The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 6, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1896
Page 7
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contains Aitelt. n tat, <&iiofs «e. Port fctcWatma and Point by Philadelphia bhristlaa ^fi* vorers. 1BA8EBALL WENT EVfefcfg 6. Sfcott Strattoh bf tti« St. 6f the ttefttettt JPattt Club bid Cin- Is held . by the dhristian a school dt Houl- .y'nity^deavorefs Offered them- Lives as volunteers to the mission I at the Michigan state convention, L largest gathering of Christians „ held In Canada is prophesied for •HP inter-provincial, 'Christian fin- leaver convention, which meets in Ot- hwa next Octc-bef. iKo Bibles are ott sale in Santo Fe, U Mexico, "the city of the Holy faith," and the Christian Bndeavorers If the city have planned to open a Ipnository for religious literature, ••People of good size, imitators of Wist" is the best translation that can « made of the name, Christian fitt- oavor Society, in the Caroline islands, there a society recently has been /The steady growth of Christian En- •eavor is illustrated by the report from V Michigan State union, which in- reased its membership during the year tiding April 1, by 386 societies and §5,000 members. I Some o£ the employees in a shirt fac- Lry at Dridgeton, N. J., have organized Jhemselves into a Christian Endeavor loclety and hold meetings at noon onco i week. A similar society has been brined recently among the workers in JID Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., Pittsbur^, Pa. cinnati Red Stbcklncs— Irwin o« fcofrk frlajrerto St!OTT STftAT- ton, who was for several seasons a very clever pitcher, but is now one of the leading batsmen and outfielders •* of the Western League, Is a true born American, coming of good old Kentucky stock, having been born October 2, 1869, at Campbellsburg, Ky., and is looked upon as one of the best educated players in the profession, At an early age his parents took up their residence at Taylorsville, that state, and it was while attending school there that he began to play ball. He first tried his hand on first base, and also did a little mefil Svef fail last tetfioH'l 'fifty, lo thai feeling affd spirit, fof tia* * instead <$f striving fdf iftdlviatlal ieftcS and records that efteolifaged'' tea mo£e than anything else, attdjt look fof wonderful results" as tfa.3 sttleflfiiBf f hete is not a lame atia of ''dharlei' Morse* in the buttch, Fttllfef Is slight ly lame; but that is tha btily 1 ftllhi6ti« The men-'-youttgsters and' Vetefani-* showed tip sa surprisintly strotig that I hardly know whom to select ftnd shall rely 6n the outcome of the tireliminary series at the Polo Grounds t»s settle my mind as to the best teate to seleot to represent the metropolis," * * * The old Cincinnati Red waw A She tails flow at tmt *m ftu Stocking played forty-three games riurlng the season of 1868, meeting alt the best clubs in the country, winning thirty- 'six and losing seven. On June 6 they met the Athletics Of Philadelphia, who were on a western trip, and the latter won by 20 to 13. The Atlantlce, Brooklyn, visited Cincinnati that, year, and on June 6 defeated the fteds by. 40 to 12, On August 24 the Unions Of Morrlsanift also defeated the Reds by 1!! to 8. The Reds took an eastern trip in September of that year and were beaten by the Olympics' of Washington, by 22 to catching, but finally took to pitching only. In 1888 he went to Louisville, and was given a trial as a pitcher by John Kelly, the once noted ex-umpire, who was then managing the Louisvilles, H6 immediately took to the front rank as a pitcher, fielder and batsman, taking part that year in sixty-five champion- phip contests, in thirty-four of which he filled the pitcher's position, and in the remaining games he played in the outfield, ranking