The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 13, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1896
Page 7
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'' #"<?$' ,••"'/•',':"' ""'^^^Ip^ tfce Hitting Stocking* — Soihe 1LL1AM L. %eritt; the heavy hitting third baseman of the Chicago team, of the National League and American Association) was born December 1&, 1868, at FOrt Wayne, Ind., but learned to play ball With amateur Us at Denver, Col. After playing Rh several semi-professional teams at Emver Everitt went to the Pac fie Le and accepted his first regu ar Irofessional engagement in 1890, with [he San Francisco Club, of the Cali- Lla League, ranking fifth in the of- Icial batting averages of that league l r that season. He was engaged by be officials of the San Jose Club of > same league, for the season of 1891, «king part that year in one hundred fid forty-one championship contests, ad ranking eleventh as a batsman and iecond as a. short stop in the official •cUimu. «.o t* «»~w. *.- Iverages of that league. His excellent the K&ttbhal agreement., iuui u ,uuo afid players will become extensively ad* virtisefl jthrotigh tlrer CMntfy, as firtien so as tnole no%? operating under the agreement. Your ^laySi-s would bo! secured t6 your association throughout the playing season, fend at its close youf club member* would realise full value for the release of players, which, based upon the results of last year, would re* turn them $9 for each $i paid in for protection. A tfew, improvedj and in my opinion, .perfectly fair national agreement has recently been adopted, under which the national board cotttem- - plate enrolling all leagues, associa* tiohs or single clubs having players td be protected and developed. City or county leagues are especially solicited to apply for protection* The board, through me, earnestly desires your favorable consideration of this question, It will give hie much pleasure to hear from you, and to write you more in detail, or I will call to see you in person if that will be more agreeable to you. Enclosed please find a copy;of the new national agreement, also other valuable information for those desiring to join under it." * * * In the seventh inning of the game between the Baltimores and Peters- burgs, of the Virginia League, at Petersburg, Va., a fight took place in which, the players of both teams participated, and was only quelled by the interference of the local police force. At the time the game was stopped the S~ir" William tJ» . of the Canadian Pacific"T&mway, who has just been chafged with.ifffe|dla«* ties in tbe handling of the Dtrftfth and Winnipeg Road f is derived tttfSA an* tiqUe Dutch stock; tlfe is a descendant of one of the old patroon families who laid the foundation ol the City oi Yofk under the name of NeW Ainster* dam. He was born ift Will douttty, Illinois, in 1843, attd began life as a'tele- graph operator on the Illinois Central. He rose rapidly front one post to an* other until 1882, when hd Was the gen eral superintendent of the Chicago, Mil waukee & St. Paul Road. In that year he was offered the position ot general superintendent of- the Canadian Pacific and accepted. Under his managemfin construction was pushed forward with remarkable energy, and the last spike was driven at Cfaigellachie by Sir Daniel Smith on Nov. 7, 1885, five years before the time set in the government contract. A regular transcontinental service was inaugurated, and Van Home has developed the Waffle of the |Vcl dgco wi. u«**« •»"—o _ tork, both at the bat and in the field, Jreatly aided his club in winning the Ihampionship of the California League. Ie remained with the San Jose club hroughout the season of 1892,, and gain did good work, both at the bat Ind in the field. His playing attract[ the attention of many of the minor pague managers, but the offer he re- bived from the Augusta Club, of the Jouthern League, for the season of 1893 leing the most liberal, he accepted it. the Southern League championship Wson was divided into two parts that fear, the first one ending on July 5, Ind according to the averages for the Irst season Everitt took part in sixty- 0 championship games. There were *o official averages made of the sec- Ind part, and, therefore, no record can 1 given for his work during that pe- liod. In 1894 Everitt was with