mtre t Cun it Crt LAfP.r BACAIX EUMPHRET BOGAKT 'DARK PASSAGE' ararr Focda-B. Bel Geddea "IM rilGHX B. Bracken-Pnseilla Line "FUII OK A WEEKEHO" BOB HOPE-BING CSOoBI Ail Star Cast " ARIEIT GUL" Rosalind KuaeU-M. iMualaa 'SUItT OF JANET AMES' Joan Hod'ak-Ltzabetl) Scatt "DESERT UK! .. Color by TwhnlcoloT Van Jofaujca-JaDel Leisb "Baata at Baty ti4a" Dark Gabie-Deborah Kerr Slin EAte-llrea Masey 'MOITNWEST OUTPOST" IEWGAKLAND '! at fb Oulaoa 1N0R , array kn. Scrr-l Hill BING CROSBY BARRY FITZGERALD WELCOME BTRA.SGt 8- B?rty Grable-Daa Daily M9THEI WOKE TIGHTS Color by Technicolor U TLEHNET-NAN LESLIE "Dt.il Tfei a Rta Hfeorrh-Lany Parts -DOWS TO EARTH" I Coior by Technicolor ; Joan Foouine-Pat. auwaiaa j "rvT- BELA LUGOSI HL'MAS MOSSTEB" LIU PALMER CriAWSlt OF ttOlRORS' U HILL ! Hem Snsrel HiU W'-TH HILLS rast WlLYlKCOD. ieaat Sri BINS CROSBY BARRY FITZGERALD "WELCOME SIRA.NGLR- Bn Hirrtson-M- 0 Hara THE FOXES OF HABROW rarele Ucijj-Wm. Ga-ean OEM I MP CHEEH LlhHf S' BING CROSBY BARRY FITZGERALD "WELCOME STRANGER D. Fairbanta-Ba'h Wrrirk "CORSICAB BSOTHEHS" 3m HaJ-Victcr MeLafiea SOUTH OF PA6Q PAS9' BURT LANCASTER KVytZ CRONYN "BRUTE FORCE" T' OUVER H.TEHALL "ELROSE. ALAS LADD DOROTHY LAMOtTR 'WILD HARVEST' REX HARRISON MAUREEN O'BARA j 'Foxes of Harrow' I Dane r'.srk-Irta Lnrina "DEEP VALLEY" S. Miliand-Teresa Wrifrit IIWUBUE WITH WOMEW I. Ranier-Feraand Graet THE GREAT WALTZ CTNTmA- BING CROSBY BARRY FITZGERALD "WELCOME STRANGER" Y0N ALAN LADD DOROTHY LAMOUR i'WlLD HARVEST j ALAN LADD i DOROTHY LAM OUR I'WlLD HARVEST' Befr Cihfe-Dan Palle, "MOTHER WORE TIGHTS" C bt Technicolor ! "WILD HARVEST" B.-6erts-D(ra1() Barre . -THAT'S T 6IIL' Col nNAL !: liM-Dnwhr Itnat SBni,r St- "WILD HARVEST- "roiT,:i, ir Bror-0. Cller? -srsre steps Oct- aza77! JSDEL. AsisTTTTTTT. AK3 - -. . . Be" OaMe-Dan Pailey TOTWER WORE TIGHTS" Color by Technicolor ?reni Fwer-fjecrao Stooa THE LAST MILE" Toa B-nn-r"iBee Dralja "THE WQOSE" OT! Ba't-JjTMs Carrey 'EACH DAWN I DIE" f"i M"rssn-Jane Wrwaa o weh of msseuii REX HARRISON MAURENB O'BARA 'Foxes of Harrow' RONALD REAGEN SHIRLEY TEMPLE 'That HageBGirP ROBERT YOUNG Robert atrrcmjii "CROSSFIRE" BT PERMISSION OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE U. ST The Band that mad Sous a famous U S. MARINE BAND DIRECTED BY MAJOR WM. F. SANTELMANN One Day Only! SYRIA MOSQUE V'Z r TilURS., NOV. 20 TWO SUPERB PATRIOTIC CONCERTS Read-red Sestas ATT. S1-20-S1-80 K1GBT S1.2O-S1.8O-S2.40-S3.00 (inc. tax) Ticket Oa bale Kaw Yotkwein'a, 632 Liberty Ay.; Hosk'i and Gimbel'l Baleany Stadeata! Aak Voir Teacher A beat Special Redaced Rates for Matinee Only. Dance Taasorrcn - JOE STAMPER ORCHESTRA 628 PENH AVE. ALW. Tie, PLUS TAX CHECKING FREE TOMORROW EYE. AT 8:30 SYRIA MOSQUE FRITZ REINER Musical Direetoi PITTSBURGH SYr.lPi.0i3Y The Pittsburgh Symphony Society Presents for the Opening Concert of the Light Program Series "An Evening in Paris" with PATRICE MOriSEL Singing Franch Songs and Arias from French Optra VLADIMIR BAKALEINIKOFF, Conducting Piogram includes: Gershwin, "An American in Parii"; Debussy, "Clair de Lune"; Offenbach, "Gaite Parisienne"; Biie. "L'Arleiienne" Suite No. 2; Offenbach. Barcarolle from "Tales of Hoffman"; Delibes, "Sylvia. TICKETS: 6M TO S3.00 AT KAUFMAN VS. GTMBELS AND HORNE'S By, Harold V. Cohen The people who live on "Nightmare Alley axe quite a bunch. Some of them are tough, others are 'seamy and one or two are wholesome and simple. They're the inhabitants of a carnival that travels by trucks at night and keeps a weather-eye out for the rustic minions of the law. For a few, the carnival is the last boozy rung down from the big time. But for Stan ' Carlisle, around whom "Nightmare Alley" turjis, it's only the beginning. Everybody knows Stan's bound to get ahead. He's a cheat, a swindler, . a conscienceless charlatan and all of the other mean and contemptible things in the book. The boy goes up fast, too, stealing a mind-reading , code from the guileless widow who adores him and moving into the big time as a mind-reader who preys on suscep tible rich seeking communication with the beyond. As a matter of facr Stan Carlisle is probably the basest and most despicable character of the year. Yet there's a curious serpentine irresisitibility about him, the way Mr. Tyrone Power plays the role. This Stan Carlisle turns the stomach and stabs the interest at the same time. There's hardly a thing he won't stoop to, and his eventual degeneration into a geek," a pitiful stumble-bum who bites the heads off live chickens in a side-show exhibit, has been related with sound dramatic ex citement. Stan Carlisle is the best thing Mr. Power has turned out in a long time. His slick - tongued spieler has a curiously absorbing quality, and he has made no ef forts to soften the reprehensible lowdown. Mr. Power acts out the pivotal part in a thick smoke of evil and sacrilege, and while his Stan Carlisle is not a pretty character, the imagination seldom lets go of the type. - If "Nightmare Alley" slips a peg or two after it quits the carnival grounds for the gilded palaces of entertainment, before that it is a colorful pageant full of atmosphere and movement. The language and the incidents in Mr. William Lindsay Gresham's novel have necessarily been toned down, but Director Edmund Goulding, working alertly around the edges of Mr. Jules Furthman's screen play, has staged . a show that keeps its two hours in high gear. The cast is helpful all the way. Mr. Power puts bis finger immediately on what makes Stan Carlisle tick and keeps it there, and Miss Joan Blondell turns in a mum jkmjm mm 7 rVNaaahLKS "MK. Leara the atara that chrae above yoa in -ft stunningly realistic performance as the unhappy Zeena. Miss Helen Walker's phoney psychologist is a steely no-good; Miss Coleen Gray has the proper sweetness and sim plicity for the role of the thimble-brained Molly who finally upsets Stan's big coup when the fear of Divine retribution overcomes her, and Mr. Ian Keith kicks in with a fine, feeling bit as the hopelessly alcoholic mentalist whose glory is past and faded. In refusing for the most part to compromise with the kind of realism that shocks and revolts, "Nightmare Alley" comes through the mill a movie of deliberate, custurDing fascination. "Fabulous Texan9' FULTON It's a wonder that everyone in tne cast or "The Fabulous Texan" wasnt suffering from trigger- cramp or tne index finger after the filming of that gun-happy movie. The lead is slung around with abandon and when enemies get tired shooting at each other, they apparently try a little intra-mural pistol-fanning just to Tieep. their six-shooters from getting rusty "The Fabulous Texan" is a little different from the ordinary run-of- the-range Western, but it's not the kind of difference that makes it a particularly better picture. True, the horse-chases, the stage-coach holdups, and the promiscuous use of the firearms are enough to satiate the most avid enthusiasts of that school. - But the plot has too many com plexities and doesn't run off as smoothly as it should, , with the good-people living happily ever- after and the bad-people ending up masticating a wad of dust. John Carroll is "The Fabulous Texan" who returns from the Civil War to Millsboro. Tex.i to find the state police are running -the show and surpressing