Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 16, 1953 · Page 25
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 25

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1953
Page 25
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PENNY rV,H'STOeiAMS PCM T KMC n LEAEP m TAi k i f l THE BERRYS MRCHi'E C4DET IF TJ.N" A 5mz CflFE IM VENUS- CAPTTPL OF TJe I PLANET Aide to Executive Of Hospital amerl WilHain p. Ryan, Jr., has been appointed adniinistrative assistant at Wet Per.n Hospital, it v. as announced j esterday by Ad-rrJn:?trator James I. McGuire Mr. R:-an, sn of Dr. William P. F.yan. director of public health frr Holyoko. Mass.. was formerly adniijiistrathe assistant at tr Mericen Hospital, Conn. Sealed Proposals VCTBES TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICT. ae .t4 bids wiii t tf '.-i at 5?:r c! t?i SapersiEj PmK". p . . 4 " aftc1?1 i:er-v . ur'.i 8 on F M . D S., Jul i7 U r p!!B.iC;y epnl n4 reil Inr t- furs ir. jif and fitiiuon of ; h.ks r4 3 !m:num t!laror 0'i24') 'j cri r? n"t cpn'r cau-LEf ppreiimate;? ii" 3"ilC t ?a :e tr. Stewart c.iool. Iorar. Fa - ra:rlr.f th Kif "i School r'-T.'isUB? cf cUis rorr "f l',d;!"wia, and ta Exterior ol ti S.il-T-t S.aaka ar ttsec.ica'-icr.f pr-.a:- at tile o2.c? f Ite S-Pr- K.fa Ser:-M, Library. F Tr. B!a.-4 reii If. r:ir,t to r - ar a3 aLl 8 a VIC'-IAEL C PA-VASIDi. Secr"rT A-.r.gr-.HF.xy COL" Mi" P.rtscargi P Ju!y 1S53 Sm.-a ir.-l prcpctaJ -.e a ar t.; 0?.t f tn C5atrnir e A;.jrr.f Coucty, Poem 104, Crurt H-U5. Pfisoiirji. Pa . tntU. 1 30 AM DST .30 AM. EST.'. r-,-tAj. 30, 1951. n4 M Pio.tr y cpnta at 11.00 AM, D S T. i 1 0 f0 A M . I S T - m the prnr a ' f Cour H'ue P:t.D Jtfi, Pa . -r l.'i'.or Era;!itti'9r aaa iT.pre'-R'nt ts Cr:trur.ai Cturr Porns f 1 -f3 an! W:tns P.in) iocatei on Ti'.rd yn' Court Kou f-, u - -;; r-" T f E !3 - - are rcdtir;. rjEu.a"-r 5i?.r. t-.E"r wn apr ifi'n ry r jr. - "acplifat,-- i tt 0.'. 'f 8. U p-;rcraM T.rmra .OT Cnjrt j-'r P'tsij'f. Pa p-65sa' must t "'.rr par "1 fc , . fj-fi r nn! " t-"' ' 0 : f. IT f..-i-r iT.i ?f tn crn'ract in ra of ' ii asai i '-j OH ' " ! f r4 SOCOY, DEAR, If I CAN!T T fsO WWlCH IS MOBS IMPORTANT ) -V S sassaas , ( T BUT VDOLL HAH. JL, I DOMT t OONT WNE My KNfC5 OUCWCT.'r DOCWBELL.' GET IT ' ) II ' I FC6 ON.' TALWAKT ABCWe ATMrt OUHXM WELL. VLl LET X3U KNOW -q. CS3 WffT AROI -3UP- PCWERTUL AU1E "O DUTY WVLAT BEACH IM V V? Ir-Sl eC5 fiOrNfi JflWIAEW I CATTLE TME CALL. ALIGNED TO 90 ? 86 UFE OT TME AVO KNCW5 UMOteVTW . CXJ CAM WATCH VT GUCX TME SEASIDE ALL A OUT ANP s . ME IM ACTION' I VKi fA; F Ajtwis is our 6 "T Z-1T J C-f.TVP WCJiVsT) WFaKO'E OP r!& HCTEL'S- r'M eOMV4 LOOK WTH!5- r?jn HOWfVA UKE tcf anfl i 0:4 JAVTS W KNOX Oe-:.r County A '.gnry ' ALUOKESVrOCNTV P'tt abarfn P ., na-aa ar.a p-wa H --. tr r.fi't rn CncTi " Aliir.rT Ci'jnty. P-CCm 14, ru-t p.-a?ufffi Pa, uat 't 10 iO V D 5 r. '30 . M. E. T .. -ti-47. Ju.y 30 i3V and .;. - - ip.r:e'! at 11 0 A W fc 5 T ' 0 OO A M E r i :n 'a 5oa! 41 C"u- H'U5 Pi- art- Pa f'f.tt ;..a:n to -"' -U- rj In Cour- ;.,' cf f C'.wr'T 'Bu;,&,tj. G'aj.l i'.