the Debit Club, of the Western League, tak- bg part that year in one hundred and Jweaty-nine championship; contests, Ind ranking twenty-second in a field of Ine hundred and thirty-eight batsmen \11 his games were'played on the in- |eld, being divided up between short •top and third, base. His heavy bat- Ting attracted the attention of Manager j score Sto0( j i to 0 in favor of the home earn. * * * By the use of the X rays on First Baseman Cassidy, of the Louisville team, of the major league, a loose piece of bone was discovered in his wrist, which shifted about every time he moved his hand, and caused him considerable trouble. Before the use of the cathode rays the wrist had been doctored for a sprain. The removal of the splinter was readily accomplished by a surgical operation. * * * Even O. P. Caylor is compelled to do tardy justice to Pfeffer. He said of him the other day: "There isn't any discount to 'Fred' Pfeffer's play at short stop. He is the right man there in the right place. If he would only 'saw wood' instead of beating about the bushes for supposed enemies he would accomplish more. It was a wise parrot who once said to himself, 'Polly, you talk too much.' " And some men write too much upon impulse and without due consideration for others. Diamond Feraonali. Sam Dungan has at last come to terms with Detroit. SIR WILLfAM VAN HORNE. road with as much success and rapidity as he had advanced the construction. His services were recognized by his election to the vice presidency, and, later, by his election to the presidency of the road. The owned and leased lines of the Canadian Pacific cover 5,536 miles. Van Home has, through his official position, been prominent in Canadian politics. In consideration of his efforts to push the affairs of the great road he was knighted by Queen Victoria. He still claims to be an American citizen. air pr^sfittf e fiaf'S 1 &ifc6 is iliteet -,,- - , t Tie highcfet ffiduntatitt in tne Wfld 19 Itotfht Everest, In In* Hifmtiajr&s-- twehly'tiifie thousand feits «f 4v6 and three^fotifths tnlles, is-the nSfnifti state ft u6g §*ecul§s twenty tif thirty fesffiratofy movements a minute, but while he is eicited of 'ftifatiiflg in the heat oi the sun this in creases to 300 or 350. It has lately been established that the temperature oi the carbon in the elec* tfic arc is about t,600 degree F» 4 df about forty times the difference of tem» perature between the boillttg and ffeez» ing watefi The camel's foot is a soft cushion, pe* culiarly well adapted to the stones ahd gravel over which it is constantly walk- Ing. During a single journey through the Sahara horses have worn out three sets of shoes, while the camel's feet are not even sore. The frog deposits its aggs in shallow •water, where the warmth of the sun promotes speedy hatching. The common snake often selects a bed of decomposing vegetable matter. The crocodile and the clumsy sea tortoise go ashore to lay their eggs. When the common earth worm is cut in two to the tail there grows a head and to the head there grows a tail, and two animals are formed, As the wound heals a smallwhite button is formed, which afterward develops into rings and a perfect extremity. The duration of sunshine in the various countries of Europe was recently discussed at a scientific meeting in Berlin. It was shown that Spain stands at the head of the list, having on an average 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, while Italy has 2,300 hours, Germany 1,700 hours and England 1,100 hours. Madrid has almose three tiinea as much sunshine as London. SIFTINOS. -the good shoe- SOME OF THE MAGNATES OF THE NATIONAL GAME. jLnscn, of the Chicago Club, and he _ 0 aged him'for the Chicago team for he season of 1895, taking part during hat season in one hundred and'thirty- Jiree championship games, and rank- ng fifteenth as a batsman in a field If one hundred and ninety-one players, |nd this, too, in'his first year in the najor league. During the past season piveritt" batted cleanly in fourteen ames, making twenty-nine safe hits. _„ he failed but once in eighteen ames. In eleven games he made twenty-five safe hits. He also did some llever fielding last year. At third base Be played nine'games without an error, and played an errorless game in all but pne out of fourteen. Three times he |ccepted eight chances without