high as a batsman, while he stood seventh as a pitcher in the official averages of the American association. He was re-engaged for the f-.eason of 1889, taking part that year in sixty-two championship games, in nineteen of which he officiated in the pitcher's box, while the remaining games were played in various positions on the team. He remained with the Louis- villes during the season of 1890, which was made one of the most memorable in the history of the game on account of the revolt of the players from the National League, and the organization of the illfated Players' League, and incidentally was the only year that Louis- ever !xad a champion professional i,uv> \sijmpi\ja w*. 11 i»M"»*"o- — — ' 9; Athletics, of Philadelphia, by 15 to 12; Keystones of Philadelphia, by 24 to 22, and the Atiantics of Brooklyn, by 31 to 12. * * * A dispatch from Boston says that M. J. Slattery, a well-known player, formerly of the New Yorks and other clubs, was badly cut with a knife in the hands of Con Murphy, alias Charles E. Burke, who was trying to escape apprehension for the theft of a coat and waistcoat from a clothing store in that city, where Slattery is employed as a salesman. Slattery caught Burke, and despite his wound, held him until help arrived. Burke says he lives at Chicago. T. E. C. ^aaj^yflgy lladness Comes 7ith a better understanding of the 'transient nature of the many physical ills, which vanish before proper ef- rorts-gentleefforts-pleasanteflorts- tahtly directed. There is comfort m Ke knowledge, that so many forms a, Icknessarenotclueto anv actual dis- lase but simply to a constipatedcondi- Itonof tnesyftem, which the pleasant family laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt; lyTemoves. Tliat is why it is the only ^medy with millionsof families, and is ^ery where esteemed so highly by all po value good health. Its beneficial feffects are due to the fact, that it is the Ene remedy which promotes internal bleanliness without debilitating the brans on which it acts. It is therefore faf important, in order to get its bene- Icial effects; to note when you pur- bhase.that you have the genuine arti- £le, Which is manufactured by the C feornia Fig Syrup Co. only and sold fdl reputable druggists. . i If in the enjoyment of TOOd health, and the system is regularn&xatives or other remedies are then not needed, u afflicted with any actual disease, one may be commanded to th2 most skillful Bhysicians, !mt if in need of a laxative, We should have the best, a^"rm""J veil-informed everywhere, Syrup o* — . . , * • •» A J 4r» mStCr InTPrKlV 0. s. STRATTON. learn. Stratton took part that year in ISnsobaU Gossip. • Peter Cassidy, Louisville's' new first baseman, has had a splinter of bone taken out of his wrist by means of the X rays. "Jiggs" Parrott was put out of n game the other day for calling an umpire a liar. The Norfolk (Va) team shut out the Bostons in a six-inning game, 6 to 0. Then the Virginians had the game called. Duffy and his crowd stood out in the wet for half an hour after the hilnrio'.'s Norfolk team had left tho grounds". A young man of 18, named Dexter, is playing center field for Louisville, and is said to be a wonder. He will have to be to keep up with Clark and Holmes, two of the best men, batting and baso running considered, playing in any outfield in the league. The Olympics Arc l!o More. The Olympic Athletic Club of New Orleans, La.,it is announced, has finally decided to go into liauiciatlon, owing to the embargo placed on glove contests in the state, which., of course, knocked tbe props from under the institution. At one time, when the club was in the height of its prosperity, it had a total membership of close upon two thousand enthusiastic lovers of the game of hit stop and get away, tut at present there are not three hundred names on Prom the ftm tStf» twfc G\tt, ..