-tf. P."i- i;a- c-"l:-.t t t:. ' t r . f-r , rf - .r. , s P'.r;- ' t-r.t i"-nrt :-.- !'' i".' f r'.nj ! e'-" opi'?"n fft tr "r!:' of "--: t r B .r" a' Room 10". Ciarl .- P u-urin Pa '.f.e f'-i or oeff to tire orrr rarxc-n v. tr.a Cpk'i f a; -tr for fr amount in fr. ap-!- f 'af'oc aa v!iee that rh biiiw rrfp temt an -arr .( th !or.1-r of aitra.:t :r c of aj-J Traa CiE' itBir.iaa'oc'ra rr t rfY 'f f.tct way ar. a.l fe.ia JAMES " iOOX Crti'-rt-Wr C-jti'j of A.j!.r,y iT WAS fiO MANVAMS A&0, NOBOC7V IOJOWS. I ' J ii ' T oom t : ( kNOW WHIMTHF I PEG-AM TO TAHC.fi ""P VWHMMMBMAMMMBilHIMilii ' - SS Bas - V. ' . . ...SPWOS CAPET ROGER MflNNlN WHO IS A VCT1M OF flCE FEVER HSESCRPEP m LUNft STfiTION...mS KNOWN THAT THE LAD UNCHfifTTEP BOUND FOR Astrological Forecast By CARROLL BIGHTER ABIES (March 21 to Arril 13 : F"i'nb 11 t!roTD ra.ki r!y. Th'n pu. on your Tnot aUtmotivn sppsri r"i gr forth Jnto th --orll of ctmry an1 mk ofhrs ron-rinng of your truly co-operative irr. TAIRT (April 20 to May 2f: Tou fan wijoly rx-cupy your arly Any with ptonal appearand -on-crr hair rut, beauty trat-wr!t!. iruni'urn tc Then ")ool for rw maps for makiDir your living quartrs more ailurinjt. f.f.HIM OMay 21 to Jun 21): Many chores at home nl yowr attention till noon. Then you ar tinker esrptional!y favorable afpertg for taijog your peoial aptitudes to those who ran make them ur"e5fu! reality. CANCER (Jure 22 to July 21: Errands are quickly finished by gettingr at thm early. Wind up postpone commumcatiors also. P talk wjth member? of the famly and (ttie any differences f opinion. I-tO (July 22 to August 21 : In the a m. with murh tact, diplo-ma-y pay biils. roUeot money due you. Then day is good for getting jn touoh iciti a ociateg and in a charming way making agreement for the future. YIHOO August 22 to September 22 : Cleaning surround mgn. gt-tirg health tn good condition e. k. during a. m. L.tr. you'd better take a goor) look t present r"i-nue, expense. By underftandf g Jeta:! now von ran add to inforitP. LIBRA (September 2-i to October Z-i : Tou like to keep loved "n rloe o yoti ran minister to t.her ref'Tirri? g wants 3'ju kly To-day ffe fo fioditg thojRe who lint thi' four.- f.f r t ion. t'RPIfi (October 2-i to .November 2) ) Tour hope. i?hr j are m"r esiMly fulfilled fhan for a lone t'tr-e. It ig nM-nfMry for 'x to improve your attitude by better un-dergtaDdirg of the enigma lading thero. I'jie Ineight. SAf.ITTARU S (November 22 to yl PAYOFF V-'hV mot croouet SETS WADE LUMiAjOUS so -t&t vOU AAAV PtAV CPO -QOEt APTE-C2. DARlO? J2 fer four original ae if printed. ; write Jerry Largcfl CM tfw i ITZ BOUND FOR VENUSrT--Tilll I III I J But ru. set an won epcmg I KNOW WHAT THE ICIRfT WORDS 6VER POkgN WfcKE. T C3 FROM THE POCTCRS SPRCE - LINEI VENUSPORT- "Ee dog ia entitle! t aafa littU ahelter." r w ' s7 NOWsVlr- De-enib-r 21 i : u2H'fc your present !rrefiorai dene for moe-pendep.f-e despite a!) rtjle and r-fn-)tioiin to a moie ro-operativ e atti-tuno it. ward official. Thn jou ( ATRK ORN i reremoer 22 to January LT'i; feek the data you CO jir ftopi nil r.rt. of modern runlet today jirwpapei tadio. TV, magaziiteis li0iarK?. sohool.ii, eto r. il., show true adherent? to !eai reo,uireroent. : take no ihaooea with, offinale AQI ARM (Januarv 21 o f eo-ruary l!i Before you an lake that flyer you mu.'t tht pergonal o ligation. leponsibih'ien are eravd from the hooa F M., gt o'st and . make new, worthwhile friends. !'