The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 20, 1896 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1896
Page 9
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Matt you *?Xii I speak td youf toXbKtl" fthe young **n. "M*W ttind d tne * lfl the y 0tmg womani t . paig. „ Afld tof the flr8 t time ft* ™- reness of on if 1 should cease to love yoii?" i in a motnent of reckless abah- - "Then, dear, 1 should have your don> «Yih1 shed as unique cemtrlbtl- lettetStoP theIttSrtdM of the century," S S tne soothing l-eply.-Detroit Free f: voung man who prides himself eing original was talking to Miss I "Your mother seems Very u "'l mused at that little story 1 told m i O f nieht" he said, self-approv* , *"* last nig«, _. ^^ <IBver I ing y> T can remember, mother has landed whenever She heard that, ctnrv "-Washington Star. IMS Newwoman-"! don't ask spe- •„, frivnegeB, Mr. Jones. What I do I is that you, for instance, a man, 8 rL\d treat me exactly as you would other man. Instead of talking small I fl and treating me like a thing to be t n ,-\ ITU! all that, assume toward Pr °\t atmude you do to Jack Cashly. me t ml like a good fellow-." Mr. T s (quickly)—"Why, certainly, old chap. Lend me $10-will .you?"-Harper's Bazar._______ ; MISCELLANY. Seat lime intd the ffi &«wief, Slit ft through ftne ffinHlin, the"n tie some in a thin muslin; put bill the edges o! the broken china, some white of an egg, tnen dust some lime Quickly 6ti same and Unite them ex* actly, ^ ^ ' It Is gc6d to take ft morning walk, if possible, because the air is then more Wife and Iresh than later in the day. Ghangihg the shoes oh coining in Is refreshing and resting. Heavy skirts and'coats for walking should be aVoid- ed ( as they caUse fatigue. t>ip a piece ot flannel in paraffin, and rub well over the article desired to be polished. When thoroughly cleansed^ polish with powdered bath brick. Stair rods and bath taps done in this Way preserve their brightness for Q tro+*ir 1*S+t ** 4-4 vni* 4-tm *-.« *m m» *•**»*.tro+rf _ OUft LlAFi da* ( ffe*«** of Mftuy a very long time, the paraffin preventing tarnish. In airing an apartment where space IB limited, always lower the windows rom the top. This gives the air circulation through the entire room. 1 Those who suffer from red noses should avoid hot drinks, fatty -foods S sweets. A cooling vegetable diet In! Plenty of physical exercise are the ^A C good remedy for damp, moist hands is four ounces of eau de Cologne, and half an ounce of tincture of belladonna. Rub the hands with a few dross of. this, several.. times.. >g larmsn. Dishes should be arranged for washing in the following order: Glass, silver, cups and saucers, plates and other dishes. Wash the cleanest first and only a few at a time. Two pans, one for washing and one for rinsing, should be used. Plates should be Well scraped before washing, and dish rags and towels kept very clean and sweet. The bran bath, an exceedingly soothing bath, and one which has both an emollient and whitening effect uponi the skin, is prepared by placing two pounds of bran in a large muslin bag and allowing it to soak in half a gallon of hot (not boiling) water for three or four hours before the bath ie required. Then empty the bran water into the bath. Make a weak solution of soda and warm water. Rub plenty of soft soap into the leather and let it soak for two hours, then rub it till quite clean. Afterward rinse it well in a weak solution of warm water, soda and yellow soap. After rinsing, ring it well in a rough towel, dry quickly and pull about till quite soft. It will then be better than most new leathers. Wring a linen cloth—cotton will do, but linen is preferable—out of cold water, place it upon the child's throat and chest, then fold a dry flannel and wrap carefully over it. Warm the child's leer with hot stones, if necessary, and cover with plenty of bedclothes and. let it go to sleep; you cannot perceive when it wakes that it has ever, a cold. It acts like a charm in casefl -ot cronjB, . - ===sv fiti JEWEL ow* ' lives the* Set* ting 'And likewise does the hen', The buckwheat cake of the 1 mOfhing» •will never rise \ again. *Cho can outlasts the lobster, The goat outlives the can— You can't be behind the procession And still be in the van. You can't keep a horse and wagon,. While living in a flat; Oh, many a this year's caput Is in a last year's hat. A good pair of coW-htde uppers Two sets of soles will outlast; You can't, with the comb of the present, Part the front hair of the past. But here's the question that puzzles my soul And fills it with wild disaster: . Does the porous plaster outlive the hole, Or the hole the porous plaster? —R. K. Munkittrick in Truth. ed two 6ttn Strokes in the "»«"» •• ~in... .