„. more than fifteen yeftfts, Mr*. A, Mather, who lives at So. 48 fiftftt Onfr-lirtfr idred-and-ttt-elhh Street, Sew TtfrKj ^fAs fc sufferer ifom hncesilft, which, Ih stftfe of the treatment of fchygielftnB, gf adttftlly developed ibto nervous prostration Hntll flnally marked symptoms of purolysls set In. Mrs. Mather tfadly gave the reporter ,her eipoi-iehco. •'For many yearn," Mrs. Malhw 8ald ( "I was & constant sufferer from nervousness. It was ttbout flfteen yeal-B ft&o that tiry Condition began td grow worse, Soon I became BO affected tliat 1 was prostrated and. until about two years ago, was ft tart of the time unable to leave my bod. lorn- Dloved several physicians from time to time, my bills at the druft store for prescriptions sometimes amounting to OB much ns ?fio a month, but nil tbe doctors did for me did not Koom to help me at all. My blood became greatly impoverished and after yonrs of Buffering I was threatened with paralysis. • • '',•," "When I walked 1 could scarcely drag my feot along ami at times my knees would Rive way RO tuat 1 would almost f nil down* Peeling tlmt doctors could not help me I had liUle hope of recovery, until one day I read in a newspaper how it potwn. afflicted almost the sairie as 1 was, had been cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Fills for Paloi People. I purchased a box and began taking the pills. The effect of tho first box pleased mo so much that 1 bought another. Before I had taken all tho pilln itt tho first box I becan to experience relief and, niter tlio third box had tieou used, I was practically cured. It van really surprising what a speedy aurt pronounced effect tho mediciuo • bn »lXaj™koop «r. William..' Pink Wlta In the house now, nnd when I. fool any BvmptoiTiHof nervousness find tliat tuoy give mo certain relief." MI-H. Mathor'H daughter. Miss Anna, corroborated bor mother's account, ana torn how Bho horxolt hud boon cured of chronic indigestion by thot;o pUK and how, too, her cousin hnd been cured of anrainia. ' Dr. Williams' Pink Vt!ln contain, in a condensed form, all tho elements necessary to give now life and richness to the blood and roKtore shattered nerves, lliey aro alpo a Kpeclflc for trouble* peculiar to fo- malefl. such an suppression*. irreKUlaritlcH and all formn of woaknuHS. They build up tho blood, nnd reatoro tho glow of helilth to pale and sallow clieeks. In men they effect a radical cure In all CUHOS arising from mental worry, overwork or oxceKne» of whatever nuturo. Pink Pills aro sold in boxes (never In IOOKR bulk) at 50c. o box ot- six boxes for *2.5(l, and may bo had of a I druKBlHts, or direct by mail from _Dr. ^ U- Uttuis' Mod. Co., Schene.fitady, N. Y. *u T •*-* ^ •«»» llnS IH8 f fore'is <rfse tflNfttoft tft IS olren iff nlHt, M6 1 mvitlftg him thWte to eftdiess „*„ i, 1*6 la like a ship w « Htem tie ftffil alalftst bbstfuctidns titt .eteft sidS but Che; oft that «M6.all ebsiruo* Lions are taiteft away, afid^he sweeps 'ief'eftely otef ft deepeftitlg cnaftftel IfttS uh infinite sea.-'BffleTBon. There are ft froporttofi ot yottftl f>6o» file with their own way to mate Ja thd world, who fix theft choice upon eofrte and then we ehoul* tte ittft is ,te mm antrftbtctt flvi! IB ^f»tti!rt-% ifm AS well &e %ftftl tif Jvlt FASHION NOTES. one to whotn t6 confide their hopes atid wishes, and whom they deatro to have procure tlietn the coveted niche lu which to work, They demand ft large? opportunity, This is all very well, but opportunity is really a spiritual ihlng, on the Immaterial side of life, nnd Is developed like an Image on a sensitized plate, rather than prdcured. To do faithfully what Is glvett us today creates this larger opportunity for a future day.