(( v (l.i-u'".' J" to Ma-rh 'l ' J'.lurn talk wi!h ot brs ea iy t,'!' wojks out plf-ndid way to Ji'iain mutual aim with less f ri -t , p m , look for ways to m- t f ! ' .f ( ,rt,e If 1 our ( hild I Born TdH T"dy hild i. tile.-sf-o with an M -heier.t utfte to sf v other?. S'art eerly to tram turn or her in some voratjfin that brings thi? ability to the fore in a pra tkal fahiori an h In dlagnostir. dieletir. profes-:ora or aome Jpterest ronnected with rlothir.g, food, eto. The later years bring great rharm and a peculiar sweetness to the personality .nqu!red from doing for other in eerlter year Coprrtfht. 18 PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE UNQUESTIONABLY, COME I I FEMAL6 A!D BUYMEtL "TjWirj ftTX X...TMrtTHe UTTLF -- WHhTRE V3U ' WftCE-PUNK WHO RUINED I AOMBUNS ME AND WW rnjNTmiON.' i OUT LOTUS -lt UETOGCTMy-----ff f HANDS ON THE -r lpT V ttSrWJ Portraits By JAMES J. METCALFE To Be tint door I like to walk on country lanes , . . And wander through the woods . . . And look around for animals . . . In brushy neighborhoods ... To pick the berries that are wild . . . And pretty flowers too '. , . And learn the habits of the birds ... As nature lovers do ... I 'am no ornithologist ... Or keeper of the beps . . . But I adore the outdoor world . . . The rivers and the trees . . . The lakes where people fish all day . . . And make their camp at night . . And sing the songs of long ago . . . Around the firelight ... I like to leave the city with ... Its buildings and its cars . . . And try to get a closer look ... At God's array of stars. PuzsIq Comer Answers Questions on Preceding Page HORSE SENSE 1. July (No r" in it). 2. Moo. 3. 37.000. 4. 1.300,000. 5. Trucks would ?low traffic much worse False). 6. True a); True (bt; True ci then they line up behind the slower trucks; False (d) the reverse; True et. AX A (.RAMS 1. GIRAFFE 2. TARNISH 3. ENLARGE 4. VERDICT 5. MIRACLE OR I) GAME Hord STORIED rides driest side site fire sore sort sortie .store stride stir tid tied tir tiled tones toed tore tried trod osier rest riots rites 1 ise rote rosied ides edilors deist diets direst does dirt dose dories dotes Many scientists believe that the songs ol most birds are the assertion of claims to certain territory for nesting. : THURSDAY, JULY 16. UUaaaEnap AnaaETTV By WIX FANNING Post-Gazette Radio and TV Writer Extended Service Even if you have a big stick and the energy to flail it about, the most diligent appli cation will probably only serve to prove there is no hope of thrashing out all the rumors and nonsense on the subject of the Pitts burgh district's next TV problem Win Fanning ultra high frequency. However, sidling around the necessity to review the darker happenings of a radio and TV summer, we shall try to do a bit