freedom of speech and giving the townspeople a bad time. The way most horse opera lovers would like to see it, is Air. can-on . smgiea-nanaea cleaning up the Fascist regime of the state police and becoming the governor or opening up a corner saloon or something like that. But Mr. Carroll leaves the role of unadulterated heroism to mix in robbing the state police and giving to, tne poor ana nnany to indulge in just plain robbing. William Elliott, as the pal of Mr. Carroll who keeps to the straight-and-narrow, takes away most of the acting honors. Elliott and Carroll have the fattest parts with very little left over for any one else. , "The Fabulous Texan" is just a Western movie no more, no less. You can take it or leave it. E...F. B, I J X? DOREEN WILSON , The Nixon will get back on the operatic" beat again next Monday when "The Song of Norway" comes in. Based on the life of Grieg, and featuring the great composer's music, the show will be here fr a week only. Miss Wilson has the role of Countess Louisa, the opera star. - Photographed as a reward, ior Deing named Miss Photoflash of 1947 by the Chicago news photographers, Mar garet Mohlin was given a trip to Hollywood, wined and dined, and given a role . with Ginger Rogers and Cornel Wilde in "It Had to Be You." I "Stars Over Pittsburgh" Flam: "Brldrea Orer the Yeara" f K JUNIOR STAMP SHOW 72S Liberty Avenue STARTS The Two Greatest Jazz Combo TONIGHT In the Country - EDDIE HEYWOOD ". DEUCES WILD And Hie Decca Recording Artiste Pittsburgh Finest WH0"LL CUT WHOM? jj laaaaal consEurrr DAKCE EVERY TUES. & SAT. NITES TTES. r-. . I, V.-L-.u:. Ana Hia NOV. 18 SAT. NOV. 22 Yanks TOMMY CARLYN Don Cossack Chorus Here Tuesday Night Every large city in the world has heard the celebrated General Platoff Don Cossack Chorus, which comes here Tuesday night for a concert at the Carnegie Music Hall. The exiled singers have given more than 5,500 con certs since their organization as a chorus in 1926, and have sung from Londonderry to Capetown and from Singapore to San Fran cisco. The picturesque Cossacks come to Pittsburgh at the beginning of their eighth American tour. They were first introduced to this country at the San Francisco Fair I in the spring of 1939, and will visit every state in the union by the end of their long tour next spring. Led by the dashing Nicholas Kostrukoff, the chorus of 27, perfectly matched voices will offer a program of traditional Cossack songs, folk songs, war songs, gypsy songs and the best of the classics. In addition they will i present the authentic dances of the Cossack regiments, national : dances and the Cossack sword ! dances. Continuous Entertainment Nightly ' BEGINNING TONIGHT BILL :'.:- 'v Jf . The Gordon Trio Direct From Famous Hickory ' House, N. Y. GREEN'S ROUTE 51 it rho CLOYERLEAF BANQUETS (Larft or Small) . PRIVATE DINING ROOM Tommy RYAN And His Orchestra Direct From Western Toiir 4 "Love That Dinner" And YonU f ? "Love That Pric FULL COURSE DLNNEE f From & Bring the Family V Ho. 20 Tax TU 9 P. X FUtecB annates from Dowatcnra S ob Raate 51 5 Tommy Ryan, Gordon Trio at Bill Green's Tommv Rvan. the featured singer for a long time . with Sammy Kaye, will bring his band back to Bill Green's tonight for a limited engagement. Ryan first played the Route 51 spot a couple of months ago and is returning by popular request. Alternating with him at Green's in furnishing continuous music will be the Gordon Trio, who went from, here in early 1946 to the Hickory House in New : York, where they were a smash hit for a long time. Since then, the Gordon outfit ha3 also become known on records. normandy club The GROTTO DANCE TOMORROW NIGHT DANCE TOMMY 22 DANCES 8:30 P. M. I A. M. KELTON For Dancinr. Pleasure It see ADMISSION OXLT 83 PLUS TAX GERMANY AS OF TODAY i ATTQT rni OR FILM NARRATOR: O. R. HAUSER CABNZGIE HALL WEE nB.KT.AHD ADMISSION iri Relief Association, Inc., Pittsburgh rEIDAY. K07. 