„ waf broke out. he Joined the &tth Illinois Volunteers, with which ho served two yeart When sickness forced hia discharge, ine effects of the enfa stroke, and his army life undermined his health, and he gocfo IWma bis bratfl, heart attd k » da ^ 9 .f 61 '|L B ® ec :?'{: For eight yeaf s he was with the West Chicago Street Car Company, but wns fofced to seek lighter work, as the ****** »** creased his bronchial fttad asthmatic ttwj. bles. He then engaged with the Pan fi&n- die Railroad Company, ftft- six years he served them in different capacities His constitution gradually but surely ******* down, strange dizzy B P el \t> eao }f'"* ^ frequent, he finally sought relief in Dr. Williams'Pink Pills- Ho said: "It was some time about a year ago When zrsz^.T&^&&£ ie a gieai ueui « n *«1 tlieh I also CttM *6* ' ion 19 tfae te a Vaflety ol fose tf 6e. ______ specialty. by asifig Ayef' Cathartic Hnll's CativrrK Cnro Is a constitutional cure. Price, 76c. \vero of* the opinion that I had u.i -"-••--•ar^ 1 S^H 1 ^« i tS i-illi^rlSSS The DUke of York's collection of .postage K tnm«s which was recently purchased by onoTf the Hothchilds, was insured for 8000,000. . • . . • - -- Victor O. Tilgner, the great Austrian sculpture, is dead from a stroke of apoplexy. - _ — If the «aby IH Cutting Toe«i, - Y0<i affi betiftd td making HIRES &66tke* if follow the simpk dk setes*.! to «sa&e> (feligritful to take* ; , •*.» ,M, j;fc.«.oi^fct!ws&.j*fi^ |W *:1 •'Every game will be square" Is the assuring, but somewhat astonishing announcement, in the advertisement of a church fair in a Maine town. Several public-school teachers In Gal- houn county, Michigan, have been asked by the board of examiners either to stop dancing and card playing or resign their places. , A novel means of defense has been tried at the town of Holguin, Cuba. A3 proof against a sudden onslaught that town has been surrounded by thousands of yards of barbed The Significance"-of a Gray Overcoat Upon the tongue, yellowness of the skin and eyeballs, nausea and uneasiness beneath the right ribs and shoulder blade, isi tlmt tlie victim of these 'discomforts is bilious. The - P capor" under such circum- Btancei is to take Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which also cures chills and feyei, con- ctipation, dyspepsia, rheumatic and kidney complaints and nervousness^ Ineffective. "Mamma, teacher whipped a boy to-day for whispering in school.'' "Well, that was right. 1 ' "But, mamma,, he hollered ten times as loud as he whispered." Choice FarmluK -HuicU 1" S^th DaUota Along the line of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway can now be had upon reasonable terms. The crop ^prospects were never better and a.glorious harvest for this year is already assured Thousands of acres of unoccupied lands in over twenty counties are now open for settlement. For further information address H. F. Hunter, In^sra- tion Agent for South Dakota, 295 Dear- horn street, Chicago, 111. ^_ Cases of twins occur once in every, sixty' a*ne births. The fairy teacups are new and particularly dainty bits of china. They are exceedingly small, made of Carlsbad, and are ornamented with frolicking cupids. Chocolate cups are also seen in many odd shapes. The newest looks like a loving cup in miniature. It has three pretty carved handles and is most graceful. The society girl makes use of the rum bottlo in brewing her Russian tea, allowing a well-filled spoonful to every cup The bottles are boat-shaped, with a long, slender neck at one end, and stand on two short legs. They can t be bought for less than $4. The latest addition to the 6 o clock tea table is sure to make sad the hearts of the good women connected with tue Women's Christian Temperance union. Though made of Bohemian glass and very beautiful to look at, it is nothing more nor less than a rum bottle Teacups are growing smaller in size. Some of the latest make the after-dinner coffee cup look large in comparison^ A noveltv is the teacup which fits in a stand instead of resting on the saucer. The idea is to prevent the cup from fall™^x*~ ^M^£2f' ErEr y •rr.rr." -z dmoto the table, but are inexpensive Sng bu 50 cents apiece. 'The most sssKU?5Eri?s: Fnrotvell to His. Creditor*. 