of I'HF thrashing on our mutual behalf. Firstly, Pittsburghers will be viewing Channels 16 and 53 within the near future. WKJF-TV, a non - affiliated UHF station, now has its test pattern on Channel 53. WENS, 12 times as powerful as WKJF-TV, will begin . telecasting on Channel 16 by late August. The latter (WENS) will be an American Broadcasting Company basic outlet and will carry those Columbia Broadcasting System show s not accepted by WDTV. You must have either a converter, be hooked to a converted master, antenna, or own a new TV set equipped with an all-channel or strip tuner to receive these stations. WKJF-TV may get a National Broadcasting Company affiliation, and it may not, but except for the basic ABC programs carried by WENS, WDTV will continue to carry the bulk of all network offerings for a long time to come. As for Channel 47, also assigned here, forget about it for the present. Rumors to the contrary, as of yesterday the permit to operate on this channel remained in the hands of "The Golden Triangle Television Corporation." which, according to the Federal Communications Commission, Is located in Pittsburgh. According to the telephone Company there is no phone number listed for this corn-pan v, nor for its Dayton, Ohio, affiliate, Skyland Broadcasting Company, in Pittsburgh. A check in Dayton with a Mr. Ronald Woodyard. president and director of both companies, revealed that a 12-kilowatt transmitter has been ordered from General Electric for delivery In Pittsburgh after the first of the year." Woodyard told us "any further information, as to site, studios, network affiliation, etc., would be premature at this time." We shall be glad to keep you informed of the expected changes in this situation. Preliminary checks on Channel 53 indicate the detractors of UHF may have to eat their sour grapes. The signal is getting out at least to the 35-mile radius anticipated, and when WENS high power transmitter getsS on, it looks as though UHF will indeed prove to be "merely an extension of the present VHF service." A statement we hasten to credit to Joe Marty, Jr., of Admiral Corporation. Might as well make up your mind about one thing. If you want to widen vour choice of television programs in the next 2 years, better hurry on down to see your service man. That WKJF-TV test pattern may be just a bunch of lines to you, but it will spell SWAMP at your local service HQ sooner than jou may think. Even more strange than UHF is "closed circuit television," which, if we were a salesman, we would truly hate. (X'T is an invention of the salesman's deil. It practically eliminates the old fashioned convention. Westinghouse demonstrated the affair here the other day while introducing local dealers to their swank new line of merchandise. Cold sober, glassy-eyed, h u t obviously pleased, withal, ihe gentlemen present heard the good word and saw the good sight for 1954 uttered and displayed by company officials in New Ybrk, just as though they had held a regular convention. We are sure you will enjoy knowing, however, that eery Westinghouse , dealer in the