21st 8:30 P.M. THECAUALIEH IT. 514 Miles Fr. Liberty Tibes The Right Place for a Good STEAK DINNER TENDERSUPERB TASTY Fine Wines end Liquors DANCING NfTSLY TO MUSIC BY "RED" KETTER hone: CA. 99151 AND HIS TWILIGHT SEREKADERS Col Nemeth Held Over i At Mercur's Music Bar Col Nemeth, the Gypsy king of the piano, and his International Quartet have been a big hit at Mercur's Music Bar and are being held over for an additional week. Nemeth has developed a unique ! style of singing and playing, giv-jing all the modern songs a dis-itinct continental flavor. In addition to the Nemeth outfit, Mercur's is presenting Singer Max Tarshis and the boogie-woogie pianist, Teenie Trent. Pimhureh has found a new favorite Col Nemeth womous Gypsyjelodians . TTPVIF. 1 KiLiH 1 j PLUS MAX TAlonia -" CORNER FIFTH i LIBERTY " CO. 97T7 SHOPPING DOWNTOWN T-O-N-l-G-H-T DINNERS FIT FOR A KING t YOUR PURSE 80c $1.00 Tuscany Grille SZl SMITMFIELD STREET - ARTIFICIAL EYES From selective stock or made to order while you wait HUGO LEIFOLD Eyemaktng family craft over century 1209 Pitt. Ruk BaildiKC Filtk ane Xibertr Ana. AT. 4292 4tr e t- .95 t ucci a rusi nevue At Blue Ridge Inn - Bee Vester's "Beef Trust of 1947" is now playing at Bill Goldie's Blue Ridge Inn on the Sawmill Run boulevard. The girls, who total 1,550 pounds, are Rose Wallace, Tiny Mulhall, Vie Morton and Frances Carlile, and they dance, sing and even put on a boxing match. Barry Parks, vocalist, remains as master of ceremonies, while Nelson Arm strong and his band furnish thej music for dancing. Social Science Authorities To Meet Here Experts to Present Views on Better Human Relations Religious and social science authorities, including several na tionally known experts, will present their views Wednesday on how the city can improve human relations among its residents. They will take part in a one-day institute of forums, panel discussions and clinics, sponsored by the mayors Unity Council and 10 1 other key agencies in the countv. The rneeting, to be held in the Schenley Hotel, opens at noon and closes at 5 p. m. Gives Keynote Address The keynote address of the Institute will be given by Dr. F, n.rnest Johnson, Columbia University professor, at the luncheon. Dr. Johnson will talk on "Social Science, Religion and Democracy." Dr. Marie Jahoda, psychologist for the American Jewish Committee, will be featured in one panel Hc.c.o . . uooiun . group, speaKmg on frejudiee and the Individual." She will also lead a clinic which deals with "Effects of Prejudice on jfersonaiity. ti . . juier speakers mclude Dr. W. Laoya vvarner, University of Chicago sociologist: Dr. Rohort r- Weaver, economist and director of community services of the Amer ican Council on Race Relations. Teachers Will Attend The Pittsburgh Board of Edu, cauon nas announced that all social science teachers in public schools here will be given time to attend the sessions. Pittsburgh social agencies have made similar arrangements. Officers of the institute are Mayor Lawrence, honorary chairman; John G. Buchanan, chairman; Dr. Earl A. Dimmick, Nathan MjKatz, and Mrs. Robert L Vann, vice chairmen, and William Bacon, treasurer. Key Speaker On Human Relations (2 Tech Scholarship Aspirants Notified Application forms for George Westinghouse scholarships at Car negie Institute of Technology have been mailed to 24,000 secondary schools, Dr. Webster