The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 13, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1896
Page 5
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• , • Great Carriage Sale ^•^^^^^F ._..__ r I iitinmi(«llifaii'lBttTtf^^^^^ttHmBMtBf left later, fidritrt tuia «H» •»«« tew thinga MMurMfaff W J tnftketip Of each HiSm-feef t Sfid I ftft able to Wtt &H6 wwasiett wb&f e , friend lot a moment lest Mi tfoadeptS* and courage of bwfiaffie deSttondefit. While exposed in iWttl W iti of White eflgftftftd ifi 3*8 ehafB, it btitlittle dlftefefice in this Evefl if thlfiRS seemed to 06 against us, we could always Ml* , Seeley, SB we fAttllUrft bailed def ftll ctrdtlmBtftftdea to be diag is a ifviflg esampie ef, be aeesffiptteted to' use df the right kind d flow.- His ffidth« began right when she went td hcmsekeepiftg by a sack bf the is A CAR LOAD of elegant carriages, including Surries, Top Buggies, Phaetons, and Road Wagons, has just been received at The Wigwam. The finest line oi vehicles ever exhibited in the county. It will pay any person interested in fine vehicles to call and see them. Wilfrid P. Jones. best, He Was always faithful to trust committed to his charge, _— while slow to adcept afjy obltMtlofii. Wheb accepted nothing btit a Mi afld complete compliance on hU part would be permitted, Sis word was always reliable and his dealings in alt business matters strictly honorable. Just before leaving home for the west he called in to offer his good wishes and say good'bye. When taking his hand he appeared to be so well and animated, I told him k 'you are as voungflswhen we first came to the county together;" he replied, "I may look It, but do not feel so," and then told me he did not expect to live another year. "Why, Seeley, this Is all nonsense, you are good for 20 years of active work," His answer was, "you will see." As we were talking how little did we think this was to be our last time of meeting, and It will always be a real lasting pleasure for me to recall the occasion, as he was at his best, A familiar figure in the ranks of the old settlers has tired and stepped out for rest. May we all remember him as we would others should remember us. W. H. INQHAM. Wilson Mills £< &&&SS^£SSSS S flour she used, Others can do the sartie, MILLET AND FLAX SBED-Pienty of it on hand. For sale at the old stand by Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. jAVilson estate,' Fine Wool Suits, • Fancy Cheviot Suits, Finest Suit in Stock, $4.22 5.12 15.22 WE handle a nice line of toilet soaps. -812 LANGT30N & HUDSON, rnsturnste tor «00 Head. Two hundred bead of cattle wanted 1 , 1180 acres of good pasture 1 , two living springs; two dollars por head. 8t2 GEO. P. HOLLOWAY. SAILOB bats in more thnn twenty different shapes and styles of braid In white alone, also in colors. SETOHELL & SETCHELL. SEVERAL sets of harness for sale for cash, cheap, or will trade. Inquire of H. 0. Dodge.-8 " WHITE Swan" flour Is still at the front. LANGDON& HUDSON. Seed Flax. Cleaned from foul Peed, $UOperbu. or sale at the J. J. Wilson elevator. OUR poultry Is flne this week and we ell it cheap.' Moe Bros. When you buy a Refrigerator see that you get one that refrigerates. The GURNEY one that has such a.perfect circulating system that vou will find no sixteenth century smells m the provision chamber. Put onions, milk, butter fruits in it and you will find no mingling of odors. There is no wood exposed to absorb moisture and .unsavory smells, which prevents absolute cleanliness. Skirts and Capes—all must Go at Cost for this sale until sold. ... Jas. Taylor. The Gurney SEE our bargains In toilet soaps. , Grove & Son. M. Pasture Notice. Mv pasture northwest of town is now eady for horses. . B. CHAPIN. is the only refrigerator-that can be kept perfectly clean for all time. It reaches the lowest average temperature by reason of its free circulation, and cold air is what you want when you buy a refrigerator. Let us show you ,i GURNEY. ADIE8' WAISTS wants to see you for anything In the line of Special Sale for 15 Days Only. 100 Waists-regular price $2,00— Tin M Kepir fork Plumbing, Iron Roofing, etc,, ." Sale price, , . 