district, willingly prepared to he a captive on his own company's show, was aUo treated to a delightful presenlation by the National Broadcasting Uompany. hi"t before switching its lines oer for the closed circuit performance, the network brought "Howdy Dowdy" for the edification of its singularly hapless CUT guests. Will it be San Francisco next year, gentlemen? Or Into space with "Captain Video" t H .LI K 1953 TcDevisnoDDn aimdl Madia Daylight Soringt Jim; Hadiu and XV programt ere prinitd et iisoerf y f tfofoe WDTV Channel 2 TV WJAC Channel TV Today Today With - :0f) Cordic A Co. "Jews. Rain bw Dave Tyton Bill Brant The Character With Gar- Garroway I :irj " " Ed and " " Mor'son, Kwtrs pr,nny Sperlel r?.wa-v.. '.I I'M - Rambow - BiUBrar The Character. . " " " Tyson; Nwi " V Brant; New Z 111! IV?-n! .V Mnsic CIork Xw Bill Brart .. n iVV,! r.BO Show Uave Tyson News; "Brant Brant: Xetrf .. .. U:' . Nw " " Bill Brant Mumcrtal :4 Oordic A Co. Slim Eryant Tyson: News Bill: ileatter Dmg Dong Test 1'attcrn ft :nfi - " (. ri,lh Breakfast BilPrant Henrv-Newa .,' , I. ; M:lr,! " ," " Tour Toes Club .t.we E. Batl .Tare "Gibson r v;v?r.Pel xTrni. I v.-. U J.Tun Inn "hop r,g Circ.e Br. n't; Karth Kathrvn Gairy Moore Morning News :4 ; Mufic: News KatAh; News Kuhlman HFdtt!on DiKho?nK 1 fl-ri I Weironie True Story Frd Davy Atthur God- Kditlon S.hool I II1"! Travelers rtory: Streets, June Ball frey Phow Arthur Arth. Godfrey :rto - - Bob Hope Whfcper. Sts. Pimriwr: Ot ,r..y'.. Godfrey Glamour Girl :45j " - Marriage Pays Girl Marries ivvonder City Biizz-BIll Hawkins Falls 41 :0f)l " ' Strike It Rich Bing Croshy 1 'Ladies Fair " " The Bennetts 1 :!.( " .... a I jralr- xW9 " Strike It Rich I I :3rtj " " Pay Phriu-e Doi.Ie or ' i&ing CrosbT Ring Orohy 2iil Chance Nothing 'King; Engle Kosemary THURSDAY AFTERNOON ?ew .... Bride, Groom 4 ArOONws; Weath News C. CUTtt 1 Fred Davy Warren-News ILoveofLlfe Tx)ve of Life 7:1S'PoIke Meet the Pick pt Polite Show 7 Auntr Jnry Snrr,0,rt-v,t TI!!0rr0W-. H.?yth.mB .Kmgs Woman World7 Beckley Smith Henrv-New Guiding Ltght Guiding Light :45 Music B'way Feme Curt Massey C.al Sunday plrJd. Fil - 1 MPo'" 1m.8 F.orxx" Nws; Berch i Queen for a Life Road' Mar Farade I :ir. Round i.v nrhael Dav t T -Vi- KKifVhn GrryMoor. .1:301 "J Cinderella 1 FrVd"W rlr MaW Kltchn J ! W"B0" " " Davy: News Guiding Light Fptne? F"" - Ov1 Nblt Nw,: Fred Davy Mm. Burton , V .. Z :V", " 7. BlH Pi,'t Mfirhael loavv; News Perry Maon MNetienbor " " L " " nT" : J-irh..! Fred Davy orak neighbor .4 Doctor s V ife " 'Davy: Singls'r Bright Dav Ix--0r Blg,.ra;?a O ' ifp Beautiful 7 Barry Kave HTiTtor Nothing J:i.