N. Jones, director of the College of Engineering and Mines, revealed Sunday. The 10 scholarships, valued at $2,200 each, are awarded each V V ' . " is ' A v - - i -) '- . - -' i DR. MARIE JAHODA spring to outstanding male high ( school seniors in chemical, civil,;-electrical, management, mechani-1 cal or metallurgical engineering.' The awards are sponsored by the , Westinghouse Electric Corpora tion. Gasoline Stream Sets Autos Afire One automobile was destroyed and two others damaged in the 3800 block of Brownsville road' r. Saturday afternoon when gasoline j streaming from a leaking tank , truck ignited. ; Firemen were able to move:. four parked cars but the other three were locked. One, owned by George A. Meyers, Brookside Farms, was destroyed. The two damaged cars belonsr to Mrs. J. E. Thompson, 3820 Brownsville roadJ and James A. Cox, 506 Browns ville road, ML Oliver. Prodigal Pianist Frankie Carle, the nation's ton' recording artist with sales of over'! seven million platters last year,?1 presented autographed albums oi H his latest hits to the cast andi crew of "Mary Lou,? in which h and his orchestra are starred. i YOU'RE SURE OF WHEM YOU BUY WMiK .TraEi 3lf ,r. re I "NO WONDER COAST LINE IS TJST 11 Ui FE$WM Why does Coast Line carry more passengers to Florida than any other railroad serving the state? The answer is simple if s because this is the smooth, dependable way to go! From rock-ballasted roadbed to newest passenger equipment, Coast lane service has been planned to give you the utmost in travel comfort. EFFECTIVE DEC 12 99 1 - I l ...... a t tine mm w FLORIDA SPECIAL (NEW YORK SECTION) Aristocrat of , ' Winter Trains" for 60 years. Famous all-Pull- I man train to all East Coast of Florida .resorts. In., Wash 5:30 FM CHAMPION (EAST COAST) Only all-coach streamliner to Miami and East Coast resorts. Reclining seats all reserved. Dressing rooms. Tavern-lounge cars. In. Wasa 6:40 PM HAVANA SPECIAL Pullmans and Coaches to the Carolinas, Georgia, East, Central and West Coast of Fla. Latest departures and earliest arrivals. SMOOTH way TO TRAVEL FLORIDA SPECIAL (WASHINGTON SECTION) All-Pullman train scheduled ! for convenient daytime connec tions from Hew Englandtand other Eastern cities to ALL Florida. Its. Wash 1:13 PM CHAMPION . (WEST COAST) Pullmans and newest-type streamlined Coaches to Central and West Coast Florida. Reserved seats tnd Tavern- Lounge cars. Its. Wash 7:45 PM PALMETTO Pullmans and Cciche to the Carolinas and Georgia. Through Pullmans to Wilmington, Charleston, Augusta and Savannah. Lys. Wash 7:50 PM MIAMIAN All-Pullman train for all East Coast' resorts. Noted for quiet, unobtrusive ser vice and excellent variety of sleeping-car ac commodation Lts. Wash 7:10 FM VACATIONER Reclining seat Coaches, New York Washington Miami. Pullmans, Washington Miami. ' Forenoon E. Coast arrivals. Seats reserved. I Lts. Wash 1:50 PM EVERGLADES Washington-Jacksonville Coaches and Pullman. Scheduled, to provide connections from overnight trains at Wash ington. i in Wash 10:25 AM J f "No wonder experienced travellers prefer the Coast line" DOUBlt TRACK R0UTI UJWUH THE EAST HOW TO GET TO51: IN COMFORT This season again, Coast Line is the preferred route to your favorite winter vacation resort. Whether you choose to go via Pullman or reclining seat Coach-Coast Line will speed you to your holiday with tha assurance and comfort that has made it- "1st in Florida TraveL" Fcr RescnratisK Consult your Local Ticket Agent, or J. P. CALLAHAN, District Passenger Agent, 426-7 Oliver Bldg., P i t tsburgh 22, Phone Atlantic 2588. AND FLORIDA" (B(D SOU MSA

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