100 Waists-regular price $1.75~ Sale price Oive me a chance to Wd EELIOS OP MOUND BUILDEBS. Two Skeletons Are Unearthed by C. D, Pettlbone from the Mound New the Call Hrlclce. Reference was made some weeks ago to the finding of old skeletons In the mound north of the Call bridge in the middle of the road. Tbe past week C. D. Pettlbone has made thorough Investigation of the mound, finding two complete skeletons. The bones were very bid and fell to pieces on being taken out, but some parts were preserved. The skeletons were about three feet apart, each lay on the right side, the knees drawn up. The bones indicate very large men. The teeth are excellently preserved. No tools, earthenware, arrow heads, etc., were found. Mr. Pettlbone estimates 1,500 yards, of dirt in this mound, all taken from the soft water pond. He thinks the bodies were laid upon the surface and were covered. There were originally nine small mounds, but they have been ploughed over in the field until .they are obliterated, Here undoubtedly are the remains of a people which achieved considerable civilization, and which has disappeared from the earth without leaving any historic record, Clear Lake Resorts. At Clear Lake the season opens C. M. DOXSEB, Bed-rock prices on Screen Doors, Window Screens, Lawn Mowers, At J. W. ROBINSON'S. and 100 Waists-regular price $1.25- DB, L, A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. 1QO Waists-regular price $1.00•~ " Sale price, . t • • 1QQ Waists-regular price 90c- Sale price, . are ovwrtocW in these good-, *«rafw • tQ JNO, June!. _ MAPLE sugar direct from New York at Grove & Son's, BUBNS will do your tin work and do it right. See him for the double-bead. ed gutter. Money, • I am loaning money or \ farm lands at six per cent, interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of payipg off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of pay i ine interest, J « ^ R YAN - Offlce over the postofflce,Algona, Jowa. INSURANCE. Also Land, Loan and Collection Business.- Office over Algona State Bank. ...^•••••••••••"••••'^^^ IT MAY PO AS MUCH FOB YOU. Fred Miller of Irving, 111., writes that he had a severe kidney trouble for many yeare with severe pains in his back, and also that WsUdder was affected. He tried many so called kidney cures, but without any good result About a year ago be began the use of Electric Bitters and found riff* at once. Voice, Piano Rn4 Organ Having decided to locate In Algona I will make a special rate of §10 per term of 24 lessons to all who commence before June 3, Voices examined free of OJ. JlilOUW-iw jw*wyw*w ****** fw— -7-r - -'--• - , . Electric Bitters is especially adapted to Ks^wa^""? 11 "?; siswaTsn^ss store, THE 1PEA1 PANACEA- ^!^WBS'W«SWWS a!5S»KS7A r u»>"'ff»i! unu.tuHj, ^r^-t fl ve yearB to the esolus .. _ *f i_H^_« .»• x\+r»£il Farmers' of Cedar rapids, Pnoenix of Hartfoi-d, Hanover of New Yo'.;, Minnesota Fire, UinneipoUs, KocUford of Roekford, { Lloyd's Plate Glass of :iew YorK, United States Life of New York. ' QEO. M. BAILEY. THE sale of excursion tickets to Clear Lake will be resumed on May 10, and commencing on that day excursion tickets will be sold every day up to and including Sept, 30,1896, to Clear Lafce at one and one-third fare.—7t4 • TAKE a Jook'at the different iHn smoked, salt, and fresh fish at Bros.'this week. Legal Blanks charge, MB. WALTER FORDS, n hotel. Instructor, wyor ion of ptoysicians 1 prescriptions or other uk preparationg," Rev, John Burgua, Kookuki Iowa, writes i «• I have been a roister of «««u«* «w afty . Burns for double-beaded gutters and eave eppuUog of aN kjnds. OupboUeahawis fine. Try it, and you wiU §ay so, top, Moe Bros, * ' j.uujj.J^-i.'. '.' -" vearsbr more, and have never found any- y -- sobeneiloial, or that gave. «**«* ly relief iwPr, Peg's New Piscovery." bottles free at Sbeefg' drugstore 6 Real Estate Mortgage?, Warranty D^^ds, Quit Claim Deed?, will p tf on ypup tiw or iron rp |u tlie worjd fo? br,ui»e8, * cuts Bores, ulcers, salt rtemj^ f^yw sores, tetter, p&app<?4 J*ftSMl 8 j Chilblains^ POT8$ asp all skiii eruptions, and positively 9We%pueji e£'»op»Fm»i?$nftl» <Wj»W£Iffiff EwMWiWon °L 8WW dSSr** v, Real Estate Contra?t?, PilJ of Sale, Chattel Mortga Satisfaction of Gra§s ^W»»OLW PrlC§85oftfe?.X» P9)tft b yMA« ^'S5Ss'fiWtoK«wl^ftii Alullirtoflfe swf „ a^miPreaa^ m*W-T' i; i-r' '«•;"•:'''•,"' *^^:i^^

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