-,i " " T-ife's Road " - ' Kave- -P"w, Houe PsrtT Ask the Girls Welcome J :30j - - Pepper Young - ' Harry Kaye " " Travelers :4-r'i " " Happiness - " jKaye; News Odd Wixard Film On Tour j :00 Record Hits B.irkstape " f Barrv Kave Helen Trent r . . ' . Account il " Stella Dallas - - I Kave; News Mr Muie Ladies' Choice Ladies" Choice " - Widder Brown - " ' Barry Kave Mr-..MU!.,,! " "- -r! " " In My House - " Kaye: News Welcome Atom Squall p:00News: Hits Plain Bill " " I Barry Kave " Travelers) " ! :1S Record Hits FrontPage " " PKave- VeWs Howdy Howdy Doody eJ:3n.)oe Tucker L. Jones " " f Barry Ka-e " Doody " " :45 Record Hits . Music: Irish Michael; Pptsj-Kaye; Brown Curt Masse y ; THURSDAY EVENING V1a!T . ?CJ :ft0 PnyiT-News Long News Fallert-New s I Prince. Spts. Beckley Smith I Adventures World News la: IS Record Hits TeUo-Test Sports; Jay iXews; Kav Pie Traynor Ed ood Lone Ranger U ;.t0 Tuck'r, Spts Time Out Jay Michael 'Barry Kave !tar Time Parade; Qu!s " " : 4 r, Record Hits 3 Star Final Jon & Sparklet Kaye ; News L. Thomas Captain Video Sightseeing mm :00 Tuck'r. Spts Music for All The Rosarv I Barry Kave Skeleton fhort Drama . :1.r) Nws: Reeds " " Elmer Davia Kave: News lohnnv Time Out Eddy Arnold :30 Tuck'r. Spts World News Space Starr Gah Heatt'r Mercer Oft Stage News Caravan : 4. Record Hits Man's Family ?pace; Xewe Fulton Lewis Murrow-Newe I Am the Law Best of :00Par.: W'up Roy Rogers 3 City BylineWOfflojal Meet Mfllla Groucho W:15 W"up: Game Rogers; Log Ssmnn- Kaye ' Detective Chance of a Burns and y Baseball bather Knows- Heritage Old Timer's Electric Llfptlm Allen :4o' " " Eest " " 1 Party; Moody Th-ater Curtain jima Dragnet A (K' " " Counterspy ABC Play: 'Henry; PaTty Romance ,. l:t?'! " " " house iPartv: News Mirror Theatr Big Town Q :soi - - Eddie Cantor Mike Malloy lOld "Timer a The Lewis' -n " M-l " " " " Detective j Party State Favorite Story Martin Kane 4 m :00i " " Judy Canova News J Edwards-News American Way , " " lll:,Ri " " " " V),P'l Wnkleyfoid Timer' " " City Hospital Musie Tima J:30 Party Llna Hill; Hits Henrv: Talk Diamond ;4 5; " News cf Road, Party; Newa Ezra "Benson World Tonlte Theater: 4 4 :10 Tuck -Scores Long-News War Gerard Sports; PaTty" Hildebrand Feature Thea- "Deputy I I : 15 All Star Foyer-Spdrta Rendezvous In Partv: News Muic for Marshal" :m Final Party Line The Night Midtiite P.eadinr Clrcum- " " Mr.' - " " " " " Minister Music; News Stantlal " a fl:(WS70Club " " News; Sports News: Party Mu'ic for Evidence- Sign Off 7:1fi " " " " Swing Shift old Timers Readme; gar; 'isl " : , w.,o s.gnorTc FRIDAY MORNING Today With Today With :00 Cordic & News; Rainb. Bill Brant Bill Brant The Chararters Dave Dave :J5 Company Ed Mor'son, News Herb Mortls n Pennsv Special Garroway Garroway f :W " " P.ainbow Bill Brant Bill Bratit The Characters " " :45Cordle: Nws Rrant: News iBiant; News' n :0 Cordic & News: Music Wood.' Newa Bill Brant Henrv-News " " Z Z H:151 Company BBC Show Dare Tyson News; Brant CBS News " U:.10.Davis. News News " Bill Brant Musicrel , :45 Cordic A Co. Slim Bryant Tyson: News J Bill; Ileatter Science Test Pattern m .00 Cordic A Kitchen Club Bj eakfast "BiirBrani Henrv-New wRvlel , 1 U: if. Company n Tour Toes Club Jane E. Ball .lane'Gibson Marty: Chapel g:.?nTune Inn Shop. Circle " " Bianf; Earth Kathn-n Garry Moore News ;45, Music; News " " Earth; News Kuhlman UoJJi. Ding Dong in"? Z Z Welcome True Story ' Fred Davy Arthur Cod- Editton School 111 " " Travelers Story: Streets J.lane Ball frey Show Art. Godfrey Glamour Girl J::-i0 " - Rb Hupe