an er- or. On June 14, at Boston, he accept- Id all of nine chances at third base. On July 4, at Chicago, in a game with the IJincinnatis, he made a safe hit, in- |luding a home run, each of the five times he went to the bat, and in the ame game accepted all of eight chances New York's young catcher, Zearfoss, is as heavy as Clements. t Elmer Smith is doing the hardest hitting of the Pittsburg team. Shortstop Rothermel is lying quite ill in a New Orleans hospital. Denny Lyons so far has proved a bit disappointing to Pittsburghers, President Stucky thinks the Colonels will finish as good as eighth. Chicago still has 31 players on its list, which includes nine pitchers. Charley Campau has left for Seattle, where he will manage that city's team. Captain Robinson thinks well of Baltimore's Toronto acquisition, pitcher Gray. The Chicagos will have but two catchers this year—Kittredge and Donobue. Buckenberger has added a "financial agent," one Jules Guyot, to his Toronto staff, Ex-Player John F. Morrill is now writing base ball for the "Journal," of Boston. Pittsburg seems to have picked up a couple of good pitchers in Hastings and Goar. Pitcher James Conners, of the disbanded Memphis club, has signed with Pottsville. Harry Vonderhorst has gotten a move on. New bleachers are being built at Union Park, Jimmy Donnelly, who is subbing for Baltimore during McGraw's illness, is highly spoken of. The Cincinnati Post presents a portrait of BiHy York on stilts and gives him a new nickname, the "Grasshop* per," i Greenhoriw Arc Lucky. There is an axiom among mining prospectors that while knowledge of mineralogy is a first necessity for a man starting out to hunt for the precious ore, yet the richest finds are often made by the rankest tenderfoot. It is well illustrated in a recent rich find near Salt Lake City, Utah. Willard Weihe, a violin soloist in the Tabernacle, was walking in City Creek canyon, on the outskirts of the city, when he kicked aside some rock that struck him as being unusual in appearance. Out of pure curiosity he carried a piece of the rock back to, town and had it assayed. It showed $500 in gold and $40 in silver to the ton. Weihe was so much surprised he almost fainted. Then, when he recovered, he hurried back to where he found the rock, without mentioning the matter to anyone, and staked out a large number of claims for himself and friends. Now a considerable camp has sprung up, and the workings bear out the promise in Weihe's chance strike. Faithful to the last maker. The secret of prolonging life is not to abridge it. There is no tick in the silent watches of the night. If a policeman does not .preserve order he gets into a pickle. How hard the man who paints tries to bring the conversation around to artists. Speaking about ornithology, did you know that larks were bred from swallows? A man sleeping where good preaching. Is going on must be a good sort of a person. A Texas cowboy who was defendant In a breach of promise suit, said he was lass—sued. A Dakota farmer proposes to cure socialism by having the socialists take land. But they won't. They take beer. What this country needs most is a practical scientist who can invent an attachable Steering apparatus for cyclones. Don't worry, keep your head cool, your feet warm, look out for east winds, ths rheumatism and dyspepsia and do your level best to die of old age. A queer case is reported from Denver Col. A man got drunk, stole his own trunk and hid it. He complained of the theft, the property was recovered, and he was made the prosecuting witness. The judge being a quandry how to treat so novel a case, decided that the thief was not accountable for his act. is one direction fs dft«tt Id Mm. life haS —Inviting hlni thither td "endieti 'eie-ftton. «§ ia like & ehit» fii'tt, tweil he t afls against ebitrnettSnS «fi eldfe but dtt6 sf .6fi that file, all * liens af§ tftken ft^fty, &M n. _ gefeheiy over ft deepening channel iiiro an inflttite sea. i - i 12m'efsoiii , There are ft proportion bf yettflg . pie with their own -Way to »ftke in the world, whd fix their choice Ufeoft B6ffl« diie to Whoin to confide their hotfeS an<3 wishes, and whotfl they desife ta have procute them the coveted niche in which to work. They demand a large? opportunity. This is all very *ell but opportunity is really a spiritual thing, on the immaterial side of life, and is developed like an image on a sensitized plate, rather than procured, To do faithfully what is given Us today creates this larger opportunity for a future day.