—Lilian Whiting, ' Are you Questioning what course in life you shall take? Let love tell you, Lovo Is the only prophet, love is the only teacher. Love will answer nil problems, because love Is God. Wo aro In the world like a child who plays upon the floor with a disintegrated map, which she does not know how to put together. Hero Is sotno father love .and here nomo mother love, and her some brother love and her some wlfo lovo, hero somo lovo that Is wrathful against wrong, and here somo lovo that Is beautiful with suffering, and hero some lovo that is merciful und 'compassionate toward the ulnful-—love all broken up In fragments. Put thorn together; take your, life for this tank and put them together; and when all the fragments of life arc put together you will find the.mnp Is love, for llfo IH God, and, God Is love.—Lyman Abbott, D. 13. Telling what wo have heard to another's disadvantage la not HO bad un starting a slander without provocaUr> but It is next to It. Slanders do mom harm through being repeated by those who Just tell what they have heard than through being first told by the ono who invented them, If a slanderer could find no one to pass along hlu slandeni without bolng mire an to their truth or falulty he would havo no BUC- C6H9 in his Infamoua oocr- '--n. A nu.., ~,..,v...r~>v hns a fortufio vested in real estateJn tfew-Yorlt vicinity, from which ehe define Income, Jiilla Marlowe Taber will fttn^e Hit* first visit to Italy during h«- Maro&eaft ., ,tour this year, which will cover Jutte, July and August. , ' \ ' In Menry Arthur Jftnes' new'play, MfY Wlllard has ft very" stfdttg character part, an imposter who makes tlsni his profession, Clyde Fitch has contracted'to .... vide Nat 0, Goodwin next season with a comedy drama, with Nathan Halo, lh& American patriot, as hero, George Marlon will create tho part, of Dominico, the Italian fruit seller in William A, Brady's, production at "A Daughter of the Tenements," Kmma Barnes is mentioned as tho loading soprano in tho Mapleson granfi opera company, Tho engagement ti% taw Vork. will bejxlu October 21, A n'omo letter says: "Madame Pea- zana has returned to the stage. Many persons consider her superior to nis- torl, 'even in her prime, DUSO'B first season wns with this actress, A wealthy Bngllshman llvln« in Wiesbaden has tendered to tho city a donation of 20,000 marks, with a provision to apply tho interest to tho assistance of dramatic authors for tho first performance of their works, "There aro very few perfectly formed women on tho stage," says GllborU Loarock. "Nearly all of them havo to wear pads. Somo women -will be woll- ' formed'In'ono part, nnd havo no shitpo at all in another. I had to pad mynel£ before I got stout." There is a jii'Ojea on. foot to build, in Boston, an electric theater, In which *ic wings, drops, etc., are tb bo opcr- dtod by electric motors, and in which ft Is expected to produce remarkable twilight, moonlight sunset nnd tempest effects by electrical means. LCCLi-U* U> fc**H.».w** *.««»- t-—- - -— - {if*. 1 tUCi C Cll C **wv i.*** "•-—' — fifty-four championship games, in fifty the ro]1 The pr! ncipal pugilistic con- of Which he filled the pitcher's position, again ranking high in that position, as well as standing ninth as a batsman, in a field of one hundred and thirty-three nlavers He began the season of 1891 with the Pittsburg club, of the National - . tests under tne Queensbury rules that have taken place in this country have been decided in the well appointed arena of the O. A. C., aai more money has been paid out in prizes than by Narrow leather belts of white, Real, tan and green alligator skin, and patent jeather as well are to be worn much t next summer. The prettiest sleeve in the French gowns have flaring puffs or ruffles at the elbow, with lace falling below, and are quite plain above. Colored laces are ono of the novelties in dress trimmings this seaoon, and