'From Courier-Journal: A Marshall county man adopts a novel method_ol bidding his creditors farewell. He writes them this affecting message through the Benton Tribune, feeling, no doubt, that it would be too much of a job to write personal letters to all "To the Public and Especially My Creditors: "It becomes my painful duty to heie- by announce that for the good of my creditors and securitors I am bound to leave for parts unknown to them, as is is impossible for me to meet my obligations, while I remained here. Gentlemen, you have been my friends. On account of never-ending reverses I must leave you, seemingly, in a very ungentlemanly manner, but, according to my own views, 'tis better for us, both you and I. By so doing I may pay what I owa, otherwise I never can. So, goodbye my friends! If Providence permits, you will not only hear from me again, but see me when I am able to reward you for your losses in befriending me. Respectfully. "John W. Estes. -- o, «,, nills for the reason that haying relieved £e of Se ailments I thought hacf ' oomo to tfn-JtWi>tv vearsaeol am practically im of 4om au/wi U lofo no offorts when Ihave Sioux City tttiRtno «Jid Iwn TWtta, Succosiorn to reeh Mfg. Co. Sioux t'Uy. *»t»«J« . Clovl*. Closed ulgaria. m^i of facts y80U '' EOSON A. WOOD." ana-sworn to before me this d K £ E J RTT^LEY, Notary Public Pink Pills are B? ld by all dealers or wil bo bent post P«d. on receipt of price W) SSWfe* Scheuectudy, N. Y. ga. _ _ — "A Cup of P«u'1«' Tea at night moves the bowels in the morning.' _._ Mnn is very apt to contemplate j himself out of all proportion to his surroundiugB. Cuba bad a debt of ?200,000,000 before the revolution broke out a year aga Wouldn't Get It Renewed. From the San Francisco Post: Attorney Garrett McEnery recently appeared as counsel in a case before a justice of the peace at Suisin. McEnery found it necessary to make frequent objections to- the evidence that the opposing counsel was attempting to introduce. The justice, whose first rule of evidence is "everything goes," looked first annoyed and then indignant. Finally he • could contain himself no longer and, as a rule on one of Mr. McEnery s ob- what kind of a law- ver are you, anyway?" "I am a patent lawyer," replied the attorney facetiously. . , "Well all I've got to nay is that when the patent expires you will have a hard time getting it renewed. Go on with the case." , Natural Theology. Bobby-Say, mamma, was cent down from heaven?" Mamma—Why, yes! Bobby-Um! They likes to have it up there, doesn't they?-rn>ch, MEN OF MARK. Gen. LongstreetTthe Confederate general, was the guest oMbe, Middlesex club, Boston, on Grant's birthday Pero Hyacinthe, the .distinguished priest, formerly Abbe Charles Loyson. will marry Laura, daughter of the Uuo Win. Bucknell, an American. Pero Hyacinthe is 68 years old. The prince of Naples, son of the kin» of Italy, who has just quarreled .with his father, was not long ago refused by an European princess because of W- inordinate love of garlic. _ Mr A J. Balfour is one of the few really good musicians in tae house of commons. He follows the movement* of the musical world with keen interest, and is ho mean performer on tho pianoforte. . ' John W. Clark, a forgotten hero who has just died at Ashley, Pa., was_ in 1879 a boy of 14 working in a colliery near Wilkesbarre. The roof caved in burying a large number of miners an Clark, who could have escaped, rushed back through the falling timbers and rock to warn the other men, and was imprisoned with them for six days. At th£&nd of that period a rescuing party reached him and some of his companions^ ' —-' - "Ssn""- ^BlRlitt loo put cent promt n<* - j m competition! exclusive territory. ' i . -.. ,| Cprntany Mtg. Co., 225 Dearborn St., Chicago. ', J ;i ~ ^e; Hand Bone, SJtell, an* '' ** O Corn NJIHs for Poultrym<afc daisy Bone Cutter. Power Mill*"* "- cfrculnr unrt testimonials Free. BROS., Boston, Pa» ,OR< <.^ "but cannot Summer UnieSt the 'lake regions of Wisconsin, efn Michiga g n, J«^eso & owa times out The New York Journal recently offered ten bicycles to the ten winners in a guessing contest, leaving the choice of machine to each. ».*•*<*•** ••* •* ALL OF THEM CHOSE AND WISE. The New Women.-They dress ... t-hw toiir like men, Chey like men; they tarn ... * l / vo ... live '.. like men; they aon't .,. 11W> Gladness .Comes wajasass^^; teal WB, wWch vanish ^^HSgSte-- foTts-gentleeflgrts-pl^santettoits rightly direpted. There is co^f" tl the knowledge, tlwt W ™ nv toimsp- -'-'--Qcssi sire not due w , but kins. W s?" Second His MetUoa of Charging I ffiSaSF^wfejft^SS^oS <tm&irvfa My,**W**i*SW&iWs **»«*r ie commeiicl&cl i . ^J^T «S*5*W,W i np^5 c f^. ^M' 4 "«w.« *y"u .t u» "TwJdollMB for pullin' a tooth! SJon, mon! Btf H dWpa taV you ^a His Heaven. "Mamma, can we order our mansions m * l uofwUUe? 1 "what put that idea -j. t J«H, « ? we could I would order one without a bath room." •, "1 buy another Bicycles STANDARD QF THE WORLD Nine immediately, and one after he had looked at others, And the Journal bought Ten Columbian Paid $ JOO each for them* On even terms a C 'W to tfww, TEN times out of TEN POPE MANUFACTURING CO. for ' finally," ?ai4 the to WB son, who vw li»t biness life, "don't be ot to fcUWg y»W W i :5u aw Ways there ebarp SUB, u We take plen&ure to calling jw»r h in a YfJ? fpr th e Tnftomft. < ' t.,' CJ1 ^. T % rt rt <r» ^FmrfPlPPP^^ I A\-^-wmwf^m^

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