—Lilian Whiting. Are you questioning what course in life you shall take? Let love tell you. Love is the only prophet, love is the only teacher. Love will answer all problems, because love is God. We are in the world like a child who plays upon the floor with a disintegrated map, which she does not know , how to put together, Here is some father lovo and here some mother love, and her some brother love and her some wife love, here some love that is wrathful -against wrong, and hero some love that is beautiful with suffering, and here some love that Is merciful and compassionate toward the sinful—love all broken up in fragments. Put them together; take your life for, this task and put them together; and when all the fragments of life are put together you will find the map is love, for life is God, and God is love.—Lyman Abbott, D. D. Telling what we have heard to another's disadvantage is not so bad as starting a slander without provocation, but it is next to it. Slanders do more harm through being repeated by those who just tell what they have heard than through being first told by the one who invented them. If a slanderer could find no one to pass along his slanders without being mire as to their truth or falsity he would/have no sue cess in his infamou3 : ts id, SMI l Is'weii ft) f 4M"'oi ' tfanny bateijpeft has ft vested in real-estate ia Mel Vicinity^ front Whiett nh« dettfejS 1 incotaei , . , i Julia Marlowe Taber will first visit tri Italy diififlg her tour this year, Which will' daver* July attd August; , .•? \y In Hfenry Arthur J&neg? new"p1ay>! Wliiard has a very strong clr '"" part, an impdstef who makes tlsm his profession. Clyde Fitch has contracted to vide Nat C. G6odwln ttext season ., „_ a comedy- drama, with Nathan Hale, the ';> : , American patriot, as hero. George Marlon will create the part of Domirtido, the Italian fruit seller itt' J William A. Brady's production of "$'-,• Daughter of the Tenements." Emma Eames is mentioned as th6, leading soprano in the Mapleson gfand , ' opera company. The engagement 'in* New York will begin October 21. vr / Calve could draw A check for ?100,000 /, that would be honored. She possesses*-' much landed property in France, IS ; heavily interested in stocks and bonds. , "In Gay New York" is the titla Canary & Lederer have decided upon ', for their next anuual review, which,, will be presented early in May, at the^ New York Casino. ' A Rome letter says: "Madame Pezzana has returned to the stage. Many. , persons consider her superior to Rts-' tori, even in her prime. Duso'a first season was with this actress, A wealthy Englishman living in', Wiesbaden -has tendered to the city a donation of 20,000 marks, with a pro- ( vision to apply the interest to the assistance of dramatic authors for the first performance of their works. "There are very few perfectly formed ivomen on the stage," says Gilbert! Learock. "Nearly all of them have to , wear pads. Some women will be well- formed in one part, and have no shape at all in another. ^-•i SHORT AND SWEET. The Soured Bachelor Gets Even. "I-wonder," said the veolly boarder, "if there is any truth in the theory that the advancement of women to an equal intellectual place with man will destroy her "Of course there is," said the soured bachelor, "and there are more pretty women than ever nowadays." • .: • Experienced. Chinker—I hear that Takem has just put a wedding ring on the finger of his fourth "Wlf G Waggle—Urn! He its an adept at "ringing the changes" and no mistake. When Nature Needs assistance it may be best to render it promptly, but one should remember to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. The best and most simple and gentle remedy Is the Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Company. "Hours are golden links—God's token, Reaching heavenward oue by one. Clasp them ere the chain be broken, Ere thy pilgrimage be done," There are Dictionaries and Dictionaries, but the noblest Roman of them all seems to be Webster. It is still easily ia the lead in the great race for .popularity. Deserved Ills Fate. "Step ou the trap, please," said the sheriff, to the condemned