brown guipure on beige-colored material, or green on brown, is very sstyl- lish, . The close coat sleeves appear in some of the English tailor gowns, but full epaulets of cloth falling over them 'partially disguise the fact that they are quite close to the arm. Another sleeve which IB seen in tbe new gowns ia close fitting, either wrinkled or plain, from the wrist up fully six inches above the elbow, and is finished at the top with one or two short puffs. vi Very little change is seen In nair dressing, and the waved and loosely- arranged tresses are still tbe correct thing. The knot is placed high at tbe back, but not on top of the head, ex- 1 cept for evening dress. League, but finished it with the Louis- I ^^"of time, while on its •villes, taking part with the latter in | ataM have cont ended many llfcbkl M- —« *• - j tCUl. 1W» Gf*>fc"»*o **• — * . any other organization during the same & blue . face d cloth " " "" oT the I ^wn shows a white cloth v^braid- relHnlormed , ever^he^yru^ £— aking part with the latter in ££-£ w contend ed many of the *°™ ™ B ^" STm^straps of blue sssffisgas^^ ASK YOUR DEALER FOR S3. SHOE J If you pay 84 to 88 for shoes, ex- ja.uine the \V. L, Douglas Shoe, and Itte what z good shoe you can buy for IOVER loo STYLES AND WIDTHS, CONGRESS, BUTTON, and LACE, made In »tt kinds of thebe«t pole**** leothcrbysJUOledwork- ien of Sb he officiated as a pitcher, S^KTS^t" aud Sullivan to .f^^^^".* and ranked second in that position in g™^ and M urpby. But fighting • inj '*^*^£S£. «..-.i «,, QM croc nf the American ... _.*„•„•„ ^oannn \n nn-m tabooed J wnicn mane u very DI./»»»•*. ... w»»»*is ..""-'"••• " Hayw you nr« a coward," «uid .tlie cinineiit piiKiliKt's private sooretttry to .tbe eminent pugilist. "Shall you Ignore "VsbHll " was the ro|ily, delivered in a very dctorminod tone. "Get out your typewriter aim I will begin at once." Completely Kducated, ' Mr. Oldboy—Well, I g»c«B we'-ll havo to take Willio home from college. MrB. Oldboy—Why I Ho bag been there 'only two years. „ Mr. Oldboy—Bat he is now the best all- around athlete in tbe college, and il be ttayo he will only Diplomatic. • Mr« 'Newed-The cook and tbo Janitor have quarreled. What shall wo do. Mr Hewed- -Itecognlise their belligerency and do Ull in your iiower to protect our crockery and farlc-a-bruc. A Trinity of Kvlli. Billoftguees, »IcU head/ache and ---„.-. itv of the bowel* accompany each otwei To the removal of thi* trinity of evil» Hoj tetter's Stomach Bitters lit specially adapted. U also cure* dynpei*ia, rheumatism malarial complaints, Wlioustiewf, nervotw- nen» and con»tipation. The most oatiiifactory resultn follow n fair trial. Uoe It daily. She Knew Him. Wise Mother—Be careful not to allow th children to annoy their father at breakfftt thin morning* Nurse~Ye«, ma'am. ... ^ . • Wiw Mother—His bw* ball club lost yesterday. _ ' . F. 3. CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, O., Provn. at Hall'B CatarrB Cure, offer $100 rcj^ard JOT wj anu rau»«" ««*.—— - the official averages of the American association for that year Stratton re- J, \\ III H'^^ 1 c*»*i* —••- v —" - — with nature's weapon In now tabooed in the Crescent City, end there Is fJUCU U1BKC »l »«;ij —J -• Coat walate are not the only style gowns, for the pointed •were consolidated, during the ^nte'r of 1891 and 1892, taking part during the latter year In sixty championship games. He was reserved for Se season of 1893, taking part that Gleason Bated a DUcovery, Andrew Preedman, New York's I the new spring models. It opens [ front on a full white silk vest^and ! turns back In large revers. free. Sold by Drug,?i*M», 76c. All the werchanto of Plymouth, -----. have entered Into an agreement that nem* of them in tbe fntdra_ *«1 olf«r cbrooiw. make sad sell inoro .than ^ ... . other |iaanafaetorer in tne world. \ Non£ genoine ^nVs^ VSMA 9nd Ipriee ii sKaafed on tfe Iwttom. _ Ask yocr dealer for oar 8S> |S4, «3^O, 83J50, 82.25 Sfeo«; ' ,82 2nd 81.75 for tors- TM£ BO SUBSTITUTE. If ymtrdeabr mCzmnsx sctsnolv vocy, SIJJKI t<^ i2c* Itory.cnctosing criae and 3&cent» **"! Ry tyamgp. State ^ind.stjte toe fep or pbin), size; and ,.