VVhisp. Streets, Smgiser; City " ' " " t5 " Marriage Pays Girl Marries Wonder City En" and BUI Hawkins Falls 4 4 :00j " " Strike It Rich Bing Croshy Ladies Fair " " Bride-Groom The Bennetts :li " .... .. Fair- News " " Strike It Rich Strike It Rich :3u - Pay Phrase Double or Bing'crosb- Blr.g Croh- 1 :-l 2nd Cliai.ce Nothing Blt.g; Engle Kosemarv WDTY WJAC WWSW j KDKA WCAE WJAS KpV Channel Channel Independent t7D I NOC 1020 AIC I2M Mutual Colutrfeie 4220 TV FM 4 5 I FM 2 FM ti l FM 7 I41Q Thuraday High Spot X p. m., T)TV Ifs Visit, Harry Ridgley, author of the new play, 'The Angry Apes,"" to be tried out at the White Barn prior to Broadway, is the Harold V. Cohens' guest. 8:23 p. m.. WWSW Baseball. Milwaukee at Pittsburgh. 10:35 p. m., KQV Ezra Benson. The Secretary of Agriculture speaking from Los Angeles. DaifUme Stations TRVaSDT wriT TS0 11:30 Missionary tO0 K. Balfa 7:30 Weather 7:S Newa 7:45 Hiht,ar4 Famsiy S 00 Unity K: 2 5 Heaven 8:30 Bible 00 Rev. Munou 9:30 Rev. Powell 10.00 Haven of Beat 1 0: 30 Heallnt 10:4 China a Voire 11:00 Percy Gas-ford Hour 12 00 : -s H:15 The Resh 12:45 Aian Black 2:00 Polkas 3 00 Bob James .,-ws 4 05 Show Time 4: IS World Po!i 4:30 Four Thirty Ranch V00 Jan Ardre 5 00 SlgnOS SPOH 1080 7: OS Mtiodtee t:UU Or. Michel-aon 8:15 Melodies b:3'J Nfwa -1 t " ntren Only Platters o 00 t Mrr onnell 1 0:1 S Pters 11-00 studio C 12 00 Newa 1 'J 1 " !'! a S'.rif 1:15 Return 1:30 Polaaa 2.00 Carle 2 1 A Silvertone " 30 Phvthms 2 45 V. S. Navy 3 00 Studio C 4 Of) Shellac Sh 4 30 Studio D J 5-4 5 Nfwr, Snorts t 00 Dinner ViiSic -iKn Off fM Mfrs. m trm'Q 915 Channel Dar 3 to 9 0 m WR.IF 93.7 fcXts. Cbannl 320, Dally :4 5 a. m to 1 a. m. Sundays 10 a. m. to 12 midnight. Bridge News Winners of the Dormont Bridge Club game were: First. Mrs. C. S. Landau, Mrs, L. II. Smyth. Mrs. L. R. Brown and Mrs. L. II. Schiam. Second. Mrs. Walter Cehr, Mrs. Walter Lofink, Mrs. J. C Corcoran and Mrs. F. I'. Fletcher. tNTtWWIlaiswT Listen to "THE CHRISTIAN HOUR" 8:1 S m. m. to 1:30 a Sundays II . 1 If - . r,t-U . UF.M?H l was LlLM " 1 wwsw Independent 70 KDKA NBC 1020 FM "2 THURSDAY MORNING FRI. and Reconditioned by Central Sewing Stores nMf? NEW DROP HEAD CABINET 5-YR. GUARANTEE NEW 5-SPEED CONTROL NEW SEW LIGHT NEW MOTOR FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION Oet-of-Towaers Withla 100 Ml. Phone or Writ NOW CENTRAL SEWING STORES 5938 BROAD ST. PITTSBURGH 6. PA. .X1 if i i a u w "A DENTIST AND HE TRUSTS YOU"t) C 0333- n asBaaa-- mm - a r m.i k TRI-STATE'S NEWEST LARGEST. MOST MODERN AIR-CONDITIONED DENTAL OFFICE ELEVATOR SERV1CI BAUM BLDG.. 800 fKQV f Say It W,tn M,,i fcl .VI.T iUNOAt ml USE POST-GAZETTE 1 ft III V I V lUo ILL. lPiigiraiiras mud ere ii6etf to teftej 1kut eettca WCAE AC tJSO FM I WJAS IAS 'I KQV Columbia 1410 Mutual FM SAT. ONLY I- ELECTRIC Alt PORTABLE MODELS 22.50 A EM. 1-0511 24-Hr. Phaaa Service) Sk aaaaaaa r?v rr rv n n a n V YOU CAN TRUST. Block Liberty Ave F1TR gqi1lBa3B WCAE NEWS f WJAS mr COINING Cf Headline Nt-i 7;25 A. M. U 3 - FOR - $l WANT ADS I i i iaisw-

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