murderer. "No, I'll be hanged i£ I do," he replied 8 The sheriff explained the matter to hirof and then both ho and thp subject were dropped. , t Elissabeth Cady Stanton says that the only drawback to her happiness as a child was the fear of the devil. , Afraid of His Wife. Peter Olsen is serving an indefinite and inofficial term in the Oakland, Gal., county jail from choice. His choice was between being in jail and being at .alleged liberty within reach of his wife. Olsen recently served a term in jail for assaulting his wife. He is young and his wife is somewhat mature. Their married life has been tumultuous, and they have often been in the courts. His short experience in jail was so sweet that a few days after he was liberated he came back and pleaded with the jailer to take him in and keep htm, Olsen had proved a handy man about the jail, being a good cook, and the jailer offered him an asylum. _ -,.-•• card— the porous Gladstone May If Mr Gladstone decides to return to parliament, it will be the second time gaw «t Pa., July.Si; be uwde low safe kits, ft triple anfl & doc ggfe Coach Courtney of the Cornell College crew, has received the shell wUich was ordered in England last summer, The boat is of red cedar, 62 feet 4 Inches SSfc 3*W beam, 9* Jnph deep at the bow and 5% inches at the stern. * & The Toledo 8.) Y&°bt Club has been requested & th * ^» l Cww*" 1 T «*J Club Of Torpflto, 08t., to BWfc* ft M4 be, •The ghost of a show—Hamlet's father. . : A great drawing plaster. On everybody's tongue—the postage stamp. Central Park and postal cards are open to all. The best way to preserve a piano- keep it locked. Every dime museum proprietor favors freak commerce. Some people are only happy if they can make others unhappy. Uncle Sam "acts on the square," and ately on the Cube-ah! Getting bis work in—a country doc- or acting as undertaker. The actor who was caught in the act was removed from the scene. Our new women' generally cannot cook, but they can give dinners, Many a tear can be dried easier with bank notes than with a handkerchief, The Kock of Gibraltar, Is not steadier than a system liberated fromthe shackles of chills andIf ever; b^oos remittent or dumb a g uo by Hostetters ffe&sirtf s^'ss K? unexampled remedy for bilious, rheumatic or kidney complaints, dyspepsia ana nervousness It improves appetite and sleep and hastens convalescence. As It Seemed to HI in. The world must hove great minds, even as great spheres have suns,— Bailey. ; OF CURES THE RECORD OP Ayer's Sarsaparilla; , the Sir Robert Ball says the sun is shrinking at the rate of nine inches daily^ If tho Baby Is Cutting Teetli, ire fthd use that old and well-tried remedy. Mas, iiow's BQOTBINO BYBW for Cilldrea SeetMng. Every ten thousandth person lives to be 100 years old,^ than anything"'"«• Every man will count for what ho is worth.—Parkhurst. •' A Cup of Parks' Tea at night moves the bowels in the morPJng." Rosa Bonheur was a dressmaker's apprentice when she was a girl of fifteen years. HALL'S Vegetable Sicilian HAIR RENEWER Will restore gray hair to its youth; ful color and beauty—will thicken the growth of the hjir—v/ill prevent baldness, cure dandruff, and all scalp diseases. A fine dressing. The best hair restorer made. K. P. Hall & Co., Props., Nashua, N. H. Sold by all Druggists. iienni CAM consulted the stars. Know thyneir. NARQLEON &<£« ^ HAZKLBJOO, Astrologer, i Thompson's Eye Water. •f: • I W.N.U. answering advertisements UlnUly thfa paper. Papa—A King, my cwu«, is •whose authority is practically „ ----whose word is law and whom everybody must oboy. Child—Papa, is mamma a king? Hall'* (Patawh Cure Is taken internally. Price, 75c. TOW, . that he bajTemergefl frW & retirement sought «n siccpunt of old age, W&eR fee was 6$ ye,»rp ef ftp <In this here life we're living ere's njopy ft worn nfeelau, n the'eye is on the PBiee *? m T hftllftvo mv wornpt t?se of Wso'8 Cur«> p/^SMcV CfmpW^Mrs Lw v ,v TW. -3> ,,.._lf_ ,T? nT ia - T)en. 18. lovO. ' evwvvw H»" V * vy»»»*"*"""';! ,„ r IOOK U«i 2forqujitte t -Sap., Pftc. 12, W ftttX ftll W8S NOT "POOL 'RQTW'$ MJU'lT £QE$ STRAIGHT TQ SST #* V»W IM* «M»WU» W l SSfcVKff ^»iinr ffi^;w<w a ^ M * ai * > T iff" *' A-L.. lAOjfaVI istronQlfte\r,*ay iTftf pte'lj " j gMMfflMiaft !-^fff~~ r _* ' ii*.~~* A-rv^t*2**fiL.i

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