— ot&e*. Send lot new lib*- Strated Ca;is!oc>uc to Box R. 't, L, DQUCI.AS, groeteton, ,- , — One of ite feaf&-gi»fegr of It ffrftij many o preparations called t<7 &** tut 410 uatii* *»* ****«»- - ~ - . . ™g p^.id«t.•»! Arthur InriD, th. I ^Un rlbbo. ma«» th. Block collar ™* h^rrSh^rlhu'rrVh'S I *Z. — so" -P. or ao oH .- S effort Co gecore trade. me uaeiui 6v*i >."»•« — -- -• cloth or of dark colored cloth, lined K»T.« Mwvel Vltta* For invalid* and dv*pepti<* b » rl fy,.5fjt£ only ooe hour and a bait to digert., If tb* B»by U Cnlttog TetMi tat finished with the Chicagos, taking f all parlance, adminfiter unto him perhaps tbe cape «* rtat vear in thirty-three cham- | . di fey &iok . Pitcher Gleason. late I the lower edge, ntonsS cSSrtB. ranking near the top ^Se of BalUmo,^, discarded A smart gown for early spring wear nf the list in the official batting aver- R h o£ geyeral clubs, and now, after js made of "te^ 6 " 6 , 8 ™** f "iJIne, fjfoflhe major league. He began ^'years' knocking around in the L ^nis Seize coat bodice and peleTine- season of 1895 with the Chicago * j ' e , suddenly discovered to be Ufaapeil revers, and cutfs of ^_. ««i C H 0 /» with the St. Paul "._ ^^^ > t ,ai niaver in the profession, \ me A cloth embroidered wltl is to but finished with the St. Paul of the Western League, taking the latter in forty-five caam- contests, ranking high as a and standing second as an ,• in tfce official averages of that Undoubtedly Stratton's most iial year was in 1890, when Loo- under tbfe able a»d efficient man- se the Americas best Tbon»8n<l«t of laborert fn China live oa ric* alone, the coat of -tupportf ng « c » t*f' too being It^thftQ^ft cfe"t a day.. Curophor I«» wltft. Cait* O>* Picking up Knowledge v IB easy enough if you look- for it in the right place. This is the right place to learn just what to do for that debilitating condition- which Springalwaysbrings. Do you want to be cured of that languid feeling, get back your appetite, sleep* > soundly, and feel like a new man? -""*Ayer's Sarsaparilla will do it. It has done It for thousands. It has been doing it f or 5O years, Try it. S UiVeetae of the cold fbotilder given go i d . The bolero fronts ««" ot« « Pfetfer^ndthe new df^rds wakb f lttle on one side '«"»»«*;*££ * **-***-* ., .. _ ^.T—. •*7,~»f» «£»rLm I ^ .... . t ^i.*^..- js,*rewv •* CtfVftt. At &fV&K4 rtrtetcar*, to b» proftellod by l so«» be s*«»outl«6 the traded York teain. '? WILL HOT BI clever team wort tfoM cot ot the**, apd Ite- oted players as Harry Jay^ HwgH Je«W»S»- Stratton is of the HMT York t«si» » 8?aititr *** buttons over a vest of ereaia with gold' Accordion-plated cream ui&aaaelin* <Ie eole forms a Jabot and trims t&e ««a* and collar. •« A Cup of "p»»fc»* To* ft* nfebt move* " Just as Good " never yet equalled £tE -, ^4*™*' "4 1 S ' &. Tbwie wbo attain any ex«;«IteM;e looiily »p«fKl li(«tiooi»fe{>arsn*ft; i&r t lew:* f* not gwine*! nfpp easter terms. BIAS , i< ij» ,T* to to the aetver- ID not iw, of tne , week'* isw»e &< tbi» pap ueglect to do w> now. l*> • off, Ciet your ««I*y «* " paper, fcs>. all \fa& liftTticBl&yft wfeicw 60*' I whicK whb !!e l S*Sit SlowXbj j the wwzzle, watee* rt $t» weH s» tfe** fjess ' |w»Bia^cw«eafe«'K«*y fc ' |fc * *» J»"fi ^ on j , 4 j, by SKIRJ limply r«fu«e tbe "just as good" sort. It your <te»ter will jwt supply you **"• •*'"' , wcd . j{ ww»«w , piaij»» sri a» ^^*^.'s fTWt.**'* J^.L™.* tteat.,we 4M BOt '.„ -,- v.>:,H ^.fiVS^^«feS^P

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